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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 6, 2017 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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eric: hello, i'm eric shawn. >> i'm laura i think for arthel neville. eric: texas police officer has turned himself in facing murder charges and the killing of a 15-year-old boy. >> allegations of election meddling the country of france with hours to go in pivotal election for major implications
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for both europe and the u.s. eric: president trump's weekend at his new jersey estate this after his victory for the administration and house republicans and their effort to repeal and replace obamacare. the president now likely charting the political road ahead as the senate next prepares to take up the the issue of health care. bryan llenes. >> they are continuing to tout it as such considering though, despite the fact that senate republicans are speaking out against this health care bill. you are senator roy blunt of missouri saying, pointing that the senate bill is going to be entirely different than the house bill. real hurdles still ahead. big things they are speaking
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about is preexisting conditions and medicaid cuts. those are big concerns for senate republicans with preexisting conditions under the new bill. states can make the decision and give the option for nurrers to -- to essentially charge more for preexisting condition. also on top of that, under this new bill seniors could be charged more by ensurers as well as the medicaid cut. ohio's republican senator rob portman saying, look, there are millions of lower-income americans who depend on medicaid for insurance, after obamacare expansion will lose medicare, that is concern. nonetheless, president trump and the white house remain optimistic in a weekly address just yesterday president trump said, look, this is better than obamacare and the white house says that they fully expect that the senate to keep the heart of this bill.
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listen. >> and now i'm calling on the senate to replacing on obamacare. >> we expect to be some changes but we expect the principals and main pillars to remain the same. >> the white house acknowledges that it's going to have to compromise with the senate republicans and the house republicans on this bill. the question is whether the president will rally the senate as he was able to rally the house to go after this bill twice in as many months to try to repeal and replace obamacare. while earlier former trump adviser corey lewandowsky spoke on "fox & friends", he expects the president to continue to play active role to make sure this legislation passes. >> he's going to be working the phones, he's going to be meeting with individuals, i'm sure in the u.s. senate. a piece of legislation done. he's required to go out and
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campaign and get on the stump like he did last weekend to push the bill forward, to make sure we can get repeal and replace done, he's willing to do that and he has a great microphone to bypass the media, fake news. >> meanwhile the president continues to have meetings and take calls in new jersey this weekend where there were a handful of protrump and antitrump protests 4 miles from his golf club and actually we are away from his golf club just about a few minutes, that's why you have been hearing children laughing and we are staying at the white house press pool away from the golf course because it's better for the president because it's hard to organize protests over there as opposed to do protests in the middle of midtown manhattan, a plus here for having the summer white house in new jersey, 45 miles west of new york city. eric: sounds like they are
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having fun out there while the president is nearby, so life goes on. thank you. >> eric, i was just there for the last two days, president trump's visit to get away at the trump national golf club is now in second full day, this is the first time mr. trump has returned to his golf club as commander in chief which means ramp up security and spray protection and costly endeavor in the small township which has 9,000 residents and police force of 16 and that is including the police chief. the secret service is in charge of overall operation while president trump is in town using local resources along with state police and other regional law enforcement agencies and each out of town visit for the president can really add up. i spoke to the mayor of bedminister, an average weekend will cost the township about $42,000.
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>> that may not sound like much in new york city or florida but a town like bedminister, a half a percent of the total town's budget. not police budget, not overtime budget but our total town's budget. >> the rural community will be getting some relief. president trump signed relief that will allocate $61 million to reimburse for protecting the president when he is in palm beach, new york and bedminister, while some protestors have gathered there, you saw in bryan's report, to make voices heard other things it's great hoping it brings more business to the area, eric. eric: looks very pretty. laura: yeah. eric: talks he had with russian embassador, reports say that flynn was cautioned by trump transition team not to talk with the russians. that made weeks ahead that
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ultimately led to flynn's resignation but certainly raised at the senate hearing at the russian hacking set more monday. >> well, eric, it's no secret that our government monitors communications of foreign officials and when suspected of working with government intelligence agencies and that's really why the several transition team officials were so concerned with general flynn meeting russian embassador sergey lavrov particularly with all the allegations with russian interference in election. flynn wasn't taking concerns seriously so much so that one of them asked the obama white house for a copy of the cia classified profile and gave it to flynn to look through before that meeting. current and former officials told ap that it's not clear whether or not flynn actually reviewed the documents but despite the warning he ultimately did meet with russian embassador a month later and had
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a series of conversations with hymn as well in which sanctions against russia were discussed. those conversations were picked up by u.s. intelligence agencies which is how the administration found out that flynn had lied to the vice president about discussion and prompted deputy yates to warn the white house that could make him vulnerable to blackmail by russia and flynn was force today step down and that's something the senate investigators are playing and asking yates about monday and scheduled to testify before the senate judiciary committee. eric: that should be fascinating. james clapper has to testify let's see if he adds to the saying that there was no collusion or evidence of that so far. garrett, thank you. laura: white texas police officer who fatally shot a teenager is facing murder charge, roy oliver turning
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himself in after warrant was issued for his arrest. he fired a gun at a car leaving party in dallas area last weekend killing 15-year-old jordan edward, will carr live in dallas. bill, why was oliver charged here? >> well, the department story has changed but now clear that oliver was charged with murder because video shows that he was shooting at a car that was driving away from him. oliver was a 6-year veteran of the balch springs police department as well as army veteran and accused of shooting 15-year-old jordan edward, committed athlete and we wanted to play in college and straight a student. al ver and another officer responded to a house party and say they thought they heard gunshots in the area, they saw a car with five black teenagers leaving the property. initially the police chief said the car was aggressive driving in reverse towards the officers and that's why oliver fired but
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video from their body cameras told a different story that resulted in oliver being fired tuesday and then charged last night. >> less than a week we have an officer that got fired, we have an officer that has an arrest warrant and arrest warrant for the highest charge that we have in this country, well, besides capital murder. >> oliver turned himself in last night and posted a 300,000-dollar bond. edwards is lay to rest today and his family ask for demonstrators to keep protests away until after that funeral, laura. laura: will, we see he's not the only officer in the headlines this week, right? >> yeah, on tuesday former south carolina police officer plead guilty after he shot an unarmed black man in the back and on wednesday two officers in the death of sterling last year in baton rouge. the louisiana attorney general could proceed with state charges
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in that case and sterling family is pleading for him to do that, laura. laura: thank you. >> you bet. eric: we would like to know if the center ornation elist wins in france 24 hours from now. voters hit the poll tomorrow in the country making voices heard in the presidential election but some say could change global politics, but today the campaign of moderate emmanuel macron was thrown into a crisis control after it says it suffered the massive hacking attack they said and again russia is being accused of trying to throw that election from macron proputin rival marine la pen. greg has more from paris. >> eric, something out of last year in u.s. presidential election, french presidential leader emmanuel macron hit by a cyber data dump, thousands of emails and documents were seized from his campaign posted online,
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most of the material is reported fairly routine but according to authorities mixed in fake news clearly, the election was attempted to be influenced, so far no sign of an impact on front runner macron, centrist, proeu, pronato and right now he has over 20% lead in the polls of far right populist candidate marine la pen, he's antieu and antiimgreant. -- antiimgreant. she says she's for france. now, we spoke with some poll incomes the streets of paris, they haven't heard too much about the hack. authorities are trying to keep a lid on it. we heard a lot of support for macron in the french heartland, though, where the smi is slammed la pen nationalist message is playing well.
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we also did hear though from people that don't like that either candidate and that, indeed, could play a role. remember that no major party candidate is in this run-off, got knocked off in the first round of voting, major u.s. figures are weighing in though, this vote is so important. former president obama taping in support of macron, in the past president trump has spoken favorably about marine la pen. yesterday the white house said that they would work with whoever wins tomorrow's election. eric. eric: thanks so much. we will be on it tomorrow. laura. laura: and republican lawmakers in the house winning round one of the battle over health care reform, but their senate colleagues could be planning some major reforms of their own. setting up a knockdown, drag-out round two. new satellite images suggest that north korea kim jong un is building artificial islands in the yellow sea, possibly for military use. general jack keane weighs in on
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eric: republican health care plan has now passed the house but faces the next big hurdle and that's going to the senate.
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lawmakers on both sides of the aisle consider major changes to the legislation that passed on thursday. ellison in washington with more on what we can expect. >> reporter: supporters of the bill in the house celebrated its passage in a big way at the rose garden with the president but that is just the first step. in the senate the debate is only beginning. >> well the senate will write its own bill, that's the way it works, right in they will pass ours and we pass theirs. >> some on the left like tim kane say for starters they need to see costs. >> they rushed through the bill without knowing how much it would cost, without a protection for people with preexisting conditions. >> quite a few republicans are looking at it with caution. >> part of the problem i have is that the underlying premise of obamacare was that the federal government would buy insurance
2:19 pm
and some of the things we have to work on, for example, are the refundable tax credit. we need to make sure that that's sufficient so that low-income people can actually buy a policy. >> we will work together carefully to write our own bill. we will make sure we know what our bill costs. >> special budget rules allow the senate to pass health care with just 51 votes but republicans probably need some help from democrats. republicans have the majority in the senate but it's not as big as the majority they have over in the house. the senate is in dc this week, the house is out on res which means they'll most likely hear opinions from people back home. eric. eric: all right, thank you so much. laura. laura: white house also weighing in on the health care bill saying president trump is taking a slow and steady approach. >> the president is focused on getting it right and not fast. i think we saw the mistake that democrats made by trying to force and rush this through.
2:20 pm
we expect there to be some changes but we expect the principles and main pillars to remain the same. lowering costs, creating competitive environment, flexibility, giving states the ability to make decisions within the health care system. we don't expect those things to change. laura: we want to talk this through, let's bring in rachel, congressional reporter for politico, thanks for being here today. >> thank you. laura: we heard sanders say they accept changes and the changes the senate will be working on is too big to keep everything on board. what would be the changes that you expect from the senate? >> basically the house passes with a significant first step for republicans, this is far from becoming law if it ever does. the white house really wants the senate to pass something quickly but the reality is that the senate is already talking about
2:21 pm
gutting this bill and making it less conservative. two things to watch obamacare medicaid expansion for low- income voters. they're worried about what this will do to more vulnerable populations, think of rob portman in ohio, some other -- a bunch of others, dozens of others actually. what they will want to do is phase this out over a longer period of time. this is going to be a problem in the house because in the house they wanted to phase it out quicker. another thing, senators are going to want to beef up tax credits for health care that are going to replace subsidies given by obamacare. this can also be a problem in the house because there's conservative who is don't like tax credits at all to begin with. they are worried that it will become entitlement program, they are calling it obamacare like. laura: it was a day in the life
2:22 pm
of this process. there's still obviously a long way to go, maybe months of this which, you know, we can say probably won't go over well with the president if he delays his legislative agenda, right? >> that's absolutely right. say this actually passes the senate within a month or something, we are going to have to go back to the house and they will have to pass the senate version and this will create a huge numbers program which barely passed their original by like one vote this week. you think back about a month ago, the conservatives, freedom caucus they basically tanked the first draft of this bill. they wouldn't vote for it. speak e paul ryan had to pull frit the floor and they said because the bill that they were looking at was not conservative enough. the bill coming from the senate once they pass it, it's going to be more moderate than the one in the first place, they are not going to vote for this. another problem that we see coming down the pipeline is that the senate that they are going to gut a key concession that was given to conservatives in the house and that is this provision
2:23 pm
that essentially lets states opt out of obamacare regulation that require insurance companies to offer essential health benefits like benefits for mental health, maternity and basically these regulations also require insurance companies for rather ban insurance companies from charging odor people cig neask aptly more than younger people and sicker people significantly more than healthier people. conservatives will say we need these deregulation provisions because that's ultimately going to bring down premiums. senators are worried about that, they are worried what this is going to do for, you know, again vulnerable populations. so trump celebrating in the rose garden this week, yes, big first step for republicans, big victory for the house but the reality is it could be july, august, september, he's going to start getting very upset when that health care law is still not on his desk. lawyer lawr right. what about the democratic senators where do they fit into all of this? are republican senators more
2:24 pm
likely to get help from across the aisle, do they expect democratic support? where does that lie? >> i think the reality is that on health care democrats and republicans are way too far apart to actually come together and work on a bipartisan basis. sure, tax reform, maybe we could see something like that, health care, i really don't think it's political reality and this is just going to cause a bigger problem for republicans, right. signing a bill that can actually pass the more moderate minded senate but get through the conservative house, this is going to take months and months and this is going to push trump's legislative agenda way into the future and it's going to anger the president. i think that this health care debate is going to push at least into the fall which we won't see tax reform, we won't see infrastructure package that trump always talks about until at least later this year if not earlier next year and that's campaign season. so that makes it all even harder. i think that republicans have a lot of work ahead of them and it's not going to be pretty.
2:25 pm
laura: certainly a big year ahead and lot to take in and digest. i really appreciate you being here today and breaking it all down. rachel, thank you so much. >> thank you. laura: eric. eric: prosecutors announce charges in the alleged fraternity hating death of 19-year-old student there, we will have the latest. have you heard of developments happening in the korean peninsula? yes, there's more this time. some new artificial islands in the coastline what kim jong un may be planning there and what we could do to contain that threat. >> we are hopeful that the regime in north korea will think about this and come to a conclusion that there's another way to the future
2:26 pm
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ask your healthcare professional about trintellix. eric: well, first it was china
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and now we are getting disturbing new report that is north korea is also building artificial islands apparently topping them with what looks like military installations that according to new satellite images, angela's reporting that this is happening in the yellow sea which is close to north korea coastline meanwhile kim jong un showing up defiance now against the regime's long-time sponsor china and accusing cia and spy agencies of plot to go assassinate him. four-star general jack keane and a fox news military analyst. general, always great to see you first. this guy on and off, first nuclear test, then that -- ballistic missiles and now the islands. what do you think they are up to? jack: it's not as significant as
2:31 pm
china's islands, they are near our allies, they have influence over the south china sea but even to have influence over allies, philippines and vietnam. it's most likely -- i don't know for sure but it's so close to their ballistic missile testing site so it's an extension of that is what they're doing here and, of course, as you know they have accelerated ballistic missile program and has everybody's attention and the good news is a lot of those missiles at least the recent one have been failing and i think with some accurate speculation on our part we probably have something to do with that. eric: the president won't talk about that. the kind of tangle in the program for a while. if they have the islands similar to chinese islands and the
2:32 pm
photos showed wide streaks, maybe some ballistic missile sites, would this give kim jong un additional sites to launch -- jack: yeah. eric: versus the mountain which is are near chinese border. >> that's probably what this platform really is. i don't think we have -- at least we don't have hard evidence in public sources. i'm convinced on our intelligence service knows exactly what it is but i don't think it's something we have to fuss about. they are doing ballistic missile testing, they are going to continue to do it. at least that's their intent but we have a strategy to squeeze them, it's political, diplomatic and increasingly more economic and we are putting sanctions on them and the chinese have cut off their import of their coal which is going to hit them financially, we believe the chinese are also shutting down
2:33 pm
their oil but because the oil moves in a pipeline to north korea we have no physical evidence of that and we will see the impact economically. if china is doing everything they say they are doing, they could -- they could be gaming us a little bit. eric: we are showing video of xi . jenping. jack: china has to be careful because while they are going to hurt north korea economically, they don't want to force a collapse of the regime because keeping north korean regime is in china's national interest. we know that as well. eric: how do you keep the regime and secretary tellerson regime
2:34 pm
change is not policy of united states, how do you prevent it or eliminate at all if possible with this unbelievably militarized nation? jack: that's what the objective is all about, squeeze them politically, economically isolate them to be sure. china has more leverage than all the sanctions we can impose on them and what the u.s. objectives are so our audience can understand is not just to stop the missile testing, we truly want to denuclearize them and we want china to take those weapons out of north korea. eric: he's never going to allow that. kim jong un is never going to agree to that. this is the pride and joy. that's the crown jewel of his whole existence and nuclear bombs. jack: i agree with you. i'm just telling you that's the objective of this administration, what they are attempting to do and they are using china to do it.
2:35 pm
even though there's no ballistic missile that's going to deliver this thing, you can deliver a small nuclear weapon in a ship container, you can deliver in an airplane, any place. that's why they want the nuclear weapons and we know for a fact, eric, that north korea they sell ballistic missiles to iranians and others, they will sell nuclear weapons and lead to nuclear proliferation in the world itself. that's why the united states, i believe, their objective is the right one to get nukes out of there but as you suggest it's tough. eric: it is a threat and danger and only a matter of time until missiles hit us, it is, of course, on top of the agenda. thank you for joining us on a saturday afternoon. jack: good talking to you, eric. laura: 18penn state students charged of death of
2:36 pm
19-year-old's death. lea gabrielle has more on this. lea, the first arrangement hearing was yesterday, what did we learn? >> you know, laura, frat members forced and commented he looked like he was dead and they waited hours before calling 911, that's according to grand jury report. timothy piazda died of brain injury. it was two days earlier tat frat house where he fell down flight of stairs twice and hit his head repeatedly on other falls. fraternity members try today cover what happened that night but security camera footage told a different story, the real story. they poured liquid on him, slapped him and put a backpack to try to keep him from choking on the vomit, they tried to dress him before calling for him. the members were charged with
2:37 pm
involuntary manslaughter. >> it's heartbreaking all around. there are no winners. we don't win by charging these young men because the only win is for him to be alive. >> if convicted of the charges they can face up to five years in prison, they were released on bail and laura, the others will be in court next week. they are fazing lesser charges, hazing and aggravated assaults. laura: such a sad story, the university banned fraternity in late march saying there's a pattern of hazing. what else did they say? >> banded fraternity because of drug use and excessive drinking and other things. details of the allegations were heart hart's >> i think we've had very two powerful messages.
2:38 pm
beta will never come back and we have men in serious legal trouble and i hope that's a profound message to every single student not just on this campus but every campus that's having problem with excessive drinking and hazing. >> the only tool that the university has is to remove recognition. laura: lea gabrielle, great detail in that report. very important. thank you. eric. eric: loretta lynch remains in the hospital after suffering stroke, 85-year-old singer and song writer, country music first lady admitted after she suffered stroke they say at nearby home tennessee. according to website, ms. lynn is responsive and shows will be
2:39 pm
postponed and we wish her the very best. laura: absolutely. the health care heating up as gop approved bill moved from the house to the senate. we will take politics right out of the equation and look at how it can help health care coverage and your wallet. plus, this is crime in sin city, has police on a manhunt for a mr you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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eric: some of the nigerian girls kidnapped by boko haram, remember that, they have been released according to reuters report. they were released we were told through negotiations with the nigerian government. more than 200 girls were kidnapped in 2014, that prompted first lady michelle obama to create the #bring back our girls, since then some of them
2:44 pm
were released, others were able to escape captors but many sadly are still in the hands of that islamic terrorist group. laura. laura: eric, gop health care winds its way through the legislative process and it's a long one, many americans are just wondering what it may mean for their medical coverage. my next guest answers some of the pressing questions for us, nina ratcliff. so glad you're here because so many people want to know exactly that, how it's going to affect them, the everyday american, what does it mean for my family, people want to know if they are going to be able to get coverage that they need and able to afford it. >> yeah, first of all, we are in process. there's nothing that's effecting us to date and it's going to be a long road. what happened on thursday is the first step. now, we know it'll go to senate and many indicate there's going to be major changes and some said they will completely
2:45 pm
rewrite about it. there's going to be discussion because we are all patients. we need to be able to speak up and talk to representatives and let them know what we need. laura: i want to talk about preexisting conditions because we heard a lot of them and they look really scare them when you see them on the screen, the list is troubling. how does it impact those with some preexisting conditions on the list in is it really going to be a dramatic as it seems right now? >> first of all, preexisting conditions is a health problem that you have prior to the date of enrollment for a new coverage. now, this is a vague term. every insurance company has a different list for themselves. it depends, some of the things that have been listed, cancer, diabetes, common conditions that affect americans, now, this is where we stand. if this health care bill passes as is which is unlikely, the next step will be that the state has to ask for a waiver to no longer cover the conditions and be able to charge more.
2:46 pm
right now they are not allow to deny coverage, you cannot discriminate or deny coverage but they can charge more. we will have to go state by state and if it does happen, there has to be accountable. they will have to create high-risk pool to subsidize some of this. you are not going to be dropped or afford to do it, there's many steps along the way and there's a lot of states that say we want to keep this in place. laura: what and medicaid? what about maternity leave that a lot of us worry about? >> right, one of the things with affordable care act they expanded medicaid. what they are doing is they are allowing none disabled adults to be able to enroll, 111 million people were enrolled after this happened. this is the issue. they are going to try to change it from entitlement program where the federal government covers everything to either a bloc grant program or per person so that's what you're looking at. that's going to occur in 2020. if this bill passes as is.
2:47 pm
laura: my family and friends say it's always good to go with your doctor, you want your list and make sure you make the most of those 15 minutes to get with your doctor, now that we are looking at this down the road, what should we be asking our doctor when we go in for next visit about what our coverage looks like in the future? >> right, i don't think they can answer at this time. just like we said, this is a first step in a long process but the senate comes up with, we are not sure at this time. your doctor may not know but right now we want to focus on taking care of the patient. this is not of concern at this moment. laura: one last question about adult children still on their parents' plan. is that still going to ride? >> correct, if you're 26 and under you can stay on your parent' program, that's one thing that they did not take away. lawr okay, when you look at this overall, you're an md, you probably had patients come to you and ask you questions that we don't have in our list, what are your patients saying, what are people in practice saying?
2:48 pm
>> this program as is not sustainable. we want to make sure that 30 years down the road we provide quality care to all america. we want to take in all parties, insurers, the patients, the providers and see what they need and come up with a plan that works for everybody. we cannot have spiraling cost that is prevent you from being able to afford or doctors taking the insurance so you just have insurance but doesn't mean anything. laura: sure. >> we have to have discussion, yes, we are in process, we have to have a better system. laura: do you find that people are word, are they scared because i see in here from a lot of scared people even people on social media, people are very worried? is that what you're hearing in your practice? >> we do, what i remind my patients and anybody, the viewers watching is we need to swift, we need to see what's fact and reality, it's easy to have emotions pulled, it's your child and get kicked out of the hospital and not have surgery,
2:49 pm
that's not a fact, that's not going to happen. we need to look at the facts and think rationally and look at what the bill says, that's not what it's saying. it's easy when you read something and says you won't get -- laura: rider's digest version will be good for everybody. a lot of us want to, a lot of people don't have the time or the order to go through this entire bill to understand, to read it and then digest what it means. >> right. laura: that's why it's good to have you here. thank you so much, we look forward to getting your perspective. thank you so much. eric: thank you, laura and dr. nina. the father of five murdered by a sucker punch in the streets of las vegas. a heartbroken family now left searching for answers. >> i cherished every moment and
2:50 pm
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eric: heartbroken family is searching for answers and suspects at this hour after a
2:54 pm
father of five died after seemingly random attack. the suspects as you can see in video walking in the street and allegedly sucker punched luís campos, mr. campos was knocked out in the attack and sadly succumb to injuries. hi, jonathan. good afternoon, eric, louis campos was looking forward to his brother's wedding, he was going to be the best man. now that brother is instead planning louis' funeral. ha and had five children died in the hospital thursday, watched over by his wife four days after being sucker punched as he waited in line outside a vegas nightclub. >> it broke my heart, his kids. when he was born it was the
2:55 pm
happiest time of my life and now the same child, it's the saddest thing of my life. >> the two men who apparently randomly attacked campos was seen on security camera video moments after one of them threw the fatal shot. both men hispanic in 20's, the other in a dark shirt and tan pants. >> in the video they are clearly walking down the street and gloating about it and the guy looks like he's proud of himself. it's sickening to me. >> that guy murdered my son. he was a husband, a father to five kids and he was my best friend. >> the campos brothers four of them in all had arranged a rare get together in vegas to celebrate adam campos' upcoming wedding, lou was loving every
2:56 pm
minute of the trip and they loved every minute they spent with him. now they just want to see justice for the man who took their brother's life. eric. eric: laura. laura: hackers interfering with yet another presidential election, just a day before french voters go to the polls, a massive data leak is undermining one campaign. all that coming up ♪ ♪ that's life. you diet. you exercise. and if you still need help lowering your blood sugar... ...this is jardiance.
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intuitive one touch video conferencing is a reality. and now it's included at no additional cost with vonage business. see why 3,000 companies a month are switching to vonage. business grade. people friendly. laura: hello, i'm laura ingle, welcome to new hour of america's headquarters. eric: hello, laura, good evening, i'm eric shawn, top of the news this hour, new claims of election meddling, this time allegedly happening to america's oldest ally, that election in france. the information released targeting emmanuel macron, the man on the left. laura: also early warning ignored, what a new report is revealing about advice given to michael flynn before the
3:01 pm
fall-out over ties to russia. eric: a police officer arrested in deadly shooting of unarmed teenager, while investigators say the charge is justified. laura: but we begin with healthcare battle. as the fight to repeal and replace obamacare now heads to the senate. president trump and house republicans celebrating this week after the gop backed bill narrowly passed one chamber of congress but its fate is in the senate is far from certain with some lawmakers already talking about a rewrite. bryan llens where president trump is spending the weekend. how far is the president willing to compromise on this health care bill? what do we know? >> reporter: hi, laura, the white house says the president is willing to be flexible when it comes to a final health care bill as long as it really contains three things, that is guarantying lower costs for all americans, a comptive marketplace for insurers and finally flexibility for states that can decide what they do or
3:02 pm
do not want for their residents. but on top of that, look, this is going to be a long process with this bill, those in the senate, senate republicans, number of them have come out and said that they will not vote for this and will come up with their own bill entirely. they'll have to conference and compromise with the house, but ultimately the white house says the president and they are willing to trust the legislative process. >> never underestimate this president. i think he has shown time and time again when he's exited to something, it's going to get done. we expect there to be some changes, but we expect the principals and main pillars to remain the same. >> of course from the president point of view it was objective to repeal and replace obamacare. it will relimb nate taxes and refundable tax credits an expand health savings account will give
3:03 pm
consumers choice and flexibility in buying coverage. he voiced frustration that people are criticizing a bill that he says is already better than obamacare, why is it that fake news rarely reports ocare on last leg and insurance companies are fleeing for their lives. it's dead. critics are worried about preexisting conditions and whether people with those conditions will have to pay more as well as medicaid cuts which could end up leaving millions without health care coverage. laura: any word on how involved the president will get on pushing this bill through, do we know that so far? report ror very hands on as he has been. remember when this first house bill was defeated two months ago he reportedly took it personally and this round he decided to make a lot of personal calls to make sure that it passed this time around and we can expect according to former trump adviser corey lewandowsky the
3:04 pm
same thing from him. >> he's going to be working the phones and meeting with individuals i'm sure in the senate to get legislation done. if east required to go out and campaign to push his bill forward to make sure we get repeal and replace done, he's willing to do that. he has microphone to do that and put pressure on u.s. senators who aren't willing to hold to their promise to get repeal and replace done. >> as far as timetable the white house isn't willing to give a timetable or deadline for when they expect this final health care bill, hopefully to be passed and made into law. but knowing what we know about the president, sooner rather than president will be better, apparently also because he wants to pas tax reform and he says that he wants health care before he gets to that. >> laura: to be clear that's not protestors we hear in the background, right? >> no, those are kids playing basketball. [laughter] laura: enjoy your time in new jersey.
3:05 pm
eric: life can go on as normal even though there's a presidential retreat. what will happen when the bill hits the senate. it will now likely face a major changes from dropping regulations to some experts predict potential complete rewrite, ellison barber in washington with more on the bill's fate. >> supporters of the bill in the house celebrated passage in a big way, at the rose garden with the president but that is just the first step in the senate, the debate is only beginning. >> well, the senate will write its own bill, that's the way it works, right? they'll pass theirs and we will pass ours. >> some on the left like senator tim kane, for starters they need to see estimated costs. >> they rushed through a bill without knowing how many millions of people it would hurt and how much it would cost and without a pr text of people with
3:06 pm
preexisting conditions. >> quite a few republicans are looking at it with caution. >> part of the problem that i have is that the underlying premise of obamacare was that the federal government would for the first time buy insurance for people, that's not premise of obamacare has kept. some of the things we will have to work on, for example, refundable tax credit, we need to make sure that that's sufficient so that low-income people can actually buy a policy. >> we will work together carefully to write our own bill, whether he make sure we know what our bill costs. >> special budget rules allow the senate to pass health care with just 51 votes, but republicans probably need some help from democrats. republicans have the majority in the senate but it's not as big as the majority in the house. the senate is in dc this week, the house is out on recess which means they'll most likely hear opinions from people back home. eric. eric: all right, thank you so much. laura. laura: white texas police officer charged with murder of
3:07 pm
an unarmed black teenager. former officer roy oliver shot at a car full of teenagers leaving the scene of a party near dallas last weekend killing 15-year-old jordan edwards. oliver has claimed self-defense but prosecutors say the evidence showed oliver meant to do bodily harm. will carl live. will, is oliver still behind bars at this point? >> he turned himself in last night and oliver was a 6-year veteran at the balch springs police department and also army vet and accused of shooting jordan edward, high school athlete who we wanted to play college football and also a good student, had straight a's, this all happened last saturday night, oliver and another officer responded to house party. they say they thought they heard gunshots and saw a car with teenagers leaving the party. initially the police said that the car was aggressive driving
3:08 pm
in reverse towards the officers but video from body cameras told a different story. turns out the car was driving away from the officers when oliver pulled the trigger that resulted in his termination tuesday and then the murder charge last night. take a listen to the family attorney. >> i honestly began to cry because i just did not believe that things are supposed to work the way they are supposed to work so it was a very emotional moment for me. >> edwards was lay to rest earlier today and family asked for no protests until after the funeral, laura. laura: of course, we know he's not the only officer in the headline this is week. tell us more. >> that's right. earlier this week on tuesday a former shanghai composite police officer pled guilty after he shot an unarmed black man in the back during traffic stop and on wednesday the department of justice decline to charge two officers in the death of sterling last year in baton
3:09 pm
rouge that was caught on camera, national outrage, earlier today the new black panther party had a rally outside of the baton rouge police department, that protest today. laura: thanks so much. >> you bet. laura: eric. eric: we learned about and heard about dangers of hazing, 18penn state have been charged in death of 19-year-old pledge. tim piazda fell down a flight of stairs after consuming alcohol at pledge party in february. they say that members of his fraternity failed to call for help in time to save his life. lea gabrielle has more on the tragic case from new york city news room. lea, what are the details? >> eric, the fraternity brothers pretended that they did not know how bad timothy piazza was, that's according to grand jury
3:10 pm
and searches in cell phones and discussion cushions knew injuries were much worse than just comboks occasion. prosecutors say fraternity members try today cover up what happened but security camera told the story after they carried piazza off the stairs, he fell down, poured liquid on him and loaded a backpack with books and put it on him, it happened at the frat house in a pledge ceremony on february 2nd, tim piazza died two days later from brain injury. the report includes 40 minutes elapsed before they even summoned an balance -- an ambulance and destroyed any evidence that would reveal exactly what had been happened behind the doors of beta feta pie.
3:11 pm
they could face up to five years in prison. eric: this is so serious when it happens and so sad. what is the university saying about it, lea? >> the university president called details sickening and say that is the cause of tim piazza's death is trouble in fraternities. >> in honor of our son and committed to doing everything we can to assure that no other parents will have to go through the pain and grief that we are currently experiencing. >> saying that it had a pattern of hazing, drug use and excessive drinking, eric. eric: parents always say if there's a problem, call 9-1-1, call a parent, don't try to hide it because then you can have a horrible situation, so much better to get help. >> indeed. one of the students try today say something, other students
3:12 pm
told him not to, they pushed him against the wall. stand up and say something, call 9-1-1. eric: absolutely. lea, thank you. laura: new details about former national security adviser michael flynn and his contact with a russian embassador, so coming up the reported warning that might have saved flynn his job plus the polls in france only hours away from opening but a cyber-attack on presidential front runner emmanuel macron is causing concern about whether it could impact the election results. >> none of us don't have communication, i think this is a terrible thing. i think i would have said about marine la pen, who we might favor. it shouldn't be.
3:13 pm
3:14 pm
3:15 pm
3:16 pm
laura: there's now information on michael flynn and talks with russian embassador. washington post reporting flynn was cautioned by the trump transition team to not talk with russian officials. that warning made weeks ahead of the call that ultimately cost flynn his job.
3:17 pm
garrett live in washington with the details on this one. hi, garrett. >> several senior transition officials were concerned that general flynn wasn't taking taking the warnings seriously. according to associated press those officials believed that russian embassador sergey lavrov was almost certainly under surveillance by fbi and cia because of ties to agencies, the transition national security and he asked the obama white house for a copy of the cia classified profile on russia's embassador and gave it to flynn to look through before going through with the meeting. current and former governor officials told ap it's not clear if flynn ever looked through documents but ultimately he meet and had a series of conversations and included discussions of sanctions against russia which found later lied to
3:18 pm
the vice president about and forced to resign over and deputy attorney general sally yates had her concerns and warned the white house that his lying about it could make him vulnerable to blackmail by russia, it was later fired to defend the president's order and reportedly been looking forward to testifying about general flynn's cekses to russia ever since and her chance will come on monday when both she and former director of national intelligence james clapper will testify before the senate judiciary committee, laura. laura: all right, thank you so much, eric. >> is it fair to say that the government of russia actively provides safe haven to cyber criminals? >> yes. >> is it fair to say that the russian government is still involved in american politics? >> yes. eric: that's just a small sample of fbi director james comey
3:19 pm
testimony. with the new allegations that moscow is off to infiltrate presidential election in france by allegedly hacking emmanuel macron. >> i suppose in theory part of the united states, the beauty of a system it's a hairball and all different kinds of system and, you know -- >> had they done this in other countries where they have tampered? >> my understanding is they have attempted in other countries. >> and there's no reason that anyone attempted here if we don't stop them over time? >> i think that's fair. eric: as you just said we will hear more on monday when senate judiciary committee hearing from sally yates, warned about moscow's reach and possible influence with michael flynn,
3:20 pm
what will she say? molly joins u capitol hill reporter. molly, good to see you. >> nice to see you too. eric: let me start with sally yates what do you think she will testify to that she thought flynn was lying? >> well, i think it goes beyond the fact that she thought he was lying. they had evidence that he had misled the vice president because as you recall he was being reported. when michael flynn said no, i did not discuss sanctions with the embassador, that was just not true. and so she went to the white house and said, hey, listen, you better do something, i don't know if she said you better do something, she said this is out there, flynn misled vice president pence who went out and told america that flynn did not
3:21 pm
have the conversations on sanctions and so put the white house in a very precarious position and sally yates said open to blackmail. eric: and it took three weeks before actually, you know, flynn got the boot. >> it did, it didn't happen until reports came out in the washington post that these -- that this conversation and the content of the conversation about the sanctions was, in fact, discussed between flynn and kisliak and mike pence found out he was misled and basically was the reason why flynn was fired and it was because he lied to mike pence, not necessarily because he had that conversation with kisliak but because he lied to the vice president. eric: why do you think of her testimony and appearance, she was up at colby college in maine and would not comment and she was talking about criminal justice reform.
3:22 pm
what type of coverage do we expect and what type of nugget do you think we should listen to when she testifies on monday? >> keep in mind, the house is out of session this week, you know, everybody is sort of on health care reduct. you have the blockbuster hearing with sally yates who was supposed to appear on house committee months ago, mid-march but house intel committee between the then chairman of that panel, the current chairman but he was heading up the russian inquiry devin nunes and his interactions with the white house, he did not ultimately come up. but they were expected to hear again that she told the white house that flynn could be compromised an he would not do anything and even though specially this wouldn't look very good because you have stories whether they are true or not coming out so that they have
3:23 pm
collusion with russia and then trump campaign, the fact that the white house did not take action at the time that they found out that flynn misled the vice president, you know, waited something like 18 days, you know, he will be pressed on that, how hard -- how vigorously did she warn the white house. did she keep talking about it, keep in mind, after flynn was fired, sally yates was essentially fired ten days later because she would not uphold the president's travel ban. it's unrelated to russia but it's interesting and it's something that, i think, people on the panel like ted cruz will press her on even though it's a little off topic. eric: at the same time, in the broad picture, look the investigators and intelligence agencies they said there's no evidence of collusion. dian feinstein came out today and said there's no evidence of collusion and the russians could
3:24 pm
have been trying but no evidence that it actually worked and they actually cooperated those involved like carter page and manafort and stone. she won't be able to say that there's collusion or will she? >> i don't think that she would. one thing that comey mentioned at the extraordinary hearing last week when he was so passionate about his decision to announce that hillary clinton, they were reopening this investigation, but it was interesting that he did note sally yates had a conversation with him about flynn's interactions with russia and keep in mind that flynn is also under investigation because, you know from the pentagon because he broke penta taking money, he was over in russia -- eric: now reporting that and allegedly that sort of thing. >> exactly. that's not the same thing as collusion. and so specially when it comes
3:25 pm
to the current administration, so it'll be interesting to see what she has to say and what i think also to pay attention to, senators like mike lee, if they get into this whole idea of wiretapping, the then obama administration unmasked certain names, you know, of individuals in the trump campaign at the time who had conversations -- eric: oh, man. >> i have a feeling that these republicans, they will press her on that and it's something that she will need to answer for. eric: she was in the obama administration but so far james clapper also testifying, he has said there's no evidence of collusions and we will likely hear more about that but it will be a fascinating one. >> it will will be so fascinating. good to see you. eric: laura. laura: potentially damaging leaks for one presidential candidate emerging less than 48 hours before the french go to the polls, who is being blamed and could it affect the outcome of the election?
3:26 pm
plus the death toll rising in one south american country amid a major clash between government and its citizens (man vo) it was may, when dad forgot how to brush his teeth. (woman vo) in march, my husband didn't recognize our grandson. (woman 2 vo) that's when moderate alzheimer's made me a caregiver. (avo) if their alzheimer's is getting worse, ask about once-a-day namzaric. namzaric is approved for moderate to severe alzheimer's disease in patients who are taking donepezil. it may improve cognition and overall function, and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. namzaric does not change the underlying disease progression. don't take if allergic to memantine, donepezil, piperidine, or any of the ingredients in namzaric. tell the doctor about any conditions; including heart, lung, bladder, kidney or liver problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, or procedures with anesthesia. serious side effects may occur, including muscle problems if given anesthesia; slow heartbeat, fainting, more stomach acid which may lead to ulcers and bleeding; nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating,
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3:34 pm
all right that sounds familiar right with what we saw in that u.s. you have been talking about cybersecurity for years, had you on program many times, there are many layers of protection, in place but, clearly, not enough so what do other nations need to be doing right now, to prevent this. >> what can be done. >> well i think we need to understand -- where it comes from i think we need to take action in that regard, you know, russians are feeling bold and have been feeling embold ended sometime in parted they haven't had pushback on really anything, of note, over the past several
3:35 pm
years, if you march into crimea claim as your own the world doesn't -- push back, in any a meaningful way, maybe a few sanctions here and there, you go into the -- engage in sort of after i they engaged in or in syria, propping up assad the way they have been doing, no pushback, nationally going to the people boldened this tamp tampering in elections nothing new doing since 1940s trying to influence u.s. public opinion keep us out of world twar ii when alined with in a subsidies this isn't something they are very good at, and taking advantage of the new technology, that exist out there, to try to get a message the message for the most part for the russians to did discredit democracy undermine people in the system. >> you know, voters know this happens right so what does it mean for national elections going forward around the
3:36 pm
world, now that the public really knows this can be happening? >> part of it is what you just said that public awareness a bit of education, campaign, to get people to understand, that this happens, it doesn't mean they are reaching in and tampering with your individual vote that is not happening in people should not be under the impression it is they look for influence to sow instability they look to create proper disbanda in sense disseminate whether social media or trillion media however they choose to do it, so part is an awareness, on the public part that this happened at the extent ma what it means for their vote, so at the end of the day, when you say well what can people do, what people need to do is arm themselves with array of information. so don't settle into a bub he believe don't read listen to things, that agree with your opinion, get out there get a wide range of information, from everything that is available be aware that is
3:37 pm
happening in the world, that is part of it, the next par is much more complicated costs more that is beefing up our system, infrastructure, to try to prevent the sort of cybershenanigans from happening i like that, in terms of how damaging it can being when involves real and fake news we hear a lot about fake news not everything released in this case, came from the campaign apparently there was take out there to kind of throw people off you are point well taken people need to read facts know what they are dealing with. >> the sophisticated effort this macron hack going to take a while to sift through a lot of legitimize material e-mails other information, and then again sowing propaganda the false stories some very
3:38 pm
sophisticated some easier to point out, but it is going to take more to understand the extent this happened wells beginning of conversation, figure out exactly who is responsible. >> thanks so much for being here our help desk appreciate it i. >> the critical unrest in venezuela getting worse thousands of antigovernment protesters took to streets, protesting the about issue are socialist attempts to could impose a new constitution, the trump administration -- nicholas maduro about moves today that comes from united states or go united nations nikki haley in a statement ambassador haley warns there are deeply turned about maduro government crackdown in venezuela president maduro disregard for fundamental right of his own people hp hienltd political economic cries in the community concerned government is failing to provide basic food, and medical needs, to the
3:39 pm
venezuelan people. of them ambassador haley cautioned on government to release 25-year-old americans and mormons from utah -- held by venezuelan authorities for almost a year since last june, arrested with venezuelan wi accused of plotting the family says ridiculous has been suffering from health issues held without trial, in a prison reportedly run by the he intelligence industry. >> president trump meets with palestinian leader abbas expressing optimism about piece between them and palestinian members we are joined live to weigh in next. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
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discussing details what has proven to be a very difficult
3:44 pm
situation including israel and palestinians, and see if we can find a solution. it is something that i think is frankly maybe not as difficult as people have thought over the years, but -- we need two willing parties. >> expressing optimism ahead of foreign trip later this month within block that remains palestinian authorities continue payments, to families of terrorists white house says president did bring this up palestinian authority abbas after a meeting this week, the case congress has been citing is story reporting on at fox news one specific american victim this young man taylor, was 28-year-old west point graduate, vanderbilt business school student stabbed to death, in a terrorist attack in tel aviv last year. congressional bill tailor
3:45 pm
force act would cut off u.s. funds for the palestinian authority -- to stop terrorist payments will they senior israeli cabinet minutes in new york for meetings welcome thank you. >> good to be here. >> unbelievable, as american i have to say, that the palestini know authority would reward terrorists for about certain citizen murder of killer confounding palestinian man stabbed to death taylor, the president talked to mr. abbas about this they are continuing payments. >> they are continuing the payments, and this is just -- one supporting terrorism. this with speaking against violence -- and about favor of peas in arabic, education system two main messages mahmoud abbas futile --
3:46 pm
children, too, if ilz should be limited sooner or later, second should, be get rid of -- and making -- paying insanity in jail -- and -- giving prizes to he terrorists, calling, money and the name of terrorist, killed israeli sifls civilians, this is us -- for any negotiations. >> for any sincere peace negotiation the -- going to continue a major statement in the jerusalem post -- sr., adviser to mr. abbas says
3:47 pm
demand at ramallah stopped payments to families of security prisoners -- requirement designed to destroy any chance of peace for the process between israel and palestinians prisoners he says victims of israel and the result of the occupation and president abbas says raising children in culture of peace. how do you get beyond this how can there be any agreement if they take that position. >> i think there are -- conditions that difficult maybe when reality is so difficult. that necessary over -- israeli to be ready to conceive of concessions peace, one -- the second children -- out of the main messages in palestinian education system is not peace, it is children should be --
3:48 pm
sooner or later -- un -- and some people would say this is maybe impossible but necessary. we have -- we got -- completed. by hamas, this two years ago -- >> not going to do that not going to give up -- factors making their own missiles. >> this is exactly the problem, unfortunately -- i believe in peace of one day we will be able to -- but but unwilling to enter -- and to offer genuine peace i am
3:49 pm
comfortable with delivering because -- controlled by hamas. eric: who say the continuing -- settlements is the same thing. how can both sides copy together is that possible at all do you think? what happens in -- the president trump's -- >> the president he very welcome friend of israel, also but -- to end -- occupation of sir -- take advantage of syria when -- strong growth israel -- boards and cyprus, boards, we have been encouraged by
3:50 pm
u.s. -- the -- should be and to middle east, and this is very intelligent, with regard to the palestinians i think that unless they -- antijetch wianti-israeli palestinian education system it will be difficult because israelis abbas can become a genuine reversibly peace partner. >> we will see what happens when president meets with your prime minister and mr. abbas. >> thank you. >> welcome. >> thank you for joining us today we will be right back. #
3:51 pm
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. laura: all right may a win at kentucky derby. >> always dreaming just one the kentucky kerby. >> exciting people keeping eyes rooting for one-eyed others who well we want to talk -- about floodwaters in midwest after last week's intense rain, but for more
3:55 pm
there is some areas that have -- weather their way adam will do this. eric: i think i saw -- taking out to dinner, quick here what looking at as far as forecast goes, a lot of the rivers still dealing with seem flooding in the midwest a lot of rain last couple days, the to ohio mississippi cresting as of right now good news itself that rain really is backed off the point we do see showers back behind me but area i was he highlighting i think rain claerz off steed folks along east coast dealing with that rain and really stretching from mid-atlantic to northeast, this is going to be off and you on shower activity consistently from right now taking it through overnight eventually running into your monday morning, here is a future radar for you this is biggest system across the country right now, again, it doesn't rain noin stop pay attention to timer through overnight hours monday morning
3:56 pm
moisture in northeast lingering until early monday before the rest kind of of clear off the heaviest rain we have seen modive through he area the heavy easier may bech or two keep the umbrella handy couple days. eric: thank you, checking the odds dreaming 4 to 12. laura: right everybody rooting for -- earlier said she was rooting for him congratulations to that team. >> see you tomorrow. that is right the fox report starts right now. ♪. >> and hey, unmanaged depression, don't get too comfortable. we're talking to you, cost inefficiencies and data without insights. and fragmented care- stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done.
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republicans claim a victory in long crusade to dismantle obamacare democrats insist they will pay darrell for it midterm election, this is fox news. >> the bill to repeal and replace obamacare, now moves to the other side of the capitol republican senators certainly take a red pen to it, or start from scratch, the measure sweeps through the house by two votes with cham yonl paul ryan walking a tight rope between conservatives, and moderates republicans, many confess they are not sure what is in the bill or its impact on american voters. no matter what though president trump viewed passage a big win celebrating with news conference


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