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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 20, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PST

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our twitter has been blowing up this fast hour. let me know what you have think. tough miss our program, dvr ith you for joining us. >> heather -- harris faulkner up next with the "fox report." harris: a new executive order to handle people coming into the united states. we're told the white house could roll it out this week. president trump also having his administration working on new guidelines for border security. and there's more to expect from the president. he says he will name his new national security adviser in the next few days. he met with four candidates on this working sunday. also making news -- the president and his team pushing back hard against claims of an administration in disarray. and with president trump returning to campaign mode with a rally yesterday in melbourne, florida, chief of staff reince
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priebus echoing his complaints about media coverage. >> the truth is we don't have problems in the west wing. you read about the stories i don't get along with bannon. actually, we've gelled as a team, and we get along great, and we're working well together, and the amount of drama and spin that you read about mostly in the washington daily gossip rags is unbelievable stuff and isn't true. and you read it every day and wonder what alternative universe they're reporting on? harris: we have fox team coverage, garrett tenney is following developments and the possible executive order on immigration coming at any time. we begin with kristen fisher traveling with the president in palm beach, florida. you and i saw each other friday when he got there. the president met with four candidates for national security job today, but may not be done interviewing, i understand? >> reporter: that's right, the white house says president trump could be meeting with
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more candidates tomorrow. on top of the four candidates he met with today. these four candidates were flown down for face-to-face meetings at mar-a-lago and white house chief of staff reince priebus says whoever gets the job, they will have total job over the national security council. >> and the president has said very clearly, that the new nsa director will have total and complete say over the makeup of the nsc and all of the components of the nsc. there is no demand made by president trump on any candidate for nsa director. >> including steve bannon now? it's very unusual to have a political operative in that role. >> so those reports that you're citing, those are more fake news stories that are completely untrue. >> reporter: priebus was referring to reports that two of the president's top picks to replace general michael flynn, general david petraeus and
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former vice admiral robert harward didn't want the job because they were afraid they wouldn't have total control over the national security council. look at what david petraeus said at the munich conference. he said whoever agrees to take the job should do so with very, very significant assurances, that he or she should have authorities over the personnel of the organization. at issue is one of the first executive orders signed by president trump which gave his chief strategist steve bannon a seat at the table at the national security council, and today on "meet the press" senator john mccain said he's worried about the president's council membership. >> there has therefore been a permanent member of the national security adviser. mr. bannon's role as member of the national security council
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i'm very worried about. >> reporter: i asked an administration official how the white house was planning to respond, or were they responding to the comments from senator mccain? she wouldn't say, harris? harris: you know we're hearing that the senate intelligence committee is now formally requesting that all documents, materials that might be related to an investigation on russia be preserved at the white house and through the administration. what is the response now from the white house? >> well, the white house says that it is preserving all documents as yushlgs as required by law, but an administration official wouldn't say exactly how the white house is responding to this specific request. now what happened here is these senators and these are members of the senate intelligence community, republican and democrat senators. what they want is for the white house to confirm and reassure them they're saving anything that's related to ongoing investigation into alleged contacts between members of the
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trump campaign and russian officials. you may remember a "new york times" report last week stating members of the trump campaign had been in, quote, constant contact with russian officials, but today white house chief of staff reince priebus shot that down. he called that report fake news and complete garbage. >> i can assure you, and i've been approved to say this, that the top levels of the intelligence community have assured me that that story is not only inaccurate but grossly overstated and it was wrong, and there's nothing to it. >> reporter: regardless of what this senate intelligence community finds, if anything, one thing is for sure, this investigation is going to take up a considerable amount of time and political capital on capitol hill. harris? harris: and at the same time, this president just rolls along with his agenda and we're going to get more of that. kristen fisher, good to see you, thank you very much. now to the expected brand new
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executive order on immigration. we have learned this. homeland security secretary john kelly says the new policy will not stop green card residency holders or travelers already on planes from entering the united states. and this development, internal memos from the department of homeland security have been posted online by the "wall street journal" and other media outlets this weekend. they appear to outline the plan to crack down on illegal immigration by speeding up the deportation hearings. garrett tenney is live in washington with this. the white house is not denying that the documents exist. just a short time ago, they called them draft memos, conversations taking place as leadership forms hard policies. what's in them? >> reporter: exactly, every policy has to start somewhere that works its way up the chain. they are dealing with a pair of executive orders that president trump addressed border security, and they're essentially the blueprints for
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how the department of homeland security envisions putting those executive orders into place and do include sweeping changes to how our immigration policy is enforced. for instance, federal agencies will be able to fast track the deportation process for anyone in the country illegally for up to two years. that's instead of the current limit of two weeks. also, if someone from mexico is caught crossing the southern border, instead of being released and allowed to stay in the country weeks or months or years while waiting for the hearing, they'll be immediately returned to mexico. and as you mentioned, the plans include hiring 10,000 additional i.c.e. agents and 5,000 for border patrol to enforce the policies. as for sanctuary cities, if cutting off federal funding wasn't enough, the memos lay out how the administration plans to go after them into what amounts to a public shaming campaign, a weekly list of criminal aliens arrested for committing a crime and the cities released them from custody.
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the white house tells us none of the plans are final and still reviewed and a final version will likely be released sometime this week. harris: as a veteran reporter, i've been at this a long time. when you see something like this understand and the administration pushes back with the drafts, you have to know that these types of conversations go on all the time. what is different now is that we get a peek inside. so i'm very curious to know how that peek happened? are we talking about a leak? what happened exactly? >> reporter: well, the "washington post" was the first to report on the memos and said it was leaked to the reporters. it was interesting to note when the white house was asked about the memos, they didn't refer to it that way, they were matter of fact about them. so another thing, though, that stood out in the documents and the president referred to this earlier this week is the administration does not plan to overturn daca, president obama's executive order that allowed hundreds of thousands of immigrants who came into the country as children to stay here on work permits, and the
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president talked about it with the struggle with that issue at his press conference on thursday. >> we're going to show great heart. daca is a very difficult subject for me. to me, one of the most difficult subjects i have. you have the incredible kids, they were brought here in such a way. it's a very, very tough subject. >> reporter: with that being said, the white house indicated the plans are specifically for the president's two executive orders and down the road, anything to change. harris? harris: thank you very much. and the president's immigration policies were the subject of another protest today. this time in times square. organizers calling it a, quote, i am a muslim too rally. look. >> a muslim too! >> a muslim too! >> hip-hop mogul russell simmons co-hosted. new york city mayor bill de blasio was on hand. he called it a message of solidarity.
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the trump administration says it will be a top priority. and martha maccallum will host a first 100 days town hall event on the topic. tune in on tuesday 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. and right now, it is official. operation inherent resolve is on. the goal, to clear the isis savages from their last major strong hold in iraq. and sending more u.s. troops back into afghanistan? the secretary of defense on when that decision might come? and it will be subject of tonight's "fox report" interview. watch for that. you are watching "fox report," i'm harris faulkner.
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. harris: we could know soon whether more u.s. troops are headed to afghanistan. the top u.s. commander has asked for additional thousand troops to train and advise afghan forces but the defense secretary is formulate wearing exactly he stands, watch. >> putting our thoughts together now. the president has been rightfully reticent on it because he's waiting for my assessment and the assessment of the intelligence community, and he's open to my advice on it. first of all, i've got to formulate where i stand. this is the normal collection of the information, and to assess what the other countries in the region are doing in afghanistan to help or hinder us in our efforts there. so we're still sorting that
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out, and here shortly i'll have my thoughts collected. harris: defense secretary also commented on reports the transition to the new administration has caused concern in the military. here are his thoughts. >> welcome to democracy. it's at times wildly contentious, it's at times quite sporting, but the bottom line is this is the best form of government that we can come up with. so the military's job is to hold the line and to hold the line and to hold the line while our government sorts out the wa so we don't have disarray inside the military, and that's where my responsibility lies. harris: this is the secretary's first trip to the middle east since taking office. and this story coming to the this sunday. a major push now underway to push the islamic state savages out of their last strong hold in the key city of mosul. troops liberated eastern mosul
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last month are and moving into the western part of the city. it has been slower than anticipated. if they are successful, it would be a major victory over the terrorist group but the stakes are high as you might imagine, hundreds of thousands of people live inside the isis controlled half of mosul. kitty logan with more. >> reporter: early morning local time, iraqi troops made rapid progress today but are expecting things to get much tougher as they move towards residential areas. iraqi military police seized several villages on the west side of the city in the first few hours. the next step is to take control of the airport also to the south but the battle is likely to get much tougher when they reach the narrow streets in the west of the city. but today iraqi troops went in with full force, convoys of armored vehicles on the ground backed by helicopter rocket attacks and crucially coalition airstrikes targeting militant positions ahead of the ground
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troops. u.s. defense secretary jim mattis said u.s. forces are embolden in this battle giving air and ground support. >> the u.s. forces continue in the same role that they were in, in east mosul, and the coalition forces are in support of this operation, and we will continue, as you know, with the accelerated effort to destroy isis. >> reporter: the fight to free mosul from isis has been going on four months now. the iraqi army faced stiff resistance in the east of the city they claim to control but militants continued to carry out suicide attacks there. and the fights in the western parts of mosul is unlikely to be any easier, the u.n. is warning hundreds of thousands of civilians remain trapped in their homes. harris? harris: kitty, thank you very much. my guest army special forces veteran and green beret ben collins is about to join me to bring inside battle lines perspective.
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stay tuned for that. mega mogul elon musk has reason to celebrate today. one of his spacex rockets pulled off a successful launch from a historic election. and all-out manhunt in the midwest. police are searching for the suspect you see here. you can barely see him. two people are dead two. teenaged girls. why investigators are turning why investigators are turning to the public for help?
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investment management services from td ameritrade. . >> 4, 3, 2, 1. ignition and liftoff of the falcon 9 to the space station, on the first commercial launch from kennedy space center's historic pad 39-a. harris: wow. an unmanned supply rocket has
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launched from the historic moon shot pad at cape canaveral as you heard him saying, blasting off on a tree-day journey to the international space station. the first florida launch for spacex since one of its rockets exploded last year and they announced a few days ago they're going to have to delay their robotic mission to mars by two years, so that won't happen until 2020, making today extra special. will carr is following this from our west coast newsroom with an eventful weekend. i understand this one almost didn't happen. >> reporter: that's right, harris, it did today after it was supposed to happen saturday, and along with the launch today, there were cool visuals for you. spacex launched the falcon 9 rocket this morning, a short time later, the booster came back down and stuck a perfect platform landing. that's a big move because spacex plans to reuse rockets in the future which will dramatically cut down on costs. that could ultimately help with the company's plans to take humans to mars in the future.
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the launch was supposed to take place saturday, that was called off with 13 seconds left on the clock because of a slightly odd reading with steering mechanism. elon musk tweeting it was 99% likely to be fine but the 1% chance isn't worth rolling the dice. better to wait a day. it was a crucial decision especially after a spacex rocket caught fire and exploded last september, a major setback at the time, but no problems today, on a historic launch pad known as launch complex 39-a where apollo 11 took off, that sent the first astronauts to the moon. now spacex and nasa are teaming up together for the next generation of space travel. >> i think this is an absolutely outstanding, exciting time for our nation. for commercial space, for spaceflight in general. this is absolutely the right thing to do, and spacex is a great partner in making this happen.
1:24 am
>> reporter: amazing to think about how far we've come, and companies like spacex continue to succeed, harris, how far we can go. harris: some of the reading for today, i follow some of the people on twitter, they were disappointed. there was a high school in bellevue, washington, counting on this happening because they had something special on board. >> reporter: that's right, you may remember in high school, i remember having the soda bottles and launching them in the air. that was the extent of our experiments. these students took it well beyond that. students from a high school took part in a nationwide program and wound up with the chance to put their experiment which tests the effects of microgravity on a mixture of corn starch and water into the payload with 1500 pounds of supplies. experiment will come back and the students get the chance to check out how space had an impact on that experiment. pretty cool stuff. harris: that is cool, yeah, just a soda bottle, that's all we had.
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will carr, good to see you. >> reporter: why we became journalists. harris: is that why? okay, thank you. this story we're watching, a desperate search under way as police in indiana are suspecting this man, and you'll see him shortly, of killing two teenaged girls. the alleged killer was walking the same trail as the victims and about the same time they would have been there as well. they're urging the community to help find the man in the picture whose identity remains unknown. one day after thousands of people said good-byes honoring 14-year-old liberty german and 13-year-old abigail williams. a report tonight that some democrats are trying to hold the wall on some within their own party to want to talk about impeachment and president trump. meanwhile, president trump is searching for his next national security adviser pressing on with his goals. just who exactly are the four people he met with today? we're answering that with our picture. we'll talk more.
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a deeper look at each of the candidates ahead. and president trump is take a break from the white house to return to his rally roots meeting face-to-face with the american people. was this an attempt at a reset for his administration or just touching those who helped him get there? our panel weighs in next.. >> i also want to speak to you without the filter of the fake nenenenene earning your cash back shouldn't be this complicated. yet some cards limit where you earn bonus cash back to a few places. and then, change those places every few months. enough with that! (echo) with quicksilver from capital one you've always earned unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. welcome to unlimited. what's in your wallet? we believe everyone deserves a great night's sleep. (announcer) at boll and branch, so we created the perfect sheets.
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. harris: president trump is reviewing applications for a new national security adviser. the president met with at least four candidates at his mar-a-lago estate in florida today. that job is available after an early shake-up in the white house. mr. trump's former adviser michael flynn was asked to resign following word that he talked u.s. sanctions prior to mr. trump's taking office. lauren blanchard has more from washington. >> reporter: many want the job of national security adviser and we can expect a decision over the next couple of days. first, let's take a look who's in the running. former lieutenant general keith kellogg, the acing national security adviser after general flynn was asked to resign. kellogg a longtime supporter of the president serving as foreign policy adviser during the campaign. then there's former ambassador to the united nations john bolton, appointed by president george w. bush in 2005, he served over a year in the role.
1:31 am
however bolton may struggle to gain support with libertarian leaning republicans. another candidate, army lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster, a silver star recipient and decorated officer. he has a reputation for questioning the status quo as he did in book the dereliction of duty. the other meeting at the southern white house is the superintendent of west point military academy lieutenant general robert cas lin. served in a number of wars and is a bronze star recipient. robert harward turned down the position citing family reasons, and david petraeus is no longer a finalist. white house press secretary said more names could be added to the list. the national security council without a permanent leader and embroiled in controversy after a senior staff member was abruptly fired when he was critical of the president and steve bannon during off-the-record roundtable.
1:32 am
the white house confirmed that staffer is no longer with the nsc. harris: lauren, thank you very much. i think our satellite got cut off there. for more on, this bring in evan zig freed, republican strategist and author of gop gps and doug schoen, former adviser to bill clinton and fox news contributor. you and i saw each other friday on the fox newsdesk and it was interesting. >> you can't get rid of me. harris: let's start with what we been the four men. you said in the break, i'm going to tell everybody what you said. you said ambassador bolton should be the one, why? >> look, i think he politically and substantively and logically makes the most sense. look, the other military officers are legitimate heroes. all three. but john bolton has experience at the u.n., he has experience at the highest levels of foreign pochlts he is fluent with all the issues and he is a
1:33 am
hawk and tough on russia and he's tough on north korea and tough on iran. he would be best in my judgment and serve america with great distinction. >> i would love to echo everything doug said on john bolton. i think he would calm the national security apparatus which is worried with k.t. mcfarland and former white house national security adviser. harris: why do you say that? >> they haven't liked how the changes occurred from obama to trump. they were ignored and waved off. h.r. mcmaster wrote one of the best books and failures of vietnam in dereliction of duty. a lot of generals took it into account particularly david petraeus, it notes the failure of vietnam because of the government being too involved. especially at the executive harris: interesting, you said it changed your perspective. that's what we said watching that report from lauren. we have a quick word from ambassador bolton, and i'm
1:34 am
curious to hear your take on it because we had him on "outnumbered" friday and talking about russia and the recent provocation that we've seen. let's watch that. >> i think the real threat here that does need a serious response is the deployment of these missiles that violate the imf treaty from the 1980s. not the first of these violations but it's very serious, it's a direct threat to the europeans. harris: how does that fit in for mr. trump? >> well, mr. trump made clear on thursday that he was re-evaluating his befriend vladimir putin strategy. he was ready now to get tough on the russian. nobody better than john bolton to do that, and the violation of the inf treat see outrageous provocation. harris: what about working with the rest of the team? that is something that the president is starting to bring his cabinet together, have you rex tillerson, you have others who -- who fits in best with
1:35 am
that, and how important is that? >> very important. john bolton is essentially the pipeline on all matters national security. from the state department, cia. harris: if he got the job. >> if he got the job. somebody who understands how washington works but is advised president trump. that is a plus for the american people. harris: all right, now i want to get in, this will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, doug. >> sure. harris: there's a report on politico about democrats inside your party having to quell, having to puppet a wall among some of the others in your party not to talk about impeachment of this president. he's only been in office for a month. what is going on in your party? >> it's what's going on in the country. look, donald trump has had a rough and rocky start, let's be clear. he's had a lot of turmoil and turnover, but that being said, harris, the premise of your question is exactly right. the last thing we need as a nation is talk of impeachment. it marginalizes the democrats.
1:36 am
this resist trump at all costs movement is a big, big mistake and really takes the onus off the republican failures and makes the democrats look out of step. harris: i'm reading the words backfire on the democrats. >> right. harris: i saw you do a little pivot there. and i want to get your thoughts? >> the loonie left is a wild animal, uncontrollable by the reasonable democratic leaders if there are any. when you push impeachment, you have to ask for what? i have seen zero evidence of wrongdoing in president trump's term. they think that somehow there is this big connection that russia actually hacked the election, and that donald trump is banning all muslims. he's not. he did an -- harris: he's going to write a new executive order now. are democrats afraid what's coming down the pike? in many cases they don't have the votes to get it done. >> many are afraid. the president has legal authority to do another executive order.
1:37 am
he's going to be able to restrict immigration further, round up more illegals, do tax cuts and proceed in ways that are inimicable to democratic interests. the base wants extreme reaction and harris, the word backfire is exactly right. it will hurt the democratic party if they push impeachment rather than substantive policy. harris: what should the republicans do right now? you have a democratic party, and maybe it doesn't matter, but this president said he could make a deal. you have a democratic party who skipped many of them, the inauguration, not coming to hearings, skipping out what they were elected to do, and now there's this, well, we got to keep quiet. you call them the loonie left, and doug didn't flinch. what do republicans need to do at this point? >> aside from shaking our head in disbelief that they're coming to the table and having temper tantrums. we should have an olive branch but you need to come to the
1:38 am
table and talk to the issues the american people put us in office to talk about. we need to talk about tax reform, infrastructure, fixing obamacare. >> that's what the american people want, they would practical solutions, taxes cut, they would their roads and bridges. harris: you say all that, but how do you account for your party? toughen up. >> i don't like the words loonie, harris, they are loonie, they can contribute to consensus. and if the extreme left of the party would just back off, and allow constructive legislation, particularly the ten senators up in states that donald trump won. democrats in states trump won, they need to cooperate where possible and unless and until that happens, they are facing trouble. harris: why do you think they're not? is there political gain? you lost a thousand seats across your state houses,
1:39 am
bicameraly in congress and the white house since 2009. what does it take? >> they believe it's like the tea nature 2010, resist, resist. harris: they have viable members in congress. >> 50%. harris: they're in the majority now. >> their theory is they can bring him down because he's unpopular -- >> i did write in the "new york times" this could very much be like the tea party. i encourage republicans to work with them. >> as what? >> one of the points i blew up to give you an idea how crazy the loonie left, is we can make feminine hygiene products such as tampons tax exempt. when it was passed in may of 2013, it was hailed as victory for the women. the loonie left said i was condescending and perpetuating a war against women. it's hypocrisy to the highest level. >> we have issues that rise to
1:40 am
the level of war and peace, how we finance our government. whether our roads and bridges are habitable and useable. all of these can be done and dealt with, with bipartisan effort. we need that. there's a basis to cooperate. if the democrats and the republicans can't get together, you know who loses? we all do as americans and that would be great tragedy. harris: wow. i see that you'll be buying dinner because his democratic friends may not invite him. >> i don't think the conservatives in doug's party will do that. >> we balanced a budget with bill clinton's reform. harris: we're following two big stories in the fight against terrorism. iraqi forces launching a major operation against the isis as we await a pivotal decision. new reaction from green beret ben collins,
1:41 am
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1:44 am
. harris: the "fox report" interview now. iraq forces launching a major air and ground offensive to retake western mosul from the isis savages. let's bring in ben collins, a green beret who served three tours of duty in afghanistan. i have afghanistan questions for you a little later, i want to get to the news developing on this sunday. and you know, we thought that this would take a shorter period of time, you didn't, taking back mosul. what's complicateed? >> mosul is effectively a city separated by the tigris river, you have the east and the west. the east has been difficult because of the buildup that isis had. they had two years essentially to prepare for this fight. the western part of mosul and
1:45 am
by the way, they started and took about 100 days or so to clear the east. the western portion of the city is a much older part of the steeshg the streets are much narrower, much more densely populateed. >> this is urban combat. >> they have to get out of the vehicles and go door-to-door to do it. harris: i remember you said we're going to kick this off in october, the dual force between the iraqi forces and us and other coalition forces. you get there and it's been a few months and what do you do with the civilians? that was the main concern, they're trapped. >> they're trapped. some of the civilians got out. we believe there are approximately 750,000 civilians trapped in mosul. they are low on food and water and basic medical supplies and the concern here is if it took essentially 100 days to retake eastern mosul, it could take three times as long. harris: that's a year. >> we could be looking at
1:46 am
months that the civilians are stuck. harris: what is stuck? i mean we're looking at pictures now. i'm turning around and looking at this. you talk about urban. these are rooftops, what is stuck for the people. how deadly? >> correct, isis is digging tunnels in the western part of mosul. breaching wall to wall to move through homes without having to go out into the streets. so isis is using the civilians as human shields, that's where they're going to center forces in churches or mosques or schools or hospitals. harris: you know the last president, president obama, called them the jv team. there is nothing jv about what you described. are they getting better at this? >> they're certainly learning. that's the thing with isis, they're good at adapting to battlefield conditions. one thing we have to remember is they still have abu bakr albaghdadi, the leader of isis in mosul. it was in mosul here in the western part of the town where
1:47 am
he made his grand now. the caliphate in 2014. so they're going to fight very hard to retain this thing. it will fall, but at what cost is the ultimate question. harris: how long will it take? >> this could take upwards, to be fully clear, upwards of three to five months or the iraqi military to clear and hold on. harris: do we have enough people on the ground? >> there's roughly -- we thought there was 6,000 isis soldiers within mosul. we think they've killed about a thousand, maybe 5,000 left this is a combined force of 100,000 soldiers. harris: and still going to take a year? >> not a year. it's going to take months. but, yes i think there's enough forces, the question is what happens after? because the biggest problem that they're going to have, mosul is going to fall, and as difficult as that is, what is
1:48 am
going to happen after, in the sectarian divide between the kurds and the shia. harris: that's the question, always. let's move to afghanistan. >> certainly. harris: and the possibility we're learning from the military that we might look at putting more forces on the ground there. what does that look like and why? >> well, i know that general or secretary of defense mattis received some suggestions from general nicholson, the commander on the ground in afghanistan, that he needs a few more thousand troops to break the stale may. the problem right now is with the u.s. withdrawal we're down to 9800 soldiers left in afghanistan, and it's put an immense strain on a fighting force of afghan security that is not well prepared. harris: extra dangerous for them too, probably. >> it is, in the sense the taliban have had a resurgence over the last couple of years, and predominantly, my biggest concern is they've managed to
1:49 am
retake 50 to 60%. harris: they are like scorpions, theyiest and you can't bridge them. >> they are focused scorpions. hellmund, the birth place of the taliban, the home of the opium, and the revenue of the opium has gone up 43% in production. they make a couple hundred million dollars a year off. that as long as the taliban have the financial ability to sustain the fight, they're going to be a problem. right now they're challenging five capitals in afghanistan. that's a problem. harris: what is our end game? >> that's a great question. for a very long time, we've had this idea that we were going to have strong centralized afghan government. we never really understood the threat on the ground. we never really understood the afghan people. i think we have to get to the point we're content with when
1:50 am
is afghan good enough, a small central government but let the tribes dictate the future. harris: i can't let you get away, all of this has the hallmark of isis moving in. we learned last year of isis members being on the ground in afghanistan. if that happens then you've got two huge locations with iraq and afghanistan. syria. i've got to ask you, would we go in on the ground? you know it's talked about in wider circles, i'd rather come to you for the facts? >> right now we're in there in a way of training what the obama administration was calling the moderate rebels. i don't think that there is a clear decisive know what youing we're trying accomplish in syria. is assad staying or is he going? and putting soldiers on the ground is easy, getting them out is much more difficult. and we've never had a clear, concise understanding what is it that we want to do. what does success look like?
1:51 am
harris: we are endgame constippated, seriously. i look forward to having you back. > . ..
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1:54 am
. harris: i got to tell you after seeing the pictures all week, we want to do a check-in now. things seem to get better and worse again. oroville dam in california is what i'm talking about. they're about to get more rain. wow. it's hard to believe. crews there are rushing now to fix the merge spillway you see in the center of the screen and drain the lake in hopes of getting it to a safe level after 188,000 people already have been forced from their homes. i tell you it's been an ongoing story, never-ending rain, alicia acuna on it from oroville.
1:55 am
>> reporter: it's raining again right now, which is why they're trying lower the level of the river behind the dam. we're going to push in and give you a closer look. the big plume is off the main spillway. all the water coming out of the dam, it's supposed to go straight down, it's not, it's hitting a damaged area and moving its way around. that's a damaged area. in addition to that, the merge spillway of so much concern is also damaged. however, they can't stop the water from coming out because of the rain that's coming right now. it's going to be raining from tonight, tomorrow, possibly into wednesday, up to 10 inches, what they need to do on the other side of that dam is lower the level of the reservoir, lake oroville, it's a delicate balance trying to empty out water as it's running over the damaged areas and lowering the water level of the lake and had to increase the output baufdz the rain, because it's starting. what they're trying to do is protect the communities below. you mentioned that 188,000
1:56 am
people evacuated on sunday. mandatory evacuation, they were allowed home tuesday. however, it came with a warning from the sheriff who said you need to be ready to evacuate again in case the fixes don't work. in case one of the spillways gives. especially the emergency spillway. if it does, a wall of water would head down into the community. the folks are packed up, ready to go if for some reason this happens. everybody watching this closely. we have video of the work that's being done, harris. they're trying to drop cement and rocks into the area so folks remain safe. harris: they're going to try to clog it up as best they can. as i was researching my family tree, i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. ancestry really helped me fill in a lot of details.
1:57 am
1:58 am
i'm reading the log of the recent talk we had with the white house deputy press secretary. that was in the last couple of hours. we were telling you if they will be interviewing additional candidates than the four we told you about for national security advisor. we may find out what the heather: monday february 20th, president trump taking no time off this president's day weekend holding back to back meetings to hold the next national security adviser. who is on the list now?
1:59 am
clayton: the trump administration was in disarray. senator john mccain under fire for comparing president trump under dictator. >> you have to have free and many times adversarial press and without it we would lose liberties over time. that's how dictators get started. clayton: how the white house is responding this morning. heather: pure panic when a plane plummets feet from home. how the pilot managed to walk away? "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
note ♪ ♪ clayton: good morning, everybody. shamrock shake day at mcdonalds. heather: that's a hint. goodmorning i'm clayton morris. heather: and i'm heather childers. clayton: white house fighting back over the president's tweet calling the media the enemy of the people. griff jenkens & gilchrist is live for us. always nice to see him. live in washington, d.c. with the latest, good morning. hey, heather and clayton. the president versus the press. the dishonest, they just don't want to report the truth. >> a particular seem today struck a nerve in washington. president writing,


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