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tv   Watters World  FOX News  February 25, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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i love you america they say he was a good by the whole time and he will be just fine. that's fox reports. i'm julie banderas, thanks for watching. "watters world" starts now. jesse: "watters world" is on. tonight, some of the biggest names in washington here. plus i hit the streets in search of illegal immigrants. >> illegal. jesse: was it difficult to cross the border? >> no. jesse: one college honoring white privilege week.
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jesse: is it better to have american you privilege than white privilege? "watters world" begins right now. welcome to "watters world" from d.c. i'm jesse watters. fake news media thought they had the president on the ropes, chaos everywhere and a so-called russian scandal was brewing. until the president called a press conference, then flew down to florida to spike the football, then doubled down at cpac. >> i called fake news the enemy of the people and they are. they have no sources, they just make them up when there are none. the dishonest media did not explain that i called the fake news the enemy of the people, the fake news. they dropped off the word "fake."
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and all of a sudden the story became the media is the enemy. they take the word fake out. so i'm not against the media, i'm not against the press. i don't mind bad stories if i deserve them. but i am only against the fake news media or press. they shouldn't be allowed to use sources unless they use somebody's name. let their name be put out there. a source says that donald trump is a horrible, horrible human being. let them say it to my face. i love the first amendment. but the first amendment gives all of us and gives it to me, gives it to you, gives it to all americans the right to speak our mind freely. it gives you the right and me the right to criticize fake news. jesse: this has thrown the press into a complete tailspin.
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>> he's trying to undermine the media, trying to make up his own facts. it could be while unemployment and the economy worsens, he could have undermined the messaging so much that he can control exactly what people think. that is our job. jesse: did you hear that? she just revealed how the press views the public, people incapable of make their own opinions. their motto is we control what you think. the media does not trust average americans. if they did, they wouldn't have to lie. if they did, they would realize fake news could not stop donald trump, so they kicked it up a notch be fake quotes. >> the reason why i'm asking because when he was candidate
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trump saying we made this country, meaning white americans, not black. >> i don't know why you would say that. >> i heard him say that. jesse: don't you think if donald trump said white america built this country we would have heard that before? here is what he said. >> we are people who built this country and made this country great. we are all together and we want to get along with everybody. jesse: here you have the media concocting fake trump quotes. pundits incapable of grasping trump appeal go to nasty smears. >> when he said america first, it wasn't just the hitlerian effect. >> when he says the media is the quote enemy of the people, where
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he sound more like mussolini or lenin which obviously causes concern, that makes him sound more like a dictator in training. jesse: congratulations, hitler, mussolini, lenin. these dictators killed millions of people. the only thing trump killed are regulations. the debt is front and center on the mind of many journalists. >> i'm worried about somebody house deranged will hear that kind of language and take action against the journalists at a rally or some private settings. >> somebody is going to get hurt. if you take somebody who has a legitimate reason to be upset in the first place and you pump them up and it starts to be a call to action, somebody will get hurt. jesse: the last time i checked,
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it was the democrats rioting in berkeley and black lives matter-expired maniacs -- inspired maniacs shooting police officers. they destroyed any credibility they had when trump deserves criticism. that's what's dangerous. here is how steve bannon assessed the situation. >> just like they were dead wrong on the campaign and the transition, they are dead wrong about what's going on today. they are corporatist, globalist media adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda like to donald trump has. as economic conditions get better and more jobs get better they will continue to fight. jesse: media warfare, writes
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this all headed? joining me is richard fowler and joe conche. jesse: you have white house correspondent making up fake donald trump quotes. you have to understand why donald trump is angry with them. >> i can't speak about where she got that quote. for the past two years donald trump is running for president and he has said falsehoods. his white house made things up like the bowling green massacre or the terrorist attack in sweden. jesse: he didn't say terrorist attack. >> he says these things. everything the president says, we can all agrace newsworthy.
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so when the president puts out falsehoods or his camp puts out falsehoods, that's false. a synonym for false is fake. so this white house traffics in fake news. you can't criticize fake news if you traffic in it. jesse: joe, what he seems to be saying to me is because donald trump will exaggerate that gives the mainstream media the right to exaggerate fake news as well. >> why don't you criticize what april said? >> like i said, i don't know where she got the quote from. >> she didn't get it from anywhere. >> i think she should source the quote. this is more to do with what the president said at cpac that if they are leaking information,
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leak their names. journalists a lot of times depend upon confidential sources to reveal information. >> that's a pivot. i want to get back to ryan. so in these cases, here is the problem. april ryan is wrong. she cannot produce a quote. she will not apologize. she'll not retract. her publication will not reprimand her in any capacity. and these mistakes will keep happening over and over again unless the media says april ryan you are representing us poorly. you are allowing april ryan to produce fake facts. just like the story that the president was going to provide 100,000 national guard troop tro round up illegal aliens.
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we as a media are not calling out these people, whether it be associated press or april ryan in these situations from getting it wrong. jesse: it's not just fake quotes. when you have journalists on major networks saying that trump is like hitler or mussolini or lenin, do you think that's responsible journalism? >> the two clips we saw, joe scarborough is not a journalistist. he's a republican a operative that can say whatever he wants. jesse: you would approve of a fox news commentator calling president obama hitler. >> it was done. jesse: what fox news commentator called obama hitler. another jofn us pundits is to make opinions.
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we come on and say our opinion. i never said that president trump was mussolini or hitler or stalin. jesse: it's a marketplace of ideas and if you say crazy stuff you can't stay on the air. >> there were five examples during the inauguration speech who referred to the president in hitlerian terms and called it dark and went personal. >> he said american carnage. >> american death. >> that gives a reporter to call him hitler. he was talking about carnage in chicago. >> the crime rate is lower. jesse: there were 7 people shot in chit other day. give me a break. >> overall the crime rate in the
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united states is down. jesse: crimes up in major cities across the country. but we have got to go, thank you very much. up next, i talk with illegal aliens in new york city. did you come here legally or illegally. >> illegal.
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jesse: president trump announced new illegal immigration measures. while many on the left in an uproar about that. at least two dangerous illegal immigrants have been allowed to walk free. in denver the feds tried to keep him there, and the sheriff's department let him go. and when he left he allegedly killed a man. another illegal immigrant was
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allowed to walk free. he's an admitted member of the notorious ms13 gang and now we don't even know where he is. an incredible 1.2 million illegal immigrants live in new york city, more than any other place in the country. so "watters world" traveled to the bronx to talk with some illegal immigrants. where are you from? >> mexico. >> mexico. >> chile. >> dominican republic. jesse: did you come here legally or illegally. >> illegally. jesse: are you trying to become legal? did you cross the border? >> 40 years ago. jesse: how much did it cost to pay the coyotes. that's pretty expensive. how long have you been in america? >> 10 years.
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>> 29 years. jesse: did you cross the border in to what state? was it difficult to cross the border? >> no. jesse: do you respect immigration law? >> yes. >> no. jesse: what do you think we should do about illegal immigration? >> round them up and take them out. they are taking all our jobs and it's not fair. jesse: what do you think america should do about illegal immigration? if you are illegal and commit a crime, should you stay? >> no, no, no. jesse: they have to go back? >> if you come here illegally you have to go back. jesse: do you think anybody should be able to come to this country? >> not if their paperwork is good.
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jesse: even if you are illegal america should help you out? >> yes, we are all human. >> very good people working. jesse: do you like trump yes or no. >> no. jesse: are you scared of trump? >> are you afraid of trump? >> no. >> why? >> i think trump is more of a celebrity and he's not fit. jesse: are people nervous about trump's people kicking down doors and rounding people up? >> yes. not everybody is an illegal alien. some people work all their life to come to fork so they can have a better life. i don't think he can judge who can come in and who can't. jesse: do you like bill deblasio, the mayor? >> no. jesse: do you know who i am?
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>> no. >> i'm watters. still to come. tucker carlson is here. we asked him how he deals with these people. you have next president rocks cpac. >> it's time to stand up for america, stands up for the american worker, and stand up for the american flag. [♪] cindy crawford>> i'm cindy crawford. i'm a wife, model, mother, and business woman. hi heidi! i'm coming! heidi brooks>> where are you? cindy crawford>> i'm like 10 minutes away. and like most the women i know, i'm constantly juggling to keep all the plates in the air. cindy crawford>> by making the time to take care of ourselves, it helps us be better at everything else we do. and that's why taking good care of my skin makes me feel better too. cindy crawford>> with meaningful beauty i can get the wisdom of my very full life, without
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jesse: it was all eyes on cpac as president trump spoke to a standing room tomorrow crowd at the annual conservative crowd conference. >> there has never been anything like this. there have been some movements. but there has never been anything like this. there have been movements like bernie that petered out. but it was rigged against him. superdelegate. the core con visks our movement is we are a nation that put and will put its own citizens first. we are building the wall. in fact it's going to start soon. waive ahead of schedule. remember we are getting the bad ones out. these are bad dudes. we are getting the bad ones out. i said it from day one. basically all i have done is keep my promise.
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jesse: i also attended c park and while i was -- attended cpac and while i was there got some face time with president trump's inner circle. has the conservative and donald trump buried the hatchet? >> i think conservatives at cpac are energized and excited. we have the opportunity to accomplish what we have been talking about for years. we have been given something historic. republican control of the white house and both houses of congress. now we have to deliver. jesse: when will resee action? >> we have seen action the first month it's an all-star cabinet. judge gorsuch for the supreme court is a strong principled constitutionalist. and i think the executive actions we have seen from the president have been bold and decisive.
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do you have any advice for them? >> my advice is set aside your anger and rage and ask yourself what is it about your policies, what is it about the disaster that is obamacare. what is it about taxes and regulations that cause voters to leave democrats after generations. jesse: the fake news attacks have been driving the press crazy. >> the election of donald trump is something they neither an is paid the, expected or wanted. so there has been a real adjustment peerwood idea. stager, denial, and we are trying to get them into acceptance. he does see false news reports daily, and he calls them out. that's incomplete. >> we are fighting the fake news.
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phoney, fake. >> it's the incomplete coverage of all these great stories of his first month of action and impact. this president is using twirts and social media platforms at a clip. so he's cutting out the middleman. jesse: the president will be tell something stormives tuesday at the state of the union. these addresses are usually so boring. will you have promise the trump address won't be sphwhoarg. >> trump address won't be boring because donald trump is not boring. jesse: do you have think these fake news stories are designed because they dislike the president so much. >> i think they are looking for clicks and they are trying to make it as sensational as they can. jesse: you have think it's about
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money too we saw a story in the post and they wrote at the end of it the white house denied it. it was false and instead of retract it and retracting it. they put in an update, the white house denies it. we didn't deny it, it was false. jesse: still to come, white privilege month at pennsylvania college. "watters world" was there to find out what that meant. >> wait one second, mr. carlson. i appreciate the hype. >> give me an answer.
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peace talks.
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i'm julie banderas. now back to "watters world." [♪] jesse: we are five week into the trump administration and his critics can't seem to accept the election. so this protester appeared on "tucker carlson tonight" earlier this week. >> it would have taken millions to ride rise up and stop hitler. it's shameful. i know you love to carry water for this criminal. this war criminal-in-chief. jesse: tucker seems to attract
11:33 pm
kooks like myself. it seems if you want to call trump hitler, you go on your show. reporter: the trump is hitler conversations aren't helpful because it's a primal scream. i disagree with some of his views, but why the gut reaction of hysteria to this guy. is it real? is it a political tactic? that woman did not help me get to the bottom of it. i think what they are saying when they say trump is hitler. they are saying i'm virtuous. this is a way in a post-istian society for people to proclaim they are good people. i serve the poor, i go to church, i go to heaven when i die.
11:34 pm
now they are saying you are veefl, you are a racist and i'm a good person. jesse: we have one of our dear friends from the washington post going up against tucker carlson. >> here is the last line. wait one second, mr. carlson. i appreciate the high-pitched laugh. reporter: give me an answer. >> there few if any news organizations that allow their in-house media reporter to do as much coverage of their own shop as fred hyatt and marty baird allowed me to do. i'll send you a few examples. >> did you just decline to do it? jesse: what was that even all about? reporter: his newspaper often attacks others of being in the
11:35 pm
pocket of the kremlin. but they run a propaganda section paid for by the kremlin. you ought to be able to turn the lens on your own employer. but he's not. he sucks up to the people who pay this check and attacks everybody else from his moral perch. he couldn't answer a single question. jesse: he's a creepy guy. he sidles up to me, oh, jesse watters. we have this crazy teacher, she organized these anti-milo protests. reporter: if you had a student in your class who espoused
11:36 pm
fascism, would you beat him up? >> of course not. we are talking about people -- in sacramento there were trashists who had knives tide at the ends of sticks. reporter: not the man you hit. jesse: do you believe there are men with sticks with knife. she went up to an unarmed man she disagreed with and started punching him. she wasn't tall enough to hit him in the face. there is an authoritarian strain on the left. they don't believe in free speech. they believe violence is the solution to political difference. we need to highlight this and it won't wind up in a good place at all. jesse: when you hear somebody
11:37 pm
say i am okay with violence and they come on your show and espouse it. do you know they are going to say that? because the look on your face during most of those interviews is priceless, this shocked look of disbelief. >> i'm 47 years old. i didn't grow up in a country like this. i grew up in a country where people disagreed but they always acknowledged the other person's right to say what they thought. things changed so much so fast on the left, i am bewildered by it. also, graduate student and writer at nyu went at you for some sort of riot they had against the conservatives in manhattan. let's look at that. reporter: if i were to go to a rally and said pigs in a blanket fry like bacon, the killing of
11:38 pm
cops, would you say that's not allowed? >> if a student group wants to have a discussion. reporter: if they were to use that phrase, pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon. >> you have no principles. all the things you have been saying are totally untrue. jesse: that was so mean to say he had no principles. reporter: he was going on about how some guy he disagrees with, gavin mcinnes, is a danger to our society. so i said you have people advocatinadvocating for the kilf cops. and base has no principles, he had no answer. and he's a student? jesse: this is why people stay in school for so long. next, the republican party finally united under president trump. i get answers from some of the
11:39 pm
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white pus much pins bring attention to white privilege. we wondered if captain feign would cause more division rather than bringing people together. so we went to see what it's all about. jesse: why are you wearing a white privilege button. >> i'm can acknowledging that i have white privilege. jesse: what is white privilege? >> i don't know if i'm qualified to answer that question. >> i don't know if i'm qualified to answer that question. >> nobody really cares.
11:44 pm
white privilege is a myth. jesse: don't think you are taking away from black history month? >> that's an interesting question. >> i don't think i would be turned down from a job because of my skin color. jesse: i would turn you down for your hair. how does it feel to have white privilege? >> being white i don't necessarily feel it. it's something other people are noticing. jesse: you don't know that you are white? >> you mean i'm not white. >> i know i'm white. >> they might look at me a certain way if i dressed a certain way. they would think i'm a thug. jesse: because you have a hoodie. >> i might look like a bad guy. jesse: if you could change your race, would you do that? >> no, because i would never change who i am fundamentally.
11:45 pm
jesse: so you like your white privilege. >> that's a good one. jesse: do you believe white privilege exists in this country. >> yes. jesse: then how did barack obama become president. >> is it easier to be white on the dance floor. jesse: do you feel guilty about your white privilege? >> so you are not white? >> i'm italian. i'm american. jesse: isn't it more important to have american privilege than white privilege? >> i'm going to stop. jesse: all right. we were doing so well, i thought. joining me now is the deputy
11:46 pm
editor of the daily carol. as well as the author of the book, "no campus for white men." i don't understand what white privilege is. can you explain it to me? >> it's a term they use for tall caucasians living in america and other western countries have inherent privileges such as they can walk into a mall and security won't be eyeing them. according to the theory is that mall security only targets minorities and that hurts their lives. they say -- they call it an invisible knapsack we carry around and get this privilege. you can't legislate policy and i don't know how wearing puzzle pins will change it. it's making you look silly. jesse: astliewmg is a little
11:47 pm
white privilege, let's take that for granted. what am i supposed to feel, guilty for that? >> that's what they want you to feel guilty. elizabethtown is, we are putting these republicans on to show our shame for white privilege. we didn't determine our color of skin at birth. we didn't check it off. jesse: i didn't pay for white privilege. >> it's something you have no control over but you are supposed to feel guilty by the. jesse: what are you supposed to about it? >> just feel bad about it. i outfine my book all the examples of how it's just about making whites feel bad for all these privileges. now we have hillary clinton in her campaign campaigning on -- i do have white privilege which is what are we supposed to do about that? jesse: i think white privilege does exist.
11:48 pm
but there is no white privilege on the basketball court. because when i may i can't jump. all i can do is shoot. i'm a mess out there. >> everybody in life has certain difficulties that they have to overcome. some people have benefits or advantages other people don't have. reducing into a racial thing creates more division. so i think it's almost keeping things around that we should and have. >> there is hands some privilege and tall privilege. and i think everyone's privilege in one way or another. but i don't feel that guilty about it, i have to say. thank you very much. up next, big uproar after milo was -- half m booted from cpac.
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jesse: donald trump's absence at last year's cpac raised questions about unity and this year's convention. the bigger headline from cpac earlier in the week had become the last-minute cancellation of fire brand milo yiannopoulos after a video showing milo appearing to defend pedophilia.
11:53 pm
but i was there for reaction to milo and everything else. what's the vibe at cpac. >> people are excited there is so much winning going on. they are not sick of it yet. jesse: are conservatives united right now? >> i think most craze why it left gets' hard not to be united. >> if you think back a year ago at this very conference donald trump didn't show up because he was afraid of the conference. this year he's apparently their hero. jesse: do you feel sorry for the press? >> no. >> trump has a loose relationship with the truth a lot of the time. so it's beholding on the media to hold him accountable.
11:54 pm
but so many folks in the mainstream media are willing to believe the things about him and risht to air and print without check it three times. it sets up trump with a volleyball spike right in their faces. jesse: cpac give milo the boot. good idea, or bad idea? >> it was definitely a good idea. what were you have thinking? he'sed a wild man and i love him. but when you are a wild man you go off the deep end. jesse: do you like wild men? >> yes. jesse: in politics? >> yes. jesse: why do you think cpac booked milo. >> because we can work together on if the free speech issue. that's a hot button issue on the conservative movement.
11:55 pm
but should he have been headlining a conservative events? i don't think so. jesse: can milo recover from this. >> depend on what it means by recover. do i think somebody? publish his book? yes. but will he be back in the mainstream? i'm diewb yuls of that. jesse: always remember one thing, i'm watters and this is my world. jesse: as i was researching my family tree, i discovered a woman named marianne gaspard. i became curious where in africa she was from. so i took the ancestry dna test to find out more about my african roots. ancestry really helped me fill in a lot of details.
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ess type to hear from the people today. "watters world" is one of the greatest things to ever exist.
11:59 pm
can't argue with that. you are the stupidest person. i can't decide if you are funny or smart. i thoroughly enjoy your show but as warmer weather approaches can you chill? >> i'll be at the daytona next week. be sure to send me your thoughts. your comments may wind up on air. we have a big interview in store for next week's show. trust me. you don't want to miss it. huge.
12:00 am
with that, show's over. justice with judge jeanine is next. ♪ >> tom: welcome to "redeye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tvs angelo v let's check in with tvs andy levy. >> -- i've never been more jealous than anyone of my life. plus, a double board draws them as a liar for suggesting that real men provide, stick around to hear tom shillue explain gmac mansplain why they are wrong.


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