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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  February 21, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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nowaggery. the spin stops here, thanks for looking out. >> tucker: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," tonight we'll talk to someone who sounded the alarm that the president trump is a fascist event on causing nuclear armageddon. a rare conservative professor will join us, he says his views are being systematically suppressed on his campus, not surprisingly. the trump administration amped up its efforts today against illegal immigration, and a set of rules that substantially expands the numbers of illegal immigrants prioritize for deportation. advocates for illegal immigrants say the rules are blueprints for mass deportations but one expert thinks the real victim will be the american economy.
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alex derosa is for the libertarian think tank, is a supporter of more immigration he thanked join just now. i think most americans are pretty for immigrants and immigration, famously world descended from them. if the question is scale. we have about 14% of the population currently out of 325 million is foreign-born. it's either at or maybe a little below of a horse toward high, with got a ton. of four times as many foreign-born people as their order when i was born in 1969. the question becomes how many is enough, how many is too many? what's the ideal level of immigration courts mark >> i think the ideal level is determined by the market is determined by the free economy, much more than it's determined by bureaucrats in washington, d.c. when we look around the world in canada, 28%, switzerland is over 30%, those countries have very nice governing economies, very
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rich countries, large rates of economic growth. whatever that magic number is it, it can't be determined by the government but it's probably higher what it is today. >> tucker: if more immigration makes you richer come up why is the american middle class getting poorer? >> we've seen a lot of the people in the united states are suffering are those that are not competing with immigrants directly. it's really people who are competing indirectly with immigrants that are doing poorly. for instance, let me put it this way. there's never been in the economy and world history that's done better with fewer people. increasing the size of the labor force, increasing the number of people who are entrepreneurs who are investors who are scientists who are consumers actually helps the u.s. grow. >> tucker: but we're not importing software coders and investors, where importing people who happen to be nearby who are taking overwhelmingly the low-end jobs but that doesn't get to the question. you pointed to candida and the the switzerland as examples of countries that have a lot of immigrants and are rich good we way more immigrants when we did
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when i was born but the middle class is poor and in fact dying younger but it's not working for them. >> based on the personal index the middle class is wealthy if you take a look at the 50th percentile based on the 1970s. the number one country sending immigrants to the u.s. today are china and india and of those are higher skilled people. >> tucker: not by volume, not by volume. >> i numbers it says about 2008, 2009, hispanic companies are in the third tier to the number of new immigrants. we've witnessed in this essence the transformation this country from hispanic immigration to know east and south asian. >> tucker: you still haven't gotten to the core question. there is a real sense in which the economy is not working for the bulk of americans. that's why trump got elected, massive generation of wealth at the top end. there is no dispute about that. i don't think it's a coincidence that's occurred at a time that we have massive immigration. this level of immigration is good for people at the top end but not for the middle.
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>> we've had more massive immigration and percentage of population in terms of annual flows in the 1990s, we had a much greater and faster growing economy than we did it during 2000s. the thing that's holding back the u.s. economy today are high taxes and regulation. the flow of immigrants into the country if you can include illegal immigrants coming in annually is less than that was before the great recession. annually coming in appeared as a result of that, it actually goes in favor of my points. more immigrants, the faster the growth. >> tucker: this is what find hilarious about libertarians, very much into the market as you are. >> argue? >> tucker: is not a religion for me though, i believe in supply and demand, libertarians except when it comes to immigration. they say immigration, low-wage immigration has no effect at wages on the bottom end of the economy but if you have an overabundance of something, it's volume -- it's price falls, right? but that's not true for
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immigration courts market doesn't affect wages for american workers come of course it does. >> immigrants because of their people also boost demand when they come here. it's not just an increase in supply it's also an increase in demand because you have more people buying things. >> tucker: but it means that the average person without a college degree makes less, the whole point of immigration it's a source of cheap labor for employers. >> when you look at the research from harvard when who is the mt skeptic of the united states commits only saying the negative effects of immigration, it's that they're less than 10% of the population. meanwhile, the other 90% of the population including those in the middle class actually see wage increases. >> tucker: if i'm competing with someone who's willing to work for us, my wages go up. >> they're not competing against immigrants, who speak no english in less than a high school degree. it in the same sense, you're not going to be competing against an illegal mexican immigrant for your job because they don't
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speak english. >> tucker: they're going to be mowing my lawn at doing my laundry that raises the second concern, are you worried that the united states has become a country where all the crabby work is speak done by foreigners. does that exacerbate race relations? how is that good if we import people to do our dirty work, does not increase our dignity? >> i don't think that's any different than it was in the late 19th century. >> tucker: earlier 19th century. >> we had people voluntarily come here and decided to work and their kids did better in their kids assimilated. that's the part of the story of the america from the beginning, that's happening today with descendants of hispanic edit agents immigrants who are adding to our economy, working and improving their lives voluntarily and their kids are doing well. >> tucker: each other adding to our economy but there is no question that illegal immigrants consume more in public services than they pay in and taxes. it's like 2-1.
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why is it in our interest, being a middle-class american who is not employing cheap labor to continue that? why are we paying to subsidize cheap labor for big companies which were doing what you >> we shouldn't be paying one of her benefits come i don't want to pay them to anybody. we shouldn't be paying them to immigrants, illegal or otherwise. at the way the law currently is, legal immigrants don't have access to welfare benefits for the first five years that they're here. illegal immigrants don't have access either. most of the studies and reports that show that counts their family members who are born in the u.s. as receiving welfare benefits. the obama administration actually prosecuted states that excellently gave welfare benefits to illegal immigrants. >> tucker: this is sophistry because what you're excluding as the nonbuffered but in fact public benefits, anyone who live in this country gets including health care, the use of infrastructure, schooling.
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all of that is subsidized. the truth is immigrants illegal and legal at the bottom end of the labor scale consume more than they pay in. i'm not saying that they're not good people. but they are a net cost to the country to taxpayers, so why should we put up with that? >> the national academy of sciences study took a look at the low skilled immigrants with less than the highest goal degree, and their net impact is positive. they pay more in taxes than they consume and benefits. >> tucker: you know that's not true. >> the national academy of sciences they have a study that looks at it. when you take a look at the peer review evidence that on this, immigrants pay their own way. when you drill down and states, texas found that illegal immigrants pay more into state coffers than they take out because texas has a small welfare and everybody gets taxed. >> tucker: you know that's not true. if a family of five moves to this country, to parents working
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for minimum wage, three kids being educated at public expense. if they do not pay more in taxes than they take out of the public treasury can that's not true and you know it's not true. >> if we counted by those standards and it never makes sense for any american to have any kids because of the fiscal drain. you have to have to call the texas those kids pay when they grow up and working in the united states. not at minimum wage. their kids make a lot more than minimum wage. >> tucker: let me ask you a philosophical question. the trump administration said if you commit a crime here and you're an illegal alien, we have a moral right to deport you. you're in effect arguing against that. >> i think if you commit a violent or property offense if you infringe upon the rights of another american through your actions then you should absolutely be deported. >> tucker: would appear presence is an infringement on my right to pay for you as not a citizen? >> that's a great argument against all kinds of things that it's a great argument against a welfare state. i think it conservative should
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be more opposed to a welfare state. >> tucker: you know why i'm in favor of come i'm in favor of acknowledging reality. under those circumstances -- go >> we have not stopped ever illegal immigration paired >> tucker: we are in no position, on the horizon there is no point were going to reduce benefits to americans. mack until we eliminate the welfare state, why in the world would be bring people in here and an open border scheme? >> immigrants pay more in taxes than they consume and benefits and they don't have access to welfare when they come to the country. it's not true compared to europe and other countries. if you're here in a green card you don't have access to welfare for five years. >> tucker: but you're using the fruits of society that the rest of us pay for and there's an actual cost that spirit they need health care in an emergency room it's a real thing for it >> i expense a lot of those things. the benefits, the way to solve
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these problems is to legalize those folks, to give them a way a path to citizenship and then cut a lot of public services bread >> tucker: thanks for joining us. spirited conversation. conservative provocateur milo yiannopoulos has resigned from the web site breitbart today over remarks he made over sexual relationships between a teenage boys and older men, for more and then we go to fox news correspondent trace gallagher. >> the comments causing the outrage were made during a podcast interview last year where milo yiannopoulos appeared to condone between men and young teenage boys saying "is not a sexual attraction to somebody 13 years old who was sexually mature. is an attraction to children who has not reached puberty. he's been uninvited to speak at the conservative political conference and had his book canceled by simon & schuster. he's offered an ex-clinician an apology saying he himself was abused by a priest when he was
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13. >> my expense as in a victim led me to believe i can say almost anything on the subject, no matter how outrageous. but i understand that my usual blend of british sarcasm, provocation, and gallows humor might have come across as flippancy. a lack of care for other victims or even worse as it seems to have been the case and reports, advocacy. i'm horrified by that impressio impression. >> last week breitbart editor alexander marlowe called yiannopoulos the number one free-speech warrior of his generation. he called the comments indefensible and appalling. even breitbart staffers reportedly were threatening internal revolt if yiannopoulos wasn't fired or disciplined. during his resignation, milo yiannopoulos said he did not want his poor choice of words to detract from his colleagues important work. to the 2-year-old provocateur now says he will launch his own
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media web site focusing more on entertainment and college campus tours than the breitbart journalism. >> tucker: thanks a million. up next, conservative professor at ucla and there is one says administrators are keeping kids out of his class because of his political views, were going to talk to them live in just a minute. just on cue, a big riot broke out in sweden in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood right after president trump highlighted failed integration of russia bee refugees there. comin' up the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss
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>> tucker: believe it or not, there are still a few conservative professors out there in america, he's a lecturer in communications at ucla. he says if students being blocked from enrolling in his course which is called, politics, race, it free-speech on campus because he does not agree with the conventional liberal point of view. we reached out to ucla and they never responded were provided a statement to us. rather they did not. if the head of the department told the college paper said simply the keeping classes is under control, thanks for coming on. >> thank you for inviting me. >> tucker: what i found so interesting, not simply conservative teaching at the big state school in california but you're one of the rare tenured professors who was actually trying to teach more kids. you want to teach kids. you think they're preventing you from doing so. >> actually, i'm not tenured. my status is as a lecturer. i teach more classes at the school. i doubt there would be many professors in my shoes tenured
6:18 pm
or not tenured that would be brazen enough to take on the university when the students rights are repeatedly violated. so i'm not tenured. >> tucker: you're braver than i realized. >> i am, that's a problem for ucla. i'm happy to teach hundreds of students, the bigger class you give me, happier to teach as many as can sit in the room. >> tucker: your course is about fundamentally free-speech. you think that the university is intentionally under the guise of its rules from preventing students from sitting in on your course. >> i teach four classes on one of the most popular teachers on campus with the students, not the administration for the one i teach this quarter is titled race,, politics, free speech on campus. when i teach that course, i go over the principles that govern the first amendment, free speech, freedom of conscience, i
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also go over due process rights. we spend a lot of time on sexual assault and the kangaroo campus court proceedings. i use ucla because my students, i know what keeps them engaged and entertained. i use ucla as concrete examples in applying these principles. ucla is a microcosm of the macrocosm. if they continuously and consistently trample students rights. we can go over some recent example, that kanye west party. these were fraternity and sorority members and kim kardashian was an immediate rush to judgment because somebody thought there was black soot on one of the students faces that was black face. instead of according the student's due process and investigated the facts, there was an immediate suspension on the fraternity. worse than that, the administrators as they do each and every time one of these instances occur, they threatened the students in one of their
6:20 pm
email missives that they are immediately going to investigate this hateful, offensive speech. and use all lawful resources for students found and engaged in intimidation and harassment. there is no hate speech exception to the first amendment. there is no hateful exception to the first amendment. >> tucker: when you imagine ucla administrators would know that courts mark you have a law school attached to the university, correct? >> this is even more maddening. the culprits are dean cain, dean gomez and chancellor block i don't know if he's a lawyer or not, they absolutely know the law. they use the law in these 18-year-olds don't know the law, and if they do they're afraid to fight back. they abuse the law, they twist the law, they send out these emails which either chill speech that they don't like or they
6:21 pm
actually punish students that run afoul of these types of policies that don't conform to their liberal ideology. let me give you another good example. there was an s jp and msa, to student organizations on campus, there were posters linking them to hamas. at the university again came out and criticized these posters as being hateful, offensive, if students were found involved, they would be brought up on conduct coded charges, to the points i just enumerated, that violates the first amendment. ucla has a discriminatory application of its own policy but let's put aside that it violates the first amendment. last week in the daily broom, there was an anti-semitic cartoon of the worst sort. it was a standard anti-semitic trope with netanyahu and a big nose, it had the ten commandments in the background, now thou shall not steal, thou shall not murder implying that
6:22 pm
israel will murder to achieve visit settlements, not a word from the administration. how is this instance with the cartoon any different with the poster? it isn't! it's just not consistent with their narrative. >> tucker: it's a great question, all of this strikes me proves the great lie of tenure which is that professors needed in order to speak their minds and get you don't have 10-year end here you are bravely saying exactly what you think i hope you are not punished for it, excellent for joining us. unfortunately were of time, i hope you'll come back for another update on the ucla campus. it sounds pretty florid. up next, president trump is been in power for a month, america still isn't quite a fascist dictatorship, will talk to somebody who believes that in that it's coming any day now and espouses a popular uprising to throw the president after the white house, will ask what that means, stay tuned
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6:27 pm
i was reading your manifesto tonight. you said this. if the trump regime is a fascist regime, no insult or exaggeration, that's what it is paid for the future of humanity and the plinth, we the people must drive this regime out. i'm assuming you're not a moderate. if it's a fascist regime, how are you on the show? >> are facing an emergency, humanity is facing an emergency, a fascist regime has seized a razor power, the sole superpower in the world. the trump and pence are operating out of hitler's playbook only they have nuclear weapons. refuse is saying to the world it's beautiful that people stand up and protest and continue to do so and since i know he sometimes watches, president trump if you're watching way more people have protested than were at your inauguration, this resistance needs to grow. people need to confront that this is a fascist regime that can drop the hammer and close
6:28 pm
down the space for people to stand up and resist. in the name of humanity, 7 billion on this planet, we need to pour into the streets and say no, we refuse to accept the fascist america, but he refused to accept this for the world and we must drive them out we need to stay in the streets. >> tucker: so many questions come to mind the advice one is this i always thought that the day somebody got up a republican and sit we got to focus on jobs, no more pointless wars in the middle east and by the way i'm a secular guy, they would say that's my kind of republican. >> a man who campaigned and say i long for the days when protesters were dragged out on stretchers. who offered to pay the bills of people who assaulted protested at his rallies, donald trump is a fascist, that's out of hitler's playbook. this is a danger to humanity. it's in its early stages but people need to rise up and stop it before it is too late. >> tucker: i want to get to that, rise up and stop it. i'm assuming that this is like
6:29 pm
play acting for you, if you really thought he was hitler, if you really believed he was acting according to the playbook of hitler, then you wouldn't stop with going on a cable show, you'd go all the way, wouldn't you? you don't really think that, he's committing acts of violence. >> absolutely think, he's not like hitler, he has a twitter feed, he has an ugly orange thing on top of his head, and he has nuclear weapons, the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. people better wake up because he is more dangerous than hitler ever could have been. you implied something, i went to answer it. you implied that i'm going to do something that's untoward, whatever, i'm calling for mass political protest and resistance. building on what's happened and staying in the streets in the name of humanity before the man starts -- he asked three times if i have notes why can't i use them? mass incineration of human beings.
6:30 pm
>> tucker: let's be more specific because i want to take you seriously, i assume you're being serious, hard as it is to believe when you use reddit rhc like hitler, he's going to incinerate the world. >> nuclear weapons are the mass incineration of humanity. nukes are no big deal for you, i know you like to carry water for the liar in chief, i know you like to justify and rationalize the chief i don't think this is a joke. this is for humanity and he is dangerous. >> tucker: what are you going to do about it other than the jump around in the street with a sign in your hand. and write your manifesto. >> refuse has a manifesto. we have four things people should do. they should have manifested the no, they should protest every outrage in crime we have to have a single unifying objective. people who are waking up in this country who are horrified by this man with his finger on the nuclear weapons, we need to recognize that he has to be driven from offices through mass
6:31 pm
political resistance before it is too late. fascism advances through stages. shock, i'll come up violence. >> tucker: you don't oppose fascism with political resistance. >> it would have taken millions and millions to rise up and stop hitler. it's what people should have done. >> tucker: it's simple, limit because i know you love to carry water for this criminal. this war criminal. do you find that petty? i'm trying to ask you a real question but >> nuclear weapons are serious. >> tucker: let me ask you one last question, okay? 62 million people voted for trump, disproportionally there people at the lower end of the income scale. they were, they were middle-class in the below, mostly. oppose the trump or the hedge fund managers and privileged people like you.
6:32 pm
>> he lost the popular vote and no election is fair or fraudulent can justify ripping up the rule of law. undermining the courts, threading and shutting down. >> tucker: you're saying during duly elected president out of office watch marks because that's what he means what he says it so called judges that's what he means when he fires he fires attorney general who disagrees. what you want to do is normalize specialism, >> tucker: i'm giving up, this is too obnoxious for me, thanks though. i tried. former hospital administrator is on a grand crusade to end predatory pricing in the health care industry, he'll tell us how he does that in just a minute.
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i love how usaa gives me the peace of mind and the security just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs. >> tucker: health care in this country is as you probably know about four times as expensive in comparable countries, why that's the case is hotly debated. one former hospital president
6:37 pm
says predatory pricing by health care providers has partly to blame. he was the president of palm of palm springs general hospital in florida, in a recent piece to "the daily caller" he pointed out that a simple blood cast concocts between $10.400 even if it's performed at the same lab. if they make price gouging inevitable, how do they fix it? thanks for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: everybody grouses about how much health care costs and understandably but a lot of people are getting rich from it especially here in washington, i personally know a lot of people who have made a ton of money off the health care drama. is there a connection between the amount of money spent on lobbying for health care and the dysfunction of the health care system? >> you can call me a cynic but the health care industry spends more on lobbying than the oil and gas industry, defense industry, and aerospace industry combined.
6:38 pm
all our politicians are approaching the problem from the wrong end. everybody's got a health care plan which you probably know better than anybody else in the country. its repeal obamacare, replace obamacare, amend obamacare, all of the plans are based on the false idea that we have an insurance problem the united states. what we really have in the united states is a health care billing problem, a medical price problem. insurance is only there to pay the medical bills. if the medical bills is what the real problem is. the one thing that every politician avoids talking about like the plague is medical pricing. health care pricing is sick. there is no such thing as a market price. >> tucker: why do they avoid talking about something as obvious as the price of medical care, what do you do about it?
6:39 pm
>> i'm assuming -- it's hard to believe that this is an issue that they are missing. i think it has some thing to do with the lobbying power in the industry. everybody is getting rich on it from the providers through the insurance companies, hospitals, you ask the price of any service, you can't get a straight answer. the only answer you're allowed to get is what insurance do you have? everybody's price depends on how much can be extracted from you personally. the consumer, the patient, is helpless and hopeless. we can't shop because there is no real pricing, we depend on the health care provider to tell us what our individual price is supposed to be. with nobody will tell you is the patient that comes right after you with the exact same service may be paying one-tenth what you're paying or ten times more than what you're paying. the price everybody else pays other than you is literally protected in the united states as a trade secret. you can't find out what it is. the solution is easy.
6:40 pm
have a legitimate health care pricing, just like we have in grocery stores, department stores, gas stations. nobody would accept walking into a grocery store and finding that everybody is being charged a different random price. the store owner would be charged with 50 different types of discrimination. >> tucker: how do you do that? everything you said makes sense, why's it so hard to get from the concept to the reality, what would you need to do? >> i don't want to butter you up too much, the truth is the nation owes you a debt of gratitude because it appears that i'm the only one talking about health care pricing, medical service pricing. i've never heard anyone discuss it before. >> tucker: it seems so obvious obvious. it's obvious who's benefiting from it because -- by the way a handy way to ship the costs of course and to redistribute the cost across a broad population, but it's based on a wiring it looks like. >> absolutely.
6:41 pm
let me give you an example i got a call a couple weeks ago from a lady in texas. half of your viewers had experience like this. told me she's been going to a doctor for years getting a treatment of cost $150. in the past years, health insurance. she's about 60, her and her husband are paying $18 per month for health insurance. she went to the same doctor and he said look, your rate is $325 now. she says i've been paying you for years $150, what are you talking about? he says with your health insurance, that's your network price, that's the allowed price. you haven't met your co-pays or deductibles. she said just pretend i don't have health insurance, i've got a contract with the health insurance, that's the allowed price, obligated to charge you that. the truth is under the current system with obamacare, health insurers have incentivized to pay more out for medical care
6:42 pm
because under the current law the only way an insurance company can increase their premiums and profit is to pay more out for underlying medical services. so how could it possibly be that an individual can get a better price than a health insurance company that theoretically is negotiating for tens of thousands of patients? and consumers all over the country are learning and there's been a lot of articles written about this that your best bet is to go to the doctor and pretend you don't have insurance because you're going to get a better price quite often the network pricing. in what world -- >> tucker: were out of time, hope you will come back, were going to continue to pull at the heart of everything, thanks a lot for coming on. >> thank you, it's been a pleasure. >> tucker: a new book says that our society is being
6:43 pm
rebuilt from the ground up on the false belief that men and women are identical. we'll talk to the author coming up. as if on cue, a swedish city went up in flames right after the president highlighted the problems there and wasn't scoffed at by a lot of the geniuses in the american news media, will tell you what happened, stay tuned. maybe it was the day your baby came home. or maybe the day you realized your baby was not a baby anymore. every subaru is built to earn your trust. because we know what you're trusting us with. subaru. kelley blue book's most trusted brand. and best overall brand. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. the whole country booking on choice four words, badda book. badda boom... let it sink in. shouldn't we say we have the lowest price?
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>> tucker: after president trump's weekend remarks about sweden, the press race to extol the country's safety and hail islamic immigration, a complete success. zach beauchamp of fox even said concerns it's simply a long history of sexual panic about immigrants, the press may have spoken too soon on this but on
6:48 pm
monday a suburb of stockholm nicknamed little mogadishu for its immigrant population was convulsed by writing after police arrested a man on drug charges. several shops were looted, cars were burned, the press didn't cover this story of course. it took the associated press and "new york times" more than half the day, while they kept blessed to be a administration for his allegedly untrue remarks. about sweden. that's not surprising, fiddling while a volvo burns. have you ever been a relationship, going outside, done literally anything ever as a human being, you probably noticed that men and women are very different from one another in key ways, they look different, different personalities, different instincts. some have different interests and so forth and so on. a provocative new book argues that the west has lost its mind trying to rebuild society on the belief that men and women are identical, the two genders are an arbitrary label with no real meaning at all. the author of that book is called a sex scandal the drive to abolish male and female.
6:49 pm
thanks for coming on. if this is one of the most profound changes in the history of the west, the redefinition of from a biological reality to a social construct. it's had a lot of applications, what are some of them? >> i think a lot of people like you are wondering how it is that they woke up and for example, we're talking about requiring women to register for the draft, or seeing toys banned from their classroom for gender equity reasons. are wondering why does were sending mothers of young children into combat and calling it equality. i think a lot of us can say that if anything, the ramifications are very unequal especially for women. >> tucker: what do you mean by that? the obvious thing all things that make women unique and distinct are verboten, it does degrade the idea of being a woman in my opinion, i'm not one. what you mean that this tradition is unequal? >> i think we have this idea that if we treat men and women identically, if we can just get
6:50 pm
rid of the differences, they view differences as the source of inequity, we will have achieved equality. what we end up seeing is the burden of that approach fall on women. i talk a lot in my book about college campuses and the sexual assault crisis. i think that's a result of trying to say oh, sure, we can put men and women in the same dorms on the same floors, in the same bathrooms, in some cases in the same rooms, coed dorm rooms are now a thing and wonder why it is we have a sexual assault epidemic on college campuses. >> tucker: philosophically it's interesting the transgender bathroom debate, i think most people think i don't want to bother people who want to use a different bathroom, most people are tolerant i would say. underneath it all is demand that all of us recognize that men and women are exactly the same. it seems to me it's kind of an attack on women. if i can be a woman simply by saying i am, then what's special about women?
6:51 pm
>> even more so, how can women make claims on the basis of their if we are now going to say that is not a valid category. this is an arbitrary label assigned at birth, how are women -- this is interesting because this is where you're seeing that social conservatives and radical left-wing feminists line up together. they're saying that women are threatened in a world where women can't make claims on the basis of being a woman, because male and female are invalid. >> tucker: to get back to the root of this i often hear people in the left sake i believe in science, listen to npr, i believe in science, i drive a subaru. is the idea that is purely a social construct rooted in science? at >> this is what was really stunning to me to see how it -- we have science thrown in our faces all day long. your is literally established from the moment of conception. that is a very, basic biological
6:52 pm
medical reality and if you read medical textbooks, they're going to talk about your and very plain at scientific society is going to get a completely different direction. >> tucker: there aren't a lot of scientists who say your gender is not real, you can assign it to yourself. >> i have two little kids and even my pediatrician the other day was saying, i don't really know how to handle this. there may king our jobs impossible to do because we're looking at the facts and biology is very self-evident, that's become politically incorrect. >> tucker: the rest of ours are required to lie at gunpoint. if the promise of all this, all of these changes is it will make people freer and happier, this is what liberation looks like, you can have an abortion -- all the things that feminism promises. the outcome is supposed to be positive. have women gotten happier? >> no, as i documented my book
6:53 pm
what we've seen is women are at the unhappiest they've ever been. they're the most anxious, most depressed. two or three more times likely than men to use medications for anxiety or depression. i think that's very much related to the fact that we are struggling to basically be ourselves in a world that's making us -- trying to make us be more like men. >> tucker: we are certain that women are less happy than they've been in recent memory? >> there was a big study that came out a couple of years ago i believe at the university of pennsylvania that found that -- they had never seen levels of unhappiness at these reported levels before. >> tucker: that kind of says it all right there, visited? >> i pixel. >> tucker: i hope people read your book it's really interesting, ashley maguire, thanks for coming on. will update you now on the important story, the beagle fruit freedom project protesting the public agriculture's decision to stop posting
6:54 pm
information on various testing sites in the country. they say could lead to the death of thousands of dogs, cats, other animals using laboratory tests. the aggie department announced it will be reposting some of that information thank heaven so everything is better now? not apparently, peta has jumped and released a statement. under duress, the usda's attempt to get away with only reposting a tiny fraction it suddenly and independently deleted two weeks ago and did not satisfy us or the other plaintiffs in this pending lawsuit against it. the truth were not exactly sure, will continue to follow the story until the end. french presidential candidate marie le pen up all the left by refusing to wear a token of female submission, you heard that right, that the story is next. i accept i don't race down the slopes like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem.
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>> tucker: french personal candidate marie le pen that is routinely labeled as far right, they can't fathom a socialist opposing mass immigration. she burnished her credentials as a feminist in a secularist. she is a leader of the anti-immigration national front party in france. on a two day tour of lebanon, meeting with the top sunni most clear, told she would have to wear a headscarf, she said i will not wear it. she sees the headscarf as a symbol of women submission, she has vowed to bend the head scarf from public places in france in the name of the washing of islamic interesting. that's about it for us, stay tuned every night the show that's sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, groupthink. the president expects a new travel ban this week, will talk to a refugee advocate about that. and colder in studio, here. up next is sean hannity, don't miss that, have a great night.
7:00 pm
♪ >> sean: president trump fulfills another campaign promise by moving forward with a plan to strengthen american's southern border and deport terminal illegal aliens, that is tonight's opening monologue. department of homeland security secretary john kelly announced earlier today new guidelines to implement president trump's agenda on immigration. they include prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens who have been convicted of any criminal offense, who have been charged with any criminal offense that has not yet been resolved and who have submitted potentially c