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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 11, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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that's a healthy thing. >> tucker: james rosen. we will be back tomorrow at 8:00. at the show that it's a sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. "the five" is next. >> dana: , hello, i am dana perino. it is 9:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." >> i have to do the right thing for the american people. he has the wrong man for that position. >> dana: president trump defending his controversial decision to fire at james comey. in this verse first sitdown interview, over 48 hours after the firing, his outcome remains highly controversial. some white house accounts, the
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president gave his explanation. >> he is a showboat and grand standard. the fbi has been in turmoil. you take a look at the fbi a year ago, it was in virtual turmoil. it hasn't recovered from that. regardless of recommendation, i was going to fire comey. knowing there was no good time to do it. and in fact, when i decided to just do it, i said to myself -- you know, this russia thing with trump and russia is a made-up story. it is an excuse by the democrats for having lost an election they should have one back. >> dana: president trump also clarified that he expects the fbi to continue the investigation. >> i want very simply a great fbi director. >> do you expect they would
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continue on with this investigation? >> sure, i expect that. >> dana: he also denied all allegations of russian collusion. >> look at, i want to find out if there was a problem with an election having to do -- between me and my campaign and the russians, there's no collusion. the russians did not affect the vote and everyone seems to think that. >> dana: he maintained the real story is not russia but rather surveillance by the obama administration. >> there's a big thing going on right now which is spying. you can spin it anyway you want. the unmasking, the spying. to me, that is the big story right now. that's a very, very big story. >> dana: there's a lot of big stories in all of this, kimberly, i feel stressed today. so much happening. >> kimberly: do you need a
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shoulder massage? >> dana: when a story changes like it did today, you get more of the story. that's inevitable. why do you think the white house stands tonight? >> kimberly: there have been several different explanations for one. the president has the authority. president obama had the same authority to do so. if hillary clinton was elected president, she would have exercised the same authority and discretion and dismissed director combing. president trump is trying to get out there and explain it but what would have helped from the beginning in terms of the communication was sort of a clear delineated timeline. because now people are trying to go in and fill the gaps. no one is saying this is something the president doesn't have the authority to do. i don't hear a lot of people protesting, saying that he overstepped his bounds.
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stepping into the shoes of loretta lynch and the attorney general, that this case should not be prosecuted. that was something that was improper for him to do. there's a number of things that happen since the timeline, going back to july 5th. president trump had the authority to do this. he acted based on his evaluation of this person's ability and suitability to serve and he made the decision to terminate. he informed his ag and deputy a ag. that is where we stand. still 48 hours later, you have the detractors. people try to make something out of this. there's no evidence to suggest any kind of collusion with the russians. there is no crimes that have been averted or shortstaffed to be able to continue any investigation. what exactly is the problem? >> dana: jesse, one of the things today was a suggestion there was some hypocrisy from the white house. one of the things the
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republicans had rightly said was that it was inappropriate for loretta lynch to meet with bill clinton on the tarmac. she basically -- comey says well, that is why he crossed that redline into the prosecutorial role. which basically leads to the frustration that rod rosenstein had. president trump met with comey several times and was pressing him to ask him about an investigation. do you see hypocrisy there? >> jesse: i don't really see the hypocrisy. i think you are allowed to ask the fbi director if you are under investigation. i guess he said he wasn't. we also know that both republicans and emma kratz said that. none of trump's top aides are the focus of the fbi investigation. the counter in television intee
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investigation is whether or not a handful of american citizens wittingly or unwittingly were compromised by russian spies. the criminal probe fbi is looking into not collusion with the russians but whether or not there were laws broken in terms of money laundering, tax schemes, and things like that. we also heard today from the guy at the justice that they don't need a special prosecutor. i think we shouldn't should hal prosecutor go into the fact that democrats can't accept that hillary lost. there's no more comment. at the leaks should really stop at that point. they wouldn't have any more stories to talk about. >> bob: the saddest point of my life was missing the last two nights of this show. i don't know where to start.
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let me take the first shot at lester holt. that interview, you talk about will sing out. he let the trump -- are you going to let me talk? >> kimberly: you used the word wussing so i said oh, boy. >> bob: listen, he says comey is a showboat. everybody knows that. you know it, i know it, everybody knows that. do you know what? i mean -- the republican, very conservative senator said of comey, one of the most ethical operate straightforward individuals i've ever dealt with. i don't understand what the president is talking about. of course he doesn't understand. >> dana: you could also be a showboat and be all those
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things. >> bob: that is not true. even the deputy -- he went up and said that's not true. the people that work for the fbi strongly favors comey and are terribly upset by this. then you've got a few people -- who didn't think it was a good thing to not prosecute hillary clinton. a few. are you interrupting me too? >> greg: i can wait until the c block. >> bob: the president of the white house said -- the white house said he acted on rosenstein and sessions. he wanted to wait for that report coming forward. he met with them both and said i want you guys to write a case for why we can get rid of comey.
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this guy is going to get away with it. he's a liar, buffoon. the idea that somehow this guy can get away with it -- >> jesse: did you call the president of the united states a buffoon? >> bob: i did. >> jesse: if i called president obama a buffoon... >> dana: i want to get your take. to think this is much ado about nothing? >> greg: don't put words in my mouth. i have three points to make. everybody's got to chill. why is there controversy? the guy who got fired isn't even taking it that badly! he's not upset. he is only sitting at home in his boxers eating ice cream. he was having fun. he is the least excited about this. he doesn't even care. so why do we care? by the way, donald trump asked
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if comey was under investigation and everyone said oh, my god, is that illegal? no, it is human. let me finish. it's like asking a teacher in a class like it, are you going to flunk me? getting pulled over by a cop and you just wonder, am i going to get a ticket? this is a human thing. >> dana: no. >> greg: oh, you would never get a ticket. it is actually a human -- are you guys investigating me? that is what he does. no, i am not done yet. you had your long monologue, if you take out all the insults. you said he lied. no, he actually believes in what he is saying. who believes what they are saying is a person believes they are innocent. we can all sit there and laugh at what he is doing but maybe he actually does believe what he is saying.
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maybe he thought -- because we have evidence of this, he thought the democrats were going to be pleased by this decision. he was like a cat who carried in a dead pigeon to the owner. he thought he would get the applause that stephen colbert got when he announced the firin firing. he believed that this was a good thing. that is why he is shocked no. lighten up. >> bob: why should anybody relax? you said comey is the only person not accept upset about . comey is going to get even for this. there is no way he ever told trump -- no fbi director would ever say -- >> greg: he didn't respond to that. >> dana: let me ask kimberly, a former prosecutor -- >> greg: i never heard that. >> it's no big deal, it's just
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human -- it's supposed to go through the department of justice. that was the whole problem with lynch and clinton. i'm not saying there's any law broken but in terms of -- regard for the law, you have to follow the process to have the law regarded. >> kimberly: that was interesting. definitely there was a process to this that could have been more closely adhered to, in terms of any criminal violation or anything like that? i don't see that. you should follow the order and chain of command and go buy it. the rules are there for a reason. nevertheless, you have a situation here where all the discussion about this isn't about the propriety as to whether or not the president had the authority to dismiss -- it was not serving the best interest of the country or fbi but about the process, about the communications and the roll out like we discussed last night. the objections to the travel ban. but something that is a
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repetitive theme here. in terms of the president, even comey said the president had the right and the acting director said he had the absolute right. comey said he has the right to dismiss the director of the fbi for any reason he wants. >> dana: that should've been the reason they should have given. >> bob: no one disagrees with his right to do that. but it was the director that was investigating him. >> jesse: he is not investigating him. nope. one of your democratic senators said also that the president is not the target of the investigation. he said the president of the united states is a buffoon. what is worse? being a buffoon or getting beaten by a buffoon. you guys said that benghazi was a conspiracy. it remember what happened at benghazi? people died and the democrats
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lied about it. no one has died. i do not know where you are getting this scandal from. >> greg: [laughs] >> jesse: how did podesta get hacked? he handed over his password to a hacker. >> bob: you guys are jumping way ahead of the game here. it was whether or not there was collusion. i didn't say there was. but the investigation go forwar forward. >> dana: there was one other thing that happened in the lester holt interviewed. president trump was asked about the firing of michael flynn back in february. here is what he said. >> we fired him because he said something to the vice president that was not so. >> did you know that he had received payments from the russian government? >> no, but obama perhaps knew that. this is something they never
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want to report. he had clearance from the obama administration. the highest clearance you can have. and i think it's very unfair thing that the media doesn't cover that. >> dana: this is also something, greg, the president is very frustrated with. the fbi has moved quick enough on the leak investigation. >> greg: true. that is true. i'm interested from the psychological viewpoint, looking at donald trump. he is like a shark that doesn't realize -- you know, a shark doesn't realize there is a commotion on the beach. he's just a shark. that is what donald trump is. he's a shark with a comb-over. he doesn't realize what's happening about the water. going back to the point i made to you, bob. i believe that he believes in what he is saying. when you say he is lying, it's not lying if you believe it is
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the truth. again, you can't be in this prism of two ideas. an absolute nefarious creature or he's a hero. it's probably somewhere in the middle. >> kimberly: he's a shark in the swamp. >> bob: you believe that he believes obama did in fact tapped his bones? >> greg: absolutely. then he will change his mind. and he will believe that. i don't think he cares enough to lie about stuff. when he feels a something, he says it. he's impulsive and compulsive. >> bob: does not compulsivity carry out when you have the acting attorney general who stands up and says something and he fires her? then you have the fbi director who says something front of a senate committee, he didn't like that and he fired him? do you think i was just a shark?
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>> greg: i think comey knew it was coming. >> kimberly: if president obama dismissed comey or hillary clinton -- people don't like it because president trump did it. i think it was an excellent decision. it comey really acted inappropriately, overstepped his bounds. totally out of line. everybody knows it. is disputing it. nobody is disputing it. would you have preferred it if she had done it when he came in? >> bob: sure. the highest clearance is under obama. the highest clearances from the time he became a general. why trump gets away with something like this, lester holt -- let this guy get away with more stuff in that interview and why the press in this country -- when they get a chance to face the sky -- boldfaced lies, why don't you say it?
6:18 pm
>> greg: when everybody was comatose, nobody cared. or obama-cose, as i say. >> jesse: have you ever watched the video? we showed you clips of the media going into full freak out mode over director call me inspiring. things haven't calmed down much since then. >> first the whole justice department, yeah, all of the dash it just feels kind of funky. >> the question you also have to ask, was this a coup or a firing or both? >> jesse: here is rush limbaugh with a different perspective. >> it's not the saturday night massacre, it's not nixonian. it's not any of that. nixon wasn't doing a coup. he was president.
6:19 pm
trump is not doing a coup, he is president. leaders have coups mounted against them. which is what is happening here. >> jesse: greg, do you think this russian conspiracy thing has become the left's birth certificate rabbit hole that they will dive down into, no matter what happens? >> greg: to be fair, every side has that kind of story. we have had them. at the left has them. we will go after -- we will say hillary has to go to jail. that's our russia story. when i see people on the view get upset, it's like when inmates complained about the food. i tend to like the warden. entertainments entertainers rign trump's jail. they have had free reign for eight years. the view is taking us fiber
6:20 pm
muffin with coffee and they are just crapping out the hysteria. [laughter] >> jesse: the more left beats this drum, to think it will take a lot longer? >> dana: sarah huckabee sanders said he wanted it to end. i think that's being taken out of context. i don't think that's what president trump meant. the overwrought analysis by some, that it is a coup, there is an investigation that's ongoing. president trump himself said he wants to see it completed. the fbi director today -- acting fbi director said that there has been no interference and the
6:21 pm
investigation has not been impeded. >> greg: you don't have to look at the united states. look at venezuela or cuba. none of the celebrities look at what is going on around the world. instead, they say there is a coup in america. >> jesse: wouldn't a coup be if comey took trump out illegally? >> kimberly: i think people are confused definitionally about what a coup is. how about the fact that he slowly walked the request about americans being surveilled and unmasked? that is with the lead should be and all the news agencies should be talking about americans being surveilled. privacy rights. unmasking, who ordered it, who was unmasked and for what reason. that's a grotesque abuse of privacy rights. >> bob: if that was so grotesque, it should have ended when trump got into office.
6:22 pm
the fact that we have a whole segment around whoopi goldberg -- >> greg: i love whoopi goldberg! >> bob: we built a whole segment around these two people people -- >> greg: there is a lot of this. it's our fourth day. i missed you. i missed you so much. >> bob: the watergate situation. >> jesse: i am younger than you. the left is assuming that there is this big collusion going on between trump and russia. let's start from the beginning. what facts are there -- evidence to show collusion right now at this time? >> bob: there's two important points. the wikileaks, going to russia and coming back into the
6:23 pm
united states. >> jesse: that is trump's fault? >> bob: there are 4,000 people people -- >> jesse: he gave his password to the hacker. >> bob: it wasn't just john podesta they were hacking. they were hacked, right? the other thing is that there is some fairly conclusive -- 4,000 people were hacking into and sending it to wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania fake news -- stuff out of wikileaks that they sent out there. if you think for a minute that they don't have some evidence here that there were some people at the trump operation that were involved with russia, and of the trump operation was getting money for their various project projects -- >> kimberly: okay... >> jesse: i haven't heard
6:24 pm
kimberly. beaten through the blue wall by donald trump? >> kimberly: i keep hearing these wild bedtime stories by bob over here. there's no evidence. no one has come forward to say there was any kind of collusion whatsoever. i haven't heard one factual statement to suggest or support that. there's an ongoing investigation. what has it produced? so far, nothing. so far, what has the report sai said? >> jesse: if the report finds there's no evidence of collusion, will you apologize to the american people? >> bob: no, i want apologize. i will accept the results. >> jesse: up next, we will tell you why hillary might need some good lawyers. when we come back. i joined the army in july of '98.
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♪ >> kimberly: welcome back. with the james comey out of the fbi, does that mean hillary clinton should be worried about her email case being reopened? the acting director of the fbi revealed for the first time that some agents were upset the criminal case against ms. clinton wasn't pursued. >> i think morale has always been good. however, there were folks within our agency who are frustrated with the outcome of the hillary clinton case. some of those folks were very vocal about it. >> kimberly: also today catherine herridge talk to an fbi agent about relocating the hillary clinton investigation. in the five individuals associated with the case. dana, what do you make of these
6:30 pm
developments? >> dana: i am skeptical of former cia agents because they have to remain anonymous so they can communicate and both agencies use a lot of former fbi agents, cia agents to make their case. i don't exactly what will come of this. in the realm of possibilities, i could see it happening. but i will tell you this, i think the trump administration has got to figure out who they will nominate for fbi director and try to make sure this is a stellar nominee that they can get confirmed. this question will absolutely come up at a confirmation hearing. they would have to say what his or her intentions would be. i think the country, administration needs to get this settled down and get a nominee and get through confirmation as soon as possible. >> kimberly: great idea. get somebody out there and to
6:31 pm
take up the new cycle. very similar. >> greg: did hillary get away with something? yes. let her have it. she is already in jail. it's called "life." donald trump should do something really, really brilliant. make hillary be fbi director. have her investigate herself. >> dana: the way president trump thinks it will, there's no evidence of collusion -- at that point, maybe he should just tell the fbi that the request is that they let this one go. after the investigation is over. >> kimberly: jesse? >> jesse: i would like to see the investigation reopened. i think right before hillary's state department approve the access of these uranium
6:32 pm
processes in america, money flowed into the foundation for russian interests. her i.t. guy got immunity and for other associates of hillary got immunity. i don't see how firing an fbi director is a cover-up. keeping a secret server, deleting 30,000 emails under subpoena and then smashing your iphone with a blackberry is not a cover-up. it strikes me as a cover-up. people talking about collusion and russia, someone at cnn gives the big questions to hillary ahead of time -- that sounds like collusion. >> bob: is this groundhog day? all the same talking points. this is on the basis of a former fbi guy. it's another way to try to cover up trump's actions in russia.
6:33 pm
getting guys like you, they want to bring it out. >> dana: what actions in russia? >> kimberly: what actions in russia? there's no evidence or proof of that yet you keep putting forward this false narrative. it's puzzling and disturbing at the same time. >> bob: it's puzzling and disturbing? >> kimberly: yeah. >> greg: hear me out, i have a solution. >> kimberly: no additional funds have been requested. >> jesse: trump doing things in russia. >> bob: i said that that is not out yet. this seems like a same role of view from three years ago. >> greg: don't you see the parallel open these stories? they are the same. people screaming about russia and putin and collusion and on the other side, screaming about
6:34 pm
hillary and clinton's and emails. if you took the subjects and reversed them, you would know the difference. why don't they just cancel it out? you can have your story, i will have come back have hours. >> jesse: after an overwhelming amount of evidence, he dropped the case against hillary. and there's very little evidence so far. >> bob: you don't know what they are investigating. they may have -- he made a decision, didn't he? that's over. >> jesse: not yet. you might see it reopened. >> kimberly: if there is no evidence -- >> greg: bob! this is a family hour. is it really nice? santa claus is really nice.
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>> kimberly: can i go? >> dana: yes. >> kimberly: more cowardly action by college students. we will show you an active disrespect, right after this break. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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and data without insights. and fragmented care- stop getting in the way of patient recovery and pay attention. every single one of you is on our list. for those who won't rest until the world is healthier, neither will we. optum. how well gets done. ♪ >> greg: you want to talk about bravery? the difference between standing on role and groupthink? betsy devos and students at methuen-cookman university. >> i am honored to become a wildcat. [boos] >> it's a real honor and privilege to be with you as we
6:40 pm
celebrate the bassoon-cookman university graduation. >> greg: others booed and heckled. still, she persisted. not that the left to throw that phrase around with care. see how the media reacted. an industry web site said that may be betsy devos should have taken the hint because of an earlier petition that was circulated against her appearance at the school. meaning, don't show up. there is a solution. if people wish to silence you, stay home. a censorship, approved by the media. imagine if betsy wasn't betsy but michelle obama, hillary clinton, and elizabeth warren. what with the media take be the then?
6:41 pm
we just got another glimpse of the assembly line where the cases get filled. i want to do -- i have to give credit to the college. the college could have canceled and they didn't. they went through it. a lot of people canceled these events or speakers but they went through it. this was edison jackson, the president. >> if this behavior continues, your degrees will be mailed to you. choose which way you want to go. >> greg: i thought that was great, kimberly. >> kimberly: i love it. the kind of behavior you are seeing in colleges. imagine if your child went there and behaved that way. so disrespectful to somebody that had the courage to show up. someone who strongly supports education. it's really sad what's happening. it's happening very quickly.
6:42 pm
in rapid succession across the country. its institutions of ignorance. the don't even let anybody speak or try to listen or understand a different point of view. i think she handled herself with composure. i commend the university for the way they held handled it. >> greg: isn't it better to just listen, maybe? you might -- who knows? >> bob: keep in mind, a couple of things. i've spoken at bassoon-cookman. it is a historically black college. it needs federal funding to stay alive. the trump administration and miss betsy devos who is probably never been in a crowd that large with people who are -- i would get in trouble for saying that -- >> greg: that is true. >> bob: it would be a good guess -- the trump
6:43 pm
administration has said they would like to do away with federal funding for most universities. if that were to happen, this school would go under. this woman has attacked and over the public education system and particularly in detroit and minority areas. these kids came out of those schools and made their way through and are graduating. this woman has done everything she can come up with all the millions of dollars she has, to undermine public education -- >> jesse: or make it better. >> bob: you might think it being made better but this woman attacks -- >> greg: everybody is pro-choice. >> bob: i don't want to limit choices. you can't get every child into another school. >> kimberly: so that makes it okay? to do that? >> bob: know, one of the things republicans do -- you all
6:44 pm
jump on public education. most people in the country like their public education. it's like saying -- these kids, if i were them, i would not have showed up. the real person who i think the villain here is whoever invited this right wing anti-minority speaker here. >> greg: anti-minority means racist. >> bob: i didn't say that. >> greg: jesse, it took guts for her to do that. she probably knew she was walking into a lion's den. >> jesse: she handled it with a lot of class. i appreciate the administrator who told those kids to settle down. respecting women and open dialogue, then they behave like this. i disagree with bob on almost everything he just said.
6:45 pm
i don't think trump wants to take away funding for all of higher education. i haven't really heard that eve ever. >> kimberly: haven't heard that one, have you? >> jesse: i would be happy to look at that story. >> kimberly: unbelievable. [laughter] >> greg: you remind me of... never mind. they not? >> dana: the fact the people decided to go into public service, they are already making some sort of a sacrifice. i'm not talking monetarily. putting yourself out there, advocating for positions they might disagree with. for going there, the school -- giving her an honorary degree and at this moment, do you mind if we have a couple talks with you afterwards? we want to talk to you about our position.
6:46 pm
they probably would have gotten a lot farther. >> greg: they gave her an honorary degree. that's for a reason. >> dana: i think the university was trying to do the right thing and it backfired. >> greg: i think it front fired. i'm glad i invented a word. they gave her an honorary degre degree. they must know something, bob. >> bob: >> kimberly: they are vy open-minded there. bob? >> greg: did they give you an honorary degree? >> bob: no. i've given commencement speeches and i am the only one who has never gotten an honorary degree. i will tell you some, it's like this... >> greg: the trump administration announced an antigang operation development.
6:47 pm
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>> greg: when we come back,the ♪ >> bob: we will do this very quickly. the results of the largest gang sweep ever.
6:51 pm
more than 1300 arrests, including over 100 from the notorious gain, ms-13. let's talk about this. jesse, is this good? great. wonderful. >> jesse: yes, he is keeping his campaign promise, keep the bad hombres out. i don't see how anyone could have a problem with that. >> dana: this shows the government can still work while there may be chaos. the other parts of government work apace and it's a campaign promise. there's also that other story about the little boy that was hurt by the illegal immigrant. i think the feds do need to explain why they haven't done the reentry statute. >> kimberly: he came in 16 times. >> greg: i would like to take a case from jimmy kimmel, apologize all of those people who don't want violent gang
6:52 pm
members arrested and sent back. >> kimberly: i think trump should be commended for this. i worked as a gang prosecutor in los angeles. >> greg: one? >> kimberly: ms-13 is one of the most notorious gangs. they really prey on young males to come in. especially once at the don't have fathers. and then they indoctrinate them into the gain. they are also prevalent in the prison system as well. i think this is a big step forward and no one should object to these guys being swept up. >> bob: i think it's terrific. one thing, of the 1300 people, almost 1,000 of them were american citizens. >> dana: but they got swept up. >> bob: this extensive
6:53 pm
six-week planning and implementation of this was done in november, it started in the obama administration. we will give trump some credit here because he usually gets credit around this table. except for me, "one more thing" -- mr. president is up next. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief behind the counter with claritin-d. [ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. how if guests book direct ater, and stay twice they'll get a $50 gift card? summertime. badda book. badda boom. got you a shirt!
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>> dana: it is time now for "one more thing" ." greg. >> greg: time now for i hate these people. when i'm on a subway and i see you coming onto the subway and i offer you my seat because i think that would be the nice thing to do, don't say no. because you know what? it's embarrassing and disrespectful and then i stand up and stand there. the seat is empty and you stand there because you refused to take the chair so you have two people staring at an empty seat while others are staring at us saying those people are weird. you know what? take the seat if it is offered. >> dana: this is great you new york city advice. >> greg: there are trains all over the world, dana. they are all underground. >> bob: let me apologize to a concept you are not aware of.
6:58 pm
you are going to release your taxes when your audit is done. nobody cares you said, except the reporters. that's not right. you are saying i will release it after i get out of office. good job, mr. president, another untruth. >> dana: i am not sure it's untruth but kimberly. >> kimberly: a world war ii veteran ran in his 96th birthday and a pretty spectacular way by jumping out of an airplane. a pearl harbor survivor, he is no stranger to skydiving. the birthday jump will be his last, however. he said he would focus on his busy schedule and big plans for giving motivational speeches. very cool. every time he said he did something like this, he said it felt good. we want to thank you sir, for your service. >> jesse: a good samaritan saved someone's life in china the other day.
6:59 pm
he runs his motorcycle into the truck. it catches on fire. and guys come over and rescue him and help put him out. and now he is in the hospital. he is going to survive this fiery crash. he should be thanking these people, a very, very lucky man. >> dana: you are biking down a trail. out of nowhere, a bear joins you for the ride. this has happened in slovakia. he kept pace with him for a while until he paled off. i would be very careful if that happened. >> greg: is our greatest segments to tease earlier in the show. but we don't. that's amazing action. amazing footage. >> dana: it's fun to have a staff meeting on air. >> greg: it is. i should've written that in an
7:00 pm
email earlier. [laughter] >> kimberly: don't forget to set your dvrs. "hannity" is up next. >> sean: this is a fox news alert, welcome to "hannity" tonight. ari fleischer, monica crowley, kellyanne conway, joe joe digenova, all here with reaction. the destroyed trump media is absolutely losing it all across the country tonight. continuing to lie about the president and his firing of james comey. tonight on this program we set the record straight. that is tonight's opening monologue. the destroyed trump propaganda media continues to do with the democrats dirty work by pushing


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