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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 25, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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huge. with that, show's over. justice with judge jeanine is next. i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> we tried to set the record straight. judge jeanine: i talk to sean spicer about reports that he band certain media outlets from a press gaggle. >> i think the assertion they were band is ridiculous. judge jeanine: we'll talk about illegal immigration and the president's first month. when anne and i are on deck there is no room for equivocation. and later i visit cpac in washington.
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i'll ask conservatives about sanctuary cities and who their favorite cpac speaker was. >> it many time to stop listen together nonsense the left is spewing. it's time to protect the law-abiding citizens of this country. judge jeanine: it's time for "justice" from washington and it starts now. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm jeanine pirro live in our nation's capital. i got answers from white house press secretary sean spicer. anne coulter is also on deck tonight. but first my opening statement. if you are a cop working in a sanctuary jurisdiction, then you are being directed by left wing liberal progressive mayors and governors to protect illegal criminal hospital not only
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violated our laws in coming here, but in addition committed crimes while here. you are being told not to share information about illegal criminals and not honor federal i.c.e. detainers. so, you have got a decision to make. and if this is a tough one for you, and you can't figure out what your sworn obligation is, then get the hell out of law enforcement. think back to the day you graduated from rookie school, when you got a badge and a gun. you earned the right to protect us. we trusted that you understood your mission. we were proud of you. proud to count in that blue wall that separates a civilized society from a barbaric one.
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your job to protect the innocent, arrest the criminals, be true to your oath. that oath is not negotiable. it is not for sale. and neither are you. you knew this when you signed up. and no namby-pamby bleeding heart socialist political whore has the right to demand that you defy that oath. if you don't have the courage to do what you know needs to be done, then you don't deserve to wear that badge. take a look at what happens when you listen to these wimps. when you free the criminal wanted for deportation. all of these innocents were killed by illegals on the right innocent victims. on the left, their killers. some accused, others already convicted.
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all of them illegals who were deported, then came back to the united states and went on to kill after they returned. there are thousands more like them, and every one of those politicians that ordered you not to cooperate with federal authorities has the blood these innocent victims on their hands. i hate to say this, but every one of you in law enforcement who bought into this liberal nonsense also has blood on your hand. you would never allow an american criminal to roam freef freely in your jurisdiction if another law enforcement agency asked you to hold them. why change the rules and prioritize the illegal for whom there is a want. why would you release them and not notify a fellow law enforcement agency?
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if you release the criminal, you guarantee a fellow officer or agent is going to be in harm's way when they go out to find that criminal. be clear. we are not talking about nor is anyone asking you to notify i.c.e. about the illegal who is simply working in the field, the waitress, the babysitter or someone cleaning a house. so what to do? you notify i.c.e. as soon as you can. and i don't care what you have to do to get that done. if you have to do it quietly. anonymously, behind closed doors, underground, through a special hotline, email or carrier pigeon, just do it. you understand danger. it's in your dna. if you have an ms13 gang member whose initiation you know requires he beat someone to death or rape someone in front
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of his fellow gang members and you don't tell ice, you have blood on your hand. americans have the right to know when they are in danger. why would you treat an illegal criminal different than an american criminals. can't you see that you are being used in a political tug-of-war? if this is a tough one for you, and you are going start listening to the aclu or some liberal mayor who doesn't give a damn about you, your contract or your oath directing that you released the wanton criminal alien out the side door, then maybe you should rethink this whole thing and go into social work. you are too damn dumb to be in law enforcement. that's my open.
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tell me what you think on my facebook page or twitter #judgejeanine. joining me, conservative author anne coulter. what do you think? >> you know what i think. judge jeanine: tell me. >> i always want to kids you after your opening. it's a clever point you are making it i usually look at it from the other end. president trump is right to withdraw federal finding from sanctuary funding. we always find out very rarely like immigration laws, laws passed by congress, some signed by the congress, but usually some frivolous supreme court decision. that's when we are reminded that federal law is supreme. how long ago was the heller case finding the individual right to
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own guns. try to get a gun in chicago or los angeles or new york. where the day after the gay marriage decision, some poor kentucky clerk in kentucky is being required to turn over marriage licenses. would i add for any cops following jeanine's excellent advice. judge jeanine: my point is it's time to figure out a way for them to alert law enforcement. american citizens are in jeopardy. their fellow american citizens are in jeopardy. but i want to move on. the white house correspondents dinner. president trump irnd kaitd he's not -- indicated he's not going. >> i'm so relieved he's not going. i want him work and not hanging around with the enemy.
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he could be in danger at the white house correspondents dinner. i want him in the white house working. this is a frivolous event. judge jeanine: we both know the president. he works 23 hours a day. he's a force of nature. so who does this hurt? is it all the lobbyists who go to this thing? who does it hurt ultimately? >> i think it's a good statement he's making. it will probably still be a fun party. it probably hurts the media a little bit and i think it's appropriate. i think it's worth saying over and over again. he's not attacking the first amendment, the free press or media. he's attacking a lying media, and they do lie. judge jeanine: your interpretation is he's saying i
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don't respect you as the press. >> most of the main organizations throwing the white house correspondents dinner are the propagators of some of the biggest and most blatant lies that they tell over and over again. i'll give one example so i'm not just saying this. once again we hear just recently i was reading this nonsense about trump making fun a disabled reporter. that has been proven to be false. there are there is video of videos of trump doing the same thing about other people. this is just way he does a flustered person. yet they will not give on that life. they will not give you have on the lie that he talked about how he sexually assaults women in that outrageous access hollywood tape. everyone who knows who has been
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on a mic that it's unfair to use what's on a hot mic. he was describing something that probably everybody knows. girls like to hang out with celebrities and rich guys. judge jeanine: 30 seconds. the president has issued a lot of executive orders. the first 100 days. what else do you think is important for the next 60 days, 70 days? >> he's got to get his nominees confirmed. it would be nice if he had a little help in capitol hill rather than having the conscious am republicans and the bureaucracy. judge jeanine: is he going nuclear? >> i don't think he has to. i don't think gorsuch is that frightening. but he's no scalia.
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judge jeanine: thanks for being with us. good to see you again. early early i headed to white house to meet with press secretary sean spice were. we discussed reports that certain media outlets were tbrard a press gal. furls i asked about another report that the cheef of staff reached out to the f.b.i. and asked them to downplay allegations that the trump campaign had been in contact with russian agents. let's talk about what happens with reince priebus and the f.b.i. who initiated the phone call. >> there was a meeting at the white house to discuss an intelligence matter. at the ends of the intelligence matter the dem director of the f.b.i. said may i talk to you privately. explained to ryan priebus that story talking about frequent contacts between the trump
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campaign and russian officials was not accurate and grossly overstated and he wanted him to know that. to which reince replied great let's set the record straight. the deputy called him back and said they didn't want to get in the process of refuting stories. he said we would like to clear our name. sow then they said after a conversation with then director comey that we could say with con city dense that we had been briefed and the "times" story was inaccurate. judge jeanine: was reince priebus weren't bowfneds his job asking the f.b.i. to if you areback. >> he didn't ask them to push back. they came to us and said the story in the new yor "new york s false and groalsly overstated.
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he said great. the meade yeah we were trying to help get the story of straight after being false any maligned with blinds sources by the "new york times." we tried to set the record straight now the rest of the meefd yeah is attacking us for trying to set the story straight. judge jeanine: there was a claim that the new york tiessments was exemented. >> the pool which is a representation of all of the different outlets, they were not part of the pool. so the fact of the matter is the associated press, the wires and a couple other papers were part of the pool. we expands the pool to allow other outlets to come into the pool. judge jeanine: you are saying the gal was an expansion of the pool and not an elimination? >> there is a pool set up by the white house correspondents that
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is representation, tv, radio and it roe 80s daily who this that pool. they tell us who until it pool. we don't tell them. wee have a gal and invite additional members of the media to be part of it. jean very john boehner says he doesn't believe obamacare will be replaced or repealed. he has a right to his opinion. but the president made it clear's going repeal and replace obamacare. when you have look at a state like arizona where premiums have gone up 112%. you realize obamacare is collapsing on its own. judge jeanine: a pew poll is showing the numbs in support of obamacare. >> it's incumbent upon to us reminds the american people what's going on. nothing close to that is what
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they got. this is something the president was clear on during the campaign. the premiums are going up. if the amount of choices have gone down. we have to make sure we fulfilled the president's promise to the american people. judge jeanine: let's talk about immigration. the numbers seem to indicate president trump deported a significant number of illegal immigrants. and president trump is together same thing. why is president obama getting all the pushback? >> i think president trump didn't get pushback from the american people. and he used a different set of accounting. they got credit for people at the border that they turned away. this president is addressing the problem america faces. specifically the people who pose a threat to our public safety and way of life would be first and foremost ones on his list to
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be deported. he's 100 per will be falling through that. during the obama administration the immigration custom enforcement had their hands tied. they had one exemption after another. this president recognized in the interests of our national and economic security that we would untie the hands our ice and border patrol officers every day trying to control the border. and he's letting them do their job. >> isn't it a fact that president trump did in fact deport more illegal immigrants that any president before him? >> i think they way they wanted it sure. before president trump you had -- you opportunit counted pn this country and removed from this country. what happened under the obama administration is they changed the way they counted deportation. if you approached the bored and
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were turned away you were turned away. you didn't even have to come over the bored to be kowrnltsd as being deported. judge jeanine: they played with the numbers? >> yes. judge jeanine: what time do you get up? >> just before 6:00. judge jeanine: what time do you see the president? >> somewhere between 9:00 and 10:00. judge jeanine: is he still in his pajamas? does he sleep in the oval office? >> he works nonstop. trying to keep with him is an impossible task. i think he makes all of us really become inspired to do our best to fulfill his agenda. judge jeanine: when you relax, what do you do? >> i haven't relaxed yet, but i'll tell you when that happens.
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judge jeanine: john bolton on deck to discuss the coming executive order on immigration. even the president loves my next guest. >> i want to -- i want to thank matt schlapp and his incredible wife and boss, mercedes. judge jeanine: matt schlapp is standing by to talk about the cpac week. judge jeanine: you never know who you will run into when you are in a room with president trump supporters. f "street justice" coming up. our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes,
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>> first are of all, i want to thank matt schlapp and his incredible wife and boss, mercedes, who have been fantastic friends and supporters, and so great when i watch them on television defending me. nobody has a chance. judge jeanine: a presidential
6:24 pm
shout-out from the cpac stage. matt schlapp is chair of the conservative union. the president may have been the highlight, but what a few days it was. matt, thanks for being here. i was thrilled to be there and speak at cpac and i know you had some of the biggest conservatives out there speaking. how would you rate your own conference? >> i think i have to resign. i don't think i will be able to top this. the last time a president went to cpac in his first term was ronald reagan in 1981. he's saying i know i wouldn't have gotten here without you. our poll came out today, and they are with him and with his agenda. i don't believe this ridiculous press coverage there is some division. judge jeanine: the president is a man who is loyal.
6:25 pm
he doesn't forget you. this doesn't prize me at all. i was delighted he mentioned mercedes. the woman -- the beautiful woman you see on fox all the time is indeed the wife of my guest. let's talk about the correspondents dinner. the president says i ain't going. >> i think it's awesome. republican presidents hate going to this dinner. it's another time when they have to put on a tuxedo and get mocked. why should he do it? he doesn't want to do it. he's at war with the press. you might not think that's a good strategy. but it's a fact. he doesn't want to be phoney and put on a tuxedo and act chummy. judge jeanine: who does this hurt? >> i don't think this hurts him. judge jeanine: does it hurt the
6:26 pm
press? are lobbyists there? >> when you go to this thing, the on way you get a table at the white house correspondents dinner. >> all of us, the print media, television, radio. the president says no, it's not because he doesn't want to put a tuxedo on, but obama loved it. >> guess what happened when obama went to the white house correspondents dinner? they got to mock republicans. this is one of those annual functions where republicans have to take it. he's trying to reorient whole way in which the press assumes they get to work with the president. he's messing with them. judge jeanine: what about president bush? >> he never liked putting on a tuxedo.
6:27 pm
would any president like going and spending three hours with the people who they don't respect and who torture them on a daily basis? by the time george w. bush left office. he was 30% in approval ratings and he couldn't buy a good story. these people went after him and charged him with every story. judge jeanine: donald trump is saying i ain't playing this game. >> there is something about a man of a certain age and a certain stature who says screw you. judge jeanine: what is the press thinking? >> they don't know what to think. they are looking for every slight as something bigger than it is. so sean spicer can make small little decisions that press secretaries make and they think it's something bigger.
6:28 pm
judge jeanine: he said we added to the pool. >> they think the first amendment is in trial. they think there is something in the first amendment that says they can go into sean spicer's office it's absurd. judge jeanine: "street justice" from cpac is still ahead. and a new leader for the democratic party. but is he the right man at a rough time? [ sighs ] [ rumbling ]
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and about medicines you take. movantik may interact with them causing side effects. why hold it in? have your movantik moment. talk to your doctor about opioid-induced constipation. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. reporter: this is a fox news alert. a dozen people are in critical condition in new orleans. details are sketchy. but new orleans police say a car apparently driven by an intoxicated person ran into a
6:33 pm
crowd of people at a mardi gras parade. president trump fires the latest volley in his war with the media. he's skipping a decades-old tradition, the white house correspondents dinner. the democrats have a new national party chairman. tom perez, who was president trump's labor secretary. i'm robert gray, now back to "justice with judge jeanine." judge jeanine: welcome back to "justice." i'm joined live by the gopac chairman and chris hauck. the president breaking with tradition saying i'm not going. that puts the end to the dinner,
6:34 pm
doesn't it, chris? >> no, they will get alec baldwin to play the president and no one will miss him. he's missing a great opportunity to look human appeal to people who may not necessarily like him. this is where presidents get to be self-effacing. i think the president will regret missing it. judge jeanine: he has his own media, he does twitter. >> the president doesn't need this dinner to poke at the media and have fun with the media. the white house correspondents dinner has become new york post page thick, not phage one news. this is a gossip column event. one for you, chris.
6:35 pm
tom perez, the new man of the dnc. i assume you will like him, chris. >> i love him. he's a new yorker. he spent a lot of time in buffalo. i think's a good guy. the democratic party has structural issues they have to deal with. they have to learn to appeal at the state and local level, something they have ignored for the last 20 years. judge jeanine: you are glad it wasn't ellison? >> i would have been happy with either one. judge jeanine: a big difference between perez and ellison. >> perez is more structured. he worked in western new york which is more like the midwest. judge jeanine: upstate new york, that's where hillary clinton said i created 90,000 jobs. >> i know little about tom perez
6:36 pm
other than he came out of the obama administration and very little good has come out of the obama administration. he was the favorite of the d.c. establishment. and how he gets bernie sanders supporters in the fold for the democratic party, that's his challenge and i look forward to see if he can do it. judge jeanine: i'm fascinated by these town hall meeting and these candidates going back home, congress people going back home and getting hell dumped on them. what do you think? whether they are democrats or republicans, should they call a hold on these meetings? what do they do? >> i'm a guy who is a progressive who comes on this show and other conservative shows. if you want to be in public life, you have got to appear in public. you say i'm here all night. as long as anybody is civil, i'll answer any question you want. if you are afraid to do that,
6:37 pm
you should get out of politics. >> exactly right. republican or democrat, and i would say democrats aren't also holding town halls. so republican and democrats. from fellow republicans, what better way to go out and sell our message then to do town halls. if you can't take tough questions from constituents how are you going to convince other members of congress to come to your position. judge jeanine: the fact that as david said, manchin and mccaskill aren't doing these town hall meetings. that tells me that what that they are more aligned with republicans if? what does it tell you? >> i expect both of them to do town hall meetings. right now they don't want to step on the story which is republicans getting attacked.
6:38 pm
judge jeanine: i think they are being wimps if they can't show up. >> i think democrats and republicans should be doing these meetings all the time. they should be meeting with their constituents and answering questions to anybody who wants to ask it. judge jeanine: i agree. they could threent hang you in the village square but you still show up. if people are not from the jurisdiction, or from that congressional district, is there something that is unfair? philosophically about them showing up and creating hoopla? >> it's a free country, people are allowed to go to meeting in has never been a higher interest in american politics and current events than what we have now. jean were is it an agenda that
6:39 pm
we are so p.o.s that donald trump won? >> you sounds like me 8 years ago. this is exactly what i was saying to you on this show 8 years ago. this is what the tea party started as and i said it's agenda and astro turf. i was wrong. >> the trump supporters are equally fired up. maybe they are not talked about as much. but they see the path to higher wages, more jobs and keeping america safe. and they are not going to around the policies of the last 8 years. while the focus may be on those coming to disrupt town hall meetings -- thanks for being us tonight. see you next time. we are getting closer to street justice. am bass dorm john bolton talked about what we could see.
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judge jeanine: a new executive order on immigration expected any day now. what could it look like? with me former ambassador to the u.n., john bolton. what do you think will be different about this one? >> shell try and tailor it to eliminate some of the objections in the litigation filed across the country. judge jeanine: if you are a visa holder, green cardholder. >> and they have some protections built in for notice. but the fundamental issue of and fundamental thing wrong with the 9th circuit's decision is they could determine the national
6:45 pm
security of the united states and when it was threatened rather than the president of the united states. and that's an issue of that doesn't belong in the courts. i'm sure they will try it again. we may have to go to the supreme court on it. when you have people in black robes saying i don't think that's such a national security threat to the united states, we are in deep trouble. judge jeanine: so many people are arguing we have checks and balances and coequal branches of government. but there are thing that are exclusive live within the realm of the president's authority. >> reinforced by statuted that give him the thoafort was trying to exercise. you have this journal from california saying but why is it a security threat from this country. what evidence do you have any
6:46 pm
wish the justice department had done better, my old stomping grounds. how about saying iran has been on the state sponsors of terrorism for three defend kids. judge jeanine: everybody is so fired you have about russia, yet we were darning with the devil in iran and nobody seemed to care, selling them palettes of millions of dollars in unmarked planes. but the executive order when it does come out within hopefully whether or not it's going to be litigated again. is there still a question as to whether or not there is going to be a litigation on the first executive order? is there continuing litigation on that? >> i would argue the executive order if moots it. at least you start with a fresh piece of paper.
6:47 pm
but we have seen from the department of homeland security an effort to under cut this new executive order before it's come out by a leaked report the substance which i don't think we have seen. the seven countries who get stick scrutiny are not a terrorist threat. >> what we have got within the bureaucracy, and donald trump and the president i should say has been talking about all these leaks. butted the bureaucracy itself, is it bigger than the executive office itself? >> look, the brewer yat krat i is often called the fourth branch of government. if you have ask, many career people will tell you they think they are. in reality the authority of the executive branch comes from the president's constitutional authority and stat torive mandates from congress. the bureaucracy has no independent legitimacy on its own. there are a lot of people in there particularly in departments that have a real culture of trying to run policy
6:48 pm
on their own rather than follow the president's policy that they can make it up and these politicians come and go, but they are there forever. judge jeanine: the bureaucracy is not a meritocracy. they contribute to this culture of ways acceptable and not acceptable. >> a lot of people talk about the danger of obama administration holdovers, that is a danger. but a bigger problem is the culture. i saw it at the state department. they want to be a pure fiend foreign ministry. every couple years a foreign minister comes in and the bureaucracy goes on. that's not way we do it fortunately. judge jeanine: the sights and sounds from the political action conference are next.
6:49 pm
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judge jeanine: deportation of
6:53 pm
criminal illegals who have no right to be here. we don't need your sanctimonious condescension as to whether we as americans are kinds enough or christian enough. we are. judge jeanine: that was me at cpac talking about the local officials who defy federal law on immigration. after my speech i kept the conversation going with some people in attendance. take a look. let me ask you a question. build that wall. what do you think of the sheriffs saying i'm not going to assist i.c.e. or the federal government when people reef leased from jail are illegal and criminal.
6:54 pm
jean require' not a game show. >> they have to do their job. >> a sheriff is not someone hired by anyone other than the mayor or maybe the superintendent of the town. or maybe he's elected. so then the question of is what do we do about the cops and the police departments that will not identify criminal illegals who need to be deported. >> we need to sit them down and say if you like your funding so as much, then abide by the rules and do what you are supposed to do. >> if you are harboring illegal immigrants you are breaking the law. judge jeanine: they are not harboring them because they aren't staying at their houses. >> they know what they are doing and it's a deliberate thing. >> the feds put a detainer on this guy and they let him go. judge jeanine: he was ms13. i talked about it. so you listen.
6:55 pm
>> i always listen to you, judge. she is the smartest woman here, i can tell you that. judge jeanine:ism the only woman here. they are all men. >> i think we ought to start funding the candidates who run against the sheriff. our party isn't running people and funding people to go against them. i think that people need to lose this notion that the sheriff or the law enforcement are mean for doing their job. >> i'm a mexican for trump. i came to this country legally. anywhere they come from, they have to do it legally like i did. you come to this country you come here and follow the law. judge jeanine: what are you going to do if there is a wall? >> i have two passports, i can come back and forth any time i want.
6:56 pm
judge jeanine: we'll be right back. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve is fda approved to work for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. come on everybody. aleve. live whole. not part. my insurance rates are but dad, you've got... with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. it's good to be in, good hands.
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