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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 16, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> jenna: thanks for joining us. >> jon: america's news hq starts right now. >> melissa: fox news alert. the white house playing defense after reports that president trump shared classified information with top russian diplomats. hello everyone, i'm melissa francis. president trump meeting with turkey's president earlier today and his national security adviser h.r. mcmaster saying president trump's disclosure to the russians in no way compromised intelligence sources and methods. listen. >> there are no such things in terms of me, you or anybody who's been with the president through many of these engagements. he shares information in a way that is wholly appropriate. i should just make maybe the statement here that the president wasn't even aware where this information came from. he wasn't briefed on the source and method of the information
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either. >> melissa: we have fox team coverage. peter ducey is on capitol hill. we are gonna start with john roberts who the live at the white house. what is the latest? >> reporter: good afternoon. the white house, the lights just went out. the white house still not confirming whether or not this information was actually classified. code word it was described in the washington post article that the president shared with the russian foreign minister and russian ambassador to the united states. but the president today appearing in the roosevelt room with the turkish president said what he shared with the russian was merely in the course of business of trying to combat terrorism. listen here. >> we had a very very successful meeting with the foreign minister of russia. our fight is against isis, as general mcmaster said. i thought he said, and i know he feels, that we had a great meeting with the foreign minister. we'll have a lot of great success over the next coming years.
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we want to get as many to help fight terrorism as possible. >> reporter: the president saying in the white house, reiterating that the u.s. and russia face common threats pointing out a russian airliner was downed by isis on the 31st of october 2015. so if he had information about threats to airlines, this is not just about lap tops. it goes well beyond that. why wouldn't you share it with the country that you are trying to get engaged in the fight against terrorism with? h.r. mcmaster spent a lot of time in the briefing room. he was running us through the upcoming trip that the president is making to the middle east as well as italy and belgium. but all saying the type of information the president shared with the russians was absolutely appropriate for the commander in chief to do. listen here. >> what the president discussed with the foreign minister was holy appropriate with that conversation and is consistent with the routine sharing of information between the president and any leaders with whom he's engaged. >> reporter: the white house also pointed to some new information that just came out that suggested the intelligence document that the president
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shared with the russians was actually a product of israel which has incredible intelligence gathering capabilities in the region. the white house pointing to this statement that fox news has obtained from the israeli ambassador to the united states as proof that the president did nothing wrong. ambassador derdom saying, israel has full confidence in our intelligent sharing information with the united states and looks forward to deepening that relationship under president trump. there was a suggestion that the president sharing the information that he did with lavrov may have -- sorry, somebody was waving. i thought we were about to have the briefing. the implication here is, melissa, that sharing that intelligence document with the russians may have compromised a country that gathered it. in this case it looks like israel. its ability to continue to operate in the region and make that country reluctant in sharing future intelligence with the united states. seems that intelligence sharing relationship is fully intact and
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going well. melissa. >> melissa: john roberts, thank you very much for that report. all right. brand new reaction to all of this from lawmakers as the senate intelligence committee gathers to meet this hour behind closed doors. peter ducey is live on capitol hill. what are lawmakers concerned about the leaks that led to this story in the first place? >> reporter: i spoke to one senator, republican lindsey graham from south carolina, who told me he just thinks it's inappropriate for u.s. officials to be going public with details of private meetings just because they want to make a point about a president they may not like. >> i have never seen anything like this. people are taking the law into their own hands. you may not like this president. you may not like what he's doing. but it's a crime to take classified information. this whole idea that i'm justified because i think there's a greater good destroys the rule of law. so those who feel the need to share classified information to get back at trump, we need to
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find out who those people are and punish them. >> reporter: that is a strong condemn anywaying of the leaks that led to this story as any we've heard here on capitol hill. senator graham told me this reminds him of the time president obama wanted to share classified intel about air targets in syria with russia. graham said he warned about it then and he warns about it now. melissa. >> melissa: are democrats alleging president trump broke the law with this? >> reporter: none that we've spoken to. one of the most liberal lawmakers in the senate told me his concern is not that a law may have been broken but rather that intel coming from our partners overseas may be interrupted. so that is his concern as opposed to a law being broken. we all spoke to the top democrat, senator ben carton from maryland who laid out his concerns like this. >> it's extremely concerning. there's a reason why information
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is classified. russia's not our friend. and the president needs to exercise discipline when he's talking to leaders. classified information is critically important to our national security. cannot be made available to those leaders of countries that disagree with our way of life. it compromises our source. >> reporter: this has been one of the rare stories that every lawmaker wants to talk so we are now in front of the senate intel committee which is set to meet in the next couple of minutes. we hope to get more reaction any minute. >> melissa: they see a microphone they're like, perfect. this is what i want to talk about and flock right to you. come back when you have more. i love it. national security adviser h.r. mcmaster said president trump did nothing inappropriate and that the real issue is the on going leaks to the media. james freeman editor for the wall street journal and a fox news contributor. kara miller is a senior policy
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adviser to the counter terrorism project as well as a former cia military analyst. thanks to both of you for joining us. james, what do you see as the key issue here? >> i think mcmaster press conference took the air out of the story. saying that it was wholly appropriate. he didn't disclose military operations. mcmasters said he wasn't concerned about it. didn't call the allies to reassure him. he basically knocked down the whole story which largely was coming from anonymous former government officials. i'm not sure why they need to be anonymous when they're former, but i think also that the towering reputation in defending our national security for general mcmaster over many decades. >> melissa: that press conference was sort of in the eye of the beholder. let me play for you the full what he said to defend this
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initially and you tell me what's wrong with that, if anything. let's play that. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false. at no time, at no time were intelligent sources and methods discussed. the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. two other senior officials including the secretary of state meeted the same way and have said so. >> melissa: we'll put up on the screen for viewers there what the problem was initially or the report that trump revealed highly classified information and it goes on. general mcmaster went on to say i was there and it didn't happen. what do you think? >> well, there are a few problems. i like general mcmaster. i think he handled the questions really well. but in that clip you showed he basically denied the fact that this information was out. then today in the white house press briefing they actually did not say that. they said that there was information conveyed but that the president had the right to
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convey that information and they tried to justify why that information was conveyed an said there was nothing inappropriate. so the initial remarks sort of obscure the fact that there was information that was conveyed. what's problematic about this really is two things. one, it seems that a lot of this was done off the cuff. seems like it was improvised. it doesn't seem like it was strategic or discussed with mcmaster, other individuals. >> melissa: you mean the individual conversation? >> the actual passing of information. it does not seem like when the meeting happened with the russians, that this was planned in some sort of strategic way. >> melissa: how do you know that? >> they were asked about that in the press briefing. that would seem to be the obvious defense, right? if that had been the case, you -- you would not deny that information was passed but this was part of the plan. this was strategic. it seems like trump had a very improvisational style. >> melissa: but part of it was that he didn't deny that
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information had been passed. he said it was -- their conversation was appropriate that there was secret information that shouldn't have been highly classified. >> the general never said no information was discussed. obviously you don't need to have a meeting if there's no exchange of information and discussion. what he was saying is that in the context of presidents talking to foreign leaders or representatives, foreign leaders discussing how to counter isis and the threats from isis, this was essentially a routine discussion. >> melissa: isn't another problem that regardless of what you think of the first issue, he has people within his own inner circles who are clearly trying to under mind him and his agenda. that's not a way to run a presidency. >> it is problematic. i agree the leaks to the media on classified information are problematic. we shouldn't even be having some of these discussions in the open forum the level of detail the
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media is going to. that doesn't justify what may have happened here. if there was information that was passed along with israel, even though israel is saying it's okay, it shouldn't be treated sort of okay, well, they say it's okay now after the fact. there's a lot of information in intelligence. you don't have to go into sources or methods but can be gleaned by giving certain high level information. the perception is problematic. this will upset our allies and make them less likely or more cautious going forward. >> melissa: i hear your point. general mcmaster's response was there was nothing that was revealed wasn't already in the newspaper. that you couldn't have seen in news reports. there was nothing wasn't already out there. does that address her point? >> it does, absolutely. there's a credibility issue here. you have a bunch of unnamed people not at the meeting in the washington post story making one claim and general mcmaster, dina powell who were at the meeting
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describing it differently. just to emphasize mcmaster's credible here, not just a long military career. he wrote a book called dereliction of duty saying generals didn't push back against president johnson. this is not a yes man. this is a guy with absolutely a towering reputation in the united states military. and the idea that we would under cut or give less creedance to his on the record statement than to an anonymous source, used to be in government and wasn't at the meeting is just beyond me. >> melissa: go ahead. >> i was going to say, i agree. one thing we should all pay attention to, there's a quotation for loose lips sink ships. you sort of treat these issues informally and there can be serious implications. i think the communications team should just try to be more strategic ab their messaging. >> melissa: point taken. thanks for your insight.
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fobbing news alert. another lawmaker out of the running for fbi director. texas senator john cornen informing the administration he does not wish to be considered. a source familiar with his thinking says he felt obligated to consider the offer because his close friend attorney general jeff sessions asked him to. genuine desire to restore stability to the fbi and the department of justice. claims of new horrors playing out right now in syria. the u.s. said the assad regime is secretly burning piles of bodies to hide mass killings. we are live from the state department. and a teen's life cut tragically short. doctors say it wasn't drugs or alcohol that took his life. it was caffeine. >> like all parents, we worry about our kids as they grow up. we worry about their safety,
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>> melissa: new sanctions after the state department releasing satellite images of a syrian prison where it claims the assad regime has been carrying out mass executions and cremating the bodies to cover them up. this as fresh peace talks aimed at ending the six year civil war are under way in geneva. rich edson is live at the state department with details. so, rich, what is the state department strategy now? >> reporter: this is part of an effort to compel russia, the ally of assad to pressure russia to stop its support of the assad
11:18 am
regime. the u.s. state department is making the case that assad is murdering his own people, cremating the bodies to cover it up. all of that is part of the unconditional support that syria is getting from russia and iran. as enablers here, keeping the assad regime in power and letting this killing continue. the u.s. wants russia to agree to drop its support of assad and agree to a peace process where syria would transition to a different government that did not include assad. as for that strategy, one an live said it's difficult. >> i do think it's important that president trump is taking that step, but shaming russia for its role inside syria is not going to be sufficient in my estimation to force russia to change. >> reporter: why the u.s. believes this is a crematorium, these satellite photos show a building on the western edge of a prison compound in western syria. there's evidence of heat because
11:19 am
of melting snow on the roof, according to officials. they say that shows or makes this a probable case of a crematorium, although the u.s. does admit that it can't say for certain. citing international reports and international organizations, the state department also said the assad regime is killing about 50 people a day at this prison. the response from the assad regime, it says that this is not true and a result of hollywood fiction, melissa. >> melissa: wow. and there are more syrian talks going on in geneva today, right? >> reporter: that's right. these are united nation led talks. this is the sixth round. the previous five rounds did not result in any type of lasting peace agreement. there's a lot of skepticism as to what they can accomplish. on top of that, the assad regime is saying they're basically discounting all of this. this is why the u.s. is trying to pressure russia to fold this all in and get the u.s. and russia to both agree that the assad regime is not long for
11:20 am
this world. although right now in that relationship it's just the u.s. >> melissa: rich edson, really horrifying. thanks for that report. an international manhunt is under way for whoever is behind this weekend's massive global cyber attack. why leading experts now think some north korean hackers may be guilty in the ransom ware attack. plus, disney now targeted by hackers. with hackers holding its new pirates of the caribbean film hostage and demanding ransom. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker.
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>> melissa: businesses and government agencies around the world still reeling from the global cyber attack on at least 150 countries this weekend. and the big question remains who's responsible? one prominent theory right now, north korea. security researchers have documented similarities between the wanna cry ransom ware code and malware that's been linked to the rogue regime. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palcott is raoepbly back from pyongyang and joins us live from london. greg, what more do we know about these hacks now? >> reporter: yeah. circumstance shall evidence. i think that's how the experts are now describing the linkage between these global hackings and the regime in north korea. now, what they are actually seeing is that the ransom ware, 300,000 computers, the ransom
11:25 am
collected literally as computers are held hostage, has been relatively low. but the economic impact, we're about four days into this, is now in the billions, maybe $4 billion. and now cyber security firms, including today in south korea, are saying that north korea hackers could be involved. now, we have known that the government there of kim jong-un keeps a virtual of army cyber crooks ready to do deeds and they have done some bad stuff in the past. what in the past 24 hours security experts are seeing is computer code that looks very similar in part at least to the code they have seen in past attacks which have been linked to north korea. most significantly maybe infamously that attack on sony pictures back in 2014 about the same time that studio was putting out a comedy about north korea. again, it's not definitive,
11:26 am
melissa, but if it does turn out to be true, it's one more bad mark on the rogue regime's record. >> melissa: without question. so what is the status on the attacks now? are they still spreading? are they contained? >> they seem, melissa, to be settling down. the number of new attacks is lower, but still substantial. in the united states companies like fedex have been hit, but the security defense seems to have been better. we got some early help from computer geek over here that prevented a lot of damage. defenses were put up. here in the uk with the hospitals, i think your viewers know were hit pretty hard. they'll have to cancel operations and curtail treatment and other companies like car companies here in europe and rail lines, they're still getting back up to speed. so the investigation goes in to
11:27 am
try to completely deal with this. europe and other investigative bodies in europe, interpol, and around the world are looking at this as a blame game now really. again, microsoft for having vulnerabilities in its software. the nsa for finding and capitalizing on the vulnerables, and the hackers and maybe us, too, for not putting up enough defenses. back to you. >> melissa: thank you. it appears that germany may also be a high profile target of a ransom demand. hackers are threatening to release parts of the pirates of the caribbean movie online before it hits theaters in ten days unless the ransom is paid. it seems disney is not biting. william longeness is live with this story. william? >> reporter: so, melissa, you and the rest of our viewers, the head of disney. you just invested $300 million in a movie that could earn $1 billion. someone takes your movie
11:28 am
hostage. they're gonna make it worthless unless you pay the ransom. what do you do? the clock is ticking. you have just a few days to make that decision. the movie is the fifth installment of the "pirates of the caribbean" due to be released next friday. someone somewhere got into disney's database and stole a copy. hackers say they will release the first five minutes of the movie and continue to release it in 20 minute increments until disney pays up. the ceo says i'm not paying the ransom which the hackers want in the currency of cyber fees that hard to trace bit coin. very little is known about the hackers. where they came from, where the malware is. it came through an e-mail attachment of one of the thousands of employees of disney. once in the front door, they can get to any door in the house. this is not like any other commodity or data set. all that money is invested up front. the studios depend on the big
11:29 am
opening weekend to recoupe their cost and make a profit. what happened to sony a few years ago because of hacking, the interview didn't even make it into theaters to make money. hackers got into the season five of orange is the new black after net flix refused to pay ransom, they released it. the short is this. this is disney. if hackers can break in there and grab their hope diamond, imagine what it means, are we ever safe? chances are if you loved that movie, they'll hold your computer hostage for money. >> melissa: even if they pay the ransom there's no guarantee that they'll get their money back. keep us updated on this story. all right. sean spicer speaking off camera. he is speaking about something he calls quote dangerous. we'll have more in just a moment. and president trump's national security adviser insisting it
11:30 am
was wholly appropriate for the president to share the information he discussed with russian officials at the white house. fair and balanced debate with our political panel. plus a major american city deciding it's time to prepare for nuclear armageddon but an of north korea. just one problem. there's a state law against it. >> i think it's ridiculous and silly. sort of the head in the sand sort of mentality. if there's a possibility of happening, prepare for it. my belly pain and constipation?
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>> melissa: h.r. mcmaster insisting president trump did nothing inappropriate during his oval office meeting with russian officials. >> do you have anything to correct in terms of what you said at the podium yesterday afternoon? >> no. i stand by my statement i made yesterday. what i'm saying is the premise of that article is false. that in any way the president had a conversation that was inappropriate or resulted in a lapse in national security. so i think the real issue, and i think what i'd like to see debated more is that our national security has been put at risk by those releasing information to the press. >> melissa: the president and founder of ndn and former campaign clinton campaign adviser. vince colinais executive editor.
11:35 am
thanks for joining us. vince, what did you think of what you just heard? >> well, i think when it comes to message discipline the white house hasn't been great on having it but i know who is. that's the 100 or so members of the press who all seem to be on the same message. that somehow president trump committed a sin by doing something that was within the right of his presidency which is to reveal information that he has control of. it's clearly something the president is allowed to do. i thought mcmaster's statements, while there were some inconsistencies over the last 24 hours do reveal the real national security risk here. if you're concerned ultimately about national security, leaking this information for public dissemination is doing no favors to the american interest. >> melissa: simon lot of us listening to that press conference, general mcmaster said nothing was revealed that wasn't already out in the newspaper. what do you think? do you think he's being untruthful? >> i think it's -- listen, we're
11:36 am
going to learn a lot more about this. we just learned that the intelligence that was gathered was gathered by israel. that i'm sure on the president's trip and that it was released without their permission. i'm sure that on the president's trip to saudi arabia and israel later this week that we will learn more about all this. look, the most important thing that's happened in the last week or so is that the president has weakened his own presidency. it's going to be harder for foreign leaders to trust him in these one on one meetings if they think he's going to be pwhrab blabbing about stuff. it reaffirms most of the world doesn't like russia. most of the world views russia as an adversary. the fact that this is leaked to russia is challenging to countries like saudi arabia, france and when he goes to meet with the g-7 nato next week. >> melissa: vince, does it reveal that or does it reveal that there's a leak within his administration? there are only so many people that could have been the source for that article.
11:37 am
no matter what you think of what happened, clearly his house isn't in order and he needs to figure out what's going on. >> welsh whether or not you view russia as anned aer is saeur, it is clear that russia shares a common threat which is isis. president trump has made no secret of the fact that a commonalty is on the kwraoeus track. >> melissa: i hear what you're saying. address the question that i gave you. >> my point about that question is that when it comes to working with other people, it tees leaks themselves that are gonna make it more difficult to work with other countries. this could have been a situation where president trump again dactifully deployed information. but now these leaks have created a situation where other countries are going to have questions about how much they can trust the united states to control information that they share. >> melissa: simon, whatever you think of the content, it is clear that there's someone within the white house who is under mining the president. yes or no? >> they're in the government.
11:38 am
certainly we also found out in the last day or so that senators, this was considered to be such a grave brief that senators were briefed before any press accounts. so this went outside of the confines of the security team and went to congress. in fact, this is seen as such a significant thing that mike pompeo is briefing the house intelligence committee this afternoon. it is wrong to minimize this. this is a serious matter. we will find out more about it. again, my grave concern is that it weakens donald trump's ability to be a strong president. >> the operating posture for this is that somehow the president's inkpe ten or that he's colluding with the russians. nobody is allowing for the fact that he's being tactical with the use of this information in a smart way. >> my understanding from all the press reports today is that he does not have the ability to declassify intelligence given to him by foreign powers and what he did was inappropriate.
11:39 am
>> melissa: we don't know if it was classified information. >> i think israel will have something to say about this. >> melissa: but we don't know that he declassified information. if you sort through everything that was said today, general mcmaster said i can't tell you what's classified or what's not. does that change your view? >> he didn't shoot that down. >> melissa: he didn't confirm it either. >> listen, what i said in the very beginning, to be generous, is that we're going to learn a lot more about this. certainly, what we know is deeply concerning. the president, to your point earlier, the president's got to get his house in order. he's got a big foreign trip ahead of him. i hope that he does well on his first big outing. >> here's what we know. the president shared sensitive information as far as we know. somebody leaked that conversation. only one of those things is a crime and the president is not guilty of one. >> melissa: we'll leave it there, gentlemen. this is far from over.
11:40 am
president trump sharing the white house stage with turkey's president today. mr. trump weighing in on his controversial oval office meeting with russian foreign pheupb sters. geraldo rivera is here with his take. plus canceling tim allen's sitcom about a conservative christian family. now fans are calling for a boycott. coming up how the star of the show is responding. ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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>> phrufp more ahead on the white house refusing to say whether president trump shared classified information with the russians that may have compromised a critical source of intelligence. the white house said the president shared appropriate information from open sources. we'll speak with judge andrew napoletano. the judge calls reports on the matter the most serious accusations levied at a sitting president in the modern era. top of the hour we'll see you then.
11:44 am
>> melissa: a fox news alert. white house press secretary sean spicer just wrapping up his off camera briefing with the media. chief white house correspondent john roberts was there. when the cameras aren't on, is it any less contentious, john? >> reporter: it's a little less contentious. i have got me back in my ear again so let me turn it down. it's a little less contentious than it is on a typical day. sean spicer probably getting the same number of questions that he gets on a daily basis. lot of those questions were, of course, about the information that the president shared with the russian foreign minister to the united states. but what was interesting is that a little bit of a development after it was revealed that israel was the source of the intelligence document that president trump shared with the russians. sean spicer pointing to a statement from ron durmer the israeli ambassador to the united states which would seem to indicate that there was no damage done to the intelligence sharing relationship between the united states and israel as a result of that disclosure.
11:45 am
durmer saying quote israel has full confidence in our intelligence sharing relationship with the united states and looks forward to deepening that relationship in the years ahead under president trump. one of the central premises of the article that was in "the washington post" was this idea that by sharing the information that was developed by an intelligence partner, those partners in the future may not trust president trump not to divulge information that potentially he shouldn't. and might they be reluctant in the years ahead to continue sharing that intelligence with the united states. but that statement by the israeli ambassador to the united states would seem to indicate that the intelligence sharing relationship, at least between the united states and israel, is still in a very firm footing despite what happened a week ago. >> melissa: all right. john roberts, thank you very much for that. for more on this, let's bring in fox correspondent at large geraldo rivera. i loved your tweet. hugely hostile media gleefully
11:46 am
trump as bumbling character. he gets to decide what's secret. >> it's true. assume the rumbling we are hearing is true, melissa. that what happened here is that israel told the united states that isis had developed a new battery and computers that is a perfect bomb to bring down a commercial airliner. why wouldn't the president of the united states share that with russia? we have an enemy in common. isis is the enemy in common. the president of the united states is the person that gets to decide what is classified or not. that's an executive function. it really irks me. for the first time i am really believing now that the leaks are a bigger story than the substance of what is leaked. so let's assume that's what he did. told the russians that the isis has the computer bomb. the worst thing is someone heard him tell the russians and ratted him out to "the washington post." >> melissa: let me tell you two things people would say that was
11:47 am
wrong with that. number one, he didn't get israel's permission. and number two, that we can't trust russia. they aren't our friend. >> let me take the second part first. we have to work with russia to defeat isis and stop the carnage in syria. we have to cooperate with them on this thing. not on all things. but on this thing. the enemy of my enemy is my friend. on the other part of it, getting israel's permission, as far as i know, general mcmaster said that donald trump did not know the source of the information. so he could not have given it to the russians. even if he did, israel has said after the fact, it's okay with us. why wouldn't you share this information? this is -- remember, a russian jet was taken down in 2015 with the loss of over 100 civilians in egypt.
11:48 am
this is a threat that all civilized nations face. the fact that russia -- in terms of optics and the disarray, i don't even know why he had a meeting with the russians. to me the fact that isis has developed a new bomb that you put in computers to take down commercial airliners, that in and of itself would merit a meeting with the russians. but i don't think that was the reason. it seems to me that the president was free lansing. he was being spontaneous. >> melissa: that is what makes so many in the media and a lot in the public uncomfortable. the idea that he was freelancing. that he didn't know where the information came from. that's their argument. they feel the more they heard today bolsters that argument. >> i cannot defend if indeed that's what happened, i cannot defend it. the president it seems to me, and i love him. he's a friend of mine. i want him to succeed. but far too often he is impetuous, spontaneous. i volunteered to work for free
11:49 am
to be his tweet editor. i think he creates a lot of these problems that he doesen need. he really needs a restart. i don't know if there's a shake-up and sean spicer will be demoted and sarah huckabee will take his place. i don't know anything. >> melissa: or someone else. >> or someone else. i don't know anything about that. i do know he has to tell the american people that i'm sorry. some of these things the timing of the comey firing and so forth, he's creating too many of his own problems. but in this, i think the president is the one who decides what is secret and what is not. >> melissa: geraldo rivera, thank you for that. >> thank you. >> melissa: a high school student tragically died in south carolina. the coroner said this healthy teenager was killed by too much caffeine. we have more on that coming up. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing...
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northed korea's missile test moves them closer to having online nukes. some are scared that kim jong-un might be crazy enough to use them. leaders talking about creating an emergency plan. but a washington state law won't let them make one. nuclear attack were prohibited in order to promote peace during the cold war and make people less afraid of the nuclear threat. some lawmakers today want to overturn that law. they say they're not afraid of a north korean strike but that the state law shouldn't prevent them from preparing. wow. healthy south carolina teenager killed by too much caffeine. a coffee and soda and energy drink was apparently enough to
11:54 am
make the 16-year-old's heart give out. trace gallagher is live with more. trace? >> reporter: really rough story. the 16-year-old died almost a month ago. there was always this underlying suspicion that it had to be more than just caffeine. well, now the coroner's report is out and it shows, in fact, too much caffeine apparently induced a cardiac areutmyia. davis collapsed in class about 2:30 in the afternoon and was pronounced dead an hour later. the county coroner's report said in the two hours before he collapsed, davis cripe drank a large mountain dew, an latte from mcdonald's, then had an energy drink. here's the coroner. listen. >> the purpose here today is not to slam mountain dew. not to slam cafe lattes, not to slam energy drinks. but what we want to do here
11:55 am
today is make people understand that these drinks, this amount of caffeine as ingested can have dire consequences. >> reporter: here the thing. the autopsy all showed no undisclosed heart condition and no other health problems. there were all no drugs or alcohol found in his system. here's davis cripe's father. >> i stand before you as a broken hearted father and hope that something good can come from this. he was a great kid. he didn't get mixed up in the wrong things. we all just miss him. >> reporter: good kid by all accounts. the american academy of pediatrics recommend that kids between 12 an 18 should not consume more than 100 grams of caffeine a day. adults are okay to consume about 400 grams or four cups of coffee. >> melissa: trace, is there some sort of -- you said the guidelines for adults. i wonder how common this is.
11:56 am
how much at risk adults are. you said the guidelines. on one hand it seems like a freak accident but it makes everyone really worried and nervous. >> reporter: and you talk to the experts, melissa, and here's the deal. they say these kids are drinking four, five, six, 700 grams a day. it could be very very dire. >> melissa: trace, thank you. abc canceling tim allen's sitcom about a conservative christian family. now fans are falling for a boycott. the star of the show is responding. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended...
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...prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. just 1 pill each morning, 24 hours and zero heartburn. it's been the number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10... ...straight years, and it's still recommended today. use as directed. >> melissa: the star of "last man standing" tim allen is responding to the unexpected cancellation. some say it was axed because of christian values. there's eight million viewers. allen tweeting "stunned and blindsided by the network i
12:00 pm
called for home the last six years." abc says the move was purely business decision by the network to stop scheduling comedies on friday night. i'm melissa francis. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on thecoa. 3:00 at the white house. president trump is facing the more serious allegation since he took office. turning over classified secrets since becoming president. he says he did nothing wrong. some republicans and democrats demand answers. new clues in the worldwide hack attack pointing to north korea. could the rogue nation have the power to cripple computers around the globe? and pirates of the caribbean held hostage. cyber criminals say they stole a copy of the blockbuster before its release and demanding disney pay up or else. let's get to it.


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