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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  February 20, 2017 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> shannon: even when we think on a holiday things are going to be slow, they are not. >> bill: no one is here, everything is closed. >> shannon: but we were here. >> bill: we will see you at 2:00. washington? lincoln. presidents' day. ♪ >> jon: and on this presidents' day, version 2.0 of president trump's travel ban is taking shape. good morning, welcome to "happening now." i am jon scott coming and we welcome heather childers today. >> i am an am emperor jenna lee present today. nice to be here. the senior white house officials saying that mr. trump executive order which could be signed as early as tomorrow will target the cms have been mostly muslim nations as the first one. a green card holders and dual citizens of the nation will be exempt. >> jon: one big difference,
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the new draft will no longer single out syrian refugees. more from south florida where the president spent his weekend. >> well, according to secretary john kelly, the new executive order will likely be tighter and more streamlined. a very similar to president trump's original travel ban. over the weekend president trump at this big rally in melbourne, he said that in terms of timing we can expect the new executive order to be rolled out sometime over the next couple of days. he told her supporters that they think they will be impressed with this. the goal stays the same. keeping america stay safe. they are trying to tweak it to uphold in court. by this time second kelly says that he will be more involved in the rollout to make sure that nobody gets caught in in the sm traveling overseas to u.s. airports. one other cabinet member is also offering some insurances and speaking out about the order. right now james mattis is in baghdad. it is his first trip to iraq as defense secretary.
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and he offered this assurance to any iraqis who suffered with u.s., and that includes translators. >> i have not seen the new executive order, but i am assured that we will take steps to allow those who have fought alongside us, for example, to be allowed into the united states. they will be indented by their performance on the battlefield beside us and the normal procedures. i am sure that we will work our way through this quickly. >> so we have this new executive order on immigration coming over the next couple of days. also over the next couple of days we can expect to that president trump will announce his pick for his new national security advisor. over the weekend he met with four candidates. yesterday met with four candidates. all phone down for face-to-face meetings into the white house says that the interview process is not over yet, because president trump may be meeting with even more candidates today. >> jon: kristin fisher,
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thank you. so the white house plans a new version of president trump's travel ban, and homeland security secretary kelly promise that this will be a streamlined executive order. >> the president is contemplating releasing a tighter more streamlined version of the first. and we will have this time and opportunity to work a rollout plan. in particular to make sure that there is no one in a sense caught in the system of moving from overseas to our airports. which happened on the first release. >> jon: for more on mr. trump's immigration policy. let's bring in karl rove, former senior advisor and executive chief of staff to george w. bush. and a fox news contributor. thank you for being here on this presidents' day. "the wall street journal" has given us some indication of what is expected to be in the
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executive order on travel, one point would be that individuals from the same seven nations, the same muslim majority nations are going to be effective. that's going to affect those who have work visas or who hold green cards from entering the united states. in individuals who are in transit when the order takes effect if they are already in the air, they are not going to be affected by this ban. does it make sense to you? speak of these were some of the problems in the initial rollout. one of the persons who was obtained was working with the u.s. government for ten years, a legitimate these fees. that guy has been, you heard mattis reflect on the battlefield fighting alongside us. so another early victim of this rollout, an elderly couple originally from iran who had permanent resident status, a green card returning from the last visit that they thought
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that they would have with their family and i ran to the united states. and they got stuck in the air. so this takes care of most of the major problems that have been identified by the courts. in addition, one on the other thing. rather than halting the flow of refugees from syria altogether immediately, what it does do is drop the total number of refugees from the 110,000 contemplated by president obama to 50,000. we have already accepted 35,000 in the fiscal year. from now till the end of september that government can only allow allow 15,000 refugees. this was very smart because it does slow up the refugee flow. it probably means a higher standard for those who are led in here, but it does not say, okay, you are the family who has been waiting in line to come to the united states from syria who has been vetted deeply, it does not say that you cannot come here. it simply says that you have to
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have to compete with everybody in the line. i think this avoids difficulties as well. >> jon: john f. kelly, the secretary of -- involved now. it's part of the problem the fact that the senate has been slow walking most of president trump's nominees? or was it just a rush to fulfill a campaign promise? >> it is not the former. the democrats are obstructing the president. one of the few that they denounce was kelly who was approved on january 20th. the white house staff did not fully involve him in the rollout. i wrote about this on february 1st, to "the wall street journal" column. imagine what would happen if president trump made the announcement with a secretary kelly and other officials beside him who could explain it, defended, and were not caught unawares. the issue this at 4:45, and very bad news. they did not have an executive
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order copy to hand to the press for over two hours more. no background papers, no briefing papers, and no frequently asked questions. it was well after 8:00, close to 9:00 on a friday night before they made somebody available to brief the press and answer the questions. and secretary kelly knows what a problem that was. he admitted it before congress. he took the blame on himself, but the blame is not his. of the blame is on the white house staffers who wrote this thing out without fully involving the agency. >> jon: the president had promised cracking down on immigration. that was a big part of his campaign platform. can you understand why he rolled it out this quickly? was it out of a desire to get something done before it was fully thought out? >> book, i agree with you. we should not be surprised by this. he said that he was going to do this in the campaign. he outlined this on august 15, what he would do. what he said he would do in that
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speech, largely what he did. some important details missing, green card holders, dual citizens, people who worked along the united states. what was the status of people who already had a visa in hand. what about people in transit? all of these questions. but to look at the ark of the narrative. our new president comes into office, he wants the american people to understand what he has at the top of his list. 52% of people on the exit poll said that the economy was the number one issue. 18% terrorism. 14% foreign policy, 13% immigration. put the rush to get this done, obviously mistakes in it. not well rolled out. they are fixing the problems. they could have spend that time talking about the economy and jobs and gotten the executive order right and gotten a secretary involved in the rollout and avoided the soul, but they rolled it out badly you three weeks ago. they are going to get it right this week. or they could have done it right
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and used that early time, instead to focus on the economy and jobs and on this right. the rush to get it out cost. >> jon: do you think that the extra time will allow them time to get something that will pass muster with federal judges and federal appeals courts? >> absolutely. if the first order was drafted on staffers on capitol hill who had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. they could not tell their bosses, the people who are paying their salaries, that they were working with the white house on this one. i'm confident that this has gone with a fine tooth comb, and homeland security, by other officials. it is going to be done and done right. kelly has grabbed control and said i'm not leaving this thing in the hands of a white house staffer. this is my area. the president has charge me to get it done. we are going to get it done right. >> jon: karl rove joining us on the presidents' day. >> happy presidents' day to you, jon. >> jon: a quick note, tomorrow on the first 100 days, martha
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mckellen host a town hall on the hot topic of immigration. if that is at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. speak to me in, some new developments in the replacing of obamacare, coming into the plan unveiled by g.o.p. leaders. it is a pathway to greater flexibility and lower costs. democrats don't see it that way. life for us on capitol hill with more on desperate good morning, peter. >> good morning. it is reset here on capitol hill. almost nobody around, but when they get back next week, g.o.p. leadership is expected to unveil what they want to replace obamacare with. there has already been bill put forward by some of the most conservative lawmakers. endorsed by the house of freedom caucus, but the leadership version is still a mystery. things are moving slowly. >> it is going more slowly than people would like. i think that there are a couple of different reasons for that. if there is a real debate taking
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place within the congress about what components if you will of the affordable care act should stay. i think that the reality of what we will see moving forward is that folks up to the age of 26 will be able to stay on their parents plan. that was part of the affordable care act. the notion of pre-existing conditions is baked into the cake. >> nancy pelosi sees things differently though. she says that republicans are trying to cut government spending on health care so that they can cut taxes for rich people. she was obviously a critical player and getting obamacare passed. others involved in the creation are welcoming changes like dr. zeke emanuel, one of the acas architects. >> the first thing we need to do is change how we pay doctors and hospitals so that they have a big incentive to increase the quality and lower cost. we have to get off what we do now is pay them when they see patients and pay them in a different way. buy bundles, and actually
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incentivizes them to lower the total cost of care. >> house speaker paul ryan has been speaking about the repeal in an urgent tone saying that the insurance industry survival depends on its repeal. in the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says that they will vote to repeal once they have the votes here in the upper chamber. again, this is a ways off because of the g.o.p. leaders still have not told any of their members, or at least not the rank-and-file members specifically is in the bill and how much it costs. >> heather: people watching it, because it was a campaign promise. peter doocy joining us live, thank you. >> jon: well, severe weather in the country this week. what is next for hard-hit areas of texas and california? both regions cope with the threat of flash flooding. also forces entering the new phase of mosul. trying to push isis out of the
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because no one kills germs better than clorox. >> jon: a fox news alerts, crews added to the dam working around-the-clock to secure a road or parts of the spillway. as the region it embraces for even more heavy rain. officials telling nearby residents to be ready in case they need to evacuate the area again. imagine how that feels. it comes as a major storm system targets texas with an apparent tornado damaging more than a thousand homes near san antonio. we have team coverage on all of the severe weather. meteorologist is standing by in the fox extreme weather center. we begin with casey stegall. he is life in dallas. >> yes, the southern part of the state, when you're talking about the overnight storms that came through texas, hit the hardest. specifically as you said in and around the san antonio area. want to get right to the
8:17 am
pictures coming out of there. the national weather service trying to determine whether a tornado was in fact responsible for the damages you see. it swept through last night. emergency officials say that about 150 homes have been damaged. mostly roofs and siding. also down with trees and power lines. fortunately no one is seriously hurt, but one home owner took a news camera inside the property to show the destruction inside. it is a sober reminder of just how powerful and frightening mother nature can be. >> actually on the other side you can see where the window did not break, but it swept the curtain through. they are sticking out underneath. that is how big the pressure was. >> teams with the national weather service will be on the ground this morning in san antonio. they were trying to determine if it was indeed a tornado that touched down. and if so, how strong was it. on the making whether or with
8:18 am
the weather is not done in texas he had to. that same system was moving to houston this morning, just in time for the morning commute. up to 3 inches of rain forecasted to paul in certain places. but to no widespread reports of damage or flooding reporting in houston. san antonio right now taking the brunt of the damage. >> jon: keep us updated. thank you very much. >> heather: texas copes with the severe weather, strong storms and heavy rain or hitting california and the northwest region. meteorologist is live with us in the fox extreme weather center with more on that. hello, adam. >> hey, yes, lots to talk about. continuing to watch of the system that sweeps across texas running into east texas at this point, eventually moving its way around the gulf coast. it really is along the gulf coast where we see our best chance for severe weather for the rest of the day. and here that is. on the lower end of the spectrum. but it's running all the way over to new orleans.
8:19 am
this is all the spots where we could see some hail, some strong winds. and perhaps another isolated tornado or two before the day is over. this is an area we will be watching. a lot of heat rolling off of mexico. otherwise the next 24 hours out in california, this is where the real heavy rain is. we have seen just in the last several hours running through the san francisco area for their off to the north and the east. that is where the rain has been pulling up into the mountains where it is piling up even more so. what are we expecting here? here is the future radar. we have pretty much all day running through your tuesday, there is your timestamp. it's going to be on till tuesday and wednesday that we finally see slow down a little bit. people will be able to get a break. a check to see how much rain they have gotten. that is why we are still under so many. we are looking up flood warnings, winter storm warnings. but also across northern california. how much are we going to get? we will look at this. if there are areas where you start to see deep in the room
8:20 am
colors, that is getting 8-2 8-s 10 inches of rain. california, that is something we will be paying close attention to in the next couple of days. >> heather: texas and california, be aware and stay alert. >> jon: well, if you are giving counts, president trump in office for one month. he told a big crowd how he thinks that he is doing as a campaign style rally this weekend. our political panel weighs in on that. and remembering our first president as we commemorate george washington's birthday. what is being done today to pay tribute to him? and do you know which president made this our national holiday customer we have the lowdown. ♪
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>> jon: right now americans paying tribute to our very first president, george washington. a national holiday today commemorating his 285th birthda birthday. mount vernon outside d.c. marking the occasion with a replay of his tomb, complete with patriotic music, military performances. but the stay was not always a national holiday. president lyndon johnson made it one back in 1968. and for you history buffs, tonight is not washington's actual birthday. february 22nd, but the holiday is celebrated on the third monday in february, which is today. ♪ >> heather: president trump out with his own report card for his first month in office, appearing at a campaign style rally this weekend telling supporters this. >> it has now been one month
8:25 am
since my inauguration. and i am here to tell you about our incredible progress in making america great again. i am also here to tell you about our plans for the future. they are big and bold. it is what our country is all about, believe me. i am here because i want to be among my friends and among the people. >> heather: a new poll out shows that the president's approval rating is sinking. five percentage points, and with his 45% approval rating, 21 percentage points below the historical average for newly elected presidents come mid-february. joining us now to talk about this. the executive in residence. at the american university school on public affairs, and former ohio state senate minority leader. and tv radio host of "the lawrence jones show." thank you both for joining us.
8:26 am
let's take a look at the list of accomplishments that the president put out. the white house put this out. called achieving results for the american people. i'm starting job creation. number two, saving taxpayer money. restoring public safety, and then getting out of the way, getting government out of the way. so do you think he has done a good job? >> i think the list that you just described are things that he has done. when you take a look particularly at his executive orders for example, getting out of the trans-pacific partnership. eliminating regulations, these things are fulfilling campaign promises. so from a domestic agenda, from an economics agenda i think that he is certainly doing what he said he was going to do. it has been a little bit more of a rocky road on on the foreign policy side. a bumpy launch of the initial
8:27 am
travel ban, executive order. i know that that is going to be a reset coming up. he certainly is off to a strong start. >> heather: he has been busy. you mention the executive order. he signed at least 23 of those. he signed five bills, and he has seen 12 members of his cabinet confirmed. he has nominated one justice for the supreme court. what kind of job do you think he has done? >> when you talk about the supreme court, we can stop right there. many conservatives that were very hesitant about supporting donald trump in the first place, they voted for him because of the supreme court. and he chose a great nominee for that. we talk about jobs, that is what we are concerned about. when we talk about repealing some of the regulations as it relates to obamacare, hurting businesses, those are all great things. i think when you take the negotiation out of it, the tweeting out of it. it is not so bad. >> heather: i will get you to
8:28 am
comment on that. he went on to say that america's first foreign policy, also calling out an accomplishment. draining the swamp, defending the constitution, and helping women succeed in business. he has met with more than 30 foreign leaders so far. >> i think it is a mixed bag as i said earlier. part of it is the fact that yes, he is engaging foreign leaders and hosting a good number of at the white house and down in palm beach as well. it is a good start, but i think that he really now needs to focus on developing a cohesive foreign policy. with his team, like rex tillerson, like mattis. bringing together something that is cohesive. it is one thing to say that it's a an american first policy, but another thing to have some intangible things to point to. i will say this as well. i think it is important now
8:29 am
things that are coming down with the cabinet to nominees. he needs to fill the positions of the rank and file below. so that we can have a government that is functioning a little bit better. >> heather: he probably needs more people to work together in order to do that. i want to go back to that approval rating that we talked about in the very beginning. we should also say that that is pretty much the amount that president obama lost his first month. five percentage points. he went from 68% over 264%. not as much as president clinton, losing seven points in approval in its first month. >> i think one thing we have to know when we talk about approval ratings, and to the polls in that sense, donald trump has an ability like no other president. he connects very well with the american people. the people that voted for him. and so when we are looking at these approval ratings, they are going to say that this was the president's faults because of the negativity from the mainstream media that they had
8:30 am
to give him a great starts. they had to really give him a fair shake. as it relates to that approval rate, i am not sure that that is going to be any effect as it relates to the american people. he connects well with them. >> heather: who do you think the american people will blame if more is not accomplished? >> congress. >> right. and not only congress, but you guys, the media. >> heather: congress and the media. thank you both for joining us on presidents' day. >> jon: the international murder mystery creating a diplomatic standoff. why north korea and malaysia are at odds. as we get new video of the moments, the half-brother was attacked and killed at an airport. plus in the war between president trump and the media, a popular conservative radio host says that the mainstream media are trying to destroy this president and they will fail. when our media panel has to say
8:31 am
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>> jon: right now president trump not the only one blasting the mainstream media for its coverage of his administration. what conservative radio host rush limbaugh has to say on the matter. speak of the media did not make donald trump, and they cannot destroy him. but the media thinks command
8:35 am
when i say media, let me define, abc, cbs, nbc, "new york times," "washington post," "los angeles times," they have a formula. they have a blueprint for destroying republican political officials that they do not like. it is not going to work on trump. he does not fit the mold. >> jon: joining us now, kaitlyn hui burns, national political reporter for real clear politics. anton rogan, foreign policy columnist for national review. and for opportunity lives. welcome to both of you. do you disagree in any way with what rush limbaugh had to say there? >> i do. the media is not out to destroy donald trump. it is the job of journalist to hold people in power to account. i also think that we have to look at the way in which donald trump sees the media. we saw throughout the campaign that he saw the media kind of as a foil, almost as an opponent. and allies of his have described
8:36 am
the media as the opposition party. that worked really well in debates. a lot of distrust among term supporters, republicans, and other voters of the media. trump has argued that the media got it wrong. polls throughout the campaign showed him behind, and then he of course won. but the presidency is very different than an campaign. there is turmoil within the administration as evidenced by the national security advisor being fired after the reports surfaced that that national security advisor, mike flynn had misled the president of the united states. so the president can complain about media coverage, and most presidents do. but in this instance the report was accurate, as evidenced by him firing the national security advisor. >> jon: are the media trying to destroy the president? >> i think that some are, sure. but that is the nature of
8:37 am
american media dynamics. the most free and liberal in the purest sense of the word. if democracy in the world. so you are going to have individuals who whether they are objective reporters, or opinion writers who have an interest either for or against a canon didn't. but i think that the equity here as to donald trump's future as it pertains to the media will be whether the stories that are cooperated to come out and show the presidents in a negative light. or in the worst-case scenario, and illegal lights. other than that to the president will be fine. absent anything else, the media will be fine. we live in a democracy. trump might say some things, but his ability to wage war on the media, perhaps as he would desire, is inherently limited. >> jon: sticking with you from the minute, one of the points that rush limbaugh made, he says that trump has a relationship
8:38 am
with his voters that is unlike any other president. his supporters will stick to him like a glue no matter what. and that anything that the media do to try and drive a wedge between the two, is not going to work. >> well, to some degree that is true in the sense that his supporters very strongly believe that he has the ark on the truth, and that the media are out to get him. but i think the pit of it would be if there is a cooperated story that shows wrongdoing, or illegal conduct, or anything of that regard. it will have an impact. in the end it is an issue of trust, trusting trump for the media. and as much as is defined by charisma, also by the objective integrity should no effects on individuals pit and i think trump supporters as much as anybody else have shown that they are willing and their scrutiny of president obama to judge politicians harshly.
8:39 am
>> jon: on the day that candidate trump announced that he was running for president, we were sitting in the chairs. and i do not think either one of this gave him a chance of winning. i do not think anybody in the major media did. but he has proven the mediocre wrong time and time again. >> well, i will point to a story that i wrote to the day after trump announced to my went to a trump alley in new hampshire. one of his first rallies. and i talk to potential voters at that time who really liked what he had to say. anna reported that. i reported that he had a base of support. yes, when you compare what we saw on the campaign to the data and everything that we knew about politics, trump was a long shot. certainly as we know he divides all sorts of gravity. we will see what happens during the presidency. but there is a structure that applies across various different presidents. campaigns are inherently different. i do not expect that trump will
8:40 am
change his line of attack on the media, but i will point out that it is troubling to describe the media, journalists, a lot of whom have put their lives on the line in war zones and slouch covering these events, to describe them as enemies of america. i really think that that points to the way in which trump sees the media right now as an opponent. someone to kind of compare to. and as a foil and away. i think that that will continue. that certainly works among his supporters. but there are people that like that. remember that the presidency is the president of all americans. there are people that voted for him that did not necessarily like him. and those are kind of softer supporters that he will have to keep supporting him if he wants to continue to win elections. >> jon: our media panel today. thank you both. >> heather: we have some new information about the murder of north korean leader kim jong-un
8:41 am
half-brother out and malaysian airports. the ambassador can deming moishe's investigation, calling it politically charged. now the two nations are rising, and demanding a joint prose. life and the london bureau with more on this. >> there has been a lot of new information as you say coming out over the weekend about this incredible story. and growing evidence that the north koreans were involved behind the assassination. malaysian police have been piecing together the final pieces of his life. you see the footage entering the airport of bone. and crossing the foyer to the check-in desk. soon afterwards a woman in a white shirt walks rapidly behind him and appears to lunge at him from behind, throwing something over his head. locking her arms around him briefly before rushing away. at the end of shows him seeking help wiping his face, gesturing to his eyes before being escorted to a medical clinic
8:42 am
where he is said to collapse. he was known as a womanizer and again wiser. it shows clearly that whatever killed him was a nerve agent. four people have been arrested including the two women involved and a north korean man who was said to have a doctorate in chemistry. police are also hunting for four north koreans who flew to dubai on the day of the attack. they believe that they could be north korean agents who were walk jane as kim was posed in. there's also a war of words developing between north korea and malaysia, the ambassador was summoned and has demanded to see the suspect who were arrested, and once it's carried out. and also pinning the blame for this on south korea saying that they are being set up. but a mystery that keeps growing and getting closer to the truth, hopefully. >> heather: have video that detailed like a play-by-play of what happened. thank you. >> jon: like something out of
8:43 am
a novel. he was back in iraqi forces pushing their way into the western half of mosul. of trying to drive militants out of the city. why our next guest says that this part of the battle marks the start of an even tougher fight. y to say this. it's over. i've found a permanent escape from monotony. together, we are perfectly balanced, our senses awake, our hearts racing as one. i know this is sudden, but they say: if you love something... set it free. see you around, giulia ♪
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the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance. >> heather: fox news alert for you. iraqi troops moving on to south mosul, trying to drive isis gents out of the cities have. and a 4-month-old battle taking back the last major isaiah stronghold in iraq. already driving isis fighters out of east mosul. six. defense of james mattis saying that you as soldiers are very close to those areas. some of them already engaged. >> to u.s. forces continue in the same role that they were in an east mosul. in the coalition forces are in support of this operation.
8:47 am
and we will continue, as you know, with the accelerated effort to destroy isis. >> heather: joining me now, the tenant mitchell. from the army special forces. and a national guardsmen. he has served three tours in afghanistan, one in iraq. thank you so much for joining us. >> sure thing. >> heather: off the very start here, let's talk about your experience specifically in mosul. you just spent two weeks there just last month. and he brought with you some video that you were able to shoot yourself. describe for us what you saw. the scene as it is now. >> i was there researching my graduate thesis for my masters in journalism. i was able to go join the same exact officers so that i advised in 2007-2008. general of the emergency response division, and from the counterterrorism store cleaning
8:48 am
service. they are taking the privatized is in mosul. they across the tigris river, moving up on the west side from the south side. these guys are really the heroes of the country. a great battlefield commanders. every single day they and their units are engaged in combat against isis. >> heather: people may forget that we have 6000 u.s. troops in iraq, 450 american advisors. what role will all of that play in the latest push? >> let me tell you that there are no american standing shoulder to shoulder pulling triggers with the iraqi forces like we were during the surge of '07-'08. all of the coalition is further back. we are helping them with air strikes, artillery strikes, with intelligence, surveillance. we are flying in the drones for them, providing medical care. but this is iraqi forces doing it mostly on their own. and great to agree on their own. i was very impressed to see it.
8:49 am
people need to know that this is an iraqi fire to lead by the iraqis. >> heather: fighting against some 3000 isis fighters who are there in the pacific going back -- specific area? >> yes, the hard-core's in west mosul. from all of the affiliated countries that the -- these guys have come from. their escape routes toward syria are cut off. they are trapped in the city, they are going to fight the iraqi forces down to the last man. and iraqi forces have to kill isis down to the last man. >> heather: what we are really worried about as well, all of the people who are stuck there who have not been able to get out the commands we saw some of that video from you that you child. estimating 600-800,000 people are trapped there? >> yes, that is what the iraqi guys say, half of the population of mosul is stuck in west mosul. they use them as human shields.
8:50 am
antilles the iraqi forces who are very careful not to inflict civilian casualties. that is what is going to make the fight so much harder, the iraqi guys are going to have to go house to house, room to room, and kill the isis guys. it like i said, no regard to human life from the isis guys, they will kill people safely under white flags. >> heather: isis using food as a weapon against these people as well. thank you so much for joining us. i'm glad that you made it back safely, and we appreciate your insight. >> jon: president trump takes advantage of his more than 25 million twitter followers using social media. he communicates directly with the american people. why some lawmakers now worry that the president's twitter habits might pose a security risk. althy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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♪ >> jon: a very special presidents addition of outnumbered coming up, megan and sandra will be there. >> heather: doubling down on the attacks on the so-called fake news media. republicans defending it, while some suggest that he is going to bit too far. is it fair to label the mainstream media the enemy of the people postmark and is there coverage of him there? >> plus liberal savaging melania term for opening the rally with the lord's prayer. would we see so many haters if the democratic first lady did the same thing? >> all of that plus #oneluckyguy. outnumbered at the top of the hour. one of our favorites joins us today. >> jon: lots to talk about, we will be watching. >> heather: new concerns over president trump's twitter habit habits. two democratic senators questioning whether the president is using a secure phone. following reports that mr. trump is still tweeting on a personal device. life for us right now in the
8:55 am
white house, more on this. hello, kevin. >> always nice to talk to you. coming here to washington, the president has been using an unsecured old android telephone. on its face, maybe not a big deal, but a lot of democrats out there that are saying, hold up, this is a problem, real problem. keep this in mind. a lot of democrats back during the whole hillary clinton email survey controversy thing was not a big deal. but they are concerned that president trump's twitter habits could pose a national security threat. let me just share a little bit of what is going on in the letter. this is from claire mccaskill, and this to the second defense james mattis, and it spells out some of their concerns. now this morning, as you know the president tweeting once again, wishing everybody a happy presidents' day. here's what we do know. he is using an android smartphone, mainly to post to twitter. we are told that he is not using it for phone calls. here's what we do not know. we do not know what security measures have been put in place and that device and how
8:56 am
vulnerable to hacking it may be. some lawmakers say that attackers could access that device, turn on the camera and microphone, and even track the president's location. now despite a number of request, the white house is not talking. they say that the president always does not talk about security measures that they take your at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. and this would seem is one of them. back to you. >> heather: kevin corke, thank you for joining us. >> jon: next hour of happening now, the president bustles, and the board about though a foreign trade policy. we live with that. and a story that we talked about here on "happening now," life has thrown some wild curveballs at this married couple from kentucky, but their determination has inspired people from all across our country to give them a hand. we will tell you about the latest outpouring of support for them. hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer
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>> do you have another hour left in you? >> i think i do. >> we will see you back in an hour. >> thank you for joining us today, fox news alerts, general james mattis taking his first trip to iraq as defense secretary, the battle to reclaim mosul from isis is raging on. and to the campaign promises breaking the back of the terror group. this is "outnumbered," i am sandra smith coming here today, meghan mccain, dagen mcdowell is here, fox news political analysis eboni williams coming and #oneluckyguy, did her chris stirewalt is here. he has outnumbered on the presidents' day, so good to have you, sir. >> so good to be here. >> a historian on the couch. >> fake historian. but you will take what you get paid >> you can quiz him on just about


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