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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  March 26, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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$20000, free wedding gown, a tuxedo, a honeymoon on a resort island. >> i'm going to go do that. >> go ahead. >> thanks for joining us. >> at this hour, movement on capitol hill. the conservative freedom caucus that fought so hard against the filibuster bill has resigned from that group. republicans plan b for replacing obama care could involve democrats. the presidents staff is calling on the gop. the fox report is now. >> the president's chief of staff staff, reince priebus has told fellow republican said it's time start governing. this after they were not able to repeal and replace the affordable care act. he said the setback will not slow the president down.
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>> i think that moving forward the presidents vision on lowering taxes for every american is what is going to unite, not just the republican party but some of the democrats will come on board as well. now more than ever, i think the president is even more emboldened to stick to his guns in his heart and the convictions he has laid out to the american people for decades. he's not going to turn his back on his core principles. think his core principles have broad admiration in both parties >> they also added it might be time to get some moderate democrats involved in the process. something echoed by the chairman of the group getting blamed for the failed bill, the house freedom caucus. >> no one has been more self critiquing the me. i have looked at this as i could i have spent more time, should
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have spent more time with the tuesday grouper with democrats to find consensus. as we look at this today, it's not the end of the debate. >> i mentioned one of the freedom caucus members has quit today. we'll get more that's. white house correspondent, kevin quirk is live on the north lawn. how did the president sent spent his sunday, an important weekend after friday. still trying to work with the conservative republicans to move his agenda forward. >> no doubt. he had a few meetings today. i'll tell you more about that in a second. the second question is an important one. can he still work with conservative republicans? obvious is yes, will he, we'll see. maybe the best question is, should he? at the white house there asking about loyalty. the president showing support for the conservative wing of the party. he feels like maybe they turn
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their back on him on friday. still the chief of staff is asking for cooperation for the good of the country. >> this president is not going to be a partisan president. this is a president that wants to provide. he wants to make sure people do not get left behind. wants to make sure there is competition in the marketplace so rates are lower and people can choose their dr.. if those three things are incompatible with some members of the republican house, then it's going to be compatible way to work with moderate democrats. >> reince priebus with chris wallace. the president actually had a few of them, including some over at trump national in virginia. he also had a chance to have a conversation with paul ryan. while the right house is not characterized in that conversation, it is a good bet that what happened on friday is on top of the agenda.
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>> harris: we are also hearing from speaker ryan's office that there were two conversations this weekend. one yesterday, one today. one of them over one hour is what we're told. interesting development there. i want to talk about this reach out to democrats. why did not happen sooner if they thought they needed democrats to vote. i remember now going president obama telling his fellow democrats, don't you rescue the republicans when it comes to healthcare. that had to play a role. >> your memories to go. that's why you make the big bucks. you're right about that. the former president made it very clear, don't bail them out, let them figure it out. when you think about working with the democrats, that is the 64000-dollar question. in particular when you consider
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they've had years to figure out a legitimate alternative. there are people at the white house would push back and say we had our house in order, were talking about the gop. we would not have needed democrats support. their support would've been a point. but the senate minority leader doesn't see it that way. >> the bottom line is very simple. the president never called us once about this. they came on board with repeal which they knew every democrat would oppose. >> let's be real, what is happening is a bit of a game of chicken. the american people are caught in the middle. what's going to happen is democrats have acknowledged there are problems with the affordable care act and as they continue to compound they may have to come to republicans to get them to fix whatever is wrong with obama care. now they can say we tried i now you will have to run back to us. >> harris: so many chickens involved in a game of chickens.
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were hearing reports of another jumper on the white house. what happened? >> it happened so most every day credit to the folks of the secret service who once again have been able to apprehend someone, this person clearly needs help. talk about a woman who got her shoelaces tangled after trying to jump the fence last week. she's been arrested again after similar stump. name is marcy wall. she's from washington. this is her third arrest in the past week she was also arrested trying to scale the fence at treasury and over at lafayette park. she faces charges including unlawful entry in contempt of court. it would seem to me, i'm not a physician and i haven't evaluated this person, it looks like she may need some help. credit to the secret service for getting the job done. >> harris: absolutely.
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thank you. let's get more the politics coming together this hour by bringing in republican congressman, john faso. member of the house agriculture, travel and budget committee. we are grateful for your time. >> thank you. nice to be with you. >> harris: i want to start with what happened with obama care. the president's own word about waiting to explode now. he tweeted out, we can get to that tweet in a moment. i'm curious about the timeline on explosion. you people waiting to see what's going to happen next. what are you expecting? >> the situation today and tomorrow is the same as it was on friday. there many people around the state of new york in the country who are seeing premiums skyrocket, do but deductibles been on a fair unaffordable. there are some people who like the affordable care act.
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what we need to do is work with any democrats and republicans who want to improve the system. i don't think we should wait for to explode. were talked to people's healthcare. i want to improve the system and try to make legislation which would give us incremental progress toward improving that system. lower premiums into dr. bills, more available and flexible health insurance plans. >> harris: i should tell her audience, you originally were no on the republican plan. you got to yes. how did you get there? >> we work through the language. we had specific things i was interested in to represent my constituents. but we also wanted improvements for those who are disabled, and those in nursing homes. we want a better subsidy for
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people in that 50 - 64 age. those peoples premiums could still be too high under the changes that were being suggested. those were changes were included in the bill. speaker ryan and the committee chairs were forthcoming and willing to make changes. now that friday happened we need to look forward. it's a long season, just because you lose the baseball game doesn't mean you close on the team and don't show up for the next game. you got to come together, see if we get bipartisan support for some of these changes. >> harris: i wanted gets to some other topics. but you popped up the presence tweet before and he talked about piecing together a plan. why did he happen before and why couldn't some of the other republicans be convinced? >> i can explain why others were
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convinced. i think we had the basis of a plan going forward. that's yesterday. tomorrow is a new day. that's what we focus on. >> harris: do you think democrats will be sincere about coming on board? now you have senator chuck schumer and who's not a novel a moderate saying they might. >> i know senator schumer, he is a pragmatist. if we have the right proposals i think we can attract some of the democrats. nothing we can attract senator schumer or people on the left of their party, but their constituents, many are hurting as well with the premium skyrocketing and insurers pulling out regions and states and counties. we need to not play washington games. we need to focus on how to repair the system. real people are depending on us
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to do it. >> let's talk budget. there are things where you might have come together in the budget but their sticking points to. cutting money for the state department, the secretary of defense mattis said in the past that he would have to go out and purchase more ammunition if that were to happen. you have a situation with cutting the arch. he said you can't touch them, where can you come together and get done with what the white house has an it's wishlist? >> they want to increase defense spending and we know we have some long-overdue needs and the defense area. with personnel, readiness and ability to deploy multiple areas around the world when hotspots happen.
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we also have important domestic priorities. what we'll do on the budget committees go through the proposal with a fine tooth comb. were hearing from constituents. we have water pollution on sites in new york and i want to make sure we have the money and staff and resources to do it. we have serious infrastructure needs as well. we are going to work it through, this is an area right of the president's budget proposal is getting scrutiny. i want to see research, i want to see the centers for disease control, and it aunt important health programs protected. all of us have priorities from the district. >> harris: the bottom line is, do you feel like you have more consensus on getting the budget and tax are for done more so than the first pillar and that was obama care. >> i'm an optimist. i think we will and will work hard on it. if we need to reach across the aisle and we should, we should
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do that. were all americans and we want to move this country forward. >> we certainly appreciate your time. these days are so busy for you. thank you for stopping by. >> harris: another thing will get to this hour is the freedom caucus member who decided to quit. more details coming up. lawmakers are gearing up for russia's alleged effort to metal into the u.s. presidential election. this one is going to be close to the public. democrats don't like that decision. they say it's about politics and not security. were learning about moments before the deadly terror attack in london. they're looking for clues and messaging apps the suspect may messaging apps the suspect may have had on the phone. >> stated stay tuned.
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>> harris: developments in the london terror investigation. the attackers sent a message via a map just moments and app moments before the attack. they can't read it because it is encrypted. a top british official is urging the app to cooperate. a 30-year-old man was arrested in connection, one or two people in custody. neither of them has formally been charged. a big week ahead for the house intelligence committee on the hill. lawmakers continued the investigation into russia's alleged election interference. and president traps wiretapping claims. the chairman is asking the fbi director and nsa chief back to the hill. this time there will be close toward tort meetings.
4:18 pm
what to expect this week. >> so much of what intelligence agencies do is classify. if you wash the hearing you saw a lot of question that directors call me and rogers couldn't answer because i was in a public setting. democrats argue the closed hearing is an attempt to prevent the public from hearing about the ties. on face the nation the republican committee, trey gaudi said investigations need to have some aspect of confidentiality to be effective. >> i want you and your viewers test themselves, why are we satisfied with every other facet of culture having serious investigations done confidentially. yet when it comes to congress we think we are to have a public hearing. one hundred times the those witnesses said they cannot answer the question the setting. why would we go back to that setting up the witnesses can't answer the questions. >> without going into detail the chairman said some of those answers are important to have before moving on to other
4:19 pm
witnesses. >> harris: that's why the congressman nunez said he canceled a hearing on tuesday. democrats are not buying it. it's interesting what trey gaudi said. if you try the same thing over again and get the same nonanswers why keep doing that. >> the top democrat claims that hearing was canceled at the bequest of the white house. that's a real issue. they say the white house wanted to do it to avoid more bad press time the administration to russia. former official scheduled to testify include former deputy attorney, general sally yates. she was president transacting attorney general for a brief time. democrats believe she will be able to shed some light on connections between russia and the president's former national security advisor, michael flynn.
4:20 pm
on friday chairman nunez says that hearing will eventually happen but a face the nation, adam schiff said the committee's investigation is losing credibility because of the ties to the white house. >> i think it chairman has to make a decision whether to act as a surrogate of the white house as he did during the campaign during the transition or lead an independent investigation. i hope he chooses the latter. >> there expected to hear from trump aides including paul manafort who have volunteered to testify. >> harris: thank you. gunfire rang out inside a crowded nightclub. one person is dead in a community is searching for answers. the latest on that. and congressman of texas calling it quits from the conservative freedom caucus and when it against the gop plans to replace
4:21 pm
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>> harris: the search is on for anyone connected to an overnight shooting in cincinnati, ohio. one is dead and one in critical condition and 15 others hurt. several gunmen opened fire in a crowded nightclub. police have not arrested anybody but the have ruled out terrorism were live from cincinnati. what are they looking for from my group we kill? >> it appears to be a dispute within that group that boiled over to the nightclub. it was a packed nightclub about 1:30 a.m. when shots rang out. please said it was some kind of internal dispute.
4:25 pm
they took it inside the club. there were some mornings and reports the dj had alerted security before shots rang out. you have dozens of witnesses. the challenge is tracking down the witnesses because they scattered. they need to get those individual stories. if the government have been identified that information has not made public. >> harris: was there secured in place? most clubs you have to go through some security before you get inside. >> there has been trouble at this club in the past. they have hired off-duty police officers to work the parking lot the head out on security at the front of the club. >> they do pat individual down. what we know at this point, several firearms were able to be brought inside the bar.
4:26 pm
>> one of the questions, how did those weapons get past security? a club cater to young people, 18 and up. twenty-one and up on saturday nights. people were out of a young good time. one day, three clinging to life more than a dozen injured. >> harris: thank you. following the recent clinical setbacks on illegal immigration in healthcare, some of have been talking about this hour, the white house has said to be hoping for a big win on tax reform. since democrats will likely have to play a role we'll talk about it with our political panel. by threatening to filibuster neil gorsuch, the candidate, the nominee for the next supreme court justice will come are democrats sticking to their principles or pandering to the fringe of the party? senator lindsey graham has thoughts on that. >> this has nothing to do with neil, it has everything to do with the democratic base of the hard left taking over the democratic party.
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[dad] hey buddy [son] hey dad [wife] i think we can do this. [dad] really? [chancellor] adam baily. [chancellor] adam baily. >> harris: earlier this hour on the fox report you saw a member of the house budget committee, congressman john fox of new york gave us his thoughts on how they can move forward successfully with tax cuts. now a deeper look at how the
4:31 pm
trump administration plans to deliver. >> reince priebus says the president's tax reform plans will include middle-class tax cuts and a border adjustment. they think they can get support from conservatives and democrats >> moving forward the president 's vision on lowering taxes for every american is what is going to unite not only the republican party but some of the democrats will come on board as well. if we can provide one of the biggest middle-class tax cuts in the history of this country. >> if it's aimed at the middle class and poor people, doesn't give breaks to the rich, they're doing great, god bless them they're doing great. they don't need another tax break. >> having to pull the healthcare reform bill on friday was a major on the tax plan because it eliminated a trillion dollars in obama care over the next decade. >> there hoping to make up for that with a border tax on imports. opponents say it could cause prices in the u.s. despite. the backers say we pay for corporate tax cuts and keep
4:32 pm
businesses in the u.s. >> we need a level playing fee or between form products and made in america products here as well as abroad. >> the congressman says the house ways and means committee plans to take up house in the spring. they would make it so simple that nine out of ten americans could file their taxes on a postcard. >> wow. for more on this let's bring in evan, author of gop. author also jessica, senior director of research that bustled outcome. good to have you both. let's start with taxes. the representative on earlier thought there might be more consensus there there was on healthcare. that can't be hard right? but you need so many democrats. what is this new moderate democrats we need you to make is coming from president trump but also members of congress talk about being sick and tired of
4:33 pm
having to deal with the freedom caucus and say no to everything alyssa get this. build on whatever the matter is. they want to see if they can get something down and peel off moderate democrats. we can do it in the saint senate , why not in the house. >> harris: we saw senator chuck schumer of new york say, well maybe we would come to the table and get consensus where we can. you think he's sincere? >> i do. he also said he be willing to compromise on healthcare. it's not as if democrats don't understand there's problems with obama care. i think there is great opportunity and chuck schumer wants infrastructure spending too. something donald trump is a fan of. there is a lot of wiggle room here. with trump having blown up the normal business as usual on the republican side there's a lot of
4:34 pm
opportunity. >> harris: we shared a little this with the congressman on earlier, can we pop up the president trump tweet and let it sit on the screen long enough to take it in. it's about obama care exploding. and what would happen in terms of piecing together healthcare plan for the people. do not worry, the importance is this is a double-edged sword. you just talked about how republicans have gotten her, democrats too. they have to come to the table. it still has president obama's name on it. >> it does. the risk is a lot greater for republicans at this moment. >> harris: isn't the worst for the american people? and we get real about that? >> absolutely. that was lost in the conversation on friday. democrats are gloating like this was a victory. >> the crazy thing is democrats are still celebrating same because you organize and went to town halls.
4:35 pm
>> catholic -- >> i do think that town halls were meaningful on both sides. chuck grassley talking about mitch mcconnell and tom considine these are real americans concerned about the quality of their coverage and thinking they might lose that. >> harris: i love the nfl but i'm too much in march madness not to go there with you. before we did all of this, mike chuck schumer is amazing, remember, he is going to press for filibuster and i've heard you say jessica, with regard to the supreme court nominee, and neil gorsuch, this might be as good as it gets. i have to step up. what is senator schumer thinking >> i think he's the with me to the far left of the party. there's those saying that there's gonna be challenge from the left if they don't go well
4:36 pm
against corset. we have senators to protect in red states. neil gorsuch is as good as you can again. i wish it was merrick garland and i think that's how it should've been. but i think this is not a fight we need to have. there are more important. >> okay she has some football in her. let's watch senator lindsey graham on this topic. >> here's what i would tell my democrat friends. if you can't find the courage to vote, to give this man 60 votes, we cannot find a better person for you to vote on is a republican. the new lead in the senate traditions go away. you're giving into political demagoguery. letting the country down. >> harris: to democrats risk being the party of no? >> they are being the party of no. the say no we're not going to confirm him and filibuster until her dying breath.
4:37 pm
when you go out look at what neil gorsuch said and compare answers to questions to justices kagan and soto mayor, they said the same thing. i'm here to be an umpire call balls and strikes. when it score search, from a republican president there's and we have to get rid of him. they're trying to paint him as having a man freeze to death and not showing compassion not based on the law but based on emotion. it's not really connecting. >> i think the line of questioning from al franken and diane feinstein were very pointed. i think that's what you needed to do. push people. it's the most important job. did you learn anything from neil gorsuch about it? >> explaining decisions like however rule pertains to hobby
4:38 pm
lobby decision i think is important. getting to know the character of the man in his personality. he's gonna be on the core for 30 plus years. >> harris: i don't mean to make this about senator al franken, but he got a lot of criticism about the questioning. the idea about being oppositional politics is identity defined. it can really hurt you when you try to get things done. one of the most memorable soundbites came up right in the news conference by paul ryan talking about the defeat of being able to get up there with any kind of bill they would vote on. i want to watch what he said with both of you. this could be a cautionary tale for both parties. >> we were a tenure opposition party, where being a guessing's was easy to do. you just had to be against it. now, in three months time we try to go to a governing party but we have to get 216 people to agree with each other and how we do things.
4:39 pm
we were just quite there today. we will get there but we are not there today. doing big things is hard. >> harris: governing his heart. a couple weeks ago in a very eye-opening moment, a real moment where he said these are the lessons you can learn from democrats mistakes. since friday we have seen they're going to come at this again. republicans will put something together, the president is challenging them. what would you say moving far? >> i think there can be tremendous compromise. what happened on friday highlights how strong of a leader nancy pelosi was in getting obama care done. i don't think she got enough credit at the time. >> they did try to make anybody move read the bill. >> the republicans have control of the house and senate. they can get it done. paul ryan has been saying they
4:40 pm
had the number for weeks. so it is a testament to how difficult it is. looking to moderate democrats in these red states is a smart way to go. i hope you take that to heart. >> harris: the freedom caucus, i'm curious to the role inside your party. representative tadpole has left from the state of texas. his membership in the freedom caucus, same i want to be able to be part of not to say no, but taking the harder role of leading with the gop. >> i hope you can and i hope the freedom caucus will follow his lead. >> they can't follow his lead because they would all have to leave the cop leave the caucus. >> the republican party would be able to pass the legislation. i think it's important that have members of the house be the freedom caucus and be willing to make compromises. >> harris: to think they were important in the part senate to go through is a bill that lisa got the conversation going?
4:41 pm
how do you see them in your party? we had the same conversation about tea party members. >> i see them as pencil members of the party but they have to know what to back down. they basically ran john boehner out of the speakership. talking about replacing paul ryan. last friday night it was repeal and replace ryan movement. it's not really helpful. they met with the president on thursday and came outside were not to do anything. >> i am no fan of their politics what are they being the most authentic? republicans have promised their voters repealing we replace through three election cycles. they're standing same we don't want to obama care lights, we want to replay repeal and a replacement plan. >> harris: posing it in order to deliver those promises that's why he's stepping away.
4:42 pm
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check insulin label each time you inject. taking tzds with insulins, like toujeo®, may cause heart failure that can lead to death. find your rhythm and keep on grooving. ♪ let's groove tonight. ask your doctor about toujeo®. ♪ share the spice of life. >> a u.s. airstrike in afghanistan has taken out and al qaeda leader well known to fighting forces for plotting terror attacks. more from london. >> the senior militant was linked to both al qaeda and the pakistani taliban. he was killed about one week ago he was targeted in the east of
4:46 pm
afghanistan. authorities say he was killed by a drone strike. the providence borders with pakistan is known haven for terrorists. they had offered 19000-dollar bounty for him. he was responsible for the 2008 bombing of a hotel in islam a bed. the hotel is popular with internationals and local people. among the dead were two american servicemembers. pakistan authorities believe he was also responsible for an attack in 2009 on a bus caring the sri lanka cricket team. six were wounded and several policemen were killed. it highlights a crucial role that the u.s. continues to play in the region. they're still around 8400 u.s. troops in afghanistan. many in training and advisory roles. the pentagon is thought to be considering sending more u.s.
4:47 pm
forces to afghanistan. the country has become increasingly unstable in recent times. the pentagon has regained some areas once -- the killing of the terrorists show that terrorists killing innocent people will eventually be tracked down. more militants are thought to be hiding out in that same area. >> harris: thank you. uber is pulling self driving cars off the road. it is suspended for the test after an suv crash in tempe, arizona. no one was hurt badly. where live in los angeles with details. uber is making some changes. >> big changes with all of the technology we have seen recently the crash happened on friday. that's where uber was testing a self driving suv in tempe. the vehicle had an engineer in
4:48 pm
the driver seat but the car was driving itself when another car failed to yield and hit the volvo at a high rate of speed. while the crash was not reversible, it did prompt the company to suspended testing the self driving cars while it investigated. there is a governor has been a proponent of the futuristic technology helping pave the way for uber to run tests in states without the same type of regulations it would face in california. a number of companies are racing to get a thomas cars on the market. uber has competition from google , general motors, and tesla. a member of a self driving tesla was killed last year after he was hit by tractor-trailer. experts say they're still major safety concerns moving forward. >> the theory that if you remove the driver you remove driver air , there several defects. the automation has to work. if it doesn't work then what? if the automation fails? >> the car has to be able to predict what mistake drivers
4:49 pm
will make. that's difficult. especially when you consider there's 30,000 accidents per year, many are due to human error. >> thank you very much. keep watching. a marine lost both his legs in afghanistan and has now found a new way to serve. is helping keep citizens safe at home. >> an ordinary guy who is given a second chance at life. and to be able to give back to the community and those who help me the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. and now. i'm back! aleve pm for a better am. of a duracell c-cell and the tips on how to calm a baby from your mother-in-law that always seem to involve a fair amount of brandy, go with c-cell. that's not just some battery.
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>> harris: we have an official statement from the state department on a story coming together. the state department says it
4:53 pm
strongly condemns the detention of hundreds of peaceful protesters throughout russia. thousands of russians took to the street and shove opposition against the kremlin and president but, vladimir putin. it's largish of defiance since the 2011 wave of protest. no numbers yet on how many people were detained. we are on the story with breaking detail of the state department wayne in. >> a marine veteran who lost both legs in afghanistan a serving america in a new way. he originally graduated from the sussex county -- in new york. this is one of those stories will make you want to stand up and be everything you can to be an american. >> the marine veteran is believed to be the first, full-time police officer in the united states was also a double amputee. he lost both legs during
4:54 pm
operation enduring freedom on the night of january 21, 2011. he was serving as a machine gunner and jumped off a roof of a building and landed on a 30- pound explosive device. both legs amputated below the knees and he suffered a broken pelvis and shattered femur. that cannot stop him. within three months he was walking again. now he's a police officer in sussex county new york. he has a graduated from the police academy. he completed 29 weeks of training. no special waivers. he passed all the physical requirements with his titanium legs. >> that word heroes usually castro easily. i went, self hero, i have a lot of friends who did not make it back home. when i speak to their families that's a hero. someone who gave the ultimate sacrifice and give up everything they have to others. that's real definition of hero.
4:55 pm
i'm just the ordinary guy who is given a second chance at life. unable to get back to the community and get back to those who help me. >> he says his wife tiffany and 2-year-old daughter are what keep them going. the veteran moved to the u.s. when he was six years old. he has been wanting to serve since then. his colleagues were so inspired they made him class president, the 28-year-old starts next week >> he not only passed the academy with flying colors, he was a leader for this recruit class. those characteristics allowed him to achieve the successes and those are the characteristics we want our police officers. >> just two years ago he made headlines when he saved a baby from a burning vehicle in new york. once a marine, always a marine. >> harris: were just mere civilian so we will not salute civilian so we will not salute him, but we do with our heart. thank you very much.
4:56 pm
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>> harris: before we go we want to show you storm damage. severe storms dropped a tornado as they tour through louisiana. destroying homes, knocking down trees and electrical power lines no reports of anyone her. one woman who lost her home said it was a close call and she was thankful to survive. >> if it wasn't for god we would not be here today. i would not be alive and breathing. i would still be in that room was shattered glass everywhere around me. >> harris: emergency crews work through the night to clear the roads and restore power to as many people as possible. it's great to see you on the sundays we get ready for another busy week with our president trump, and lawmakers in washington, d.c. we'll cover it as it happens. sit tight, up next, first 100 days town hall.
5:00 pm
the people's report card. posted by my friend, martha. don't miss a second. outnumbered tomorrow, i will be back for that. have a good one. >> the first 100 days town hall, were coming to you from north carolina, a place that was pivotal on election night area these voters each have their own story and you'll hear from many of them tonight. how do they feel about president john's time in office so far? has he done enough to keep his promises to them? the promises made on the campaign trail? a barrage of action and executive orders, roundtable


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