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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  May 20, 2017 7:30am-8:01am PDT

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muslim leaders and what you will see in terms of variance from what you saw under obama where obama in his famous speech to cairo put the onus on america's shoulders to change its behavior. from donald trump you will see him putting it on moderate muslim government to change the way they approach extremists for bastardize in their religion and causing violence all over the world. >> the dangerous world we have been living in when it comes to terrorism and isis, we can't tell you how many times we reported on another terrorist attack and unsettled every single day about the fight against terror, how we get it right. when you see these two together, donald trump and the president
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of saudi arabia -- the king of saudi arabia, how much comfort do that given terms of what the future holds, do we work to saudi arabia? >> what is the broad strategy against islamic extremism? one key piece is educating and empowering girls and women. look around the world, women are empowered in civil society and politics, extremism doesn't thrive. we need a powerful alliance with the saudis but we need to hold them accountable and have serious discussions about this one hobby form of islam they push around the world. they made strides around their government but need to make it within their society as well. one thing that was lost in the coverage is then announcement secretary matus made from the pentagon friday that we are going to accelerate donald trump's accelerating the fight against isis as we will not seek to just push them out of locations, we seek to annihilate them. that position of strength will sell well in the middle east.
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>> the military in that region, the strategic location of the bases we have, the argument usama bin laden used, our presence in saudi arabia was the reason he launched the attack on 9/11 to get the infidels out of our backyard so to speak. this is affirming up of that relationship, stronger presence of the united states in that region. >> not only is it a relationship with the saudi government, donald trump will be meeting with the gcc government, our good friends, bahrain, realignment of the united states, traditional relationships we had for decades and decades, aligning them not necessarily in an alliance but
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shifting them towards israel where they are working against iran and that is critical. >> some heads exploding in manhattan who thought donald trump is anti-muslim, the muslim been, how can he be received this way in saudi arabia by the keeper of the holy shrines of islam. explain what so many people missed as to why saudi arabia is welcoming him when he had harsh rhetoric on the campaign trail. >> the saudis and other governments, egyptians and other allies realize we are making a distinction between muslims who would warp and misinterpret and use the religion of islam to
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recruit and follow their own agenda versus the broader muslim community. donald trump understands that but what he was looking to do was tighten down some of our screening of people coming into the united states. i don't think there is a lot of daylight. don't know why heads would be exploding, there are folks calling it what it is, extremist versions of islam the people are taking advantage of. >> when this trip is said and done what needs to come out of it for people to call it a successful trip? >> the underlying theme aside from taking a firm stand against iran is america is not withdrawing anymore. you will see this from saudi arabia to israel to the meeting with our nato allies. what date america will pick up and go home from president obama. if you think about it the saudis
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saw us back away from our traditional ally in egypt, knockoff qaddafi and leave a total vacuum for other extremists to take over, walk out of -- for the iranians to step in and date after date from where the united states was going to leave afghanistan. you are going to see the theme that america is back. some parameters for the relationship, one of which as allies you need to step up, monetarily in the case of nato allies. one more point, i hope as a veteran that somewhere in their donald trump is able to stop into iraq and see our troops. there is a war going on. these trips are never announced but i would be thrilled as a veteran if he could squeeze that in.
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>> thanks for your analysis. some political angles, evan 6 read is joining us. we spoke to karl rove about an opportunity to turn the page. you get the wind in your back when you come to the united states and get off twitter, stop talking about russia and focus on the agenda. do you agree or disagree? >> carl is correct. this is an opportunity to change the narrative, he needs to come out with many successes that he already has with this agreement being signed right now and show he has done something with israel, the vatican and the g-7. that is something the president and his team could turn around and say this investigation is going on, we are focusing on real issues, they don't care if
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there is a special counsel but whether the cost of healthcare gets lower. they care whether people are going to be safe at home. that is where the president needs to show he is working. >> he uses his twitter account to go around the media. the new york times and washington post release two stories as air force one was taking off, time to make sure this scandal doesn't go away. what should be his strategy to get beyond an opposition party fighting every single day? >> stop giving them oxygen. there's something going on in the white house where it has gone past the intelligence community or other aspects that are deeply entrenched that are leaking. interfax and rivalries are causing leaks especially what he said to the russian foreign minister because that came from the white house and sean spicer acknowledged it happened and he needs to sit his staff down and say this stops right now. we are here to do a job for the
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american people. this is the same games as usual, start promoting yourself, you work for me, if you don't like it get out. >> republican colleagues and lawmakers that haven't seemed to say much about what is going on. they are thinking about themselves and winning but how important is it for the republican party to rally behind their president? >> party since the president took office has a weird relationship where the president and congressional republicans have not felt comfortable like it is a natural fit yet and they were starting to find that stride until things happened where republicans looked at the poll numbers and severity of accusations and said we need to protect ourselves the democrats will be in power in 2018 and they will be ramming bills down our throats none of us once. >> we had corey lewandowski
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mentioning that point, republicans need to stand behind their president, listen to what he said. >> republicans need to be unified in supporting the president. what we see, his sharpest critics including nancy pelosi and others, there's nothing to this investigation, no proof of collusion anywhere. why they appointed an individual to look into this i don't understand. republicans should be unified, focus on the president's agenda, getting $1 trillion infrastructure spending. >> press the reset button across the board. >> anything would be an excuse to press the reset button. this trip will get donald trump away from the vast majority of the american press so he won't give them as much ammunition to attack him. if he can focus on the detailed
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plan, that will get some drama free days. that has been snowballing the last few weeks. >> life images of the president walking out of that ceremony, his family, his -- the saudi monarchy. as soon as we get it we will go to mike pence in pennsylvania. on the political side the american people may see their president in battle, they hear these headlines, when they see images of donald trump what ammunition does that give, what political capital can he get, send down to be leader for the country. >> it projects the image that there is some chaos going on, i did the serious job you elected me to do and he could pivot and
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say these are the results i achieved on his 9-day foreign trip and that is different from what is talked about among the media. >> we expect and on camera briefing from rex tillerson at 11:00 eastern. we bring you that as well. mike pence sitting down, megan smith was chosen by her classmates to give a speech at the commencement address. >> should we expect anything from the vice president or down the middle? >> he will offer what everybody offers at a commencement address. talk about what that road is
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going to go? tell them sometimes it might be hard and you might get knocked down but how you get up matters. most wants to hear that message, it is a special time, a time to have the president of the united states addressing it. >> he is speaking in grove city, pennsylvania. their motto is because faith and freedom matter, something we have seen that is unique with his administration, we saw recently with donald trump at liberty university's they are not afraid to touch faith, they are not afraid to go there. >> there is nothing wrong with touching faith which i wish democrats and even some republicans would agree with that. there are ways in which faith has promoted people in value and morality and compassion that every american whether they are religious or not should understand and embrace. when you touch messages of faith, you show more compassion. >> rex tillerson at 11 am. maybe we won't hear from the president first, we would hear
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from the secretary of state. >> the foreign minister of saudi arabia speaking together. >> is an interesting we will hear from the secretary of state, what do you like to hear from rex tillerson? >> he will talk about partnership between the united states and saudi arabia. we need to go forward in the 21st century to confront radical islamic terrorism, isis, help stabilize the world and push back against iran with its nuclear ambition and make sure the iran deal to the extent it can be enforced is enforced and prevent iran from taking drastic action and solve the crisis in syria. >> you anticipate questions about that deal. whether they are issuing a statement, if the press gets a question any chance the question is about the saudi arabia deal?
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>> no way. it will go to something thousands of miles away. >> james comey first question. >> he is so in touch with the iranian deal it is a no-brainer. the press corps will ask rex tillerson if there are questions about this trip. they are talking about donald trump, tillerson is in no way, shape or form able are qualified to discuss the past two weeks. he is there to stabilize the region and talk about keeping syria safe and show that we can help alleviate the pressure building up in the middle east and find everlasting peace. >> the left side of the screen the motorcade in regard, saudi arabia with donald trump and on the right mike pence about to give a commencement speech at grove city college, megan smith tyler, texas was chosen to speak by her fellow classmates. how cool to say you introduced
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the vice president of the united states. >> two screens, places where energy has played an enormous role in world history, such a dominant part, technology advanceds and exploration, have reshuffled that deck as well. >> this moment in time we are not in debt to saudi arabia anymore. as charles payne pointed out this is an opportunity for saudi arabia to lean on us instead of us leaning on some for oil. they need skyscrapers, the resources we can export to that country. >> it is a good thing saudi arabia is coming to us and asking for help. that is good for the american
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economy, to sell goods that create jobs in saudi arabia and the united states. >> the left side of the screen, the signing of the economic deal, $110 billion, a moment in history, think about this time in history with what is going on in saudi arabia. we don't talk about rex tillerson because donald trump has given him a role and he is about to speak at 11:00 eastern time. he is in every meeting with the president when everyone is visiting our country and the president is relying on him to help him navigate these relationships. >> rex tillerson served as secretary of state, he knows
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what to do to have conversations with world leaders. the president hasn't done that and that is a net positive for the president. >> we will keep our eye on the president's trip in saudi arabia, some closed door meetings now. he will meet with prince and the deputy prince in their 30s who are the future of this country. the king is 81 years old, reports of his illness, wasn't moving very fast as they walked down the tarmac. we bring the vice president's speech in a few minutes but we monitor developments out of saudi arabia this morning and we thank evan for joining us. thank you for your analysis and on the political front. >> this is a college based on faith. mike pence, a man of faith will
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talk about that. he talked about the power of prayer and the president and his administration going to jerusalem, the western wall, ramallah, the vatican. faith front and center. if you want to get to the heart of issues facing the country in the world today it comes down to those core beliefs. how much does it inform what you do? does your belief become radical and how to put the genie back in the box, this president going after radical islamic terrorism. rather than nip around the margins he goes straight into it. >> megan smith was the chosen speakers introduce the vice president, she spoke about fellowship, prayer, love. the vice president going up to the podium. [applause]
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>> thank you all. president mcnulty, mister chairman and board of trustees, the distinguished members of this faculty, family and friends that are gathered here, join me in offering our congratulations to the largest graduating class in the history of grove city college, the great class of 2017. [applause]
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>> a joy to be with you today. i look across this gathering and the 606 men and women of accomplishment, character and great promise. today is a day of appreciation especially for all those who believed in you and saw you through many of whom are here today, your friends, teachers and wonderful family. let me say on behalf of moms and dads, one of the proudest moments of their lives too. i have been a governor and now i am vice president of the united states. the most important job i will ever hold is husband and father of the three wonderful kids.
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[applause] >> she has been mentioned already but my wife is the second lady of the united states of america. join me in welcoming karen pe e pence. [applause] >> we are the proud parents of three amazing kids, one of whom joined the ranks of college graduate this past month so i know firsthand that while today is an accomplishment for all of you in cap and gowns it is just as much an accomplishment from your families. you will be able to walk across this stage. your parents and your loved ones, foundation of love, they encouraged you, prayed for you and in most cases signed a lot
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of checks, before we go one step further, class of 2017, go ahead and stand up, turn around, catch the eye of a loved one and show how thankful you are for all the support that made this day possible. [applause] >> it is especially meaningful for me to have the opportunity to address graduates, for more than 140 years, fostered an identity of independence. a college that literally rose to national prominence by standing firm for the principles on which it was founded. in 1876, the shadow of a new birth of american freedom secured by the fires of the civil war, grove city college
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was founded. to preserve that freedom that was defended and wrought through a program of intellectual, moral and spiritual education capable of pushing civilization forward on every frontier. the beginning of the 1980s, grove city college refused federal funding defending its position before the supreme court of the united states of america and grove city college is one of only a few colleges to refuse all federal funding. [applause] >> let me say to the graduates that are here. the diploma that you will receive today was minted in an institution of principle and independence and you can be proud of it for the rest of your
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lives. [applause] >> you received an education in facts and figures and principled leadership grounded in faith and freedom. those who have stood where you stand left this place to become leaders in their communities, leaders in faith and industry and public life and now their legacy will become your legacy. it hasn't been handed to you. you earned that today. you read the books and passed the test and probably pulled a few all nighters and now you are ready to add your voice to the chorus. as the bible says to whom much is given much will be required. i believe you leave here today with one respect - one particular response ability. that is what i came here to tell you. you leave here with a
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responsibility to lead. all of you without exception are called to be leaders no matter where you go from here. some will walk in the fields of faith whether business chins diminish missions, pastoring or countering, many wanted psychology and industry where you will use your mind and hands to turn dreams into reality. some of you will choose the path of law, justice, to write great wrongs, heal the sick in medicine. some of you may choose a career in public life and a brave few may step forward to protect our families and communities in the uniform of law enforcement or the armed forces of the united states. your past may be different but i would offer you today that the same call of leadership falls on each of your shoulders.
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to be leaders, i have a few thoughts. first, to be leaders you must inspire those around you in every walk of life. people follow people they respect. first and foremost you must aspire to be men and women of character. secondly, leadership, not selfish ambition, must be the animating force of the career that lies before you. it is written whoever would be first of all must be certain of all. your education these past we 4 years has prepared you to lead. you hold with you all that you need to leave this place and succeed. all you need to add to it is courage. cs lewis said memorably the courage was not one of the
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virtues. it was a form of every virtue as a testing point. if you aspire to lead you will need courage. leadership brings both honor and opposition. anyone who dreams big will encounter those who think small. anyone who dares to step forward will find those who would rather is a stay put. anyone who thinks they can will always hear from those who are sure they can't. you need look no further than a friend of mine is an example of leadership and perseverance. the 45th president of the united states of america, donald trump. [applause] >> since the first day of our administration and the great tradition of this college are president has been freeing the
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economy by rolling back the heavy hand of big government, expanding education opportunities for the most disadvantaged children, and restoring safety to our streets and i can't tell you how proud i am to be a vice president to a president who understands without apology for the sanctity of life and all the god-given liberties in the constitution of the united states. the president said a week ago in a ceremony just like this, quote, nothing worth doing ever came easy. following your convictions means face criticism from those who lack the courage to do it right. i say to the graduates here today don't fear criticism, have
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the humility to listen to it, most importantly push through. persistence is the key, never quit on your dreams. dreams may be deferred but they can never be abandoned. let my own small life be an example to you graduates. my calling from the time i was old enough to remember was public life. i grew up in a small town in southern indiana. my grandfather immigrated to this country from the land of ireland. one of the heroes of my youth then and now is president john f. kennedy, when i was a kid, john f. kennedy's grandfather came from ireland, serving in washington dc, maybe i could too so i did what so many of you
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have done, worked hard, pursued my dreams and when i was not much older than those of you at this graduation i came to public office for the first time. now president mcnulty left this part out of the biography. i ran for congress of the united states twice before i was elected the third time. i ran in 1988, met my second favorite presidents, ronald reagan when i was a young man and candidate.


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