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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 20, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> remember, if you have your own hit or miss be sure to tweet it to us. that is it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to you for watching. we hope to see you here next week. hello everyone i am gregg jarrett welcome to "america's news headquarters". >> and the president wrapping up a visit in saudi arabia. the first official trip overseas ahead of a highly anticipated speech happening tomorrow on radical ideology. we are live. comey agreed to testify about the russian investigation in a congressional appearance after new details emerged about his
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meetings with the president. >> also the armenian president reelected this weekend by a wide margin. what this could mean for the stability of the middle east and for us national security. "america's news headquarters" starts right now. >> we begin with president trump historic international trip to saudi arabia. rolling out the red carpet to welcome the president, it is the first stop of a nine-day tour will take him through the middle east and into europe. mr. trump putting his dealmaking skills on display 70 $110 billion arms package with saudi arabia. that deal will deliver combat ships, tanks and more to the persian gulf ally. it will help strengthen the military in a volatile region. the chief chris - correspondent in saudi arabia.
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john? quest yes, it is 1 o'clock in the morning here greg. good morning to you from saudi arabia. i think by most accounts the first foreign trip was very successful. these things can be fraught with peril. the closest he came to a full pot today was when he began to drink tea with his left hand. then switched over to his right hand. very important in the muslim world to eat and drink with your right hand. look it up if you want to know the reasons why. despite criticism with the president he ostracized the world with his rhetoric during the election campaign, he is very popular here getting a royal welcome from the moment he touched down. at the airport when the king came out in 100 degree heat on the red carpet to welcome the president and the first lady. the big event that you mentioned and we will go to more detail is this arms deal. the exact amount is $109 billion.
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he will include tanks, personnel carriers, helicopters, ships and a missile system. the goal is to help saudi arabia become a stronger source in the region than it already is. this is rex tillerson, secretary of state.>> i think it is sending a very strong message to our enemies. there is a bond between us and there is no pathway forward and it will guide our path forward. at the core of our expanding relationship really are the shared security interests. america's security at home is strengthened when saudi arabia's security is strong as well. >> the president literally besieged by venues at home. this was a welcome diversion for him. you can see him dancing the traditional dance called the - before a banquet in his honor at the big palace here. in downtown riyadh along with the king, the saudi leader.
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to hear the saudi's teller this trip has completely turned around and repaired the relationship between the united states and saudi arabia. here is the foreign minister. >> this is a truly historic summit. this is a turning point in the relationship that will take it from a strategic relationship and partnership towards a -- teacher of partnership and relationship. >> tomorrow morning saudi arabia time, or tomorrow afternoon saudi arabia time, it his tomorrow morning new york time. they will have a talk about islam, terrorism and the need to combat radical extremism in the ideology that fuels terrorism. so that really commented it was really about circumstance and signing deals that were already in place.
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tomorrow will be the first real test the president's power abroad. we will see how he does. >> and the language he uses we wait and see. john thomas tried to get some sleep there. he is past 1:00 a.m.. we appreciate that. john robertson saudi arabia. >> thanks gregg. >> meanwhile as the president tried to turn the page on the russian investigation, format the director james comey is heading back to capitol hill agreeing to testify publicly before the senate intelligence committee. the decision just days after he was fired by the president. garrett tenney is live in washington with details. >> lawmakers have a lot of questions were james comey. certainly on the occasions into russia's election meddling. and also about some of the related controversy that have come out of the past couple of weeks. one of the foremost among this is a report by the new york times this week that back in february the president asked then director james comey to
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and the investigation into michael flynn. that report comes from a personal memo that james comey wrote shortly after the meeting and fox news learned that it is one of many that james comey wrote following his meetings with the president. several lawmakers are pointing out that james comey never mentioned this or concerns when he testified last month on capitol hill. >> i remember back just a short while ago he certainly indicated he had not been pressured at all by the white house. relative to the russian probe. i hope he is not changing his tone there because he has already said that he was not pressured. so we will have to see what he says. i think we have to take some of this with a grain of salt because he is trying to protect his legacy to some extent. >> the white house is also now now dealing with a report by the times earlier this month during a meeting in the oval office. he said he relieved pressure on himself with the rest
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investigation by firing james comey. in a statement last night democratic senator warner who is the vice chairman of the senate intelligence committee released a statement saying in part i hope that former director james comey's testimony will help answer some of the questions i have risen since the director comey was so suddenly dismissed by the president. we are told that mr. comey's hearing will likely take place after memorial day. several lawmakers have pointed out that that could still change given that newly appointed special counsel mother will be interested in these conversations as well for his own investigation. >> thank you garrett. >> connecticut senator lieberman considered the president's favorite and the search for the next director of the fbi. the senate democrats are already speaking out against the former colleague calling him a career politician. we have more from washington. >> joe lieberman is leading the
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pack to replace fired fbi director james comey. that is according to the president himself. the president told reporters he is leaning towards retired senators from connecticut democrats are not exactly thrilled with the idea. >> i think it's a mistake to nominate anyone has ever run for office. this is a moment where we need a law enforcement professional that never campaigned for a presidential candidate. never campaigned for office. never wore a party label to head the fbi. >> bernie sanders is strongly speaking against it in a statement that he said quote - senator lieberman's political history and his extreme views on a number of issues would make him a very contentious and divisive nominee. that is not what we need now for the next fbi director. when it comes to picking a new fbi director, many on the left and right have said it needs to be a nonpolitical path. but senator john mccain told
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reporters he would be happy with lieberman because he feels lieberman has more experience than most. congressman peter king -- >> he was chairman and also attorney general and i do not consider lieberman a politician. i think both parties, he is totally independent. >> ultimately is the senate to vote and confirm the fbi director. other candidates are andrew mccabe, the governor frank - and richard mcnealy. donald trump interviewed all for the white house this week. lieberman served three terms as a democrat and one as an independent. he caucused with democrats but in 2008 through his support behind a republican. then presidential candidate, john mccain. he spoke at the gop convention much to the frustration of very democrats. >> thank you so much. >> iran's president sealed the deal on his reelection.
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the election largely seen as a referendum. his push for greater freedom at home and further outreach to the rest of the world. we have more now from jerusalem. john? >> the president won his reelection with 57 percent of the vote. district 7/10 voters taken senate consent of the 56 million voters. the big day, a big election, a big turnout with big challenges ahead for the iranian president. >> rouhani called his victory for freedom and independence. he is seen as a reformed and liberal minded leader peers of his victory is for those that want more freedom within the country and better relations with the rest of the world. he absolutely has many challenges ahead such as reducing the country's high unemployment rate and dealing
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with iran's hardline elements. >> today the world knows with fiorini nation -- our nation wants to live in this world and friendship. >> otherworldliness of certain weary of that. today's saudi arabia secretary of state rex tillerson gave president rouhani somewhat of a to do list. if you really want to change the relationship with the world. such as dismantling their network of terrorism and the funding. >> we want them to put an end to the ballistic missile tests. we also hope that he restores the rights of iranians. the freedom of speech, the freedom of organization. so that iranians can live the life that they deserve. >> president rouhani talked about friendship but he also added perhaps someone every morning released a tough talk that iran is known for saying that his country is also not ready to be quote - belittled and threatened.
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>> john huddy in jerusalem. thank you. >> back here at home new orleans, removing the city's fourth and final confederate that you. onlookers chairing as they tore down the monument of robert e lee. city council approving the removals back in 2015. everywhere it was proposed by the mayor. >> fired fbi director james comey ready to face lawmakers yet again. he agreed to testify publicly about the investigation into russia's election interference. pennsylvania congressman charlie dent is here to weigh in on that and it is just about 1:00 a.m. local time in riyadh saudi arabia and john roberts told us. the president is likely sleeping off the very busy day that we just spoke about. how might the president follow his historic day tomorrow? we will check into it.>> the united states of america came to saudi arabia, where
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robert muller as a special counsel no overseeing immersion investigation.
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his appointment comes after james comey was fired as fbi director. amid new revelations that james comey will testify publicly about the ongoing probe. now pennsylvania congressman charlie dent and a member of house appropriations committee. good to have you here. >> thank you for having me on the program. >> absolutely! let's start with comey. what will you be on the lookout for when he testifies, giving his version of events? what questions do you want to have answered? >> i think what everyone would like to have answered is what was actually said between the president and james comey. you know, was there a truth to the statement? i would suspect questions would be asked of james comey about the original meeting. where they, where donald trump i guess had made some suggestions in the mr. comey wrote this down in a memo.
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we want to basically establish facts. that is what we want to do. that is a key issue. >> without any recorded version of what happened you think we will get the truth other than he said he said? >> well, we might. the fact that the fbi director wrote this in a memo immediately after the meeting, i think it is important. i think that is a meeting with a talk about easy movie on michael flynn. i think that is something we have to really, we have to get to the bottom of this and find out what was actually said between the two. if it is a he said, he said situation but we are talking about the former director fbi who has enormous credibility. and as a man to be taken very seriously. >> enough republican immigrants alike -- republicans and democrats alike will be listening. -- >> the fact, there is a certain
3:19 pm
inevitability to establishing investigation after firing james comey.i think now that a special counsel has been appointed, appointed by mr. rosenstein who was an appointee of president trump, i think that to a large degree does provide a certain amount of political independence. and i do have confidence that the director muller, former director muller will be able to run this investigation professionally, expeditiously. i think he will follow the facts and establish the truth and let the chips fall where they may. >> minority leader nancy pelosi saying she wants to see a full independent commission. but you are saying i think i am hearing you saying, that mr. moeller is the right person for the job and can get the job done. >> what i am saying is this, again, i felt that there was an inevitability to some part of independent investigation that
3:20 pm
i thought - nothing special counsel has been appointed, i think we have to let them do their work. by the way i served as chairman of the house ethics committee and i was involved with some very sensitive investigations. as was mike conway who is now the house intelligence investigation on a russian matter. and i will tell you, are there going to be times were members of congress are going to have to actually communicate with the justice department because when i was chairman of the ethics committee there were times that the justice department would have asked me and my committee to deferred on a certain matter or investigation. congress was on no obligation to do so but we often did. we had those kind of request that would come. those are the kind of issue that we will have to watch as members of congress when our investigation may conflict or overlap with justice and a special prosecutor i should
3:21 pm
say. this time i want to make sure that there is an ability to d conflict if we need to. there has to be some level of cooperation and coordination so we do not compromise either investigation. >> center grants is with the special counsel pointed and having an investigation into the russia, senator graham saying that they took the combustion on any sort of hearing. request i think it is a bit more challenging. let's remember what this is about. we're trying to determine if there was any collusion between the campaign and the russians during the election. what we do know is that they clearly meddled in the election. they tried to harm a candidate. i think that is an established fact and we all understand that your question is there collusion? and i do know that the congressional investigators
3:22 pm
have a more challenging task now that there is a special counsel engaged. but i believe that we can work through these issues and you will see these investigations moving on parallel tracks. as it should be. but you will have to be very careful. >> congressman, a rush to judgment is not good for long do you anticipate it will take for a thorough investigation and how much do you think the public has to wait for answers? and can congress get anything done while these motion investigations are in progress? >> to answer your first question i do not know how long it will take. sometimes these can take on an life of their own. i am concerned about disruptions we have seen. not to mention exhausting.but i'm very concerned that we are, that for congress to focus on the american people, if we are consumed with this. i've spent the last few days
3:23 pm
just answer questions from reporters on this russian situation. note there is a special counsel maybe it will abate a bit. believe important work to do! we have to do to issues like tax reform, and to the extent that there is a political -- this is making our lives more difficult and complicated. >> congressman charlie dent thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> the president's trip abroad making a big test of his foreign-policy chops. dozens of meetings are planned with world leaders, itinerary, he is carefully planned around one key element. the former us ambassador of saudi arabia will be joining us live in just a moment to talk about it. and helping our nation's heroes condition from the battlefield to business.
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president trump on his first trip abroad since becoming commander-in-chief.the nine-day tour including five stops here in saudi arabia, israel, the vatican, a couple of other locations and all of them deeply meaningful. 23 of the world's major religions. ambassador robert jordan, former us ambassador to saudi arabia, diplomat and resident of southern methodist university, author of the book desert diplomat, great pleasure to have you with us ambassador. thank you for being here.>> hi gregg. you were just a saudi arabia. i wonder if they are pleased that the president's name is trump and not obama? >> i think the best thing that the president has going for him right now gregg is that he is not barack obama. but the saudi's are extremely
3:29 pm
excited about this trip. you see flags lining the streets.alternately saudi american flags. you see billboards with the president's picture on them next to a picture of the king. they have high expectations for not only the trip but i think for the rekindling of a relationship that has been very important to them since 1945. >> you know mr. trump will be making a very important speech on islam and as we understand the need to more effectively confront radical ideology. what do you think he needs to say? >> i think he needs to point out that the islamic faith is a legitimate respectable faith. and that those who commit terrorist acts in the name of islam are deviance and are really not properly representing the islamic faith. this is certainly what the studies will tell you as well. >> there is a commonality of purpose. i think among the united states, the saudi's, and
3:30 pm
israelis. talk to us about that. >> you know when i was ambassador 15, 16 years ago. the saudi stuff that everything wrong with the world was the fault of the israelis. now they believe i think that everything wrong with the world is the fault of iran. there is been a shift in their view into the evil actors are in the world. israel and the saudi's and the americans right now have this common adversary. i think it is bringing them closer together. the salaries are much more willing to deal with israelis and terms of common defense. business, common attitudes toward the region. i think they have been more so now than in many years. >> how significant is this $350 billion military agreement that we have with saudi arabia? >> some of it was put into motion under president obama of course.
3:31 pm
i think it is quite significant in several ways. first of all, it continues to provide jobs for americans. we keep production lines going open. at some of the defense contractors because the saudi's are that their largest purchase of military hardware in the world. during the mid-1980s we kept a production line at mcdonald douglas open in st. louis because the salaries were buying f-15s from them. so i think from an economic job standpoint, it is very significant. it is also significant in terms of the relationship because the more that you are interdependent with each other on the military operations, the interoperability of this hardware and the systems make it very difficult to convert over to some other brand five, 10 years down the line. so this assures a lengthy period of continual reliance of american technology and american hardware. the further point i think is the salaries are very intense
3:32 pm
on developing their own manufacturing capacity to build some of the systems and some of the hardware themselves. my guess is, there is an element to these contracts that will allow some of the saudi manufacturing to occur under the supervision and training of some of these american military contractors. >> i mentioned this as i introduced you. what is the significance of three of the countries that the president chose to go to in his first venture overseas? >> these are the three abraham religions if you will of the world. christians jews and muslims all read from essentially the same scriptures in many ways. almost word for word. i can recall when senator joe lieberman came to saudi arabia. they started sharing verses from the koran and the torah
3:33 pm
that and forth to each other. they were almost word for word. there is so much in common in terms of the religions that i think it is significant for president trump that he has chosen to essentially pay homage to each of them in the first trip abroad. >> and president trump will be meeting with the palestinian president. disputed territory obviously of which the president and that he would broker a deal to end the conflict. he has been accused of being nacve. is he? >> well, if so, every president over the last 30 or 40 years has been equally nacve because they have all thought they could bring peace to the middle east.i think it is worth a try. perhaps his unique brand of salesmanship can be effective. particularly along with his son-in-law jared kushner, who knows. i do think the conditions are more favorable right now. because of the common interests that are emerging.
3:34 pm
>> ambassador, always a great pleasure to have you with us. good talking to you. >> thank you.>> just a reminder to all reviewers, the president trump on his first overseas trip. we have complete coverage. we invite you to tune in tomorrow for chris wallace's exclusive interview with rex tillerson about the president's trip to the middle east. chris will be talking with senator john mccain about the trip as well as the appointment of special counsel robert muller to investigate. >> today is armed forces day. the day that we honor those who wear the uniform and keeping us safe. keeping with the spirit we are looking at one nonprofit group helping our veterans transitioning out of the military by pairing them with mentors and major companies across the country. laura angle is live from a newsroom. what can you tell us? >> it is a great story could thousands of veterans when only the military every year and one
3:35 pm
of their main challenges of returning home is how to land a good job that can also be a lasting career. transitioning into the corporate world can be very stressful for those used to a life in the military. which is why army reservist smith jumped at the chance to be a mentor in a program provided by american corporate partners or acp. they match mentors with the veterans skill set. >> working on district deadlines and also learning how to huge -- i think those are the biggest transitions i have taken from the military and they have been instrumental and giving us tips and tricks on how to navigate the corporate landscape and just being the best professional i can be. >> acp is a nonprofit group assisting veterans all across the country. each veteran here is teamed up with a mentor from all areas. from texaco and coca-cola even fox news parent company 21st
3:36 pm
century fox. this customized mentorship program was built using the big brothers and big sisters concept. except in this case, the little brother might be a 250 pound marine sergeant looking for work. something that both the acp and its mentors say is an idea that is working. >> for every veteran, the only requirement is that you have to -- we never turn anyone down. >> we want to hire employees that have the skills that veterans have. performing under pressure, creativity, teamwork. working with diverse teams, working in situation where maybe not all of the information is complete. >> currently the program has 2700 participants with the average starting salary in the program, people coming out entering an impressive $70,000 a year. you can apply online. >> a very good program and much needed.
3:37 pm
thank you for that story. >> a day of thrills turning down right frightening after a roller coaster stops dead in his truck leaving people stranded 100 feet in the air. details, coming a newly appointed special counsel overseeing the investigation into russian interference. but that is not all he is being asked to do. our next guest is giving us some insight, ahead. people would ask me in different countries that we traveled, what is your nationality and i would always answer hispanic. so when i got my ancestry dna results it was a shocker.
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not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> today marks the beginning of an ambitious nine-day international tour for president trump. enjoyed with dozens of meetings with world leaders. he is becoming the first american president to make saudi arabia the first stop on an international tour. it is a gesture of goodwill and respect after his harsh campaign rhetoric against muslims. secretary of state rex tillerson accompanying the
3:42 pm
president on his trip. >> the core of our expanding relationship really are our shared security interests. america's security at home is strengthened when saudi arabia has strong security as well. >> the secretary tillerson also confirming america's commitment to fight terrorism in the region as well as around the world. tomorrow president trump will deliver a speech on radical ideology and his hopes for a peaceful islam. bill carried out live tomorrow at 9:15 am eastern time right here on fox news channel. >> 86 nigerian schoolgirls recently freed from the terrorist program around. no reunited with their families after more than three years in captivity. another 113 remain missing. eight people rescued from a new roller coaster at six flags in arlington texas. after the ride stopped on upper area of the track. the last writer was safely
3:43 pm
removed just before dawn today. fortunately, no injuries reported. no word on what caused the malfunction. and the popular younger sister, pippa middleton getting married today. -- >> the justice department any former fbi director robert muller to look into possible collusion between the trunk campaign with moscow and also russian interference with the election here while his appointment is receiving bipartisan support on capitol hill, the two top ranking house members cannot seem to agree on what should happen next.>> this is an investigation involving russia. involving another country interfering with our elections. and so the intelligence committee in my opinion is the
3:44 pm
best place for that. >> a special prosecutor cannot take the place of a truly independent outside commission. that is completely free from the trump administration meddling. >> joined me now is susan, chief conventional correspondent for the washington examiner. susan, let's talk about it. what will happen next and according to your reporting, what is the assessment of muller from both sides of the aisle?>> i think the person will have publicly perhaps is james comey, former fbi director the president fired earlier this month, he will testify in congress. this is the development that just happened yesterday. we were not sure if we were here from him. he was invited by the senate intelligence committee to talk to them publicly or privately and he decided he will do so. we may hear from him, he will be a very big development. because you know everyone wants to know about this memo that he, in which he said the president influence or tried to
3:45 pm
influence him to drop the investigation into the national security advisor michael flynn. that is the next big thing. as for mother who is not a prosecutor as nancy pelosi said, he is a special counsel. he will have several weeks to put the dishes together. staff it up. request the funding that he needs. so that is going to happen first. and then the investigation will start. what i expect will happen is that they will not be a lot from that because there is not, it will not filter through capitol hill. however, there are a lot of things happening on capitol hill. you just heard that sound bite where you played nancy pelosi. that is probably not going to happen. they're trying to push that on the floor with a bill that will create a special permission that not all of gop support for that. republicans i spoke to say they are not up for something right now like that. they feel former fbi director muller being had the special counsel here is enough now. that satisfies them. but there are all of these
3:46 pm
other investigations in congress that have already been up and running. we have the intelligence committee had just referenced, the judiciary committee and the house of interest in this. also of the house oversight committee also requesting all kinds of information about james comey's firing. and has asked him to come to testify. so has the senate judiciary committee. we have all of these investigations. it is not going away on capitol hill just because the special counsel has been appointed. >> a lot of things happening. but when you take stock and how things might pivot after we hear from mr. comey and preliminary findings, may be revealed perhaps no leak as you put the very least analysts will start to see how it is going. you think at that point things will calm down or will the chaotic wind surrounding this continue? >> i think it all depends what comes out. i have spoken to people on the intelligence committee and
3:47 pm
actually that have been looking at this. what we do not have right now are any real clear crime that the president has committed. we do not know about paul manifort, the former campaign director. some other people that had roles in the campaign. and what will that they are more connection they had. but as for donald trump himself, there has not been any real connection established that, it would probably have been leaked often or from what i hear from people on the intelligence committee, which is pretty unless something comes out like that i think it would be more of what we are hearing right now. republicans saying that there is no clear crime committed. and the democrats saying that we think there needs to be a special commission.this is a great issue for the democrats. for so many reasons because it calls into question whether the president is trustworthy, and also calls into question the legitimacy of the elections. it gets them off the hook hillary clinton so there is a
3:48 pm
lot in this for the democrats to keep this thing alive. it is very political for them. for a republican i think it would very much like it obviously to go away so they can get their agenda on capitol hill. but it is not going away. capitol hill this is all anybody is talking about. even though muller has now appointed over this and he's going to do this no-brainer capitol hill, the other investigations of the intelligence committee and the other committees are really keeping this thing alive on capitol hill. it is pretty much all that anybody is talking about right now. >> it seems that the political contention will not stop. will the tweets from the president stop with this? >> that is a good question! you are hearing about people trying to do an intervention with him to get him to put the phone down and stop tweeting. he certainly did not stop during the campaign when all of us were predicting that he might. he probably is not going to stop. i think really what's going to happen is that there will be a conclusion to some of the
3:49 pm
investigations and we will get some answers. when james comey arrives on capitol hill and we hear from him, there, that i think will be a pivotal moment. there are republicans who tell me that they think the tide could really turn against trump depending on what comey says. and what the information is. what the memo much he really believes the president tried to, when democrats are accusing him of doing, obstructing justice. we do not have solid evidence that appear to have anonymous materials we have democrats making a lot of claims. but we really do not know the facts. i think once they come out fully this thing does have a chance of fading away it donald trump really truly has no connection with russian operatives and really is completely unconnected with this. as he has pledged to be all along. he has always stated there is no connection between him and the russians. >> if that history will come
3:50 pm
out eventually and this can simply fade away. >> okay, we will all be watching. >> yes we will! >> susan ferrechio, always nice to see you. take care. >> rescue efforts underway in southern indiana flash floods swapping homes and businesses there. just ahead, how dangerous weather is not there anymore of the country. labels, and signs reminding everyone to think balance before choosing their beverages. we know you care about reducing the sugar in your family's diet, and we're working to support your efforts. more beverage choices. smaller portions. less sugar. essential for him, but maybe not for people with rheumatoid arthritis. because there are options. like an "unjection™". xeljanz xr. a once daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well.
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3:52 pm
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3:54 pm
southern indiana after ray leaves businesses and homes, look at that! happily underwater.sparking officials to declare a state of emergency in some areas. meteorologist adam is live with more. >> this is a wide system stretching onto the gulf of mexico. really centering and portions of southern indiana and kentucky and tennessee. all areas always a pretty nasty weather but it does spread out a bit. we've seen some turn is on the gulf coast popping up to the after hours and then heavy rain in the center of the country. that yellow area, that is an area that we are looking at a chance of severe thunderstorm will be very strong winds, heavy rain.
3:55 pm
we've seen some of the flooding already. it will continue to sweep across kentucky, tennessee. we have seen this a very large system falling in line with what we've been looking at. this has been a severe weather threat over the course of the day. the ohio river valley, louisiana. it will wrap up a little as we lose some of the daytime heat really driven by warm air. the big story here, it will continue to be the rain. will slowly watch this track its way to the northeast in the next couple of days. it will be a soggy rest of the weekend for large portions of the eastern half of the country. >> indeed it will, we wish them well. thank you adam. >> are you going to do the honors? >> we have a fox news alert. -- congratulations to the trainer -- i can't read my own scratch. >> so much for the dreams of
3:56 pm
always dreaming. >> computing wins. >> we will be right back. our plays are a little unorthodox. but to beat the big boys, you need smarter ways to save people money. we know what you want from a financial company and we'll stop at... nothing to make sure you get it. one, two... and we mean nothing. ♪ ♪
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and you're about in to hit 'send all' on some embarrassing gas. hey, you bought gas-x®! unlike antacids, gas-x ® relieves pressure and bloating fast. huh, crisis averted. >> finally, much of the country
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
already getting a taste of scorching hot weather this spring. . >> but those in colorado, look
4:00 pm
at this! they are dealing with heavy snowfall. nearly 4 feet hitting the state. people there say they are used to it. at times not being able to see fourth of july fireworks through a blizzard. >> i love colorado! that is one of the reasons why. that does it for us. julie banderas up next with "fox report". >> president trump wrapping up a historic first day of his overseas trip as president and he gears up for a huge speech tomorrow morning. i'm julie banderas. one of the president's first orders of business after landing in saudi arabia to join saudi king and a weapons deal. but this was just part of a very full day and middle eastern circumstance. here are some of the sights and sounds beginning when the saudi's quite literally rolled out the red carpet.


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