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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 20, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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challenging top advisors and defense secretaries and president, lyndon johnson during the vietnam war. a lot of people say it's good to have somebody in contrast to your position to make big decisions. that's the man. i'm shannon bream. here's jon scott. >> president trump promised a deportation force. a leaked memo calls for thousands of agents to round up immigrants illegally. for previous looks, a top member of congress says he knows who is to blame. he says the fbi should investigate. international intrigue. a brazen assassination in a busy airpo airport. the north korean dictator is demanding his brother's body back. let's fire up the fox news desk. >> i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. the president just announced h.r. mcmaster as the new national security advisor. the white house pushing back
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against a new york time report that the member of the president's inner circle could be drafting a secret peace deal between the ukraine and russia. the proposal would reportedly lift u.s. sanctions against moscow for innovating crimea. in exchanging the kremlin would withdraw troops from eastern ukraine but would be allowed to lease the land for up to 100 years. a government official slammed this proposal at the time saying the ukrainian lawmaker has no right to be pushing and alternative peace plan. president trump has said he would like to have a good relationship with vladimir putin. the report of a possible peace plan comes after former national security advisor michael flynn's resignation for misleading vice president pence about discussing sanctions with russia's
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ambassador before the inauguration. the white house is pushing back against a "washington post" report. the paper reports the head of homeland security has drafted new guidelines to aggressively detain and deport immigrants living here illegally. the plans are not final and still working out details. chief white house correspondent john roberts live outside the white house. so tell us about this new national security advisor we just learned about, john. >> general h.r. mcmaster is a career military officer. he spent his entire life doing this. he's in charge of the army capabilities integration center. he's a veteran of the gulf war iraqi freedom. he has a chest full of medals. enough to double most people over with its weight. he's a very solid guy who knows the inner workings of the military and security and the president that president trump thinks will serve aptally as the national security advisor.
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the very first choice was robert harwood, a decorated navy seal, the second in command at centcom. for family reasons, he didn't want to take the job. he got out in the private sector. spent 40 years setting the table as it were and now it's time to eat from the private sector. he said he didn't want the job, didn't fit with his family life. so general mcmasters decided he wants to take the job. he will be at the white house very soon and will be the new national security advisor. >> what about "the new york times" report on the reported russia-ukraine peace dueal? >> the white house is shooting it down and sources are, as well. i'm being told, what happens
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was, the president's attorney took a phone call with the member of the ukraine parliament. a quick meeting for coffee arranged by a friend. they spent about ten minutes talking mostly about president trump's big win because i think ardemenko fashions himself as a potential presidential candidate. he handed him an envelope that was supposed to contain a peace deal signed off by russian officials and ukrainian initials. the white house says the peace plan, unlike what is being reported, never made it to the desk of the national security advisor michael flynn, never logged in in any outside documents to come to the white house and they have to be logged in. i'm told that michael cohen never spoke to the president about this. while "the new york times" is standing by their reporting that
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this envelope with the peace plan did make to it the desk of michael flynn, that it did not. >> there's also reporting about this folks of immigrant officials that will round up the illegals. what do you think about that? >> it's not a security force. it's bolstering existing forces what is being looked at right now, a couple of implementation memoranda that came in friday. this is the plan for dhs and ice and border protection to put in place the provisions of the executive orders that the president signed on the 25th of january. they would include -- the president talked about this at least in the election campaign. adding an additional 10,000 immigrations and custom enforcement agents and 5,000 border patrol agents and prioritize the removal of
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criminal illegal aliens, this is one of the executive orders the president signed on the 25th. it would prioritize the removal of people convicted of criminal offense, have been charged with a criminal offense, have abused public benefit programs. that's interesting. that could be controversial. or people subject to a removal order by still in the country. it would increase participation in the 287 g program. this integrates local law enforcement with immigrations and custom enforcement and border patrol. allows you to beef up troop levels, if you will, on the border. a draft memo that was erroneous that was circulated friday. the associated press wrote about it. it's part of the 287 g expansion bringing in national guard troops from the border states and states contiguous. that plan is not part of this. that plan never made to it the secretary's desk and wasn't signed off by him and nobody took that seriously. >> the president made some comments about sweden over the
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weekend and taken some heat for that now he's responding. what do you know about that, john? >> swedish officials were scratching their head. the president seemed to indicate there was some sort of immigration-associated incident the night before in sweden. listen to what he said. >> we've got to keep our country safe. look at what is happening in germany. look at what is happening last night in sweden. sweden, who would believe this? sweden, they took in large numbers, they're having problems like they never thought possible. >> when sweden reacted with puzzlement to what the president said, turns out what he was talking about was an interview that tucker carlson had didn't
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friday night with a film maker that has been documented sweden's experience with the number of refugees they allowed into the country with the generous social programs that they bestow. horowitz said there has been a rise of crime in sweden. here's what the president tweeted out. he said my statement of what is happening in sweden is a story that was broadcast on fox news concerning immigrants in sweden. he also tweeting out. give the public a break. the fake media is saying that the immigration in sweden is working out beautifully. sweden says their crime rate is going down despite letting in 100,000 refugees. so a difference of opinion on that front, john. >> john roberts covering ground there from the white house. thank you. more on president trump's new national security advisor.
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let's bring in betsy woodruff. this guy has shown that he's willing to shake things up a bit. >> without a did it and willing to question the way things have played out in the past. one of the best things he's known for is a book where he examined the problem with the way the vietnam war was handled. it was a critical look at the way leaders made decisions about the war and one of the major conclusions is that the military works best when they have specific military goals. when there's a specific project for them to work on that is clearly delineated. my guess is he will take that mindset to the white house when he's inviting president trump on how to deal with isis. the isis problem is hard to draw a line around. what exactly does the military need to do? how do we define what to do on the ground, what does that look like for the folks in the
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military? the fact that mcmaster wrote the book on what went wrong in vietnam will give him perspective will. >> and there's speculation about other candidates wanting the job, wanting to put their own people with them, bringing them in. it appears general keith kellogg will serve as his chief of staff. you have to wonder now, is that president trump's idea or is it general mcmaster's idea? >> it's unclear. something that remains to be seen. that said, one thing we know about mcmaster is that he brings an interesting perspective on russia as well. many of these candidates are looking at ways to push back against some of trump's rhetoric. mcmaster in practice, one of the things he's been working on was figuring out a new way for the u.s. army to prepare for growing russian aggression in eastern europe. that is something that trump's
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rhetoric in the campaign trail and twitter and the white house doesn't suggest would be his top pretty. he's been part of this panel figuring out how the march my should gear up for that eventuality, suggests that him being the new national security at visor could raise some blood pressure in moscow. >> let's talk about homeland security. there was this draft report that the department of homeland security was going to authorize national guard agents, thousands of them to round up immigrants. any truth to that? >> it's true that that report at one point did exist. it's true the report got authored based on my reporting. it's most likely it was written by somebody on the trump transition team. if you read the first program of the draft, it refers to an executive order that the president signed on immigration on january 20th. that was inauguration day.
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president trump didn't sign any immigration executive orders that day. looking at the face of the memo, this was a document that was old. based on dhs folks, this memo circulated but never taken seriously as was previously mentioned. secretary kelly did not sign off on it. it's interesting the idea floated and that it got shot down by dhs. as of now, there's no reason to believe that the department of homeland security is going to move to try to get governors to let their national guard troops do immigration enforcement. there's no evidence that that is likely to happen. >> looks like we're getting a new travel ban from the same seven countries that were affected by the original travel ban, the one that was shot down. >> it's likely we'll have a new travel ban by the end of the week. probably closer to the end of the week because secretary kelly
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is traveling. it would be odd if the president released that before kelly were back in washington. one thing we're expecting from the ban, it will include a carve out for green card holders. those are folks that have a right to list in the easy permanently. one of the reasons there was so much chaos on the first ban, folks that were lawful residents in the u.s., who had green cards, were detained hours and hours. those people have clear rights to be in the united states and it was a major concern for the courts. so we can expect that to change. >> betsy woodruff, daily beast. thank you. >> sure. >> fox news speaking includesiveincludesiv includesiveincludesiv includesiveincludesiv includesively -- exclusively to the people who drafted the peace deal with russia and the ukraine. that story here next. t saving f.
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>> more now on the report that associate to president donald trump were drafting a secret peace plan between russia and the ukraine and the allegations of russian influence in the u.s. election. eric shawn is live with more. you've spoken with a key man at the center of this. >> yes. it's a fox exclusive. he was involved in the ukraine peace plan. it comes amid other speculation about other russian influence to help president trump. in the interview, i talked with
12:17 pm
felix sotter. he's strongly denying any wrong doing as he told me i was only trying to help. sotter is a new york real estate developer that worked for years with the trump organization. you can see him there with donald trump in a photograph on the right. he said he embarked in the peace deal because what can be wrong with helping stop a war and achieve peace? i thought promoting peace is a good thing. it's a war. people are getting called. for the allegations that russia tried to sway the election to help president trump, the president and the white house. mr. sotter says "i was absolutely not a link between the trump campaign and the russian government. i have no contact with anyone in the russian government. i have no idea. i don't have the foggiest notion of what the russians were or were not doing.
12:18 pm
i have no business interests in russia or the ukraine. i hope it could help stop a war. i didn't do anything wrong." he also says the press refers to me as a russian business man. i came to here when i was 7 years old. i'm an american business man of russian descent who happens to have been born in russia. the mentions of a 1998 guilty plea in a stock scheme and serving time for a bar slashing fight. but he did help federal prosecutors for a deck kate. loretta lynch wrote this letter saying in part about sotter this. that he provided -- >> sotter told me today that he feels horrible and terrible to be dragged through the mud for
12:19 pm
no what whatsoever. he says he's not been contacted by law enforcement so far for any reason. john? >> eric shawn with that exclusive report. thank you. russia's ambassador to the u.n. died today here in new york. that's according to russia's foreign ministry. it is not giving out many details. his deputy said he get sick in his office and died in the hospital. he was known for his witty banter with the united states. tomorrow would have been his 65th birthday. president trump's first few weeks in office have been plagued by reports of leaks inside his administration. coming up, the republican chairman of the house intelligence committee says he thinks he knows who is leaking the info and the fbi should take action. be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else,
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republican congressman devin nunez says the leftover officials from the obama administration have a problem with trump. the fbi should investigate >> we have people in the last administration, people that have dug in throughout the government, who clearly are leaking to the press. it is against the law. major laws have been broken. if you believe "the washington post" story, there are nine people that said this. these people broke the law. >> this comes after a series of reports of the leaks. the reports have led to the firing of the president's first national security advisor, michael flynn. according to the report of "the
12:24 pm
washington post" newspaper, flynn lied to mike pence and top staffers and said he didn't talk with sanctions about russian's ambassador. last week the president said the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake. he ordered the justice department to order a criminal investigation in the leaks. sarah westwood is the white house correspondent for the washington examiner. the president is steamed about the leaking. every administration has leaks. are they worse this time around, sarah? >> i mean, clearly the leaks have gotten to a point that they're forcing the president to take action. if he had his own way, mike flynn would still be his national security advisor. the leaks caused trump to force his hand. when the leaks undermine his ability to deliver on his agenda, then obviously he will take them more seriously than if
12:25 pm
this is just loose chatter that we're seeing out of every administration. that being said, it's a little unusual to see a sitting president direct the justice department to open a criminal investigation into a party that has hurt him politically. so from that perspective, it has ruffled some feathers. but the precedent for prosecuting leakers is there. president obama went after the leakers more than any president in history, this wouldn't be an unprecedented situation if someone seeks criminal charges for disclosing this kind of information. >> and you suggested the slow pace for which the president can fill his cabinet has something to do with this? >> absolutely. the president is still fighting to get his high level people in the cabinet. he just nominated a replacement secretary of labor because of complications in the senate. while he's fighting to get his top level people in place,
12:26 pm
there's dozens of high level supporting positions underneath the cabinet level secretary that need to be filled. recall that sean spicer just before inauguration day said that dozens of obama holdovers would remain in place in those high level political appointments until president trump was in a position to fill those slots. because they are so far behind in the cabinet confirmation process, they're not able to get rid of those obama holdovers as quickly as they like and that can present some problems because those obama holdovers are going to be in no hurry to implement trump's agenda. >> isn't it notoriously difficult to find and prosecute leakers? >> absolutely. it will be very difficult to locate those leakers. journalists are under no obligation to disclose their sources, this is difficult to trace. president obama in his whole presidency, he's known for having gone after leakers but he
12:27 pm
spearheaded eight prosecutions. that was over against years. that is very difficult for president trump to pursue. the threat out there could have the effect of chilling additional leaks if government officials are afraid the justice department will crack down on this behavior at the presidency. >> sarah westwood, thanks. >> thank you. >> so will republicans break with president trump on the issue of russia? we'll bring in the panel ahead on the news deck on this monday afternoon. [vo] quickbooks introduces rodney.
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he has a new business teaching lessons. rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands. ahhh...that's a profit. way to grow, rodney! visit >> neil: fox report now. more headlines from the fox news deck. a pilot is recovering after a small plane he was flying in the middle of a suburban street.
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nobody was the ground and hurt. members of a group called the white helmets on their knees pulling up rocks in syria to real a trapped girl. crews pulled her to safety. we don't know how badly she's hurt. folks in mount vernon, virginia celebrating the birth of our nation's first president a couple days early. the ceremony took place near the burial place of george washington. washington was born february 22, 1732. the news continues after this.
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>> jon: updating our top story. president trump's pick of h.r. mcmaster as the new national security adviser. mcmaster replaces general michael flynn. we're sure to learn more about
12:33 pm
general mcmaster in the coming days. president trump is expected to visit the u.k. later this year. the british parliament is wondering whether to take back the invitation. nearly two million people signed an online petition said the visit would cause embarrassment to the queen. the invitation still stands. mike pence has been leading with european leaders overseas. he says the u.s. still has strong commitment to working with europe. in the past up has said the e.u. could fall apart. blake burman is at the white house with more. >> one of the things that president trump complained about in records to nato, split put, some of the nato countries just
12:34 pm
need to pay their fair share. at issue, an agreement struck by the 26-minute nation that goes as follows. they need to contribute 2% of their gdp for defense. it's believed only the united states and four other countries have so far met that goal. in brussels, vice president pence standing alongside the nato secretary general delivered a two-fold message. that the united states still stands behind nato and secondly that the u.s. wants to see progress. >> as a candidate for office, president trump actually called attention to the fact that for too long, for too many, this burden has not been shared fairly among our nato allies. that must come to an end. >> jon, the president saying that president trump wants to see real progress by the end of this year. >> jon: and this invitation to visit the united kingdom for the president, what is the status of that?
12:35 pm
>> this got interesting at british parliament. british parliament discussing whether or not that offer for the president and the first lady to come on an official state visit should be rescinded. as you might remember when the british prime minister was here at the white house, week one of the trump administration in late january, that offer was fully extended. there's been the petition you talked about. 1.8 million signatures today. it's not like british parliament can halt this visit. they make for some uncomfortable headlines, john. >> jon: black berman reporting for the fox business network. thanks. >> thanks. >> jon: a key lawmakers is calling on to investigate reported ties between trump's team and russian officials. that is congressman adam schiff of california. he's calling on the committee to expand an investigation of
12:36 pm
russian interference in the election. we reported that california republican devin nunez is blaming leaks on former obama officials. we have peggy and vincent here. welcome. >> welcome. >> it's said that leaks forced out mike flynn, the president's first national security advisor. we now have h.r. mcmaster coming in to replace him. what do you think? >> a good pick. a solid pick. it will have somebody with experience, not just here in the united states but obviously globally, that knows counter insurgency, who knows how to address issues around the nation and the world especially with respect to islamic extreme that the president talks about. it's a good pick. on russia, this administration and their allies in congress have turned a very sad blind eye. when you have nunez more concerned about leaks than the fact that there may have been a
12:37 pm
relationship of some sort in which every single agency agrees between members of the trump campaign and russians, that's a problem and should be investigated. that's something that rather than focusing on leaks we should focus on the crime that may have happened. >> jon: is it any price the russians would meddle in an election? >> no. what is most fascinating, we think back to the campaigns. with the leaks against hillary, she never wanted to talk to the substance of the e-mails. she wanted to talk about the process, who leaked it, what was behind it. now the president is asking the same questions. they want to talk about the substance. when you read "the new york times" and other outlets, they're thinly sourced. i disagree. i don't think there is a very good connection between people around the president and to russia. the leaks -- we're not talking about political e-mails.
12:38 pm
we're talking about sensitive and classified information, this is the security of our country. we should be looking at who is leaguing this information. >> you have every single agency in the intelligence community saying that russia interfered in our elections. that is something that is incumbent on congress to investigate. now they're investigating leaks. congress investigating hillary clinton. i understand the chairman of the committee talks about that. but not investigating this serious allegation about a foreign power interfering in our elections, this boggles the mind. you have heros like lindsey graham and others that are talking about the need to do this. but for something, that boggles the independent many. jason chaffetz and the house -- >> whoa, congress is already investigating this. the committees are underway.
12:39 pm
the difference is whether or not we want to look at the -- who leaked the information or if we want to politicize this process and what did mike flynn did, do he act alone that is getting aw away on what could be damaging this information. there's american officials leaking official. america should be up in arms about it. >> what america should be up in arms about, congress has the ability to subpoena people. michael flynn, was he acting alone? what did the president know? other people that may have been involved in the situation with the russians. instead, the focus is on punishing the media and others that leaked the information other than getting to the fact that vladimir putin and his
12:40 pm
cohorts clearly involve themselves in our election and the fact that we don't have members of congress, all of them, on both sides of the aisle investigate that seems completely putting party before country. >> what about vince's point that someone leaked this information. >> somebody did. >> you're okay with that? >> obviously they broke the law. it's leaking classified information. rather than focus on the leaks, you should focus on the underlying behavior, which is you have a foreign power, an adversary of our nation, which mitt romney is very dangerous. it's incomprehensive why the chairman of the house oversight committee doesn't want to do anything like that. >> jon: are republicans looking at this with a blind eye? >> no. but democrats have tone deaf to this issue. they want to look at mike flynn
12:41 pm
and the president and what did he know and he forced him to resign. rightfully so. they're tone deaf because they don't want to look at what is most damaging to this country. a leak of classified information. >> no, what is dangerous is the russians are involved in the -- >> but they're doing it in europe. "time" magazine had a front page cover. we knew that are doing it -- >> we're dealing with bizzaro party of reagan thinks because they got rid of -- once they got rid of john dean and watergate, stop investigating. >> you don't see the government stop in -- >> they are. i don't see nunez or chaffetz undertaking an investigation. >> and we'll have you back. thanks very much. and u.s. troops are not in iraq
12:42 pm
to take that country's oil. he's backing away from president trump's suggestion to seize iraqi oil as part of a plan to defeat the islamic state. military commanders met with iraqi leaders about the talks. >> there's no doubt from my discussions today the iraqi people, the iraqi military and the iraqi political leadership recognizes what they're up against and the value of the coalition and the partnership in particular with the united states. i imagine we'll be in this fight for a wheel and stand by each other. >> u.s. commanders say they're loosening restrictions on american troops to let them work more closely with iraqi fighters. it comes as iraqi forces started a new push to retake the western part of mosul from isis. it's the terror group's last major strong hold.
12:43 pm
connor, what kind of time frame do officials have for liberating the west of mosul? >> one thing we've seen, these operations take longer than most people would expect. this began four months ago and they have secured the eastern half of mosul and much of the surrounding area. they're pushing on the western part. most people expect this to take several months. isis doug in there and holding out. they're fiercely fighting. there are some other things that will slow down this operation. hundreds of thousands of civilians left in mosul. there are much smaller roads in the western part of mosul than in the eastern part. slowing down armored vehicles, making it more difficult to move around. so most people think this operation will take several more months to complete. they do see according to u.s. commanders steady progress being made and isis losing ground. >> so once mosul is liberated
12:44 pm
and isis driven out, what is next for the u.s. forces there? >> we got a real indication by general townsend, the top u.s. commander there, secretary mattis, the u.s. is expecting to stay in iraq not only once isis defeated and as a base of operations to attack isis in series and help stabilize the iraqi military for the long-term. mattis and townsend both laying the groundwork for a much longer engagement for the u.s. troops in iraq going forward, jon. >> jon: connor powell. thank you. we're getting a look at surveillance video that shows assassination of kim jong-un's half brother in a malaysian airport. more next. ny wool? ny wool? no sir, no sir,
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>> jon: will surveillance video shows the attack on kim jong-un's half brother. security footage from inside the airport. you can see a women approach kim jong-nam from behind. you can see kim jong-nam pointing to his face. he complained of dizziness and died on his way to the hospital. he was living in exile in china. he was considered next in line to rule north korea. he apparently had a falling out and kim jong-un took power when their father died. north korean officials demanded that malaysia returned his body and objected to an autopsy claiming they don't trust malaysia with the investigation. investigators say they went ahead with the autopsy anyway. we're still awaiting the results. benjamin hall following the
12:49 pm
story. what a story it is, benjamin. >> quite amazing, jon. as more information comes out, it's clearer that the north koreans were behind this assassination. the tips have come out since malaysian police traced the steps that kim jong-nam took before that fateful day. the attacks takes place and a woman in a white sweater lunging at him from behind and rushes away. four people have been arrested since then, including two women that claim that they were hired as part of a tv prank and a north korean man who was said to have a doctorate in chemistry. police are looking for four north korean agents that flew to
12:50 pm
dubai after the attack. kim jong-un says the investigation by the authorities in malaysia cannot be trusted. kim jong-nam was known as a womanizer and a gambler and pointed out that he never met his dictator brother. so this story continues to grow. what we're learning is that north korea is sure that malaysia is trying to blame them and blaming south korea for it. the intrigue goes on. benjamin hall, thanks. just days after top republican lawmakers released a rough outline of their plan to repeal and replace obamacare, president trump met with his health secretary for a strategy session. the latest on those efforts coming up.
12:51 pm
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12:54 pm
>> jon: president trump meeting with his new health secretary, tom price, to strategize about repealing and replacing affordable care act. happened in florida two days after the president said the plans were moving fast. last week republican lawmakers unveiled a rough outline for a replacement plan. revamps medicaid and gets rid of punishment to individual and employer mandates. peter doocy is live on capitol hill. what else do we know about this plan? >> jon, we know it's supposed to be revealed next week when lawmakers get back from recess. there's no word how much it will cost and republicans who are holding town hall meetings this week are getting chewed out by defenders of the aca only have talking points to use. leadership provided members with 19 pages of broad strokes that they want to see more tax credits and more flexibilities for states to make their own
12:55 pm
decisions. that's why mark sanford and rand paul are pushing their own bill with the backing of the conse e conservative house freedom caucus. >> there's a real debate in congress with what components, if you will, of the affordable care act should stay. the reality of what we'll see moving forward, folks up to the age of 26 will be able to stay on. that was part of the affordable care act. there's no pre-existing conditions baked into the cake. >> sanford and senator paul want to see the entire affordable care act repealed unstead of leaving provisions like coverage proper pre-existing conditionses in place, which seems like republicans may be preparing to do, john. >> the democrats, how are they react something. >> democrats like nancy pelosi, jon, are encouraging the protests that we've seen in
12:56 pm
support of the affordable care act and efforts to repeal it. the architect of obamacare says he's seen improvement. >> the first thing we need to do, change how we pay doctors and hospitals so they have an incentive to lower costs. we have to pay them in a different way. by bundles, captation that incentive rises them to lower the total cost of care. >> despite the confusion in the gop though and the opposition from democrats, the last update we got from speaker ryan is obamacare will be repealed and replaced in the first 200 days of this congress as planned. we'll be watching. peter doocy. we'll be right back. a crashing halt ] ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve is fda approved to work
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bow-wow is part of a breeding program and is now on the way back to chain. bow-bow goes by by and makes the 16-hour flight tomorrow. i'm jon scott. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. >> thank you, jon. you're looking live at west palm beach florida, air force one, where president trump will be leaving the sunshine state and getting back to washington. not before announcing he found a replacement for be michael flynn who resigned as his national security advisor a week ago today. h.r. mcmaster is slated to replace him. we have the very latest now. kristin fisher in west palm beach. kristin? >> president trump came down here with one main goal. gentlemen, he had these meetings about obama care and the big rally in melbourne. his main goal was to find a new national security advisor. president trump has done just