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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 4, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ we take a walk ♪ >> the son not quite shining, in new york city, you are watching "fox and friends" first on thursday morning, appreciate you joining us. abby: thanks for starting your thursday with us. and emergency meeting at buckingham palace with the entire royal staff. jon: health concerns over the queen and prince philip. abby: what do we know about this meeting? >> reporter: we know the staff meeting is due to take place at buckingham palace just about now what we don't know is what this
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meeting is about. the only thing we have heard from buckingham palace is there is no cause for alarm. they say the meeting does not concern the health of the queen or her husband prince philip there has been a great deal of speculation on social media about their well-being. prime minister theresa may met with the queen who is now 91 years old and opening a new stand at a cricket round but neither is the queen more prince philip has recently reported to be in poor health. has since been out and about, looking extremely well. these staff meetings happen from time to time but don't usually attract this kind of attention. we will update you on what this is about. >> we will keep a close eye on that.
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back at home a showdown in a few hours, the house votes on a "nuclear option" to repeal and replace obamacare. >> working hard to turn the vote in 2 yes votes but is it enough to seal the deal? christian can live in the nation's capital with what could be a major victory for donald trump if they have the votes. >> reporter: after seven years of republican promises and an attempt by the administration, house republicans say they have the votes to undo obamacare and claim victory. >> a big amendment that helps close it. >> across the finish line. and 8 billion over five years. key elements, repeal, the
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mandatory coverage, and medicaid expansion, members of the freedom caucus who you remember were holed up last time, they are now on board. >> this is not fool repeal out of the house working for fool repeal. >> slammed trumpcare and democrats like jim mc govern are outraged. >> forced to rely on pressure reports to figure out what is in this bill. to report out of rules. and secretive back room deal without holding any hearings, not a single one or taking input from democrats. >> house republicans for final changes around 9:00 am and on the rules committee is expected, later this morning a
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historic vote this afternoon. >> $1.1 trillion spending bill funding the government through september heading to the senate after approval in the house. $15 billion in emergency funding will go toward rebuilding the military, for border security. the money will be used for thousands of additional beds, upgrades and border infrastructure and technology like surveillance and does not provide funding for a border wall. that is not stopping the president from fulfilling one of his biggest campaign promises, he is building that wall. shontz wife is showing up the 20 foot high wall that will protect the country. >> what i'm telling anybody is the president said he was going to build a wall and he is doing it and the department of homeland security under john kelly says it is the most effective way to keep people
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out, stop drugs, stop cartels, stop human traffic and prevent illegal immigration. that is what i'm telling you. >> in new mexico construction will be underway in san diego, el paso and the rio grande valley. james comey doubling down forcefully defending his decision to reopen the clinton email investigation. the fbi director admitting lack of trust in former attorney general loretta lynch played a huge role. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge was there for the most impassioned defense yet. >> the fbi director defended his decision to reopen the email probe 11 days after americans went to the polls. >> mildly nauseous to think we might have had impact on the election. >> reporter: the senate judiciary committee, and classified, to find out anthony weiner's computer, is now
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estranged wife. >> you took an enormous gamble, to invalidate her candidacy. >> anyone who disagrees, on october 28th, there is a third door available in late last year before the election to confirm the existence of an ongoing investigation about the trump campaign. >> mishandling classified information. >> how does not violate the statute? >> you can talk about the document paid by russian hackers. and candidate clinton. >> the person who wrote the email, if not why not. >> he took on the burden of speaking publicly last july when
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recommending against criminal charges because his boss put impartiality in doubt. >> the are was not picking on the attorney general loretta lynch who i like very much, her meeting with president clinton on the airplane was the capper for me. >> reporter: the subject of an ongoing inspector general investigation into how the fbi and justice department handled the clinton email case, comey confirmed he had been interviewed. the time i will tackle lynch's meeting with bill clinton before his wife's fbi interview. >> comey announcing top hillary clinton aid homea aberdeen was not charged even though she sent classified email to anthony weiner. jonah goldberg slamming that double standard. >> the thing i find flabbergasting the trigger a memory from the campaign, why
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isn't homea aberdeen in jail, i have friends, security clearance that would be carted out of the building for doing a fraction of sending, quote, thousands of emails to anthony weiner, susceptible to manipulation and blackmail. >> you might grab an umbrella before you head out the door. >> janice dean tracking heavy rain for some people anyway. >> to carry an umbrella. >> above this boundary, we have warmer temperatures south of the boundary and you can see it across the central us along the boundary for low-pressure for potential for more heavy rain shifting across the southeast in the ohio river valley. we have watches and warnings in
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effect in these regions and this continues to move north and eastward and the trailing cold front across the southeast departing by tomorrow. estimated precipitation, saturated with rainfall, that is why we have flood advisories. >> we could get heavy rainfall. we are expecting a cooler forecast and looks like rain in the forecast. abby: have so much fun. breaking news we need to report. prince philip is stepping down from public engagement according to the bbc. he is 96 years old, 95 years
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old, the queen is 91 and this on the heels of that report that there was a meeting with the entire staff at buckingham palace. heather: we are told their health is okay. she is stepping down from public engagements. the queen's full support as well. that is the reason for that meeting. the time is 10 minutes after the top of the hour and late-night comedian stephen colbert double down on his attack on the president. >> having choice insult for the president in return, i don't regret that. i have jokes, he has the launch codes. a fair fight. >> new calls for him to be fired. >> giving hackers access to all of your information spreading like wildfire. >> liam neeson using a particular set of skills.
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abby: no apology from stephen colbert. he continues to make light of his attack on donald trump. >> welcome to the late show. i am your host, stephen colbert. i am still the host. >> the very latest on the firestorm and calls for cbs to pull him off the air. >> no apology from stephen colbert who returned to late-night stage, the target of disapproval from fans and critics alike flocking to social media urging cbs to pull the plug. >> if you saw my monologue on monday you know that i was a little upset with donald trump for insulting a friend of mine so at the end of that monologue
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i had a few choice insult for the president in return. i don't regret set. i have jokes, he has the launch codes. a fair fight. >> he put himself in the middle of the major controversy monday night launching what some are calling anti-lgbt attack on donald trump. >> your presidency, i love your presidency. i call it disgrace the nation. you have more people marching against using cancer. the only thing her mouth is good for is being vladimir putin's holster. >> the late show host as he was defending cbs colleague and friend john dickerson after the president slammed his show face the nation calling it deface the nation over the weekend. he backpedal on some inflammatory wording hoping the backlash from members of the lgbt community but the damage may have already been done. >> social media says that. fox news reached out to cbs for
2:16 am
comment but the network is seeing signs on social media not so quiet as abby just said. the hashtag fire colbert spreading like wildfire, one person asks most of the comments excusable if said by a member of the left, only republicans can be intolerant? it is respect for the office, needing to apologize is what adults do and another person saying liberals hiding behind the free-speech argument to protect colbert while they burn down berkeley over and called her speaking. >> what do you think? send your comments on facebook, twitter or send an email to fox news and we will share them later in the show. a black student group taking over an administrative building at santa cruz refusing to leave until the school meets their long list of demands. tucker carlson going head to head with students leading the takeover. >> housing just for
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african-american students sounds like the segregation we read about where schools 50 years ago for african-americans, was it different? >> asking for a housing guarantee, the couch. >> would guarantees go to korean students? >> black caribbean students. >> student protesters demanding urgent supplies for their takeover including -- >> live streaming, millennials attending funerals online. as low as $100. it is cheaper if we don't have to travel or take time off work.
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and capture the emotions. liam neeson is a man who knows how to get what he wants or what happens when a sandwich shop offers a free lunch. >> a particular set of skills. >> that is what the superstar did. and a photo of the time that reads taken by our sandwiches. >> he heard liam neeson was in the area. and signature roles. 20 minutes after the hour. veterans blasting the healthcare coverage. >> this is unbelievable, you don't do this. >> they are overworked, underpaid and shortstaffed. >> brand-new promise from the va secretary. >> president obama's $400,000
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across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ ♪ i am not scared ♪ thinking ♪ everything is all right ♪ abby: hopefully are not getting tucked in but waking up with us this morning, to get your thursday morning starting off right. outraged veterans blasting the hospital as explosive town hall meeting, the same medical center a watchdog group found they were putting vets lives at risk with unsanitary conditions like using
2:23 am
expired equipment. >> this is what you put over my husband's on. this is unbelievable. you don't do this to best friends. >> when i go to a facility like suburban hospital or a certain physician in the area, you would like to hear me. >> underpaid and shortstaffed. >> david is considering 1100 facilities nationwide. agency develops plans to allow veterans to receive private medical care. a new bombshell lawsuit claiming google, facebook and twitter have the deadly san bernardino terror attack, three victims families filing suit claiming the social media giant failed to scrub their sites of isis propaganda. the shooter and his wife opened fire on a san bernardino office
2:24 am
christmas party killing 14 people. a foxbusiness alert, beware before you click, new email scam targeting billions of users worldwide. cheryl casone he from foxbusiness, what we need to know. >> this is interesting because so many people got this email from a trusted contact, very clever and how it was presented. a google phishing scam, 1 billion gmail users were expected, your emails and contact, it will say something about opening google doc, it will affect your computer. google has it under control, they found the source of the scam and cleaned it out. floating around for gmail users. >> they tried to trick us.
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donald trump always says buy american, hire american. apple -- this is a company that came out with her lings earlier this week, $250 billion in cash, small amount but $1 billion they will put into a fund to build manufacturing in the us which is great news, the iphone outsourced to build overseas, they are going to work to create manufacturing jobs in the us, tim cook applauded donald trump's tax reform plan. if you are going to be making profits overseas and tax 35% you don't want to bring that money home so good news from apple yesterday. >> the world's first caffeinated bagel. doesn't sound good to me. >> it might be pretty good. einstein brothers bagels, when i lived in arizona, a great bagel
2:26 am
made of espresso and coffee flower. it is a bagel that has caffeine in it, if looking for the jolt in the morning, called the espresso buzz bagel, has 32 mg of caffeine which is not as much of the whole cup of coffee but they have been working on it for months and launching it now. we will see what consumers think of it. heather: i have not had an einstein's brothers bagel that i haven't liked. thank you. appreciate it. the time is 26 minutes after the top of the hour and hillary clinton unable to accept the fact that she lost. >> lack of self awareness to me was stunning, the idea that she again mentions i won the popular vote. what the prize is for that, participation trophy and second place. >> the steps she is taking now to launch herself back into the limelight.
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abby: look at that beautiful sunrise. you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: thanks for joining us. let's get -- a healthcare shutdown in a few hours. the house to vote on a new bill to repeal and replace obamacare. >> donald trump working to turn no vote in 2 yes. is enough to seal the deal. what could be a major victory
2:31 am
for donald trump. >> i tell you who else is ready, house republicans after 7 years of promises and is another attempt in march, house republicans have votes to undo obamacare. the advanced as a kid -- legislation passing muster with hard-line conservatives, fred upton united with donald trump yesterday. >> i talked to the president yesterday based on our discussions and the agreement on this amendment and can now be at place where i can support the bill. >> vote yes on the bill, still work to be done. >> with preexisting conditions, $8 billion over five years. all obamacare taxes. and the freedom caucus held out last time also on board.
2:32 am
>> the best we can get out of the house. >> the full freedom caucus. >> nancy pelosi, slamming trumpcare, and jim mcgovern outraged. >> forced to rely on press reports, what is in this bill, reporting out of rules. a secretive backroom deal without holding hearings, not a single one, or taking input from democrats. >> >> anything can happen.
2:33 am
>> thank you. >> brand-new fox news alert, and urging truck owners to be on the lookout for terrorists who may steal vehicles and use the mass killing machines. recent ramming attacks worldwide. at ohio state university and the best deal day massacre in france. a new terror alert for americans heading to europe. >> celebrities planning to go to the famous can festival moments away from last summer's deadly attack. the city pouring millions of dollars into security upgrades, putting 600 volunteers in the area as well as installing surveillance barriers along sidewalks. >> he will no longer be making
2:34 am
public appearances. the 95-year-old royal pictured yesterday opening the stand at a new cricket ground. after queen elizabeth called an emergency meeting at buckingham palace overnight. prince philip will still be at royal family engagements, police reporting her husband -- >> at home donald trump is marking the national day of prayer with an executive order protecting religious freedom by adding his signature, the president ensures protection and enforcement of religious liberties for all americans and to break in fines for business that object a certain obamacare mandate like covering contraception but most important will be an irs rollback and enforcement of the johnson amendment which prohibit religious leaders from talking politics. >> a star has a sneak peek at the executive order being signed today, that action he called on
2:35 am
donald trump to take in his book the deplorable's guide to making america great again, one minute commentary this morning. >> good morning, there really is a war on religious liberty in america and this war is targeting people of christian faith, militant atheists and lgbt activists are hell-bent on not just eradicating christianity from the public marketplace but punishing christians who practice their faith. that is why we need an executive order on religious liberty to protect people like a grandmother, the owner of a flower shop facing loss of her business and home because she refused to participate in a gay wedding, people like a family in grand rapids, michigan, owners of a meat packing company, inspectors ordered them to remove religious materials from their company's break room. the final draft of donald trump's executive order does not mention protections for people
2:36 am
like them, do not be alarmed, i spoke to a conservative leader late last night instrumental in crafting a telling me this is the first step in a multi step process and donald trump will protect religious freedom for all americans. this president demonstrated he is a friend to people of faith. no doubt he will honor his word. >> put that on a t-shirt. extreme weather not flooding in arkansas, slamming into a bridge. >> freaking out. >> threatened, thousands of evacuations across missouri and arkansas, 20 people have died as a result of the storm. janice dean is following in
2:37 am
louisiana. >> concerned about flooding across these areas including missouri, illinois, arkansas, indiana, ohio, flooding concerns and we have seen incredible amounts of rain, four, six, eight inches of rainfall oversaturated ground. this is moving eastward, dryer period for areas under flood watches and warnings and dealing with threat for strong severe storms across the gulf coast, watching this slow area of low pressure lumber across the eastern third of the country and that will bring unsettled weather over the next couple days into the weekend. there is your forecast today. storms over the eastern half of the country. and ahead of this system, across the central us and looking good across the west. very hot across california, current temperatures in much of the nation.
2:38 am
cooler air across the northern tier of the country and warmer unstable air ahead of this front which is why we are seeing those storms and we will continue to monitor throughout the day at the fox news extreme weather center. >> 45 ° in utah, something about the video of the cabin crashing into the bridge is dramatic. >> 40 minutes after the hour, ramping up the response, the action facebook took to stop the violent videos from being posted on social media site. >> the university now offering an anti-trump course with strategies for resistance. >> he told us she was on her way to the store. i think i interrupted her. >> a bus driver being hailed a hero for rescuing a 5-year-old wandering with only one shoe on. what she did to help the little girl get home. on. so when i need to book a hotel room,
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>> foxbusiness alert, facebook trying to add thousands of new workers. cheryl casone he from foxbusiness here to explain. >> facebook is addressing violent and inappropriate content after a string of high-profile beatings and murders, broadcast on the social media site. the company will hire 3000 additional employees over the next year to monitor what is posted and remove video their violence. a violation of terms of service on the site and in particular monitor that facebook get each weekend they will be joining 4500 current employees already monitoring the cybercontents, it hasn't been enough and mark zuckerberg said, quote, in addition to investing in more people, we are building better tools to keep our communities safe. it will be simpler to report
2:43 am
problems. faster to determine which post violate standards and easier for them to contact law enforcement if someone needs help. facebook is under fire recently for a string of violent videos posted including the murder in cleveland, ohio posted by 37-year-old steve stevens of him shooting robin goffman as he is down the street. two hours before it was taken down. so much content on facebook, the company is trying to grapple without much they have got to handle. >> at least they are trying. president obama's $400,000 wall street speech could send congress after his pension. last year obama vetoed a bill that wouldn't curb the pensions of former president if they make $400,000 and outside income even though the bill passed the house and senate, sponsors of the bill calling the former president a hypocrite and vowing to introduce the measure in hopes that donald trump will be on
2:44 am
board. hillary clinton taking action just one day after saying she is back in the resistance. >> on october 27th, i would be are present, it was october 28th and there was a lot of fuzziness going on around that. i'm back to being an activist citizen as part of the resistance. >> clinton will reportedly launch a new political action committee to help 2018 congressional candidates get into office. the former secretary of state will work as a, quote, quiet catalyst to help grassroots political organizations after donald trump won the election. she has no intention of running for president in 2020. this morning, kellyanne conway ripping hillary clinton's election loss explanation. >> she said she was winning if the election were october 27th.
2:45 am
that is not true. if you look at the clear politics aggregate and i did today, in 6 states from obama 2012 the trump 2016 florida, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, iowa, look at these states, her numbers say they improved from october 27th to the aggregate on november 5th and november rates, lack of self-awareness can be stunning, the ideas that she, the idea that she -- ended up ignoring her and the idea she had again mentioned i won the popular vote. you know -- the participation trophy in second place. >> the end of the election donald trump went everywhere. time to check what is coming up on "fox and friends". in dubuque iowa.
2:46 am
>> having breakfast with friends. it is for:45 in the morning, coming out all morning, politics as always, some pancakes, the last insurer declared a house vote on the repeal and replace obamacare today. we will ask great folks about that all day long. democratic official pulled the lever for donald trump this time around. we will ask how he is doing so far 100 days in and keep you posted on "fox and friends" all morning and cheese wrapped bacon. >> the bar opens at 6:00 am. >> trying to keep it under control. >> some of the fans. >> trying --
2:47 am
>> i love it. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back, making his first hometown visit since taking office, donald trump heading to new york city to commemorate a world war ii battle on the uss intrepid. >> might be marred by protests. live with the latest, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. chilly day on the banks of the hudson, a preview of the chilly reception donald trump expected to get. he will speak aboard the uss
2:51 am
intrepid to mark the 75th anniversary of the battle of the coral sea which was a major collaboration between the us and australia to beat back japan during world war ii. he is set to arrive in new york, flies into kennedy airport, he will chopper his way to manhattan, he is on to the peninsula hotel for a meeting with australian prime minister malcolm turnbull, expected to discuss among other things, north korea and peace effort in the middle east and economic matters, then both heads of state will come to the intrepid for that commemoration ceremony. throughout his travels, donald trump will be trailed by protesters, 3 major demonstrations are expected in the city today and one of them will occur at 6:00 tonight outside trump tower, that is being organized on the new york immigration commission. at the intrepid donald trump is expected to travel to his home in new jersey where he will spend the weekend. that will be a pattern
2:52 am
throughout the summer. back to you. abby: a lot of traffic in new york city. i will be watching. chilly but beautiful out there. stephen colbert doubling down on his attack on the president. >> insults for the president in return. i don't regret that. i have jokes, he has the launch codes. a fair fight. >> he said he was defending john dickerson with comments that wound up offending millions. >> the only thing your mouth is good for is being vladimir putin apps-holster. >> cbs is keeping quiet. many of you fired up at home. when we asked what you think the network would do james says i say fire him.
2:53 am
what happened to good comedians? >> mandy said he should apologize at least for the comments about obama, they would be fired. why acknowledge him? he is a failing commission who used freedom of speech for a platform for disruption. >> outrage as the university unveils a strategy for resistance to oppose donald trump. in indiana, they offer a class called trump's amended us democracy, according to its description students will explore, quote, how trump's rhetoric is contrary to the foundation of us democracy and engage in strategies of resistance. there is a private school, $36,000 a year. >> texas senate passing a ban on thing to worry cities, the first 8 to do so under the trump administration. the bill allowing the state withhold funding from county and local government from acting as
2:54 am
sanctuaries, to refuse to ask about a person's immigration status. it will head to governor greg abbott's desk who says he is say i am getting my signing pen warmed up. >> a bus driver noticing something out of the ordinary on her usual route. >> the woman jumping into action after finding a little girl wandering alone on the sidewalk. wearing a flip-flop in tennis shoe in 40 ° weather, she decided to pull her bus over and invite the girl to come on board and call police for help some help. >> he said she was on her way to the store so i think i interrupted her but needless to say she needed help. >> family members say she unlocked the front door of their home and snuck out while they were sleeping. she is home and safe. what did she want? >> it is 5 minutes until the top
2:55 am
of the hour. is there such a thing as alcohol that is too strong? booze being pulled off of store shelves. >> the abandoned dog will face the animal shelter. ♪
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2:57 am
. .
2:58 am
be be a two minutes before the top of the hour. but you leave the house. a vote to repeal and replace obamacare. 216 yes votes are needed for it to pass. congress holding a second
2:59 am
hearing on united airlines scandal. a subcommittee is looking into what led chicago aviation police to drag a passenger off flight to make room for crew members. the queen holding emergency meeting overnight at buckingham palace with entire royal staff saying she supports her husband's decision. heather: time now for the good,ed bad, the ugly. abandoned dog leading rescuers two miles interest to her puppies after. following stray dog into abandoned barn where she had been running off to feed her mother of 10. calling bombay sapphire because it's too strong. 77% alcohol. twice the level advertised on the bottle. it believes it was only sold in cangsd. crying for help in florida, displaying this sign says divorced must sell house before i go.
3:00 am
not sure if they have any takers. heather: i want to wish my daddy a happy birthday. abby: have a great birthday. have a good day. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> thanks to president trump's leadership, congress is going to vote to repeal and replace obamacare. >> it makes me mildly nauseous to think we might have had impact on the election. honestly it, wouldn't change the decision. >> we want to create peace between israel and the palestinians. we will get it done. >> the controversial spending bill has now passed the house and heads to the u.s. senate. >> we cannot have the two greatest nuclear powers in the world cannot have this kind of relationship. we have to change it? >> president trump is marking the national day of prayer with an executive order protecting religious freedom. >> if you saw my monologue on monday i had a few choice insults for the president. i don't regret that. [cheers and applause] ♪ hit me with y


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