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tv   Watters World  FOX News  May 21, 2017 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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mason, mom, dad and his big sisters are all doing well! that is it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next "fox friends sunday". s may 21, 2017. friends sunday". s thank you so much for watching fox news channel. water swirled starts right now. >> this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life and decent people, all in the name of religion. our vision of one of peace, security and prosperity. in this region and all throughout the world, our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism in providing our children a hopeful future that does honor to god.
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>> president trump sounding more official than ever, delivering a landmark speech to more than 50 muslim nation leaders. welcome to the special live addition of "watters world". i'm jesse watters. also during today's speech, president trump called on muslim leaders to help combat the extremism emanating from that region. >> america is a sovereign nation and our first priority is always the safety and security of our citizens. we are not here to lecture. we are not here to tell other people how to live. we're not here to tell them how to live, what to be or how to worship. we are here to offer partnersh partnership. there is still much work to be done.
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that means honestly confronting the crisis of islamic extremism and the islamicists and islamic terror of all kinds. we must stop what they are doing to inspire because they do nothing to inspire but kill. religious leaders must make this absolutely clear. barbarism will deliver you no glory, piety. the evil will bring you no dignity. jesse: joining me now with his thoughts on mr. trump's speech and what it means for our future relations with middle east partners, former spokesman from the united nation rick grenell. that was a heckuva speech the president delivered. very pro- american. you have america first, were always going to detect our safety, but at the same time, we have to have these muslim nations lead this fight against
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islamic terrorism because were not going to do it ourselves. they are the ones that need to be the tip of the spear. was that the message? >> that was the exact message in many ways heard this was different than what president obama and different than president bush as well. what donald trump made clear is that american policies are going to be squarely about getting the region to clean up their own region, and i think what he did today by combining not only the speech which was a warning shot to religious leaders all across the region, but it was also something where he brought in trade. he brought in one of the biggest trade deals ever in terms of military aid. they are going to take the military lead and iran was
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definitely the focal point. >> i think the iranian leaders looked at the speech and they didn't like it at all. in saudi arabia you have more than 50 muslim majority nations trying to come together to really rally around the american president. that is a juxtaposition with the last american position who iran felt closer to and saudi arabia didn't join the un security council because the americans, led by president obama were on the security counsel and they didn't want to be part of a hypocritical body. that's what they said. then they started canceling meetings. didn't go to the camp david meeting or other meetings in washington. the saudi's did not want to deal with president obama because he was becoming close to the iranians. >> canceling meetings, that's
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just unbelievable and they're probably not too happy that president obama sent the iranians how many billions of dollars, ridiculous. jesse: let me play you some sound of former president barack obama giving the apology to her. roll the tape. >> in america, there is a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. there have been times where americans have shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive. the united states is still working through some of our own darker. in our history. the united states will be willing to acknowledge past errors where those errors have been made. we have been, at times, disengaged and at times we thought to dictate our terms. jesse: president bush before him, you're either with us or against us and then president obama up apologizing for america
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and retreating. what was president trumps message to that? >> one thing i want to point out from the obama clip is that those were his first, one of his first foreign trips. it was very early on in april when he had just taken office. this is what the world is seen, this apology tour from the united states saying we are so sorry because you can blame us basically. you can blame america for a lot of these problems. jesse: that was about enhanced interrogation and the iraq war, that it was america's fault. >> if anything is going to inflame the region it will be blaming the americans which is what many countries do as an excuse because they can't govern their people themselves. i think what we have now is president trump coming in and really bringing trade deals but also talking about america and
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american values. i think that's different. when he looked at the religious leaders across the region, not just in iran or with one sect, he said religious leaders must tell the truth and tell their people, suicide bombers, so to speak, that they will end up condemns. i thought that was a harsh moment but it was done in a courteous way. it was very powerful. it was a way that kind of takes the heat off these people. not only that, you have president trump putting the onus on these religious leaders. you have him saying were not necessarily going to be ideological and go into these regions and change everybody and create democracy. he was hinting there would not be a big push for regime change. it was very realist.
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he acknowledges the limitation of american power in the middle east and wants to forge an arab nato so they can share the burdens of cleaning up their own backyard. >> he literally said we won't tell you how to live, and i think that's a signal much different than the bush administration and i think donald trump is really. [inaudible] the american people. let's face it, in the primary of 17 different candidates he carved out a way to say we are not going to be nation builders. we will still be strong, america will be first, but were not to do what president bush had done. i think the lessons of 911, the pendulum swung too far with president obama and we are swinging back with donald trump where he is learning from both president bush's mistakes and from barack obama's mistakes and
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he's becoming the donald trump where america's first and we will stand with you, but the political will have to be done in the region. we can't do it for you, and by the way will have a whole bunch of trade deals with you. jesse: let's sweeten the pot. it swung this way and that way and hopefully we can find a happy medial medium in the middle east. rick, thank you very much. coming up, the mainstream media is still talking about the firing of director james comey, firing of director james comey, but do americans even care? this is bill's yard. and bill has a "no-weeds, not in my yard" policy. but with scotts turf builder weed & feed, bill has nothing to worry about. it kills weeds and greens grass, guaranteed. this is a scotts yard.
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of america doesn't care. if i ask ten people who james comey was, i would maybe get three or four who knew, depending on the neighborhood. this is a scandal with no video, with. [no audio] , with no sex, with no money, with no dead bodies. it is a boring scandal. >> you are right in that there is a large section of the country that would like washington to work on something else, but it is a big story. potentially, if you have the president asking the fbi director to move away from an investigation, an investigation where he is told he is not a target, but yet is investigating the trump campaign, and ties or collusion possibilities with russia and that's a big deal.
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>> bret may be right, but the problem is there are a lot of if's and this whole thing. many in the media are running without facts and focusing on nothing else. i am joined by a powerful panel of bipartisan voters to help us understand the mood of the country. raise your hand if you think this scandal is boring, and let me see a show of hands who think it's juicy and exciting. now, you say it's juicy important. tell me why. >> normally one doesn't fire the fbi director, even if you really don't like the fbi director because it just looks incredibly bad that you would fire the fbi director. if you are going to fire them, it's more for a very strong reason. trump has said it's how he handled the hillary clinton e-mails and recommendation later and then he was just to fire him regardless. >> so you don't like the optics of it. >> who did you vote for. >> i voted for clinton because she's not trump. jesse: is it exciting or are you bored by it. >> i think it's exciting. i believe the fbi director
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serves for the attorney general. the attorney general was appointed by trump. if he lost confidence, he has the right to remove the fbi director. >> who thanks the scandal is much to do about nothing and when they hear deputy attorney general, their eyes glaze over in the back. tell me why. >> so, i think it's a battle between bureaucrats. you shouldn't be shedding a tear over komi. he's just another washington bureaucrat. [inaudible] >> so it's inside, nothing too exciting. >> who did you vote for. >> i voted for trump. >> what do you think. >> i think it's highly suspicious that the fbi director was fired a date before trump revealed highly classified information to the russian foreign minister and the ambassador so i think the timing is highly suspicious and i think there is a cause for investigation. >> okay so you're saying there's a cause for investigation, what is the allegation that people
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are so excited about between trump in russia. >> we did show that trump did have some involvement with russia and russia did have involvement in the presidential election, that could show that maybe there is cause for concern that the election was fraudulent. >> so there could be something and there may be cause for concern behind you. >> i almost find this is an investigation instead of a scandal. there was no specific case you could give, trumps a liar. what did he lie about. nobody says anything. to use his words, i find it a witch hunt. >> there are a lot of facts regarding hillary clinton secret server and the destruction of those e-mails after the subpoena. what are the facts here specifically. >> there are no facts. this is all make-believe. he may have done something he may not have done.
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nobody knows and why would you have an investigation without any facts at all. what is the collusion? >> there was nobody from the kb g outside the booth telling me what to do. what collusion. jesse: do we think anything solid will come out of this investigation? who thanks yes, and he thanks they will find nothing. it's pretty split. everybody standby. we have special words on conduct an inves phone with our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. so the incredibly minor accident that i had tonight- four weeks without the car. okay, yup. good night. with accident forgiveness your rates won't go up just because of an accident. switching to allstate is worth it. it's the simple things in life that mean the most. boost® simply complete™. no artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners, plus 10 grams of protein and 25 vitamins & minerals. it doesn't get better than this. boost® simply complete™.
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the shlike a bald penguin. how do i look? [ laughing ] show me the billboard music awards. show me top artist. show me the top hot 100 artist. they give awards for being hot and 100 years old? we'll take 2! [ laughing ] xfinity x1 gives you exclusive access to the best of the billboard music awards just by using your voice. the billboard music awards. sunday, may 21st eight seven central only on abc. interesting how presidents
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conducted themselves immediately after leaving office and what that means for americans. let's start with bill clinton who left office fairly popular but marred by scandal. he granted pardon in his final day and the biggest tax cheat in american history. as a side note, air colder who would be obama's attorney general brokered that partner. and clinton struck a deal where he escaped indictment on perjury charges by admitted making false statements. on bushes eggnog ration day, clinton's behavior was self-absorbed. he delivered to self-congratulatory speeches that competed with the incoming president's inaugural address. the tech is move of all was when bill and hillary took nearly $200,000 in so-called gifts from the white house to their new home in new york including $22000 in china and $18000 and flatware.
8:22 pm
clinton went on to criticize george w. bush tough stance with china and his tax cuts while giving a series of highly paid speeches and making questionable deals through the now controversial clinton foundation. bush left office amid historic financial crisis and stayed out of the limelight for years. after assuming office, president obama banned waterboarding and prosecuted cia agents for torture and promise to close guantánamo bay. i'm not going to criticize my successor. i will just tell you there are people at guantanamo bay that will kill american people at the drop of a hat and i don't believe that persuasion isn't
8:23 pm
going to work. therapy isn't going to cause terrorist to change their mind. president bush held his tongue for years, explaining why to sean hannity in 2014. >> i don't like it's good for a country to have a former president undermine a current president. i think it's bad for the presidency. >> after years of work with wounded warriors, he finally commented on the foreign policy moves like our retreat from iraq and cozying up with the irania iranians. obama said he would not follow the same protocol, telling those in his final conference that he would only comment on his successor in dire moment. >> there are certain moments where i think our core values may be at stake. >> he managed to stay quiet for less than two weeks. through a spokesperson he issued the statement encouraging americans to publicly protest trumps travel ban. he is heartened by the level of engagement. that is exactly what we expect to see when american value is at stake.
8:24 pm
then president obama breaking etiquette to deliver stark on camera criticism. >> people have a tendency to blame politicians when it doesn't work but you get the politicians you deserve. >> breaking etiquette even before leaving office, obama and his team are accused of partisan surveillance of trump officials and other presidential candidates during the election. there is an active investigation into unmasking those names in criminal leaks. the new york times reported obama signed in order to make it easier to disseminate surveilled information throughout the federal bureaucracy. numerous reports also indicate that obama holdovers have been laying booby tracks and linking information throughout the trump transition. finally, so focused on destroying his successor, president obama for god about his own promises.
8:25 pm
>> i did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of anchors on wall street. jesse: well he did and members of his own party including elizabeth warren and bernie sanders criticized him for those fatcat paydays. as donald trump makes his first overseas trip as president, taking a different tone than obama or clinton, we will see if they can manage the restraint the fitting of a former president. , or, should they speak up. what is the classy and responsible way for president to leave office? we will let the audience decide. >> cap next, media biased is at an all-time high under president trump. how do voters feel about that? our panel fills us in heard still the calm, the hunt for hillary clinton. "watters world" style
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>> this is a fox news update. i'm robert gray. president trump urges nations in the middle east to fight islamic extremism. in the saudi arabia address he pressed for a new alliance based on shared interest and values. in sharp contrast to his campaign rhetoric he praised islam as one of the world greatest faith. the next stop for him, israel. un ambassador nikki haley is also overseas. on sunday she visited one of the largest refugee camps in jordan. she promised support for those displaced by war. they host 80000 syrian refugees and it is the fourth largest city in jordan. the greatest show on earth has closed after 146 years. the ringling brothers and barnum
8:30 pm
& bailey circus performed its final show. ♪ ♪ ♪ t back to making people
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rich again. >> i've even heard of before and i've had friends tell me when working with some of our allies in afghanistan in iraq, actually yelling at them sing look at dubai. bahrain. look at istanbul. we can have both. >> and we have a bunch of dubai's everywhere, everything is made of gold over there. if everyone was wealthy i don't think everyone would be killing each other. jesse: let's make gold great again.
8:36 pm
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we are four months into the trump administration and the commander-in-chief has hit the ground running, confirming a supreme court justice, pushing health care reform through the house and moving fast on tax reform and securing the border. all you hear about are the accusation of russian meddling in the last election. trump is considering canceling press conferences altogether. here's how voters on both sides of the aisle feel about that. >> these press conferences are like the biggest thing on daytime television. you see the readings, there blowing away everything on daytime television. what i would love to do is stop them. it's not fair to the people. jesse: we are back with lee carter.
8:41 pm
they are going to explain what we are seeing. it looks like it was a partisan breakdown. what are the independents thinking about canceling the press conference will. this is a surprising thing so far. republicans love everything he says and democrats hate it. for the first hundred days, they were giving him the benefit of the doubt. they were questioning why would he not want to be having an open and free press. >> i think they would probably enjoy trump and i think everybody likes to see that. let's see a show of hands. who thanks the press is unfair to president trump? >> okay. who thanks the press is doing a very good job uncovering what they need to uncover? jesse: you are saying the press is doing a good job and the president says it's fake news.
8:42 pm
what you think they're doing of good job. >> i don't think he helps matters any. i think he goes on twitter and blasts off whatever he wants and he knows how to game the system. he knows what he's doing with the media. as far as what he is doing as to get away from press conference, who needs the old model when you have a twitter account. at the end of the day, that's what matters. unfortunately the current medication system is so disorganized that you have spicer going up saying things in other pendants saying the opposite so it's not such a bad thing for him before you disagree? >> the relationship between the president and press secretary is symbiotic. both need to be on the same page. sean spicer needs to coalesce behind donald trump and get the message out. you need to work harder, you need to implement the rigor to be on the same page with donald trump. i don't believe sean spicer has done that. jesse: i want to show you a soundbite of president trump complaining about how he's
8:43 pm
treating in the press. >> look at the way i've been treated lately, especially by the media. no politician in history, and i say this with great purity has been treated worse or more unfairly. >> he's a republican. he was elected within our behind his name. who thanks he will get the same treatment that bill clinton or barack obama got. this is something every republican president has to deal with and that is that the presses against them. jesse: does he have a point or is he whining a little bit. >> i think he has a point and he's also whining. we've talked about this over the whole campaign that the press wanted to get on him any opportunity because he was coming at them. fake news, very, very fake news. this is all a lie.
8:44 pm
the president of the united states of america is not necessarily telling you the facts. we have fact checkers to talk about that all the time and you need to be conscious of that. the fact that he's engage with voters, yes, but he needs to be tempered and truthful. jesse: one of the reasons he tweets so much and talks about fake news is that he believes there twisting his words and adding all of these leaks that are besieging his administration. doesn't he have the right to do that. >> jesse, to your point, the president doesn't have the full support of the republican party. that's the difference between him and george bush. that's why he is so upset at the news coverage he's getting. half the republican analysis was against trump. he's battling across the full spectrum of the media. >> what i'm curious about is you trust the media or donald trump more.
8:45 pm
jesse: who trust the media more? who trusts donald trump more? okay, again it's split. is one of the reasons you don't trust the media because when you look at one side you see illegal immigration is down 70%. obamacare has been repealed in the house. tax cuts are coming. isis is on notice. are those things not being discussed and all you hear is russia, russia. >> the media colluded with hillary in 2016. they gave her free passes day in and day out. cnn gave her questions. nobody trust the media. many journalists vote democrat and nobody trust them. in the back. jesse: kathy he sang the democrats and the media colluded more than russia and donald trump. >> i served in the white house press corps for a couple administration and i had just as many republicans in the room as democrats.
8:46 pm
it's a myth. the media is not all liberal. the media is split. when clinton left, half the room was excited that there was a republican in office. jesse: i wouldn't go that far. i think 90% of the mainstream media vote democrat. >> do i trust trump? no. do i trust the media? no. i think we have so much coming at us. jesse: that's a great point. there's people getting sick of the media and the democrats and president trump going at each other over and over that they are just caring about jobs in healthcare and their safety. >> i've heard over and over voters say enough nonsense, i want to see progress in jobs and tax reform, let's get back to the issues. people don't know where to turn to get information about the issues. is this whole russia thing going to delay healthcare and tax
8:47 pm
reform? will impact our pocketbooks? that is the primary concern of the voters i've been speaking with. i don't know if you all agree. jesse: this summer in one or two words, what do you want to see happen in washington d.c. >> tax reform is huge. >> i think i want trump to be impeached. jesse: okay, you and every other democrat. >> i think everyone should leave him alone, let him do his job and if you don't like him, don't vote for him in four years. but the man do his job. what are you teaching your children to accept defeat. look at the parents teaching the college students to accept defeat. >> what you want to see happen this summer. >> i want to see more immigration policy being pushed forward and i want to see more republicans on his side.
8:48 pm
jesse: you want to see the wall built. >> i think one of the promises, we hear a lot about russia but russia influencing the election is nothing new. newsflash, from the intelligence community, the united states also tries to influence elections. that's nothing new. jesse: we will have the panel stay here and fight it out. "watters world" goes hunting for hillary. find out if we find her. ♪ ♪
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jesse: the director of the fbi was fired and there's new calls to open the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail. we wanted to talk to her about it but haven't been able to reach her. we decided to get to the bottom of it and track down the former secretary of state myself. i knew where to look. the woods of chappaqua new york. hillary clinton has been rumored to have hiked around these woods. let's go see if we can find her. i think hillary's been here. how are you doing? have you seen hillary clinton out there. >> i have not. jesse: overlook, another one. i think we are close. have you seen hillary? >> i haven't. jesse: tell her "watters world" is here.
8:53 pm
i'm with her. still nothing. have you seen hillary around here. >> i have not. >> i have not. i saw bill once before when you see her here in chappaqua, what she up too. >> she's walking her dog with bill. jesse: that she strapped him to the roof of her car. >> no, not from what i've seen. >> grocery shopping. jesse: what has she been getting? organic? >> i don't know. >> i work at the bookstore and she's been in there a few times and bill comes to talk to us. he is really friendly. >> bill clinton, he's crazy. >> usually eats at the french restaurant. i see him sometimes. jesse: typical democrat. >> you can see bill sometimes. he's like a.
8:54 pm
>> i just want to say -- [laughter] jesse: do you feel sorry for hillary? >> she got robbed. >> i always feel bad for anyone in competition who loses. jesse: but she lost so big-league. >> not sorry because she's done so much before so much damage. >> i do feel bad for her. >> i feel bad in the sense that she really gave it her all. jesse: she didn't give her her full all. sheathing campaign in wisconsin. >> then that's on her. >> i had some classes canceled the day after because my teachers were so upset. jesse: doesn't that seem a little soft? are you still with her? is bill still with her. >> yes, yes. jesse: how do you think trump is doing.
8:55 pm
>> he's a little blonde. >> i'm not the biggest support supporter. >> we have to support him. he is our president now. >> i think he can do much better. jesse: is trump you are president? >> no. >> i think it might be a waste of time, his time to go back into the hillary investigation instead of focusing on other things. jesse: do you know who i am? >> no. >> no. jesse: i'm watters, and this is (vo) gentlemen, beggin' skinny strips or beggin' black label? there's two?! now this is a delicious dilemma! introducing new beggin' strips premium edition. twwwoooooo?!?! with real meat as ingredient one. everything to your liking?
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. jesse: time for tweets of the night, first up, ann marie writes -- listen, if it's not broken, no need to fix it. next, just me says -- i don't know how to dance any other way. caprice tweets -- first of all, these are boat shoes that you're looking at right here, and no, i do not own a boat. second of all, i didn't know i was going to be in the studio tonight. all right? i thought i was behind a desk. so feast your eyes on these ankles. lastly, jesse watters, so glad you are back, you didn't pop your collar. listen, you don't pop the collar with a button-down shirt. there's rules.
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follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next, and remember, i'm watters and this is my world. overwhelmingly positive reaction pouring in from across the nation and the world after the president delivers a landmark address to the leaders of more than 50 muslim majority nations. ahead tonight on "justice,"


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