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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  February 27, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," we are broadcasting live from just outside the u.s. capital. you can see it in the back trap. exactly 24 hours from now, president trump will address a joint session of the congress. we will be there of course. several democrats will be trying to pull the president by inviting illegal immigrants to attend that speech. we will talk to one of them in a minute. he will explain why he is doing that. also, bill nye the science guy is saying the global warning skeptics suffer from psychological delusions called the to cognitive distance. here to tell us exactly what he means by that. first night, and anticipation of tomorrow's speech, the president released his proposed budget for
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the next six years. some domestic programs, no changes at all. joining us now, eric swalwell,l, who says this is a bad idea for americans working families. congressman, thank you for joining us. it seems like a pretty moderate budget, of what we do know the president says the military spending will be increased. what is wrong with that? >> still waiting on the details but not moderate in increases. it will be a 10% increase, i'm mostly worried, does this mean we will drastically increase our nuclear weapons? i'll make us less safe if that is the direction the president wants to go. >> tucker: he hasn't said that. so far. i think all presidents want to defend the country. he says he wants to increase the marine corps by 12,000. do you think that's out of balance? >> if this is about making a safer, fine.
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but he has talked over and over that we need to increase our nuclear we have more nuclear weapons than any other country. we have spent 36% of our budget already. i don't understand why post afghanistan, post-iraq, why are we increasing by 10% on defense? >> tucker: you believe that russia poses a great threat to the united states. a lot more nuclear power. if it is true as this president has argued, our nuclear arsenal is outdated and needs to be updated, why is it crazy to want to achieve some kind of parity with russia? >> having thousands of nuclear weapons is probably enough. we should maintain them and we do that in my district. but increase the number of weapons, i think they are goingg to make us less safe and i think it's a bad use of money.e it should be invested in workers, student debt relief,
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making college affordable, and making sure we have clean air water. >> tucker: from what we know, he hasn't said it's going to take away from that, it's going to increase your capacity and our navy. is there anything about it that bothers you? again, this seems like the kindn of budget proposal that democrats may like. >> i'm going to wait, tucker. this president has not had a plan, he has had a tweet. if you like his tweets, he talks a lot about increasing nuclear weapons. >> tucker: he had saying that we are going to pay for these increases in part by decreasing foreign aid to countries like egypt. which takes an awful lot of money from the united states. do you have any problem with transferring payments to foreign militaries to our own military? that seems like a wise idea, no? >> when i ran for congress, i first thought foreign aid is a bad idea. and then a lot of people talk to me and they said actually, it's less than 1% of the budget and it is actually in them investment in our budget. helps create jobs in those country, and where you have more stability, you're less likely to see those people want to become
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terrace. at first i was against it. i understand people may be against it but if we're talkinge about the countries we are helping, i would rather see them succeed than spend millions. >> tucker: egypt -- i do not think anyone is cutting aid to israel. do you think american foreign aid to egypt has made it a very stable country? >> egypt certainly has its challenges right now. >> tucker: [laughs] oh, my god. >> we were holding back helicopters just a few years ago because of concerns about democracy in egypt. broadly, investing in these middle eastern countries by a very, very small amount actually makes us more safe. we need partners in the world. >> tucker: it is not just the middle east, we are giving billions around the world. all through africa. w those countries don't pose a threat without u.s. foreign aid.
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>> i'm open to going back to the drawing board and seeing where investments are. if you just wants to get rid of foreign aid, that makes us less safe. this is a president who is alienating our friends like the australians, it seems to be drawing our enemies even closer. the world right now is wondering -- >> tucker: we do not givee foreign aid to australia. >> they are an important intelligence sharing partner. if we rollback sanctions on russia -- >> tucker: you don't have any -- any foreign aid to anybody -n >> he says he's just going to reduce foreign aid. we need more than 140 characters from our president. hopefully we get that tomorrow. >> tucker: all foreign aid is good? is there some superfluous that we do not need? is there any flexibility at all? here is the point i'm trying to make it, i've been around washington for a every time the president
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released its budget proposal the other one always says this ishe devastating to working families. in this budget proposal, i have not heard that because it doesn't seem to be that much substance that you might disagree with. maybe you are disappointed that 's you have more in common with president trump's fiscal policies than you think you do or then you are willing to admit. >> he has delivered nothing. this is a businessman, great negotiator. republicans are sending us home early. >> tucker: when was the last time a president said okay, we are not touching the title? >> it reflects what the american people think. social security is not necessarily an entitlement, it's something we pay for everyct paycheck and something that should be given back to us when we are in our golden years. >> tucker: the debt is about $19 trillion.
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what would you do to change that? >> i would make investments in people to have a investments a habit reduce our overall spending. and i think 40 million young people right now have $1.3 trillion in student loan debt. the government, $100 million a year on the interest in student i would take interest 0% money, allow young people to save to buy a home. i am a renter right now, i am an example of a millennial to understand we are buying fewer homes, unable to start businesses, we are starting families later. i would actually, what a republican idea, return -- >> tucker: you would spend more to reduce the size of the debt. how does that work? >> it's return on investment.. you put solar panels on your house, over time, you're going to see reduction in your energy bill. o that's what that is. >> tucker: i appreciate you joining us. president trump thinks his predecessor is responsible for
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many of the protests against him? the president sat down for an interview and he answered that question. >> can we talk about president obama? you said you'd been going at each other for three or four or eight years. it turns out his organization seems to do a lot of these organizing protest. do you believe president obama is behind it and is that a violation of the so-called presidents code? >> i think it is politics, that's the way it is.e? >> bush was not going at the clintons. clinton wasn't going after bush. >> you never know what iss exactly happening. you're probably right or k possibly right but you never know. i think that president obama is behind it because his people arr certainly behind it. and some of the leaks, possibly come from that group.
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some of the lease, which are really very serious because they are very bad in terms of national security. but i also understand that is politics. in terms of him being behind things, that's politics. it will probably continue. >> tucker: you can see the full interview tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. don't miss it. up next, bill nye the science guy says global skeptics are messed up in the head. they may need help. is he playing the role of scientist or medieval inquisitor. he will be here to tell us. latest updates on the investigation to russia's ties with the trump administration, if any. stay tuned for that. for every s. so the the broom said, "sorry i'm late. i over-swept." [ laughter ] yes, even the awkward among us deserve some laughter. and while it's okay to nibble in public, a lady only dines in private. try the name your price tool from progressive.
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built for business. >> tucker: coming to you live from outside u.s. capitol building, in fewer than 24 hours resident trump will address congress. there is construction going on.. there always is in washington. the richest city in america. we want to thank you for that. sending our tax dollars here. it's a pretty nice place. bill nye the science guy is now aspiring to a new title, bill nye the psychoanalyst guy. during a facebook live event with bernie sanders today, he said skeptics of global warming suffered from the psychological delusion of cognitive dissonance. when he was open to the idea of imprisoning skeptic global warming as a war criminal. is that the choice? bill nye joins us now. great to see you. it doesn't sound like science to me, bill nye the science guy. it sounds like something very
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different. >> cognitive dissonance is not a delusion, we in the science community are looking for an explanation why climate change deniers, or extreme skeptics, do not accept the overwhelming scientific evidence for climate change. the most reasonable explanationt is you have a worldview and then you have evidence and the evidence disagrees with their worldviews so you deny the evidence and along with that you deny the authorities that are providing the evidence. if you have a better hypothesis for why climate deniers deny the overwhelming scientific evidence, bring it on. it is not a delusion, it's just like the pots and the grapes. >> tucker: people do come to every debate with preconceived ideas. you're right about that, of course. but the evidence of science is extreme skepticism. we always ought to be -- is our hypothesis true? >> i am a member of the most skeptic organizations. climate change denial is denial.
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the evidence is overwhelming. don't get me wrong, i love you as a person more than life itself, but the evidence for climate change is overwhelming. so we are looking for an explanation as to why you guys struggle with that. >> tucker: before you try to end a conversation, let's ask what exactly you mean. i think most people are open that yes, the climate is changing. it has always been changing. >> it is the rate that is such a concern. >> tucker: at the core question from want i can tell is why the change? is it part of the endless t cyce of climate change or human activity? that seems to be the debate to me and it seems an open question, not a settled question to what degree human activity is causing that. >> it's not an open question. human activity is causing climatee change. >> tucker: to what degree? >> to the degree that it is a very serious problem. in the next few decades. >> tucker: if you will list to
9:16 pm
what degree is climate change caused by human activity? 100%? 74.3%? if it is settled science, please tell us to what degree. >> the word degree is the word that you chose, at the speed that climate change is happening is caused by humans. instead of happening on timescales of millions of years or let's say 15,000 years, it is happening on a timescale of decades. and now years. i offered -- now -- >> tucker: how is it responsible for speeding that up? climate would have changed -- >> it is happening catastrophically fast. >> tucker: at what range would it have changed with human activity? you look annoyed that i'm asking these questions, but they are very basic questions. >> basically the cycles of
9:17 pm
climate change, the last ice age we had was tens of thousands of years ago. so bear in mind that in ancient dinosaur days there were more carbon dioxide, it was warmer than it is now. i understand you have a congress member in colorado, it used to be underwater. but that is millions of years ago. the problem is thee rate -- >> tucker: you just said it was tens of thousands. >> that was the ice age. the rate is the problem. half of the world lives on the seacoast. as the ocean gets warmer, it will expand and people living on the coast -- >> tucker: you are not answering my question. i am asking a simple question. about the rate of climate change. you said that it would be happening but that rate has accelerated because of human activity. >> that is an understatement, the word accelerated. it's happening extraordinarily fast.
9:18 pm
>> tucker: i hope you cant, answer it in simple terms,. without human activity how long would it have taken for us to reach this level of warmth in our climate? >> it is not clear that it would have happened. in other words, humans have changed the climate so drastically that we -- if there would have been in ice age, it ain't going to happen because of you and me. >> tucker: when would it have happened? >> when would been next ice age have happened?ha is that your question? >> tucker: here is the point that i hope our view is understand, i am not denying that the climate is changing. i'm open that the changes caused by man's activity. i am merely calling into question your claim that all this is settled, that the dash we know precisely whatow is happening and why, and anyone who asked pointed questions
9:19 pm
about it as a denier and ought to be imprisoned or shut it off the stage. >> that's not my claim, those are your words. you >> tucker: you said people who disagree with you ought to go to jail. you said that. i'm just saying is an actual skepticism based ins science. >> that's not exactly what i said, we can talk about that shortly.t >> tucker: was it appropriate to jail the guys from enron? or the people who promised cigarettes weren't addictive? my point is, should we be encouraging people to ask honest questions? which i am doing. you don't seem to have the answers to those questions. >> i claim i do have the answers. let me ask you this. why aren't you concerned about it? don't you have four children? why aren't you concerned about climate change? >> tucker: i am concerned, that's why i am having you on. you don't reach conclusions in science or politics unless you can answer and not be shouted down by people like you. i want to know what would happen without human activity -- itik s a simple question.
9:20 pm
the climate is always changing, you can see to that. you are saying that human activity -- it increases the speed of that change. my point is what would the climate look like right now without human activity? >> britain would not be very well-suited to growing grapes as it is today. french winemakers would not be buying land to the north as they aree now. people who plan to run ski resorts would still be able to do it in europe. and so the climate -- the parasites -- >> tucker: you are using the language of politics. you are not a scientist. you are a popularizer. >> i am using the language of economics. you asked what it would be like without >> tucker: you prevent people human activity. from having an honest conversation. you're doing a great disservice to science.av
9:21 pm
don't you think that? >> you asked how long it would be before -- what with the climate be like if humans were not evolved right now? is that right? >> tucker: yes, that is exactly. i am just saying you don't actually know because it is unknowable. why are you not open to the question? >> if you would stop interrupting me -- it takes you quite a bit less than six seconds. it would be like it was in 1750. the economics would be that youe could not grow wine-worthy grapes in britain as you can today because the climate is changing. the use of pesticides in the midwest would not be increasing because the parasiteses are showing up sooner and the pests are hanging around longer. >> tucker: i think that is probably all true. >> pine bark beetles would not be as overwhelming as they are because of climate change. >> tucker: it so much of this you don't know. you pretend that you know, but you don't know. and you bully people to ask you
9:22 pm
questions. >> i really have to disagree with you. i have spent a lot of time on this. you guys are the mainstream media. and i can tell you why there are leaks. because the president has created two factions in his administration. they don't like each other. so they leak. it is not from the outside, it is from the inside. carry on, mr. carlson. i'm sure we will cross paths again. >> tucker: that's a very ominous thing to say. i don't know what it means, but come back anytime. the president and congress meanwhile went back and forth over the role of russia in the election. we go to trace gallagher. >> devin nunes is the first g.o.p. lawmaker to come out and say he has not seen any evidence of inappropriate communications between trump's aides and russia. the intel committee which is investigating the allegations. here he is. >> as of right now, i do not have any evidence of any phone
9:23 pm
calls, that does not mean they do not exist but i do not have that. t what i've been told is by many, by many folks is there is nothing there. >> he also rejected calls to request the president's tax returns, which democrats believe might contain information of trump business deals with russia. the congressman added the intel community quickly responded. reminding congressman devin nunes at the investigation is in its infancy. watch. >> from the committee's point of view, they contained no documents were no witnesses and not to give any testimony by the fbi what they have investigated, there is no basis to draw that conclusion. >> he is also accusing the trump administration of using intelligence officials and top lawmakers to knock down media stories about trump associates and their ties to russia. devin nunes admitted that he called on reporters on behalf of the trump administration but for
9:24 pm
transparency. sean spicer said the administration is simply ensuring that reporters got the answers they needed. but house democrat leader nancy pelosi said she believes congressman devin nunes is "stonewalling" the investigation. tucker. >> tucker: up next, a bunch of congressmen are defined president trump's immigrationn agenda by inviting illegal immigrants to tomorrow's speech before the joint session. we talk to one of those congressman next. .
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>> tucker: tonight we are coming to you live from just outside the capitol. in just 24 hours, president trump will give his first address to a joint session of congress. the president has pledged to speed up the deportation of illegal immigrants and that is provoking fury from democrats. several of them will be inviting illegal immigrants to attend the speech. one of those congressman's jared polis, he's a democrat from colorado. he joins us tonight. >> thank you for having me on. i would like to educate theig president rather than rebuke him on this important topic.c. >> tucker: it is a little weird that you, as a lawmaker, are flouting federal law with someone who is embracing it in the chamber where law is made. federal gun laws or tax evaders, the rule of law itself.
9:29 pm
that undermines the rule of law, doesn't it? >> like three quarters of a million people have a deferred action or daca card. it is a program that president obama put in place. he can work legally today, he can fly, he's able to get l here obviously and show his what we are worried about is if he can cancel that program, three quarters of a million more people illegally they would not be able to go to work legally the next day. people like oscar and so many others like him. >> tucker: if the president decided it is not illegal but why don't you change the law? you are a member of congress. isn't that how our laws are supposed to remain? >> hopefully you and i agree that the optimal place to deal with this is congress. the deficit by $200 billion, it would have actually provided a pathway to citizenship for oscar. the something he doesn't have today, but the best thing we have his permission for him to
9:30 pm
go to work for deferred action. so far president trump has kept that and i think it is important that he needs to face this.rt for immigrants that work hard and pay taxes. he was in junior rotc, he scored in the top few percent and he had to be turned away because he did not have a social security number. so we need to deploy the talent and skills of immigrants like oscar. >> tucker: you just answer my next question, what's the point of all this? middle america is dying, the life expectancy is dropping and you are spending your time elevating -- because it helps us. if that is true, why don't other countries do that? why isn't china inviting illegal immigrants to come in and make it better? no other countries doing this except us. if it's really a good thing, why aren't they doing it? >> i'm a fan of finding out ways to do it legally but the truth is, when you look at important industries in our economy like agriculture, the tourism
9:31 pm
industry, we need people who are able to work those jobs. oscar has been working full-time since he was 14 years old. he works two jobs. he has three siblings that have all been working for young age. we need the skills and talents of immigrants to make our country great. we need to find a way to do it legally. >> tucker: you are a smart guy, we both went to the same school. so i know you are a smart guy. you don't really believe that our agriculture industry is the reason they are here. we have more americans unemployed then any time since the great depression. there is not a labor shortage in this country. we have just the opposite of it. we have a surplus of americansf who have no jobs. so that is why we are ringing in low skill labor? because no one else would do it? is that really our argument? >> with his own small business, oscar has created six jobs. companies large and small, they are made by immigrants. we ought to be able to attract the best and brightest from across the world.
9:32 pm
to deploytr their talents and create jobs. >> tucker: then why aren't we?e? you're making two arguments that are mutually exclusive.y you are saying we need to bring in people with no skills and low education to pick our fruit and then you are we need people tot start new businesses. the overwhelming majority are low skilled laborers and we don't need that. we have millions of unemployed americans. >> are you going to those fields and pick those crops? i hear from farmers, you should know this -- they hire people under the table. that is what they do today because there is not respected for our laws. for our law staff respect we need to align them to match the economy. the invisible hand in the economy are a powerful force. you can only deny them son long. we need people to support our quality of life and our economy. immigrants are important. >> tucker: someone did democrats find themselves on the
9:33 pm
side of employers hoping for loo wage labor to exploit? i thought you were supposed to be protecting those people like hugo chavez did? you want to hire people at the lower wage, but we can't get there because the invisible hand demands it. >> think americans care a lot b about low and moderate income americans, the cost of eggs and milk and fruit at the grocery store, it's at walmart. we can get into trade and how important itor is that we oppose president trump's tariff agenda that would be aggressive and raise costs on items for working families. consumers are important. is a c. to have those low prices, we need to make sure we are doing our jobs. >> tucker: cheap goods are great but last question for you. are you arguing that your average low skill labor, not oscar, sounds look a great guy. it's a net plus too in american economy?
9:34 pm
produces more in taxes than he and conserve emetic services? are you going to say that with a straight face? >> it would be devastating to the american economy at theer 11 million people were somehow to be deported or disappeared. it would be devastating. it would cost us a couple points of gdp. it would increase our deficit. >> tucker: it would certainly force employers to pay more for their employees. thank you for joining us, congressman. up next, support for mass immigration is creating an unlikely alliance of libertarians and liberals and big business. it's an unstable coalition. we will talk to a commerce from national view who said this match is made in the fiery torments of hell. or something to that effect. stay tuned. omething to that eff. stay tuned. look closely. hidden in every swing, every chip, and every putt, is data that can make the difference between winning and losing.
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>> tucker: last week on this show we talk to an economist who called an institutional number of immigrants is abolishing the social safety net at the same time.
9:39 pm
liberals have been happy to borrow libertarian rhetoric but they are in no rush to tear down the welfare state. he points out that the immigration alliance between liberals and libertarians is creating incoherent policies that will cost taxpayers billions or an impoverished underclass. we are joined now by him. thanks for coming on. i am under arrest in the background as you can hear. [laughter] you point out that there is this fast standing coalition between the left and right on immigration but it cannot last. why are they together on this? >> you have folks on the left to say we need to invest in the next generation. we need to invest in poor families so they can lead decent lives. these kids are going to be our future workforce. we have those folks and then you have libertarian saying let's
9:40 pm
let in a ton of low-wage skilled workers and not to give them any of these benefits come on let's not their future and so then these families are going to have to fend for themselves. the thing is that these are very incompatible views. on the one hand you have people that say this is all going to work out really well as long as we make those big investments. i.e., as long as we spend a lot of money. and then you have other people saying that would be a terrible thing. that is kind of weird.en either one side is right or the other side is right. they can't both be right. >> tucker: right.'t i was wondering if i was reading your piece, there's a pretty powerful coalition pushing forde increased immigration or for the status quo. big business in there as well. but there's no coalition on theo right, why have not environmental groups whichn clearly have an interest in preserving thehe pristine continent that we have and the canada and see, why have they not gotten together?
9:41 pm
>> it's simple, you have moreee folks on the left who have said wait a second, we need to have a more moderate and restrained immigration policy because the world is changing. because the fate of workers with less than a high school diploma it is very different than it was in 1957. those have largely gone away because of this idea that it is necessarily bigoted to say we should for now admit immigrants largely on the basis of whether or not they will be able to support themselves without the earned income tax credit and medicaid and what have you. that is not because of low-wage immigrants are bad people. quite the opposite.av they are generally speaking great people. it is because the country hass changed, we also have a large number of low-wage immigrants right now and it will take time and resources to ensure they can be full participants in our society. that is not a bigoted perspective, it is simply a prudent one.
9:42 pm
>> tucker: that you are hearing that from almost nobody. why? >> it's basically politics, tucker. you have a very powerful influential coalition of people. you mentioned employers. think about it this way. if i worked for walmart and i ai earning less than -- i am earning minimum wage. it is not walmart's fault that i came from a broken home, it's not walmart's fault that i did not get much of an education. it's not walmart'st responsibility to see to it that i'm able to afford a family. but, if you are an employer and you are saying, my business is going to go belly up if i am not able to have lots of low-wage immigrants, shouldn't you be the one taking responsibility for their medical care? shouldn't you be the one taking responsibility for seeing to it that their kids do not go hungry at night? t that is not the way it works. employers shunt the w responsibility onto everybody else and that strikes me is pretty irresponsible. >> tucker: totally irresponsible. the republican party hases
9:43 pm
defended that for a long time but that may be changing. reihan salam, thank you for coming on. you might think of street art as a liberal genre but there is at least one conservative street artist out there, talented by the way, and he spent the last week mocking hollywood. he calls himself sabo. we will talk to him next. himse. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums the valiant taste times of death, but once!! uh, excuse me, waiter. i ordered the soup...
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>> we are very welcoming to outsiders here in hollywood, we do not discriminate people because of what country they come from. we discriminate them based on their age and their weight. >> as a migrant worker, as a
9:48 pm
human being, i am against any form of wall that wants to separate us.s >> my absence is out of respect for the people of my country and those of the other six nations who have been disrespected by the humane law that bans entry of immigrants for the u.s. >> tucker: who could watch that?of not many people, apparently. hollywood, politically inflamed since the bush administration. maybe since the 50s. one artist is pushing back against the tide. sabo is what he calls himself. he is based out of los angeles. he previously created a viral image of ted cruz is a tattooed bodybuilder you can see on the screen. he put up a series of posters around l.a. calling out hollywood. for making unwatchable movies from unreadable books. ironically, it's a phrase taken from the movie "true romance," it was made by quentin tarantino. we are joined from l.a. by sabo.
9:49 pm
thank you for coming on. behind all this art is what seems to be a pretty coherent critique of hollywood. what is it? >> i would hope, i have loved politics my whole life. i live in l.a. i am in the belly of the beast so why not punch it every now and then? that young man that you were talking about -- i love l.a., these entertainers that we allow into our homes because we find them entertaining, only to be punched in the head with their politics. i think that's kind of rude. >> tucker: do you think movies are getting worse? >> yeah, maybe we are just getting dumber. w i am not sure. if they are not. but that young man that was talking about not wanting walls, he obviously did not see those huge walls that were dividing us from them or the walls that are
9:50 pm
separating us from all those hollywood parties after the show.s >> tucker: i noticed that. the only illegal immigrants and those parties were serving the canapes. you put up these posters that i think are clever. they are smart and funny. you put them all over los angeles and they go directly at your hometown industry. what responses have you gotten from that? >> great responses. i kind of gave up and just started doing what i loved and when i did that, all of the underground conservatives in hollywood just sort of came out. in the beginning i was getting hate from the left, as time progressed, i started seeing w that there was more and more conservatives in hollywood, unfortunately they are just kind of hiding because they know to hide. >> tucker: if you are conservative in hollywood or you have unorthodox views, if you are not with everyone else -- you must feel very, very isolated but you also must have
9:51 pm
to think through what you believe. you can't take anything for granted if you are you. >> no, i love a good fight. i would rather be in the mix of it. i do not like being comfortable. i love liberals, and love partying with them and hanging out with them. i just do not want them governing over me because they l want to take control ofh every aspect of my life. >> tucker: it's been this weird reversal where you are conservative and yet you are the insurgent giving the finger to the comfortable people in power. to the privileged in your world. you are doing what artists are supposed to do. do you see that? >> yes, i do. i am disappointed with a lot of political artists because the past eight years barack obama was dropping a bomb every 8-20 minutes and they said nothing.g. now you can't shut them up. that told me something about they are very much very much establishment artists. >> tucker: they are. do you know any artists who agree with you?
9:52 pm
>> i know some. i do not think they are as mean as i am. i try to be kind of brutal with what i do and i noticed you kins of blurred out my poster. >> tucker: we have to, this is live television on the cable network. [laughs] your site has them and you can see exactly what they say. we have to violate the integrity of your art. for the sake of our standards. do you think there are other artists who agree? fundamentally or are any of them saying so out loud? >> they are out there, i have heard some. it's like i do not know a lot of them. i'm not going to tell you i know a lot of them. not that do what i do. but i noticed there is a whole crop of young conservatives out there. i cannot wait to see what they bring to the table. >> tucker: they really are the
9:53 pm
outsiders. sabo, thank you for joining us. >> thank for having me. r >> tucker: coming up next, we want to share a letter one of 's our viewers sent to us. it details the real human cost of ourrs refugee policy. it's really interesting. stay tuned for that. for leisure. so i go national, where i can choose any available upgrade in the aisle - without starting any conversations- -or paying any upcharges. what can i say? control suits me. go national. go like a pro. dale! oh, hey, rob. what's with the minivan? it's not mine. i don't -- dale, honey, is your tummy still hurting, or are you feeling better to ride in the front seat? oh! is this one of your motorcycling friends?
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>> tucker: we have done a bunch of segments about refugees lately, we have talked to advocates for refugees, congress, resettlement agencies. one group we have not heard aa a lot from is americans have been directly affected by the influx of refugees. there have been a lot of them. we heard from one of those people the other day. from arizona, an actual person. we emailed him and spoke on the phone. here is part what he wrote. "my wife is a fourth-grade teacher at an inner-city school in phoenix. her school's in the same district where a substantial number of refugees have been resettled. she's always had some kids in her class who had a rudimentary knowledge ofse english. this year though, all that
9:58 pm
changed. she has a class of 25 students, 17 of whom are refugees. none of them speak any english at all.ugli here is the makeup of her classroom. four kids from syria, two from iraq, three from somalia, two from burma, five from tanzania, one from uganda, eight from mexico." f the viewer's email goes on to say this. "refugee kids do not understand american culture. they fight in the classroom and on the playground. the boy seem not to a care if ty fight with other boys or girls. on a typical day, there is at least one fight in theay classroom, on four separate occasions, my wife was knocked i to the ground breaking up these fights. after one fight, she needed a back x-ray to assess her injuries. this is not just a problem in her classroom. her school has absorbed 200 refugees. my wife works in the poorest, most crime-infested part of phoenix. refugees are beginning to teach nonrefugee students that fighting is the best way to settle problems. how is this helping anyone? i called lutheran social services, and i spoke to the ceo. she did not seem to know
9:59 pm
anything about the problem. she said she felt bad but it was "not her responsibility and just an unintended consequence." i told her nobody thinks past next tuesday about the consequences in the community of doing the so-called good deeds. nobody takes responsibility and the school district has said t regardless of whether or not they can actually help these kids, they will take in refugees." so much for good deeds. that email sent to us from arizona.ey he and his wife has asked me remain anonymous. we haven't independently verified the story but we have no reason to doubt it. we wanted to share that experience with you. that is it for us tonight. our special coverage of president trump's address to congress will be right on this roof, and 9:00 p.m. eastern. we will be back, one state, tune into for a regular edition of the show. we are the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness andta groupthink. dvr rate don't miss "hannity," he is up if you can. next.n
10:00 pm
♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity," newt gingrich will join us in just a minute. "portraits of courage," president george w. bush's new book. but first, out of touch liberal hollywood elite spewing hate and attacking the president at the oscars and a pretty disgusting display. that is tonight's opening monologue. yes, another self-congratulatory award show as if they are not enough. so-called tolerant liberal celebrities gathered last night at the oscars all patting themselves on the back and predictably bashingbr donald trump.ig it did not take long for host jimmy kimmel to go after the commander-in-chief.


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