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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 1, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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"outnumbered." after special report, it's "the story" with march this maccallum. here's jon scott in for shepard smith. >> ahead, what the na vote for means for obamacare. and the house gets set to vote on new penalties for north korea. and president trump said he would be honored to meet with the dictator under the right circumstances. plus, shooting at a pool party. >> i heard about six or seven shots, coming from the pool area. a lot of people screaming. >> a man opening fire on a birthday celebration.
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killing one and wounding others. and protests getting violent. that's ahead in this hour. breaking news out of dallas where a man hunt is underway after a paramedics was injured. that paramedic in the hospital and undergoing surgery. he's in critical condition the shooting happened near the dallas fire rescue training facility. the city of dallas released a statement indicating first responders were responding to a reported shooting. a local station reports police say a neighbor was also wounded, but we haven't confirmed that yesterday. we're keeping an eye on the situation and will have more as we get it. first, the white house says republicans are getting closer to having to votes to pass a new healthcare bill. they still do not have enough
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support as of yet. sean spicer said he's hopeful the house will vote this week. gop leaders say they will vote when it has enough support to pass. the president blasted obamacare again. the president tweeted last night, you can't compare anything to obamacare because obamacare is dead. dems want billions to go to insurance companies to bail out donors. new healthcare plan is on its way. we'll have much lower premiums and deductibles. and republicans and critics say the new bill could cause the people that are seriously ill to lose coverage. they say states could opt out of obamacare protections and let insurers charge higher rates to sick people. president trump told cbs news that he ordered republicans to put a clause that guarantees
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people with existing conditions are covered. >> pre-existing conditions are in the bills. i just watched another network of yours and they said pre-existing is not covered. i said it has to be. >> the white house clarified that the republican bill will not affect people with pre-existing conditions as long as their maintain their coverage. states would need high risk pools to cover the sickest patients before insurers can set premiums based on the health of their customers. john roberts is live at the white house. >> the white house is optimistic to get the vote by the end of the week. there's another recess next week. the white house has set a target
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date of wednesday to get the vote. if it does pass, it will pass by a razor thin margin. gary cohn, the president's chief economic advise or says they do have the votes, but i'm told by several sources that talk like that is premature. the president very optimistic that he's going to get it done by hook or crook. he was talking with eric bowlings from the new show "the specialist" which airs at 5:00. here's what the president told eric. >> healthcare, we're going to get that passed? >> doing the best i can. the one mistake i made with the healthcare. we have one plan and it's getting better and better. people will get the greatest. they're the greatest people. we're going to have a great plan or i'm not signing it. i said from day one, the best thing i can do is let obamacare die and come in with a plan.
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>> saturday night, he had a big rally in pennsylvania. the president said he will be very angry with republican members of congress if they don't pass this healthcare bill. the congressional leadership is frustrated that the white house has climbed the wheel of the bus on held care and driving it forward. but after what happened earlier this spring, the president not taking any chances. he wants to make sure how members of congress know how he feels if they don't deliver. >> he's driving the bus and honking the horn. congressional leaders have a deal cut to keep the government running. >> they do but it's short of what the president initially wanted. there's no funding for the border wall. he got $1.5 billion for security at the wall and funding for planned parenthood will continue. there's some conservatives that are grumbling about this saying
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they didn't get a lot. the white house is saying this is all fiscal year 17 that was supposed to be under president obama. we were lucky just to get anything. want this exchange between myself and sean spicer. >> what the do you say to conservatives that feel like they didn't get a whole lot out of this spending bill. no cuts to sanctuary cities, funding for planned parenthood was maintained what do you sayh? >> the president got a lot out of the bill. especially $21 billion to help rebuild the military. it's a down payment on the border wheel and repealing and replacing obamacare. >> the president didn't get everything he wanted. he wanted $30 billion. when it comes to the wall, here it is, the white house is kicking the can down the road to the fiscal year 18 budget negotiations. that will happen in august and
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then we'll get up to full course in september because don't forget, the end of the fiscal year is september 31. >> president trump says he's open to meeting with the two leaders of countries that are accused of civil rights violations. north korean and philippines. >> yeah, in an interview with bloomberg, the president said he would be honored to meet with kim jong-un if the conditions were right. the president is trying diplomacy to solve this crisis and he also said he would meet with duarte from philippines. there's some that say meeting with duarte would turn a blind eye to the human rights abuses. the former governor of new hampshire said this is one of the unpalatable thing you have to do when you're president. sean spicer saying this afternoon that the president
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wants to enlist duarte's help in isolating north korea. >> we've got to see their provocative behavior ratcheted down quickly. clearly the conditions are not there right now. the president made it clear that if the conditions -- if the circumstances present themselves, we would be prepared to but they're not at this time. >> so there's not a meeting planned with kim, but there's an olive branch out there. and september has 30 days, not 31. i correct myself there. >> shepard: john roberts at the white house. a lot to keep straight. let's bring in our political panel.
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evan, christy are here. to you first, evan. are they going to get the repeal and replacement of obamacare done? >> i think they ultimately will. i don't think the votes are there for this week. there's many things that are missing from this bill to make it a truly great bill that will help low er the cost of care. it's moving the removal of state lines and allows people to buy better insurance plans because of that and missing allowing small businesses and individuals to pool together and bye cheaper insurance. we need to include tort reform. cms overall. medicare and medicaid inadvertently drives up the cost of coverage and lowers the quality because of policies on things like telemedicine, which can help to decrease wait times at hospitals and costs for every party. >> let's say that evan is right
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and this drives down costs and provides better care. would democrats get on board? >> i think it would be difficult for them to do so because they're hearing so much from their base right now that we don't want to go along with anything that president trump is doing. but also because it seems difficult to envision the scenario in which republicans would come up with a bill that could be palatable to democrats. when president trump said that preconditions would be covered in the bill, it seemed to indicate that he didn't know what was in the bill rather than that we should listen to him and hear that as gospel truth. i think that, again, it will be incredibly difficult for democrats to find some common ground on this. again, the bill has been so, you know, centered on taking rights away from people. for example, giving states the ability to essentially tell
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insurance companies, no, you don't have to give those people health insurance. so yeah. >> president trump has gotten wind of democratic opposition to all of this. listen to his take on it and also that of senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> the democrats are been obstructionists. the democrats, all they do is destruct and delay. chuck schumer is such a bad leader. >> the president -- name calling doesn't work. let's look at values and issues. i'd say the president's first 100 days have hardly been a success. he's broken promises to the working people of america, unfulfilled others. >> evan, what about it? >> shepard: the democrats mostly want to obstruct whatever he does. >> democrats, if they even hint
12:12 pm
to showing up at the table, the base talks about challenging them in a primary. like what they said and joe manchin, highly -- heidi highcamp. everybody just wants results. that's what they said in the 2016 elections. washington was dysfunctional. no side would work with the other to keep problems solved. >> is accommodation and compromise a bad thing? >> in this case, a couple things are going on. first, the left base is incredibly energized. the second thing, it's not as though donald trump has tried very hard to get democrats on
12:13 pm
board. he didn't lead with something like infrastructure where it would be very tempting for democrats to get on board. he led with the muslim ban. things on how democrats view our country as one of incluiveness. the other thing that i find laughable, the idea that democrats are obstructionists when republicans control all branches of government. we can't obstruct anything that he's doing. the only reason why things have not gotten passed is because of the dysfunction on the republican side. >> there is that matter of a 60-vote majority needed there. that does give the democrats a fair amount of power. christy, evan, thank you. >> thank you. >> shepard: at least 15 people confirmed dead after a strong of storms tore through the midwest and south. some children are still missing at this hour and there's more
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12:17 pm
system is threatening folks from georgia to new york with severe thunderstorms damaging winds and possibly tornadoes. over the weekend, tornadoes hit several small towns in east texas. about 50 mile east of dallas, in canton, the major says the storms carved a path of destruction 15 miles wide. one woman said her first concern was her many pets. >> i have a few missing. i have about six missing. i think they're in the back pasture. i have about five injuries. one that may not make it.
12:18 pm
i have three that didn't make it. they passed away. >> shepard: many missouri, severe flooding caused road closures and caused many people to evacuate. will carr is live in canton, texas. will, how bad is the damage there? >> jon, it's expensive. we drove along the highway here and saw the damage. we realized this is a semi trailer wrapped around a tree. as you walk across the field, you can see damage everywhere. that's some farm equipment that was flipped upside-down. this is over here what is left of a shed. you can see more equipment. and then in the distance, a homed that its roof ripped off and the home is gutted. this is all evidence of four tornadoes that swept across the area. two ef-0 and two ef-3s. some people that lived in canton did have sirens that they heard.
12:19 pm
others that live in rural areas outside of canton like where we are right now say they didn't hear any sirens. they were able to get text alerts. they said they only had a matter of minutes to get to safety. neighbors say they're trying to concentrate on how this will make this community stronger. >> it's ashes right now. he said it looks like a war zone. we'll see the beauty in those ashes. that's what you're saying right now, the beauty in the ashes. >> york is a member of the fr t fruitvale first baptist church. people have lost everything there. >> that area has been hit hard before, will. >> yeah, that's right. back in 2015 you may remember,
12:20 pm
van, texas got hit by a similar tornadoed. more than 40 people were injured. i spoke with one woman that said when that tornado happened, she went to that community to go hope. she realized that one of the helpers here was from van. you can see how it comes full circle here. jon? >> will carr live in texas. thanks. for more on where the deadly storm system is headed, let's bring in adam. >> let's take a look look at this one. it's the leading edge of storms that we're paying attention to. that system in texas working its way off to the east, this is the leading edge. everything here in the red polygon, that's an area where we could see a tornado. a tornado watch area, the little pink area in the heart of it is a warned tornado. this is one we'll continue to
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go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> jon: breaking news out of austin, texas where the university of austin confirms a suspect is in custody after stabbing several people on campus. we're still waiting to hear the conditions of the victims and no word yet on a possible motive. a man that opened fire at a pool birthday party in san diego was up sets about a break-up. the shooter called hisriend dure and made her listen to what was happening. cops said he killed one at the pool and wounded others. after the shooting. he sat in a chair with a beer in one hand and a gun in another. police say three officers responded and shot and killed
12:25 pm
the suspect. >> a witness said he was at the pool party and his friend saw the suspect sitting nearby. offered him food and apologized for the noise. he says the man turneded him down. six or seven minutes later opened fire. jonathan hunt is live in san diego at the apartment complex where it all happened. jonathan, you just spoke to a witness? >> yeah, jon, this witness, demetrius griffin, gave us a very vivid portrayal of the kind of terror that everybody that thought that they were attending a joyous birthday party felt when the firing began. take a look at this video. you can still see discarded phones on the floor, still see the bottles and the food that
12:26 pm
was there for the party on the tables. you can still see blood stains around the pool. it was obviously a terrifying scene. demetrius griffin attending that party said the stranger thing is just how calm the shooter appear. listen here. >> just very calm. he didn't stand up. he sat the whole time. even when he reloaded his magazine, he sat in his chair. it was very eerie. he didn't stand up, he didn't say anything. he opened fire. >> at the end of that rampage, 49-year-old peter sellers had killed one and wounded six. two remain in critical condition in the hospital. >> what are police saying about the motive? >> they're saying basically that
12:27 pm
they believe this is all about a bad breakup with an ex-girlfriend. they say that peter sellers was de print -- desperate and despondent. he called his ex-girlfriend as he was firing those bullets. listen here. >> he told his ex-girlfriend that he just shot two people and that the police had arrived on scene. >> sandra: he stayed on the phone talking to his ex-girlfriend as he continued to fire his weapon. it was apparent that he wanted his ex-girlfriend to listen in as he carried out his rampage. >> now, selles was white and all of his victims were black or hispanic. race may have played a role. the police chief says they have zero information to indicate race was a factor.
12:28 pm
she said in fact that all of the victims were tragically just in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> jon: sad story, jonathan. coming up, north korea warns another of nuclear bomb test at any time and president trump leaving open the possibility of military action. tonight at 5:00 p.m., the premier of "the fox news specialists" with eric bowling interviewing the president about our forces in the peninsula. >> how safe are the troops and the allies? how safe are they with some of the defense systems we've provided? >> nobody is safe. who is safe. the guy has nuclear weapons. i'd like to say they're very safe. these are great, brave soldiers and great troops. they know the situation. we have 28,000 troops on the line. they're right there. so nobody is safe. we're probably not safe over
12:29 pm
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>> jon: a fox report now. more of today's head lines from the fox news deck. more evidence that bashar al-assad has used chemical weapons against his own people. there has been evidence that the government launched four chemical attacks from december. windy weather helps brush fire spread in southern california. a fire near san bernardino grew late yesterday. flames threatens dozens of homes and firefighters use choppers and tankers to bring it under control. 18,000 canadians giving love to their neighbors to the south last night. happened at an nhl playoff game in edmonton. the microphone died and the
12:32 pm
crowd picked up the tune without skipping a beat. the news continues after this.
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12:34 pm
>> jon: breaking news out of austin, texas. emergency responders have confirmed one has died at a string of stabbing at the university of texas campus. three others transported with serious injuries. the school has confirmed a suspect is in custody and that there's no longer a threat. no word yet on a possible motive. north korea warning its boosting force to the maximum so they can carry out a nuke last test any time, anyplace. president trump said he's not ruling out taking military action against north korea. he said we'll see. he said the air force is preparing for a new long range missile test later on this week. first, to rich edson live at the state department. rich, u.s. officials say
12:35 pm
military action is not the first choice of the trump administration? >> the secretary of state and the state department says they prefer all options but they pefer to where the u.s. would not have regime change. for now, the strategy is sanctions, implementing existing sanctions and getting other countries to do that and new sanctions against north korea. that effort begins tomorrow in the house of representatives when the house will consider a new set. these sanctions will go beyond economically what other system financial sanctions have done and confront and target slave labor. north korean slave labor that benefits the regime and north korean shipping. secretary of state rex tillerson chaired a special meeting friday. the point of that was to get
12:36 pm
u.s. allies and other partner nations to get them to come along to try to isolate north korea further. >> and the administration says china has the power to confront north korea. >> it is. when you look at the relationship there, china is their most powerful ally. what the administration is saying they need to implement sanctions north to convince north korea to move along. that's what analysts are saying and the most effective way to curb their aggression. >> i think the north koreans have seen so many sanctions imposed on them by the u.n. they're blase by now. but if china enforces them, they sit up and take notice. that would be new. >> china has responded that they don't hold the key to this issue on the north korean peninsula. with that, as for how long the administration is willing to wait this out and just use
12:37 pm
sanctions, the state department says in the coming months, they want to see a change in north korea's behavior. the secretary of state told bret baier that he would continue implementing this and the united states would wait so long as the north korean situation was manageable. this as north korea continues to develop and test nuclear weapons and missiles, jon. >> jon: rich edson. thanks. more on the long range missile test that u.s. officials say is set for wednesday of this week. jennifer griffin has more. >> it's been planned for at least six months. the u.s. air force will conduct another long range ballistic missile test wednesday. the new test of an intercontinental ballistic missile will be wednesday. the last test went 142 miles
12:38 pm
before splashing down near the marshall islands. the minuteman 3 launched wednesday by the air force will be unarmed. the new missile comes days after the last test on friday by the north koreans. in another show of force, fox news has just learned that the u.s. air force flew a pair of long range b-1 bombers from guam south of the dmz that separates north from south korea. they were escorted by south korean fighter jets, john. >> and where is the aircraft carrier, the u.s.s. carl vinson right now. >> it's interesting to note that it finally arrived off the coast of north korea this weekend as the u.s. air force gears up for another long range test
12:39 pm
wednesday, the carl vinson strike group will be in the waters off the korean peninsula in the sea of japan. vinson will continue doing training operations were the south korean navy. the new test comes days after another failed north korean missile test saturday. thank you, jennifer. >> anthony is here. he spent more than 17 years in the u.s. government as an expert on sanctions. we're talking about imposing new sanctions against north korea. congress will probably vote on that as early as this evening. north korea has been existing under sanctions for years, hasn't it? can we impose something that will get their attention? >> they have had sanctions imposed on them for years. they're clearly not working. they're not well enforced. the chinese does not enforce them to the level they need to. north korean has access to the international financial
12:40 pm
community. it would surprise people to learn that there was a network exposed, a network inside china that was exposed doing u.s. dollar transactions for north korea for six years. north korea is not the most sanctioned country in the world. so those are the common myths that we hear about north korea sanctions. nowhere near we were on iran sanctions before 2013. >> so if you were advising the president or congress as to what kind of sanctions would be effective, what would you institute? >> well, we have to go after china. it's clear the chinese companies and banks are complicit in north korean sanctions. there's networks that are working with north korea. north korea is still sending coal to china, still buying coal. some of the reports suggest. so it all goes through china. it's important to go to southeast asia and talk about sanction
12:41 pm
sanctions. the chinese won't put the pressure until their own interests are at risk. >> jon: you get the impression that kim jong-un listens to only his own council. he wants nuclear weapons. he has nuclear weapons because it will ensure the survival of his regime. can sanctions do anything to dissuade him? >> they can. i think if you're going after the revenue that kim uses for his nuclear program, his missile program and for the elite, you start to get at the stability issues that the chinese don't like and that's why they won't put the amount of pressure. but that's what this is going to take. kim jong-un needs to know their nuclear press makes them less secure, not more secure. the way to do that is to go after revenue, whether it's coal, slave labor or selling items to iran and syria.
12:42 pm
>> jon: we have the carl vinson off the coast: the air force launcheded an. cbm. is that likely to get his attention? it. >> should. it's clear that north korea knows they cannot use their nuclear weapons. otherwise his country will be annihilated. it's important these military moves show to north korea there will be retaliation for any kind of military attack, which north korean has done before. it's not the united states that has attacked north korean. it's the north korea that has attacked south korea including sinking a freighter in 2010. it's important that there's no possible military action that they can take. >> jon fbi director james comey getting ready to testify on capitol hill. one senator demanding answers
12:43 pm
against the agency i ties with a spy that wrote an unverified report claiming russia had info to blackmail president trump. a live report on that next. i work overtime when i can get it.
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>> jon: the fbi director james comey heads to capitol hill this weekend. he could face questions about an unsubstantiated report on president trump. chuck grassley says the fbi hasn't been straightforward about its ties to the ex-british spy that wrote the report. claimed russia had information to blackmail the president. catherine herridge is live with more. >> the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee sent this letter to james comey saying he could make inconsistent statements with christopher steele. steele wrote the anti-trump dossier that was pun established
12:47 pm
by buzzfeed in january and is now the subject of legal action. the dossier was part of the evidence used by the fbi to justify surveillance warrant of a trump adviser in the 2016 campaign. senator grassley and dianne feinstein met with comey for a closed briefing in march but new documents provided by the justice department to the committee conflict with the briefing. grassley says there is inconsistencies with justice department documents made to the committee after the briefing. jon, we expect that to be one of the central issues wednesday. >> jon: so what do we know about how credible the allegations are? >> the senior democrat, adam schiff, read huge sections in the dossier in the march 20th hearing to make the case that the russian tries to the trump campaign are credible and demand
12:48 pm
further investigation. >> is it possible that all of these events and reports are completely unrelated and nothing more than an entirely unhappy coincidence? yes, it is possible. but it is also possible, maybe more than possible, they're not coincidental and not disconnected and not unrelated. >> in a new seven-page declaration just filed, christopher steele said large sections of the dossier were unverified and he never meant for them to be used in a public way. >> jon: what a development. thanks, catherine. >> you're welcome. >> jon: ahead, may day protests around the world. here at home, unions and immigrant rights groups going after president trump's policies. that's next. crohn's disease.
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>> thousands of protesters rallying across the u.s. and the globe on this may day. a live look in los angeles. immigrant rights groups marching to protest the president's deportation policies. the president says they're meant to keep the country safe. in new york city, protesters are gathering with banners and signs on the steps of union square. riot police in paris dodging molotov cocktails and firing fear gas at demonstrators. four officers were hurd. may 1 is known as international workers day. trace gallagher is following the marches from our west coast news hub. trace? >> in many cities, protesters are skilling keep and leaving
12:53 pm
work and vowing to join in civil disruptions. we have not seen a lot of violence but right now moving into the early evening hours is when police are concerned about unrest. new york city is expecting tens of thousands of protesters as the video you just saw. one large group in grand central station and bryant park and into a macy's store where they continued their chance. another group of about 500 gathers outside a wells fargo and j.p. morgan headquarters protesting what they called corporate backers of hate. the plan is to target companies that build immigration detention facilities and have ties to the trump administration. at least a dozen were arrested for civil disobedience and authorities are on high alert in los angeles and seattle where last year a violent protester threw a molotov cocktail at police. john? >> and they've had some of that in paris as well. tell us about the international
12:54 pm
protests. >> many many -- in many countries, may day is a huge celebration. in turkey, oner bullets and tear gas was fired at protesters. they're aimed at the president of the country with an iron fist in the wake of the failed coup that tried to out him last last year. in havana, a man ran on to a parade route being attended by raul castro. he was dragged off by police. police fire gas at protesters throwing box and petro bomb in venezuela. hundreds of thousands are attending duelling protests there to support and opposed the president, nicholas maduro.
12:55 pm
>> trace gallagher, thank you. >> jon: we'll be back with a look at the sky scraper that was the tallest building for decades and opened on this day in history. y three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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12:58 pm
>> another success for space x today. maybe two successes. the company launched the spy satellite for the government and landed another rocket for recycling. this was the first space x mission for the reconnaissance office. the leftover booster portion landed at the cape canaveral air force station. the company's first recycled rocket flu last month. if you're a big star wars fan with more than a million dollars to burn, you could be the proud owner of a solid gold darth vader mask.
12:59 pm
the life size market is offered of the villain. they're made of 24 karat gold and weigh 33 pounds. it took a team 33 months to make the prototype. the store is selling the mask to mark 40 years of the release of the movie. on this day in 1931, the empire state building opened in midtown manhattan. it rose 102 floors. the heads of g.m. and chrysler are have said to make a bet who could build a taller sky scraper. despite a late start, the empire state building won. they added more than four stories a week. it held the title for some 40 years until the world trade center took its place and the lights first came on 86 years ago today.
1:00 pm
if you come to new york, you have to take the tire. it's quite a sight. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. "your world" for neil cavuto is next. stocks up big, but the markets flat. neil will have that in just a moment. >> neil: may day and it got rocky in the city of paris today. better than 250 cities across the globe, most in the united states, this was the kind of thing playing out. not always violent, not always rough. all reminders a day that was meant to celebrate the american worker and then labor and then immigration and then illegal immigration. then the lgbt community and its rights. and then various presidents of the united states, including latest occupant of the oval office and whether he's up for the job and destroying america. we'll talk to a labor organizer