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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  February 22, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PST

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friends 9:00 to noon. >> tomorrow on our program laura ingraham will be joining us, greg abbott, dr. oz and ainsley will be on vacation. >> bill: thanks, good morning, everybody. a new version of president trump's travel ban. we're now learning when the white house will release that new executive order as we say good morning on a wednesday. it's busy already. i'm bill hemmer. welcome. >> shannon: good morning. it's good to be back with all of thu morning. i'm abby huntsman is for shannon bream. white house advisor stephen miller says time is of the essence. >> because of the need to protect our country and citizens the president will issue a new executive action based off of the judicial rulings, flawed it may be, to
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protect our country and keep our people safe. that will be coming very soon. >> john roberts joins me now. john, the white house says the revised executive order coming as soon as friday. >> i'm told by a couple senior administration officials we can expect it to come out friday. they don't know if it's friday morning or afternoon. the president has an appearance at cpac. it will involve the same seven countries as the original executive order. iran, iraq, syria, libya, yemen and carve-outs for groups of individuals. legal permanent residents, other visa holders who got caught up in the original order when it was applied and some got sent back home when they should have been allowed in the country and a temporary ban allowing refugees into the country but drop the idea of indefinite ban of refugees from syria. what the white house, the
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department of justice and homeland security have done is looked at the court orders and all the court action that was taken against the original order and written a new one to address all of those specific concerns. senior policy advisor steven miller says in its essence the new executive order will do the same thing as the first one did. >> it will be responsive to the judicial ruling which didn't exist previously and so those are mostly minor technical differences, fund mentally you are still going to have the same basic policy outcome for the country but be responsive to technical issues brought up by the court and those will be addressed. but in terms of protecting the country, those basic policies are still going to be in effect. >> what is unclear at this point is whether the president will rescind his original executive order as court fileings or leave it in place and fight the constitutionality in the district court in seat.
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trying to get an answer from that. there was a change. when they filed papers with the ninth circuit they said the president may rescind the order but may have changed his mind. >> the white house battling negative reports about their plans to beef up immigration enforcement. what are they saying about that? >> two memos and instructions how to put into play the executive orders that the president signed led to blaring headlines including trump sets stage for mass deportation. deporting millions of immigrants. how bad will the mass deportations get? the white house says it's not mass deportation and never intended to be and not how it will work. it is doing more to secure the border and prevent illegal immigration and enforce immigration laws already on the books, specifically targeting illegal aliens in this country who have been engaged in criminal activity. here is sean spicer from
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yesterday. >> all this does is lay out the exact procedures to make sure that that sub group of people who pose a threat to our nation because of a conviction or violation of public safety or have a criminal record are adjudicated first and foremost. that's it, plain and simple. >> what to do about the million else of other people in the country illegally the white house hasn't formulated an official policy on that. back in the campaign candidate trump went from they all have to leave to maybe most of them will be able to stay. this also does not affect the deferred action on childhood arrivals, the dacha program. it leaves in place that dreamers program as it's known for now. changes coming down the road on that in the weeks and months ahead. >> important to understand the details of all the plans. good work. >> bill: the white house says they're enforcing the law. the critics, many of them now. katie pavlich and a fox news contributor. good morning. you grew up in arizona, right? went to school there as well.
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i want to show our viewers what we're hearing from the left and i'll show you what we're hearing from the right. chuck schumer said the following, no matter how much they deny it, it is clear that the white house is setting in motion their mass deportation plan directing immigration agents to round up and quickly deport anyone who is undocumented. end quote. hold onto that, katie. here is karl rove explaining to bill o'rielly what he interprets this move to be last night. >> this is literally what it says. here is what you'll prioritize. anybody who has committed a criminal offense, anybody charged with a criminal offense. anybody who committed a chargeable offense. somebody who is engaged in fraud to get a government benefit. abused a benefit program or subject to a lawful removal order and failed to comply or a risk to public safety or national security. that's a pretty good standard that a lot of people would agree with.
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>> that's a mouthful. but simply stated, the left is saying this is a deportation force and the right is saying we're simply enforcing the laws on the books as they stand today. where are you between both of those, katie? >> first i think that chuck schumer is making these claims there will be a massive make those force with very claims. he is doing it to score some political points. i don't know if he is going off the botched a.p. report from last week saying that hundreds of thousands of national guard troops will be used to go into neighborhoods and deport illegal immigrants. that being completely false. i'm not sure where he is getting his information. in terms of what the right is talking about, as karl rove laid out that's not the right talking. that's what the law states. it is what the law has been for decades upon decades and because of the fact that we have ignored immigration laws for so long, we created our own problems. and so looking at that list of things, deporting people who
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have criminal records, making sure that people who falsify documents are held accountable. those who steal the identities of american citizens who are here illegally. those ignoring immigration orders leave the country. this is enforcing the law. when you talk to ice agents and border patrol doing the work in the interior and on the border securing the border between mexico and the united states they'll tell you we don't need more laws. we need to be able to do our job to enforce what's already on the books. >> bill: how did we get off center here? when did that happen and why? >> as i mentioned here, democrats tend to use the illegal immigration issue as a way to stoke fear into their base and supporters. >> bill: but you can take an example like catch and release under the obama administration. catch and release is a policy where if you got an illegal within 100 miles of the border, they were given a slip of
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paper, right, to show up at a court date in front of a judge? who is going to do that when you are running for a new life? >> exactly. what catch and release was under the obama administration, ice and border agents were told to tell the people caught at the border hey, are you in the united states now. we won't detain you. here is your court date and you need to show up. guess what? 90% of those people who received that order didn't show up for their court date and now they get to go and live in the united states for however long and therefore perpetuating this problem of illegal immigration. that will now end under the trump administration. people aren't going to be told they can be released into the interior of the united states and maybe show up to their court date. the goal is two-fold. get the criminal aliens out, which is very important. there are a lot of people who are repeat offenders who have been here multiple times committing very serious crimes, rape is one of them, murder is
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another. getting them out first and then also securing the border and making sure we aren't creating another immigration problem down the road by continuing to allow people to come here illegally. >> bill: candidate trump said you're giving priority under the current existing enforcement of the law to illegal immigrants as opposed to american citizens. i know you heard that loud and clear during the campaign. this would appear to be a follow-up on that, quick last comment. >> i think that's why president trump was so successful in sending this message about immigration. for far too long illegal aliens have been prioritized over the rights of american citizens. it is very clear with the announcement yesterday from the white house they're creating this new office inside the department of homeland security to allow victims of illegal immigrant crime to have resources from the federal government when before that money was being used as a resource for illegal immigrants. that has been reallocated to american citizens who are victims of these crimes. that's a first step. i think people have resonated
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with that message. >> bill: thank you, we're interpreting as we go. katie pavlich in washington, d.c. a gal from arizona to a gal from utah now. >> thank you, bill. in the middle of all this immigration talk secretary of rex tillerson -- border security and trade among the issues on tap during the two-day visit to the mexican president. he cancelled a trip to the white house last month amid controversy over the border wall. >> bill: the wall and where it could be built and how to listen to people on the ground. >> interesting to see what comes out of that trip. >> bill: the new immigration executive order coming, new questions on what was wrong with the first one. our next guest advised the president on that very issue and he says he is in strong legal standing. he will make his case. we'll hear him out and plus there is this today. watch. >> you don't want to wait until
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they murder your kid until you say time-out, now you're in trouble. it's ridiculous. nobody gets sanctuary from the law. >> some powerful words from the mother of an angel mom and she says lax enforcement of immigration laws has led to chaos. the other side says building a wall is not the answer. we'll debate that. >> bill: fox news alert. american arrested for trying to help isis. we have details. more information on this breaking story in a moment. >> we have a serious problem in our country of terrorism, radicalization and serious problems with people joining isis, joining terror groups, joining al qaeda and committing or attempting to commit acts of crime and terror against our nation. ef? try...duo fusion duo fusion goes to work in seconds and lasts up to 12 hours. tums only lasts up to 3. for longer lasting one chewable tablet try duo fusion
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>> abby: we're back. an army veteran arrested in missouri after police say he plotted a terrorist attack in kansas city. 25 yaoerd robert hester was speaking with undercover f.b.i. agents who had invented a fake plan. hester is the second person after the wife of pulse nightclub gunman to be charged with the a terrorism-related offense this year. >> the rulings from those courts were flawed, erroneous on false. the president's actions were
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clearly legal and constitutional and consistent with the longstanding tradition of presidents in the past to suspend immigration when it poses a threat to our security. that's what the president will do. in the next few days we'll roll out the details of what that action will be. >> bill: senior policy advisor saying there is nothing with the original travel ban as the white house prepares to roll out its new order. kris kobach, advisor for the immigration plan here to talk about that. sir, good morning. >> good morning. >> bill: have you worked with the white house on the revision? >> i have not worked directly in writing the revision but i have a general idea what it will look like. the ninth circuit order, if you like reading judicial opinions and getting into the weeds it didn't say the whole ban was illegal. it carved out tiny exceptions. for example, somebody who
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already has a green card, has been in the united states. goes abroad and wants to come back in. that person has a due process right the ninth circuit said to have a hearing before you take away their right to come back or maybe somebody who is in the united states illegally, don't they have a right to have a hearing before you kick them out? and so it was a very narrow set of categories. so what the new order will do i assume is carve out those categories of people so that the due process concern of the ninth circuit can be addressed. 99% of other -- >> bill: very interesting. trying to keep it simple for me and for our audience. you are talking about green card holders that are legitimate. you are talking about people who might be here illegally but they have due process before you send them back home? i think the third category was someone who has a legal visa overseas that is valid upon travel here to the u.s. is that the three main
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categories? >> those would be the three main categories but that is probably 5%, 10% of the total number of aliens covered by this order. the vast majority are people seeking entry into the united states from dangerous parts of the world or seeking to become a refugee in the united states. and there have been studies done in the last couple of weeks, one from the center for immigration studies said that 72 terrorists since 9/11 have come from those seven countries. i put together a list of 18 terrorists who have used our refugee program in the past couple of decades. these programs have been abused by terrorists knowing that if you come in as a refugee you get a green card and go back and rth to afghanistan and wherever for terrorist training and that's why the blind sheik had refugee status. it is important that we do have an executive order. >> bill: interesting.
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they were asked yesterday and sean spicer said they won't rescind the first order when the second order is announced. why legally is that even important to consider? >> the reason it's important is you want -- you still want to challenge what the ninth circuit erroneously did. their ruling makes no sense. it is flawed on a number of grounds. you want the ability to challenge that ruling going forward. while at least you put together a slightly narrower executive order to protect the american people right now. >> bill: got it. this is going to be tailored on the ninth circuit ruling. you won't escape a legal challenge. you don't anticipate that, do you? >> i think you're exactly right, bill. one of the interesting things we've learned about the open borders left, the aclu immigrant rights division is any time a state or the federal government does something to tighten the borders a little bit, increase the restrictions on entry into the united states they bring a lawsuit without
6:20 am
exception. i think we'll probably see another lawsuit even though the new order is even better and more unassailable than the first. >> bill: sounds like friday, end of this week, is that what you think? >> i don't know the exact date but i'm led to believe it's before the end of the week. >> bill: we'll bring you back and see what comes next as we go along and move through the process. thank you for your time today. abby. >> abby: also anger boiling over at republican town halls as lawmakers address growing concerns over replacing obamacare. why medicaid could be a major bone of contention. plus there's this. >> bill: talk about a race against time. what you don't see officers trying to free this driver who is trapped inside a burning car. how this -- wow.
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>> bill: dramatic moments caught on police body camera. officers working to rescue a driver trapped inside of a car that was on fire. >> he is coming, he is coming. is anyone else in there? >> bill: that could be a life ring the moment. driver's side window and unlocking the door and pulling the man to safety. happened monday night in washington, d.c. the victim taken to the hospital, treated and released. he will be okay. well done police officers. >> no question some people had a very good experience with obamacare. most people had a very bad experience with it.
6:25 am
the point is, the american people have made it very clear they want obamacare repealed and replaced. we're going to be judged on our ability to deliver a vastly better healthcare system to the vast majority of americans. >> abby: that is california congressman tom mcclintock. one of the many republicans facing angry constituents amid growing concern about what will replace obamacare. let's bring in dr. marc siegel. a professor of medicine at nyu medical center. great to have you here th. is such an emotional issue. nothing more important than healthcare. advice you have for the administration and republican lawmakers on this transition as they say they're working to repeal and replace obamacare. how do they get this right so people aren't living in fear? >> key word is fear. as a practicing physician i would tell everyone out there,
6:26 am
this needs to be done in a way where you are not afraid of getting sick or you aren't afraid of losing your coverage. not afraid of dying. 22 million people cannot lose their insurance right away. but this is happening because obamacare is not working in my office or any doctor's office in the country. it's too clunky and too ambitious. patients get in there and have problems not knowing if deductible is kicking in. where did that come from? i'm paying out-of-pocket for this suddenly? patients are already angry from obamacare. the key is transition it in a way where you keep some of the popular things. pre-existing conditions. people that are very sick have to have coverage. we cannot take that away. children that are graduating college that want to stay on their parents' policy. haven't you known struggling young adults? it's a great provision. >> abby: i know so many. another part of this, too. i travel the country talking to small business owners and it is really heartbreaking when you
6:27 am
hear their stories. they either can't expand their business or lose it all together because they can't afford it with obamacare. what can they do as part of this plan to help the economy, to help these small business owners do what they do best? >> the key is not let obamacare pair itize the whole system. employee-based insurance is changing now. bigger deductibless, less choice. more choice means that the best ma'am om grapher in town doesn't take insurance at all. i struggle to send my patient to somebody that i don't think is as good. that's hard as a physician. or the insurance covers one lab and i know that lab does a terrible job on glucoses and i'm looking at a diabetic and saying i have to send the diabetic to that lab? >> abby: my sister has diabetes and it has become so complicated. what about competition? to make sure the price -- the
6:28 am
quality and prices go down allowing people to cross state borders to find a better plan? >> that's a great point. i want to reassure people out there this has to be a transition. it isn't about collapsing the state exchanges but working toward a national marketplace. as president trump has said insurance across state lines. that won't happen overnight. we need to repeal a 1945 law and create a national marketplace. it makes sense if insurance is cheaper in nevada i ought to be able to buy it here and use it here, use it in nevada. all that competition will bring down price. one of the biggest criticism of obamacare one out of three counties have only one provider. one provider staying in. human yeah is going out. it is not working for patients, doctors, we need malpractice reform. doctors are glad this sk repealed. >> abby: nothing more important than healthcare. they have to get this one right. >> do it without making them afraid. >> bill: to be continued.
6:29 am
president trump's plan border wall drawing a rather large historical comparison here. >> i'm a native berliner. i grew up with a wall. i know what the wall does to families. >> i was in berlin when the wall was up and the wall was meant to keep people in. >> sparks flying at our town hall last night. we'll debate those points fair and balanced in a moment coming up here. >> abby: canned is seeing an up tick in refugees. how both president trump and -- the department of homeland security may be looking into gitmo. we'll talk to oliver north coming up next hour on "america's newsroom." is plaques.
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and travel on friday. we're told the new orders will target the same seven countries from the first travel ban. the trump administration releasing details yesterday on the planned border wall with mexico. something that sparked a fierce debate over comparisons with the berlin wall during last night's fox news town hall. take a listen. >> i'm horrified. this is not the country i immigrated to. i am a native berliner. i grew up with the wall. i know what the wall does to families. i witnessed people getting shot crossing over the wall. and i see us as a nation going towards that again. it is horrifying. >> i was in berlin when the wall was up and the wall was meant to keep people in because the communist system was so horrible. this wall is being designed to protect our borders. we're a sovereign nation. we should have sovereign borders. we're a nation of laws.
6:34 am
>> i think greatness of a nation is measured not by the size of its guns but how we treat the most vulnerable members of society. in this case the illegals or undocumented. >> abby: we'll debate this. joe trippi is a fox news contributor. brad blakeman is an assistant to george w. bush. what an exchange that was talking about the wall. brad, i'll start with you. the big takeaway for me was how emotional this issue is from both sides of this argument. >> no doubt about it. but it is not that we want a wall, it's that we need a wall. we have a neighbor who is not as concerned about their citizens fleeing to our country. it's become a burden to us. drugs that flow across the border. i have a wall between my neighbor and myself. and when i want to see my neighbor i don't hop the wall, i go around to the door because
6:35 am
i respect their privacy and i respect their property rights and it's no different. we're neighbors and we should be good neighbors. that requires a secure border. and we have a problem down in our southern border. and it is negligent, grossly negligent for us not to secure our border as it should be. for too long we've allowed an unsecure border and we suffered by it. and it's a shame, but it's necessary and i wish it weren't necessary but it is. our president must act. >> abby: i was in jacksonville, florida, yesterday where the town hall was talking to voters and immigration. for so many of them was their top issue. we voted for trump because of this wall, because he was going to come down on immigration reform and they said what he is doing is following through on that promise whether you agree with him or not. >> that's absolutely what he is doing. the problem is that opposition to the wall has increased dramatically since the election.
6:36 am
a recent poll in february had 59% of americans opposing the building of the wall. it gets bigger if they think that we have to pay for it, not mexico as he promised. look, you said it right at the beginning of the segment here, there is real tension on both sides of this. you saw it in those town halls. and the problem is the 38% that want to build the wall are a huge part of the base that elected the president. he made them that promise. he surely looks like he intends to keep it. it is going to be expensive and it will create problems whether -- even if you like it, it will change things quite a bit and i think there are a lot of americans who not just their opposition but the intensity of that opposition is showing up at the town halls. you see it on both sides. >> abby: we have. there was another emotional moment last night.
6:37 am
laura wilkerson lost her son joshua to an illegal immigrant. how important these laws are for her and her life. take a listen. >> you should never have gotten -- they're a flight risk and you don't want to wait until they murder your kid until you say time-out, now you're in trouble. it is ridiculous. nobody gets sanctuary from the law. there is nothing i could do and be given sanctuary from it and there is no reason for anybody else to have that as well. >> abby: she is saying we shouldn't have sanctuary cities. if you're an illegal immigrant and you break the law in this country you are out. what do you make of that? we're seeing sort of two different stories here. the federal level saying we're not in favor of sanctuary cities and the local mayors saying we want them. what happens if they don't get the funding from top? >> they'll suffer and people suffer when they break the law. in america we don't pick and choose the laws we like. i like to go fast but they say i can't go fast. i have to go 55. i would like to go 100 and i
6:38 am
can't and i won't because i'm breaking the law and i don't want to put myself in jeopardy of losing my license or my liberty. we have to get back to basics. we have to get back to a rule of law. and we're not being selfish. we're not being unkind to people who break the law. on the contrary, we're setting at example. our country must be safe and we have to know who is here and why they're here and how long they'll stay and when they'll leave. if they want to apply for citizenship do it the right way. nothing to apologize for. it kind of is perplexing to me we have elected officials who are sworn to uphold the law yet they pick and choose the laws they seek to obey. i think president trump is going to end that. he is going to make it so that cities and states are accountable to the law as it is. not as if they wish it to be. >> abby: we'll have to leave the debate there. it will continue on. thank you for being here with us. appreciate it. >> bill: as the battle over
6:39 am
immigration policy continues, our neighbor to the north is seeing a new trend. canada says it's seeing an uptick in those crossing from the u.s. into its country, especially quebec. data showing most are not americans. molly is there to figure it out near the u.s./canadian border in quebec with more. what are they saying? >> thousands are leaving the united states for canada and not necessarily crossing legally. they are going in between the border checkpoints and braving snow and frigid cold in a bid for asylum. we witnessed two young men from yemen crossing the board attempting to avoid boarding checkpoints and risk being sent back to the united states. the vast majority of migrants are required to have refugee protection in their first country of arrival. they come from all over the world including families with children. >> some are arriving at least
6:40 am
fairly well dressed. others are not and at times have suffered from cold and exposure. >> canadian border officials say the number of people seeking asylum has soreed in the last year and spiked since november. 1400 people have entered quebec region alone. canadian officials say the border crossers cite fleeing terror in their home countries and social benefits of canada. the contrasting rhetoric of canadian leaders versus u.s. president donald trump is playing a role as trump acts to crack down on immigration with hardened policies. justin trudeau has vowed welcome to those fleeing persecution and war. >> in fact, the information has been given to us by our clientele is about the new immigration policy. people without status in the u.s. fear being arrested and deported to their country of origin. >> this influx is keeping the
6:41 am
royal canadian mounted police very busy. with warmer spring weather just around the corner they may need to further shuffle resources and add more manpower at the border. >> interesting story. thank you, molly. >> abby: hillary clinton's former campaign chairman john podesta says forces within the f.b.i. wanted clinton to lose as democrats continue to pile on f.b.i. director james comey. >> bill: also like green acres. look at this. a runaway bull making a mad dash for freedom in new york city. >> abby: i love this. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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>> abby: a bull running through the streets is something you would most likely see in spain. this was right here in new york city. a cow escaping its fate at a slaughterhouse yesterday leading police on a child chase
6:45 am
through an area of queens for an hour before it was shot with several tranquilizers and restrained. the bull later died en route to a new jersey animal sanctuary. i would be running, too, if my life were on the line. >> bill: people think it's like a city life around here. it's really not. >> abby: bulls running around. >> bill: farm living, got it. former campaign manager, john podesta suggesting some in the f.b.i. were out to sink hillary clinton. here is the quote now. there are at least forces within the f.b.i. that wanted her to lose. i'm not sure they really understood the alternative but they wanted her to lose, end quote. steven hayes, fox news contributor. a podcast interview going back and forth. you heard it. how did it sound to you? >> look, it sounded whiney. forces within the department of agriculture that wanted hillary clinton to lose and forces in red states that wanted her to
6:46 am
lose and forces in blue states that wanted her to lose. it was the combination of all those forces is why she lost. what john podesta didn't do. he can't do. is provide evidence to back up his speculation that there was some plot afoot in the f.b.i. and for democrats broadly, nationally. this kind of whining doesn't do them any good at this point. it is backward looking at a time when their party would like to be forward-looking. >> bill: i remember john podesta wrote this back in december on screen for viewers, the more we learn about the russian plot, the sabotage hillary clinton's campaign and elect donald trump and the failure of the f.b.i. to adequately respond the more shocking it gets, end quote. the same article he suggested a number of things including a 9/11 commission to investigate the ties between russia and trump team. is that where this began? or was it prior?
6:47 am
where is po december take getting this? where is the evidence now? >> i agree there should be a deeper investigation into trump's ties with russia, into the leaks that have exposed some of this stuff, the leaks that have led to more speculation, irresponsible speculation about trump's ties to russia. the problem with our national debate on this and so many other things right now is a lack of evidence. it's a lack of facts. we're having a fact-free debate in so many different ways. what john podesta is exacerbating the problem. i would be fine with a commission appointed by president trump or a commission -- select committee paneled by congress to look broadly at these questions. podesta is doing the opposite of fact finding.
6:48 am
>> bill: the senate is doing that right now. >> i think it's good. the more we know the better we know and the more we know from independent actors the more believable it will be to a skeptical public. they're skeptical of politicians like they ought to be but of journalistic institutions. that's a healthy instinct that is now going too far. you want to be skeptical of what you get from the news media broadly understood. now we're at the point nobody believes anybody on anything anymore. that's unhealthy for our republic. the more information we can provide that is solid fact-based about all of these questions, the better off the public will be in being able to make determinations about what they think. >> bill: that's a really good point. when you look at this category of fake news, how do you define it? at one point you would think news got the date wrong or the month wrong or you spelled a name wrong. but now the category is so
6:49 am
broad, steve, it is hard to define. >> it's becoming anything i disagree with. unfortunately we're getting to the point where we have people choosing their news base -- drawing their opinions based on affirmation, not information. they are looking for things that tell them what they want to hear instead of looking for facts. instead of looking for data and evidence and our broader problem, i would argue, not to get on a soapbox too much but i guess i'm already there, our broader problem is that we're losing a common understanding of what those facts are. of what that evidence is. and we need to restore that and whatever we can do to restore that i think is good for the country. but the kind of speculation that you heard from john podesta casually suggesting it might have been an f.b.i. plot to take down hillary clinton, that contributes to the problem and exacerbates the problem and the opposite of what we want right now as we try to have this conversation. >> bill: just to bring you back
6:50 am
to podesta. i don't get the sense this will disappear. in all likelihood it will be present for all four years of this administration's term. last thought quickly. >> i think you're right. the democrats think it's good to do this and good to have answers from an independent source or a trusted source on all these questions. >> bill: to be clear there are at least forces within the f.b.i., those were his words, podesta there. good to have you on today. steven hayes in washington >> abby: a french presidential candidate causing a stir in lebanon after refusing to wear a head scarf calling it a symbol of a woman's submission. shocking video showing a famous actress plane just about crashing into a jet. the heart stopping close call. can you guess who it is?
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> abby: we're back with some dramatic video now emerging showing harrison ford's small plane involved in a near miss with a passenger jet at a california airport. adam housley is live with those details. adam, this is not the first time he has had a scary incident in a plane. >> it's not. he has asked air traffic control when this happened last week was that airliner meant to be under me? it was not. imagine this, you're on the airliner, american airlines 737 last week in john wayne airport in southern california. all of a sudden this small plane buzzes over the top of you. that's what happened. the video everywhere. newly released shows the plane above the wing single edge inhusky piloted by harrison ford. it was taxiing going onto the
6:55 am
runway. we'll show you that ford's plane was supposed to land on the runway, but instead he landed on a much smaller taxiway which runs parallel to the runway. that's a no no in the faa's mind. he could get a warning letter and could have his license taken away or suspended. as you mentioned also it's not the first time ford has had an aviation issue. back in march of 2015 just down the street from us near los angeles the long-time actor crash landed his vintage single engine airplane on a golf course. the ntsa investigated and reported the crash was not his fault. the problem with the carburetor led to the engine failure in that crash. ford was praised for making an emergency landing without hurting anyone else. in this case, it's pretty clear that as he goes over the top of the airliner and lands on the taxiway it won't be the same outcome. depends on what the faa finds.
6:56 am
once again the audio of him saying was that airliner supposed to be under me at this time clearly wasn't supposed to be there. he wasn't supposed to be there. and if you fly into the airport it's clear to see between the runway and taxiway but he got confused somehow when he made the landing. the faa says the investigation will take time and eventually release their findings publicly. >> abby: scary incident. thank you for that. almost 200 people on board that flight. i think no more flying for harrison ford. >> bill: easier said than done for him. president trump promising renewed enforcement of immigration laws. there are now growing concerns south of the border of a possible refugee crisis there. what's this all about? secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with mexican leader there today. we'll have more on his visit trying to sort through this story. top of the hour on "america's newsroom." what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
6:57 am
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heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at >> bill: good morning.
7:00 am
fox news alert. a new report that could turn this immigration issue on its head. associated press reporting that some officials in mexico are expressing concerns that the enforcement of our immigration laws could create a deportee crisis at the border. we're just working through this right now as we say hello and a brand-new hour here of "america's newsroom." i'm bill hemmer. hope you're doing well. welcome back. >> abby: a crazy news day. i'm abby huntsman for shannon bream. the a.p. is saying mexican officials are concerned that refugee camps could start popping up on its border. all of this as rex tillerson is head to mexico on his first foreign trip as secretary of state. rich is live at the state department with more. the new immigration order could create new problems for the mexican government. what are you hearing about that? >> it could especially if the mexican government is forced to deal with the united ng off non
7:01 am
immigrants into mexico where they have really no ties to the country its than they just moved through mexico just to get to the united states. effectively leaving the mexican government to deal with that. we expect that immigration order to be among the top issues that the mexican government brings up to two very senior u.s. officials who are leaving today to travel to mexico to meet with the government. secretary of state rex tillerson and secretary of homeland security john kelly. officials like to point out this is secretary of state rex tillerson's bilateral international trip and the strong working relationship between the united states and mexico when it comes to combating drug cartels and trafficking. it is a low point in mexican/u.s. relations especially after it started with the mexican president canceling his trip to the united states because of an argument he and president trump are having over who is going to pay for a massive border wall on the southern u.s. border with mexico and reports of a
7:02 am
contentious phone call between the president of mexico and the president of the united states when it came to apparently reportedly president trump said that the mexican government wasn't dealing with the drug cartel problem in that country. we expect that to be part of the conversations that they have as well. earlier this month, that issue kind of came to a head and bilateral relationships have soured because of that. they'll discuss that. the president is also pushing for a new trade agreement, something to update the nafta agreement signed more than 25 years ago. 1.5 billion in trade goes between that border each day. back to you. >> abby: to be a fly in the wall on those discussions. an interesting trip. thank you, rich. >> bill: president trump now getting ready for a new executive order on immigration. we believe it will be this week, perhaps on friday. a senior policy advisor saying it will basically be the same as the previous one with a few minor changes to satisfy the courts. this is what he said. >> here is the reality.
7:03 am
the united states admits more people than any other country on the face of the earth. we've had a serious problem in our country of terrorism, radicalization, and serious problems with people joining isis and joining terror groups and joining al qaeda attempting to commits act of crime and terror against our nation. >> bill: karl rove live. deputy chief of staff to george w. bush and good morning, how are you, sir? >> fantastic. >> bill: first of all on the rework of the ninth circuit order. last hour kris kobach is saying if you change three things you're okay. green card holders, visa holders and if you're here on a bad visa or a bad green card, let's say, allow due process in the u.s. before sending you back home. if you do all three does it stand the test of the legal challenge, karl, or not?
7:04 am
>> yes, i believe so. i would add one other in there. an intimation the syrian refugee ban is not permanent. it will be timed it looks like and instead of saying no syrian refugees ever what they'll say is we'll cut the cap in half for the number of refugees we will accept from 110,000 in each fiscal year to 50,000. that means you will be more circumspect in who you allow in. let's not kid ourselves. the white house advisor, these are major changes and they created major problems at the border and created enormous legal problems. we had by executive fiat and order that said if you are a legal permanent resident, defined by statute and granted by statute and authorized by law you are no longer allowed into the united states. they're solving the problem. the initial order will be fixed this week.
7:05 am
>> bill: let me move to topic two. rex tillerson will be in mexico city today. so will secretary kelly. i was listening to you make the case last night with o'rielly and you were essentially saying it's not that complicated. enforce the laws that have not been enforced for, i don't know, would you argue eight years? >> look. most of what they're doing is reinstituting programs that are already in place. the bush administration by spending a lot of money ended catch and release, that is to say we catch illegal aliens in the country, we release them on their own recognizance we ended that process in 2005. president obama allowed catch and release to be reinstituteed. the bush administration was vigorous in 287g, setting up cooperative arrangements with state and local governments. when they got a criminal alien, when they finished holding
7:06 am
them, adjudicate beinging them. when it came time are to release them we would come and get them. there are lots of things we're going back to. the hype is that this is a heck of a lot more. the only person who is an illegal immigrant in this country, law abiding after the initial violation of the law by coming here illegally but has kept their nose clean, working, contributing to society, the only way they'll get swept up in this if if they are somehow caught in a criminal sweep. like we had the dreamer in seattle who was living in a house with a drug fellon and they identified him. under president obama roughly 2,000 of those kind of people were swept up in the administration, in the obama administration sweeps and we didn't hear the outcry we heard about the kid in seattle. >> bill: we're awaiting the outcome of the seattle case. two tweets.
7:07 am
not a lot. the so-called angry crowds in home districts of some republicans are in numerous cases planned by liberal activists, sad writes president trump. the republicans haven't stopped having meet and greet sessions with their constituents. your view of how long the sustained resistance last. what do you think of how they are handling this so far, karl? >> look, i think some of them have done quite well. grassley went into it and took all the questions, answered them thoughtfully, listened to people as they talked and then responded. i would say this, i don't think it was a good use of the president's tweet. it drew attention to it. draw attention to the good economic news and draw attention to what he is doing on jobs, economy, paychecks, prosperity. leave the political commentating to the people who -- to pundits like me on television and advocates on cable news and blogs. the president has bigger fish
7:08 am
to fry than this. >> bill: only two tweets today, too. maybe you are getting your desire there. nice to see you karl rove there in austin, texas. >> abby: thank you, bill. the white house signaling it may be open to reconsidering controversial advisor steve bannon's place on the national security council. it is up to h.r. mcmaster the president's new national security advisor. kevin cork is live from the north lawn. will bannon remain on the committee? >> the 64,000 dollar question. i think you hit the nail on the head. it will be the president's call ultimately but also his national security advisor's call. now that he has this newly minted national security advisor general mcmaster some people are wondering what will happen with steve bannon? will he stay on the committee, not say on the committee? let me share this. press secretary sean spicer was asked that question yesterday.
7:09 am
if the general would have full discretion to select his own team. >> he will have 100%. president has been very clear with that. he is the national security advisor and he will have whatever he needs to implement a successful team. >> a team that for the moment includes bannon, a veteran and remains a close confident to the present. >> abby: what's the controversy? what are people up in arms about? >> some people feel he isn't qualified and also leads the strategic initiatives group. another subset within the nsc and a lot of people are wondering what is this about and why would he be leading that particular group? let me share what a former obama administration official is having to say about that susan rice, the former national security advisor herself speaking to general mcmaster. i'm quoting her tweet here. hope you can choose your team, have direct reporting and daily
7:10 am
access to potus and eliminate strategic group. i wish you every success as national security advisor. people wonder what is his impact and role, speaking of bannon. for now as a member of the principal's committee. >> abby: we'll see what happens there. >> bill: you've been on a pancake tour, right? >> abby: i can make a mean omelet. >> bill: you are talking to voters all the time, right? what is your sense about what you hear from them when you move from stop to stop and state to state? >> abby: it depends on location. what i hear from a lot of people that voted for president trump this time. they love the fact he is a businessman and that he is not the politician and that they think that he is continuing to follow through with what he promised. but it seems to be he is an outsider. that's the message. they're waiting to see what he does. >> bill: depending where you are you hear different things. >> abby: jacksonville the biggest issue immigration. people are so passionate about it. >> bill: we'll talk about that
7:11 am
coming up in a moment. the crackdown continues on immigration, the enforcement of the laws. but here is a question for you. how do you stop deported immigrants from coming back into the u.s. abby, you just mentioned this. texas attorney general ken paxton will weigh in on that and more live in a moment. >> abby: the white house leaving its options open sending people to gitmo. what john kelly is telling us. >> bill: a claim that president trump is more dangerous than adolph hitler? what's this all about? >> abby: wow. >> fascist regime has gotten the power. they're operating out of hitler's playbook only they have nuclear weapons. baa baa black sheep,
7:12 am
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recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online. visit and see how easy it is to switch and save on renters insurance. >> it's an epidemic. our primary goal has to be to get the illegal alien committing felonies out of this country and keep them out. >> it's the conversation of the day. a sheriff in central florida, polk county, explaining the revolving door dilemma. good morning to you, texas
7:16 am
attorney general. as a border state you are in the news. is he right about that and will the movement of the past 24 hours do anything to stop it? >> good morning. yes, i think he is right about it. it's a concern we have and we also have a sheriff in austin who that's threatened to not participate in deporting illegals who have committed crimes. our governor has been involved, the legislature is involved. we're very concerned about this issue. it is the first thing we need to address. >> bill: what do you think overall as you absorb the orders from 24 hours ago? what do you think? can they work? can they be effective? >> absolutely. we filed an amicus brief in this case already and we think what the president did before was perfectly legal. there is a statute the court did not address gives the president the authority to restrict entry of any aliens if he determines that it's detrimental to the country. so limiting what he has already has. i think he will be fine.
7:17 am
we never know what the ninth circuit will do. they tend to be a more liberal court. we're hopeful they take it into consideration and allow it to get through. the president does have the authority to do it. >> bill: two things i want to play for you. first one from sean spicer at the briefing yesterday as we try to understand all this and put it into context for our viewers he said this about priorities. >> the number one priority is making sure that people who pose a threat to this country are immediately dealt with. for so long the people in iced their hands cuffed behind them when they were going to deal with the mission of their job. the last administration had so many carve outs. we make sure they have the ability and the guidance and resources to do what their mission is. >> bill: border patrol and ice. what about his reaction on that? >> we've been frustrated for years in texas. we had to spend our own money ton board tore try to resolve these issues.
7:18 am
to have a president willing to put resources into it and speaking about it. his executive order relating to the wall and adding more border security and immigration agents is a huge benefit to my state and ultimately saves us a lot of money spending and the cost of immigration we're incurring. >> bill: you mentioned the wall. secretary kelly will be in mexico today. just about two weeks ago he was talking to reporters in washington and he characterized the wall and how you build it. how it could be different in some places than others. the following way. watch here. >> the border is a very different place. texas different than the big bend texas different from yuma. we get out there, kick the tires. talk to people on the ground. there are places we fled to get at this issue of a physical barrier right away. >> bill: of a physical barrier immediately. how much does that apply to texas, your state?
7:19 am
>> i think it applies some. certainly there will be a combination of a barrier, a physical barrier but also going to be more technology. technology has gotten better and should save some money but . i thif it's a combination of all of those. there is a place for barriers. i'm hopeful they get started quick. >> bill: were you consulted at all on the movement on behalf of the white house? did they come to you and say what do you need? how can we help? >> we're in discussions with them. i've actually got a meeting with the new attorney general jeff sessions. we do have discussions going. he was just confirmed recently so we're getting started and we're optimistic about the future and the total change from the administration from where we were a few months ago. >> bill: thank you for your time for coming in today. you got it. 24 hours removed from the news hitting the wires. thank you for your time. >> abby: thank you, bill.
7:20 am
presidential candidate for france refusing to wear a head scarf while meeting with a religious leader in lebanon. should she have recognized the country's customs? >> bill: folks in california can't catch a break. it is storm after storm. it is rainfall after rainfall. a new threat looms from all that water. we'll tell you about that. >> what will i do now? besides freak out? i'm going to wait and see what comes in the morning.
7:21 am
7:22 am
7:23 am
>> bill: these storms have been devastating the west coast. eight people are dead thus far in california. hundreds of water rescues, the creeks and rivers are swelling. we've seen 14,000 folks forced out of their homes in san jose.
7:24 am
the rising waters there inundated homes and shutting down a major freeway. authorities now in some places going door-to-door making sure that folks get to higher ground. the flood warnings continue we're told through saturday. another storm rolling through there. >> abby: they can't catch a break. a diplomatic dust-up in lebanon this week when maureen le pen paid a visit refusing to wear a head scarf while meeting with a sheik. she sees the veil as women's submission. executive editor for fox news joins us now. thank you, sir. what was this? was this a miscommunication or was this all politically motivated? i'm thinking it's politics. >> anything to do with le pen is politically motivated. she made sure there were television cameras there. the wry look on her face indicates it was a setup. she wanted to make the point
7:25 am
she wouldn't be submissive to a sheik in lebanon and a woman and she is proud of it. >> abby: in southern france that day they arrested three people for attempting a terrorist act. that has been her message, right? as you were saying to me she is very much like a trump figure running for president in france. we have to pay more attention to our immigration. >> right. longer hair, that's the only difference between them. no, she is very much a nationalist. she is running a pop you lift campaign. her slogan is france for the french. very much like let's make america great again. this is a perfect key for her to use in this campaign. it is unfortunate there was a terror plot and i'm glad it was uncovered. that plays into her message right away. we face a big threat here in france and we have to do something about it. >> abby: how is that message going to play in a place like france? it seems like who they have in place now has a very different type of agenda. you see what's going on in
7:26 am
germany and merkel says open up the borders and let people in. how is this message, a trump-like message about standing stronger on immigration rule, how will that play in a place like france? >> france is rethinking its policies. the socialist president at the moment is very much in tune, as you mentioned, with angela merkel of germany and opened their borders from muslims and northern africa and regretting it to a certain extent. le pen's message about closing the borders and take care of our own country will play well. >> abby: what we're facing here is happening around the world. >> bill: longer hair, john. could americans end up in gitmo? what the white house is saying about that and oliver north here to weigh in. plus there is this today. >> abby: demonstrators fighting the dakota access pipeline
7:27 am
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7:30 am
so we provide personal financial advice for every retirement investor. >> we believe gitmo does serve a healthy purpose in our national security and making sure we don't bring terrorists to our seas. i won't get into what we may or may not do in the future. >> bill: the white house making options open. whether or not american citizens could be housed at gitmo. john kelly telling catherine herridge. if it's legal he will consider it. oliver north, author of counterfeit lies and colonel, nice to see you again. thanks for coming back here. first on gitmo. what is your position on how that facility could be used? it appears the definition is expanding under this administration? >> i think this administration will take a much more active
7:31 am
stance on tissue of global jihady terrorism than has been taken the last eight years. it is wise not to take options off the table. general kelly's answer is spot on. if it's legal, why wouldn't we think of it? >> bill: okay. you know the new head of the nsa. >> i do. national security advisor. >> bill: you know him. in fact, i think you featured him one time in one of your war stories. >> yes, a couple of them, sure. >> in vietnam over 70 years of french colonial rule was ending. >> it all came to a head at the battle here. president eisenhower decided to help broker the geneva acords of 1954. >> hr mcmaster is the author of dereliction of duty. the lies to led to vietnam. >> it marked an end for the french in vietnam but a beginning for the united states.
7:32 am
>> bill: what do we need to understand about his breadth of knowledge, his own history with the military, how significant he could be in the west wing? >> he is a thinker, a scholar, a warrior. a great ally for mattis, kelly. he has a lot of challenges to face. his hairstyle may be the polar opposite of the president. what's going on between his ears is spot on. he needs to rebuild america's military, make it strong enough to deter a war or win one if we have to fight it. his book dereliction of duty was about how we were lied to by the johnson add mcnamera regime in the 60s and how we ended up in the war and the price we paid for it. i lost a lot of friends there and left a little of myself on that battlefield. his experience will be very important to this job right now and why i think it's right that he is where he is. he is my kind of leader.
7:33 am
he have is a real live, walking talking american war hero and has enormous challenges ahead. >> bill: were you surprised by the pick or was this one of those things where you say oh, man, right guy, right time? >> i was asked by various people to provide input. he was not on my radar at the time. but i think it's the right choice. i know there were several others whose names were being kicked about it. we talked about it on this network a number of timings. this is the right guy. his priority has to be based on the risk to our homeland. that has to be the number one issue for the national security advisor. wlas the number one risk? the nuclear or cyberattack against electrical power structure and that needs to be -- number one priority for what he does in terms of collating and coordinating america's policy of defense. we need ballistic missile defense for our homeland.
7:34 am
north korea and iran are the most likely threats of using it. other threats growing around the world because of the last eight years. we need ballistic missile defense to protect our homeland. >> bill: secretary kelly is in the news today because he is in mexico there with rex tillerson. i want to circle back a little more to this gitmo argument. because he laid down a comment with our own folks here at fox that really got some attention. i want you to listen to it and then reflect on perhaps gitmo in december of 2001, for example. roll this right here. >> if it was legal, i think gitmo offers isolation. they couldn't get it to. there was no place they could strike because they couldn't get there. >> bill: the detractors will argue it is not the way we
7:35 am
conduct law in america and not due process. supporters would argue it was the perfect place at the perfect time late 2001, early 2002. where else would you go? what is your view on that? >> spot on. that's exactly what was done and why it was done, bill. in the aftermath of 3,000 american dead because 19 guys got into this country and flew airplanes into buildings. that was a great place to take those. by the way, the people who plotted that are among the last 40 that are there. so it needs to be kept open, b, if it will protect the american homeland. go back to number one point. protect the american homeland to build a wall to make sure that terrorists don't get into this country, to make sure they can't be used as bait for somebody else to try to break them out as often happens around the rest of the world. why wouldn't you want to use it? it ought not to be taken off the table, bill. >> bill: will it never close? >> i think someday it is possible, maybe not in my
7:36 am
lifetime, that this generation's long war. general kelly has written and spoken eloquently about that as has general mattis and as will h.r. mcmasters. they're looking at the long game. they'll have to. it will take years to rebuild our defenses. >> bill: you like this team, don't you, colonel? >> i do. >> bill: thank you, colonel. oliver north. thank you. >> abby: tensions running high at the pipeline protest camp in north dakota. activists setting a huge fire as they face a deadline just hours away. we're live in cannon ball, north dakota, what's going on here? >> the fire you see in the distance are intentionally sent. easier to take those things out as ash than a bulldozer and dump truck. the protestors lost when donald trump won.
7:37 am
donald trump approved the pipeline that president obama had halted. for all intents and purposes the protest is over. they've told the protestors to go home. it is over. the governor has an emergency evacuation order that takes effect today at 2:00 p.m. now, two interesting caveats, there will be an amnesty bus. protestors will be offered to get on that bus and go to a transition center and gate voucher for night and a bus ticket anywhere in the united states. secondly, a ceremonial arrest for those individuals who want to be able to tell their friends they were arrested, get a photo taken. put it on social media. the cops will accommodate them for the next several days. for the hard core guys who want to be charged with a crime. we spoke to some of them. they said well, we lost the war but we don't regret the fight. >> i'm terribly sad. i'm terribly sad, you know?
7:38 am
it's not just the pipeline thing, you know. these people have been pushed around for centuries, right? they've been trampled over, you know? >> according to state officials a lot of the protestors are broke and they think it's the humane thing to do to give them a bus ticket and it's north dakota and people are really nice. >> abby: all that snow could melt saying that it could cause flooding. how bad are those conditions? >> well, right now it's cold and snowy. it looks probably better than it is. that place down there is a dump. basically a small city with 10,000 people at any one time over the course of the last seven months. but the waters are rising and the snow is melting. it has been an unusually warm winter and these campsites are literally in a floodplain. what have you got down there? you have propane and kerosene
7:39 am
heaters, diesel and gas generators, bunk houses and mountains of human waste as well. the bacteria will get into the river. if you look at the graphic you'll see those campsites are built in the floodplain. when the cannon ball river rises the bacteria would go into the river. they don't want that to occur. >> abby: tents are not built for flooding. thank you, william. >> bill: pictures in the wintertime are epic. wow. maybe we send huntsman there. >> abby: some nice people, he said, i'm happy to come. >> bill: strong words now from an anti-trump protest organizer. >> trump is a fascist. that's out of hitler's playbook. this is a danger to humanity. in the early stages but people need to rise up and stop it before it is too late. >> bill: it went from there why she says the president is more dangerous than adolph hitler. whoa, we'll debate that. >> abby: it's one of our country's favorite sports.
7:40 am
is nascar running out of gas? say it ain't so. >> he was trying to block the 11. 11 had a run and a look on the inside of 78. he blocked him. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up. where you goin'? here we go again. we need your password so we can lock down the system. my password? yes, sir, we need your password. the password that i use? yes, sir, your password. there's been another breach! sir! right. okay. i-h-a... ...t-e-m-y-j-o-b-1. ihatemyjob1?
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>> bill: there has been a new delay for spacex. it was launched yesterday. they had to abort the docking procedure. spacex says the problem is understood and fixed before another attempt tomorrow. >> abby: cool stuff they're finding in space. >> bill: we're launching rockets and landing them on earth and it is a story when they don't do it successfully or that the rocket detects something wrong. so it continues to fly. this happening so fast. it's really extraordinary stuff. launch a rocket. have it come back to earth and land upright intact. i find it amazing. >> abby: they are making a big
7:44 am
announcement on some discovery they found on another planet. >> bill: it is becoming old hat already. >> abby: stay tuned. interesting stuff. a protest organizer with refuse fascism trying to drive trump and pence from power. more dangerous than one of the most hated and despised people in history. >> abby: fascist remove has sized power. the trum and pence are operating out of hitler east playbook. they have nuclear weapons. he has a twitter feed and nuclear weapons. the biggest nuclear arsenal in the world. people better wake up. he is more dangerous than hitler ever could have been. >> abby: julie roginsky and thanks for being here. julie, start with you there.
7:45 am
i mean, this is crazy. we're talking about hitler, someone who ordered the deaths of 11 million people. would have killed as many as he possibly could. this was a mad man. this is dangerous territory to make any sort of comparison like this. what do you say? >> i have a rule of thumb that unless you are talking about josef stalin or people of that ilk, you don't make the hitler analogy to anybody other than people who have engaged in mass genocide. i do want to say look, i'm no fan of donald trump. one of the first things hitler did when he seized power was to eradicate any opposition whatsoever. and enforced all sorts of laws that frankly not only would donald trump i think not enforce but would not be allowed to enforce by either the opposition party or the courts. let's leave the hitler analogies to talking about hitler and people of his ilk. there is no place to anybody get off hitler in american
7:46 am
public life today. >> abby: david, i don't see this going away any time soon. is woman on tucker carlson was night is trying to get people riled up to rise up and get president trump out of power. this is clearly just the beginning of what is likely going to be a long four years of this. what do you say? >> no doubt. as we've seen in the last five weeks, abby, we're talking about american capitalism now in the u.s., not fascism. we have u.s. ceos trying to focus on creating jobs here in america. we see incomes, wages going up, we see the stock market continuing to hit new highs, and so for what most americans actually care about, which is their pocket books and the american economy, things are heading in the right direction. and with us having later this year a replacement for obamacare on tap and for a tax fairness effort being put forth by congress and the president,
7:47 am
senate democrats who are up in 2018 will have to decide are they going to be part of the solution and are they going to continue with pushing policies that are helping americans with job creation, or are they going to go out and have to explain to americans and to their constituents why they continue to be led around people who all they want to do is make juvenile name calling. >> i don't know any responsible democrat who would ascribe to this hitler analogy. furthermore you have a president who is at a 30 something% approval rating. if i were the republicans i would be worried about that going into 2018. >> folks in your party may not be using the word hitler but your leading candidate for democratic party chairman has
7:48 am
openly advocated for disruption of legitimate businesses when he was for occupy wall street. he continues to support rallies that do things that again disrupt -- >> abby: that was the question i was going to ask you, julie. when you look at the democrats this past election cycle, they had a rough go. it does seem like their focus right now. you look at the protests around the country and lawmakers on the hill their focus is against president trump. not happy with policies he is putting in place instead of what their agenda is going to be moving forward. they have some big elections coming up including two years from now. >> i'm old enough and been at the station long enough to remember when we went wall-to-wall coverage in 2009. anchors all over the country covering tea party rallies. nobody thought it was a silly idea according to this station and other people and i'm sure david were espousing the believe that these were patriotic americans opposed to
7:49 am
president obama's agenda and acting out in kind. the same thing is going on now. people on the left including me who has never been paid a dime to attend a protest are incredibly upset the direction this country is taking under president trump and republican congress and they're protesting those actions. there is nothing about it that is any different -- i would say is more impassioned than anything i saw in 2009 with the tea party rally. let's be consistent intellectually. people are upset and voicing their opinion about it. >> abby: they have every right to be upset. that's what this country is about. we can all agree but comparing president trump or anything to anything nazi related or hitler is a bad place to be. we have to leave it there. >> bill: jon scott is coming up next on "happening now." >> new moves from the trump administration getting all kinds of attention today. how many people who are here illegally might be kicked out? and how will the trump white
7:50 am
house go about enforcing new rules and a new executive order on immigration from seven countries. we'll break it down for you and loud town halls greet members of congress as they return home during recess. president trump has strong opinions on the matter. details ahead. "happening now." >> bill: what's going on with nascar, america? >> got into the back of hamlin. >> bill: ratings are down. attendance is off. what's the deal, race fans? >> abby: i've been watching it. >> bill: we have an explanation, miss huntsman that you shall hear next. we're all done. i told you it was easy. with life line screening, getting screened for unknown health conditions is so quick, painless and affordable, you'll wonder why you hadn't done it before. so if you're over age 50, call now and schedule
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>> bill: nascar season big race only days away now this weekend.
7:54 am
as the teams get ready for the daytona 500 there are new reports that the popular sport must be stuck in low gear. what's up with that? fox news headlines sports reporter in found to talk to us. what's happening? i'm reading a big piece "wall street journal." >> 45% drop-off in viewership from its peak in 2005. of course, a lot of people asking the question why. why aren't people tuning in to watch this? a lot of the same questions are being asked of major league baseball or even the nfl looking to tighten up the way its commercials are staggered. it isn't just to this one sport. however, where nascar maybe affected more than the other sports as the "wall street journal" points out, compared to the other major pro sports it's very much what they say a large white audience, working class audience and was greatly affected by the recession more than any of the other major pro
7:55 am
sports. >> bill: that's interesting. why wouldn't that not be -- why would that not play out five or six years ago? why make the suggestion now? we're climbing out of all that. >> five or six years ago i bet you looked at your phone less than you do now. the way that we kind of consume our sports. three to five hours to commit on a sunday afternoon is a lot for racing fans. nascar has made changes for this year. each race will have separate stages. stage one there will be a winner of stage one that gets a point toward playoff standings, then a stage two and the end of the race. because they find that when you have the prolonged periods of green flag where there are no and stuff people get bored. >> bill: they're changing the rules. >> and make it safer also and prettier. but i believe nascar is a niche sport. people want their dirty stuff dirty. >> bill: sometimes. some complaints to the "wall
7:56 am
street journal" we don't get the kind of party. a saturday all night tailgate affair, 10:00 p.m. they're done and closing it down. >> bill: changing dynamics of this sport that took off like a rocket ship. 10 years ago nascar, look where it went. sunday on big fox 2:00 eastern time. >> a great day for racing. hopefully things go well for nascar. they're trying. >> bill: we shall be watching. abby, what's next? >> abby: nothing more american than nascar. take two on the immigration travel ban. president trump and team getting ready to reveal a revised executive order. how will it differ this time around? i have tried so hard to forget what it felt like
7:57 am
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>> this is like a half day for you? they call it a telethon. >> longest show in television. four hours. can i get to the bathroom,
8:00 am
please? >> i always love being here, bill. >> have a great day. we'll see you later. >> "happening now" starts right now. now. >> jon: it is take two on the immigrant travel ban after losses in the court. the white house defends an aggressive plan for deportation with the illegal's criminal history. i am jon scott. >> jenna: and i am jenna lee. they are banning travel from same several nations but with changes. it will be a tighter and more stream lined version ready to address the concerns of the court. we'll go to john roberts. when do we expect to see the new order. >> reporter: things could change here.


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