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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 21, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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page and continue the conversation on twitter @howardkurtz. we'll see you next sunday at 11:00 a.m. eastern with the latest buzz. >> any moment now we are expecting president trump to depart to king abdullah's conference center in riyadh after delivering a landmark address to the muslim world calling for unity in destroying terrorism. welcome to "america's news headquarters." i'm arthel neville. reporter: the president spoke for several hours. the u.s. stand ready to be a
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partner in the fight. ed the president also condemned nations supporting terror. >> until the iranian regime is ready to be a and for peace. all nations must work together to isolate, deny, funding for terrorism cannot do. and pray for the day when the iranian people have the just and righteous government they so richly deserve. rick: john roberts is traveling with the president in riyadh, saudi arabia. he delivered his speech to some would say a very tough room. john: you would really have to be against this president to describe that speech as anything but strong. it was probably tone perfect,
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including for the crowd. the saudi foreign minister said the speech would move from enmity to a spirit of cooperation. we are not here to lecture and tell other people how to live. we are here to offer partnership based on shared values. he wanted to set a new commitment to rid the world of terrorism. >> it's a choice between two futures, and it's a choice america cannot make for you. a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. drive them out. drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your community. drive them out of your holyland.
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and drive them out of this earth. john: the speech the president gave toned down from the rhetoric we saw from the election campaign where the president said over and over again, it's important to see the words "radical islamic terrorism" to confront the threat posed by isis. he didn't say that, but he did deviate from his prepared remarks. the president said islamic. don't know if that was by intent or if he departed to the remarks. he didn't reflect the prepared remarks islamist accurately. he said it begins in the religious institutions. >> religious leaders must make this absolutely clear.
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barbarism will deliver you no glory, piety to evil will bring you no dignity. if you choose the path to terror your life will be empty, your life will be brief, and your soul will be fully condemned. john: the president took the opportunity to call out a common enemy in folks in the arab world. for fueling terrorism and extremism and enabling bashar al-assad in syria to commit you be speakable acts. in terms of the commitment a lot of these nations will put in against if the fight against extremism and terror remains to be seen. rick: was there ask it civil or anger or resentment towards the president in your opinion?
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john: nothing we could see. when king abdullah of jordan gave a speech immediately following the president he seemed to suggest that any question that the president does not like the muslim world was laid to rest. he got a lot of handshakes on the way out. it was pitch perfect for the audience it was one of those things where one wrong word could have changed how it was received. it does seem to have been very well received by the people who were there. we'll see how it plays in the united states. we'll see how it unfolds here. you can imagine certain presidents would have gotten an amount of praise for a speech like this. ththis.
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arthel: joining me, john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations, senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and fox news contributor. i want to start with a line from the president's speech saying we are not here to lecture, to tell people what to do, who to be, how to live or how to worship. with various muslim and islamic community listening. russia of course paying close attention. iran called out directly by the president. in d.c. you have republicans and democrats alike hanging on to the president's every word, as well as president trump's base in america. who did the president speak to most. which group might be left frustrated or disappointed, and
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is there any group outright turned off. >> anybody opposed to trump from the outset will be turned off. i thought it was an excellent speech. there in riyadh, he did speak to the broader international community as well. i thought he was right on target on two key points, how to deal with radical islamic terrorism, even though he didn't use the phrase, and how to deal with iran, which hadn't received as much attention to the runup to this meeting which i thought was coequally the subject of this speech. arthel: you mention iran. does the stronger relationship between the u.s. and saudi arabia make iran take notice and be more willing to conform to less radical guidelines in terms
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of how tehran operate as a government? or does this new alignment send iran into the arms of russia? john: iran is in the arms of russia. iran has been on the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism for decades and it still pursues nuclear weapons. i think what trump did in this speech was say to the arab world in particular, we are back on real planet earth after 8 years of the other worldly obama deals. and they could begin to behave like a civilized nation. iran won't be a partner for peace as long as the ayatollahs are in control. period, close quote. they will were as we watch these pictures there of president trump getting the royal treatment, the red carpet, all the glitter and gold and pomp
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and circumstance, posters of him around the city, why now? why this president. john: i think because his view of the threat in the region increasingly corresponds with theirs. that's why breaking through this construct that we lived under for the past 8 years, if you talk about the war on terror, you hear america saying war on muslims. that was never true. so when people say, he didn't use -- trump didn't use the magic phrase "radical islamic terrorism," he's softening his tone, he's doing no such thing. he said they need to honestly confront the critics and the islamist terrorist groups they inspire. and the people in the room knew that.
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king abdullah spoke after the president. he referred to the threat of islamic terrorism as a civil war within islam. he knows it well because overwhelming number of victims of islamic terrorism have been their fellow muslims. arthel: there have been many people who followed president trump, candidate trump and mr. trump's words throughout the years, and was very, very dogmatic of his criticism of president obama and others who did not say the words "radical islamic terrorism." what changed on that soil? john: i don't think there was a change at all. it was a very tough speech. he repeated four times drive them out. drive the terrorists out of the mosques, out of the community, out of this holy lands.
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and to talk about the countries in the the middle east to take the lead in doing it. it's not a news flash saying every president whether it's donald trump or barack obama don't talk the same way on the campaign trail as they do when they give major presidential addresses. it reflects what's appropriate in the circumstances. that's one reason trump's critics are probably so frustrated by this speech because there is so little to hold on to. they probably secretly wish he had used the phrase "radical islamic terrorism" so they would have something more to criticize. arthel: how important is the follow-up when he's back on american soil. john: that will tell the tale. speeches are great in helping persuade others in rallying them to your sides. but words are words and actions are actions. a number of concrete steps were
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announced. the financing terrorism center, potentially a very powerful weapon. and the admonition to iran that their activities are going to come under closer scrutiny. the king referred to iran as the spearhead of global terrorism. moist's in the operationallizing of that agenda that will tell the tale. arthel: thank you, good to have you, and we'll leave it there. rick: north korea carrying out another missile test overnight. while kim jong-un warns the u.s. mainland is in striking distance. this missile had a short were
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range than a previous test. reporter: secretary of state texas tillerson calls -- secretary of state rex tillerson called this a disturbing test. >> the ongoing testing is disappointing and disturbing. we ask that they cease that testing. but i think we are early in the game putting pressure on them and one could interpret perhaps they are acting out in response to some of this pressure they are beginning to feel. reporter: the north koreans reportedly launched a ballistic missile this morning. the yiewments pacific command said they tracked it until it landed in the sea of japan. this comes a week after one of north korea's most successful
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tests to date. it allegedly travels $1,245 miles -- $1,245 miles above the surface of the earth. this missile reportedly did not pose a direct threat to north america. in a statement provided to fox news a spokesperson for pacific command said quote we are working with our inner agency partners with a more details assessment. we stands behind our ironclad commitment to our allies in the republic of korea and japan. rick arthel: what does the latest provocation from north korea mean for security in the u.s.? plus reaction pouring in after
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>> america is repaired to stand with you in pursuit of shared interest and securities. but the middle east cannot wait for america to crush this enemy for them. drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your community. drive them out of your holy land. and drive them out of this earth. rick: reaction is pouring in after president trump's historic speech calling for unity in the fight against terrorism. and laying out an alliance in the middle east. >> reporter: it was a high-stakes speech for president
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trump and he delivered on his message to try to encourage these muslim majority nations to do more in the fight against terrorism. question was whether he would stick with this moderate tone's trying to strike on islam. and for the most part he did that. but how will he foul on the words he delivered today in riyadh and what will the u.s. do to encourage these countries to do more. rick report essence of the words, quote, the spirit of cooperation and trust. i wonder if there was cooperation among his audience. >> what he said during the campaign, i think islam hates us and it's impossible to distinguish between peaceful followers of the religion and terrorists. that raised a lot of doubts
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among muslim nations as to whether they see the u.s. as a partner. rick: they will be inaugurate be the center for the fight against extremism today. he point out that 95% of the victims of terror are muslim. that had to resonate with his audience. >> certain -- certainly, rick. the language he used wasn't all that different from what president obama said in his second term, encouraging these countries to do more because the problem is mostly taking place within their own borders, affecting their people.
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rick: he pointed out this was not a battle between different faiths, it's what he called bare berriens and decent people. and he's asking for help. >> the biggest focus is on the gulf-arab allies who felt alienated by president obama as he struck a relationship with iran in the nuclear deal. there could be more talks with countries like bahrain and qatar. rick: that's huge news, the arms deal. but also he called out iran. i wonder what you think was more important. >> calling out iran is interesting. there has been a question whether the united states is going to keep the iran deal president trump struck.
9:23 am
so far we have. we heard president trump talking about allying with the gulf states to isolate iran. how much longer is the u.s. going to stay in the iran deal? and the white house has been sending mixed signals on that for a while. rick: secretary of state rex tillerson is speaking. we don't have the audio yet. the president spoke about visiting jerusalem and the palestinian territory. we know there is little love for israel in that room. i wonder what your sense is of where the president plans to travel next and the reaction from the people he was speaking with today. >> there is little love for israel in that room. but there has been talk of brokering a peace deal between israel and the palestinians, and
9:24 am
getting the jordanians to join the talks. we heard king salman in the introduction talk about a peace deal. there is a feeling among leaders in the room to broker an agreement. rick: you sense he reached his audience or he has work to do. >> it was interesting. he wasn't speaking in front of a big campaign style crowd. these were leaders in a conference room. so it's hard to gauge the attitude. but there weren't vocal protests. with this president we heard him say things and not follow through in certain areas. so i think the actions of president trump are going to matter far more than his words. rick: this is an issue that's important to the president. his word did matter today and he
9:25 am
stuck to the script. >> more or less. in a conflict as sensitive as this. one wrong word and it could anger a key u.s. partner. saying something like radical islamic extremism rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. the fact that he mostly stuck to the script. he did say islamic terror. but the fact that he stuck to the script was important for these leaders to hear. arthel: north korea is making headlines on this historic day pulling off yet another missile test. does the timing of that test while president obama is overseas have any major significance? israel is the next step on the president's international trip. he's look for peace between the
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israelis and the palestinians.
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arthel: and this is a fox news alert. we will take you back to riyadh shortly. the convention center, live pictures were secretary of date rex tillerson just about to give remarks before the audience there. we are not sure exactly what the secretary will be saying, but asked that the president, all words at this point are awaited with bated breath. paying close attention to think that is happening, president trump has let the convention center as he is on the way as well as keen salman -- king salman for combating extremist ideology. thus far, the president speech there, historic speech has been very successful speech by all accounts. it will have much more on that speech and analysis coming up later here on fox news.
9:31 am
rick. rick: this fox news did u.s. officials have announced another ballistic missile test overnight. it's another shorter range than those in previous tests. but president trump in the middle east this week, doesn't mean north korea halt the test now. orden chang from expert panelist on asia and author of a nuclear showdown, north korea takes on the world. they say timing is everything. this certainly seems to be timed. >> the north koreans are trying to take advantage of the middle east, this major historic trip. also the turbulence in washington said the north koreans will make as much progress as they possibly can by the administration is thinking about other things. rick: as they launch these missiles time and again, the u.s. administration has talked out. time for action, they better stop and they are not stopping. they are not even slowing down.
9:32 am
>> now, they realize a north korea that got the support of the chinese. the chinese may put a little pressure to appease us. they know that they are not going to do anything that would seriously cramp would seriously cramp or its ability to develop nukes. this is a situation where the administration needs to pay there. they need to understand china is not going to help and then craft a solution. >> there is a lot of discussion at the u.n. if you'll recall about china actually making overtures that they would help them stop doing so much business at north korea and put economic pressure on pyongyang to cut it out. >> there's been a little bit of economic pressure. on february 10th at china said they would buy any more north korean call for the rest of the year in order to apply with u.n. sanctions. debacle after the announcement also in april and march as the chinese are buying all sorts of minerals by the u.n. for north korea exported.
9:33 am
the chinese will do things, but they'll do things to stall us from taking effective action against the north koreans. treated to include in a bad missile defense system. the chinese don't want us to put that in south korea. >> certainly. the south korean envoy in beijing talking to the chinese ruler about this. china's really upset about an absolutely essential not only to protect south korea, but japan and the united states from north korean missiles in china is doing all he can to get south korea to take the system now. this is important for us. rick: you believe north korea is getting help with its missiles, with its nuclear program. >> they are not doing it on the run. but we saw today, the missile fired looks like the one tested on february 12th and august 24th. that has a striking resemblance to the jail one submarine launched missile.
9:34 am
we need to ask beijing how these missiles are showing up in north korea's inventory. there's a lot of a lot of other help not only for the missile program, but the nuke program as well. train to the long-range missile they tested last weekend was called a significant advance. at what point are we really at risk? are we at risk now? >> the north koreans can take one of their crude atomic device is entry position in any u.s. city. of course they can also take missiles for their u.s. forces in japan and south korea and within four years or so they will make a long-range ballistic missile and hit the lower 48 dates. we are at risk now. >> it doesn't feel like it's going to end well. >> no comment doesn't. the reason is not the united states the united states the united states is a time frame. three, four, five year timeframe. the chinese aren't helping that much. the russians are piling in our
9:35 am
north korea side and south korea but the president elected on may 9th. he doesn't look like he wants to share our strategy for dealing with north korea. he wants to support the north korean state. the united states will do this by itself and when we do that it is going to be ugly. >> it doesn't look like kim jong un will ratchet down at all. we'll be talking a lot in the near future. gordan chang, thank you very much. arthel: reagan gordon, president trump on the second day of his european tour. next up in israel. the president will arrive tomorrow with meeting set up with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian president lockwood abbas. resident trump is looking for the ultimate deal, peace between israelis and palestinians and today's speech to muslim leaders. >> after concluding in a
9:36 am
fabulous place that we are at today, re, which have gotten to know so well in so short of a time. i will travel to jerusalem and bethlehem and to the vatican. visiting many of the holiest places in the three abraham xbase. if these can join together in cooperation and peace in this world is possible, including peace between israelis and palestinians. arthel: anticipating the president's arrival in jerusalem. conner at the preview. >> resident trump arrived here for a tour of the holy land. he will meet with israeli and palestinian leaders on monday and tuesday. he will also visit several key religious sites and to respond including the western wall, but the white house is really hoping to use this visit to the holy
9:37 am
land but the israelis and palestinians back to the negotiation table here in the near future. so once again force israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and mahmoud abbas to review peace negotiations. they're mounting questions about what specific steps the white house wants these two sites to take. does he want them to have his negotiations? a negotiation? does the law confidence measures? a lot of questions about the logistics of the renewed effort will be. israel or palestinians have much of an idea of what the white house wants for them. there's also growing tensions here. many of benjamin netanyahu's government are vehemently opposed to new talks in a two state solution as a final sort of outcome at the negotiation. when president trump is a lack that kind of the israelis, those in the conservative coalition are very, very excited. they would move from tel aviv to
9:38 am
jerusalem as he promised on the campaign trail. he also thought it would be a big supporter of israeli settlements in the west bank. the conservative government here in benjamin netanyahu's government is what they see as a conventional u.s. government and president trump's efforts here. that is not a term to president trump's efforts here. they see the conventional effort here is something that is a real concern. the white house has said not to bring the embassy here. that is a lot of people in israel very concerned. there are some real issues here that president trump is walking into. >> you've got a tightrope to walk. thank you so much. >> president trump isn't the only one with the busy schedule in saudi arabia. we'll tell you you was on first lady melania trump's agenda today. that is next. warmer fbi director james comey set to testify before the senate intelligence committee. what can we expect to hear about
9:39 am
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or dental procedures. i'm still going for my best. and for eliquis. ask your doctor about eliquis. rick: this fox news alert awaiting the arrival of president trump in the saudi king will take part in a non-duration of the new global fastener for combating extremist ideology in riyadh saudi arabia. this after the president spoke to leaders of 50 muslim nations in riyadh just about an hour ago. again, waiting for the arrival of the president and the leaders saudi arabia at this event and we will bring it to you as soon as that happens. arthel: former fbi or james comey says he will testify publicly before the senate intelligence committee. a hearing is set to take place sometime after memorial day and
9:44 am
we expect lots of questions on the russian investigation as well as president trump earlier this month. the republican strategist and former republican congressional candidate and capri cafaro is a former ohio state senate minority leader at the school of public affairs. i want to say we are keeping a close eye and get to the president and king solomon. meanwhile, i will start with you. what do you want to hear from mr. comey? what questions you want answered? >> what i want answered is an informative meeting. that's all i want and i think should be happening. i don't think he should put his viewpoint at all. i think it needs to be as he was fired, what he has, the facts and whatnot up until the day
9:45 am
that he laughed. they should just be an affirmative meeting and this is what i hope it is more of a fact-finding. arthel: capri, what question do you think will be asked repeatedly? >> the members of the senate intelligence committee want to know about exactly what happened in that dinner between president trump and direct your gym comey and whether president trump asked for his loyalty and whether or not he was asked about letting things go with general flynn and not pending investigation. we are going to see a number of those kind of questions coming up about what kind of conduct that people are going to try and get at it. and then director comey i
9:46 am
totally agree with noel. i really hope this isn't just the comey side of the story, but democrats and republicans alike. no answers. a lot of speculation. we need to get to the heart of the fact before we start throwing the book at everybody. arthel: as we have this discussion with live pictures there in riyadh on this historic trip by president trump anticipating the inauguration of the global center for combating extremist ideology along with king salman and you brought up a point in terms political band and political perspective, perhaps getting an way of this this investigation and they were talking about here. no well, let me go back to you. despite efforts to maintain objectivity, republican and democrat alike may have predispositions that could skew
9:47 am
how they perceive and receive any concern on your part that this process -- hang on, will be derailed by politics. the >> well, you know, if you are talking about what just happened in riyadh and i really think what president trump said and what rax tillerson that as well about concentrating on making what i thought was phenomenal and addressing things that we both -- both countries have to look at, which is terrorism and what he did is he laid it out straight. i know that he has the issues going on at the homeland, but i think what he did was fabulous and he concentrated on not. looking at it as a whole, i don't think they will do fine too much or intertwine and influence in the united states.
9:48 am
arthel: yeah, i don't think so either. i was a nasty night, but i got your point on that. i want to end with you, capri and attacking about the impact of the former fbi director mueller's investigation as it pertains to the interference with our presidential election at any possible alleged collusion with russia in the trump campaign. >> you know, i think director mueller obviously served under president george w. bush. he has a tremendous track record and i think reputation for being impartial. i think he is going to stick to the facts. he is going to be focused specifically on issues pertaining to potential collusion in the 2015 election. i know there is some wording in that letter about his jurisdictions that things might get a little bit wider in scope. first and foremost that is what is going to focus on. we can stick to the facts and continue to move this forward
9:49 am
and these investigations will actually yield some closure for the american public. arthel: capri of sorrow, i will leave it there. thank you very much, ladies. rick: vice president pence it in a mix of praise and protest as a in the footsteps of six u.s. president delivering words of wisdom to some of america's best and brightest. monitoring reaction from around the world after president trump's historic reach to muslim leaders on the way forward in the fight against terrorism. once-daily toujeo® may help you control your blood sugar. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life. ♪ baby, slice it right. from the makers of lantus®, ♪ we're gonna groove tonight. toujeo® provides blood sugar-lowering activity for 24 hours and beyond, proven blood sugar control all day and all night,
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arthel: first lady melania trompe keeping a schedule of around in saudi arabia. in riyadh along with the saudi education minister, the first lady delivering dr. seuss books to a preschool class speaking to sixth-graders and listening to music with students in the school library. rick: vice president mike pence getting a warm welcome in the city of indiana as he welcomed a commencement address at the university of notre dame. mike tobin is there life on the field in south bend. reporter: mostly one is a good way to describe it. 100 graduates gathering here in the football stadium for command men. when the vice president is the
9:54 am
vice president was called up to the podium for the honorary doctorate, 100 graduates got up and left. as a planned demonstrations. parents inspect haters that the departing graduates. vice president pence -- in the face of university speech codes, based on some pressure to conform. >> the increasing intolerance and suppression of the time-honored tradition of free expression on our campus is jeopardizjeopardiz ed if the liberties of every american. this should not and must not be met with silence. reporter: the water was organized by a former student body president and leader of the lgbt community. it's against the vice president the vice president policies not only only related to set up to, that immigration and health care. it was not meant to disrupt the vice president's speech.
9:55 am
>> we want to make this an opportunity for them to walk out, to hold her head high and honor their time here. reporter: one graduate keith schwartz graduate keith short storm yesterday there wasn't a lot of buzz on campus among the graduates related to this protest. he said it was mostly from outsiders who wanted to violate the classier come at a graduation, their own politics. he said they back off and want to save the about the graduates. >> wonder if they wonder if they'll get their diplomas. mike tobin. live in indiana. arthel: president trump delivering a rallying cry to the world to unite in the face of terror. live coverage continues of the president's first overseas trip with analysis and reaction to his landmark speech in saudi arabia today. and your bumblebee costume doesn't have pockets.
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arthel: i know. cloud computing, just kind of messed it all up for the other ones are ... for us. keep it here for continuing coverage of president trump's history making a saudi arabia. rick: will be back at 5:00 for a two-hour edition of "america's news hq." >> president trump calling on more than 50 arab and muslim leaders to fight a crisis of islamic extremism and calling to fight against terrorism a battle between good and evil. we are live with reaction in saudi arabia. elizabeth: north korea testing a medium-range missile today. the latest in a series of test for tensions in the region. the white house with the latest provocation. leland: political leaders from both sides of the aisle today on the russia investigation. news that fired fbi director james comey is planning to testify before an open net


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