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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 4, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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this evening. thank you for being with us. congratulations, republicans. we now have begun the process of ending the death spiral. finally, you got your act together. see you tomorrow night. >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. president trump is expected to speak at any moment now. of course, we'll bring it to you as soon as that starts.t good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." the president is about to deliver a speech at the intrepid sea, air, and space museumni in new york during his first visit tont new york since becoming the president.w just moments ago, the president met with the australianis prime minister, malcom turnbull. we have tape of that, which we are going to go to in just a minute. first, we want to go to charles krauthammer, who i believe a standing by in washington tonight. charles, there is other news, thanks a lot for joining us. there is other news today. that is the american health care act, has passed the house of representatives. for folks just joining us, i
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want to say we will go to the event with the prime minister and the president. how significant is that that this has passed? >> for political reasons for the president, and for speaker ryan this is a very important moment. simply on the negative side. a had it not, that would have been a striking the republicans have railed against the affordable care act, obamacare, for seven years. they promised, they voted over 60 times to repeal when they knew that the repeal would be ineffective because obama was in office. now, they have a republican in office, they are not able to pass a bill. simply, the fact that passing the ball was extremely important because of the downside. the problem is, what is in the bill. the problem is that we have a very rickety health care system as a result of obamacare. it is very hard to predict what the effects are going to be. but the one thing we know is
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this is like the economy. you come in office, you own the economy whether it is your work or not, whether anything as a result of what you do. you come into office, you owner the health care system. particularly when you pass something like this. y if you have an appointment with your doctor that gets canceled, they will blame donald trump and paul ryan, no matter whether it has direct effect or not. that is where they are now. they are hostage to the future of american health care. >> tucker: would they have been anyway? t you heard some republican strategists in washington saying, do nothing, allow obamacare to collapse, stand back, warm your hands on the embers and built something in its place. was that possible?m >> no, it's not possible. f the moment the president is sworn in, he owns the health care system. it is not fair. it is not logical. but it doesn't matter. people attribute whatever is happening to the administration, particularly when you control the house and the senate, and particularly when you campaigned for years and garner the
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political benefits of going against obamacare and promising a replacement. they had no choice. they are now hostage to the results of a bill, whose outcome on the ground is extremely hard to predict. >> tucker: its legislative outcome, as well.he the compound question, this will get through the senate, and are we sure it is a good bill? >> something i think we'll get through the senate. but it may not look very much like the house bill. the house bill is essentially dead on arrival. to be revived when something else comes out of the senate and goes to a house senate conference committee, where they will try to work out aen compromise. the senate is on its own now. it will have to find a compromise that is less radical than the house bill because of the political math of the senate.
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you have only two votes to spare. you have a lot of moderates whoh are not very happy, republican moderates, then, you have the radical fundamentalists, like rand paul, who want to treat health care like another commodity in a country that is not anywhere near that anymore. >> tucker: less than it ever has been. the debate in the last couple of days has been over the pre-existing conditions clause in obamacare. reviled by libertarians but popular with a lot of the public. is that sacrosanct at this point? can't go anywhere, do you t think? >> absolutely sacrosanct. i think what conservatives and republicans are beginning to understand is how the fundamental view ofgi health care among the american people has changed. obamacare is a disaster on the ground. what it's done to our system, what it's done economically, it is in a death spiral, and politically, it ruined the democrats. however, there is an irony and a hidden victory over these last
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seven years, people's expectations have changed. y you watched the debate over the last three months. what are the grounds? they are liberal grounds. how many people will lose their coverage? how can you leave people in the cold?ds the jimmy kimmel thing. it is showing that the people is at a point where i think it believes in universal coverage. once you are there, the ground has shifted. republicans and conservatives are going to have a hard time arguing for a consumer-based market-oriented health care system. we are in a different world. >> tucker: where health savings accounts may not be popular to the majority. i saw a piece this week entitled "the conservative case for single-payer." i am not sure most conservatives are quite there yet. but you think that is where it is going?? >> i think that is where we are going. whether it will end up single t payer, the canadian system orhi not, i am not sure. i will guarantee you this, within a few years, there won'te be an argument about whether government has an obligation to
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ensure that everybody getsts health coverage. that is what the democrats wanted all along. they weren't quite ready to pull the trigger in 2010.0. so they ended up with thiste hybrid system, this rickety system, it is not self-sustaining. the idea, i think, has now sunk in. >> tucker: it's all so bewildering. things are changing really fast. we are glad you are here. charles krauthammer, thank you. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: just a short time ago, ahead of the dinner you are watching on the screen, donald trump met with the australian prime minister malcom turnbull.of let's take a look at that meeting, which we have right here. >> we get along great. always have. >> how important is the relationship with australia? >> i love australia. we have a fantastic relationship. i love australia. always have. we have a lot of friends here tonight.
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>> do you think you're going to put the refugee deal behind you? >> that has been worked out for a long time. >> we had a good telephone call. we had a great call. you guys exaggerated that call. a big exaggeration. we had a great call. we are not babies. we had a great call, right? we had a very, very good call. that was a little bit of fake news. >> exactly right. >> when can be expected to be in australia, mr. trump? >> that will happen. one of the great, great places. one of the most beautiful places on earth. i have so many friends there. i will be there. absolutely, we will be there. >> what is the relationship to celebrating the south coral sea? >> i will be speaking about the battle of the coral sea tonightc that was some battle. a very important battle for both of us. we did it together. >> we did. it saved australia. it was a turning point
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in the war. i was just on a flight with some of the veterans, the australian and american veterans, they were teenagers when they turned the war, the tide of war, between -- australia and america startd to win. >> we have been allies for 99 years. can you imagine? 99 years. never a bad time. a great, great thing. >> mr. president, how hard will it be to get the health care bill through the senate? >> i think we will get it through. the republicans are very united. like seldom before. you have seen that today. the republicans came together, all of a sudden, two days ago, it was like magic. they just came together. they are very, very united. every group, from the freedom caucus, to every single group. a lot of groups. a lot of great people. united. very, very you saw that today. you'll see it again. the senate is looking forward to getting it.
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mitch mcconnell knows how to do things. i think we are going to have some really great health care. for a long time. >> president trump, what you say to some of the congress people h concerned about how it will change in the senate? >> president trump: that could change a little bit. it could get a little bit better. it's a very good bill. the premiums will come down, very substantially. the deductibles will come down. it will be fantastic health care. right now, obamacare is failing. we have a failing health care. i shouldn't say this to the great gentlemen, my friend from australia, because they have better health care than we do. we are going to have great health care very soon. obamacare is failing. the insurance companies are leaving. aetna just announced they are out from obamacare. some states, you look at a lot of states, a lot of different states, tennessee, kentucky is now in trouble. iowa is in trouble. l the insurance companies are all leaving. obamacare is dead. so, when you compare something to obamacare, obamacare is no longerer living. and we have something that is
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going to be, i think, one of thb best anywhere in the world. we look forward to it. >> mr. president, can i ask about your tweet onbe foreign policy? it is unconventionalal for a president. is it an asset or liability to foreign policy? >> president trump: social media is the way to go. i have over 100 million people watching. social media to me is the way to go. this way, somebody is not treating you properly, or if you do have indeed fake media, not all of it is fake, some of it is fantastic, actually. you can just sort of circumvent. i find, i don't know if you find that, i find a social media is d the way to go. between the different forms. there are many different forms. but it's a fast way of getting the word out. i really think it helped today with health care. f i think it's a great way to communicate and it's a modern way to communicate. thank you very much! >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you.
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>> tucker: earlier today, we will bring you president trump's speech live just as soon as it starts. it should be coming up pretty soon. also, president trump is going after former obama officialom susan rice for refusing too testify to congress about what she knows about the unmasking of trump transition officials. the question is, is she hiding anything? that's next. plus, another video of anid airline kicking off its own paying customers. this time, it's a family with young children. >> they can remove you. [indiscernible] >> we are going to be in jail. >> tucker: in jail? [laughs] what is going on here? what do american airlines need? shape up? we'll discuss. all finished.
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what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. ♪ >> tucker: we are awaiting a speech tonight by president trump at the intrepid museum in new york. we are going their live as soon as he begins to speak. right now, remember susan rice? she is back in the news maybe not for the last time.r this morning, president trump tweeted this, "susan rice, the former national security advisor to president obama, is refusing to testify before a senate subcommittee next week on allegations of unmasking trump transition officials. not good!"te susan rice says that she is declining to testify because the invitation wasn't backed by the
8:16 pm
subcommittee's top democrat, sheldon whitehouse. for reasons of separations of power. the question is, as she hiding anything? joshua gapler, democratic strategist joins us tonight to explain. mr. galper, we have spent the last five months hearing from democrats, we need to know more, get it all out in the open, let's have an investigation, here is an opportunity for susan rice to come in, to explain herself, and she is declining. it is hard to see why. >> tucker, i would explain this this way. let's look at the larger context. this is an investigation into the interference by russia and in 2016 election. that is what the subcommittee hearing is about. that she has been advised to by -- invited to by senator graham. and senator wright has disagreed with. already, as if you look at this panel coming together, they have sally yates, the former acting attorney general of the united states, and james clapper, the former director of nationalat intelligence, already testifying.
8:17 pm
those were agreed to by both the chair and the ranking members, senator whitehouse, the ranking member. she was invited just at the last moment to come. it was only an invitation that was extended by senator graham. the chairman.. she is declining based on her reasons as stated in the letter, from her lawyer. i can understand. let's start with the facts. >> tucker: wait, she didn't get invited by enough people? so she's not coming? i'm totally confused. she is not going to be question just by republicans. >> she won't be questioned by just republicans, but the way that this investigation is being constructed by the chair and by the ranking member, a bipartisan team putting this thing together, is that they have two witnesses who are coming, who have first-hand experience with what happened in the 2016 election as to russian interference.n when senator whitehouse looks at susan rice as a witness, he sees
8:18 pm
her being brought on as a diversionary tactic. it's like a shell game at a carnival. where instead of focusing on facts that the two witnesses with first-hand experience, she was a row behind, and can -- can't contribute the way that the two witnesses -- >> tucker: i'm sorry. i am trying to stay calm. you never want to get upset about a congressional or senate committee hearing. >> i can't believe we are having this discussion, by the way. >> tucker: i can't, either. for months, i've sat in thishe chair while democrats get all huffy about how we need more information. susan rice was at the very center of this question by her g own description in the media. she said, i went to the intelce agencies, ask for this information, ask for a greater degree of specificity, the names included in this intel, about russia's interference into the election. she is a central figure here, by her own description. so why in the world would she not come before republicans and democrats in the senate and answer simpleth questions?
8:19 pm
>> i think you just said it yourself. her job is to talk to the intelligence agencies, the intelligence communities, tonc gather information, to evaluate it, and figure out what to do with it vis-a-vis the president. she was not there creating the intelligence reports. the head of the dni is that person who all of that rolled up to. so, i would not say that she was an integral figure or central figure. i am not sure she would say that, either. >> tucker: are you being serious?. that's what she just said. part of what baffles me, when she has an opportunity to go on a deeply synthetic television show, all of which are hosted by people who voted for her boss, and gets softball questions again and again, she has no problem talking about all of this. she just went on a rival cable channel and said, yeah, i asked for the identities of the people in the intel, which were redacted. i asked for them. that bears directly on, among other things, the general flynn question. how did his identity wind up in the press illegally? et cetera, et cetera.
8:20 pm
>> that is the diversion we are talking about here. >> tucker: it was a crime that was committed. >> it was not a crime. it was within her duties as national security advisor. >> tucker: i am sorry. w you misunderstood me. i'm not saying she committed a crime. i am stating that somebody did. someone in the federal government committed a crime when they leaked the name of the private citizen who had been spied on by his own government.. in this case, general flynn. that is a crime, a felony, to do that, as you know. b we know that happened. i'm not saying she did it but she was privy to the information that was then leaked to the press. why is it aa diversion? it is the whole center of this thing.g. >> it is not the center of this thing. even the title is the russiansi interference in the 2016 election. what you are talking about is something that she did as part of her job and asking a follow-up question, wanting to know more information. the intel that they possibly colluded with russian officials
8:21 pm
with a trump campaign to potentially swing this election. >> tucker: the intel that we are talking about derived from an investigation into russian interference. twiwi that is the story. it doesn't prove the partisan point that sheldon whitehouse wants to make. but for my part, i actually am agnostic on this. i don't know what i just want to know more. i know it is always wrong when american citizens are spied upon without their knowledge by the government and then destroyed by the leak of the intel that results. that is just wrong. i would think as a democrat, a civil libertarian, you would agree. why is it a distraction to get w to the bottom of? i don't understand it at all. >> the investigation of they are undertaking at that subcommittee -- by the way, this is not unique to this particular subcommittee. we have been bogged down in a certain amount of partisanship, slowness about the investigations, writ large, partly because we are not focusing on the central issues. for instance, why do we not have trump campaign officials been called upon to testify about what they knew, who they were talking to from the russian government during the course of
8:22 pm
the election? >> tucker: i think they have been. >> i think there have been reports that there have not been certain people talked to in the senate intelligence committee. >> tucker: anyone asked by the committee ought to come and testify before it. you are not making an argument against having susan rice come, are you? why is it bad to have more information from a player in this drama? you can't tell me susan rice isn't one of those plugged in people in washington under the last administration when all of this occurred. why wouldn't you talk to her? that will be crazy. >> because you already have two witnesses that have the answers. i don't believe she will have the answers. >> tucker: ask her questions. she's not afraid to talk. she's on tv all the time, making up stories about benghazi, or talking about pulling the redactions off names. i just don't get it. why not more? >> because i don't think those are the questions that are going to come her way. i think it's been clear that it is going about unmasking the way that is issue. >> tucker: [laughs] i get it. i'm beginning to think this is more partisan than you guys are presenting it.
8:23 pm
>> no, speaking for myself, i don't think that this issue, declining an invitation is a partisan act. it is something that i understand why she is doing it for the reasons i just >> tucker: all right. thank you for joining us. >> thanks. >> tucker: a judge in boston deliberately gave low bail to an illegal immigrant uber driver accused of rape. plus, there is another case of an airline booting passengers who paid for their tickets off the plane for virtually no reason and then threatening them. we'll show you the video up ahead. you the video up boost. it's about moving forward, not back. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink. try new flonase sensimistgies. instead of allergy pills. it delivers a gentle mist to
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♪ it's called a nap, susan lucci. ♪ >> tucker: we are awaiting a speech by president trump. he is expected to mount the podium any minute aboard the uss intrepid. we'll go there, of course,ke as soon as he begins speaking.e right now, a previously deported illegal immigrant accused of rape is on the run after a judge in boston ignored federal requests to keep him detained.t our fox station in boston reported on the story. here is part of it. >> a dangerous drive home for ab local woman after investigators say she was assaulted by her uber driver, who used a fake name to register with the rideshare company. 34-year-old luis baez pled not guilty to three counts of rape. prosecutors say the young woman was picked up using the app in boston last september and driven to a location she didn't request. baez allegedly raped her and then dropped her off at boston college where she reported the incident to campus
8:28 pm
police. >> tucker: but it didn't end there. newton district court judge mary beth heffernan refused a request to set high bail. she released him after requiring just 2500 bucks. now, i.c.e. agents are hunting for him. they say he disappeared. howie carr, one of the most famous men in new england, also, the author of the book "kennedy babylon." he joins us tonight.n howie, thanks a lot for coming this story almost sounds like something that you would make up. it sounds like a parody. how did this happen? is it it seems? >> i think this is a pattern that is repeating itself all over the country. in this case, the guy is an illegal alien, once deported, a dominican, reportedly a gang banger in the city of boston. he is operating under an alias, as you just heard. they bring him in, and the prosecutor, the assistant district attorney, from a very liberal county, works for a very
8:29 pm
liberal democrat district attorney, comes in there andy says, we want $100,000 bail on this guy because he is a flight risk. and i.c.e. has asked us to make sure that he is held because they will put a detainer on him to make sure he can't escape. we want a gps. the judge, a political appointee of former governor patrick, a very liberal democraticnt politician, doesn't even listen to the entire argument by the employee of the liberal democratic district attorney, and says a $2500 bond, and says, can you make the bond of the courthouse so he doesn't have to go back to jail? she didn't want to inconvenience him in the least. so, he makes the bond and that was nine days ago and nobody has seen him since.t it is so remarkable -- >> tucker: it's this tension. what it really comes down to, when the left is pushed, in this case, liberal judge, to balance the rights of women, which they say they stand for with the so called rights of illegal aliens,
8:30 pm
the latter wins. 2500 bucks for bail on the rape charge? have you heard of that before? >> it is happeningng around the country, tucker. there was a case in new york city last week. a dominican woman was charged with, pleaded guilty, to stealing $35,000 worth of victoria's secret products. the judge tried to block photographers from taking her picture out in the hall of the courthouse. he said, you're just going to get her deport her. you had a case in portland, oregon, in january where a mexican illegal alien was in court for a hearing for a drunk driving case, the i.c.e. agents were in the hall waiting for him to come out so they could grab him and put a detainer on him and threw him out of the country. somebody let him out of the back door of the courtroom. we had another case in springfield, western massachusetts last year, a dominican bodega owner who pleaded guilty to stealing $35,000 worth of food stamps,
8:31 pm
welfare fraud. he came into the court and the judge said at an open courtroom, if you were an american, we would be sentencing to you to some serious jail time but we don't want to get you departed. so, we won't give you any jail time. the guy got probation. stealing $35,000. the woman in manhattan, she didn't do any jail time, she didn't do restitution, she didn't do any community service. it's like there is a double standard here. in many cases, illegal aliens or noncitizens are treated better than americans. >> tucker: my jaw is open. we have already moved past the point where the left is arguing that we shouldn't enforce immigration, to a point where they are showing favoritism to people who are breaking the law, because they are breaking the law. where does this go from here? >> i don't know where it goes. i just chronicle it all the time. tucker, we had a case, another one in massachusetts here, and illegal alien from ecuador was drunk, and he ran over an
8:32 pm
american motorcyclist inn the town of milford in central massachusetts. they hired a court psychologist, we, the taxpayers hired him, and he wrote a report and he said, this guy should not be held accountable, an illegal alien o, welfare, drunk driving, should not be held accountable for his drunk driving because he is of "mongoloid descent," that is what they said, he is an indian in other words, he lacked the enzyme to metabolize alcohol so he wasn't responsible for killing an american citizen while he was in the country driving drunk. this is going on every day. >> tucker: [laughs] this is why i always find itin hard to listen to your radio show because i'm mesmerized by it. howie carr, thanks for coming on tonight. you blew my mind. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: it seems like every few days we see a new video of a callous or violent incident on an airplane committed by the airline, it seems that way. just ahead, our panel will discuss where the airlines have gone bad or maybe they are just
8:33 pm
the latest victims of the o pubc witch hunt. plus, one of our favorite people anywhere, the new fox anchor, martha maccallum, will join us in "the friend zone." miss that at your peril. then, president trump expected to speak any moment now, he is on the uss intrepid here in new york city. we'll bring you that speech live as soon as it happens. speech le as soon as it happens. ♪ for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch laxatives. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body to hydrate and soften. unblocking your system naturally. miralax. tand, our adulte children are here. so, we save by using tide. which means we use less. three generations of clothes cleaned in one wash. those are moms. anybody seen my pants? nothing cleans better. put those on dad! it's got to be tide.
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>> tucker: president trump is expected to speak any minute. he is aboard of the uss intrepid in new york city. c we'll take you there, of course, as soon as that begins. but first, it is time for "the friend zone," we welcome one of our friends on fox herenb in the program. tonight, we are pleased, awestruck, couldn't be happier to be joined by martha maccallum. she has wrapped up her show on the president's first 100 days and now hosts "the story" with martha maccallum.. you hosted morning for a long time. >> i was on the morning for a long as i was saying to you, i recently rediscovered morning.
8:38 pm
morning is kind of nice when you can walk around your house. i drive my son to school in the morning, which is great. have a cup of coffee, go for a run, and kind of slide into work a little bit later in the day, which is,p after "100 days," i figured out, i kind of like doing it. >> tucker: what do your neighbors think? they probably haven't seen you at 7:00 in the morning in ten years. >> [laughs]te we have a delivery truck that brought dry cleaning, and he rang the doorbell, and i was like, hi. and he was like, who are you?oo i haven't seen you before in my life. do you live here? did you do something with the people who live here? >> tucker: [laughs] i saw you at a town hall the other day. but this show, and the last show, after years of being on the road covering stuff, are yor glad that you don't have to deal with that? >> i like the road. c the road is crazy. i love covering political conventions. we have all done that routine. on the air, it looks like it is very glamorous and exciting, but the truth is, we all know that
8:39 pm
you are trudging in and out,t, like a long trailer of porta-potties in 100-degree heat in a parking lot in philadelphia. >> tucker: i know it well. t >> two and half hours sleep. i put together three folding chairs in a closet and someone gave me this really bad, kind of them, this bad fleece blanket im the back of their car or something, and slept out cold, for two hours. i woke up and i said i am a new woman. i feel so much better. >> tucker: but you caught anthrax from a blanket. >> [laughs] not as far as i know. >> tucker: [laughs] this is, like, predictable. >> it's fun, though. we love what we do. you are so lucky in life if you get to do something that you really love. i am really enjoying doing "the story" at night. and i like leading into you.ll >> tucker: what are the town halls like? >> town halls are fascinating. the last one we did was aa factory in canton, ohio. we like to go out in america, talk to people and say, who did you vote for, and they say, i voted for donald trump. are you still happy? are you getting what you thougho you were going to get when you
8:40 pm
bought it for donald trump? by and large, the areas that we went to, they don't really match up with the poll numbers we are seeing. people seem to be genuinely still pretty enthusiastic about what they are seeing. the ones we visited in ohio, north carolina, florida, the areas we were in. >> tucker: we had mark pennn on the other night -- he polled for the clintons for years. very close to them. he is not a right-winger. he makes the case that the polling is still bad. why are trump's voters so hardrd to reach? >> they don't trust her talk to posters. t -- pollsters. this is what we learned during the election. i think this is potentially carrying over. w we have these three microcosms that we visited.hi overwhelmingly, the reaction when i would say to the crowd, a, are you disappointed, b, supportive but a littlee concerned, c, i'm in 100%? 90% of the room was in 100%. i think that the polling, the dynamic, they don't trust
8:41 pm
pollsters. they don't talk to them. >> tucker: i totally agree. martha, it is really nice of you to stay. you could be home right now. >> i am so happy you are here new york city. it is really cool. >> tucker: another embarrassing video has come to light showing an airline booting paying customers off for reasons that aren't clear. >> federal offense... >> i bought that seat. >> tucker: whose fault is that?th he bought the seat. they are threatening jail. our panel were unraveled that mystery. and the president is expected to speak in just a minute. he is here in new york city. aboard a very large ship, the u.s.s. intrepid. we will bring it to you as soon as it happens. stay tuned. if you've tried every pill on the shelf
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♪ >> tucker: president trump is currently at a dinner with the australian prime minister here in new york city.
8:46 pm
he is expected to speak soon. we will take you back there the minute he does. first, another week brings another embarrassing video for the commercial airline industry. this time, the offender appears to be delta, which kicked an entire family off when theye objected to giving up a seat for their 2-year-old. watch. >> then they can remove you off the plane. >> it's going to be a federal offense. you and your wife will be in jail. >> we will be in jail and my wife will be what? i bought that seat. >> it's a federal offense. >> tucker: yep, you are going to jail. this latest, a great many instances where the airlines treat their passengers like farm animals.
8:47 pm
>> stop, stop. >> this guy is crazy. >> tucker: looks like the korean parliament, but it's not. it's commercial air travel in america. what exactly is going on here? joining us now, fox business anchor, cheryl casone, who has worked as a flight attendant-- and mark steyn. you have lived all around the world. you have perspective on airlines. our ours especially bad? >> i have a reputation as a notorious islamophobe, second-to-none. but i would rather royal jordanian or emirates or qatar,
8:48 pm
took over every single u.s. airline. this should embarrass americans, they should be ashamed of themselves. what happened to all the don't tread on me t-shirts i keep seeing it all the airports? you get on the plane and theyy tread all over you. >> mark, come on. >> tucker: you say delta is better thanes emirates? >> emirates is actually a lovely airline. we've got a war in the skies.. each of these instances, there is always a back story. if you look at that family on the delta flight, that was leaving hawaii, the back story is, they didn't have the rights to that seat because the name on the ticket didn't match the child's name. now, if you look at the entire video, which i have watched twice, you see that there was a mistake made by the gate agent but it was human error. you see a lot of apologizing, trying to work with a guy. he just didn't want to get off the plane. he was actually wrong in the situation. an airline ticket and a passenger name has to match.s >> tucker: that's a good point.
8:49 pm
>> every one of these instances, there has been back stories. >> tucker: here is what is different. if you have a dispute in the restaurant, if you order french soup -- french toast, and they i bring you pancakes, no one goes to jail and no one gets beaten up., it seems to accelerate pretty quickly on airlines. >> it is called the faa, folks. it is called the faa. there's a reason we have it. >> the reason is that this, to be partisan about it for a moment, this is the most regulated aspect of american life. this is what, if bernie sanderst and nancy pelosi had their way, life would be like this on the ground. the airline cabin is the most hyper regulated aspect of american life. and you have no right. if you want to use the bathroom or if you -- >> you have rights. you have rights. that is not correct. you have rights as the passengers. it is called a passengers bill of rights.ou it is actually a real thing! >> when i go to a restaurant, i don't need a restaurant bill of rights. >> when you buy an airline ticket, guys, it is called
8:50 pm
contract of carriage. if you agree to the terms on thr ticket, it is there. it is 36,000 pages long. >> tucker: but why -- i buy all of that. it is different because you are in a metal tube in the sky. when you see a flight attendant say would you move, no. you are going to. that seems pretty authoritarian, right? >> if you listen to the woman's voice, the gate agent, the supervisor, she was like, "well, this is how it will go down." they tried to coax them off thew plane, coax them off the plane, and he just wouldn't leave. finally, they came down to the last two options. i'm not saying it's right. every incident has been different. certainly, i don't think that that american airlines flight attendant meant to hit a woman with two 15-month-old toddlers in her hands. that was a bad situation. >> if you go and buy a blue cardigan and you come back later and said, i would like a red one, the store clerk doesn't say, we got this 36,000 page
8:51 pm
bill of rights, you are screwed. you'll be wearing the red cardigan for the rest of your life. >> tucker: if you complain, we will punch you in the face. >> they do say to hell withh it. the manager says, give him a blue card again. >> tucker: that's a good point. let's just say, your kid canoo sit in the seat, we are not going to send her to prison. >> to paraphrase, that p is kind of what happened. they were trying to coax that passenger. can i make a point here? thousands of flights every day take off and land safely with no incident. now, with phones, with smartphones, everyone wants their youtube moment. w i am sorry, but they were videotaping that entire incident.e give me a break. >> tucker: i don't see any videos coming off emirates or singapore airlines?ti >> the australian prime minister would tell you. it's actually a serious point. on 9/11, a guy, guys with box
8:52 pm
cutters killed thousands of people. that is because everybody was following the 1970s airline hijack procedures and did asry they were told. they did not act as freethinking individuals, except on flight that was the only one where freeborn citizens acted like freeborn citizens. >> there are rules in place -- there are manuals in place, rules in place, and you don't want an angry drunk person -- >> tucker: they shouldn't be locked up.ey i am sorry. i want you to put your bag under the front of your seat.. >> they ended cabin service in 1973. >> tucker: my favorite segment in a while. thank you so much. a fox news alert. australian prime minister malcolm turnbull is speaking right now in new york city. he just met with president it's the first time they have come together since that testy phone conversation last january, which trump ended early afterth
8:53 pm
learning about a refugee swap deal the previous president had negotiated with australia. australia's foreign minister admitted that today's meeting may not fully repair the relationship between the two. but added that "they don't have to be best friends." president trump is alsowo expecd to speak tonight at the event.ey of course, we will bring it to you when that occurs.o the french presidential runoff just three days away, and the press isn't even trying to hide who they want you to support. that is next. ♪ remember when you said men are superior drivers? yeah... yeah, then how'd i get this... safe driving bonus check? ...only allstate sends you a bonus check for every six months you're accident free. silence. it's good to be in, good hands.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: time now for news abuse, french election n editio. if you thought the american press was biased, unfair, and stupid in the way it covers our political system, which do you see how it handlesh the french election, reporters aren't even pretending anymore. consider this quote about the presidential runoff in france which is scheduled for this sunday.
8:58 pm
>> france is about to have a president like no other. in other words, a contest between a fascist and an impressive voice of change. it's bashing one candidate and celebrating the other. it's not justpay the apa. every american outlets does the same in print and on television, le pen is always described as a far right, her name rarely appears without that term attached but it is never defined in any way. that's because far right is not a description but instead an attack. it's a slur managed to invoke images of goose-stepping soldiers and violence it's a way to make someone unacceptable in a single phrase it's attempted to shut down the conversation rather than start one. is she actually far right, note. on economics, not on, social policy either, she wants to keep religion out of public life in
8:59 pm
france, in america she might be called center left except one thing. le pen is skeptical of france's current refugee policies, for that one thing she is attacked as a dangerous fascists, none of her critics even bother toto debate the actual topic with her. that would take specs and preparation and they very well might lose that argument. instead they call her names and hope that's enough to kill her candidacy. with the help of a mindless and compliant press corps here and there, it might be enough this time but not forever. because at some point, voters it france will demand a voice in the matter as they will someday sooner rather than later.nd that's about it for us tonight, tune in every night at eight to the show that is this one and ending of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. president trump is still expected to speak in new york city, will bring it to you live it as it happens, good night from new york. our friends at "the five" are ready to go, we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
9:00 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello everyone i'm jesse watters and this is "the five." were awaiting life remarks from president donald trump delivering a speech aboard the uss intrepid aircraft carrier, let's go straight to fox news correspondent john roberts was on the scene. the australian prime minister and president trump had a little back story, i think their conversation was leaked to the press the last time they talked. is that water under the bridge now? >> it appears to be, january the 28th when the two leaders have their very first phone call. it was described in leaked


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