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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  February 19, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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i'm greg gutfeld, i love you, america. [♪] arthel: i'm arthel neville, welcome to "america's news headquarters." eric: i'm eric shawn. topping the news this hour, president trump holding job interviews for a critical white house opening, that of the national security advisor. arthel: a major push against isis. u.s.-backed iraqi forces launch an offensive to recapture the western half of mosul which could be the floodiest phase of the conflict so far.
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eric: water continues to flow over the dam in oroville, california. radar is show be more storms are on the way. we begin with president trump back to work at his meira lago estate in palm beach, florida. he's shifting gear one day after that campaign-style rally held in melbourne, florida. he left it in the first place to the right house. the administration tells us the president focused on national security dealing with foreign fighters in the middle east. he also held job interviews for candidates vying for one of the most influential positions in the white house. president trump we are told sat down with these four candidates, the job open of course following the resignation of general
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michael flynn. kristin fisher is covering it all from palm beach, florida. hi, kristen. >> president trump played a couple holes of golf this morning before getting down to business. and that included an in-depth strategy session to discuss their strategy to repeal and replace obamacare. his health secretary and bun the director flew down here to palm beach to meet with them at mar-a-lago for this meeting. he took two more calls with world leaders. he took a call from the people of panama and trin did and tobago -- trinidad and tobago. the big thing that happened at winter white house. these interviews, face-to-face interviews. and they were west point
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superintendent lieutenant general robert caslen. keith kellogg. john bolton and h.r. mcmaster who is a well-known military strategist. president trump had to fire his first security advisor for lying to the vice president about his conversations, but not for having the conversations in the first place. reince priebus tried to hit that point home during an interview on "fox news sunday." >> what the president is saying is if the subject of new sanctions came up, that is not a problem. reporter: yesterday we saw president trump at his first campaign rally as president. and one thing that's getting a ton of attention is something he
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said at that rally. he said he's talking about the influx of immigrant in sweden. he said look what's happening last night in sweden. and the problem was nothing happened last night in sweden. it got a lot of attention from swedish officials. but the white house said he was talking about rising crime and recent incidents in general and not referring to a specific incident. mystery solved. that's how the white house is explaining it. one of the big things the white house will look forward to next week is the president will likely put forward a new executive order on extreme vetting and immigration. but now we are hearing this week almost certainly will be the week we get that new order. eric: and we should find out who will get the nod in the next few days.
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kristen, thank you very much. arthel? arthel: a "washington post" report shedding new light on the administration's sweeping plans to combat immigration in the u.s. speed up deportation process and crack down on sanctuary cities. garrett 10y is live in washington to explain it all. reporter: these two memos are allegedly from homeland secretary john kelly. the sweeping changes to enforcement policy gives federal agencies greater authority to detain and deport those in the country illegally. it allows those agencies to seek expedite the deportation for people in the country up to two years. the procedures lay out procedures for anyone caught
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crossing our borders. instead of detaining them and letting them stay in the country week or months, they will be immediately returned to mexico. today, though, the white house told us none of these plans are set in stone. and a final version will likely be released the next couple of days. >> president trump recently saying at a press conference, i have a heart. he mentioned he had children and grandchildren. now the question is what are the administration's plans for daca. >> daca is one part of president trump's immigration policy that for now will stay in place. president trump talked about his struggles with that in his press conference thursday. >> daca is a very, very difficult subject for me. for mightn't one of the most difficult subjects i have. you have incredible kids brought here in such a way different' a
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very, very tough subject. reporter: the white house emphasizes these memos are only blueprints and they say anything could change down the road. arthel? >> meanwhile, immigration becoming a top priority of the new administration and this week martha maccallum will host a first 100 days town hall event on that topic. she'll be live from jacksonville, florida. eric: another battle with mother nature shaping up out west. knowledge crews work around the clock to try and shore up that spillway at the oroville dam. approaching storm could bring as much as 10 inches of rain by tomorrow night. that could face yet another evacuation for local residents. alicia acuna is there at the dam
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and joins with us details. reporter: two things happened since the last time we talked to you a coup things ago is it started to rain. and the department of water resources started to increase the amount of water that is letting out of the dam. so we'll push in here and see if we can take a look at what we are talking about. that water is raging harder than it was. a look at the oroville dam. what we are trying to do is make room in lake oroville. they need to lower the water level as this rain is coming in. the national weather service forecast 10 inches of rain starting now. this rain is supposed to continue tonight and into tomorrow, so they need to make room to alleviate some of that pressure, and they are letting that water out. that big plume in the middle. there is a gigantic crater and
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the erosion continues on that because the water is hitting it over and over again. so it continues to fall apart. the water is suppose to be coming down in a straight line. but it's making its way around the hole. because of all the damage that occurred on the emergency spillway, they have had to continue to work on it. but also they had to evacuate people earlier this week. 188,000 people downstream from the dam had to be evacuated. 30 feet of water was going to come over should that erosion give way to a potential catastrophe. so they are trying to avoid that. it's been a delicate balance trying to maintain the spillways with their damage and trying to alleviate the pressure on the other side trying to let that water down because of all this rain. in addition the sheriff of beaut
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county told the residents who live downstream, you had to evacuate once, you may have to do it again. if it comes to that, it will have to happen fast. there are people down there who are preparing and they are very concerned. eric: it's just stunning, when you look at the force of the power of the water going over the dam, the rain has started and we hope it goes well. arthel: iraqi forces making more headways in mosul, launching a large-scale military operation to push out isis militants. this less than a month after the government declared the eastern part of the i liberated. american forces involved once again. >> the u.s. forces continue in the same roll they were in east mosul. and the coalition forces are in
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support of this operation. and we'll continue as you know with the accelerated effort to destroy isis. arthel: secretary mattis is in the united arab emirates. eric: there was a terrorist plot at home. remember the plan to assassinate the saudi arabian ambassador to the united states and blow up a restaurant. the u.s. says the iran revolutionary guard corps was behind it. there are new call the for the trump administration to designate the guard as a foreign terrorist organization. reporter: iran has been sanctioned it's number one on the list of state sponsors of
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terrorism. and the pressure may ramp up even more. it comes as the iran aian resistance exposed what it says are a new guard run terrorist training camps. the largest iranian opposition group held a news conference in washington and released its findings that says implicates the guard in numerous training cams throughout the country. >> particularly the revolutionary guards for the irg that paved the way for the rise of extremism and sectarian violence. iraq and syria particularly. it was the activities that led to the rise of isis. the group claims the guard runs those cams for foreign fighters. the guard was founded during islamic revolution in 1979 and continues to play a dominant role in iran's economic and
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security life. the leader of the national council of resistance in iran is calling on the white house to slap the terrorist digs nation on the guard. >> it is responsible for thousands of political executions and torture and prison. it's also responsible for training terrorists and engaging in terrorist activity outside iraq. eric: but others say designating the guard as a separate terrorist group would only backfire and say it's not needed a because iran is already sanctioned by iraq. joe ruben was the secretary of state in the obama administration. >> it reserved for terrorist organizations, not for governments. iran is on that list. it does fit the bill.
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eric: but she says stronger steps are needed in the hopes iran will change. >> we want the american peopletr freedom and democracy. eric: the national council of resistance of iran says it handed over the findings of this report to the administration. but so far there is no word on when or if the white house knead a decision. arthel: president trump ramps up his attack on the main stream media. we'll discuss that with our next guest. and there is this. >> 3, 2, 1, ignition and liftoff of the falcon 9 they will rrp
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eric: here are some headlines we are following foifer. ed the death toll rising after a car bombing in somalia's capital of mogadishu. 13 people were killed in a blast that targeted that marketplace. in alabama a crash killed a father and son. them each were driving separate pickup trucks and collide with one another. state troopers say alcohol was a factor in a horrible accident. spacex sending its fall upon rocket. that launch from nasa's historic
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moon shot at cape canaveral. >> the dishonest need yeah which has publish -- dishonest meefd a which published one false story after another, they claim to have source and make them up in some cases. they don't want to report the truth. they have been calling us wrong for two years. they don't get it. arthel: president trump slamming news outlets for negative reports about his first months in office. senator john mccain in a strong defense of the press in an interview this weekend. >> if you want to preserve democracy as we moist, you have to have a free and many times adversarial press. without it, i'm afrayed we would lose so much of our individual
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liberties over time. that's how deck day toarts get started. arthel: let's bring in guy benson. let's talk about something president trump just said that report,are making up source. what's the president's strategy behind waging war against the media? >> he has been waging war on the media way back to the primary. the media believes -- they believe the media has squandered their trust. i think he's gone too far. chris wall has said that the latest attacks on the press calling the mainstream media the enemies of the people, that's a bridge too far. but overall, if you look at the sense of america of how much credibility the press has.
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it's in the tie let bowl. donald trump understands that and he's hammering away. they have treated him in a much more hostile fashion than they did this predecessor. arthel: how does it serve the president? does it serve the public? >> he is rallying the base? i think aflying pressure to get the story of right is a good thing. can you overstep and paint with too broad a brush and you undermine and erode trust? yes, you can. but the press needs to look at themselves, ourselves, how is it in a head-to-head poll, there is a question. arthel: now they heard it over and over. the media is bad. necessity lie. of course, more of them will say they trust than the media.
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>> not necessarily arthel: the president is saying they don't have sources. they make up sources. there are many good reporters with good source he doesn't like and he calls that fake news. i think they have by and large the press gotten number of important stories wrong since the day he was inaugurated all the way up to this past week. some key details there. those are the latest in a conga line. but i want to go back to that poll. yes, trump has been attacking the press, but the press has been coming after him as well. arthel: i want to play reince priebus. this is reince priebus on fox news sunday *. >> if you are going to come out with this story that says
3:24 pm
russian spies are taking to your campaign. my god, i think you should in some case or most cases actually have a named source. arthel: as you know, guy, the whole idea is you don't share your shores, you don't reveal your source. but getting back to what you were saying and saying whether you think mr. priebus has a point. is the media doing their job or are they overly aggressive and less forgiving when covering president trump? >> i'm fine with an aggressive press. and i agree with senator mccain in what he said at the beginning of that statement. before it has to be fair to both sides and i don't think the press has done that. to reince priebus and that story about russia. we had this heat and light and panic over the russia story. it's an important story and
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there should be an investigation. if you go 11, 12 paragraphs down. there was no actual meat to the story in the sense -- arthel: i don't want to get into what a particular outlet did. i don't want to bash cnn because they are not here to rebut. you are making some got points and i want to move to this. through social media, everyone and anyone can post information it doesn't have to be vet. but the collectives being called the media. how does this con found the problem? >> of course it does. you have people putting information out there. some of it is genuinely fake news and some of it is real news. weave seen people dismissing
3:26 pm
stories or polls or reports that make them feel uncomfortable politically as fake. i think the real goal tore a good journalist is to separate fact from fiction. the problem is too many people in the press, and this is not a broad attack. but too often you had reporters who instinctively don't like president trump. they are more willing to believe bad things about him and cut some corners and rush to press or have a salacious headline that isn't necessarily backed up by solid sourcing or actual factual information. that's where you start getting the numbers for the press like we saw where there is so much distrust. arthel: what you are saying i think is some of the adjectives that are being used. got to just stick to the facts and maybe that is a better thing
3:27 pm
to your point. >> the last point i would make on that poll. donald trump in a whole swath of polling has a low trustworthy rating overall with the american people. yet in our fox news poll he's still more trusted with the media. that's time for a gut check if you are a member of the mainstream press. arthel: thanks, we'll talk to you again. eric: sadly the death toll is rising after a powerful storm slammed southern california. plus you know how nervous you have get when you go for a job interview and the person on the other side of the desk is not from h.r., but the boss. niece guys sat across from president obama himself. we'll have more on the candidates that are put on the spot for the job of national
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eric: here are some of the stories we are following for you. today marked 75 years since president franklin roosevelt signed the order to imprison japanese-americans during world war ii. 120,000, some of themzens were held at interment camps for two years. arthel: southern california at least five people have been killed after powerful weekend storms. this as extreme with the is on the way. a new store is taking aim at california's central coastline.
3:33 pm
arthel: job interviews at mar-a-lago for national security advisor after the first one resigned and the second one turned count offer. who are they? lauren blanchard has more on who is in the running. reporter: last night the president told reporters on board air force one that can want the job of national security advisor. lieutenant general keith kellogg, the acting national security advisor at general flynn was forced to resign last week. then there is for ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, appointed by george w. bush in 2005. he served over a year in the role. however, bolton may struggle to gain support from conservative
3:34 pm
republicans. h.r. mcmaster has a reputation for questioning the status quo as he did in his book, "dereliction of duty." robert caslen is a bronze star recipient. general david petraeus was in consideration but white house officials tell us he's no longer a finalist. the national security council is still without a permanent leader embroiled in another controversy after a senior staff member was abruptly fired when he was critical of the president and steve bannon. that staffer is no longer with
3:35 pm
the nsc. >> we don't have a level playing field. you understand when american workers win, america as a country wins and wins big. and every country over the last long period of time has been taking advantage of the stupidity of our politicians. it's not going to happen any longer. >> that's president trump at his florida rally setting his sights on trade deals and pledging to bring jobs back to the united states. it also raises the possibility of a potential trade war in which the u.s. they say would come out the loser. that according to the study of the goldman sachs global
3:36 pm
research. as you can see, well, you would take the biggest hit by far. this report was in the "wall street journal" and it's a warning of what the president could potentially plan. what is the concern about what those numbers mean? >> it sounds good that the president is saying this. but in reality when you have institute tariffs on goods coming into the country, it has big issues to the economy and could impact gdp. president obama instituted tariffs against china on behalf of the tire industry and china institute tariffs on the poultry
3:37 pm
manufacturers. even in 2002, president trump -- wee he introduced tariffs for the steel industry. what happened then was that steel prices in the u.s. rose. not only did they rise for businesses but consumers. 35 to 45% tariffs increases prices for you and me as consumers, but other countries, mexico and china, they will retaliate and buy their goods elsewhere. there are many countries standing ready to supply consumers as well. eric: the president says he's going to renegotiate these. he would say that's an advantage president trump and other predecessors did not have. >> there is one thing we have to give president trump credit for. he's a business guy and making his first play when he's making a deal. if you are going to buy a car or
3:38 pm
make a deal, you have to come in with the lowest price. so wilbur ross, the commerce secretary, tariffs are just one part of the negotiations. china, for example, when i speak to one of my clients around the country, they complain about an unfair playing field between themselves and china. i have one client who sells solar products and he's always undercut in price by china. president trump has accused china of manipulating their currency. eric: what whachts solar panels. what happens? >> he stopped selling solar panels. he was not able to succeed.
3:39 pm
he stopped selling them. at the time he had 50 or 60 people in that organization an had to lay them off. eric: how do you have think this will play out? wall street is soaring. people are hopeful, there is optimism because of reducing some of the regulations, especially on small business. how do you have think this tariff thing will work out? >> i think there will be agreements and a deal. a trade war, whoever is involved, it's a losing thing for both countries. i think trump does understand that. i never heard among all the businesses i served that they want to go to a trade war with china. they just want a more level playing field. tariffs is one part of this conversation. you can hold that out there as a weapon to be used. my opinion, i don't think we'll see at that level.
3:40 pm
if it does it will impact consumers and businesses alike. bill: gene, good to see you. arthel: as president trump searching for new common ground with russia, vice president mike pence renews a pact with america's allies, promising to hold the russian regime responsible for its actions. when did mixing food, with not food, become food? thankfully at panera, 100% of our food is 100% clean. no artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors, or colors. panera. food as it should be.
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3:45 pm
strongly supports nato and will be unwavering in our commitment to this transatlantic alliance. arthel: joining us, you a counter-terrorism analyst at the heritage foundation. is vice president pence's in-person message of unwavering commitment to nato enough to allay concerns hearing his words and an eye on president trump watching his actions? >> i think it's a good start. there is a lot of concern in europe over the direction the new administration was going to take over nato. parsley that was to do with president trump's comments on the election campaign. i think mike pence's words will be reassuring to a good number
3:46 pm
of those european partners though there will be that concern until it's translated into policy until president trump himself is a little more forthcoming on the subject. it would be a measure of concern. we would need some to see the response from russia. threatening nato. >> i want to show a graphic of percentage of gdp paid to nato as we talk about this next subject. the u.s. at 3.6%. germany 1.2%. and at that same music? security conference vice president pence reminding nato leaders of then candidate trump to pay their fair share. president trump is calling for the 28 nations to spends 2% of gdp on military by 2020. explain how important this is and why.
3:47 pm
>> this is an entirely reasonable request to make, and it's not unique to president trump. it's something successor presidents have asked. i was exasperated to see the german foreign minister saying we only find this amount, but where are we going to finds extra billions to meet our 2% commitment. if you spends 50% on welfare, yes, then you will struggle to find money for defense sperndle. you can't have countries dropping out because they want to spends money on other things, then expect the u.s. and other countries to foot the bill. i'm glad the u.s. is continuing to hammer in this point.
3:48 pm
why is the u.s. leadership vital to nato nations? >> obviously the u.s. spends the most amount of money on its military. it would be useful if the u.s. -- i know it takes a lot of the burden in terms of nato spending. fit could reduce its own budget cuts i think that would send a great signal to the rest of nato. nato has been vital in insuring stability and freedom in europe since its inception in 1949. it's obviously playing a role in afghanistan. we are seeing with an increasingly aggressive russia real threats to territorial integrity. we have seen the invasion of georgia and ukraine. europe is concerned around
3:49 pm
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arthel: president trump planning to sign a new immigration order this week. hundreds of syrian refugees entered the u.s. since the start of the year. one of the families sent back after years of vetting settling in new jersey after help from a local church. reporter: he's studying maps trying to figure stout bus routes. next door his six children sift through donated clothes. his wife gets acquainted with a new kitchen and new food. american pizza. they are syrian refugees, among
3:54 pm
1,300 who arrived in the u.s. since january 1. the family of 8 was eventually granted refugees process after a three-year vetting process. but still they were initially blocked because of president trump's travel ban. >> even though the state ended its resettlement program last year, new hope exists for the family in new jersey it's a long in way from civil war in syria but the memories are vividly painful. >> do you think about aleppo often? they are syrian kurds, a muslim minority. he remembers escaping by foot on a three-day journey to the turkish border. the american people give hope to these families. they are sinking.
3:55 pm
>> this is cell phone video of the them arriving at jfk greeted by volunteers from rutgers presbyterian church sponsored by the family. reporter: the u.s. family familr government prove sides for the first few months. 367 but the church steps in to help with everything to english lessons. and it's like taking them to times square for the first time. >> the first think they said is how are we going to get a job. that they want to do it's like any other american.
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>> how do they streamline the process of human travel when they get to the airport. >> good idea. >> i'm glad the pets are taken care of. actually. >> i hear you on that one. >> that does it for us, thank you for joining us. >> heather -- harris faulkner up next with the "fox report." harris: a new executive order to handle people coming into the united states. we're told the white house could roll it out this week. president trump also having his administration working on new guidelines for border security. and there's more to expect from the president. he says he will name his new national security adviser in the next few days. he met with four candidates on this working sunday. also making news -- the president and his team pushing back hard against claims of an administration in disarray. and with president trump returning to campaign mode with a rally yesterday in melbourne, florida, chief of staff reince


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