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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we want to pass it out to our friends here since we are also friends. sean hannity is up next. ♪ >> sean: thanks from my friends over at "the five." laura ingraham, jay sekulow, monica crowley, geraldo rivera. major breaking news tonight. sara carter will join us. before i get to my opening monologue, i've got a message. enough with the self-serving leaks. there are dozens and dozens of leaks to the press coming from inside the white house. an article from politico last week included 31 sources. "the new york times" did 13 and tonight "the washington post" is even reporting that current and former u.s. officials are saying that president trump revealed classified information to russian officials. who would know that?
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if you have the honor and privilege of working in the white house, you should realize you were there for a reason and one reason only, to serve the american people, and you do that by serving the president and his attempt to keep his promises that he made in acting his agenda in terms of what he made, in terms of promises to the p american people. no white house can sustain these types of constant leaks. if you are in the white house and you are doing this, if you are not there to serve your country and all you are doing ii hurting the country, you might want to get out of the way. we will have much more on that tonight in my mini monologue, but first, in light of the worst liberal media feeding frenzy in the history, it is time for a reality check about why james comey had to be fired. the media won't tell you. that's tonight's opening monologue. after the firing of james comey, the destroy trump propaganda media who have been seething in the dark, along with democrats, weak republicans, and the deep w
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working themselves into a feeding frenzy and clearly are now out for blood. tonight it's time for a reality check. why james comey deserved and needed to be fired? something they are not talking about. something that destroy trump media won't tell you because they have their own agenda. james comey was a complete and utter failure. he just respected the u.s. constitution and rule of law. he didn't care about equal justice under the law for every american. he did nothing about the violation of fourth amendment privacy rights, and of course, leaking of classified information, which is a crime, including the unmasking of michael flynn and releasing them publicly. they created a two-tier justice system. one for hillary and bill clinton and one for the rest of us.
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tonight we are going to go back to july 5th 2016, james comey's press conference where we thought he was going out ae strong case for the indictment of hillary clinton. we will go point by point through his statement and then show you specifically laws that were broken based on his ownme words. let's start here.le >> from the group of 30,000 emails returned to the state department into 2014, 110 emails and 52 email chains have been determined by the agency to contain classified information at the time they were sent overseas. eight of those chains contained information that was top-secret, at the time they were sent. 36 of those chains can turn to contain secret information, at the time. and eight contained confirmation at the time. that's the lowest level of classification. separate from those, about 2,000 additional levels were up classified to make them confidential. those emails had not been classified at the time that they were sent.
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>> sean: the fbi director is basically saying that the clinton broke the law, what law? what is that, the unauthorized removal of a classified documents immaterial. let's watch comey say this. >> the fbi also discovered several thousand emails that were not among the group of 30,000 emails returned by secretary clinton to the stateth in 2014. we found of those emails in a variety of ways, some have been deleted over the years and we found traces of them on servers or devices that had been connected to the private email domain. >> sean: what is he saying?va law comes into play here that clinton violated 18 u.s. codes.. gathering, transmitting, or losing defense information. we know it's 99% certainty that by foreign intelligence agencies were able to get a hold of.. here's the next part. >> although we did not find clear evidence that
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secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws, there is evidence they were extremely careless in their handling of a very sensitive, highly classified information. >> sean: extremely careless, but the law states gross negligence.d what is the difference? began gathering and transmitting defense information.nd disclosure of confidential information generally. let's go to comey's next statement. >> seven email chains concert matters that were classified at the top-secret, special access program, at the time they were sent and received. those chains involved secretaryn clinton both sending emails about those matters and receiving emails about the same matters. there is evidence to support the conclusion that any reasonable person in her position or in the
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position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have noted an unclassified system was no place for thatos conversation. >> sean: amazing. here are the laws that apply here. disclosure of classified information. gathering, transmitting, losing defense information. disclosure of confidentiall information generally. this is only the tip of the iceberg. all of these are serious,al prosecutable crimes which comey ignored. there's a former navy machinist is now sitting behind bars and answering a year sentence for taking six pictures of the submarine that he worked on. hillary clinton got to walk free and it's a fact that james comey never had any business of holding that press conference in the first place in determining whether or not there was enough evidence against her. that right is -- he was supposed to present evidence and not exercise any sort of
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prosecutorial power. if the destroy trump media want to talk about a real russian collusion scandal, not some bizarre tinfoil hat conspiracy theory like the one they have been pushing for the last eight months without any evidence.e. let's talk about the clinton foundation. where was james comey on this? o he did all the legwork for the fbi in this one, all comey had to do was follow through and check out the facts himself. in this deal, hillary clinton signed off on giving 20% of america's uranium to vladimir putin, to the russians. in exchange, investors who profited from this deal pledged up to $145 million to the clinton foundation.
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in 2010, bill clinton was paid half a million dollars for a speech in moscow, twice his normal speaking fee, by a russian bank who had ties to the kremlin.w, where is the outrage from the destroy trump media? where's the outrage from the destroy trump democrats over this? they barely even talk about this massive scandal despite mountains of evidence and obvious wrongdoing. if comey cared even a little bit about the rule of law, the constitution, he would have launched an investigation into the clinton foundation. he didn't do that because he was too busy playing politics. there is the violation of the privacy rights. unreasonable search and seizure in the obama administration surveilling, unmasking the identity of american citizens and then we get their names. their identities are supposed to be protected through the process. first you need a warrant, and in
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fact you are incidentally surveilled, they are supposed to do minimization, by a process of which they minimize what they learn what the americans say. as we saw with michael flynn, he was incidentally surveilled, unmasked, and the information was leaked to the press, which is a crime. the violation of the espionage act. this entire russian conspiracy, the only crime that we know for sure that was committed for certain was against michael flynn. once again, comey didn't seem to care or be concerned with what happened. all of the message of destroy trump media, democrats, and never trumpers are excited. they want relevance again. that's the truth that james comey got what he deserved. he needed to be fired. but make no mistake. the desire by the media, the d.c.'s deep state, weak republicans who never supported the president or then candidate trump, and never trumpers, they
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are out there thinking they are back in the game. in many, many ways they've created this alliance and that's a clear and present danger i am arguing to the president. if they smell blood in the water, they are pushing bizarre conspiracies. they are not standing up to the rule of law. very dangerous time we are living in. af joining us now, jay sekulow. why don't i get your response? is there anything, as a lawyer, legally that i am saying here based on comey's own words that's not true? >> you laid it out exactly correct. the problem started on july 5th and compounded each and every time he went to the podium to speak. as you pointed out, the one crime we do know of, the unmasking and discloser of the leak that was not investigated, and nothing happened. what you said is absolutely correct is that you had james clapper this weekend alleging that the president is interfering with institutions
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inside the united states because he fired that then fbi director james comey. but james clapper, with respect to the office, i think he is way off base here. the idea that the executive, the president can fire an executive member -- the fbi member -- is in some constitutional mischief, that's exactly what the constitution allows. i think the left and the media are getting into this entire trump attacking the institution government. it is the left that are saying we will not put in place and fbi director no matter who it is until a special prosecutor, independent prosecutor is put in place. that is the violation of the institution that is the fbi response and reports of the department of justice.el sean, unfortunately for jim comey, he brought this upon himself. he's confirmed it and made it worse and not testifying before the senate. he would only do what he said in
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an open hearing. he wouldn't do it in a private hearing.g. in a private hearing, he would have to answer a question and he couldn't just say it's classified, we can't discuss it. in a closed hearing, he can't discuss it. >> sean: i think that's a pretty profound insight. are there any other laws potentially that you see that hillary clinton violated? everyone is acting soo sanctimonious and they are so concerned about russia, james clapper play it all you he said there is no evidence. the same thing with admiral rogers, there is no evidence. show it to me if you've got it.e after all these months, it's now lie and innuendo and frankly bordering on just slander this point. why would the media ignore all of these crimes that we now know hillary committed? the evidence overwhelming, incontrovertible. do you agree with me that in many ways there is a two-tiered justice system created by comey? >> sean, could you imagine if james comey would've come out and had that hearing or press
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conference on july 5th and said i would recommend that she be charged? what would the reaction haveul been then? this was cooked up from the beginning. in this sense, the entire investigation was a phone investigation into the clinton matter. each one of those felony statutes has a component that is in fact when you are in a conspiracy with other people to do this. was huma abedin prosecuted here or brought before a grand jury? not as far as we can tell. cheryl mills was allowed to be hillary clinton's lawyer and all of this, which is beyond t i think the reality was from the onset that this was never going to happen. this is why james comey put himself in the situation and that's where the president of the united states exercised at an institutional attack, but a constitutional right as president to terminate james comey. >> sean: crimes committed by hillary clinton email server,
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gross negligence is the legal standard and he used the term -- reckless. same thing in my mind. then we have the clinton foundation. isn't that a real russian conspiracy? then you have a leaking of intelligence is a crime.en he didn't pursue anything of that either. if you are the fbi director, and in these cases, you knowingly have crimes and he won't even put to rest and he's feeding into the conspiracy. let me play james clapper before we get to this all these three things are happening and clapper even says this to the american people that no one seems to remember. >> let me ask you this, does intelligence exist that can definitively answer the following question whether there were improper contacts between the trump campaign and russian officials? >> we did not include any evidence in our report, i say our, nsa, fbi, and cia, with my
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office, the director of national intelligence had anything -- he had any of collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. there is no evidence of that included in our >> i understand, but does it exist? >> not to my knowledge. we had no evidence of such conclusion. >> i just say i rest my case right there. i don't think the president has to defend himself on i rest my case. you have to find the president not guilty of anything because the head of the evidence shows there's nothing there. >> sean: she should have been at least a grand jury. >> it's so mind-boggling to me. >> sean: jay sekulow, thank you for your analysis. when we come back a very important mini monologue, how the president should restructure press briefings to better serve
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you, the american people, rather than the gotcha line propaganda. laura ingraham will weigh in. also tonight... >> donald trump is a president that has a grave question aboutt his fitness and ability to conduct the office of thesi presidency. >> sean: tonight we will call out the destroy trump propaganda media and they're biased. a brand-new segment that we are laying out tonight and that is roundup" with geraldo and of course, monica crowley straight ahead. y straigd hey, need fast heartburn relief? try cool mint zantac. it releases a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. zantac works in as little as 30 minutes. nexium can take 24 hours. try cool mint zantac. no pill relieves heartburn faster.
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we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ "hannity." the destroy trump propaganda media stop at nothing to malign president trump and members of his administration. we see the liberal media using white house press briefings to cause confusion and controversy and chaos. i think it's time to restructure it so all members of the press will end up serving you, the american people, and not themselves. that is tonight mini monologue. daily white house pressou briefings have turned into nothing more than a dog and pony show it are no longer serving the country. we see liberals, so-called journals, trying to make a name for themselves with their big gotcha questions and other combative attention seekingmaitc
10:21 pm
behavior. the president doesn't need biased, traditional media to reach you, the american people. we now have facebook, he has over 50 million followers on facebook, twitter, instagram. c the president is in a unique position to communicate daily and directly with the country, without using the press as hisme messenger. in order to benefit the american public, if these daily briefings do continue, i would argue they need to be restructured.d. the white house press team should regularly develop a list of the top and most important 15-25 issues of the day. the media should be able to submit questions about theseth issues in writing, give the white house time to respond with clarity, specificity, and if sean spicer wants to take a couple of questions from the briefing room podium, that's fine. but only on the specific topics and he should also follow up ing writing on any other questions they have.g what about taking questions from you, the american people, on facebook?
10:22 pm
if the white house follows this plan, i think the destroyil propaganda trump media will have a much harder time misrepresenting the trump administration positions and you, the american people, will be better served. isn't it about the better serving of the american people? isn't it about getting to the truth and not gotcha? joining us now, laura ingraham. thoughts?utow >> i think the briefings of being reoriented is a good idea. i would say that probably not r 15-20 topics, i would probably say 3-5 topics is what i would say on a daily basis they should focus on. they could do the scandals in the morning with members of the press and sean or sarah or both of them can share his thoughts with the president schedule with reporters at that time. and then do a much shorter,ch me succinct interactions with the press on a regular basis. i've always thought that's what they should do. there is nothing written in
10:23 pm
stone on a tablet that they held up on some mountaintop and said you have to do a press briefing every day. why?ri >> sean: especially now in the age of social media. do you watch bill belichick give a press conference? no. i love him. >> i think, sean, you give the press all these bites at the apple, instead they should just go out there and do their work. i always thought that a lot of these white house reporters should spend more time outside of the white house grounds. go report on america and talk about the country. do you really need all of these reporters at the white house sitting around all day andhe hoping that they get a crumb thrown to them about what is happening on the inside? i think it is all too much. they should continue the rotating questions from reporters who were outside washington. there is no need to do these every day. it should only be on an as-needed basis.
10:24 pm
>> sean: certain things we have to remember here that i want you to comment on. we know they colluded with wikileaks and hillary clinton. we know they are biased. we watch these questions, they are clear gotcha questions. there is no fidelity it seems to serve the american people and actually get to the truth, which is why they won't focus on why comey really need to be fired which i talked about in the last segment. >> there's a lot of grandstanding in the entertainment culture. it's info-tainment instead of information. the more that "snl" becomes a destination place every saturday night, what did they do this weekend? then the reporters feel like they are characters in the ongoing drama. you have just one brush and he becomes a character. jake tapper became a character. i imagine it's fun for these guys. >> sean: there is something that is happening. "saturday night live" had record
10:25 pm
ratings this year. colbert was dead and buried by kimmel and fallon. he's been revitalized. he is now number one in late night. you see the tinfoil hats works. their news networks that both of them have 24/7 conspiracy and they are getting a record ratings for that. t so it actually works. >> i think it's the only thing that the left has right now. they have to pay is at themselves in these waves of trump conspiracy theories. i love the psychoanalysis being done by certain other cable hosts every morning. "i think it's paranoid delusional." "i think he's schizophrenic." if you have a phd and prescribed medication. >> sean: that's our conservative hosts that you are referring we are talking about the same articles of impeachment. >> i have a question, sean. is that the same guy that begs to get a job at fox year after
10:26 pm
year? >> sean: yes. i was very nice to him. i guess the next question is,hi how soon should they do this and how imperative is it that they do it? >> i think the communication has been a little difficult. >> sean: i'm such an annoying human being. >> i would always go help servei my country if i thought i could really make a difference. >> sean: not his press secretary, as comm director. >> i said this on friday, i don't like people dumping on the communications off and i say this, they are a lot of times where those guys have gotten very little notice before they have had to go out and actuallyi talk about something that's very complicated.
10:27 pm
that's not easy to do. if i wasn't in on the storyt until 5 minutes before and i had to go out and explain it to a bunch of angry reporters, that's not easy to do. that's impossible to do, frankly. i think communications could be better.. it could be streamlined. there needs to be something called message of discipline and it starts at the top. it starts with trump and it filters down to the rest of the staff. i think they are doing a really good job. the delusional press isn't covering it. >> sean: laura, good advice. i think it will calm down as usual. up next, on this busy breaking news night here on "hannity." >> donald trump is a president with who there is grave question about his fitness and ability to conduct the office of the presidency. >> sean: our "fake news roundup." all the latest examples of the propaganda media losing it. monica crowley and geraldo weigh in. the winner of the miss usa pageant taking heat from the left saying health care is a privilege not a right. former miss california usa, carrie prejean, will join us with reaction as we continue right here on this busy newsnight. and sara carter straight ahead.
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♪ >> oliva from "america's news headquarters," i'm kelly wright in washington. here's what's happening. i report that president trump shared a highly sensitive intelligence about isis. russian officials. "the washington post" claims it happened last week. national security advisor hr mcmaster denied any truth to that report. "the wall street journal" reports that there are substantial job cuts to reduce costs. it will reduce global staff i demand by 10%. ford has not confirmed any of
10:33 pm
these reports. i'm kelly wright, now back to "hannity." ♪ >> sean: welcome back to "hannity." the destroy trump propaganda media are working overtime and doing everything they can do to attack and discredit the president of the united states. here are some of the latest examples of the ridiculous comments made by the mainstream media, in other words, our "fake news update."id >> it's sad and pathetic that the secretary of state feels like he has to say that he's "devoted" to a president who is, again, shredding democratic norms. >> donald trump is a president where there is grave question about his fitness and ability to conduct the office of the president. p >> many of his actions poses a danger to american democracy. the media must cover the administration's policies it also must never let theed public forget that many of the
10:34 pm
attitudes and actions of this president are gross violations of the customs and practices of the modern american >> sean: that is our "fake news roundup" for the day. here is geraldo rivera andys monica crowley. here is what i see and it's dangerous for the president. you have the destroy trump media, destroy trump democrats. you have the washington, d.c., swamp and that includes these intelligent leaks even tonight. you have that never trumpers and weak republicans. you have five groups that are sort of aligning now, they sense there is blood in the water and want to take him out and never want him to succeed. this is a clear, present danger and an attempt to undermined an election. >> don't forget arguably the powerful groups is the media. all of those groups he just laid are all part of the elite ruling class, i would include the media
10:35 pm
in that because they have the power they can amplify these messages. i said this from the very beginning the second he announced he was going to be a candidate for president to the very day. because he is unlike anythingas they've ever seen and a guy who won the presidency is now in the presidency because his promisese with this. he was going to smash the existing that means stripping away all the power and influence of the elite ruling class, that means s the establishment on both sides, media, and so on.ce he must not be allowed to succeed. that's why we were getting this hyperbole and exaggeration, geraldo. >> i don't disagree with either of you, i think in fairness though, you have to admit this president, donald trump, has given the media and his criticsi plenty of ammo. the timing of the firing of james comey is a classic example.
10:36 pm
not a bad deed but badly timed and poorly defended,ly particularly when he allowed sean spicer to go out there and say he was doing it because he's a grandstander and that the next week say it had something to do with russia. he is giving conflicting messages and has said enough fodder to his critics that a lot of them blame. >> sean: i think more discipline. >> he needs a twitter editor. i would volunteer to do it for free. i also want to confirm the fact that although i am a person who has some policy and philosophical differences, ideological differences with president trump, there is no doubt that the coverage of him is unrelentingly harsh, angry, exaggerated, exacerbates the tension between the white house and the american people. there is no doubt that the media is out of touch with this administration and out to get
10:37 pm
him. they are mostly urban or suburban -- i think that there is a target on this presidents back that is unprecedented. probably the only one -- you go back to those days, that's the only remote comparison was how nixon was once he was wounded. now the perception is donald trump has wounded himself and now the hyenas are striking. >> sean: well said. >> this is a man who has neverer done this before, which is remarkable. this is the most astonishingef political story of our lifetime, the election of donald trump. that comes with great virtues and strengths and your bring a fresh set of eyes and perspective to government. it also bring some drawbacks and that you are not experienced in running the federal government and dealing with an incredibly hostile media, federal bureaucracy, deep state. he faced things that no other president has faced before.
10:38 pm
most of the american people are with him on policy. i would encourage the president to stay focused on the economic and national security agendas. tune out all of the noise and take the bait and i know he's not going to change, but don't take the bait and focus on delivering for the american you.le. solve the problem. solve the country's problems. >> problem solving is complex, t it takes time to solve problems. what you need is a restart. i don't know if sean spicer is destined to be demoted or sarah huckabee promoted or somebody from outside brought in. but if you do some dramatic thing within the inner sanctum -- >> sean: aren't you just feeding the frenzy? >> i want the president to say we are restarting and now wetu have the immigration case beingt
10:39 pm
held and heard. the point if you listen to the argument, one of the points made is that donald trump said this was a muslim ban during the campaign and he never said it's not a muslim ban. he should correct and verify that. he should just come out and say, i've had some messaging complications here, and try to put you on track. >> he is a tremendous a communicator. he needs a little bit more coherent communication strategy on both the domestic side and t federal. he just needs a consistent message. >> sean: conspiracy tinfoil hat news, if you can call it that, is like ruling the day. c geraldo is filing for the job. when we come back, new revelations. sara carter has more news about the unmasking scandal.
10:40 pm
also tonight, the left having a meltdown after the miss usa pageant winner called health care a privilege and not a right. former miss usa contestant, carrie prejean, overreacted straight ahead. my business was built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... which adds fuel to my bottom line. what's in your wallet? are making the move to nissan. because of rogue, the best selling suv in america. titan, with america's best truck warranty.
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10:44 pm
involves more officials than just rice by the long stretch. with the latest, sara carter. you got my attention. >> you got the attention of a lot of people, sean. i think that the attention of the unmasking up on capitol hill. this is the most important story and it's being ignored by most of the media. i think the concern is that it went far beyond susan rice. susan rice, although be it asu very important player, we don't have all the information out yet, i know that right now they haven't seen all of the reports from the nsa with regards to the unmasking of the people are still going through that. there is concern that it went far beyond her to other high-level officials and that it wasn't solely focused on russia. this has to be the question.
10:45 pm
why weren't they unmasking these conversations, americans, if they didn't have anything to do with russia? what was the national security concern here? this is why people need to be brought forth before the house and intelligence community to answer questions. >> sean: in 2015 and in 2016, you and john solomon reported ao dramatic acceleration in the number of people surveilled and unmasked. there's just a lot that has happened to be connected to l donald trump.e it's a widespread and release and unmask, isn't that a crime? >> it changed a lot. releasing the intelligence, yes, that is a crime. of course. that's the only crime that we know was committed. we know the one they released the name of michael flynn and remember this is a small group of people. a it isn't like it was spread across the entire intelligence community. that's what we were led to believe. the original people who saw those reports in the doj and the fbi, those folks who had access to those reports were the ones
10:46 pm
that actually release the information. it wouldn't be that difficult to find out. i know this from talking to people within the community. they also changed the law so that they could unmask more and more americans with very little explanation. all they could say is i need this for national security. this is the reason why i need to unmask this. then they would be given permission.ea it also changed to very high level officials. you got to ask yourself, susan rice, clapper, brennan, others in the doj, if they were requesting these unmasking's of americans, why were they doing it? ben rhodes. >> sean: did it get to the white house? did it get the president? inquiring minds want to know. >> that's what we want to know.i we don't know that information yet that. the president was briefed on this. i'm assuming if you are the president of the united states and your right hand is -- maybe
10:47 pm
he was briefed on it. we do not know that yet. >> sean: will we know more this week? >> i think we will. >> sean: sara carter, we will stay on it because no one elsee is following it. this will be the biggest scandal in our lifetime.>> when we come back, miss usa pageant under fire after she dared to say health care is a privilege and not a right.. former miss usa contestant, carrie prejean, weighs in on this political firestorm. god help you if you are a conservative, straight ahead. >> do you think affordable calling 844-844-2424. or visit
10:48 pm
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somebody's ruining it. yeah. well you could leave if you wanted to?
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10:51 pm
>> do you think affordable health care for all u.s. citizens is a right or a privilege and why? >> i am definitely going to say it's a privilege. as a government employee, i am granted health care, and i see firsthand that for one to have health care you need to have a job. therefore we need to continue to cultivate this environment that we are given the opportunity that health care and as well as jobs that all the american citizens. as a woman scientist in the government, i would like to transpose the word of feminism to equalism. i don't want to consider myself -- i try not to consider myself a diehard, you know, i don't really care about men. the one thing i am going toco s,
10:52 pm
women are just as equal as men when it comes to opportunity inr the workplace. >> sean: pretty bold and pretty courageous. that was the winner of the miss usa pageant, kara mccullough. now under attack under theu intolerably liberal left. she voiced her opinion and made those comments during the competition last night. here with reaction, former miss usa contestant, former miss california 2009, carrie prejean.nd you probably identify with what this poor woman is now going through. >> yes, it's so good to be with you. i definitely can relate and it's so refreshing. i had a big smile on my face last night watching the miss usa pageant with my 6-year-old daughter, reminiscing about almost 10 years ago at my experience. just a smile and feel so much hope for our future and our
10:53 pm
future generations that finally we as women, not only was a big night for kara, but it was a big night for women in general and americans that freedom of speech still exists in this country and you shouldn't be punished for you can still, in fact, win miss usa.. >> sean: they are asking questions, i would think you don't want robots.t you don't want groupthink. if you want honest, truthful answers. you give a truthful answer, she gives a truthful answer, and huge controversy ensues. nobody wants honest answers.. they want answers they can jump on, but in every case, the only people like it jumped on seem to be conservative. what's your reaction? >> i totally agree. there's a huge double standard and that's why it was so empowering as a woman last night to see this a bold, courageous woman speaker truth.
10:54 pm
the fact that people are criticizing her, they should be applauding her. the feminist should be up lifting and applauding her for being an african-american womann to win miss usa and to take such a bold stance. she is such a role model, especially to not only my daughter but other young women to take a stance and at the end of the day that's what life is all about. ou not being afraid of bullies. >> sean: i was really interested in her comments about feminism should be changed to equalism. i thought that was a pretty interesting narrative, very smart, independent thoughts. that is being attacked. what is your reaction to that? >> i agree with her 100%. i think feminists get a bado reputation honestly. look at what's going on in washington, d.c. i was there for the inauguration and just the vulgarity and slander -- we really need to start uplifting each other as women. i think a true feminist would do that. i think they need to leave this poor girl alone and let her have her moment. >> sean: don't hold your breath. what is your advice for her?
10:55 pm
>> she seems to have a y pretty good head on her shoulders. i think she is tough, extremely smart. she works for the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission, so they can't call her dumb. they can't call her a dumb blonde. that's one advantage that she had over me. she is going to hold her own and i wish for the best of luck, and i think she is going to be an amazing, amazing miss usa. >> sean: i don't have any doubt that you are a wise counsel and support will definitely be heeded hopefully by her and the new story. it's sad that people have attacked freedom of speech. ask for being with us, carrie. >> sean: when we come back, we need your help with an important question of the day as "hannity" continues.s. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday? yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it, everything computes.
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>> sean: time for the question of the day. do you think health care is a right or privilege. go to, @seanhannity on twitter. that's all we have time for this evening. see you back here tomorrow nigh
11:00 pm
night. in the meantime, send me a tweet, @marthamaccallum. ♪ >> tucker: this is a fox news alert. the trump administration is strongly denying a report tonight that president trump may have revealed classified intelligence to the ambassador from russia and the foreign minister from that country during a meeting at the white house last week. good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." in a moment, we will discuss the mass hysteria around the question of russia and its effect on this country. none of it good. first, a new report from "the washington post" claims that president trump may have compromised an intelligence source on the islamic states. the news is roiling washington, true or not. fox news white house correspondent john roberts has more on this. >> just checking my email for the very latest, talking w