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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 17, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ >> it is wednesday, halfway through the week. nice day on the east coast. you are watching "fox and friends" first on wednesday morning. >> let's get to a busy day in the white house, denying a report that donald trump ask james comey to end the fbi investigation of michael flynn. >> the administration sends a new warning about insider leaks putting the nation in danger. chris jenkins live in washington. another big day yesterday. >> another controversy rocking the white house, new york times reported james, he was asked to end the investigation.
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of michael flynn. it has yet to surface where in the president allegedly told him, quote, i hope you can let it go. the white house flatly deny the accusation. in a statement, quote, while the president has expressed his view that general flynn served and protect our country the president has never asked mister comey or anyone else to end the investigation including the investigated and involving general flynn. this is not an accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president and mister comey the democrats quick to pounce on a crisis, chuck schumer taken to the senate floor to blast the president. >> i was shaken by the report in the new york times concerns about our national security, the rule of law, the independence of our nation's highest law enforcement agencies, are mounting.
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the country is being tested in unprecedented ways. >> lawmakers on capitol hill, jason j fits tweeting, quote, the oversight is going to get the comey memo if it exists. i need to see it sooner rather than later. i have my subpoena pen ready. this as the white house continues to inflame the disclosure of classified information of russian officials of the dangers of continued leaks ahead of the president's first overseas trip to the middle east. >> the news cycle continues. jim rish is a member of the intel committee and been part of the investigation into russia since the beginning, he is slamming the latest leaks saying the media will publish anything and whoever release the information is guilty of treason.
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>> strikes me i used to be a prosecutor. if somebody came to me and asked me to squelch an investigation by would have been told the world. i don't know. what is happening, a couple large newspapers that are so vitriolic and hateful against the president that every little scrap of paper that goes across their desk that says something bad about it they pulled it up and that is what you have got. the use of non-sourced material is amazing. >> someone committed a crime, there's a weasel, that was classified information this person got a hold of and they leaked it to the new york times. that is a felony, it is un-american, endangered the lives of families and other americans, that person is guilty of treason. >> the mainstream media has been in a feeding frenzy over the russia intel sharing story but if you recall president obama
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did the same thing, two guests were quick to remind cnn and nbc about that. >> in summer of 2016 the obama administration provided some information to the russians about some things happening on the ground, the russians been attacked some of those sites of our allies. the us offers to share syria intelligence on terrorists with russia which is to say the obama administration wanted to give their intelligence to the russians. >> the former president ordered the us intel community to share information with cuba just one month before the 2016 election. >> chelsea manning put lives at risk by making top-secret documents, set to be released from prison 28 years early. >> the disgraced older eligible for military benefits thanks to
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former president obama. >> reporter: 7 years ago the disgraced military secret leaker entered prison in fort leavenworth, kansas as a man named bradley. this morning, the transgender woman named chelsea, the former intelligence analyst, 35 years in prison in 2013 convicted of espionage, 750,000 pages of classified government documents, many gaps actions resulting in the telegram targeting and killing us troops. during her time behind bars the transgender soldier transitioned from a man to a woman thanks to your hard-working tax dollars, thanks to hormone treatment and you slept with another bill. she will be eligible for benefits thanks to barack obama. the move sparking nationwide outrage. manning will remain on active duty in the army allowing the trader to receive medical treatment and access to military commission areas, the army
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refusing to disclose other benefits she will get blaming privacy concerns. hours before she walks out of prison manning, in a statement to abc news and, quote, as i rebuild my life, the past will affect me and keep that in mind, it is my starting point, not my final destination. and army post detailing where the convicted trader will report to, yet to be named. >> after a violent brawl outside the turkish embassy in dc. a security guard punching and kicking protesters to the ground, the demonstration turning violent, clashes between supporters and critics, donald
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trump meeting with him at the white house. hours after the protests the secret service arresting a woman who tried to jump the white house fence. this was near the north lawn, putting white house on lockdown, the president inside. this is the latest in a string of security breaches at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, these incidents happened in march. the same and a man armed with mace and a letter from donald trump was arrested. >> crews taking down a confederate monument, this time general beauregard. supporters say protesters watching this removal, one side claim it was a harsh reminder of slavery and segregation, the other saying it is an important part of history, the third of four confederate statues slated for removal in new orleans. in texas going to fight the new
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ban on sanctuary cities, with their immigration status and law enforcement to cooperate with ice. demonstrators calling for support through marches and protest saying the new law will make cities less safe. they are also want texans to vote against governor greg abbott next year. >> not so good news, travel nightmare, the inside electronics band could be expanded today. >> here, cheryl. >> a temporary travel ban, any electronics in the cabin of an aircraft, it might be temporary, 10 different cities, muslim countries, we were talking about
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this, expecting, a big meeting between the officials but the word is this may expand to several european cities flying into the us. you can take your phone but not your ipad, do you want to have those devices? lithium ion batteries in the cargo hold, that is a point of contention. better to be safe. if you are standing in long lines, lots of airports have starbucks and they are testing out new coffee. >> starbucks is testing out ice cubes made of coffee, you get that watered-down ice coffee, wouldn't have that issue. they are trying it at different starbucks locations, if you wanted to get the ice coffee cubes, there is another thing that has been happening in starbucks, free coffee yesterday
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a lot of the payment systems, several starbucks across the country the payment system went down, personnel started giving out free coffee, people on twitter, a couple of tweets i found, a new wrigley at tarbox, tips are up, that was one of the tweets. one of the starbucks is close because computer problems giving us free coffee instead. >> nothing but marshmallows. >> in 2015 general mills which makes lucky charms made ten boxes of marshmallows. people loved it, went crazy on social media, now general mills offering $10,000 of lucky charms. you have to get the code, and
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then sign up the contest. >> talk about this this time of year, earlier than usual announcement. >> jimmy kimmel, the award show host, second year in a row. >> we are chugging along, one of those mario povich paternity test shows. the weirdest tv finale since lost. >> after abc announced kimmel is the 90th anniversary host the comedian josie planned to mess up the show even more. >> historic picture, a disaster.
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and what happens when a heckler tries to troll donald trump junior over the president's tax return. >> the ones that were released show higher percentage of taxes than bernie sanders or barack obama. >> it backfired. >> get ready to cough up some cash. there is one airline taking the extra fees to a whole new level. >> american idol is back with a brand-new judge. the famous face leading the team on the show's reboot. ♪
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>> a nice moment for donald trump junior after he knocked
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down a heckler who brings up his father's tax returns. >> i think rachel maddow showed $150 million. the ones we really showed he paid a higher percentage of taxes than bernie sanders and barack obama. you can be successful, you can pay your taxes. i really appreciate it. >> the crowd love that. all of this unfolding at a montana rally for the republica looking to fill interior secretary appc to. heather: tim allen breaking his silence after abc canceled his show last man standing. >> the latest liberal attack on free speech, a lot of fun it can
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do. heather: stunned and blindsided by the network. for the last we 6 years. abc pulling the plug on the conservative leaning sitcom despite successful ratings. the network claims it was scheduling issues. outraged fans are not having it, signing an online petition to resurrect the show. it has 200,000 signatures so far. >> school district temporarily pools the book 13 reasons why as the community mourns the death of several students, that book is subject of a new network show some say romanticize his suicide. certain school officials taking it out of circulation, 7 of the students have killed themselves since the start of the year. there is no evidence they had anything to do with the book. the ban was lifted after three hours, officials find it wasn't as graphic as the series on
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netflix. heather: 400 positions cut as student enrollment political university officials blaming perception concerns, racially fueled protests made national headlines. >> need to get out. get this reporter out of here. heather: landlords having so much trouble finding renters that summer offering $1000 gift cards and major rent reductions to lure students back. >> 18 minutes after the hour, deadly tornadoes ripping trees from their roofs and leveling home after home. janice dean tracking where this weather is headed next. heather: marco rubio's tweet the trigger to freak out sending journalists into panic mode. ♪ crazy ♪ finding time to get things done isn't easy.
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go to heather: some extreme weather to tell you about, two i did after this tornado outbreak. a twister slamming texas, wisconsin and oklahoma. this is where homes were left in a pile of rubble. pounding rains also a major problem. a truck losing control on a highway. nearly crashing, spraying a car with mode. imagine trying to drive through that, janice dean tracking severe weather. 9 ° on top of that in some parts of the country. >> reporter: we had 2 dozen
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reports of tornadoes from texas to the great lakes region and we were on it, warning people this could be the potential for severe weather outbreak and we have the threat today on the upper midwest, large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes. the higher risk for all the ingredients to come together for severe storms, look at the temperature, very warm on the eastern half of the country, western have cooler than average, clash of those air masses part of the ingredients we need for severe storms. look at that, temperatures in the 80s, near 90 ° across the northeast, a couple days heat and temperature swing back to around normal. there is your forecast, stormy weather in the upper midwest and the snow, feet of snow across the rockies and higher elevations in the west and warm temperatures on the east so we will do it in the weather
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center. >> that is extreme. >> april into mac and be great skiing out west. a desperate search for four people including a new york ceo, a plane vanishes in the bermuda triangle, the coast guard looking for survivors after debris is discovered. the ceo of skylight group, two and 4-year-old sons on board. the pilot is the ceo of a scooter company, married to the color purple star raids on john. losing contact with set jet as it left puerto rico monday. north korea's nuclear program could be further along than we thought, satellite photos show a launch site with burn marks after recent test. the rogue nation may be testing a missile capable of hitting
2:25 am
alaska or hawaii. >> midair meltdown, passenger accused of attacking a flight crew with a coffee pot. 30,000 feet in the air. the plane packed with 200 people was forced to make an emergency landing in orlando. the man zip tied after trying to open the cabin door yelling, quote, it would only take one guy to take the plane down. he was arrested as soon as the plane touched down. he grabbed a coffee pot in the flight attendant area. >> 25 after the error the mainstream media calling new reports out of washington a bigger scandal than watergate. >> we are in the most poisonous media atmosphere of any president in my lifetime. heather: the brand-new numbers that show how obsessed cnn is with donald trump and not in a good way. ♪
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♪ come and get it ♪ ♪ when you are ready ♪ >> come and get it right now, "fox and friends" first every morning. rob:straight to our top story. chelsea manning who put lives at risk by leaking top-secret documents is preparing to walk free from prison 28 years early. heather: the disgraced soldier eligible for benefits including health care thanks to former president obama.
2:30 am
heather: 7 a lot of outrage on this. >> reporter: 7 years ago the disgraced military secret leaker entered prison in fort leavenworth kansas as a man named bradley. this morning he will leave is a transgender woman named chelsea, sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2013 convicted of espionage for leaking 750,000 pages of classified government documents to wikileaks. manning's actions resulted in the telegram targeting and killing us troops overseas. the transgender soldier transitioned from a man to a woman. now slapped with another big bill, this one for healthcare and other benefits she will be eligible for thanks to barack obama who commuted her sentence days before leaving office. the move sparking nationwide office. 13 manning will remain on active duty allowing the trader to
2:31 am
receive medical treatment and access to military missionaries. the army refusing to disclose other benefits, privacy concerns, hours before she walked out of prison manning releasing a statement to abc saying, quote, as i rebuild my life i remind myself not to relive the past, the past will always affect me, keep that in mind remembering how it played out is only my starting point, not my final destination. like all soldiers manning will be assigned to an army post, details on where and who the trader will report to our yet to be made public. heather: 7 the white house fires back tonight report the donald trump asked james comey to end the fbi investigation of michael flynn. christian comes live with new developments on this story. >> reporter: the white house pushing back. james comey to end the
2:32 am
investigation into michael flynn. at the center of the report, a memo that is yet to surface where in the president allegedly told comey i hope you can let it go. the white house denied the accusation in a statement saying, quote, the president has expressed his view the general flynn is a decent man who served and protected our country, the president never asked mister comey to end any investigation including any investigation involving general flynn, this is not an accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president and mister comey. lawmakers on capitol hill want to see the memo. jason chaffetz will issue a subpoena if necessary. >> if there are such memos, documentation, we would like to
2:33 am
see from the fbi. i will issue a subpoena. >> reporter: democrats pouncing on the crisis some calling it obstruction of justice. chuck schumer blasting the president. >> in a week full of revelation after revelation, on a day we thought things couldn't get any worse, they have. >> reporter: the white house continues to explain disclosure of classified information with russian officials and decrying dangers of continually -- this has much more. >> it is impacting the nation. cnn is obsessed with donald trump. a new study finds in a 13 hour period the network spent 12 hours and 19 minutes talking about the commander-in-chief, only one hour total to other newsmaking 92% of the coverage
2:34 am
solely about the president. in that time 96 of the commentators were anti-donald trump. only 7 supported him. the media calling comey's memo the smoking gun of donald trump's watergate but britt hume covered the scandal. during the next it ministration, he says they hated for donald trump goes beyond that. >> the most poisonous media atmosphere any president in my lifetime has ever experienced and this is beyond what we saw with even next and although he was cordially hated on the left and in most of the media, george w. bush was detested by the media to a great extent but nothing like this. barack obama was hated on the right but not to this extent. this is beyond anything ier see. >> african american harvard graduate days from hosting the first black commitments and spend in the school's history,
2:35 am
the goal, separated from the main ceremony highlighting faculty achievements and some have been overlooked. students, $30,000 for next week's event expected to draw 700 students two days before the traditional graduation and your tax dollars hard at work, the national science foundation paying a professor $200,000 to research micro-aggression. part of the research will seek to improve minority representation in the science and math career field, it university mary atwater is leading that study. heather: president reagan prays for ending the cold war without a shot. >> cannot afford to let confusion complicate things. we must be clear with each other and direct. >> our next guest says a lot of similarities between donald trump and president reagan. >> broadcasts back at last, tim
2:36 am
allen breaking silence after abc pulls the plug on his hit show. social media slamming the network for perceived liberal bias. >> carly shimkus is going to be here with more on that. and she can own a runway but kendall jenner could use a lot of help riding a bike. wait until you see this tumble falling flat on her face. i hope she is okay. ♪ freefalling ♪ i am free ♪ and now with victoza® a better moment of proof. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill, which didn't get me to my goal. lowers my a1c better than the leading branded injectable. the one i used to take.
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what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee. >> i just came from geneva. talks with general secretary gorbachev. we cannot let confusion complicate things. we must be clear with each other and direct.
2:40 am
we must pay each other the tributes of candor. >> ronald reagan known for, quote, mixtures -- ending the cold war as margaret thatcher put it, and handling of the then soviet union teach donald trump about how to handle russia? talkshow host tammy bruce. begin with the differences between then and now. >> what you just heard was the beginning of the second term. what we see in his first term is a unique approach different from most presidents. a man who was considered roguish and didn't know what he was going to do and he was going to bomb russia in 5 minutes, very active in the international scene using military force and what donald trump is doing, major commitment to rebuilding our military. that has an impact economically, sends a message internationally that america is ready to strike
2:41 am
again. the soviet union was shifting, effectively beginning to bankrupt the soviet union. >> you call that carrot stick negotiations. >> willing to bomb -- you heard the tone in that address of out reach, can door, let's be honest with each other. man who is willing to talk. trump is famous for being willing to talk and negotiate but as we see with syria and the military moving to north korea he is also willing to kick if need be and that keeps the enemy confused it helps people negotiate and more willing to make concessions than if they didn't think you were going to strike. >> along the same path, is an intentional? >> i think it is unintentional.
2:42 am
i think the sensibility, president reagan's experience is not just political. it was with unions where you do a lot of negotiating. in the movie industry that is a big difference, you got to be an entrepreneur. the linkage is business experience where you have to be tough, bring people in to get deals done. this is what trump represents and depending on the nature of washington can make the same benefits happen economically but combined with the international tour, the strength of a nation he loves and wants to amend. >> what he is dealing with versus -- >> reagan was dealing with a similar one but more subtle. we are getting news 24/7. there was no internet. we are more aware what is transpiring but there were leaks
2:43 am
then, the establishment hated reagan. it was less obvious, no twitter and also what you see on a day-to-day basis was success, the potential of donald trump because he is the same sort of man as opposed to copying nature of the choices. >> someone who is not the same sort of man, gorbachev versus vladimir putin. >> president reagan was dealing with a series of changes with soviet leadership because there was so much turmoil and gorbachev is the example of perestroika, he said we want to be open, perfect open for someone like reagan, thatcher, to break apart but he wasn't of the old soviet model. vladimir putin is and even though we don't have the soviet union you have a man who is a representative of the same attitudes and this is why trump
2:44 am
can be -- the outreach to russia is key because that is the only nation that can do major damage to this country. >> the same carrot stick negotiations would work with vladimir putin. >> he is strengthening nato. we dealt with syria. we are not dealing with iran in the same way. with obama's they knew no one would get bogged or hurt, with trump they don't know. economic dynamics, they know trump understands business and economics, showed he is willing to do better and clearly talking with russia, that is in the news but also the military clearly showing he is going to take the country first, he is not to be -- >> a good thing he is talking. exactly what reagan would be doing and did do. very interesting stuff.
2:45 am
>> two flight attendants suing frontier airlines for dissemination saying they failed to accommodate breast-feeding employees, they were forced to take excessive unpaid leave through a policy that forbids workers from pumping on duty. several pilots filed a similar lawsuit last year. they comply with local and federal law and make good faith efforts to assist breast-feeding employees. for get checked bag fees, one airline is charging parents to bring their baby on board. jet star and australian budget airline launching a $30 fee for adults to carry infants and put them on their lap. that bumps up $50. the airline says the fee will keep fares low for all customers. they realize how in unpopular that would be. steve ducey, we are pretty busy but not trying to run in airline. >> coming up on "fox and
2:46 am
friends," we will have scott pruitt with us, so much news in washington dc about donald trump, not hearing much about what the administration is doing, find out what they are doing to keep our air cleaner and water pure and marco rubio and joe mansion will join us and we will talk about things the former fbi director dropped on the new york times yesterday and a brand-new patriotic miss usa who will drop by, busy 3 hours, rob kicks off 13 minutes from now on the channel everybody trusts for their morning news. don't forget to give my number. we will be right back. my daughter is...
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♪ closest signal ♪ >> much better. >> look how the sun has come up. >> speaking out after abc canceled the hit show last man standing. heather: the actor said stunned and blindsided by the network i called home for the last we 6 years. >> social media slamming abc with this news. i love tim allen. >> he is not the only one blindsided by this. a lot of people were surprised because the show did well in the ratings, the second most popular comedy behind modern family. a lot of people wondering if this was a political decision because tim allen played a
2:51 am
conservative christian on the show and now there is a petition calling for abc to renew that show. that has racked up 200,000 signatures, social media is weighing in on this, people are upset about the cancellation, said shame on abc for canceling last man standing, what a disgrace, liberal bias at its finest and look at this tweet from matt who says thanks for the last, last man standing was breath of fresh air, in a world of liberal media bias and attacks on conservatives and bill says last man standing is one of the few shows that embody the values of humor of most us families, no wonder tv is becoming such a moral wasteland. abc says the decision to cancel the show is not political, they decided to scrap the whole comedy lineup. we will see if there is enough outrage. >> people say bring them over to
2:52 am
fox. >> hopefully the show does find a home. >> up next you have marco rubio. really strange one. marco rubio tweeted out a bible verse, peace i give to you, bible verse from john, a devout christian, this is a surprise to a lot of people but he got a lot of backlash for this tweet and some people were wondering if it was a bad political omen. look at this, my understanding and input from those -- these are the bible verses to which one turns in one's darkest hour and jennifer rubin from the washington post said either he was hacked or has totally lost it. or he is just a christian guy. pretty surprised by the negative
2:53 am
attention. >> the last one, something i n it.not be wearing. let's talk fashion. one of the most popular items in women's fashion, typically worn in the summer. let me introduce you to a new trend in men's fashion, a romper for guys. there is a kick starter campaign hoping to get these on the market and it has racked up $125,000. a lot of people want this. seems like a lot of -- >> the keyword -- >> we will wear our rompers. >> thank you. we want you to keep talking about this. tim allen's show getting canned. is it because of a scheduling
2:54 am
issue or our politics at play? logon to our facebook page. use the hashtag keep talking. >> american idol is coming back. you hear this? a brand-new judge. ♪ baby you are ♪ come let your ♪ >> katy perry joining the singing competition. heather: so thrilled abc is bringing back american idol, back to the music scene as a dish and. fox canceled that show. >> after 15 seasons. it returns this fall on abc. coming up on the top of the hour, worst first date ever. one man suing the woman he went out with. heather: she is not for her
2:55 am
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. poirch
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heather: two minutes before the top of the hour. convicted traitor chelsea manning set to be released
2:59 am
from prison 20 years early. transgender active duty and eligible for healthcare thanks to former president obama. president trump delivering second commencement speech in a week. he will address graduates of the coast guard in new london, connecticut. canned film festival kicks off. rob: time for the good, the bad and the ugly. truly man's best friend. dog injuring man's owner after he fell from a tree. man unconscious says i woke up because i had my son, the dog, on top of me. is he expected to be okay. that is a great dog. all right. next the bad. the worst first days ever. texas man suing a man he met online for texting throughout the entire date. action against et person who exhibited really insulting behavior towards me and everyone else. rob: brandon ticked off. wants date to pay back 17
3:00 am
bucks spentd on movie ticket. she denies being on the phone the entire time. finally the ugly, kendall jenner denies bike face planting. sister posted it my work here is done. heather: "fox & friends" start here, bi. >> trump administration is denying a report asking james comey to end the investigation into michael flynn. >> comey wrote a memo in which he said that the president said to him i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. >> i hope that's a little different from saying i order you to let this go. >> no longer fake news. it's now dishonest news. >> it's another example, i think, of president trump just being treated differently because is he an outsider. >> walking free 28 years early. disgraced soldier chelsea manning released from prison.


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