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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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articles about moms. let's give ourselves the ultimate in luxe are you gifts the break. give every mother you know a break as well, too. we try too hard, drive ourselves so hard and expect so much. enjoy the love around you. here's shepard smith. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 at the white house where the president of the united states is warning his fired fbi director against leaking to the media and suggesting there may be tapes of their conversations. minutes ago, we heard from the white house spokesman on that live on television, which is interesting considering the president floating the idea of cancelling press briefings because it's not possible for his people to be totally accurate. and the lawyers have said they've gone through the tax returns and he hasn't made money from russian sources with a few exceptions. and vladimir putin says he can help reduce kim jong-un's nuclear threat.
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let's get to it. >> first from the fox news deck this friday afternoon, the white house is refusing to say whether president trump recorded conversations with the former fbi director, james comey. that's after he sent this tweet. that led to this exchange in today's white house briefing. >> did president trump record his conversations with james comey? >> i assume you're referring to the tweet. the president said he has nothing further on that. >> why did he tweet that? what should we interpret from that? >> the president has nothing further to add. >> are there recording devices in the oval office or the residence? >> there's nothing further to add on that. >> did he threaten mr. comeyto ? >> it's not a threat. the tweet speaks for itself. i'm moving on.
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>> shepard: historians are comparing the tweet with president nixon that recorded people in the white house. now the top democrat on the house intelligence committee is responding to the president's tweet. the committee is conducting its own investigation to russian meddling and potential collusion with the trump campaign. adam schiff said if the president has tapes of his conversations of director comey, it's because the president himself made them. for a president that base lessly accuses of wire taping, that mr. trump would have engaged in such conduct is staggering. the president should provide any such recordings to congress or admit, once again, to have made a threatening statement. the congressman is referring to president trump's unfounded claim that president obama had trump tower wiretapped.
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back in march, director comey said there was no evidence to back up that claim. aside from a letter, we haven't heard from james comey since the president axed him. abc news now cites sources that say that comey was furious at the lack of respect the white house showed him. remember, he was in los angeles giving a speech to bureau employees when news of his firing flashing on tv screens. that's how he learned of it. president trump and white house officials claim the fbi rank and file lost confidence in director comey as part of the reasoning for the firing. but in a contradiction, the president said that was not true. then there's this from the former justice department official matthew miller. he tweeted, one thing i learned at doj, he leaves a protective paper trail when he deems something inappropriate
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happened. stay tuned. our chief white house correspondent john roberts on the north lawn. what else is the president saying? >> not a whole lot, shep. this morning after the president said at that tweet at the upper press office when i talked to sean spicer and sarah huckabee sanders and i asked them about this, when the president talks to somebody as he did on the telephone with the fbi director, are the calls logged or are there transcripts made of them? they said they wouldn't go into more level of detail than that. of course, they reiterated that. it's important to point out that the direct of columbia is a one-party consent recording district. it's not a state. only one party consenting before you can record somebody. the only other case where somebody was recorded here at the white house, there was a heated conversation between a white house staffer and a reporter. somebody from the white house
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press office recorded that. i actually listened to that conversation. but shep, nothing to indicate at this point that the president has any kind of nixonian taping system in the oval office or any transcripts or recordings made of the telephone conversations that he had with the former fbi director. >> shepard: john, there's reports that president trump months ago asked director comey to pledge his loyalty. there were reports in "the new york times" he may have done seen at a dinner. what is the white house saying on this? >> that's what the tweet was about in terms of leaking. there's a story in "the new york times" that quotes a source close to comey saying he asked for a loyalty pledge. here's how sean spicer handled that question. >> did the president implore him to pledge his loyalty? is that true? >> no. >> for important is it that the fbi director be loyal to the president? is that a quality the president wants to see in any one, particularly the fbi director?
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>> the president wants loyalty to the country and rule of law. >> so i did know somebody, shep, that was the head of an agency that was a holdover from the obama administration who when the president took over was asked questions about loyalty. his answer was i'm loyalty to the united states of america, not to any one politician in particular. shep? >> shepard: john, another stunning move this morning. the president also suggested he might do away with the daily press briefing after he contradicted his own administration over why and when he decided to fire james comey. the president tweeted as a very active president with lots of things happening, it's not possible for my surrogates to stand at the podium with perfect accuracy. maybe the best thing to do is cancel all press briefings hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy. again, the president says it's impossible for his own communications team to be on the same page that he's on all the time. the white house initially said
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that the president acted on recommendations from his attorney general before he fired comey. yesterday the president told nbc news he was going to fire comey anyway. back to john roberts at the white house. did the president just double down on this with an interview with one of our folk? >> specifically to that point, he said he's moving so fast his press office cannot keep up with him. watch this exchange between judge janine and the president. >> are you moving so quickly that your communications kept cannot keep up with you? >> yes, that's true. >> so what do we do about that? >> we don't have press conferences and we do -- >> you don't mean that. >> don't have them unless i have them every two weeks and i do them myself. we don't have them. i think it's a good idea. first of all, you have a level of hostility that is incredible. sarah huckabee is a lovely young woman. you know sean spicer. he's a nice man.
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>> is he's your press secretary today and tomorrow? >> he's doing a good job but he gets beat up. >> will he be there tomorrow? >> he's been there from the beginning. >> the president knew what the reasons were for comey's firing. they were not articulated or they're coming up with an alternate case for why he was fired. the real reason wasn't articulated to the vice president. wednesday morning he went out there and gave an incomplete answer as well. so see where in goes. >> shepard: john, thank you. the president's lawyers say a review of his last decade of tax returns does not reflect any income of any type from russian sources for any debt owed to russian lenders. but the lawyers claim there's some exceptions. for instance, a property sold to a russian billionaire for $95 million in 2008. president trump has not released the tax returns so fox news cannot confirm any of this. meantime, the law firm which wrote the letter for the president has extensive ties to
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russia and according to a press release on his own web site, the lawsuit won a russian law firm of the year award in 2016. the fox business network's gerri willis is here. that's almost funny. >> it's almost funny. >> it is funny. >> the firm is morgan lewis. i have a copy of the letter here. you can see the letter they wrote on behalf of their client. let's be clear. trump is the client of this organization. they report to him. he's paying the 48 -- freight here. i have to tell you, if you read between the lines here, understand that major companies in russia use subsidiaries in other places like cypress, like the british virgin islands. at the end of the day, maybe there's something else that we're not seeing. >> shepard: why did this letter come about? did someone ask for this? >> senator lindsey graham asked for this letter as part of his investigation.
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i tried to reach out to his office to find out what they make of this letter, if it satisfies them. i was unable to do so. in an investigation this might be step number 1. you want to see the results, the filings to ascertain what's going on. >> shepard: the tax returns answer the question. >> it would help. what does the irs do for a list something they match w 2s with reported income. international finance, it's another thing. >> shepard: they do a great job. never speak poorly. >> we love the irs. >> shepard: obviously. >> they're our favorite people. >> shepard: they are. go mets! good to see you. >> good to see you. >> shepard: thank you. more from chris wallace coming up from the fox news deck on this mercifully friday against. stay with us.
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call a nondenial denial. he was asked specifically, is there a recording device in the oval office of the president of the united states. he said i have nothing for you on that. he could have said no. he could have said yes. he said i have nothing for you on that. that is a nondenial denial. it may just be that the president is trolling the press corps and saying work yourself into a frenzy about this and turns out it nothing. why would he do that? why would he want to decrease the credibility which is already in question of this white house and comments made from that podium? seems to me that you're playing a very dangerous game with the currency of the credibility of the president of the united states. >> shepard: this first came up in the context of discussion regarding james comey. >> that's right. this is the tweet that came from the president this morning when he said, you know, he better
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hope there's no tapes if he will keep leaking, this goes back to yesterday when the president told lester holt on three separate occasions, including once at the white house, a week after the inauguration, that comey told the president that he was not a target of the investigation. that always seemed dubious given the fact that you can argue that comey had an overly inflated sense of his own integrity. but the idea that he would say to the potential target of an investigation, you're off the hook, that always seemed unlikely. sure enough this morning, comey through sources, associates, leaked the story to "the new york times," told a completely different story that said that the president called for the dinner and at the dinner asked him three separate times, will you pledge your loyalty to me. comb my refused to do so. that led to the tweet. look, here's the real thing that
12:16 pm
i wonder about here, shep. if the whole point a week ago was that the president was fed up with the high profile of the russian investigation and the high profile of james comey, look at every step that's been taken in the last seven days. you said if he had gone about it as purposely to raise comey's profile and raise questions about the russian investigation, he couldn't have done it better than he has. i find it one of the most astonishing weeks that i've ever covered in this town. >> shepard: what does this tell us about the inner workings of the white house? the ability to have the trust of the people on big matters, if and when something happens? because something will. >> well, you wonder about the trust of the people inside the white house. the president was furious on tuesday after he suddenly
12:17 pm
announced comey's firing that there wasn't a more concerted effort on his communications team to defend him. the reason was, they didn't set up time to think about it and organize. there's a credible team. they could have put together an argument. then of course, the other thing, turned out the original reason that they were given and the president himself put in his letter firing comey turns out not to have been true. he said in a letter i did this under recommendation of the attorney general and the deputy attorney general because of the way comey handled the clinton investigation. yesterday he said it wasn't true. he planned to fire him before he met with the justice department. so every step he's taken this week has cut into the credibility of this white house, the trust of the people inside the white house and clearly i think the trust that the american people pay to this president and the white house staff. >> shepard: chris, you covered a lot of white houses.
12:18 pm
i wonder if the objective journalist you are, how you would describe the state of this white house in this presidency at this moment. >> i've been thinking about that a lot today. i've never seen anything like it and i find it troubling and troubled. i just don't understand the game that they're playing. it isn't a game. you're dealing with very serious issues. if the president is upset -- just think of this. the president says that he wants told lester holt, i want to get to the bottom of the russia investigation. it want it down quickly but find out. today he sends out a tweet and he sent one out earlier in the weeks saying it's a hoax and a tax-payer funded charade. does he want to get to the bottom of the russia investigation or just want to get to the end of the russia investigation? that's a legitimate question. >> shepard: is there a danger in this level of disarray?
12:19 pm
>> sure. this is the president of the united states. this is the man who is running the country. this is the man that we have to trust as you point out in a crisis, and there will be a crisis. everything that has happened this week has chipped away at that credibility. it's a very distressing situation. >> shepard: we tend to look at these things of the view of those that support and the views of those that are critics. in this case it comes from all sides. there's a general observation that we're in a legal of unusual that most people wouldn't have had any contact can't find reference to historically. many questions about how you might get out of this cycle, this cycle that this white house seems to be into so we can get about the business of the nation. chris, it's clearly all stopped. >> yeah. that's another point that i find astonishing. the president did have some
12:20 pm
momentum finally for his legislative initiatives, his legislative agenda this last week with the passing and repeal and replac can like the bill, nd it. it had passed the house. a major barrier. the republicans and the senate set up a working group to figure out what to do next. we were getting down to serious business to solve problems in the nation. talk about tax reform. talk about trade. suddenly we have spend a week and it's going to go on longer than this. this won't be over sunday. this will go into next week and maybe beyond. there's talk about rod rosenstein, the attorney general, having to testify before the entire senate and brief them on this situation. there's going to be the announcement of a replacement for comey. confirmation hearings that will be controversial. this will stop all of the business that was supposed to be done to deal with the problems of the american people for a
12:21 pm
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12:25 pm
in u.s. prisons. analysts say it will put more people behind bars and for longer periods of time. attorney general sessions has promised to crack down on drugs a top priority at the justice department. he said the new policy will improve more consistency in sentencing. but critics say low level criminals will face mandatory sentences. peter doocy has more. >> shep, the obama administration tried to empty prisons of people that were there for nonviolent drug offenses. that policy ended today. the new attorney jern raleigh jeff sessions says that he's ready to enforce laws just as congress wrote them. >> i have empowered our prosecutors to charge and pursue the most serious offense as i believe the law requires, most serious readily provable offense. it means that we're going to meet our responsibility to
12:26 pm
enforce the law with judgment and fairness. it's simply the right and moral thing to do. >> one of attorney general sessions predecessor, eric holder pushes the smart on crime plan. he said he thinks this plan is dumb on crime. under the smart on crime plan, there would be wiggle room for prosecutors like not disclosing in court what quantity a drug a defendant was arrested with as long as nobody got hurt during the crime or the arrest. that policy is over. rescinded by this attorney general. now some prison advocates, reform advocates, are alarmed. >> one thing we know about long prison sentences, they produce diminishing returns for public safety. people are in their 30s, 40s and 50s are much less likely to be involved in crime than people in their teens and 20s. so by lengthening prison terms, we're getting less public safety
12:27 pm
impact from each succeeding year and comes at a greater cost to the taxpayers. >> i was with attorney generaling sessions in west virginia yesterday where he announced a new initiative to use tougher tactics to round up drug dealers. there's obviously going to be a more aggressive effort to arrest drug dealers. now he's saying what he wants to do once they're in custody, they face a mandatory minimum sentence. >> shepard: peter doocy, thank you. north korea is getting personal with its latest threats. kim jong-un's brutal regime is now vowing to punish american detainees in the country. that comes days after another u.s. citizen is behind bars. all of this after they promise to pursue a knew nuclear test. gordon chang joins us next from the fox news deck.
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>> shepard: an islamic state terrorist miss add target and murdered two dozen people in southwest pakistan. they targeted the leader of the senate but missed. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. storms knocked down trees and damaged the roof of a baptist church in texas, white oaks. one tree split in half and tossed others. no reports of injury. happened yesterday east of los angeles. crews rescued the rider and the helicopter lifted the 1,200 pound animal. had a heck of a ride out of the deal. the news continues after this. all finished.
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>> shepard: a russian fighter jet armed with air-to-air missiles came within 20 feet of a surveillance planes over the black sea. that's what u.s. officials are telling fox news. we're told it happened tuesday in international airspace near crimea. that's part of the ukraine that russian claimed as their own. u.s. officials said it's very rare and highly provocative for a visibly armed russian jet to intercept an american plane. we're also learning that south korea's air force intercepted a rush jet flying near south korea and the u.s.s. carl vinson strike group in the sea of japan. last week, a pair of russian bombers flew off the coast of alaska forcing the air force to scramble jets to intercept the bombers. vladimir putin says he's ready to play a constructive role in dealing with north korea's nuclear threat. vladimir putin made the comment during a phone call with south korea's new leader.
12:34 pm
south korea has been one of america's lowest allies and had a major leadership change. the former president -- the current president took the oath of office this week after a corruption scandal led to the impeachment of their former president. the new president has called for talks with north korea. rich edson has more. >> secretary of state rex tillerson and the united states were asking russia to participate in this pressure campaign that they're working on to try to convince north korea to surrender nuclear weapons and the ballistic missile program. it's unclear what president vladimir putin means by a constructive role for russia. the u.s. is working on that pressure campaign. they want to isolate north korea diplomatically and economically, particularly wants to get china on board there. however, the newly-elected south korean president was pushing for
12:35 pm
more dialogue with north korea. the united states says they would engage in a discussion with north korea only after it changes its behavior. they have not been specific to the u.s. on what the conditions could be, shep. >> shepard: what is the latest on the four americans the north koreans have detained? >> we're hearing from north korean state media. north korea reserves the right to ruthlessly punish american citizens they have arrested and the idea that these captives have been taken by north korea to be used as bargaining chips is pure ignorance. they said they will reveal the extent of the charges against these four americans. the problem here, shep, the united states also has no diplomatic relations with north korea. they have to go through the swedish embassy or the rules they have established, the swedish officials should check on these americans in a couple days. but the u.s. state department says those meetings and check-ons are constantly pushed
12:36 pm
back, delayed, sometimes never happen. earlier this week the state department reissued travel warning to north korea telling americans not to go there because those arrested are treated by the wartime law of north korea. four americans there now, shep. >> shepard: rich edson from the state department. like we needed a warning not to go there. i don't know. and now author of "nuclear show down takes on the world", arthur chang. where are we north korea? looks like a mess. >> yeah, it continues to be a mess. the trump administration is consumed by the comey firing. they're not paying attention to north korea. now you have putin making comments about being a constructive force. >> shepard: yeah what do you make of this? >> i don't think putin will get involved. they weren't involved in 2003. they were a member but never
12:37 pm
participated. if putin -- last thing he wants to get in a competition about supporting north korea. he doesn't have the money to do that or the interest in his far east. so he's going to say things like this because the south korean president calls him. it strokes his ego. they're not going to be too involved. >> shepard: the north korean say they're going to do a sixth nuclear test. where is our leverage with china and how do we apply it? >> our leverage is, we can unplug chinese banks for money laundering from the chinese. we have never done it. president obama threatened to do that in september. but he never carried through. the trump administration is in this cooperative face with china. they're not threatening anything. we do have it. we don't have the political will. we have so much more leverage than china than china has over us but we don't use it.
12:38 pm
it's a hold right now. >> shepard: practically speaking, i'm curious to find out what will happen if they make a sixth test. even the chinese have warned them. >> the chinese have and will pose more pressure on them. the ball is in president trump's court. north korea won't get the ability to land a nuke on u.s. he has three or four years to stop them. >> shepard: where do we get that number? >> that's the number of years it would take for north korea to develop the technology, the heat shielding to put a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile. they have nukes for intermediate range missiles that can hit japan. but they can't really get too far into the american homeland. that's that four-year time frame. people say three, some say five. it's really close. probably within president
12:39 pm
trump's term. >> shepard: is perceived disarray in washington, does that have an effect on north korea right now? >> yes, with history as a guide. they they we're not looking or we're not in a capacity to respond. right now with the foe contribution on domestic affairs, it's a perfect time for kim jong-un to set off that sixth nuclear test. he wanted to not do it before may 9th. that's the south korean election. he didn't want to derail the chances of the new president who is pro north korea. now moon has been elected. north korea can set that test off any time they think is politically advantageous. i think they will wait a few weeks. we'll wait. >> shepard: gordon chang. thanks. >> thanks, shep. >> shepard: and mitch mcconnell said women can talk part in all talks on the healthcare bill.
12:40 pm
mcconnell said the meetings are now open to any republican senator that wants to attend. senate republicans have been working on the healthcare bill since the house passed its version last week. mike emanuel is on capitol hill with an update. mike? >> shep, good afternoon. i'm told the price tag and impact of the house held care bill is expected in the next ten days or so, the week of may 22 from the congressional budget office. mitch mcconnell has been doing outreach to women senators according to senate sources. mcconnell aides say he's invited all senators to attend healthcare working group meetings after taking heat that the group was made up of 13 men. >> let me try again. there is no particular working group because we're meeting -- all 52 of us have lunch every day. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. everybody is at the table. >> i don't know what the basis was for making up this group.
12:41 pm
really is up to the leaders to decide whom they want. so i'm not really troubled by it because i'm going to continue to work with other senators and push forward the bill that we introduced. >> there's currentsly five republican women senators and they sound interested in attending the meetings going forward, shep. >> shepard: what are the focus points of the healthcare talks, mike? >> i'm told the major areas of discussions are divided into four key groups, major buckets they're looking at. for example, medicaid expanded under obamacare. what do they do going forward? there's concern about an abrupt cut off. tax credits to help poor people afford insurance. insurance regulations including pre-existing conditions. many regulations are included in obamacare, many republicans want to get rid of them.
12:42 pm
some are obviously concerned about people with pre-existing conditions. and then insurance market stability. many headlines about insurers pulling out of offering plans in certain states. how do you get more competition for your constituents? as we heard before, it's complicated. >> shepard: thanks, mike. in ohio today, six children are living with a terrible new reality. their father, the police chief, will never walk through the door again. he responded to a report of a gunman at a nursing home. the gunman shot him dead. that brave police chief was one of the victims this morning. ahead, the effort to find out what happened and why.
12:43 pm
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>> shepard: breaking news now. a gunman shot and killed a police chief before bursting into a nursing home and killing two staffers. happened in the village of kirkersville 25 miles east of columbus, this is a live look now as authorities have just begun a news conference at the
12:46 pm
sheriff's office there. investigators say the police chief was responding to a report of a man with a gun. the chief radioed in as the story goes, that he had the suspect in his sight. that he was the last in his department to hear from him. the suspect is dead. we don't know how he died. the chief was just three weeks into the job. he had six children. another one on the way matt finn is monitoring this news conference. >> shep, right now police are processing several crime scenes attached to the shooting that rocked the small ohio town today. one of the big questions is if there was a connection between the shooter and the employees that have been found dead. they're also investigating a motive. police say other people barricaded themselves in rooms and no patients were harmed. the entire community is
12:47 pm
grieving. the senseless lost of these victims, a police chief, a father of six who had been on the job a few weeks. the county sheriff describes the bravery of that sheriff that ran towards the gun fire. >> i'm sorry to record today that lincoln county has lost a police officer, the chief of kirkersville, stephen prosario. he engaged the subject. the deputies were in route to back him up. when deputies arrived, they discovered him in the street. >> an elementary school just blocks away from the shooting was on lock down. the students were bussed to the middle school where parents picked them up early. no i.d. on the shooter. report portman and the ohio governor have tweeted out condolenc condolences. >> shepard: matt finn, thank you. >> and the massive cyber attack across the world today has
12:48 pm
affected 74 countries. officials in great britain said it hit their public health system, which it did. then the prime minister, theresa may, said the attack had a bigger impact than that. it reportedly involved a leaked hacking tool from the national security agency. this is still developing. 74 countries affected. looks like 2,400 different victims in this thing. word is still coming in. we'll have more for you as we get it. the u.s. marines launching a new television add. they said they're trying to add more women to the ranks of the few and the proud. that's next. what's the best way to get
12:49 pm
two servings of veggies? v8 or a powdered drink? ready, go. ahhhhhhhh! shake! shake! shake! shake! shake! done! you gotta shake it! i shake it! glad i had a v8. the original way to fuel your day.
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>> shepard: the u.s. marines has the lowest percentage of all women in the military branches. less than 10% of recruits are women.
12:52 pm
now the corps is launching a new national television ad to try to change that. trace gallagher has the news. this is based on a real person, this ad? >> it is. it's called battle up and refers a real-life marine. the ad begins with a young girl breaking up a fight in the school hallways and flashes to her playing rugby and ends with her playing on the battlefield. here's the ad. watch. >> no one knows where it comes from. but some have it and some don't. it's the fighting spirit. it consumes fear and weakness. >> and demco says filming was tough because she was submerged holding a rifle in the water and coated with a layer of ice. she's now in okinawa, japan.
12:53 pm
there's 83,000 marines and 8% are woman. but they hope by 2019, 10% will be womans. shep? >> shepard: seems like the marines not long ago they were complaining about women in the ranks. >> yeah, in 2015 they complained. and secretary defense ash carter that dismissed their claims and since then, 74% of women have moved to marine combat positions. the marines had a scandal when a facebook page called marines united went public. they used the page to chat, share and egg each other on about posting nude photos and sometimes calling the women out by name or where they were based. after the navy investigated, there were numerous levels of discipline handed out including several demotions. the marines rewrote their social
12:54 pm
media policy. shep. >> shepard: thanks, trace. nasa astronauts performing a milestone 200th spacewalk at the international space station today. a water leak cut it short. nasa officials say the leak came from a host attached to jack fisher's spacesuit. it happened in his first spacewalk. nasa officials say fisher and peggy whitson will still able to replace a faulty electronics box. whitson holds the report for more space walks than any other women. this was her ninth. the pope was in portugal where he's set to name two new saints tomorrow. it will happened in a shrine in fatima. officials say they expect a million people to visit just this weekend. according to the catholic church, the pope will cannonize two children that said the virgin mary appeared to them 100
12:55 pm
years ago. pope francis arriving in an air base. crowds of people greeted him there. here's the pope touching a child's forehead at the base. the president of portugal greeting the pontiff. they met together privately at the air base. here's a photo of the pope praying at fatima. this nun waving a south african flag as she waits for the pope. an american pilot became the first woman to fly around the world's biggest ocean and happened in this day in history. a naturally aspirated 5.0-liter v8 engine. a 10-speed direct-shift transmission. a meticulously crafted interior.
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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza®. >> shepard: yesterday the newsy warning to those that travelled to australia that toads are trying to hitchhike to get into the country, now it appears scorpions have taken night. from a flight from houston to ecuador delayed departure after
12:59 pm
someone spotted a scorpion. said the scorpion emerged to shock and horror from a passenger's clothing. last month, a scorpion stung this guy out of a flight from houston. the paramedics said he was okay. the flight got going hours later on new jet because the old one now needs to be decontaminated with flame flowers. i don't know. on this day in 1963, an american became the first woman to fly solo across the pacific ocean. betty miller met president kennedy after making the trip. she brought her lucky troll doll that flew with her. at the time she ran a flight school in santa monica. she flew from california to australia to deliver a plane to a customer. she finished the trip in two weeks as she as her trust y co
1:00 pm
pilot soared into the history books. should news break out, we'll break in because breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. "your world" with neil cavuto is next. see you later. >> considering cancelling the daily press briefings? >> he's dismayed as a lot of people that we come out here do, everything we can to provide you and the american people on what he's doing to keep the nation safe and grow jobs and jet we see time and time again an attempt to parse every little worse and make it more of a game of "got ya." >> maybe that's going by way of the dinosaur. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world." what in the world is the future of a press grieving we have taken for granted for much of the modern tv era? it could be going or changing or at least getting minimized.