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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  February 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. president trump's team is taking on illegal immigration. letting agencies to detain a lot of people. we'll show you who it affects and what it means and the updated plan for building a border wall. president trump's new national security advisor. lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster. he's a soldier and scholar known for challenging the establishment and it's very possible he could shake things up in washington. america's changing relationship with russia. word that the kremlin is putting together a personality profile
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on up trump. is moscow about to get tough? let's get to it. first from the fox news desk, nearly all of the millions of immigrants living illegally in america could face deportation at any time. that's according to new enforcement guidelines from the trump administration. the homeland security department's memo outlines how officials can carry out two executive orders from president trump. cracking down on illegal immigration. under the obama administration, they focused on certain groups including hardened criminals. under the new rules, john kelly writes that officials can target anybody living in the u.s. illegally. the home land security department says the orders will not affect anybody who came here illegally as children. the guidelines call for the
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hiring of 10,000 new law enforcement agents and the border would start to be build. but the wording used "technology" instead of a wall in some areas. the president ban is set to update his executive order on immigration coming up. a new draft of the proposal shows the revised ban will target the same seven muslim majority nation but exempts those with visas or green cards. the draft no longer instructs officials to single out and reject visa applications from syrian refugees. opposing those the plan have called it anti-muslim. the harsh critics have accused him of opposing bigotry. the president speaked out about
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bigotry. jewish community centers yesterday reported receiving a dozen bomb threats. that's the fourth wave of them this year. police say somebody toppled as many as 200 grave stones in st. louis at a historic cemetery. the first daughter ivanka trump called for tolerance. she married jared kushner who comes from an orthodox jewish family. here's what the president said hours ago in washington. >> this tour was a meaningful reminder of why we have to fight bigotry, intolerance and hatred in all of it's very ugly forms. the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish centers are horrible and painful and a sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil.
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>> shepard: the president visited the museum to help mark black history month. john roberts is live this afternoon. how is the white house responding to the threats against the jewish communities? >> sean spicer defended the president's reaction to these threats against the jewish community centers and the vandalism. as you said, he was at the museum of african american history responding to it. the anne frank center released a statement saying the president's acknowledgement is a band aid of anti-semitism that has affected his on administration. the president was asked about this last week by a reporter, but the president didn't like the tone of the question so he told the reporter to sit down. that's what brought this to a head. here's what spicer said about it a short time ago. >> he's been very forceful with
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his denunciation of those people that attack others because of religion, gender, because of the color of their skin. there's something that we can continue to fight and make clear that it has no place in this administration. >> spicer was asked about the response from the anne frank center for mutual respect. he said for some people, whatever the president says, it's never doing to be enough. shep? >> shepard: john, what is the white house saying about immigration guidelines? >> the new ones released today or the ones coming up? the big deal this week will be the new executive order on extreme vetting. what came out today are instructions. he ran into a big problem because it got blocked in a federal district court in seattle. the ninth circuit court of appeals upheld the judge's decision. that's going nowhere right now. the last couple weeks, ever since that happened at the ninth
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circuit, attorneys at the counsel's office, the department of justice and dhs have been working very hard to write a new executive order that released probably thursday or friday, one that they believe will be judicially airtight. listen to spicer today. >> the next big piece in the immigration profile here that the white house will be the new executive order. is the president confident this will pass legal muster? >> we're confident that we're still going to prevail on the merits of the case. as was seen in the case of massachusetts, once it's fully adjudicated, we'll prevail. the authority is granted to the president to do what he has to to protect the country. >> there's an interesting angle here, shep. what sean spicer said they're going to continue with the court case. judge napolitano has said over and over again they should rescind the first order which would render the course cases moot. it would remove it from
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consideration and they could put the new one in there. the white house looks like they're not going to do that, which judge napolitano says they can't figure out why they're doing it that way. >> shepard: sean spicer seems to be walking back the president's attacks on the media. >> a little bit. don't forget, it's only tuesday. there's plenty of days in the week left. look what president trump and his staff have said recently calling the media the opposition, the enemy of the state. i think there's plenty of room for president trump to go back out on offense on this. spicer did appear to walk it back a little. listen here. >> the president has been very clear that certain outlets have gone out of their way to not represent his record accurately. it's a concern to him. i think some reporters -- he has deep respect for the first amendment, the role of the press. i've addressed this many times. he has a healthy respect for the
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press. but there's a two-way street. the president realizes that certain outlets have gone out of their way to not be accurate and fair in the coverage of what's going on. >> you might remember not long ago, shep, the president tore a huge strip off of the media saying hey, i can deal with bad news. i can take it. he thought there was so much hate for him among the press. he might be dialling it back. it's only tuesday. there's plenty of time for the president to go off on the media again. >> shepard: thanks, john. a.b. stoddard is here with us. hello, a.b. >> hi, shep. >> shepard: new guidelines on immigrants. ones in the nation illegally. give us the details as you know them and what it means to people here without documentation. >> right. you've heard all afternoon president obama deported three million immigrants more than any
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other administration in history. the flow of immigration across the border is lower than it's been in ten years. at the same time, not -- the full extent of the law was not enforced by the obama administration. they targeted people that crossed recently, close to the border and criminals were a top priority, this is a much broader interpretation. while the target is criminals and people that have broken the law, it really is open to anybody that has been here and ends up getting caught up in this -- in this new sweep. so it doesn't mean they're targeting them or doesn't mean they're going to raid certain neighborhoods only to break up families. that's not their target. their target is criminals. but if you're living here illegally -- the definition of what -- if you have broken the immigration laws you've broken the law and therefore you're potentially technically a
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criminal. so this is going to be -- how it's executed will tell the story right now. reading the memos, we don't know how it will be executed. certainly is written very broadly. it will depend on how local police are empowered to help the national -- to help ice and help the national agents execute the order. that's what it's going to come down to. there's 10,000 more immigration and customs enforcement agents. 5,000 more border agents. a great deal of resources being put into this. but when you look at it and how broad it can be interpreted, it sounds probably more dramatic than it might end up being in its enactment. >> shepard: there had been concerns and still are that people who are here without documentation could now be in a position where they can't call
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the police if something bad happens to them. they can become the target of criminals. they wouldn't have recourse. it would be an un-american situation. after all, we let these people in here over a period ofobs that want to do. now the tables have turned and it almost appears they're the victims. >> well, it will certainly be described that way by people on the other side of this issue. trump is keeping campaign promises. none of this is really a surprise. none of us expected he would be deporting 11 million people and i don't think he will be. certainly the number of deportations will rise. there will be families separated and very dramatic stories about people being detained and taken away. that's going -- this is a very divisive issue, emotional and feed more opposition to trump. it's not that he's doing anything that he didn't say he's doing to do. he's not going to deport 11 million people.
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it's how in ends up happening on the ground. while the interpretation is broad, the execution of it might actually really be just more resources targeted at criminals. >> shepard: one retreat that you might notice here is daca stays in place. >> yeah. that's a big surprise. you can see over time, trump was dodging this question. these were brought -- these were kids born here. no fault of their own. they are -- they are -- they're brought here as young children and grown up here. this is something that you saw trump backtrack on recently saying that it's a very difficult issue. this is the one surprised, that that stays in and one exemption that he gave himself in this memo. it might meet with a lot of conservative opposition but it
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won't think it was very up popular to go after this subgroup. >> shepard: thanks, a.b. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: the kremlin is reportedly working on a profile of. trump. what the russians have determined about our president. that's coming up from the fox news desk on this tuesday afternoon. to truly feel healthy on the outside you have to feel healthy at your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health. feel a difference in two weeks or your money back. take the trubiotics 2 week challenge.
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>> shepard: the russians are putting together a psychological profile for vladimir putin. that's what a senior kremlin advisor tells nbc news. andre federov and retired putin staffers are working on this profile to help putin prepare important a meeting with trump. the russians have determined that he's a risk taker that can be naive. federov called trump's battle with the media is a risky game. people in the kremlin believe he won't have the political power to work with russia. it's worth noting the pentagon has done similar studies on vladimir putin. in 2008, one theorized he might
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have asperger's syndrome. rich edson here with more. >> given what the officials have been saying about russia, vice president mike pence, rex tillerson, secretary of defense mattises a have warned about ru and to try to reduce the violence in eastern ukraine. that haves will advised that the united states stands behind nato. there's members of both parties of congress that are pushing the trump administration not to relax any sanctions against russia. now there's reports that the kremlin is ording state-run media to curtail their praise of trump because they're concerned he won't be as friendly against russia as first thought. >> shepard: now the russians say the old world order is
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collapsing. >> yes. you're hearing statements from around the world and a number of forums. this comes from the long-time russian diplomat, current foreign minister. he says the post world war ii order is falling. >> the whole history stage that can be called "post cold war order" has come to an end. we're convinced the main result is a failure to apply to the new reality. >> he added that nato is a relic of the cold war. despite this, officials say there's potential for a better relationship between the two countries, shep. >> shepard: rich edson, thanks. russia's ambassador to the u.n. who died in new york city apparently had a heart attack. that's what a u.s. official tells the reuters news agency. the russians say they're waiting for an autopsy result before
12:19 pm
announcing the official cause of death. he would have turn 65 today. this morning, the u.n. security council held a moment of silence in his memory. vitaly churkin worked for a decade as the u.s. ambassador. members of congress are headed home from a week-long vacation. for many, it's hardly a relaxing break. up next, why some republicans are getting an ear full from the folks back home. and milo lost his book deal and more. right now, there's a new development. it's breaking now and it's next.
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>> shepard: just in, milo yiannopoulos resigned from his job as an editor at bright bart. yiannopoulos is the refender that had his high dollar book contract pulled after a video came out of him exposing views. in it, he condoned sexual relations with boys and laughed off the catholic church's pedophilia crisis. on bright bart, he spoke out about muslims, immigrants, trans-gender people. the boss at bright bart called yiannopoulos's positions appalling but did not fire him. yiannopoulos is holding a news conference right now. he said he resigned on his own so the alt right can continue and he's starting his own media
12:24 pm
venture. welcome home! lawmaker is back in session. feeling the love from constituents in their districts. >> given the choice that was before us by far donald trump was the better choice by far. by far. >> shepard: there's a taste of it. how and senate republicans facing protesters, loud booing, heated questions about, among other things, obama care, president trump in general and other issues. there's lots of videos on youtube and instagram if you choose to look around. president trump supporters urged to give him a chance. some lawmakers are staying away from hosting public q&a sessions. a number of republicans getting in the ring today. trace gallagher is live with more. >> for example, shep, chuck grassly held a town hall in
12:25 pm
iowa. it was called raucous and sweating with jeering, cheers and entinterruptions. grassley said he loved it and wouldn't do his job any other way. mitch mcconnell held a gathering in anderson county, kentucky and greeted by more than 1,000 protesters. here's the senator. >> i'm proud of those folks out there. they don't like what i'm doing. they don't cheer my agenda. but i respect their right to be there and to express themselves. that's what we do in this country. >> mcconnell reminded the crowd that winners make policy and losers go home. marsha blackburn, bill christmas did and florida congressman dennis ruff are holding town halls in their respective states. all have vowed to repeal obama care and expecting contention
12:26 pm
gatherings. >> shepard: many are facing the criticisms because they're not holding the teen halls at all. >> richard burr from north carolina had graffiti in the sparking lot. tom till list says he believes the town halls are being hijacked. it's become apparent that some individuals that are not really interested in meaningful dialogue attend town halls to create disruptions and media spectacles. in the wake of jason chaffetz town hall getting jeered at his town hall. >> a weather alert and breaking news now on fox news channel, this is san jose, california.
12:27 pm
live pictures from our a fill it 80, ktvu, fox 2 for the san francisco bay area. the flooding all over california is extreme today. we've watched water rescues, people have been trapped in this flooding. you can see all the america vehicles there. as they pan up here, there it is, an entirely flooded-out area. they've been affecting evacuations. many homes have been submerged in this area. now these are evacuations that are taking place even as we speak. this is in san jose, california. it's not limited to there. we had choppers up and down the coast, we could show you severe damage from san francisco to los angeles. officials in san joaquin county said a river levee broke there last night. about 80 miles east of san francisco. the flooding taking over the streets there. officials say crews working in the night to fix it.
12:28 pm
they warn the water could stay high for four days. here in san jose south of san francisco. here's ground stuff from earlier. crews rescued in this particular video. an elderly couple stuck in their home. the water is up to people's waist there. folks in carmel and salinas are stuck. look at this. the mud has entered people's homes. this particular one, it's destroyed this home. a river of mud coming through the place. you can see it went to the walls, knocking the deck out. here's a view from the side, the front porch broke off the house, this one shows where it seems the ground just gave way. the sheriff's department says deputies are out in the big humvees to try to help with evacuation. a couple things i want to show you, this is where we're monitoring the pictures coming in from san jose.
12:29 pm
you can see, this is reminiscement of so many flooding scenes across the nation and what appears to be an entire family or multiple families from nearby home. you can see how deep this is. the rescue workers pushing this boat along. we're expecting this to continue in the san jose, california area by san francisco for the next few days. here's what's causing this. this is los angeles. san francisco up here. you can see in l.a., rain same way in the san francisco area. all through the bread basket as well. so fresno, los angeles, san francisco, all across the west coast extreme flood expected and flooding in many of these areas. the rain will continue today and through the weekend. the flooding has replaced the drought on the west coast. they're feeling the heat today. these pictures of evacuations, it's as if the streets have
12:30 pm
turned into rivers. one after the other, the rescue workers doing incredible work trying to save people from the mess that have taken their homes after extreme flooding. time to get back to politics. president trump's new national security advisor has a doctoral degree and has accomplished history on the battlefield. what he doesn't have is any experience in washington politics. coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news, an in depth look at m.r. mcmaster next. ase. i didn't think there was anything else to talk about. but then i realized there was. so, i finally broke the silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms of moderate to severe crohn's disease. in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission. humira can lower your ability to fight infections,
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. >> shepard: there's breaking news now on fox news channel. we're just getting word in from houston of a shooting that has happened at ben taub hospital. this hospital is on complete lookdown after about 30 minutes ago the first calls came in of shots fired, swat and the public information office enroute to this right now. these are live pictures coming
12:33 pm
from kriv, our fox local station in houston. the latest word is that shots began to fire about 30 minutes ago at what is a level 1 trauma center. location of this is in the southwest area of houston not far from rice university and just on the edge there of the houston zoo. this trauma center on lockdown. i presume not accepting patients now. our breaks news coverage continues next on fox news channel.
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12:36 pm
triage center were patients were being treated. you can see them on the left. they appear to be zooming in. here's what we don't know. we don't know if these are patients in the hospital and have been moved out because after all, inside there's been a shooting or because people are being treated. i can tell you this, fox 26 is reporting there's no indication of anybody has been shot. early reports were of shots fired on the second floor of this large facility. trace gallagher bringing in new details. what are you learning, trace? >> the patients you see down there are told those are not anybody involved. they were moved from an area of the hospital that was of some concern. we're getting reports that the shooter, if in fact there's an active shooter and they issue what is called a code white about 15 minutes ago, which is code for an active shooter. they said this is no longer an
12:37 pm
active shooter situation. so if there is an active shooter in the hospital, we're told it was on the second floor. social media has a lot of reports of people hiding in closets because they're told this is on clearly full lookdown. we know there's swat teams that have surrounded the building and they sent a message out about maybe 30 minutes ago to baylor medical center next door telling baylor medical center, doctors and residents cannot go to ben taub because of the active shooter situation. looks like they're rushing people out. it's our indication these are not people that are injured. they're existing patients that are being moved because of their own safety. again, on the second floor, this is ben taub. there's about 486 beds in there. it is really one of the preeminent trauma centers in the houston area. it's about maybe four miles from downtown. anybody that knows the houston area would know the zoo is in
12:38 pm
that area, the children's museum and rice university is also very near there. you can see kind of the demeanor of the police outside of the hospital, which gives us an indication that they're not hiding because there's no defensive position that maybe the situation is not as bad as it was 30 or 40 minutes ago. we're gathering information, they're moving people out of the areas of concern because the reports were code white inside ben taub hospital, which means there's an active shooter scenario. we're still trying to see if that's the it's -- the case. shep? >> shepard: the folks are on stretchers and going to a separate area. are they going back in the hospital? it doesn't appear so. it appears they're making room for more patients.
12:39 pm
that's an iv stand or a stand of some sort to hold fluids for a patients. doctors putting their hair up and a number of people have been scrubbed down for this process. reports came in at 2:00 central time, which is about 39 minutes ago. since then, these pictures right now are from ktrk, which is abc 13. our network news affiliate is reporting as many as 200 officers and personnel are making their way toward the hospital. the vast majority have made it there. in addition, they have been sending out new information from police who are describing this singularly as an active shooter situation. but the actions of the police department suggest there may very well have been an active shooter situation, it doesn't appear that's the case at the moment. we'll have to wait more to find out. this is a staging area outside
12:40 pm
the hospital. trace mentioned it's by rice, houston zoo, the children's hospital. easy access for a level 1 trauma center in this enormous and sprawling city with loop after loop of highways all around it, this is the spot where people need critical care. in addition, this is a world renowned trauma center. if you've been shot or been in a horrible car wreck and your life is in jeopardy, the world always is if they can get you here, if they can get you in this houston health center to ben taub, to the emergency services there and you're still alive, your chances as good as anywhere in the world. they're excellent at what they do. today it appears they're caught up in the middle of a situation, the kind of thing they normally
12:41 pm
treat. whether anyone has been shot is a guessing game and nothing more right now. what we can report to you is what authorities have reported to us. they have reports of a shooting on the second floor of this hospital. there's always kinds of reports all over the internet what this has been. none of them match. sometimes they're just made up. we'll tell you what is official and that is from authorities that they have a report of an active shooter situation. that was at 2:00 central time, 41 minutes ago. now they moved a lot of patients out of the hospital as is clear. you can see a news crew on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. a guy there interviewing folks on scene. we have crews on the ground waiting to find out the situation in the hospital. as we showed you a minute ago with the flooding on the west coast, san jose, the rescue workers doing their dead-level best to make sure nobody loses
12:42 pm
their lives, now the critical care workers and everybody else is making sure that the patients are safe. we've just gotten new word from the hospital through the authorities, houston police say they're searching this hospital. so for there's no reports of any injuries because of any gun fire at all. again, if you get a report of a shooting inside a hospital, you'd have to treat it as an active shooter situation. that's what they have done. people are all outside of the hospital. 2:42 p.m. so much of life has been disrupted in the hospital as a result of the reports. the thing we're not 100% sure of is exactly what happened. just gotten -- you can see the officer going into the hospital there with a gun drawn, a long gun. it was on the left-hand side of your screen now that doesn't suggest anything except that police or that law enforcement officer was in a defensive mode
12:43 pm
and who wouldn't be with this record out there. what we don't know is whether they have been able to apprehend anyone or find anyone that might have matched this description or if this was some sort of false alarm which has grown into something large. you can see the number of police officers behind the police car there, m-54 standing in the background and appear they're not in the line of fire there. they have to treat things in that matter unless and until they realize the situation is diffused. with the officers taking cover behind their cars, they're behind vehicles where there's no danger. this is not how they would normally act. if they're sure nothing is happening in there. the all-clear has not been given. no reports of any injuries due to any shootings. this is according to kviv, our station there. talked to a witness that didn't hear any gun shots. just yelling "code white" which
12:44 pm
means active shooter situation. there's confusion on the ground. patients are outside. as many as 200 law enforcement officers have made their way to ben taub hospital in southwest houston. continuing coverage of this breaking news after this. .. but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands.
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>> shepard: breaking news on fox news channel. cuevoverage of this situation i houston. this is at ben taub hospital. if you're looking at downtown houston, houston has this ring after ring of freeways around it. in the center, four miles from downtown, what would the southwest quadrant is rice university, children's hospital, a big -- the houston zoo is there and this hospital, ben taub hospital, which is a level 1 trauma center. we have cameras live on the ground. people are evacuating the hospital. they're moving a purpose, many of them, and they've been
12:48 pm
bringing more patients out. you can see the police officers here behind their vehicles. there's a hospital to the left on the camera. the hospital to the right. the report has been of shots fired on the second floor. new information that we have, there were some children that were at the hospital touring today. the children are safe. we have no reports of anyone being shot at the hospital. certainly 200 officers have shown up there. from the aerial view from ktrk from abc 13 from the houston area, from the aerial shots you were able to see what appeared to be a staging area for all of the patients that were in the hospital. that is still -- this is kriv, fox 26 in houston. you can see where they brought them out of the hospital and more and more continue to come. our texas correspondent, casey stegall is watching this.
12:49 pm
casey, no reports of anybody hurt at all. >> that's right, shepard. we just got off with the houston police department before i got on air with you. officials there say there's no reports of anyone being wounded. in other words, all of the police are going door-to-door, floor to floor and they're going through every square inch of that hospital. you could think in typically situations like this, if a victim is laid out on the floor, something of that nature, the police would be able to radio that information out rather quickly. we haven't gotten that world yet. it's a fluid situation. hpd says it was a report of someone hearing what they thought were gun shots. nobody physically seeing any victims in the hospital or anything like that. i also did speak to a public relations person from the
12:50 pm
hospital system itself. that individual tells me that the people are being removed, evacuated from the area. that's why you see a large number of people coming out. otherwise, the hospital itself deferring to police on this. police didn't have more, shep. >> shepard: casey stegall watching from the area. our crews are on the ground, watching in the big wall. treatments appear to continue and we're also watching in san jose, california where the flooding is continuing to rise all across this area. live pictures coming in from san jose. you can see street after street rescues are underway, even as we speak. this is a live rescue. workers pushing families along in street after street? san jose. sometimes you can see the cars under water in small areas. they pull out and you realize it's only a block. here it goes for block after
12:51 pm
block after block. these boat rescues are happening about everywhere you look. in south, in the carmel area, hillsides vanishing. in los angeles, the rains continue. extreme weather coverage continues after this. cking resus that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ by simply enjoying it.
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>> shepard: breaking news now on fox news channel. houston, texas. this is ben taub hospital near rice university, about four miles from downtown houston. we just got word from police, you can see the staging area of patients inside the hospital being treated for other matters. the police say this is an active shooter situation. nobody has been injured. all patients, personnel and visitors are safe at this moment. yet they have reports of an active shooter situation. police still in defensive posture in some areas around the hospital, especially around
12:55 pm
places where there's windows. there appears to be more movement than before. our apologies from the breakup in the video from kriv. that's fox 26 for the houston area. an active shooter situation. no injuries of any kind reported. we're watching monterey, california where there's a weather alert and breaking news unfolding before our eyes. this has been developing for the last day. now it's quite serious. mandatory evacuation issued in monterey county yesterday. in fact, just about 22 hours ago, the carmel river hit flood stage. really started to peak last night. residents were forced to evacuate in the evening. now water rescues for those that did not evacuate across wide areas of san jose, california. this was affecting residents in salinas, carmel and the royal oaks area. highway 17 drivers affected by
12:56 pm
trees in the road. boat after boat, street after street, getting people that did not heed the evacuation orders to higher ground. emergency workers, volunteers have been helping there. in the carmel area, records of mudslides. we had pictures earlier from the sheriff's department there in -- around salinas, but in monterey county really. this is new video that just came in to rescues that took place at people's houses and apartments and condos. parentsly -- apparently some people did not evacuate last night. the rain is expected to continue the next 1 1/2 days or so. a one-daybreak and more storms for the weekend. so where there was drought, there's flooding and mudslides. we're working to update you on breaking news out of houston. neil cavuto is next. the final bell is sounding on
12:57 pm
wall street. another big day for traders down south in manhattan. the dow is up 119 points on this session. all arrows pointing up. i'm shepard smith. stay with us.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. >> the president has been very clear in the next couple weeks we expect to have a tax plan out there. that's being worked on continuously. >> neil: you heard the word, the tax plan expected in weeks. breaking news at press conferences. what that did and what it metropolitan to the markets is a confirmation of prices going higher. stocks getting richer. the belief that they'll get some very nice presents soon. that is across the board tax cuts that apparently not being eased back or cutac