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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 12, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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i'm sean hannity. see you back here monday. , tucks next. ♪ >> friday evening, welcome to tucker carlson, i'm bill hemmer a n for tucker, this my first time at this hour let's see how this goes together. jeanine pirro sat down with the president today in topic number one as you would guess is jim comey. >> president trump: i was surprised, all the democrats that hated jim comey, they didn't like him, they wanted him fired or whatever. and then all of a sudden they come out with their glowing report. i think were doing very well with that, knots before the senate. i think the senate is going to come up with some really, really great additions and changes and were going to have a plan it's
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going to be really great. by the way, obamacare is dead, it's dying, i've been so much for a long time. >> in order to get your agenda accomplished, that same kind of hands-on has to apply to democrats. and across the aisle. >> president trump: their obstructionists what they want to do is obstruct and delay. when we have those press conferences, i said we shouldn't have them. >> 100 years we've been doing that. >> president trump: there's never been action like this, this is crazy. it >> bill: there's a lot more in that interview, judge jeanine is to be here in 20 mins to talk about that. listen trump talked about his plan for a border wall today, tucker talks to univision anchor jorge ramos, all of that is coming up. at first a few words on russia tonight. during his interview with lester holt and nbc news, president donald trump said he was fighting on firing james comey all along. >> president trump: recurrence of recommendation, i was going
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to fire comey knowing there is no good time to do it. if >> bill: trump called show him a showboat, and argued it should go away. it >> president trump: it's a made up story, it's an excuse for having lost an election that they should have one. the reason they should have wanted is the electoral college is almost impossible for a republican to win, very hard. because you start off at such a disadvantage. everybody was thinking they should have won the election. this was an excuse for having lost an election. >>most reporting is focusing on a change of story from the white house. sloppy reporting will not be reported on this story, case in point. less than 24 hours after the termination of comey, "the new york times" reported the fbi wanted more resources for "the washington post," nbc, cm cvs commit cnn all run with that same headlight for that was until the acting director was asked about it during thursday's
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hearing. >> do you feel like you have the adequate resources for the existing investigation. >> if you're referring to the roster investigation, i do. i believe we have the adequate resources to do it and i know we have resourced that investigation adequately. >> bill: so much for that, the president is not your typical commander in chief. he does and says things which great confusion, as rich lowry for the national review rights, it's entirely possible that none of this really has anything to do with trump directly. yet, he's been a human smoke making machine. there is a truth of that the president knows how to get attention but in one could argue he enjoys the cast. but keep your eye on the leaves, they will be the breadcrumbs that lead us somewhere or lead us to more dead-end spirit "the wall street journal" put it this way. if mr. trump is trying to cover up any think about firing the fbi director is a lousy way to do it. at such a public spectacle will make details more likely to lead
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if agents field their evidence is being sat on. if that is a critical point. mr. trump has plenty of haters, if there is evidence that damages his presidency, that evidence will go public and we will follow it as is our duty. if, however, there are few if any leaks in the coming weeks, this story might be the thing that goes up in its own a smoke machine. and if we have seen anything over the past four months, washed in this proven time and again it cannot keep a secret. meanwhile there will be plenty of detractors who will argue this is watergate and this presidency is already over. >> you can feel the threat being pulled, you can feel the close started to come off the emperor. i believe this is the beginning of the end. >> bill: again, tonight, that is not the case. follow the facts, watch the links, see if they lead anywhere, and you can ignore pretty much the rest of it. where are we tonight? good evening to both of you.
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in the spirit of mother's day weekend, let's start with the ladies, good evening and thanks for being here. a lot was said today, there wasn't a whole lot of action but there were a lot of words. where are we going into the weekend? >> a lot of words certainly coming from the president. we have a fire fbi director, there are interviews going on, recommendations being made to sell that void. if you have a conflicting repor report, from the white house staff and the president spirit that something we have to keep an eye on. were also keeping an eye on how congress is observing this kind of news. and what reaction they are calling for. we have democrats and some republicans calling for the need for an independent investigation. i don't think that is going to have much -- republicans at large aren't going to have much appetite for that. at a town hall this week in a republican district end of this kind news is permeating outside of washington and new york.
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people are paying attention. a lot of people were upset about health care, wanting to know more, wanting republicans to show efforts in washington. if this is the news of comey firing was being broken. it goes to show people are interested. >> bill: understood, where do you think we are tonight, what is important, i give you a few ideas about the leaks, where are you? >> your counsel about following the facts is exactly right. is more important than ever. there is a miasma and a whirlwind of hypocrisy and hysteria on all sides. the white house has contradicted itself, the media has gotten some stuff wrong. to me the most important to things right now are this. number one, will the russia investigation continue unabated and unimpeded despite this people at the top of the fbi. we heard from andrew mckay of
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the new acting director that yes it will with adequate resources, that's good, we can ratchet down the panic. secondly, this is the biggest one. who will get this job? who will president trump nominate? if he gets someone in there who was a very good reputation for being fiercely independent and a pro and a law enforcement respected figure, i think a lot of this starts to look a little bit silly and overwrought. if he picks someone who can be credibly cast as a toady or a yes-man, that looks really bad and senate republicans have to step in and say no. >> bill: you're arguing the credibility of the next nominee could do a lot towards advancing this story or calming it down. >> that's exactly right because the theory is -- there's no evidence evidence of this yet, the theory is trump fired comey because he got too close to the truth, he wants to unravel the whole russia thing, so it's a cover-up. i don't know if that is true or
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not, i have some suspicions that maybe it's not. if trump puts someone to replace comey in that position with unimpeachable credentials and people from both sides have sensed that this is an honest broker and tells the truth and follows the facts come out the for this conspiracy or at least the obligation as they start to get filed down it doesn't look as serious. >> bill: is a very interesting point as we go through this, watch this as this develops and judge jeanine was talking about the very point. earlier today there was a question about whether the president asked james comey for his loyalty. at the white house briefing, the president said this earlier today on that. >> people suggested that the question "the new york times" is selling that you asked comey whether or not you had his loyalty was possibly inappropriate. could you see how they would think that? >> president trump: i read that article, i don't think it's
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inappropriate. >> did you ask that? comey no i didn't, but i don't think would be inappropriate to ask. >> bill: others would argue he has the right to answer the question or pass, what is your view of that? >> the reason why this is important, as you know, the fbi director takes an oath to the constitution. there is a reason and fbi director is a nonpartisan figure, serves a 10-year term, trent says the and presidential politics. that's important. donald trump does not have experience in politics or governing, that's fine, perhaps he's learning about some of these things, that's fine. there our questions though about whether he has people around him who can tell him why these things are important. also want to speak to the credibility issue that the white house is facing, i think it's really important. even if you take the russia issue out of it, the fact that you have his spokespeople saying one thing, his vice presidents i
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got other thing and in the president coming out and contradicting some of those arguments i think raises the question about credibility and that should matter to people because it's not just about this issue. the president wants to negotiate on other issues, domestic or foreign, the credibility of the united states is really important. >> bill: he may be debating the press briefings because you may want to get out of denver's this happens which are about to hear this will be must-see tv, roll this. if >> you're moving so quickly that your communications department cannot keep up with you. >> president trump: that's true. >> what we do about that? >> we don't have press conferences >> you don't mean that. >> president trump: we just don't have them. unless i have them and i do myself, i think it's a good ide idea.
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>> bill: final word on that spirit >> the press should be able to ask every day in a public setting but if donald trump wants to come in and feel those questions himself more frequently, i think that's terrific and i would love to see it. >> i fully endorse that as well. >> bill: thank you, thanks, don't miss judge jeanine's full interview, 9:00 eastern time right here on the fox news channel. meanwhile there is breaking news tonight, james comey's departure does not end the controversy at the fbi, the president has to pick a replacement for comey who will have to to be confirmed by a deeply divided senate spirit who are the front runners, we have an idea tonight, for an answer we turn to our chief intelligence correspondent catherine harris. >> according to a white house official, there's a a short-list of a dozen names ranging from former and longest-serving new york city police commissioner ray kelly, former
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deputy attorney general ray thompson, former assistant attorney general alice fisher who served under george w. bush and paula bates, he is the career fbi agent in the mix, currently assistant director for cybersecurity divisions at the bureau. if there's a second bucket of potential nominees, we'll call them congressional picks. in this case, mike rogers former house intelligence committee chairman, a former fbi agent and republican. congressman trey gaudi a former prosecutor who led the probe into the 2012 benghazi care terrorist attacks, also a key member of the russia probe and senate majority whip john cornyn of texas. there's others were keeping our eye on as well. john pistol retired as a deputy director before serving as tsa administrator, fred townsend respected here in washington who served as the homeland security advisor for president bush as well as former senator and a state attorney general from new hampshire kelly ayotte. we've also got the acting fbi director andrew mccabe, he's in the mix as well. there's two congressional committees looking at him, once
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looking at political donations to his wife in 2015 and whether any sort of ethical lines were crossed with that spirit the other is his connection to the russia probe and this anti-trump dossier and the payments to the british intelligence officer who was responsible for that dossier and whether they cross any lines there. >> bill: you reported earlier that comey is invited to testify before next week and that will not happen. if catherine harris in washington. this news is still breaking around the world, thousands of computer systems in dozens of countries have been ravaged by a massive worldwide cyber attack. trace gallagher tracking that from the west coast tonight, would you find out? >> were told the goal isn't to hit any particular country but to strike as wide as possible to make more money. so far, it's believed that there were some 45,000 attacks and 74 countries. at the hacking tool was developed by the u.s. national security agency and it stolen by
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a group called shadow brokers, that same group are listed on the internet last month. experts say the tool is read somewhere that exploits a vulnerability in microsoft systems. apparently it comes across as an email and once clicked on it scrambles data, locks out the user, and demands a ransom. in this case between $30,600. if your computer was targeted, here's what you saw on your screen a message saying your files have been encrypted. it then goes on to tell you what happened, how to recover your files and how to pay the ransom. the attack was a major disruption on britain's public health system, targeting numerous health systems. patient files were blocked forcing emergency rooms to turn people away. in some areas, ambulances were backed up trying to get in. hospitals have become common targets because they are susceptible to attack and they are willing to pay the ransom.
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last year a hospital here in los angeles paid $17,000 to get it's computers unlocked. experts believe today's attacks were profitable but were likely a dry run for much bigger attacks on major corporations which could result in much bigger paydays. if >> bill: wanted development, still ongoing. trace gallagher nla. tucker is not hosting a night but he spoke with jorge ramos about building that wall. you will see more of judge jeanine's exclusive interview with president donald trump.
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the musical >> bill: welcome back, the u.s. congress is not in a rush to fund it but in her interview with jeanine pirro, president trump insisted the wall will be built. >> you're going to build that wall? >> president trump: absolute, is there a question about that? there's no question about it. if >> bill: that from a few hours ago, that same issue came up with tucker and univision anchor jorge ramos. >> the presidents border wall you have implied that the presence of such a wall is an attack on all latinos everywhere and in effect racist. my question is why is the idea of a wall illegitimate, why is protecting your borders on bigoted? >> everyone has the right to protect the border, but it's an economic issue mostly. it has to do with supply and demand. we are responsible for that.
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they're not coming because they want to go to disneyland or because they want to kill americans, they come here because there are thousands of american companies hiring them and millions of americans who benefit from their work. we are partially responsible for that. on the other hand, the wall is completely useless because 45% of immigrants become biplane with obesity. that wall is not going to do anything at all to stop immigration. >> tucker: 55% don't come by your plan, that's a majority. it's not entirely insane to think if you could get a handle on that to have an overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants right now came over our southern border to mexico, the dental mexican, r. it actually worked, maybe your real fears it would be too effective.
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>> the undocumented population has remained stable, 11 million for past decade for that hasn't changed, more mexicans are in the country that come into the united states. whatever were doing at the border somehow is working. some of the safest committees in the red states are along the border. i don't think wall is really good health. mexicans aren't going to pay a civil sent, there's no way they're going to do that. >> tucker: do have lots of noodles at home? >> i do i'm of course bitter >> tucker: are you at war with your neighbors what to mark >> under civil with my neighbors. >> tucker: what you have locks what to mark >> every country i agree with you, every country has the right to protect the border, immigration is really complicated. they're here because of us.
11:22 pm
>> tucker: backup for. you just said you have locks on your doors though you like your neighbors you not at war but you still lock your doors at night, you may even have a wall around your house, i don't know. why? why do you lock your doors? >> what you are suggesting is that we have to be fearful of immigrant because her criminals. because their press. >> tucker: i'm just asking you why you lock your doors. >> just to be secure, if you're trying to imply that excepting refugees and immigrants mean that they are criminals and -- >> tucker: your debating someone who is not here. i merely said the attitude and the application is what you thought it was. your attitude i'm sure you have
11:23 pm
guests in your home but you decide who they are you don't want people to come in to your house you did not invite to wife the country any different from that? >> your stomach you're making a mistake, we didn't invite them, please come here because we need you for the service industry. >> tucker: who is weak what's mark >> you will die and everybody listening right now. >> i don't remember sending that invitation? >> the house of the apartment where you live, immigrant babysitter or kid, they pay taxes. >> tucker: you're missing the point. >> they pay in more than they take from social services bird the mic. >> tucker: you're arguing a paternal argument, i'm not saying that illegal aliens in america, i'm not saying that all criminals because they're not.
11:24 pm
as a practical matter, country has a right to determine sent comes in. not big corporations who are profiting from it, the population, the democracy that's voters, and voters want a wall because they want to know who's coming in and who isn't. why would you deny them that. >> most americans, republicans, we want to make sure the 11 million here have the possibility to political eyes there -- >> tucker: immigration is whatever you want to be, it can then include anything or nothin nothing. it depends on the deal that strike. i'm talking about border security which is something very specific and the overwhelming majority of americans want and why wouldn't they want that? your argument appears to be that
11:25 pm
because some big company benefits from cheap labor, the population of the united states doesn't have the right to stop people at the border and sk, who are you, what are you doing here? >> i'm not saying that in what i'm saying and probably the same thing you believe is the immigration system right now does not work. we've got to find a better way. the best way would be a legal way instead of having half a million people coming in illegally every single year that we could have them come in here legally. that's why you have immigration reform, that's what you have agreements with mexico and canada. that's what i support. that's not what i'm hearing -- >> tucker: does it bother you as a progressive is someone who represents his viewers have hurried to self describe that way. you take your immigration cues from big business in america, the chamber of commerce, you're saying exactly what they want you to say. you are a lackey for the capitalist class here, does that bother you at all?
11:26 pm
>> i'm saying immigrants come here partly because of us. they come here to work with us. >> tucker: who was us? >> it is you, -- >> tucker: i don't employ anyone here illegally. >> every time you go to a restaurant and you are paying your bill, you are paying partly to immigrants who are in the kitchen you don't see. you are paying your bill to the people who help you with your room and cleaning the hotel and help you in that hotel. yes you do. if you are paying indirectly to immigrants every several nights. >> tucker: i don't want to pay. >> so i don't have the moral, ad till -- what if i don't want to live in the system with a permanent illegal surf class that is being taken advantage of my employers and as a burden on our social
11:27 pm
welfare system, all of which is true, what if i don't want that? can i say anything because i ate at arby's last week. >> it's funny that you don't want to, it's so linked to the system especially with a service industry that is almost impossible to take them away. there's a moving, really interesting movie, the day without mexicans, it would be impossible to live in the united states. >> tucker: we can't have a wall, nobody is attacking the nobility and decency of the overwhelming majority of the immigrants who come here illegally or illegally. a lot of them are great people, most of them are great people, but that doesn't change the fact that they are breaking american law, laws are voted on by representatives that we voted for and they are subverting our democracy as a result. this is not with the majority wants and that should be allowe allowed. >> we are all complacent here,
11:28 pm
they're breaking the law because of us. >> tucker: are not complicit, you may be. >> bill: tucker and jorge, they are negotiating come around to, stay tuned when that happens. more of president trump's interview with jeanine pirro. the judge is next to talk about what she learned ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm dr. kelsey mcneely and some day you might be calling me an energy farmer. ♪ energy lives here.
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>> bill: back to our top story the latest interview with president donald trump, sat down earlier with judge jeanine that,
11:32 pm
she asked him about how he handled the press briefings. >> the media is in a friend's me, given that some of these congress people thought he should have been fired, they called for an investigation of jim told me, doesn't it suggest to you that it isn't even about comey, it's about anything that you as a president do. space x they are hypocrites but it's beyond being hypocrites. the level of hatred toward him especially during that period of time with hillary clinton where he gave her a free ride. he gave her a free pass like nobody has ever gotten a free pass. the level of hatred from the democrats and the republicans, first he got a free pass, then he came out with comey to come in then he came out with comey three, the ultimate thing as he gave a free pass. they should have liked him. what he did for her was unbelievable with all of the guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty. but she's not guilty.
11:33 pm
>> your agenda is not getting out because people are caught up on the comey issue. how do you get rid of comey, who in the press office says one thing, how do we did resolve that? space x i actually said today let's not do anymore press briefings. they're getting tremendous ratings and especially the fake media, they are going crazy, they are going crazy. there be in the room and the way they ask questions, screaming, there's never been anything like this. to get a question out. in all fairness to sean and adult fairness to sarah huckabee, anybody that stood up there, they don't know me i'm a very active president, i'm dealing with china come i'm dealing with japan, i'm dealing with north korea, i'm dealing with all of these different things. russia came in to see me, the foreign minister the other day. right after that, they didn't
11:34 pm
say this, the foreign minister from ukraine came in. i've said you got to make peace, they only talked about russia coming in. we took pictures, they took pictures, they made a big deal out of it. everybody knew he was coming and he was scheduled to come. the point is this. when we had those press conferences, i said we shouldn't have them. >> 100 years we been doing them. >> president trump: there's never been action like this, this is crazy -- they're getting higher ratings on those press conferences -- >> would you seriously consider stopping those press -- >> president trump: we would do it in a different way, we would do if with a perfectly accurate piece of paper. 50 quentin's, one questions, it, they get 1 out of 50, just a little bit off, the next day it's a front-page story.
11:35 pm
press conferences weren't even covered for obama practically, they were on c-span and c-span2. there was nothing going on. >> bill: jeanine pirro here to talk about her exquisite interview with the president, good evening to you tonight. pretty good to get, your timing was good. must-see tv. just our audience knows, what time did you do that interview? >> i think we did the interview shortly after noon time. >> bill: that might've been before the spicer briefing, because he took a lot of questions for potential of recordings in the white house. you're a lawyer, a prosecutor, what'd you take from us today? >> one of the issues of course is whether or not the president can record to someone. the truth is if the president wanted to he could there's
11:36 pm
nothing illegal in the criminal sense. the issue is whether or not that is actually being done. by the president tweeting what he tweeted saying james comey better hope the are no recordings of our conversations have got everyone -- i think you've got the president who's saying hey everybody, i want people to tell the truth and to be bound what they said. we think that it was after watergate that they stopped recording in the oval office or on the phone but we don't know. >> bill: you don't have a firm answer on that, correct? you've known him a long time. i think a lot of people on the outside believe this is a west wing in chaos, what was his state of mind, how would you characterize what you saw today? >> you're right, i'm on the president for almost 30 years, i didn't see any chaos in the sense that you suggest. i know the man.
11:37 pm
this man runs 100 miles per hour. i even said to him it's hard for your press staff to keep up with you because you are always moving. he admitted it. i see him as someone who wants to deliver for the american people, who is working extremely hard. there is a frustration level that all of the focus on things that don't address his successes. i talked about that in the interview. at the end of the interview, i talked about some of the personal things in his life and obviously were going to air tha that. >> bill: was there a headline you heard today, anything that surprised you? >> when he said he might stop the press briefings. well. the truth is they have been incredibly open to the press. i think the president came in to his credit, he was backing them up. if they get 2% wrong it's front-page. i'm done with it. >> bill: will get it all this
11:38 pm
weekend, thanks, janine. the judge in washington, d.c., for that entire interview, join her saturday night, 9:00 eastern time right here on the fox news channel. remember the old rules can respect your elders apparently dead in america today. it will talk to radio host who demanded an apology from the vice president, what a story that is. president trump describes what president trump describes what is like being president, zeke stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and.
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>> bill: our feelings and peril across the red sea is, is it youth fragile, you tell a spirit of this charming young man visited the white house was near the vice president where he was demanding an apology for that. apparently he was bumped. you make the call. >> thank you all very much, god bless you, god bless these wonderful kids.
11:43 pm
, god bless these wonderful kid kids. >> bill: it did not end with a high five. the young man followed the vice president and demanded an apology, kenny bruce's radio host based in new york. he seems like a nice young men, maybes eight. kids these days telling the parents what to do, telling the teachers what to do. i guess they're telling the vice president -- >> i guess were giving birth to snowflakes now come at that look like that kid needed a safe space in that room. >> bill: is this a different time or not? >> it is a bit, eight years old said he was struck, smashed, bumped, the fabric on his sleeve touched his nose. he stalks the vice president said you owe me an apology. this is like he was handling
11:44 pm
melissa click wanted to get some muscle into the room. this is crazy. he's seen it on television, maybe he's seen it at home, but he felt aggrieved because the vice president slightly touched his nose. >> bill: my feeling as someone told him how to seek that apology. it is mother's day in the past week, they put a piece. mother's day is awkward suggesting families with two parents are excluded from the holiday altogether. it includes a riff from a quote from a woman in san francisco saying we will make our own tradition. your openly, is this a new tradition that's coming to america? once you hatched this idea, do you give birth to the possibility that mother's day in the father's day is folded into a parents they were set a step too far?
11:45 pm
>> i think it's clear we might be heading that way, "washington post" which is jeff baize basal syslog decided in a twisted way to make this an issue. american families have been complicated. people raised by single parent by just a mom or just a dad or maybe they're adopted, maybe they are orphans great i am a product of an affair, i just had a mom, never knew my father, when there was father's day stuff at school and you made your crafty things for the dead, i made mine for uncle ed to. when you do this, you realize you're different, kids realized, you can adapt. evernote is not good to be the same, that's a good thing. the complaint here, for some reason they might like julie garland. you don't have to be but you have to realize not everything has to be tragic, not everything has to be awful or what you have to force your way. everybody is the same, kids are
11:46 pm
kids, one of the stories is if my partner gets the best dad in the world frame that means i'm not the best data in the world. get to and then everyone could have a happy father's day. >> bill: you're not buying the premise. >> i think this is the only reason for this to come up is in fact to strike at the traditional framework of what the super majority of americans enjoy. there will always be moms, there will always be dads. these kids are not dropped in by martians. it's okay to admit that mother's day exists for a reason, so this father's day. if you get to do a double on the same day, great, embrace it. we love being different. >> bill: thank you, great to see you, i have a mother's day to my mom. on this weekend. president trump spent a two hour dinner describing the experience of what it's like to be president. in a moment, will talk to a my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count.
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>> president trump: the difference between me and another president, i want use names, another president doesn't do what i'm doing. i'm not saying that in a bragging way i'm not saying it in a way. if another president sit in the oval office and do practically nothing all day. every minute of the day, i'm doing something. i'm cutting prices up -- this nation has such unbelievable potential. >> bill: there is president trump with judge jeanine just a few hours ago. a few days ago he also had a sit down with "time" magazine where he talked about the experience of being president among many other things. zeke miller joins we live tonight from washington, d.c. good evening to you.
11:52 pm
i read the whole piece, i think it's insightful, i think it's very telling. give audience a sense of how much time you had first. >> thanks for having me. there with the president for about three hours monday night, going and was private dining room, ending up in the blue room for about a hundred minute dinner. >> bill: is a fair amount of time, the reason i ask you is you get a pretty good sense of where he is. what did you take away? >> there were a lot of takeaway takeaways, the president is a gracious show off the white house, the oval office, where he works, how he works. he brings in ceos and business leaders and politicians, no journalists. that was an illuminating thing for us how much he likes to show off the space. the other thing coming for our interview is the disconnect he is having just how combative he can be in office, also struggling with why he can't
11:53 pm
connect with the media times but he wants to be loved, he wants people to like him and a sometimes he's struggling with i'm tried to cut taxes i'm trying to get health care done. for some reason the attacks keep coming in and he's struggling with thoughts. >> bill: he's trying to figure that out. important distinction here, what did you go there to talk about? >> we were going there to get some of that attention with the president, how does he handle -- decide whether or not to be competitive or not, he spends ten hours a day in the west win west wing, and then ten hours a day in the residence, he doesn't sleep very much. if we all from his twitter habits, we wanted to get sense of what the other side of the life was good he was gracing hes enough to show us the residence. >> bill: the reason i ask is that is you go in there with one idea and the interview goes in there with another idea, what did he want to talk about?
11:54 pm
>> he wanted to talk about the things he had accomplished whether it be getting health care through the house, the efforts for military procurement, the efforts on foreign policy. people are giving him an a or an a+ on that, he wanted to tell stories. in a certain sense, it was the donald trump show over three hours. >> bill: you are in the blue room, right? >> yeah. >> bill: less questions you may have heard me with judge jeanine a moment ago, did you get a sense of chaos with the white house, a lot of people on the outside of leaf that is the case, what was your view? >> we did see a lot of chaos at all in the oval office, there were a lot of people. it's not of the get used to seeing, i think that's more of a style with this president compared to barack obama treated the oval office as something only a few people ever got into. if that's different from chaos, i think, it's a different flavor but were we used to seeing in the white house bread >> bill:
11:55 pm
that's for sure. i encourage all of our viewers to check it out in "time" magazine, thank you so much, zeke miller with us tonight. zeke miller with us tonight. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed everything in our living room. we replaced it all without touching our savings. yeah, our insurance won't do that. no. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance when you have digestive sensitivities, some foods leave your stomach in knots... (groan) ...with bloating, discomfort, cramps, and gas. (sigh) try pronourish drink, a unique nutritional drink that's high in protein and fiber. and pronourish has no gluten or high fructose corn syrup, and it's low in fodmap ingredients
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that may trigger digestive sensitivities. it's your delicious anytime, anywhere mini-meal or snack. pronourish. nutrition you can feel good about.
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>> we are coming to the end of an eventful week in washington. there have been many of those. the president has shown he can remake the entire political landscape tailly. on tuesday he fired james comey. on thursday he offered his explanation. today he suggest the his private meeting was secretly recorded. tomorrow, the interview for the next fbi director begins in washington. until then, have a great weekend. that's about it for us tonight. tucker is back on monday. 8:00 eastern time. check him out then. i will see you on monday morning on america's news. don't forget the interview with the trumps saturday night, 9:00 eastern. goodnight from new york.
12:00 am
happy mother's day to all the moms and especially to my mom, happy mother's day. the five is ready to go, live from new york. that's next. >> this is a fox news alert. i'm jesse watters, welcome on this busy news day. we'll bring it to you throughout the hour. we'll begin with president trump's headline making sit-down interview. she talked about the decision to fire james comey, whether the democrats will ever cooperate with him. and here's what he said about the canceling the daily white house press briefing. >> when we have those press conferences, we shouldn't have them. because sarah. >> a hundred years we have been doing that. >> there's never been action like this. we are getting higher ratings on those press


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