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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 15, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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let me know what you think of the show. mediabuzz at see you then at 11:00 eastern n. laura ingle is in for harris faulkner. >> the trump administration facing challenges at home and abroad as it ramps up the search for the next fbi director and response on the latest north korean missile launch. this is the fox report. the white house is responding to the latest provocation from north korea. it came just a day after a senior north korean diplomat said they would engage in talk with the u.s. meanwhile, the administration wasting no time on the search for a new fbi director. they are weighing in on more
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than a dozen candidates and interviewing at least eight of them this weekend. president trump said we could have an appointment by friday before heading on his first foreign trip as president. this is happening as the administration is trying to put out a fire storm after james comay's ousting. white house counselor kellyanne conway said that is not the ca case. >> independent of that, his deputy attorney general who oversees the fbi, that's his job, he came to that conclusion on his own and made the recommendation. now, i would also point out that everyone is saying james comey was investigating. no, he wasn't. the fbi was investigating and they will continue to investigate. laura: we have fox team coverage on all of this. caroline shively is in washington with the latest on north korea. first we go to kevin on the north lawn and we have heard the
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president would like to fill the post at the fbi by friday. what is the hurry? >> i think a couple of things. they feel this is a position they can fill with relative ease and find a very highly qualified candidate. in fact, you can make a plausible argument that whittling down the field is probably going to be the most difficult part has as i show you the names and faces we've already talked about, we are talking of some of the most highly qualified specialists in this area. big names include fran townsend, mike rogers, himself a former fbi agent and he has also been endorsed by a group of former and current fbi agents. for his part, the president spent his saturday delivering his very first commencement address at liberty university. he said this shouldn't take a great deal of time to whittle
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down. >> before you leave before saturday's departure. >> these are outstanding people who are very well known. >> before the trip next week? >> even that is possible. >> sources tell fox news it's unlikely the president will look for someone who comes from a specific or strictly political background. likely he will draw on someone who has experience from the intelligence community specifically and maybe someone who can say they've done a bit of both. laura: some from capitol hill are floating their own ideas about who they think might be a good person to lead the fbi. what are you hearing. >> you want someone who is not just highly qualified. lawmakers will tell you you want someone who is not just qualified, but passable and that
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means apolitical as best you can manage that. one name that's been tossed out, it's completely counterintuitive but it's a name that people are talking about and that is merrick garland. chief judge merrick garland. remember him, nominated for the supreme court. he never got an up or down vote. there are some who feel he would be a great compromise candidate. >> the outcome of investigations should not have partisan affiliation. i think in this instance there are a lot of options available. merrick garland would be a good option given that he could have so much support from both sides of the aisle. >> i wouldgly urge the administration to pick someone who is apolitical. one of the heightened responsibilities we will have is making sure that whoever comes in, this investigation goes on unimpeded. >> make no mistake about it, garland would be a very longshot, but keep in mind there are a number of lawmakers on the
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hill who feel that because he is apolitical, he would be able to maintain the integrity of the investigation into russian meddling in the 2016 election campaign. by the way, for those of you keeping track, it ended six months ago. laura: we know it will be an interesting week right where you are paired new details on the north korean missile launch. u.s. officials telling fox news the regime appears to have fired what is known as a cayenne 17 ballistic missile. experts believe north korea would use this particular missile to target ships. it is also important to point out this was the first weapons test since the new south korean president took office. the north has conducted at least two dozen tests over the past year. at least seven of those failed. this latest test appears to have sunk the idea of the u.s.
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speaking with north korea. nikki haley says the u.s. cannot let up. >> i think you have to get into kim jong-un's head. he is in a state of paranoia. he is concerned about anything and everything around him. this was a message to south korea after the election and what we will do is tighten the screws. he feels it. we will continue whether it sanctions, press statements, anything we have to do. laura: caroline shively is live in washington. if this is a medium range missile, what damage can it do? >> it can do some definite damage. within the last hour, the news agency said the aim was to verify that the missile could carry a large scale nuclear warhead and they are calling it a success. there is what u.s. officials say. it is a single stage liquid fueled missile, not the solid
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fuel missile that was tested back in february. that caused more concern for pentagon officials. it was in the air for roughly 30 minutes and traveled about 430 miles according to the south korean military. a medium range missile can go further but this had a very high trajectory. the u.s. officials that it splashed down in the seas 60 miles south of russia and 25. it could not have reached the u.s. but the statement, just out from the north reaffirms it is one of kim jong-un's main goals for his nuclear program. dan sullivan of alaska said he plans to introduce legislation next week that authorizes ground-based interceptors to be lined up in alaska and california. that is a third more than the u.s. has right now. >> we know the u.s. is pushing back on north korea. we've been reporting. what about the rest of the international community? >> china and russia both said they were concerned about the
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launch, but it was a pretty tepid response. not the u.s. though. they seem to be pushing countries in the region to get tougher. >> what we do know is the international community is concerned. it's not just us against them. you will see the entire international community isolate north korea and let them know this is not acceptable. >> the un security council will hold urgent meetings on the test this tuesday. the u.s., japan and south korea all asked for the meeting. they have adopted tough sanctions but they don't appear to be slowing kim jong-un down. ambassador haley said more sanctions could be on the way and the potential meeting between kim jong-un and president trump, not happening. >> having a missile test is not the way to sit down with the president. he absolutely won't do it. he can say all the conditions he wants. until he meets our conditions we aren't sitting down with him. laura: you mention the timing just days after the south korean
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president came into office. it also comes as the u.s. and japanese navies have come together for wargames in the south pacific. laura: we have a lot to talk about. let's bring in kevin rudd who joins us by phone. he is the former prime minister of australia and president of the asia policy institute. thank you for being with us. >> do you think the response from the trump administration is going to be effective enough to calm the situation down? how do you think our allies will help handle this with diplomacy? >> remember the key objective is to bring about a change in north korean behavior. everything else is a sound and light show. the bottom line is what can you do to bring about a change in behavior. the outcome of the mar-a-lago meeting was for the two sides to work on a common diplomatic
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strategy to bring about that change in north korea. so far, without result as you've just discussed with the most recent missile test, but from china's perspective, this missile test by the north korean is the least welcomed development. it sends a direct signal to the newly elected president of south korea less than a week ago that the north koreans are in a belligerent mood. from china's perspective in beijing, it was a major global conference hosted here yesterday on a big infrastructure conference. who upsets the party but the guy next door. he doesn't do a lot in terms of improving china's sense of humor about what the north korean leader is up too. >> president trump has been calling for even stronger sanctions and even though the u.s. is applying pressure, we have north korea writing a
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letter to the congress complaining about these sanctions. what does that tell us? >> the bottom line is the north korean diplomatic behavior has a history of being all over the place. sometimes it is harsh. i don't think it's anything that anyone in the united states should take terribly seriously. the bottom line is people watch their behavior and the missile test is an action by the north koreans which is by definition belligerent. let's not get distracted from the core action which is what is the united states doing with the chinese to bring about substantial change in north korean behavior? the key to this, if there is further sanctions and whether that would include the supply of oil from china to north korea. this is the core point of leverage. north korea depends on china oil
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to keep their economy running. this is the point at which china leverage would begin to have an impact. laura: i wanted to ask you about a report that was out today. congress is weighing options for bolstering sanctions against north korea by increasing the missiles on the west coast. this recent missile came 60 miles off russia. >> these fall into three categories. short range which can work for them across the parallel with south korea, medium range which would affect japan and american deployments in guam, and long-range missiles or intercontinental missiles which could reach alaska and the u.s.
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west coast. the north koreans have been testing the first two sets of categories of that and that in of itself is destabilizing. the core question is, i understand the debate in the u.s. that there are antimissile defense. that is a normal reaction to what the north koreans are doing and irrational reason but if they require a large number of missiles, and they already have a large number of bombs, if they are able to militarize those nuclear weapons and have a large stock, the danger for all of us in the united states and the u.s. allies in the region is that they have a large number and they can overwhelm a missile defense system so there is a race against capability and the number of missiles as well. laura: kevin rudd is right in the middle of everything in china. thank you for joining us with your perspective. >> thank you.
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laura: and international effort to track down hackers targeting more than 100 countries. the highly organized cyber crook infecting computers around the globe with rent somewhere. >> this is a very serious problem and i think it will grow. laura: a cold hard look amid a growing opioid crisis. what parents of victims are you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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laura: president trump reportedly calling for an emergency meeting following a massive ransom ware attack that affected dozens of country worldwide. it's a believed to be the biggest online extortion attack ever recorded. the nsa and fb fbi are working o
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find the attacker. >> many of those will be businesses. it's not a uk only problem. it's an international problem. laura: allison barber has more from our d.c. bureau. >> this is believed to be the largest cyber extortion attack in history in a my not be over. experts say the attack could grow when people had to work tomorrow and start logging onto their computer. >> that is the concern, that monday when everyone returns to the office, this ransom ware attack will be even larger. >> this all began friday, hitting hospitals in england, real companies in germany and fedex. hackers reportedly exploited loopholes in version of microsoft windows. they created a virus called want to cry. they locked systems and encrypted files and demanded hundreds of dollars in exchange. it impacted 150 countries and at
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least 100,000 organizations. the director said the attack is unprecedented. >> we are running around 200 global operations against cybercrime each year. though we've never seen anything like this. we've seen the rise of ransom ware becoming the principal threat, but this is something we haven't seen before. the global reach is unprecedented. >> experts are urging everyone to install the latest windows update because there is a security patch in it to exposed the loophole. microsoft says they are working with customers and releasing updates for computers running on older systems. security experts told the associated press the attack happened because of a perfect storm of conditions including the fact these hackers used a weapon iced exploit created by the nsa years ago in leaked online last month. the white house is planning for an emergency meeting. sources are telling reuters that
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trump ordered homeland security advisor to hold this meeting friday night and evaluate the attack. laura: thank you so much. family and friends of drug overdose victims are trying to sound the alarm and erase the shame of drug addiction amid the opioid addiction. how more families are speaking how more families are speaking openly
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how more families are speaking openly for years, centurylink has been promising fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ laura: while the opioid epidemic is spreading in america, a new trend is rising called honest obituaries. more and more who have lost loved ones to drug addiction
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have written honest obituaries to expose how damaging it is. >> using heroin once is all it takes to get hooked. from then on you are playing russian roulette. this is what happened to andrew. laura: here is a close look at the story. hi brian. >> mother's day is not an easy day for everyone. for stephanie oswald, this is her first without her son andrew. despite rehab, he died alone in his apartment from a heroine overdose. it's not the kind of things parents would usually include in their childhoo obituary but stee did. >> on january 27, 2017, our beautiful son andrew died from a heroin overdose. he was 23 years old. no parent should ever have to bury their child.
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>> more parents are using stark candor in their child's obituary about heroin addiction to reach out to families struggling in silence, feeling shame and embarrassment. >> people have to stop seeing it as a dirty little secret. it's everywhere. the more people who are honest about what's going on out there, the more attention it can get. >> andrews addiction began after being prescribed oxycodone after a car accident. stephanie said she was hesitant at first about being so public. >> since he had kept it such a secret to all of his friends here, i feel like i outed him in a way. it was momentary, but i still felt that. >> the obituary had an impact immediately. strangers, other parents who lost kids to addiction came to
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his funeral to support and thank the oswald for their courage. >> i won't stop talking. if i have to yell i will. whatever it takes, i'm going to keep moving this thing forward. >> incredible courage from stephanie. his obituary also included a reminder that addiction does not discriminate. she remembers her son's big heart and love of music. a tough day for stephanie, no doubt. laura: thank you for sharing that very important story. the trump administration is vowing to tighten the screws on north korea after the latest missile test. our sanctions the right path to take? plus, the firing of james comey reigniting democratic calls for an independent prosecutor. most republicans are refusing to budge. what about political standoff and what that means for both parties.
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>> the president continues to indicate they are afraid of where the investigation may lead. >> the president has said he wants the investigation to go
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laura: i am laura ingle in for harris partner and this is the
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fox report. it's the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. the white house condemning north korea's latest missile tests. they revealed it was the first successful test of what's known as a km 17 missile. they call it more concerning than previous launches and say it could be used to target ships. president trump weighing more than a dozen candidates to replace james commands the next director of the fbi. the administration interviewed at least eight people this weekend. the president said a decision could come by friday. that is the same day the president will head to saudi arabia kicking off his first foreign trip as commander-in-chief. he will also go to israel and rome visiting the centers of islam and christianity. the trip is seen as a major foreign-policy test for president trump. mr. gates offered this advice. >> i think of when it comes to
1:32 am
the issues, i would advise him to stick to the script. he is going to have some very tough conversations and he will talk about some very tough and complicated issues in all of the places he visits. i think any time a president does things that are humanizing, i think it's good. laura: let's bring in evan sig freed, author of gop, gps and doug, former advisor to president bill winton and a fox news contributor. welcome. we want to talk about this staying on message thing. we hear this advice from gates but as we've seen from time to time, the president has a tendency to go off script. let's assume he does stick to the talking points. doug, what does he need to prove and how does he do that. >> he needs to prove he is an authentic and serious
1:33 am
representative of the united states and our positions, that he can articulate our position in the middle east with the saudi's and the israelis who are working together, he can articulate in europe our position with the g-7 and nato and make it clear that he is authentic, credible, and assertive in standing up for our interests and our foreign policy positions. laura: evan, any concerns on your part of hymns sticking to the script. >> he does go off script sometimes but when you look at foreign-policy, he has done very well. the only time that was a concern was right after he was elected where he had the call with taiwan which greatly infuriated the chinese. when he has to avoid is doing something that can give perception to another country or ally that he is smearing them or upsetting them. laura: call is so important with
1:34 am
all this. doug, taking a look at the last two presidents on their first foreign trip, president obama went to canada in 2009 and george w. bush took his first foreign trip to mexico in february 2001. it took a few extra months but the president is jumping in, going overseas. good move? bad move? >> i think it's the right move. there is a new and emerging alliance between israel, saudi and the egyptians and that's important, and for nato which the president has called obsolete and reversed himself, he has to reassure them to make it clear he will stand up against russia aggression which is strong in the balkans and ever present in countries like estonia, lithuania and latvia. >> he is jumping right in going overseas. this is a big trip.
1:35 am
>> he has already assuaged the nato allies when he met with the secretary general at the white house and said we are here and we are a member and we want to be with you on this. i think what's really important in addition to solving the palestine conflict is the g-7 and nato meetings. with north korea's aggression, we need to have all of our allies on the same page encountering north korea and stopping them from bad behavior which is endangering asia and the rest of the world. laura: one of the things we've been looking at with visiting pope francis is the president's trip and pope francis views. >> i think this is a work in progress. the president and the pope couldn't have two more divergent views. that being said, for the president of the united states not to have a harmonious
1:36 am
relationship with the pope. [inaudible] >> we can't envision the being combative. it will be a decent visit. >> i think the president, one of his strengths, when he is one-on-one with someone in a room, he is much better than he is in a crowd. i think pope francis, the two of them know they will disagree but i think they will find common ground. i think they can work together and have a constructive dialogue so they can work together in the future to tackle the major problems of the world and have an effective relationship. laura: this visit kicks off on friday. i want to talk about the firing of james comey and the fbi. there has been a lot of comparison to nixon and watergate. we want to bring in bob from fox news sunday talking about that. >> this is not watergate. there is no evidence that president trump, at this point was somehow involved in collusion. in the case of nixon, he had his
1:37 am
former white house counsel, john dean, testify for four days that the president corruptly and illegally led the obstruction of justice. you have nothing comparable. laura: doug, do you agree? >> i think with the early stages of the russia, trump potential collusion issue, there are lots of questions about what general flynn did or didn't do, who paul manafort was working with. we just don't know. the reason i think the firing of james comey was so unfortunate, we were beginning the investigation. more funds were requested, subpoenas had gone out for general flynn's papers. i think it is a much earlier stage of the investigation than the point woodward was talking about with watergate.
1:38 am
time will tell, laura. laura: evan, how do you see it? this is a big point people are making and going back in time to make this comparison. >> a lot of people are making the comparison. i don't think it's fair at this point. it's way too early in the game. let's look at what has happened. the president is, as james comey admitted on wednesday, within his right to fire the fbi director at any point in time. the subsequent message from the white house has gotten the president into hot water because on tuesday night his aides went on tv and said it's time for the russian investigation to stop and on thursday, he said the russian investigation played a part in that. now, if the president, i don't see anything happening to the president for saying that. however, if james comey were to go out and say yes, the president tried to obstruct justice and interfere, that's a major problem. at the same time we are also
1:39 am
seeing republicans and the country as a whole shows very little attention being paid to this in comparison. laura: the million-dollar question, he is going to pick a new person. what kind of person should he pick? who will heat pick? >> two very different questions. i think he should pick someone of independence, no ties to politics, someone like ray kelly, mike lee of utah suggested merrick garland, the judge nominated by the democra democrats, some of the like that would be ideal. my prediction he will pick john cornyn, the texas senator who has been a loyal defender of president trump through the whole investigation. >> doug just bit on the merrick harland bait because as republicans we would absolutely
1:40 am
support that. the president wants someone who can pass 100 - 0. the people who are being mentioned are all very qualified and capable. i agree with doug that john cornyn would be a fantastic pick. he has the respect of the senate on both sides of the aisle and he understands law-enforcement as well as how to work with capitol hill and others. laura: thank you so much for being here. always interesting. it will be a very big week. we want to remind you to turn in later for judge jeanine's conversation with trump where he addresses his remarks about ending live white house press briefings. >> when we have those press conferences, i actually said we shouldn't have them because sarah huckabee -- >> for a hundred years we been doing them. >> but there's never been action like this. this is crazy. there are higher ratings on those press conferences --
1:41 am
>> would you seriously consider stopping those press conferences. >> we would do it in a different way. a piece of tape or with a perfectly accu answer. >> in writing? >> they are asked a hundred questions or 50 questions or 20 questions. if they get one out of 50 and it's just a little bit off, five or 10%, the next day it's a front-page story in every newspaper. press conferences weren't even covered for obama. they were on c-span and c-span to and there was nothing going on. these press conferences like the thing on daytime television. they're blowing away everything on daytime television. what i would love to do is stop them. laura: see the rest of that conversation on justice with jeanine, judge jeanine, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel.
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a 39-year-old political outsider became the youngest president in french history. what he vowed to do in front of a divided nation in his inauguration speech. and nearly 400 fallen officers honored in a special vigil in washington d.c. that story, straight ahead. >> it's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. tonight we will all be lighting a candle and let's carry the light of that candle to our families and communities and synago
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laura: national police week is underway as the country honors
1:46 am
fallen police officers. flags flying half staffed at the white house. they are kicking off the week of remembrance with the vigil, saturday, recognizing 400 officers killed in the line of duty. each name read aloud during the ceremony. attorney general jeff sessions had this to say. >> each of these officers was more than just a name. they were persons who meant the whole world to someone, to a parent, sibling, spouse or a child. we also remember the zeros because that is our way of repairing a debt that can never be fully repaid. >> 143 of the officers died last year while the other 251 died before 2016. laura: emmanuel macron officially becoming the youngest president in french history. voters looking on as the
1:47 am
39-year-old is sworn in and left the message of encouragement in his inauguration speech. >> i am very proud today to participate in the inauguration of emmanuel macron because he represents a hope for me. >> i hadn't voted for him but i am confident and hope he will be a good president. >> the 39-year-old lyrical outsider bowed to reform the french economy and to restore france's standing in the world. emmanuel macron is a foreign investment banker and also the french president elected outside the two mainstream parties. he is an unapologetic supporter of the european union and will meet with chancellor andrea merkel monday. they work together to stabilize the eu after britain decided to
1:48 am
leave this you last summer. he is no populace. he painted a picture today of the french economy that will need to embrace and grow with technology. it will need to be open to the world. the message today to the french president is to embrace the future and embrace it with french values. >> the french people have always known how to find the energy and the spirit of how to confront profound change. that is where we staye stanfords this mission i will humbly serve our people. >> despite being elected by a massive majority, defeating maureen le pen, he inherits i fractured country with deep division over france's role in europe and immigration. he will have to four voters again in the coming weeks with the parliament terry elections in june. >> his new party will need to
1:49 am
score a big win or he will be forced to share power with the people he has repeatedly criticized. laura: thank you. the trump administration is moving forward on plans to build the border wall and progress is about to take a big step. >> do not worry, we are going to build the wall. don't worry. don't even think about i didn't know where i was from ethnically. so we sent that sample off to ancestry. my ancestry dna results are that i am 26% nigerian. i am just trying to learn as much as i can about my culture. i put the gele on my head and i looked into the mirror and i was trying not to cry. because it's a hat, but it's like the most important hat i've ever owned. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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laura: the flow of illegal immigrants into the u.s. has dropped dramatically. that is not stopping president trump from pushing ahead with his signature campaign promises, building a border wall. construction contracts will soon be announced.
1:53 am
will car joins us with more from l.a. where do things stand right now? >> it appears it is one step closer to reality. there is still a big question, who will foot the bill that could range from 20 - $70 billion. last night judge jeanine asked president trump about his plans. listen to his response. >> are you want to build the wall. >> absolutely. is there a question about that. there is no question about it. >> more than 600 companies signed up to design the wall. the finalists, which will be announced soon, will build prototypes near the border in southern california. one company is darth hols pulse technology. it will have connection fibers built in and underneath. >> where we can't get a wall built due to a train or
1:54 am
environmental reason, i think having some sort of center is part of that process. >> cool technology, but again it will come with a price. you remember president trump has maintained mexico will pay for the wall, but the neighbor to the south continues to say that is not going to happen before we mentioned at the top that border crossings are down. do we know why? >> border authorities attribute the drop to the support they are receiving from the trump administration and news coverage of immigration bus across the country. when you added up, the numbers have dropped dramatically. >> back in october, november, december we had between 750 - 900 people a day. now we are averaging 150, 145 on a daily basis. that frees up border detention centers that allows them to hold
1:55 am
them for court down the line which normally doesn't happen. laura: thank you. one man proving you are never too old to pursue your dream and break records while you are at it. his incredible flight high above the ground. ♪ i'm like a bird i don't know where my soul is ♪ ♪ i don't know where my home is ♪
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heather: monday may 15th, this is a fox news alert. dire new warning at the hour about a cyber-attack that crippled more than 100 countries and there could be even more
1:59 am
victims. what you need to know before you log on. >> the president is considering a shake-up by removing some very big names. >> you know sean spicer, he's a wonderful human being. >> is he your prosecutor toda t? >> yeah, he's been there from the beginning. >> the president on sean spicer and who else could be in jeopardy. >> do you think affordable health care for all u.s. citizens is a right or a privilege and why? >> i'm definitely going to say it's a privilege. heather: crown controversy. how the new miss usa is making waves with conservative comments. "fox &"fox & friends first" stas right now.
2:00 am
♪ >> pretty shot in midtown manhattan. quiet city at 5:00 a.m. on this monday, good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first". heather: this is how we do monday. thank you so much for joining us. we do begin with president trump slamming hypocrite democrats, words over firing of james comey good morning, griff. >> good morning, heather, rob. this is how we do fbi director picks. he's looking for a candidate that be confirmed and surprised at the