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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  February 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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thanks for so much for watching. greg is next. goodbye from the capital could have made with the oranges. >> or orange juice. >> harris faulkner is up next. harris: fox urgent, new developments as the white house is cracking down on staff who leaked information to the media. fox news confirmed white house press secretary sean spicer personally told staff to turn in their cell phones so they can be checked out. he warned this is just round one. we'll have more on those breaking developments in a moment, first, president donald trump is kicking off arguably his most important week in the white house so far. here's what we expect to see rollout. by midweek, so-called executive order on extreme vetting and the president's vision for moving america forward in first
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speech to a joint session of congress. set to see him make the short trip down pennsylvania avenue to capitol hill on tuesday. the president expected to lay the groundwork for working with congress on tax reform. cutting government spending and rebuilding the military. but the white house says no issue will likely be more important than obamacare. deputy white house press secretary sarah sanders says both political parties know the health law is in trouble and the president will try to rally support for a real solution. >> even democrats will admit that obamacare is simply not sustainable. it's collapsing under itself. it cannot maintain the track that we're on. we have to make big changes. both republicans and democrats agree with that. harris: kristin fisher is live for us outside the white house. how intense was this search, the cell phones, turn them over? >> reporter: harris, it was pretty intense it. included both government issued and certainly cell phones, this
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goes to show you the extent which white house press secretary sean spicer is willing to go to plug the leaks that keep coming out of the white house. here's what we know. according to senior administration official, last week spicer called nearly two dozen staffers and asked them to hand over their phones to prove they had nothing to hide. they weren't the leakers, and reportedly warned all the staffers that round one of this was quote, unquote recess compared to what would happen in round two of the investigation. here we have a leak about a meeting to stop leaks. harris? harris: part of the leaks the press secretary is unhappy about have to go into the investigation into russian interference into the presidential election. where do the investigations stand right now? >> reporter: the fbi and two congressional committees are already investigating. now a top republican congressman, congressman darrell issa is calling for independent special prosecutor to investigate.
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here's how he explained why president trump should be open to it. >> this is a man who i trust understands that businesses run on truth. government for once needs to run on truth. i want to make it clear, i want an investigation because i want this administration to be different than the last one that basically didn't want investigations of anything. >> reporter: he's essentially saying that the attorney general jeff sessions should recuse himself because he's a trump appointee. but former campaign manager corey lewandowski disagrees. >> i have the utmost confidence in attorney general sessions. if he believes that there is something there, he will investigate that. i think he's completely capable and competent to do so. he is of utmote integrity and leave it in his hands. >> reporter: in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks, he may need to let go of that divisive
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language a little bit tonight because his first lady put out a statement about the annual governor's ball that says, quote, tonight we come together as one nation leaving political labels and partisan interests behind. very big night at the white house, the first big social event that president trump will be holding sxheeshgs it should be starting just about any minute. harris? harris: quite the red carpet of its own. going to be absolutely beautiful as they always are. i want to let our viewers know too, kristin, thank you for bringing up that. we fully anticipate getting pictures in the short order as they become available from that governor's ball. if they do, we'll show them on "fox report". thanks to kristin for her reporting. fox news will have coverage of president trump's address to congress all day tuesday. we'll have it for you live as only fox news can bring it to you. that speech is expected to address the effort to repeal and replace obamacare.
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gop lawmakers remain divided how to go about doing that and republican governors are getting into the mix as well, working on their own health care proposal. here's wisconsin governor scott walker who met with the president yesterday. >> that's the concern we all have. as governors, we want personalized, patient centered health care that treats people like a human being, and that's a commonsense, certainly the president was interested on, as i came back, we were listening to secretary of health and human services, i'm hopeful we'll have a plan that goes beyond repeal and helps all the people in wisconsin, virginia and everywhere else. harris: garrett tenney is reporting from washington. some of the critics who say republicans don't have a plan. the gop governors will have their own. do we know what's in it? >> reporter: this afternoon, governor walker said it's an idea of collections and ideas how to improve medicaid. one of the changes they're pushing for is put states in
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control of the program rather than the federal government. with these expected cuts to medicaid, by allowing each state to design their own program, they can make it better and work maximize. here's governor walker on "fox news sunday." >> for years, governors said give us the tools not just on health care but education, transportation, other issues. now is the chance to do it. we can make it work if governors work with a president and a house that will be receptive. >> as you mentioned this weekend, the president and health and human services secretary tom price meeting with a number of governors to hear their ideas, and so far the administration has been very receptive to the suggestions, harris? harris: let's talk about the money, if congress were to cut medicaid funding, what will the states decide to do? do we have an sgld. >> if the states had more control, they could make the funds go further. if they're cut, they could make it work, in the short-term, the funding is a bigger question
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for governors in the 31 states that chose to expand medicaid under obamacare. those states and the district of columbia extended coverage to 11 million more people because the federal government said pick up the tab. now congress is trying to figure out how to cut funding without forcing those folks off medicaid and without short changing the states that didn't choose to expand medicaid such as virginia. >> if we just eliminate the aca, it costs $200 billion per year, $157 million pharmaceutical reenforcements right off the bat. i'm concerned how to do this going forward. >> reporter: tomorrow when they present their plans to repeal and replace obamacare. harris? harris: a busy week, good to see you. thank you very much. you know it's only been a little more than a month into the trump presidency and taking on massive issues ranging from immigration reform to cutting business regulation. so far the president and his
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team have done it without nearly half of his cabinet level nominees who are awaiting confirmation. that is the highest number by modern day president thus far into an administration. lauren blanchard with more on what is behind the foot-dragging on capitol hill. >> reporter: hi, harris, the president is setting a record he likely doesn't want. cabinet is take far longer to be confirmed than the last six administrations. for context, president bush had his entire cabinet confirmed in two weeks. we're now five weeks out and eight members are hanging in limbo. >> our administration is running with great efficiency, even though i still don't have my cabinet approved. nobody mentions that, it's just a delay, delay, delay. it's really sad. >> reporter: here's a look at the nominees waiting for full senate confirmation. eight cabinet-level positions, ross, zinke, harris and perry need votes.
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and purdue and acosta have no hearing at all. the senate has been out but the labor secretary nominee wilbur ross is scheduled for vote tomorrow night. democrats dragging their feet on nearly every nominee. majority of the votes are party line and democrats vowed to continue the slowdown because the cabinet doesn't have the average americans best interests in mind. >> president trump talks about being the party of working people. he has certainly put together an administration of working people. he has more billionaires, more millionaires in his cabinet and his administration any, president in history. he has appointed people or the needs of the sick and the poor. >> reporter: we expect the senate to break a filibuster on congressman zinke who is up for interior secretary. harris? harris: lauren, thank you very much. this fox news alert. fox news can confirm talking about those cabinet-level positions, that the president's
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choice for navy secretary, philip billeden has withdrawn for consideration from the post. a cabinet-level position, we were talking about that. no reason as we have been told was given for the decision, but the pentagon will be releasing a statement shortly about the person withdrawing for navy secretary. philip billden, interesting that's happening the time the story is coming together. iran is conducting first major military exercises since president trump took office. they do this every year. what they're doing, they're one of the most important shipping lines, and a federally funded school is being investigated for possible ties to the chinese military, an in-depth credit karma? why are you checking your credit score? you don't want to ride the 13l forever, do you? the doctor said it's not contagious. [coughing] credit karma, huh? yeah, it's free.
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. harris: want to check up now on the fight to retake a key city from the islamic savages.
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we're learning some of the heaviest resistance yet. our u.s. military is working with iraqi forces to take western mosul. so we've been following this on "fox report". they took eastern mosul. took about 100 days, and experts told us on this very show it could take three times that amount to try to take eastern mosul. there are 750,000 people that are trapped in that city. the associated press is reporting at least 30 iraqi soldiers now and more than 200 civilians have been killed or wound in just the past three days. this operation inherent resolve as it's called started about this time last sunday. isis is using car bombs, snipers and dozens of armed drones, friday, iraqi forces took full control of the city's international airport. a key victory in the ongoing battle. green beret ben collins was on "fox report" saying this is going to be a long process.
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>> the concern here is if it took essentially 100 days to retake eastern mosul, it could take up to three times as long. harris: that's a year! >> we could be looking at months that the civilians are stuck. harris: isis also is using more and more armed drones in the area. the bombs not causing much serious injury but disrupting operation for iraqi forces in the fight. iran has begun conducting annual naval drills off the country's southern coast. it's tehran's first major military exercise since president trump took office and comes as iran's hard-line president penned a long bert to our president. conor powell has the story from our mideast bureau. >> reporter: iran's naval exercises come amid growing tensions between the trump administration and tehran. in just three weeks after his administration put iran on, quote, notice after the islamic
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republic test fired a ballistic missile, iranian state tv said the drills near the strategic strait of hormuz and the strait of horman are against threats of piracy and terrorism. the drills will take place across two million square kilometers. nearly a third of all oil traded by sea passes through the strait of hormuz and seen of several confrontations between iran and the u.s. last month an american destroyer fired warning shots at four iranian fast attack vessels after they approached the u.s. ship at high speeds. but it should be noted that the drills do not involve any of iran's elite revolutionary guards. the paramilitary force set the u.s. often battles with. there is no doubt the drills will be closely watched by president trump who vowed to take a harder line with iran than the previous obama administration did.
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harris? harris: connor, thank you. and fox news is learns of serious concerns of the records of thousands of u.s. servicemembers and veterans. all tied to a school located miles from the pentagon. ahead, exclusively information on a federal investigation into the school's possible ties to the chinese military. >> it got uploaded into an old drive. their personal military files and where they were trained, how they were trained, how long, that could be remotely
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. harris: fox news was able to get exclusive details about an online school that's been under investigation for possible ties to china's military. at issue were thousands of records from the u.s. servicemembers compromised?
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the university of management and technology sits four miles from the pentagon, and it's received millions of dollars in funding from the department of defense for educating our veterans. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge reports. >> reporter: in december 2012, the fbi raided the northern virginia offices of umt, the university of management and technology. the online school advertises military friendly, helping best complete new and advanced degrees. that same day, fbi agents raided the home of umt's academic dean and his wife. that's chen watching agents search her home. here is chen speaking at the 2016 graduation. >> we are proud of our students stationed at military bases. >> reporter: the school received upwards of $6 million taxpayers since the raid.
10:22 pm
school officials didn't want to talk to fox news how umt is run. >> it's a bad deal for the soldiers and bad for the taxpayers. >> reporter: steven rose is stepping forward for the first time. >> absolutely disgusts me. it needs to stop. >> reporter: rose recruited vets when the fbi approached him in 2012. e-mails and other documents reviewed by fox news corroborate key elements of the story. >> did the fbi ask you to be an informant in a case? >> yes. >> reporter: how long did you do that with the fbi? >> three years. >> reporter: photos and documents reviewed by fox suggest there is another side in the leadership. he salutes his wife. >> one of the first sentences she threw out after she found out i was an officer in the army. she said i was in the army. >> she was a member of the chinese military? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the pla or the
10:23 pm
people's liberation army is the chinese wing of the communist party. he wrote one of the definitive books about the chinese military. this picture appears to show chen before she went to george washington university. >> somebody was wearing that uniform, i would say there's a very great likelihood that they were in the people's liberation army. >> reporter: what can you tell me about that uniform? >> this is a pla officer's uniform, active duty between 1987 and 2007, and from the epilets, you can see that the three stars and two red stripes would be a full colonel. >> reporter: chen denied being a colonel in the chinese military and checked no on this form when asked, are you now or have you ever been or in any way connected or associated with the communist party. chen became a naturalized u.s. citizen.
10:24 pm
fox news asked the expert in passport and visa fraud to review the forms. >> if she marked no on the petition but if, in fact, the answer is yes, we have a false statement. and where that comes into play most assuredly is in the arena of passport fraud. answers she provided on the immigration documents ultimately ends up being her approval to become a naturalized u.s. citizen. >> reporter: with no laws preventing a naturalized u.s. citizen rung a school like umt rose remained concerned about the security of vets' records. >> it got updated into an o-drive their personal military biowhere, they were trained, how they were trained, how long. that could be remotely accessed. >> reporter: during investigation, the fbi discovered that contractors in the umt beijing office have access to the student database. >> she was very interested in wright paterson air force base. >> reporter: a research and technology hub.
10:25 pm
the requests apparently went further. >> she want me to go to the remote reserve and national guard centers. >> reporter: rose said the fbi instructed him to tell chen he'd been called to testify before a virginia grand jury. >> how did she react? >> she's like you don't tell them anything, we don't know each other. you don't know what you don't know was her buzz phrase. >> reporter: was the fbi aware of that? >> they were. >> reporter: these e-mails show he and one fbi agent alerted the government yet government records confirm another multi-million-dollar deal was signed in 2014. >> how much money was umt getting from the defense department and the va every month? >> between 200,000 and 300,000 a month? >> reporter: 200,000 and 300,000? >> absolutely. >> reporter: it stalled after a disagreement with the fbi over how to proceed. now that the bureau nor gillis
10:26 pm
would comment to fox. the naval criminal investigative service or ncis confirmed the case is an ongoing investigation but said nothing further. after repeated interview requests, fox went to umt where we were told chen and dr. frame were in the office, but both refused to come out after learning it was fox news. according to umt's website, they graduated 10,700 students, contacted by fox new, a defense department spokeswoman said they are reviewing the school's deal which runs through 2019. fox news put a series of questions in the embassy in washington but there was no immediate response. harris. harris: great reporting, catherine, thank you very much. democrats have a new leader. they've chosen president obama's former labor secretary thomas perez to lead the democratic national committee.
10:27 pm
why party insiders may not think he's the man for the job? we'll talk about it with our political panel later. and president trump expected to reveal his new executive order on immigration and travel to the united states. this hour, my guest in tonight's fox interview shows the first executive order on immigration, he's looking forward to the new one. we'll talk about keeping america cities safe and his state's push to get rid of sanctuary cities whichchchchch
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. harris: i'm harris faulkner, this is "fox report". time for a fox fast-forward on the big week ahead in washington and around the country. tomorrow, the senate is set to hold a confirmation vote on president trump's pick for commerce secretary, wilbur ross. tuesday president trump will address his first joint session of congress, the white house billing it as a sort of state of the union address where he will lay out immigration, taxes and health care, to name a couple of subjects. wednesday, take two on the travel ban, slated to sign a new executive revisedord immigration and extreme vetting. let's get to it. for more bringing in doug schoen, former adviser to president bill clinton and a fox news contributor. and evan sigfreid, republican
10:32 pm
strategist and author of gop gps. i spit your name out. i'm sorry. breaking news at the top of the hour, and the idea we need to find the leaks coming out of the white house. evan, i want to start with you about the importance of this journey? >> every administration searches for leaks, nobody had it put under a microscope as the transportation has. and sean spicer and the white house counsel looking for them. the president wants to get tough on leaks and crack down and the leaks are being portraying the white house as dysfunctional organization where the president said it's a fine tuned machine. harris: it's dangerous, doug, depending what is crossing the president's desk, up the to be careful what leaks out of the oval office or the white house. there's that part of it. >> there sure is, but there also is the civil liberties issue, the privacy of the staff.
10:33 pm
to have the press secretary grab people's phones both personal and work and say it's going to get worse rather than better is bone chilling to me. i worked for bill clinton. they were just as concerned in his administration as donald trump. harris: they had leaks. >> and they did. but bill clinton would hold his tongue in meetings to try to eliminate the possibilities of leaks. he'd be private in his conversations, but there was none of this, and i'm very glad there wasn't. harris: okay, let's talk about how sean spicer is handling. this you talked about the focus on this. social media playing a huge role in that. we have the encrypted apps that people can put on smartphones. sean spicer specifically spoke of this. you can be e-mailing back and forth with reporters, not sitting on a server. the federal records act, that's in violation of that. >> it's wrong to use apps like confide. harris: he took it off of his phone. >> yes, he was using it and
10:34 pm
took it off when he realized it was a violation. harris: >> isn't it a bit hypocritical. >> a bit. i think sean spicer is trying to find the leakers and using the apps for any reason are bad. let's say something does go wrong and need to figure out what happened and where, whencretion at investigators look at that, they're going to say you have something to hide when the app or the text message that was deleted might have exonerated the people. so i think it's very wrong to use that. harris: yeah, i mean, i think the jarring thing today is just the fact it's had to go this far. these are senior administration officials. how can the president do business effectively? there are only so many private conversations that can be had in a 24-hour period, doug? >> right, if you're living in the white house in fear that you are going to be summarily, that sends the wrong message to the american people. harris: what about on our jobs, our employers can look at our
10:35 pm
e-mail? >> one thing to look at your work e-mail on a work address, but i don't think anyone they know of in any job has pulled blackberries or iphones away, and i'm glad that that doesn't happen that often. harris: all right, it is happening and this is round one, sean spicer said this is going to feel like recess if the leaks continue. let's move forward, corey lewandowski, former campaign manager for president trump had words to say about the whole process of basically the choices that are being made with regard to the dnc. let's watch this because democrats have a new leader. let's watch. >> what this says to me is that they've now put someone in the chair of the democratic party who doesn't understand what's going on in america. you would have had an opportunity to pick a candidate that understood what middle america is about and not someone who's just concerned about the east coast or the west coast and instead what we've seen is more of the same from the democratic party. harris: can we talk about how
10:36 pm
in some ways this race got pretty nasty? you went from two people who wanted to lead the fund-raising arm of the party to ten, and i saw words like you got to rein the women in and hashtag wtf by the people competing. it really did. corey lewandowski is pointing to the fact that you may have gotten somebody that the electorate may not be thrilled about. >> the electorate doesn't typically know who the chair party is. he's far left with ties to -- >> he was tied to the likes of bernie sanders or no? >> they are, that's far left and he goes beyond bernie sanders in some of his views. tom perez wants to unify the party, bring people together and unite the diverse elements of the democratic party. harris: can he do it? >> it's an open question in my mind but a good start, harris. harris: you were going to
10:37 pm
start, who is perez tied to? >> louis farrakhan. he fund raised for the nation of islam minister. >> that's the icing on the cake for him. he said jews were responsible for 9/11. >> and said run the world and dominate and it's horrific. he's a vice chairman. i wish he hadn't been. but we have a chairman in the obama cabinet, had hillary clinton's support and can hopefully unite my party. harris: i've been reading some of what you've been writing, i know you are worried about your party. >> very worried. very worried. harris: evan, let's talk about obamacare. that's coming up in the tuesday speech by president trump, the mini state of the union as it's billed. your thoughts on the journey ahead. >> the president needs to detail what repeal and replace of obamacare is going to be. he says something terrific. he is going to be the human starting gun, he's going to
10:38 pm
issue a call to congress tuesday. it's the perfect opportunity to do that. we're going to see a campaign-style president trump versus president trump. harris: tuesday night? >> yes, at the speech. he needs to give detail on obamacare, veterans issues. harris: does it just need to be him? he's going to get help. republican governors are putting together their own plan. they're holding the governor's ball. i don't know if they'll talk business, the dresses are pretty, we'll see what happens. he has others like senator rand paul. he's not doing on his own? >> no he's not. the voters put him in there and the republicans who support him. >> therein, evan, lies the problem, we have no consensus how to replace, the possibility that 20 million people could lose their health care. costs could skyrocket -- >> wait, i know that's your talk point. you realize places like arizona, the costs have gone up triple digits. 116%! >> if we lose more people and
10:39 pm
the, in of insurance breakdown, it will get more and more expensive, and if we don't have coverage of all those who didn't have health care, we could have up to 20 million without. >> and the democratic senator max baucus said that obamacare is on the verge of collapse. >> that's true, too. that's true, too. >> republicans have to clean up after the democrats' mess. harris: any way you cut, it they need democratic votesa. least eight, they have got to get together. >> harris, you couldn't be more correct. harris: we've got to head to a break. nice to see you. >> thank you. harris: texas was the first state to back president trump on his controversial travel ban. i will ask the texas attorney general why his state stepped forward and what he thinks about using local law about using local law enforcement to uphphphphph is that credit karma again? about using local law enforcement to uphphphphph just wanna see if my score changed... you wanna check yours? scores don't change that much. i haven't changed. oh, really? ♪ it's girls' night they said business casual.
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. harris: the white house is expected to put out a revised executive order on immigration this wednesday. we've been talking about it. it will replace the original one halted by the courts. my next guest was the first attorney general to file a brief in support of the president there by committing his state of texas to backing president trump's immigration clause. joining me ken paxton. sir, good to have you. >> thank you for having me on. appreciate it. harris: you got right in the middle of the big fight very early on. why? >> we were pretty clear on the law. we felt that the court missed the law. we filed amicus brief, a friend of the court brief to look at law in a way they had not. we felt there was a clear statute that gave the president the authority to deal with aliens and restrict their entry for as long as he felt it was necessary if he felt it was detrimental to the united states. so we wanted the court to be aware of that law and hopeful
10:44 pm
that at some point that will matter. harris: i know you attached, i'm getting a little legal, you attached a brief asking the 9th circuit court of appeals to argue in support of trump's temporary ban on travelers from seven predominantly muslim countries. from what we know, will the language still be in what we see this week in the new executive order? >> you know what, i don't know. but i expect it to be similar, maybe exceptions for green card holders, maybe dual citizens, maybe a couple of other exceptions, but i would generally expect the executive order to be very similar to what he put out before. >> i want to talk with you specifically what texas is dealing with and how you think a new executive order would help with that? >> we have been asking for help for years from the obama administration. we've been concerned about refugees and immigrants coming from countries that have a history of terrorism without any vetting, without any information for the state to know what kinds of people we're
10:45 pm
dealing with. we've been asking for help. we filed a lawsuit years ago related to the very issue, we're pleased that the president put forward an action like this. harris: part of the president's plan is to lean on local law enforcement to. act as immigration officers in rounding up illegals in our nation. and in your very state, houston's mayor opted out of this kind of action. you can force houston and others to participate? >> you know, it's actually an idea i like a lot, i proposed it in my own legislature a few years ago. i don't think i can necessarily force them, i think there will be agencies that will be open to helping deal with this problem because they're already dealing with the problem especially along the border, and we're having to spend a lot of state resources anyway. i think this is an excellent idea, a way to expand our force and give us the authority to help the federal government. harris: how do you deal with houston, though? >> it's going to be case-by-case basis. i think we'll have other agencies that will step in all across the state.
10:46 pm
so i'm not really that concerned about one mayor. i think that the state will step forward to provide a lot of help. harris: how do you legally get rid of a sanctuary city? the reason i ask you that, you are dealing with austin, the governor defunded funds for the police department, about a million dollars? >> yeah, there's two ways. the legislature is considering the bills this session. the governor's been very clear that he's going to defund, and that's part of what's going to happen. the defund cities like the trump administration threatened to defund what they participate in, in sanctuary cities. and the statute they're talking about in texas, potentially make it a criminal or civil violation for elected official to basically ignore their constitutional duty, to uphold the constitution in federal and state laws. harris: attorney general ken paxton from the state of texas. appreciate you joining us. i'm going to break away for breaking news, sit tight.ident
10:47 pm
lady are hosting the annual governor's ball at the white house. we're getting a look inside that event. the state dining room is where this is. let's watch together. >> congratulations. i will also want to congratulate any thank a truly great vice president of the united states, and his wonderful wife karen, and wherever you are, mike, stand up just for a second. mike pence. [applause] so i can say that after four weeks, it's been a lot of fun, but we've accomplished almost everything we've started out to accomplish, the borders are stricter, tighter, we're doing a really good job. general kelly has done a fantastic job militarily. we have a fantastic team. we have an a-team and i'm getting some good reports. there are some big problems in the world, you than very well, but we're happy with the way
10:48 pm
things are working, and again, we've made a lot of promises over the last two years and many of those promises already are kept, so we're very honored by that, and i -- [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you, thank you. i just want to salute and toast the governors, the great governors of the united states. they have done an amazing job. such an easy job you have. [laughter] >> but have you done a fantastic job and your families and wives. everybody is here. i've seen daughters, wives, everybody is lovely and we're going to have a wonderful evening and tomorrow we're going to meet and discuss things like perhaps health care will come up. perhaps. and i think we made a lot of progress on that, and we're going to have a speech on tuesday night and we're going to be speaking very specifically about a very complicated subject. every city is different, every state is different, and different requirements, but i
10:49 pm
think we have something that's going to really be excellent. and as most of you know, obamacare had tremendous problems. i won't say in front of the democrats, i'll say it to the republicans. it doesn't work. we're going to have it fixed and we're going to repeal and replace, and you're going to see something very, very special, and for all of you, and even tonight because we have tom price with us. if you see something or want to discuss it, we don't have to discuss all friendly stuff, we can discuss a little bit of the health care, we might as well start. but tomorrow we're going to meet and have big sessions on health care and other things. whatever is on your mind. i hear this is a record number of governors. 46. and that's the highest number that have ever shown up for this evening. [applause] so with that, i would like to toast the great, great governors of the united states.
10:50 pm
thank you. >> cheers. >> now i know it's inappropriate, but i'd like to ask a friend of mine, if i just destroyed his political career, from the other side, a man from virginia. i've known him a long time, and he's a very good guy. governor terry mcauliffe. to come up and also perhaps make a toast. thank you. terry, come on up. harris: all right, so there you see the president and the first lady also alongside him are hosting the governor's ball tonight. a lot of talk about obamacare, that's a big issue, we were talking earlier both with my panel guest and then earlier in the show, we were reporting on it, that obamacare will be one of the key things that the president is expected to talk about at his address to the nation on tuesday evening. so that brings us to where he'll be with the governors because they're putting
10:51 pm
together, the gop governors are putting together their own answerback if you repeal obamacare what it would look like? what would they like to see their own plan, the health and their own plan, the health and human services secretary tomomom with e*trade's powerful trading tools, right at your fingertips, you have access to in-depth analysis, level 2 data, and a team of experienced traders ready to help you if you need it. ♪ ♪ it's like having the power of a trading floor, wherever you are. it's your trade. ♪ ♪ e*trade. ♪ ♪ start trading today at
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. harris: it has been a very busy hour particularly for politics. we want to cover another story we've had our eye on for quite a few hours today. new details have been coming in on a pretty astounding car crash during mardi gras celebrations in new orleans. this happened yesterday. police have in custody the driver they believe plowed a truck into a crowd during that parade. nearly 30 people were hurt. 25-year-old nielson rizzuto is
10:55 pm
facing felony charges for the crash and held at the city's jail. and getting new details about the man. will carr is outside the justice center in new orleans with more. will, we now have his picture. we know what the suspect looks like. what else have you learned? >> well, he just appeared in court about an hour ago, and the judge set his bond at $125,000 and said we could expect more charges to come out in the coming days, and comes after authorities say rizzuto's blood alcohol content was almost three times higher than the legal level. thousands of people were in the area last night for the parade around 6:30 when rizzuto's truck lost control and barrelled into the crowd. at first witnesses thought it may have been a terror-inspired attack, but quickly realized he was driving drunk. they say. and the firefighter who pulled him out of truck said he was curled up in a fetal position. in the end.
10:56 pm
21 people went to the hospital but thankfully none had life-threatening injuries. >> dramatic situation, and obviously people had been scared not knowing what really happened. they couldn't all see, it there were so many people around. >> reporter: rizzuto's father told the local paper this afternoon, his son said he took a drink from a stranger yesterday afternoon and doesn't remember anything after that. harris? harris: thank you very much, harris: thank you very much, will. i think we could finally get youra bigger place. yeah, let me check my score too. try credit karma. it's free. credit karma. give yourself some credit.
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may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. here's a story that broke during the hour. secretary of defense james mattis has released a brief statement on the decision to withdraw from consideration for navy secretary. he says while i am disappointed that i understand and respect his decision and know he will continue to support our nation. he withdrew over privacy concerns and his family's the
11:00 pm
financial interests. secretary plans to recommend a new navy secretary to president trump in the coming days.elizab. thanks for joining us. have a good one. chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump prepares tuesday night's prime time address to congress where he'll lay out his legislative agenda for year one. ♪ ♪ >> the era of empty talk is over. now is the time for action. chris: we'll discuss the president's plans for obamacare and tax reform with former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. and look ahead to other big decisions including a revised travel ban. then, the nation's governors are in town, and we'll ask two leading figures how the trump agenda will affect people in their states. >> do what you said you were


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