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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 14, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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let me know what you think of the show. mediabuzz at see you then at 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. ♪ ♪ ♪ eric: potential replacement for fired fbi director james comey. the guessing game kicks into high gear and who will get the top job on america's top law enforcement agency? hello, everyone, health care to america's news headquarters. >> the job applicants have been filing in. the justice department interviewing eight candidates so far and now another very prominent name could be added to the list. eric: kevin is live at the white house with the latest on this, let's start with various
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candidates into the department of justice yesterday. how is that process and the job interviews continuing today? >> you heard a great deal about yesterday and interviews that were ongoing and if anyone suggests to you that the white house has made a decision, that's simply not true. i spoke with senior official who insist that is the president is taking this very seriously and in fact, he's rivalling this to the process of selecting people court nominee. this is that important to the white house and to the president. as you mentioned we heard a number of people that were interviewed by the attorney general as they continue the vetting process to try to find someone who replace director comey. the president for his part spent most of his day at liberty university on saturday talking to students there delivering his very first commencement address as commander in chief. but before making his way down to lynchburg he was asked how quickly the process might play out.
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here is what he had to say about that. >> these are outstanding people that are very well known, highest level. >> before the trip next week? >> even then is possible. >> even then and that's what my sources are telling me. they want to get things wrapped up before he heads out to major foreign excursion. you will hear people talk ant candidates inside and outside the administration. that is is true. they do want to have a wide net as they continue to vet possible candidates. eric: you talk about people inside or outside, who do you think they could potentially go with? someone outside the box, maybe someone who has significant experience with the bureau like deputy director andrew mccabe, for example? >> that's a great question, what they would like to do is pick someone who has more significant experience. great deal of political names, we heard john cornyn, tray
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gowdy, mike rogers, for example, who is a former agent but i think based on my conversations and based on what i've been understanding from the people that i've talked to is the white house would really like to ultimately end up with someone that they feel has significant institutional experience. now, there are a number of names out there. eric, you talked about it and i talked about it, but the president is also considering because he's been hearing from other people some people that would be considered outside the box, let me throw you a curve ball, merrick garland, remember him, the guy that would have been a supreme court justice had he given an up or down vote, he never got that and a congressman says that he might make a pretty good pick. >> the outcome of investigations with respect to partisan affiliation, and i think in this instance there are a whole lot of options available, i think, merrick garland would be a good
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option given that he could have so much support from both sides of the aisle. >> senator mike lee really throwing a curve ball at you. i would never have thought about merrick garland as a possibility but certainly when you get a major player in the process throwing out a name like that, i think the white house would have to take it under consideration maybe not ultimately the pick but you never know. eric: you never know if he gets called in for the job interview. we will see how it goes throughout the rest of the day. we are on it through the next hour. arthel: fox news alert defying the international community conducting seventh ballistic missile test this year. it flew for about 30 minutes, reached unusual high altitude and had a flight pattern that could point toward a new type of missile. caroline is live in washington with the latest, caroline, what further details do you have for us? >> i can tell you arthel is
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indeed talking about this including nikki haley, conducting a missile test is not the way to do it. it dropped into the sea of japan off of north korea east coast. to rate that it would have to go at least 3700 miles. where it dropped in the sea was just 60 miles south of russia. the statement from the white house late last night noted that's closer to russia than japan and the president can't imagine that russia is pleased. here is embassador hailey on nbc talking about where the u.s. goes from here. >> well, i think you get into kim jong un's head, he's concerned with everything around him. that was a message to south korea after the election and so what we are going to do is continue to tighten the screws. he feels it. we will continue whether it's
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sanctions, press statements. >> here is more from the white house statement last night. north korea has been a flagrant menace for far too long, the united states maintains iron commitment to stand with allies in the face of serious threat posed by north korea. let this latest provocation serve for call for all nations to implement far stronger sanctions against north korea. china and russia both said they were concerned about the launch but the u.s. wants more action, embassador hailey says there's a lot of sanction options out there including ones on oil and exports. back to you, arthel. eric: president trump gearing on first trip overseas and start friday. that trip taking into saudi arabia, israel and the vatican to meet the pope. we know the search for peace between israel and the palestinians has alluded american presidents for decades and when israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visit the house in february the president
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raised eyebrows by seem to go back off the decades of u.s. insistence on a two-state solution. the big question before he begins the trip, can the president forge a deal between mr. netanyahu and palestinian leader abbas? analyst and author of the book doom to succeed, the u.s.-israeli relation from truman to obama. embassador, good to see you. >> good to be with you. eric: jerusalem is capital and refuses to back off payments of families of convicted and killed terrorists, how do you think and you spent decades on this yourself, how can the president potentially overcome all of this? >> well, i think where he has to start is by restoring some sense of possibility or belief between the two sides. we are not at a point where you can suddenly go from where we are where there's a huge gap
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between the two sides psychologically and on the core issues and produce an outcome. i mean, just to give you one example, when abbas was with the president at the white house he outlined peace and conditions of borders, there's no israeli who is on the horizon past or present who would be prepared to accept that. now, there are things that can be done to come up with understandings on borders, there are things that can be done to think about how you deal with the other core issues of refugees and security. jerusalem is the hardest nut to crack. so where you start is not on the hardest nut to crack, where you start is by starting to change the relationship between the two sides, they don't even negotiate today, we have to reestablish negotiations. reestablishing a process of talking to each other, showing that something can be done on the ground, allowing each side to see again that maybe there's
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a way forward, that's, i think, where the president can start and the smart thing to do is lay the foundation for producing a serious approach to peace. don't try to raise expectation that is you can't meet. you raise expectations you can't meet all you'll do is deepen senisism. eric: that's a step forward even though nothing completely concrete comes out of the visit? >> what i would like to see when the president meets with either president netanyahu or president abbas. a meeting itself is still symbolic. if he were to bring together netanyahu and abbas, the only concern that i have of that the only thing that comes out is that we will talk, it's good but it will not change an environment where both publics have seen a process for a long
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time but they haven't seen results. so if there's going to be a meeting where he brings the two of them together, it would be important to have announcements about what's going to happen on the ground. eric: what do you -- what incremental, even a small nugget, what could that be? >> i will give you two examples. eric: yeah. >> on the israeli side if the prime minister were to announce that israel will build in sentiment blocks. they are not building at 92% of the west bank. if president abbas would say that the palestinians recognize that there are two national movements, two national identities that's why you need two states for two peoples, that's another way of igniting that they have determination something that palestinians have never said. here are things that have can psychological impact, we want the arabs to play a role because in fact, they are doing a lot of
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things below the radar with israelis and both israelis and palestinians need arabs to play a role that they haven't before. eric: what do you think of chances to be announced? >> i suspect it's a hard thing to achieve at this point but one thing to bare in mind this president has a lot of leverage with all the parties. the arabs want the u.s. in the region to deal with the most threatening to them meaning iran as well as radical sunnies islamist and president abbas needs us in because it gives relaf antsy and prime minister netanyahu needs to show that he's managing the american relationship effectively with the president. the president is in a position where he can ask for things whether is what i gave as examples or something else, the point is he does have the ability, i think, to produce things because he does have leverage and there's another irony here, this trip is a lot about showing he's not obama,
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which fits naturally with him. in this region across the board whether it was fair or not, there was a perception that president obama was withdrawing from the region and too much he looked like iran as being a source of solving the problems of the region as oppose to being a source of the problem in the region. that has created convergence of interest among the different parties in the region but also created expectation and hope about this president. eric: you hit something on the head and we will talk or have interview coming up in about 20 minutes from now. the threat of iran has united israel and the sunni arab nations, do you think that's a starting point that could jump to somebody else? >> absolutely. i see it as asset that we haven't had in the region before and asset from two different standpoints. one is the quiet cooperation that's going on between them anyway is something that we could turn into three-way cooperation to develop options to countering shiite malik ace,
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a new tool to be able to spread power and influence in the region. we need to counter that and new asset with israelis and sunni arabs, the palestinians need arabs to help assume responsibility for any concessions but the israelis need that as well. israeli public doesn't believe if they make concession to the palestinians they will get anything in return from palestinians. but if they get something in return from arab state that is justifies concessions. this new relationship that exists even if it's below the radar screen, it is asset for the united states in the region as a whole. eric: seems like you're sketching out a potential hope. we will see if it does achieve any concrete results -- even if it's a small baby step. always good to see you, thank you. >> my pleasure, thank you. eric: of course. >> to france now where new french president emmanuel macron
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inaugurated in paris after decisive run-off election from marine la pen. the youngest president in french history. con or powell joins us with more . connor. >> now, he's a former french minister of economy and he's probusiness and proeuropan union. he is the first french president, though, to be elected from outside of francés two mainstream political parties and despite macron outsider status he's no populist. macron's message today to the french people seemed to be that they should embrace the future but embrace the future with france and french values, but despite being elected by a mass
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majority about a week and a half or so ago, macron inherited equally divided country, he could have to court voters once again in coming weeks and about a month or so, his new party will need to really score a big win or he'll be force today share power with the very politicians and political parties that he had to criticize in order to win the presidency, arthel, macron is really trying to shake up french politics to embrace future and also maintaining core french values. disrupting the status quo in a place like france is no easy task and that is exactly though his stated goal. it will be a very difficult prospect for him going forward. >> okay, connor powell, thank you very much for the update there. as we continue the investigation into russian meddling during last year's election, now hanging in the balance after the firing of james comey, so where does the probe go from here?
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eric: plus growing threat of iran, the president's trip to the middle east. coming up my exclusive interview with prince, calling for parliamentary democracy in his country and predicts the islamic republic will meet the same face as the soviet union and apartheid in africa. >> do you feel in your heart that one day this regime will fall? >> absolutely. there's no question about some foods leave your stomach in knots... it. (groan) ...with bloating, discomfort, cramps, and gas. (sigh) try pronourish drink, a unique nutritional drink that's high in protein and fiber. and pronourish has no gluten or high fructose corn syrup, and it's low in fodmap ingredients that may trigger digestive sensitivities. it's your delicious anytime, anywhere mini-meal or snack. pronourish. nutrition you can feel good about.
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to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ eric: hear headlines we are following at this hour. plane was forced to make emergency landing on highway 64, miles from tulsa. luckily the pilot and passenger, though, they are okay. four people were killed in collision involving two semitrucks in indiana. one of the trucks fail today slow for traffic that was backing up due to car fire on the side of the road. an emotional candle light vigil in law enforcement's memorial in washington all to honor police officers who have died in the
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line of duty. 394 fallen officers were added to the memorial this year. think about that. think about that number for a moment. 394 fallen officers, the shocking number who have sacrificed their lives for us. they join more than 20,000 engraved names that are already on that memorial. arthel: the sudden firing of james comey throwing a cloud of uncertainty over the fbi specially investigation into russian meddling during last year's presidential election and possible collusion between the kremlin and trump campaign associates. how does the investigation move forward? now, mary was a former profiler at the agency is joining us now. mary ellen, have you been in touch with former colleagues and if you have can you share reaction, impact and the
9:22 am
consensus inside the agency and also do you have any particular surrounding the fire of former fbi director comey that jump out at you? >> i have not been in touch with any current employees but as far as former employees, people were really, really shocked, particularly by the manner in which the firing to be place. the high drama behind it, people were very, you know, were very taken back by that. arthel: what about yourself, what about you? >> i felt the same way. i felt it was -- it was frankly inappropriate to do it that way and i felt that it was also very intentional to do it that way because it would be very embarrassing to the director and it was -- it was not necessary. it could have been done in a much more professional manner. it could have been done in a manner that was, you know, much lower key than what happened. arthel: can you explain to us
9:23 am
the importance of the fbi in terms of preserving national security as well as law and order in our country and the fbi's place in our democracy? >> sure. well, fbi agents will continue this investigation and, in fact, after everything that's happened last week, they will even be more vigilant about doing a very thorough and complete job because they know that the world is watching them, so they'll be very -- very focused on collecting all of the information and making sure that it's done by the books and that it will stand up in a court of law and we are trained to put our emotions aside and to not be impacted by how we felt about his firing, so they won't be fabricating facts or ignoring facts. they want the best and most thorough investigation and they don't have an end in mind, whatever the facts lead to, that's what will be their conclusion. so the public can rest assure
9:24 am
that's -- that's how this investigation will unfold. arthel: without exposing, mary ellen, in confidential details what's the fbi's role of fbi investigating russia meddling in the 2016 election? >> they will be responsible for collecting all of the information, collecting, doing all the interviews, going through the interviews, pulling together a prosecutor report. arthel: should the public be suspicious or worried that politics have or might fin full -- infiltrate? >> i think there's something important to point out as the fbi as an agency, when you are selected as an agent there are
9:25 am
two particular core value that is are really drilled into us as new agents and one of them is to vigorously defend the constitution of the united states and the second one is to demonstrate uncompromising integrity both personally and professionally and that is drilled in us every day, so no matter what happens in the politics surrounding a new director, those are the two core values that agents will -- will show the public and be able to demonstrate as this investigation goes forward. arthel: okay, mary ellen otoole, we will leave it there. thank you so much. >> thank you. eric: hospitals and businesses around the world have been dealing with massive cyber-attack that crippled computer systems around the globe. coming up authorities are now worried that tomorrow they say could bring even bigger problems.
9:26 am
plus as president trump prepare for his first foreign trip, this man, the iran prince pahlavi is calling america to bring freedom to his nation, he wants democracy to replace regime in tehran and predicts it will happen, our exclusive interview straight ahead about things i can't control... affecting my good credit score. i see you've planted an uncertainty tree. chop that thing down. the clarity you seek... lies within the creditwise app from capital one. creditwise helps you protect your credit. and it's completely free for everyone. it's free for everyone? do hawks use the stars to navigate? i don't know. aw, i thought you did. i don't know either. either way it's free for everyone. cool. what's in your wallet? if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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because the ones you love, sit behind it. (parents whisper jingle) safelite repair, safelite replace. arthel: would not report it to transport emergency meeting in a night after an international cyberattack impacting more than 100,000 organizations and security officials now say they met again yesterday in the nsa and fbi are working to find those hospital. ellison barber reported live in washington. this could get worse tomorrow
9:31 am
when employees log back on. >> this is believed to be the largest cyberextortion attack in history and most likely far from over. experts abroad in the u.s. worry about tomorrow morning. >> are concerned that monday when everyone returns to the office that the ransom ware attack will be even larger. arthel: this all began on friday and hospitals in england and the rail companies in germany and fedex it attackers reportedly created a virus unlocked computer systems encrypted, filed elections through those files. it impacts 100,000 organizations. the attack is unprecedented.
9:32 am
>> 200 global operations against cybercrime each year. we've never seen anything like this. we've seen the rise of rent and wire become the cyberthreat. this is something we haven't seen before. reporter: experts urge everyone to install the latest windows update because there's a security patch and 96 a loophole the hackers that waited. they released it back in march. microsoft says right now they are working with customers in releasing updates for computers running on older systems. experts told "the associated press" that have been because of a perfect storm of conditions including the fact that these hackers used a weapon as exploited seemingly created by the nsa and linked online last month. arthel: indeed a serious matter. allison barber, thank you so much. eric: as president trump prepares for his trip later this week with israel and saudi arabia, a major topic as the
9:33 am
continuing threat from iran. our exclusive interview with the print of latte. he told me the world can bring democracy to his country. an elected parliament and freedom has ties that will replace the hard-line regime. just like the liberation of eastern europe in the end of apartheid in south africa. he predicts it will happen because the power rests in the hands of the iranian people. >> it hasn't for good reason. forget about this regime. think about the people. >> the oldest son of the shaw of dearborn, the monarch who wants with his nation. how the princess fighting for the soul of iran. during his father's time, iran was a reliable ally in america was not a theocratic regime in iran. the monarchy led was overthrown in 1979 islamic resolution and the ayatollah khomeini and how
9:34 am
they fled the country. now he wants the iranian regime. the freedom and human rights. >> i'm calling on a process of civil disobedience. by bringing domestic rusher on the system. if enough people refuse to cooperate thinking man's dead, then they can paralyze the system of labor strikes across the nation. that's not people shooting bullets in the streets. >> what you're calling for is a revolution within peers in the mechanism of change can be a nonviolent provided this is nurtured and cared for. history is full of such examples. nelson mandela was rocking and i
9:35 am
fell in south africa while the rest of the world was doing business with the apartheid regime until the point where people in the world said enough. it is no longer acceptable. >> how does that happen when it comes to your country? >> the american people as far as america is concerned, and people in the region, the more they hear about not what the regime wants common with the iranian people demand. they will in turn they would be congressmen or if decision-makers, what are you waiting for? these people are like a big they don't want to blow us to peace is to wipe the country from the map. they want to be like us. >> he says there is hunting his protests and unrest against regime that was rad the support unlike eight years ago. >> back in 2900 people took to the streets, the green revolution and president obama could've done more.
9:36 am
>> at the people in the streets are holding up slogans in english or in france, it are not practicing linguistic skills, they were chanting on the streets during the green movement, obama, obama, which in farsi means you are either with them or with us. make a choice. i think the choice was not to heed the call of the people. >> the focus has been too much on the regime. do you also think too much has been given to the regime in the past? >> every time the regime had her back to the world, they were able to basically catch their second wind as we say here. case in point, the nuclear deal. >> the deal is supposed stop iran from a nuclear bomb. it's only enrich the regime to support terrorism and simply delayed two months inevitable nuclear program. he's dedicated his life to opposing the regime and its extremism.
9:37 am
>> yes a decade fighting this. one would think you'd be a pessimist, they would not have hoe. but i hear you optimistic you have hoe. >> i always have hope because that's the nature of human. there is one common point in every person anywhere on the planet regardless of their nationality, religion or ethnicity. it's three obvious that are his. one is freedom and the ability to speak your mind in believing what you want. the other one is an opportunity to participate in whatever system is governing your country. last but certainly not least, dignity, human dignity. when they deprive you as a human being for any of these, will you give up and not stand up and fight the historical contusion that this kind of regime simply cannot provide. it's just a matter of time.
9:38 am
the only question is how so and at what cost. >> you feel in your heart one day this regime will fall? >> absolutely. there's no question about it. eric: somehow thought to the policy at the time for creating conditions that led to the islamic resolution. the princess in this day and age a secular democratic state can be established especially young iranians to social media and the internet. even wrote a letter to president trump asking for help in supporting the brave people of iran in their quest for justice. by the way, the iranian presidential election will be held next friday. the princess' results will not do anything to change the regime's behavior. arthel: fascinating. well, when we come back, the white house: her tougher sanctions after yet another missile test. what can the trump administration do to rein in the rogue regime? we will have a closer look.
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train to the british d-day factory setting a world record. the oldest person in the world to stand and skydive. his 100 years old actually 101 and 38 days old because the previous, also another 101-year-old kid that i was 101 years in three days old setback in 2013. the first time this year ago to celebrate his 100th birthday. get this. he says he wants to jump every year for as long as they can. congratulations to him. >> congratulations. i love it. north korea defines the world yet again, launching that could be a new type of ballistic missile. the white house responding same the north had end quote a menace for far too long. so how does the trump
9:44 am
administration reined in pyongyang? orden chang is here. an asia analyst and author of nuclear showdown. north korea takes on the world. beyond the usual premise that kim jong un wants attention, what is your analysis? what is he wants in his want to deliver? >> i think that kim jong un wants to do a couple things that he wants to send a message to china. this is the chinese rulers they birthday party in a sense. also, he wants to send a message to russia because the spell within 60 miles of the russian coast so he's trying to intimidate moscow. he's also trying to be belligerent towards the other korea. he was installed on wednesday and i think that kim jong un, taking out the old kim family playbook is trying to push south korea out of the way, make them have an incentive were calming
9:45 am
down kim. right now, kim jong un is doing at his father and grandfather did with regard to the neighbors. arthel: north korea fired an intermediate-range ballistic missiles the day before chinese president xi zinping arrived last month to visit with president trump is supposedly the meeting fuel china's charge to put more economic sanctions on north korea. and now china is calling for restraint. >> china is willing to do a little bit of pressure on north korea, but not enough to really make the north koreans exchange calculus. the american policy now is held hostage to beijing. our idea is china will help us all this. we are not going to get anywhere until we change our views. the united states has a lot of leverage, one of tools we can use, but only if we change our thinking about how we do this.
9:46 am
unfortunately, we are going to have to understand that nation is not going to be a. beijing is on north korea is on north korea's side of many tears i love it's not only can north koreans, but also against the chinese. >> you say the u.s. has changed the way we think here but if that mean? >> right now the administration believes maintaining for the relationships that china will help us. for instance, he's not pushing as far entrée. his going soft on the south china sea. these are things important to beijing. the question is, is china given a something in response to that? a little bit, but not that much. all purchases stop by and cool, but they continued biden: after the february announced that they also bought: march and april. beijing is in a duplicitous game and it's time for the trump administration to pay that, to understand beijing is not on our side and we have to do this by ourselves. if nothing else can north korea
9:47 am
fired a ballistic missile today shows that the chinese are in fact not able to push the north koreans in the direction they want with their current policies he is >> the u.s. is going to have to do this by ourselves is what i heard you say. we keep doing this valley between here, beijing. nothing happens. the ballistic missile launch number seven. what will it take to stop kim jong sub two interrelated deadly and dangerous course to expand its arsenal of nukes capable of widespread destruction. >> two things we have to do. first of all, toughen sanctions on north korea. sanctions are perkiness many people say. nonworking sanctions aren't as severe. clearly we need to stop north korea from psion ballistic missiles. we can do that if referring to his board north korean ships on the high seas. the other asked that of the puzzle is that we can to start
9:48 am
imposing costs on chinese enterprises and banks supporting north korea's weaponization programs. until we start to do that, the leakage of technology from china into north korea will mean that the north koreans are going to develop the world's most to start weapons. put some long-range missiles, probably within four years, maybe earlier if they get even more chinese. we have not come to grips with that. we need to understand the leakage of technology is serious. >> the trump administration that president has the will to put those further sanctions specifically on chinese banks. >> administration has talked about this. for instance, secretary tillerson has mentioned this. i don't know if they got the will to carry forward though. this is only something we will be. we do not trump is able to break these norms and not save precondition for solving this because everything we've been
9:49 am
doing within accepted norms over the last two administrations, even the last three administrations hasn't worked. we need someone to think and say look, we are going to do things we haven't done before. and the will to use their considerable american leverage. we haven't done that. arthel: president trump is that if you don't do it, we'll do it alone. gordon chang, have to leave it there. thank you for analysis. i was enjoy speaking with you. treat into throwing out the cards and flowers for mom. coming up, we will have opposed special prayer for moms around the world. the pontiff's mother day message from the vatican. president transporter while promise they say is inching closer to becoming reality. coming up, we'll tell you that the next big phase of the president amateur project. the details that they say they have been.
9:50 am
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eric: the federal government will award contracts are president trump's law on the border with mexico. will carr spoke with executives that one of the companies. he joins us now live from the west coast.
9:54 am
>> hey there, eric. a lot of questions about refining for the wobble come from initial results at all. president trump addressed that head-on. >> are you going to build that wall? >> absolutely. is there a question about that? >> more than 600 plus companies initially signed up to design the border wall. we learned the list will soon be significant. they will build prototypes in the border in san diego. technologies in arizona as one company in the running dennis o'leary wants to build a physical barrier coupled with fibers that detect movement and underneath the wall. >> we can get a wall built because of an environmental treason but having some type of sensor is part of the process.
9:55 am
>> it comes to a central american immigrants crossing the border illegally from mexico into the united states has dropped dramatically. >> back in october, november, december, anywhere between 700 b. to 900 people a day. right now we average about once a year-145 on a daily basis to >> service attribute that receiving from the trump administration and its coverage of immigration across the country. >> is pretty speed is pretty high-tech. we will see what happens. arthel: the search continues for a new head of the yard. the administration intervened a half dozen candidates this weekend. but lawmakers from both sides of the aisle say the president take should not have. that's cool. i got a new helmet.
9:56 am
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arthel: pope francis at the vatican today wishing moms across the globe are happy mothers day. the pontiff grading thousands of worshipers and tourists from a window overlooking st. peter's square saying quote, let's remember with gratitude and affection on mothers, even our mothers and have been before the been a silent prayer. eric: absolutely. happy mother's day, by the way. arthel: happy mother's day to all moms and my mom. >> hey, mom.
10:00 am
happy mother's day. she checks out everything the attacks. we love her for that. arthel: will be back at 4:00 eastern. >> as well as 6:00 eastern. >> tape carrier. >> welcome to "america's news hq." i am in jerusalem. this is stop number two on president trump's first international trip. we'll tell you why both israelis and palace indian say he might be able to do the impossible and make a deal that has eluded every u.s. president since ronald reagan. >> and i am elizabeth prann in washington. the literature headlines. worldwide condemnation is north for a test of buyers and officials believe a new type of missile. one that flew higher and further than missile tests in the past. we'll have a live report may


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