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tv   Watters World  FOX News  May 6, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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holiday for my whole life. i don't have to buy socks and you should wear every day like it is a holiday. thank you! >> thank you to amy, andrew, kathryn and tyrus. i and trent eight. i rlove you america! your mouths good for is to be vladimirmouths putin's [bleep] pollster. ann coulter react to the late-night political campaign. >> the republican party is enabling the mental illness on a daily basis. jesse: a group of psychiatrists calling mr. trump a monster.
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"watters world" heads to galaxies far, far away. if donald trump were a "star wars" character who would he be? >> obi-wan ski >> welcome to "watter's world", i am jesse watters. it was a viral rent on the late-night show. >> mr. trump your presidency, i love it. i call it disgrace the nation. >> it is true. he does not stand by anything except for the dressing room door of the miss usa pageant. >> let me read this presidential briefing. yes, i have it right attract more skinheads line free rogaine. the only thing your mouth is good for is being latin --
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vladimir putin's -. he refused to apologize that he would do it again but maybe change some words. now the fcc balance look at the facts and apply the obscenities law. jimmy kimmel deposit obamacare this week. while delivering a heartfelt message about his son. >> billy was born with a heart disease. the dr. opened his chest and fix one of the two defects in his heart. the president last month for the $6 billion cut in funding to the national institutes of health. thank god our congressman made a deal last night to not go along with that. actually increase funding the $2 billion. no parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save the child's life. it just should not happen. >> if it seems that the present has been criticized more than the past presidents, what he
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has been. just look at these numbers. during the first 100 days in office late-night host made more than 1000 jokes about the president. much more than any other president in recent history. while late-night has always been critical to have usually been cleaner. this is what they used to some their. >> to believe a drug scandal in the white house? is the only high that the heart administration has had in 18 months. >> letterman they say, why don't make jokes about obama? msa all right. i will tell you why. good question. and you want to know why? okay! [laughter] >> i don't make e just because do not want the fbi tapping my phone. >> and the president have that part scare, how scary was that? >> i was not that scared. [laughter] >> you had obamacare? >> no anytime the president is
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involved even a good humor joke can backfire. >> can i hmess your hair up? [laughter] >> did he say yes? >> activated jimmy fallon said they were calling that humanizing the president. so what has changed about late-night comedy? joining me now is the best-selling authors, columnist and author. used to be much more -- what happened? >> what was most striking about the former standup late-night hosts is that they were jokes. they were identifiable as jokes, there is a trust or something financing to my surprise and that is why you
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laugh. but now is for sure. is just a string of what is supposed to be funny it is the imagery being's cheap and easy. >> there is no joke there. >> it does not take a clever writer to pull that off. they are on pace to exceed jokes about clinton's and 98 which is a senior they had the lewinsky scandal. i mean come on! >> also, i would contest. and you have a list of jobs told about obama and i remember. the jokes about obama, they were never about obama. they were about his critics. so his name and get mentioned but it was weird having the comedy while beth is this guard against the precious obama. [laughter] >> as they circle the wagon because he could not take care of himself. now this week house republicans narrowly passed the repeal bill. they celebrated and that the
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democrats took it as a win for 2018. [video] >> okay so the democrats think this is going to cost the house republicans in 2018. how do o you see it? >> i think it probably will. let's hope it does not pass the >> uh-oh! >> socialism does not work i do not know why we had to keep explaining its representative. it does not work. what you want is a free market and the problem with all of these bills, with obamacare and what republicans are doing is they will not separate the
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welfare cases from the free market cases. mark is not going to allow people to die on the street, don't worry jimmy kimmel.and i really hate that business and is what i described, liberals using human shields to make political farguments. without this the child, the jersey girls with their husbands. >> but that is right effective and republicans are about number and fostering comes to healthcare. i think the country wants to feel safe and secure. >> no one can pay for his health insurance, you cannot go to sloan-kettering for two go near plan.ettering for two go >> what can people at firebomb cars? >> what you need to do is, what they oare up to do and i wrote this at two weeks it's a very simple plan. you keep obamacare. there are no protesters. anyone new needs it gets it. but you also say, there shall be a nationwide fleamarket and health insurance. the end. >> so hard to have - >> i am sure i will not need drug addiction therapy. i'm not complete gambling addiction therapy.
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i do not need marital counseling. i know we are paying for welfare throughout private insurance premium. that is on my health insurance is $700 a month but i cannot go to a decent hospital. >> how would you have the individual mandate with obamacare at the tsame time having the freedom of the free market? >> the individual mandate was always -- the only reason they raised that is because it's how we were going to attack the constitution. but as for requiring it in terms of policy, we do not have the constitutional 30. congress does not have constitutional authority to do 90 percent of what they do. so what! we know, no i have christian health insurance. it is carved up from obamacare into by the insurance that you want. so i do not have to pay for drug counseling. you how much this is? $50 a month! >> that is idso cheap! kids would all get ap! health insurance. i mean right now it is as if you are important have to buy earthquake insurance.
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in california you have to buy hurricane insurance. no! by the insurance that you want on the free market. so many people would leave the welfare rules but that we know how many people need the government help. >> i think if the republicans just do not waste $1 billion on a broken website, i think they will be just fine and thank you much. >> thank you. >> up next "watter's world" tries to get answers on how to deal with north kokorea. >> what shall we do about kim jung-un? -- and later, the face of romance novels that your mother read. five the elf is entering "watter's world" and saying that liberals are messing up america. is is our car. mr. parker, my parents have allstate.
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they have this claim satisfaction guarantee. really? their claim experience is fast, fair, and hassle-free or they get their, like, money back. saraaah!!! come to prom with me!! no. -hey mr. parker. claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. it's good to be in good hands. >> north korea, we are looking
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at nuclear capable long-range missiles. courtesy of the us air force. we conducted a second test this week. officials say it was routine. i say, no such thing as a coincidence at a time north korea has been flexing its muscles. although you don't typically think of muscles we think about kim jung-un. we wanted to know more about the enemy so we did some digging. these are five facts you may not have known. he loves american things like basketball and nike shoes. even hosting dennis rodman in 2013. and he loves to smoke and drink. according to his father's chucky like smoking cigarettes and drinking johnny walker whiskey. he likes videogames like super mario brothers and tetris. he fancies himself simon cowell, hand selecting
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victoria's first all-female music group. they debuted in 2012. and he is the world's youngest leader. but oddly, no one e knows exact how old he is. so what do we do with this guy? we hit the streets to find out. >> what shall we do about kim jong un? >> the dictator north korea? i don't know, it is a complicated question. >> a decent haircut. he also needs to likeness the white shirt without the tie. >> how would you deal with kim jong un? >> i would not deal with him. -- to be honest. >> what should we do about kim jong un? >> we should take kind people like yourself and myself and ♪ ♪ give him a hug. ♪ [music]
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>> if we hug the dictator he is going to kill us though. >> thing is buying a flight to north korea, i will be the first one happy to give him a hug. >> i do hethink the president i handing north korea crisis? do think he is doing a good job with north korea? >> is he taking care of it?♪ ♪ [music] ♪ >> donald trump policies going to take care of us. america first. let's just take care of things here. >> i don't w know he's crazy i don't know when he is doing. >> how does trump deal with kim jong un? >> carefully. >> are you careful with your hair? >> it just grows out of my head like this, all natural! >> do think that trump should send dennis rodman to north korea? [laughter] >> no comment. >> is this the happiest day of
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your life? >> i am so thrilled. >> how would you stop north korea from nuclear weapons? >> i think everybody nice like take a little load off. maybe have a cocktail or a martini. >> why is there a north and south korea to begin with? >> why was there an east and west germany? i don't know. >> why is there south north california? north and ? south. >> because they have, they disagree on things.they are divided and have different intentions. they have been divided long time. >> these lines are things that separate assessment must ♪ ♪ lines, more hugs, more ♪ about. ♪ [music] ♪ >> can i give you a hug? >> yes. >> thank god they are not in
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for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses.
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but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> this man has been erratic from day one. but it has gotten worse. as as douglas brinkley said, a confused state that gotten worse. we are not buying those diagnosing anything. but there is no doubt that there is something impacting
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his thought process. >> something is wrong with him! >> the republican party is enabling the mental illness on a daily basis. >> we are on the influential with a guy who wants to kill us.he >> mainstream media ramping up suggesting that the president is suffering from a dangerous mental illness. and the media not the only ones questioning his sanity. more than 800 mental health professionals have formed a group called duty to warn. there mission to one americans that mr. trump must be removed from office because he is dangerous. joining me not to defend those accusations is a psychologist and found a number of -- doctor john gardner. have you evaluated the president n'face-to-face? >> no i haven't. but i do not need to evaluate him face. >> i do not need to evaluate someone if you need to evaluate the mental health? >> set is actually not the way
8:22 pm
to effectively evaluate people their personality is the best way. >> what he relied on? >> i am looking at his tweets right now and just using his own words, if we believe the things that he says - >> you are not relying on any of his friends? >> no i have not interviewed any of his friends. placida said that is one way. plus we have reports from his biographer, multiple biographers. we can read the report. >> authorized biographers are unauthorized? >> actually both. >> you say you diagnosis the present a psychotic through his tweets.would you like to explain that? >> there are two possibilities. he believes he has the biggest processing he was passed by obama's delusions. the other is that he is a psychopathic boliar. >> okay wait a second to say he
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brags about his card size. his infectious politics? it was saint henry's many nieces i have these huge crowds, i can't believe that that. i must be doing much better than the polls suggest. that is just politics. >> a delusions hold on despite contrary facts. pressing 40,000 people in alabama. that is more than, >> okay, but he did not have the largest process but he tells two kinds of lies. those exposed to others and those he tough to himself for his fantasy world. so in his fantasy world he is the greatest effort. so who! like i dream of jeannie. >> one: president obama said he was going to be elected, the sea levels were going to come down. that is kind of grandiose, don't you think? i'm not familiar with that point. >> is actually very famous. what about you said the president lies. what about when president obama
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said if you want your health plan you can keep it? >> it donald trump lies every three minutes and 15 seconds. >> how does that make an psychotic? >> i am saying that he suffers from subsequent malignant narcissism. he is multilayer and has paranoid persecute ideas. >> what has he lied about? >> talking about his class-size. what about the 3 million immigrants that were bussed to new hampshire to fake the vote? that would let the equivalent of d-day. >> never said there were 3 million immigrants in new hampshire. that is not true. malignant narcissism. next interesting piece you are equating him with adolf hitler if i read that correctly. do not think that is irresponsible to do that as a trained professional? >> i think it would be irresponsible not to.
8:25 pm
if you see someone at the rising you need to say something. >> so how is donald trump comparable to hitler? >> they share the same paranoia, narcissism, antisocial personality. >> how his paranoid? >> office please conspiracy theories. >> like what? >> he believes antonin scalia was murder, they believe that they had for murder to cover up birth certificates for barack obama. these are wild and crazy ideas. >> i think that is just politics to get ahead of your points? >> the best scenario is that he is a psychopath. but it is worse than that. lies he tells others and buys he tells themselves. >> lb paranoid too if the democrats are trying to impeach the end democrats want to get me. so i think you know, it can account for his paranoia. again, how is that some aghast 6 million jews and invaded an
8:26 pm
entire continent? >> has demonized minorities. >> how has he done that? >> is demonized immigrants. >> because he wants to build a wall to protect from drugs and gangs? >> he has talked about the rapists. >> doctor understand her diagnosis and i'm looking at, they state that mental professional did not want to diagnose public figures. but they have not evaluated. so you're violating the rule and you are actually possibly the one that might be having delusions of grandeur because you think that you are going to save america from donald trump. i just nothing that adds up. >> i told people i'm dedicated to a cause. i am not grandiose to think that. >> even you think that he will
8:27 pm
murder people in the country -- up. >> we have a duty to one. if someone is dangerous we violate even our most important confidentiality. >> okay well i have been warned. i do not know if i will keep that one but thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> the media is obsessing over donald trump's 100 days in office. but what about the democrats? later, "watter's world" talks politics as a star wars convention. what you think we should do about syria? >> that is not my part of the galaxy. [laughter] ...nighttime sniffling,sneezing, coughing, aching, fever best... ...sleep with a cold, medicine.
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>> live from "america's news headquarters". berkshire hathaway ceo warren buffett still very much in charge of the company he took control of in 1970.
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shareholders losing three votes of the companies on meeting. one of the proposals would have required the company to sell stock investment linked to fossil fuels. buffett and the board of directors opposed the proposal saying it could hurt the company's investment returns. and 143rd running of the kentucky derby. the three year old colt covered a mile and one fourth in just under two minutes and four seconds. he was out of the starting date been taking the lead at the fourth turn and finish line. always dreaming is the fifth consecutive favorite to win one for the road. i am anita vogel. for all of your news log onto ♪ ♪ ♪ [music] >> much has been made about the president's first 100 days in office but to be fair, let's
8:32 pm
look at the democrats first 100 days. that is the subject of tonight waters words. the democrats have spent the last five months question a theory. that went up in smoke when they put up something syria. listen to what dianne feinstein said. >> you have evidence of their was in fact collusion between donald trump associates and russia during the campaign? >> not at this time. >> not at this time. meanwhile the head of the national to make time horizon has >>come on. >> my mama taught me she did do potty talk but i hope you don't mind because this is a transport project. their leaders and donald trump
8:33 pm
do not care about the people they were trying to hurt! >> while! and then there is a former leader of the democratic party, hillary clinton. came out of the woods the other day and took no responsibility for her devastating defeat. >> i was on the way to winning before people were inclined to vote for me and got scared off. >> adding insult to injury even her democratic colleagues are sick of her and her telling her basically, get off of the stage. >> we have to take full responsibility for this. democrats are fighting for america's working families and it is up to us to make that clear. >> ojames comey did not say put any optransfer it takes a lot o work to lucy donald trump your levitate. use least popular presidential candidate to win in the history of avpolling.
8:34 pm
>> and then after the former president has to be taking $400,000 to wall street he was elizabeth warren street he was and bernie sanders.>> i was troubled by that. one of the things i talked about in the book is the influence of money. i described it as a snake that is washington. >> i think it just does not look is not a good idea. and i'm president made that choice. >> fillmore has become the voice of reason in the democratic party. here is his advice. >> this again one of the problems of democrats five. that they, obsess about things like halloween costumes and the washington redskins in their millions of people in this
8:35 pm
country will sing home a little bit more of i'm going to get your job back? >> while they devour on in washington is not much better out there on the street. people like donna threatening to you now, do something to the president. >> asked in spite of our radical celebrities look at what they are doing in berkeley california. destroying ngs, private property and normal fests. and look at some of the latest polling. democrats are not seeing they are much more out of touch with everyday americans and billionaire donald trump. in fact america's nonbelief the democratic party is the part of the bridge. how does that happen? something oxidative, democrats have been completely shut out of power they are behaving like children and no end in sight. for those who think that donald trump has had a rough 100 days. look in the mirror. now we have --.
8:36 pm
so the first 100 days, what do you think? >> i would say actually the opposite. donald trump has had an incredibly rough 100 days. when the president obama was there the first 100 days he accomplished passing the stimulus to help get the economy going. and the insurance bill that provided 4 million more children with health insurance. and the lact for -- >> adrian, you know why it is important he was doing; the first 100 days which donald trump in comparison has almost nothing. >> tina white was easy for barack obama to have the first successful s100 days? because it is easy to spend other people's money. that's all he's able to give money and throw it at the problem.h
8:37 pm
anybody can do that, it is much more difficult to work things through and try to reduce taxes and repeal and replace obamacare. let me ask you another specific question. are you proud of the behavior of the left from the last 100 days? are you proud of? >> i am >> are you proud of berkeley? [multiple speakers] >> latest healthcare bill is another example of people really getting fired up and excited and ready to do whatever it takes mto win back control in 2018. >> okay so let me be specific. part of the language from the head of the d&c, proud of people burning things on the street of berkeley, and you are part of people like madonna threatening the life of the president? are you proud of that? >> no, what i think that people
8:38 pm
are very energized. there is a lot at stake right now. [multiple speakers] >> millions of americans are in jeopardy of losing healthcare coverage. people are getting very fired up and nervous about what is happening out there. but again, you've never seen a resistance izlike this so unite. so energized and so ready to do whatever it takes to win back congress in 2018. >> literally whatever it takes. but this transition. also bad news for democrats siblings and rice also now receded to testify despite receiving a formal invitation chairman of the al invitation judiciary subcommittee on crime terrorism.subcommittee on crime so what do you have to hide susan? this is what her own democrats have said. >> i think she ought to consider it. she has nonpublic but she certainly is within her right saying i am now retired and i'm
8:39 pm
not going to do it. >> so why isn't she testifying? lexus is just another republican smear to try and deflect the revelations out there that are hurting america. i mean - >> how is that deflection? >> for the real problems that are happening.>> is a legitimate concern if there was a legal unmasking going on in the last year of the president's second term. you're not concerned about that at all on a constitutional and privacy level. >> admit there is no wrongdoing. there was never an attempt by the trump administration to try and deflect from the fact that there was so much in the last election. there are so many questions that remain unanswered out there that we still do not know the answer. >> adrian, if you just listen to what i just said, you
8:40 pm
would've heard that senator dianne feinstein said there was no evidence of collusion between donald trump and russia. that the truth that this donald trump and russia scandal just flip-flopped on you guys and not susan rice is the issue? isn't that the real deal? >> that could not be further truth.he is there so many unanswered questions orout there. we certainly cannot trust the director of the fbi and republicans in fcongress to handle the investigation fairly. which is why we have needed an independent to look into the issues. >> there is not a lot just because susan rice lied about ben ghazi. she also subvert officers with honor and distinction it was the bottom of the world. then she changed the answer about unmasking. she just some reason to doubt. but we'll see if she pulls this and comes in --
8:41 pm
>> thank you. >> i used the force to get answers at a star wars convention. and fabio says he's ready to get a and he blames liberals. bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper pcountries thatk mewe traveled,t what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker.
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i'm everything. i'm from all nations. i would look at forms now and wonder what do i mark? because i'm everything. and i marked other. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at >> california is known as the
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people's republic of california for a reason. i taxes medical marijuana sanctuary cities, you name it. it's a paradise for fellows bureaucrats want to change your life. my next guest xtbelieves if tho policies are making the golden state completely unlivable. joining me now, italian born model and doctor, who meet recently became a us citizen, fabio. welcome to america.i'm glad you are a citizen of. >> thank you for having me. >> you're welcome! >> i love it! >> how does it feel to be an american? >> i love it! this is the best country in the world. public politicians all over the
8:46 pm
world, there is logic and common sense something they do not have. >> what do you think about governor california? >> is the most beautiful place in the world and it is being ruined. when you have a governor like jerry brown turned his back on his own people, the law enforcement and says to the people, was on national t.v. and says, do you know what? i'm going to allow people to smoke pot, nonviolent criminals and people with rapists, sex offenders, child molesters and you know people drive by shooting. and attempting to put a bomb in a school are in a hospital. i mean come on, this does not make any sense! you know and their respect, this is nonsense. >> do you feel safe in the state of california because of
8:47 pm
these crazy policies? >>? no right now, it is just crazy. it is getting more and more like your rate and coming from europe i saw this movie before. and it is out of hand. and you lhave a governor who i the chief of law enforcement turning his back to the law enforcement. it is, it is crazy! >> do you feel like you need to protect yourself from all these crazy people?>> yes. this is a nonpolitical issue. you know it is the people and the law enforcement against the criminals. it is simple as that. it is logic. we still believe in politician you live in a fairytale. i mean come on! >> a fairytale at some of your novels. [laughter] >> exactly see if it is okay to read the novels, right? but this is life. life is reality. in america we have spent
8:48 pm
together. put ideology aside.this is very simple, right or wrong. okay? this is simple life. it has nothing to do with ideology or cpolitics, okay? it is very important for american people to come together. let me take, this is the best country in growth. our number when i was a teenager a friend of my father was a literature professor he said to me one thing that stuck in my mind. he said do you know what makes america the best country in the world? the constitution. it is the most well-written document ever written. this is a european university professor. >> what you know else is great written document? some of your steamy romance novels. i see them every time i go to the supermarket.they are flying off the shelves. fabio, i want to want, people in california do not mess with fabio. i mean look at that guy, he is
8:49 pm
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♪ >> this week mark may the fourth, a.k.a. star wars day. so i traveled to a galaxy to a star wars fan really know about♪
8:53 pm
♪ current event. ♪ [music] ♪ >> live long and prosper. ♪ >> no, that is incorrect. ♪ >> what do you mean? ♪ >> "may the fourth be with ♪ you". ♪ >> do you have a girlfriend? ♪ >> she is right there. ♪ >> what do you think about ♪ your boyfriend's obsession ♪ with star wars? ♪ >> i am right there with ♪ him. ♪ >> what character are you? luke skywalker. >> do you have a crush on princess leia? >> that is a loaded question. >> i just saw luke talking to some girl over there. i don't know. >> well, that one thing happened. but i don't talk about that anymore.>> what do you have
8:54 pm
their? >> something that will send you far far away from me. >> do you believe the force is real? >> i tthink it touches all of us. it surrounds us, penetrates us, it finds the galaxy to get it. >> is this like christmas for you? >> yes. >> except when the movies come out around christmas time. >> -- >> i will use my jedi mind tricks on everyone. >> what are you doing? >> everyone else is a collection of toys and helmets. i have my collection on me. >> if i were to get a star wars tattoo. where e:would i get it and what should it be? >> the death star on your butt. >> the force would have to be with you. >> if donald trump of the stores character, who would he
8:55 pm
be? >> obi-wan kenobi. >> jabba the hutt. >> darth vader, >> the emperor. >> what are you going to do about vladimir putin? >> why do we need him? we have problems here to deal with before we deal with other people's problems. >> america first? >> sure! >> the serious situation is getting pretty messy. what do you think we should do about that? >> what was your question? >> what you think we should do about syria? >> that is not my part of the galaxy. [laughter] >> i don't know! i do not know how to fix it. >> what you think we should do about oukim jong un? >> i do not know. >> use the force.
8:56 pm
>> this is my world. i mean my galaxy. >> up next, some pictures from my vacation. i thought it was just for, like, dandruff new head & shoulders. cleans, protects and moisturizes to... ...get up to 100% flake-free and unbelievably beautiful hair it's not head & shoulders, it's the new head & shoulders but so we don't have tormin wad to get clean. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ...and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin.
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family. that's all for us tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next and remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> this has brought the republican party together. judge jeanine: a big win for the president and the gop. but what happens to take down obamacare once and for all? >> the federal government will never ever penalize any person for their protected religious beliefs. judge jeanine: president trump answers prayers on the national day of prayer. >> i was on the way to winning until a combination of jim comey's letter, russian


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