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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 20, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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team. >> juan: i could feel better. i just want to say. day deign set your dvrs never miss an episode of "the five." have a great weekend, facebook. 5:00 p.m. bret baier on right now. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i am james rosen sitting in for bret baier. president trump is aboard air force one for the first leg of his first foreign trip but a special report is following more breaking news here in washington tonight on the president's firing of the fbi director and widening investigation into alleged ties between the term campaign and russia. "the new york times" reports one day after dismissing james comey that taking that action had removed great pressure on him because of russia. "the washington post" reports the investigation now being led by a special counsel. a current white house official as a significant person of interest. we have fox team coverage.
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the closed-door briefing by top justice department official. chief white house correspondent john roberts, it's early saturday morning. good evening, john. >> good evening to you, james. the white house is responding to both of those stories. on the one where the president says firing comey took some pressure off of russia, calling comey a "nut job." as it relates to syria, ukraine, defeating isis and other key issues making deals with russia is to the benefit of the american people. james comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to negotiate with russia. and on reports white house officials close to president trump, sean spicer had said as the president has stated
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before, a thorough investigation shows that there was no collusion between the campaign and any foreign entity. it's another distraction for this president as he seeks a new fbi director and tries to turn his eyes towards his first foreign trip. >> president trump did not name a new fbi director but it's on his flight to saudi arabia. drawing fire from democrats on capitol hill. >> i think it's a mistake to nominate anyone who has ever run for office. >> ia police person. >> maybe it should be someone who has no political connections whatsoever. out of the professional ranks. maybe that's where they should go. >> with his first foreign trip, president trump is hoping to leave behind the barrage of bad news, at least for a few days. >> the rest of the world does
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not have the time to patent to what is happening here domestically. >> saudis say they are honored their country is the first stop on the president's first overseas trip. >> he comes at the of the united states. he comes as a friend. he comes as a strong leader who wants to work with us. >> while in riyadh, saudi arabia, he will meet and deliver a speech on islam. the president previewed those remarks earlier this week. >> i will speak with muslim leaders and challenge them to fight hatred and extremism and embrace a peaceful future for their faith. >> saudi leaders are thrilled with president trump's get tough on terror policies. >> trump is a man who has
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vision. he is a man who has courage. he is a man who is decisive and he is a man who does the right thing. >> among the right things president trump is doing for saudia arabia, the biggest arms deal in u.s. history. $110 billion package that includes border security and counterterrorism. air force modernization, air and missile defense and cybersecurity and communication communications. to sweeten the arms deal, fox news has confirmed jared kushner personally called lockheed martin's chief executive to urge the company to lower its price on a radar system to be included in the package. the president's first foreign trip is ambitious to be sure. every president since ronald reagan has merely cross the border to either canada or mexico for his first foreign jo job. president trump will visit five countries in total and meet with more than 20 foreign leaders and dignitaries. >> james: in his speech on sunday, the president will talk
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about the importance of fighting the problems of radicalism and extremism in the war on terror. while the president all through the election campaign talked about the importance of labeling it radical islamic terrorism, fox news is told that an initial draft of that speech does not include those words. they're also told it could change by the time he says it on sunday. james. >> james: john roberts traveling with the president and saudi arabia. thank you. at some house lawmakers emerged from the briefing they received on the russian probe by top justice department official, less than satisfied. >> the author of the memo, president trump -- a pink slip defended it today and doubled down on the case against comey. for the second day in the row, rod rosenstein visited the u.s. capitol and his prepared remarks to house lawmakers described the letter he finished the day of comey's termination.
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i sent my signed memorandum to the attorney general afternoon on tuesday may 9th. i wrote it, i believe it. i stand by it. but democrats are dismayed by rosenstein's defense. >> he made some very bold statements about his memo. and then immediately refused to take questions concerning the memo he just wrote about. >> i thought it was absolutely essential we have this outside independent commission. >> james: we also learned how hard the fbi director tried to avoid president trump. a blogger who calls himself a comey friend described a meeting to pbs news hour like this. >> he really wanted to blend in and not be singled out. he's wearing a blue blazer. he stands in the part of the room that is as far from trump as it is physically possible to be. and also against blue drapes. he chose that spot because it
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was almost like a chameleon. >> james: but the president did notice the 6'8" comey. there are widespread reports he was fired for expanding his russian probe or that he even wanted to expand it. because nobody remembers him requesting russia resources. rosenstein's prepared remarks include this quote. i am not aware of any such request. moreover, i consulted my staff and acting fbi director andrew mccabe and none of them are called such a request. >> i think the majority of members of congress support it. >> they supported him so much that some even applauded him. >> not necessarily a criminal issue or a partisan issue but an american issue. and they clapped for that. bipartisan support. >> james: but the clapping won't last for long because both
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sides are digging in. even though there is now an outside special counsel, the four congressional committees will continue those investigations. james. >> james: peter doocy on capitol hill tonight. for more on this endless cycle, subpoenas and the like it, we are joint onset for an exclusive interview by house intelligence committee chairman, devon nunes. great to be with you. thank you for doing this. first, when you stepped aside from the russian investigation that your committee was conducting back on april 6th, he maintained that it was not a recusal, correct? >> simply put, i voluntarily stepped aside for these outrageous allegations against me. we set up a task force led by chairman conway. and they are doing a great job.
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both prosecutors. if anyone can do the job, it will be the three of them. >> james: there are important aspects to the work that your committee was handling here that you have not recused yourself from or stepped aside from, to use the proper terminology as you see it. you did not step aside from the matter of the unmasking of michael flynn or others close to the president. you still maintain you are running that part of the house intelligence committee investigation? >> i think the way to look at this is i still read into everything. what i've done because i thought it was appropriate, if there were going to be these bogus charges, i was going to set at least the russian investigation aside. i didn't want to be the face of that investigation. everything else i am still in charge of. especially the unmasking. the unmasking, by one political
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party on another political party -- people that are in one political party looking at intelligence and requesting unmasking on another political party. we are in the beginning stages of that. i remain very concerned about it because at the end of the day here, we are going to have some major changes to federal law as it relates to how intelligence is collected and who is able to unmask. >> james: you are still unmasking and reviewing documents from the unmasking? >> not only that. i stress this at the very beginning. the first time i found out about this was in late january, early february. >> james: is the national security agency cooperating? >> they are cooperating. it's very, very slow. to get all the documents. but i think they know the seriousness of this. this problem is not going to go away. >> james: let's turn to this pair of stories by
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"the new york times" and "washington post." both released with that same bombshell style late in the afternoon. what is your comment on this notion that the russian probe now being led by special counsel, robert mueller? senior advisor to the president, a person of interest? >> james: like all of the stories that have been coming out, it's almost gone to the point of ridiculousness. we can't even keep track of the stories that are coming out. a few days later, they end up being false. how can i comment on any of thi this? give us suppose the leaks. reading transcripts. >> james: which the white house did not dispute the authenticity of. >> we have no idea. i can't comment on these stories. some of the stories just this week we know are false. for me to comment, you are
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asking me to do the impossible. >> james: after the broad rosenstein briefing, senator lindsey graham of south carolina stepped forward and he alone had something interesting to say about what was learned in that briefing. >> it was a counterintelligence investigation until now. it seems to be a criminal investigation. the special counsel has created a dynamic for congress. they will have to be very leery of crossing into mr. robert muller's team acting acting mr. robert mueller's. >> james: you received a briefing on this investigation. if you are part of that, correct? >> i did not confirm. i will say senator graham always has a lot of things. he loves talking to the media. sometimes he is right. sometimes he is wrong. >> james: is a criminal
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investigation as far as you understand it. >> all investigations are taken seriously. but they are just investigation investigations. all americans are innocent until proven guilty. i strongly suggest that most people keep their powder dry. let former director robert mueller run this investigation properly. i think the investigations that are ongoing need to be very, very careful as to not get into the wrong lane. i will just say this, i've you have to see any issue regarding collusion with the russians. one of the things that i think has gotten to the point of ridiculousness is that i was the one who a year ago warned about putin. the last administration totally ignored those warnings. they downplayed my comments. and now, every time you turn
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around, everything is about russia. russia. russia. i just have to say, there is a lot going on in this world. i warned them a year ago. they ignored it. i think we have to be -- as we move forward here, what's happening here in the beltway and in new york, and then the rest of america that i think the mainstream media is ignoring. >> james: let's move beyond our borders very quickly. you are still being read and on all of the different things following under the peer review, among those would be north kore north korea. let's see what the defense secretary had to say about the missile test last week and a briefing at the pentagon earlier today. >> they went to a very high effigy and when it came down, from that altitude, they probably learned a lot from it. i'm not willing to characterize it beyond that right now. >> mr. chairman, how fast is the progress towards a nuclear weapon?
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>> they get better at it. every time they test a weapon. what we are going to have to do at some point, somebody is going up to do something right now. i don't hold out a lot of hope for that. i think the administration is doing the right thing and trying to get the chinese to be helpful. >> james: congressman devin nunes. reese thank you for stopping by. we appreciate it. harvard university has an analysis on the news coverage of president trump's first 100 days. he dominated media coverage, accounting for 41% of all news stories. that's three times the amount of coverage received by previous presidents. the tone was more negative than positive on all topics covered in the study. sweden's top prosecutor has dropped a long-running rape investigation on julian assange but we are reporting tonight from london, julian assange is hardly out of the woods legally
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speaking. he may not even get out of the embassy where he has been held up. >> wikileaks founder julian assange, has been held up since 2012 in london. sweden dropped an investigation into and alleged 2010 rape incident. >> we did not see any possibility. >> while legal obstacles prevented them from continuing the investigation, he was not declared innocent. to admit though, he would have to return to pick up the probe. >> well today was an important victory, and an important vindication, the road is far from over. the proper war is still
1:17 am
commencing. >> james: the proper war assange says he's battling is against the u.s. a classified state and defensive part on wikileaks. candidate trump praised assange and wikileaks for posting emails from the hillary clinton campaign. they are now talking about the wikileaks founder, including attorney general sessions last month. >> we are going to step up our efforts on all leaks. this is a matter that has gone beyond anything i am aware of. >> james: it is that fear of extradition that's the main reason he is in hiding. the u.s. is not confirming any indictment is prepared. the u.k. does say it could arrest assange for jumping bail and costing millions in security charges. another reason assange is staying put for now.
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julian assange declared another so-called victory today at the ecuadorian embassy. chelsea manning, the source of literally thousands of wikileaks postings at one point assange had offered to go to america if manning was released. >> james: greg palkot outside the ecuadorian embassy. the motorist accused of mowing down pedestrians in the times square sidewalk has been charged with murder and attempted murder. 26-year-old richard rojas was arrested after his vehicle nearly struck two dozen people and a michigan tourist, who died. his car and ran into steel barriers. the driver told them he was hearing voices telling him to kill them all. when we come back, the man in charge of destroying isis, taking president trump's plan to get bureaucrats out of the decision-making is working.
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call today. comcast business. built for business. >> james: the top military officials prosecuting a war against isis saying new tactics authorized by president trump to destroy the terrorist group are working. jennifer griffin has details from the pentagon. >> as the president left for the middle east, secretary jim mattis gave an update on the ice is fight and to go new tactics the president has signed off on that they say has accelerated the destruction of isis. >> no longer will we have slow decision cycles because washington, d.c., has to authorize tactical movements on the ground.
1:23 am
i have absolute confidence, as does the president, our commander-in-chief and the commanders on the ground. it's proven by delegating this authority to me. >> and preventing foreign fighters from leaving syria and returning home to set up more isis cells, ending what had been in the past as whack a mole's. >> we estimate at its peak, it was 1500 fighters per month. we estimate those numbers are less than 100 per month. >> they both push back on news reports that former national security advisor mike flynn and his financial ties to turkey, now being investigated by the fbi, interfered with the president's decision to arm the syrian kurds. slowing down the effort to retake the isis capital. >> we are getting into a more political area where we try to keep our apolitical military completely out. let me just say, only now are we
1:24 am
completing this. there has been no delay in the effort to do that other than the normal vagaries of the battlefield. >> .com more complicated thursday when they called in air strikes on pro-assad forces that the defense secretary said a convoy of iranian directed militias who did not heed a u.s. and russian warning to turn back. iranian fighters may have been killed as a result of the u.s. air strike. >> i don't know whether there were iranians on the ground but inside and established and agreed upon d confliction zone. >> he said today if it had not been for the iranian reinforcements at the start of the syrian uprising against president al bishara's outcome of the people would have likely overthrown the regime and avoided this costly civil war which subsequently gave rise to isis. >> james: jennifer, thank you. another positive day on wall street. the dow gained 142.
1:25 am
nasdaq finished ahead, 29. for the week, dow lost half a percentage point. nasdaq was off 2/3. a white house official tells fox trump intends to nominate newt gingrich's wife. as we told you, he will be visiting the vatican on his foreign trip. as we know from the top of our program, he is in the sky with air force one on the first foreign trip. we have a look at the itinerary and the agenda. >> having already dispatched, the eight-day five stop trip takes the president to saudi arabia, israel, the vatican, belgium, and sicily. >> of the middle east, central asia, even parts of africa are
1:26 am
ready for a period of what they view to have been neglect, to outright dismissal of their concerns. they are ready for re-engagement with america. >> the president began developing this trip during the transition period and wants to reaffirm relationships and offer a message of unity to the three of the world's great religions. christianity, islam, and judaism. in riyadh, saudi arabia, trump will challenge muslim leaders to fight against radicalism and embrace a peaceful future. >> we have to stop radical islamic terrorism. >> then to israel. the president offered during the campaign to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. that controversial promise is unfulfilled. he will also become the first sitting president to visit the
1:27 am
western wall, among the holiest sites and judaism. officials say he will do so with religious, not political, leaders. he will offer no specific peace plan. next, he travels to the vatican to accept an audience with pope princes. he clashed with the pope on the campaign trail. administration officials say the white house and vatican can work together on issues like religious freedom and human trafficking. >> the purpose of this trip is really one of conveying a message that america is back in terms of our role as a convenient, our role as a facilitator to address the daunting challenges that exist not part of the world. >> the president will also participate in two international semites. summits. >> james: u.s. senators john mccain and dianne
1:28 am
feinstein are demanding the turkish government take responsibility for a clash with protesters outside the turkish embassy in washington wednesday. that is turkish president watching as they punch and kick through protesters. so, is all this focus on russia's threatening to delay on tax reform into next year? here is mike emanuel. >> president trump and vice president pence and mick mulvaney met today ahead of the rollout. it's expected to include more money for troops, weapons, and border security. it's likely to -- congress is also trying to jumpstart another major item on the agenda. tax reform. paul ryan is rejecting any suggested it could slip to next year. >> our goal is calendar year
1:29 am
2017 tax refund. i think we are making good progress. >> what its leaders described as a major tax reform hearing on thursday, but this call to action. >> america now has one of the most costly, unfair and uncompetitive tax systems in the world. the need is urgent. >> the top democrats agreed the tax code is broken and not working for both families and businesses but isn't willing to just go along. >> we will oppose any tax plan that simply helps the tax richt richer. the trump tax plan currently fails to meet our standards. >> not being unified on a plan. >> we look forward to that discussion. so far what we have seen is adding a trillion dollars to the deficit. a trickle down has never worked. but let's go to the table with something. they can't even come to an
1:30 am
agreement among themselves. >> we are going through the process of what is the best way to reform the tax code into lower tax rates for businesses and to make the american tax system internationally competitive. right now it is literally one of the worst tax systems in the industrialized world. >> mitch mcconnell talked about getting it done this congress. by the end of next year. but with 2018 being an election year, that puts a lot of pressure on action in 2017. james. >> james: mike emanuel. thanks. millions of americans in the great middle of the country have been battered by an outbreak of springtime tornadoes. residents in the southern plains could face more. will carr is tracking the situation from oklahoma city. >> severe weather once again sweeping across the country with the watches and warnings colliding up the weather map. a week of heavy rain, lightning, and hail.
1:31 am
two doesn't tornadoes ripped across the southern plains in oklahoma and six large twisters were caught on camera. >> on the ground! oh, my god, look! >> it developed in rural parts of the state, missing populated cities. with their size and strength, one estimated to be an ef for demonic 4. a direct strike could have been catastrophic. tens and thousands of midwestern residents were without power. tornadoes in wisconsin and oklahoma. >> it sounded like a freight train, like everybody says. >> they covered their kids as a tornado hit their home. >> as soon as the roof lifted off... >> a winter storm blanketed the rockies. shutting down schools. and snow also piling up in the
1:32 am
sierras. >> i thought i was done with this. but i guess not. >> it comes as residents asking to pay attention to text alerts. they change their policy cup a couple years ago. residents need to get to safety. james. >> james: will carr. thank you. up next, the panel on the president's overseas trip and the scandal industrial complex. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 5 in new york, anthony weiner has pleaded guilty to sending sexually charged text messages to a minor. he said he has a sickness but not an excuse. he has agreed not to appeal any prison sentence between 21-27 months. he must also register as a sex offender. his estranged wife, huma abedin, longtime hillary clinton aid filed for divorce today. fox two in detroit.
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>> he has no evidence that comey asked for the release sources. >> the entire thing has been a witch hunt. there is no collusion between certainly myself and my campaign. but i can only speak for myself and the russians. zero. >> i have probably been on the phone with or hosted here in washington 9-11 foreign counterparts or spoken with secretary general on the phone. the issue has never come up. >> james: as president trump boarded air force one en route to be on saudi arabia, the study claims of links trailed him like the exhaust fumes of the plane itself. trump the times added the whitee document that contained mr. trump's complement commente
1:38 am
official red quotations to the times. then there is "the washington post" which reports law enforcement investigation into possible coordination between russia and the trump campaign has identified a current white house official as a significant person of interest showing that the probe is reaching to the highest level of government. according to people familiar with the matter. the senior white house advisor under scrutiny is someone close to the president, according to these people. let's break it all down with a panel. lisa boothe, ab stoddard, and charles krauthammer. unindicted co-conspirators, all. lisa, this "washington post" story about a senior advisor close to the president which seems like language calculated to make a stink of jared kushner, if this is true -- if it's true there is such a person in the white house was now a person of interest for this
1:39 am
investigation, should the trumpa significant escalation in this story? >> potentially. everyone should take what is printed with a grain of salt. we've seen a lot of the information surfaced being incorrect. in regarding to "the new york times" article with president trump's conversations with the russians. there was a report with the mexico president, there is a threat from president trump. spokesperson for the president came out and said that was not true. same thing with the australian prime minister. reports regarding comey be incorrect as well. i think everything should be taken with a grain of salt these days. >> james: okay. let's listen to or hear from sean spicer who assuredly has had better weeks than this one. he offered a pair of rebuttals to these stories. on the times story about what the russians were told by trump, he said by grandstanding in
1:40 am
politicizing, james comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to negotiate with russia. the investigation would have always continued. once again, spicer said the real story is that our national security has been undermined by the leaking of private and highly classified conversations. ab, here we have notes taken inside the oval office. they said an american official -- a current official -- sitting on the phone and reading those quotes from this official document, chronicling this meeting to a times reporter. that doesn't bother you? >> i feel... i feel accused, james. >> james: that was a tendentious -- should we not be bothered by the leaking? a dress if would sean spicer's comments. >> the leaks were a problem for president obama. as you well know, they're going
1:41 am
to be -- i think they are really facing a great fear of the leaks because at the rate of which they seem to come now. it's going to cause them great stress. it's obviously a huge part of this story. much of this is not legal. the people are doing it because they believe the president is doing something wrong. and the potency of these reports and these accounts are going to cause him great political peril. even if in the end, from a "washington post" story, the interest is not a target. they will not be charged with anything criminal or anything. it creates another dramatic story line about the trump west wing and the way that trump behaves about the russian investigation, how he fired comey.
1:42 am
why he did and the way he talks with russian officials. i always come back to -- this puts an enormous amount of pressure with people, to try to keep saying we left the top two robert mueller. these are really, really tough stories to try to come around and defend. >> james: i will not lean into you with a negative construction like that again. on the post story about the russian probe, sean spicer said... there was no collusion between the campaign and any foreign entity. on this panel just a few days ago, charles, you call this a scandal in search of a crime. to still still hold that position? asserting that there is somebody very high up in the white house right now who is a person of interest in the investigation,
1:43 am
are you disturbed by that? >> are you accusing me too, here? no. it doesn't mean someone did something wrong. i think they are protecting too much. spicer's protest that the real issue here is with the russians, or trump talking to the russian russians, but this is an issue of a leak. and this is inadvertently self indicting. after all, the idea that journalists are going to receive leaks -- it is a constant. journalists are always ready to pick up the phone. if he is saying we have a real problem here with leaks, what we are talking about -- what's unusual is the niagara of leaks coming out of this white house. as you said, this had to have been somebody in the room.
1:44 am
somebody who took the notes. who picked up the phone and read the notes. the problem here is an inner circle of people who have lost faith or betrayed or whatever. it is certainly not a leak problem that ought to interest us. it's a loyalty problem inside the white house. >> james: to be clear, the four american officials who were in the office for that meeting where the president, secretary of state, white house national security advisor and his deputy. >> somebody who had access to the notes? >> james: the notes were then put into paper form for a chronicle of the meeting. more people will have access to that. that's one of the leakers here, correct? >> in other words, this is not an essay or. this is not an nsa or fbi. it is not the deep state. it's the administration.
1:45 am
the white house is problem. >> james: all right, we just got a bit of breaking news. we will head to the commercial break. at the former fbi director james comey has agreed to testify in open session before the senate intelligence committee. next up, the friday lightning round. julian assange gets a break. if the president's tax reform agenda broken and breaking the agenda broken and breaking the budget? did you know slow internet
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>> james: this is another fox news alert. we have breaking news from the senate intelligence committee. we have just received word that the senator byrd of south carolina and ranking member senator warner of virginia, ousted fbi director james comey has now committed to testifying.
1:49 am
before that panel in open session. an open hearing with james comey as the lead witness, it will be scheduled for sometime after memorial day. we are back at the panel. lisa boothe. >> i suspect there are a lot of questions for him. namely, why didn't he release the memo earlier? it is reported about the memo true? will they have the memos prior? why did his memos come to contradict statements get previously made just a few weeks ago? i think senators will have a lot of questions for him. >> james: ab. >> this is not good news for president trump and congressional republicans who hoped that they would tell him he can testify on capitol hill. they might have gotten it without revelations but now they
1:50 am
have this to dread. it's really hard for them to get back to the agenda. >> james: charles, we have seen director comey testify quite a bit in recent months. is he an effective witness? >> him he will the most anticipated witness since 1986-1987. the big question republicans will have, that you have the feeling when the president spoke to you about the flynn investigation that this was improper or even obstruction? if you did, then why didn't you resign? that's going to be the hard question. all the others will be softballs. from democrats trying to indict the president. >> james: we will look forward to testimony from the fbi director james comey sometimes after memorial day in open session before the senate intelligence committee. now to our lightning round. we want to hear from the man at
1:51 am
the center of the news, always when the news is focused on the ecuadorian embassy in london, julian assange. >> while today was an important victory, and a way of indication, the road is far from over. the proper war is just commencing. >> james: charles, when julian assange talks about the proper war just commencing, do you think he has actual foot soldiers in this country? >> he obviously had contacts like chelsea manning. i don't think it matters now because he's out there, hanging a shingle. it's interesting that he says he is at war with the u.s. he is. we ought to treat him as an enemy. if chelsea manning work released, he said he would come
1:52 am
and stand trial. i bet you he never comes. >> james: lisa, will we ever see julian assange behind bars? >> i hope so. if you disagree with the tactics he takes commence legal problems don't stop here. unfortunately his legal problems don't stop there. >> james: ab i want to come to you next subject. let's hear from two prominent members from different parties. >> regarding tax reform -- beyond this year, our goal and i feel very competent we will meet this goal is 2017. i think we are making good progress. >> as long as the shadows are hanging over the president's head, in this administration, it's really difficult for democrats to really work independently on issues like tax reform. >> james: ab, i don't want to be accusatory again and say you are a wagering person but if you
1:53 am
were a betting person, would you bet that tax reform would be done and assigned by the end of this calendar year? >> no. the speaker is giving himself quite a challenge to say right now that this can be done at the end of 2017. unless a scaled-down tax reform to just a tax cut and they don't go after the rest of the challenges and rewriting of the code. that's going to be an enormously heavy left and under any circumstances, i think they want to do it. it's what unites them. they feel an urgency. to be sure. but it's very hard to say they're going to face their budget deadline and the fight that will ensue over that by christmas. >> james: last comment on tax reform in the calendar year, charles. are you rejiggering your tax because you anticipate there will be reform?
1:54 am
>> i have stopped the rejiggering because it ain't going to happen. >> james: if you are inclined to take tax advice from charles krauthammer, as i am, you just heard there will not be tax reform this year. the republicans on capitol hill obviously feel different about that. if you want to stick around for this when we come back, our illustrious panel will give us our winners and losers of the week. if they don't give the names of people i think were the biggest names, they will hear from me as
1:55 am
1:56 am
♪ pressure. i feel it everyday. but at night, it's the last thing on my mind. for 10 years my tempur-pedic has adapted
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to my weight and shape, relieving pressure points from head to toe. so i sleep deeply and wake up ready to perform. ♪ now through june 11th, save $600 when you buy select tempur-pedic adjustable mattress sets. find your exclusive retailer at >> james: time now as every friday evening for winners and losers. >> my winter is bret baier son, pallbearer -- just to have his ninth successful angioplasty. stomach surgery and three heart surgeries. he's a fighter of a special kind
1:58 am
and we are all thrilled to hear the news for amy, paul, and by >> james: indeed. >> and the lures are -- being used as shields against political pain. jim comey, 6'8", tried to hide behind curtains do not have a hug with donald trump. sean spicer giving briefings amid the bushes. i'm worried about the antique furniture. >> this shows your flair with interior design. lisa boothe? >> my winter is trey gowdy who is the front runner to take the oversight committee. my loser is anthony weiner. i don't know if i need to say any more than that. he's my loser who was going to have to register as a sex offender and who is also facing jail time. so enjoy that. speed 21 a tragedy, probably. >> hr mcmaster, the security
1:59 am
advisor on the night of the report of trump spilling secrets to the russians. he was one of several trotted out to say the story was false. the next day, he is contradicted by trump who says he's within his rights to say what he said, implying that he did say the story was true. mcmaster holds a press conference the next day. we have to reconcile the irreconcilable's. it was a sad sight for a man who has an -- my winner is robert mueller. the chief investigator for the probe. he is the man who is in charge with a mandate to investigate essentially anything and it is politically untouchable, cannot be fired. technically he can come up politically he can't. he's the most powerful man.
2:00 am
>> james: the real winners, you all know them. john, paul, george, ringo, the beatles channel having debuted on everyone. hannity is up next. >> sean: thanks to all my friends on "the five" another great show. this is hannity. breaking news friday night. president trump now traveling for his first overseas trip as commander-in-chief. we will check in with dr. sebastian gorka. he will have reaction. also tonight juan williams, jay sekulow, byron george, joe coverage that, lisa booth, austan goolsbee all coming up. first the past two weeks have been nothing like we have ever seen before in american history. president trump has been attacked with lies and innuendo, late day news dumps, anonymous sources, bretless hyper ventilating reporting. i will explain exactly what the president is up against. this is important. we put it all together in tonight's opening monologue. ♪ ♪