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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 22, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>> death and tear and a packed arena in manchester, england, and once again please say it's the cool mark of terrorism. good evening, i am kelly wright. >> arthel: and explosion likely for divorce in a quirk of a suicide bomber rocked the concert hall where ariana grande i had just performed of the sounds of youthful excitement quickly turned to screams of horror. >> we ran down the stairs, and they started to head for the door before we got to the door, we pass things what we have seen. this in a bomb went off and then we had to rush to stops and as we we got told to leave.
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people were screaming and shouting. it was the worst experience eve ever. >> kelly: at this hour, we are told in 19 people are dead, at least 50 others hurt. we also know that about 59 are actually hurt. at the blood shed captured on amateur video and now being witnessed around the world, sadly it's a site that's become all too familiar and far too common as the battle against terrorism rages on. for young concertgoers in manchester, england, it began as a night of fun. but the excitement was suddenly shattered by screams of terror. ariana grande was not hurt, but 19 were killed. kitty logan enjoys a somewhat wide from power wanted beer with the very latest. what are they saying so far? >> they aren't saying much about the actual explosion. if they are treating it as a potential terrorist attack and that's what we are hearing from the government as well.
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we know from police that the explosive just happened after 10:30 p.m. at that concert venue where ariana grande was playing. according to witness accounts, it appears that that device exploded outside the venue just as people were leaving. this is a big concert hall. it has a capacity of over 20,000 and it was pretty much full, according to reports. there are anonymous reports coming in that we can't verify from u.s. officials indicating this could have been a suicide bomber. but that is not something that the british police are performing yet. understandably, there was a great deal of panic in the immediate aftermath of this explosion. a lot of young fans at this concert into sadly we are hearing heartbreaking reports from parents on social media appealing for their missing kids that are not yet reunited with them. >> kelly: what else can you tell us in terms of what will likely unfold in the morning? it's almost daylight they are. what will we see on the morning
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programs as we hear more from the police as they continue to investigate this? >> this has now become a national investigation. manchester police are you working with national intelligence agencies and police. what will happen in the coming hours as the government will hold an emergency meeting here at 9:00 local time. the prime minister said that she is also treating it as a potential terrorist attack. don't forget here in the u.k., the country has been on a high level of alert, second highest level of alert, severe, for many years now. there has been a number of terrorist arrest in recent years. sources say that they have always managed to disrupt plots to date, apart from the attack that you remember in the month and a couple of months ago in westminster. usually, police and intelligence services in this country have been fairly -- certainly is this proved to be a terrorist attack, it's one of the most severe over the past decade or so.
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it's also interesting to note that we are in the midst of an election campaign in the u.k. and fact campaign has been suspended due to this attack. >> kelly: everyone is suspending the campaign right now. the interesting thing about this is that no one talked about this type of a terror attack in any of the platforms or campaign, why? >> it's not really a political topic at this point in time. that may change now following this. certainly is not the forefront of people minds to get here in the u.k. there's a lot of talk about the economy, about welfare. that's the kind of the fate the u.k. has been happening. the u.k. has not suffered a serious mass casualty terrorist attack in quite some years now, not since 2005. certainly, it's out the form of the people's minds. as i mentioned, there has been a series of terrorist arrest and abilities have been made to at the size of the hip disrupted many plots in the past.
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they said doing so-so far. >> kelly: so many people are weighing in on this issue right now around the world as as we e all of this fold. keep us up-to-date if anything breaks between now and then. please get back to us. arthel. >> arthel: kelly, the tragedy after that deadly explosion added ariana grande concert, as we know now, at least 19 people are dead and it doesn't injures. at the last count we had was 53 but that will of course change as the evening and morning rolls on. joining us now as judy. she is a form right "new york times" reporter and fellow at the manhattan institute. he is a former member of the fbi, 2 hectares of joint task force. steve, i want to start with you. what are the investigators on on the ground as well as at the medical examiner's office, what are they looking at right now? >> right now there are to go very important questions that need to be answered.
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who is this individual that detonated a bomb and what type of material was the bondmaid of? if they find out who he is and can identify him, if they can trace back to his associates and his accomplice, anyone else who was involved in the planning and execution of this operation. the barbecue of a material is very important because they will be able to tell if this was a bomb that was from a homegrown terrorist or if it was a type of bomb that could have some sort of foreign connection. >> arthel: judy and want to bring it into the because you put this piece on talk about what you have been writing about. >> what i have been writing about is the fact that this type of terrorism is so familiar to britain. the british police have reported dozens of attacks, but there are roughly 800 british citizens who have gone to fight in syria and
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iraq and about half of them have come back. the police are monitoring many of them, but there are still great concern about what these people are up to britain. more than 100 of them have been convicted of terrorism related offenses. the british police are selected to none with porting this kind of terror. st was saying, the composition of the palm is one of the great clues that will enable the police to kind of zero in on the likely culprit or culprits that may sequester -- was this a one off loan, or, or was this a cell? a lot of this will depend on the materials that were used. if the bomb was made of hydrogen peroxide, sophisticated people who have studied terrorism tell me that that would suggest that it's a not a lone wolf because that kind of a bomb is too hard
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to make. that would in turn suggests the existence of a cell planning and perhaps other targets. that's why this information is so important and that's what the british police are not coming onto it. >> arthel: what are they commenting on this moment? those bodies are there, they have shrapnel in them, that could provide evidence in terms of what the makeup of the bomb was. also take me back to the scene immediately after the explosion. what are they looking for? >> they will look for fragments from the bomb, those metal fragments. were there any propellants use? was there any fuel use? all of this is part of collecting enough evidence and information that can lead them to some sort of intelligence that will actually lead them to the bomb maker. i would like to bring up a point that kelly mentioned before to the correspondent in the u.k.
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kelly had asked the question why are they talking about this and their elections. perhaps the same reason why we aren't because we have failed to remember that we are at war. when you are at war, the rules of engagement change. judy just put up a very good point. all of these fighters from britain going over to fight for isis and we need to step up our rules of engagement. we are talking about a lot of surveillance, a lot of human intelligence, a lot of electronic intercept. we are at war and we better wake up because what happened in britain could very well happen here. space to steve on that note, what information sharing happened between the u.k. and u? >> >> there is no intelligence to that question in my mind that hours within hours of this attack that the fbi was over there in great britain. there's no question in my mind that interpol is involved. a number of joint terrorism task forces from around the pope to are involved.
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it would do comparative analysis from the fragments that they will gather from the bomb, and they are also going to start connecting the dots. they will go back and start to analyze a lot of chatter that was going on over the past few months. there may be some keywords and information in some of the chatter they have intercepted the can lead them to wear this bomb was made and who else may be involved. >> arthel: we here at the public hears an expert like you and yourself talk about chatter and information and perhaps trails let this person for this team of people may have left behind, it begs the question, how do we get there? how do those people slip through the cracks and end up next to the train station and this arena in manchester and are able to create such a reeks of havoc and kill innocent young people? >> that's the $64 million question. sometimes they slip through the cracks because there's not enough evidence for the fbi or the british intelligence agencies to keep an eye on them.
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it's a very, very difficult thing to prevent a terrorist attack. this is where the public can come in and help out, see something say something. it's a collaborative effort between the public and law enforcement agencies. >> arthel: they will be doing some reverse engineering, that's what i wanted to know. i want to get you back in, judy. immediately in the area, what are they collecting? what evidence can they collect beside witness accounts still in terms of physical evidence at 90 during the battle. >> to have those bomb fragments. you have any pieces, not to sound gruesome, any pieces of the body of the suicide bomber is going to be extremely important, a hand, a finger, fingerprints, dna. the dna will be very important because the most significant of evidence they need right now is this individual, the name, the
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identity of this individual. that will be good to a lot more intelligence and information. >> arthel: judy to your point earlier in terms of the makeup of the farm, that will also give authorities a lot of information to go on and as i have been focusing on the scene, judy you fanned out for us what happens now. what happens to all the webs and arteries going into this investigation? >> something that police are doing is that they are divided up into teams and there's a big meeting called the cobra meeting that the brits will be holding shortly. it will bring in the members with very large fbi office. the nypd also has a representative in london who will be tracking this and worrying about threats to our own country, copy cap attacks. in terms of this actual investigation, one thing that's very important and the resource the brits have that we don't at the moment except here in
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new york and we are beginning to have that capability is 3.524 million cameras surveilling all over the countr country. the police will be monitoring the cameras that are posted around and inside the arena. hunting for anyone who looks suspicious to might've entered and left someone who is trying to enter and didn't get in, accomplices, anything that is tricky. that's literally hours and hours and hours of work. they will be looking at social media for any kind of hints and declaration of victory. this already a lot of expressions of sympathy, believe it or not, for the sporadic attack on the jihadi website. they're going to lose looking at social media, at this cameras, they are going to be interviewing everyone who went in and out of that building that they can get their hands on. this is going to be a huge investigative efforts. >> arthel: steve, what does this say that the suicide bomber
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detonated himself outside the arena? he didn't get in, he didn't feel like he had to get in to do his dirty work. he said a game changer? >> it certainly is a game changer and i am surprised it hasn't happened sooner. there's no question in my mind and any execution of eight attack like this there was some planning and reconnaissance. there's no doubt in my mind that there was a sincere and that this was at the time and place where most of the people would be gathering, knowing they couldn't get in and they would have to wait for people coming out. to judy's point, it will be a lot of information coming out of those video cameras once they start reviewing the tape. >> arthel: do you think that will change the way the system is set up? right now you go into the concert and you have to go through the metal detectors. now if a field of that target is outside the arena and the people going into the concert or game or whatever the events may be or even coming out afterwards, they don't need to go inside now.
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how does the security change to ward off any potential copycats. >> some venues around the world ensure that there is a system set up so there will be a minimum number of people gathering together. you could have chain-link fences for many, many years but people are in a single file and constantly moving. the targets for terrorists look at our people gathered on masse because that's the only way they can get into a lot of casualtie casualties. you might see that and more canine units outside of these venues in the parking lots where people are gathering. they are going to do a lot of analytical studies on what happened here it is certainly there will be a lot of changes i believe, not only in england but here in the united states is very, very soon. >> arthel: steve rogers and judy miller, stand by us if you will. we have another guess right now. >> kelly: from manchester, england, and other tragic and sobering reminder of terrorism is heartless and indifference
10:16 pm
for life. joining a stump iphone, steve emerson, executive director of the investigative project on terrorism. steve, thank you for joining us by phone. i want to get right to the heart of this. this attack was on a soft target this time on children. your reaction to that. >> it shouldn't be a surprise. there have been warnings about targeting stadium and concerts ever since 9/11. if you look at the alert issued by fbi and dhs since 9/11, you see that the greatest number of alerts to -- about terrorist attacks involves stadiums or concerts venues where the large concentrations of people. there has been a lot of effort put into security and in the
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stadiums to ensure that no one gets in. but the point radius by steve rogers now was a good one. people who don't go into the stadium can still detonated outside. that's in fact what happened in germany last year when a refugee, who had been declined refugee status, either at a four-way and didn't get into a soccer match and detonated a suicide bomb outside of the stadium. it's unfortunate, but you can't beat it all the time. i understand the fbi is throwing out a new supervisor guidelines for all stadiums in the united states today. >> kelly: i want to get to something reported earlier to us. she sent this out and she is our chief intelligence correspondent out of washington, d.c., here at fox news channel. she wanted to say that a government for a government official said they are working to assess what happened in
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manchester and based on the preliminary meeting reports they know the following. if terrorism, it is a level of sophistication beyond recent use it to make u.k.-based plots involving knives in vehicles as weapons. reports of shrapnel are concerning, and also points to premeditation and a plot that may have been directed by a foreign terrorist organization. i would go to the heart of what steve get it judy miller reported just moments ago. but there is a nexus of terror operating in the gets more volatile and vicious in the u.k. >> i think there was a reasoning why britain raised the alert level to severe, which is the second to next highest level you work possible. i think that was done in 2013 because the brits do the jihadist in their country were going to strike. unlike the united states, do not
10:19 pm
review all their successes, but i think we can be looking at and all the future are similar ways of the types of attacks. >> kelly: steve miller -- emerson, thank you so much for talking to us. in the aftermath of a tragedy and sheer chaos, grieving families are searching for their loved ones. >> arthel: coming up, we will tell you what some parents are doing to look for their missing children. many of them of course a very young. you found the love of your dreams... and together, you had the kid of your dreams. now you can put them in the car of your dreams... for a lot less than you might think. with a certified pre-owned mercedes-benz, you can enjoy legendary safety, innovation and performance at a price you can afford. and that's a pretty sweet dream.
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with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> arthel: one other element of this tragedy that we are covering, some parents are still looking for their children. they are posting pictures on social media, asking if anyone has seen them. such a heartbreaking ordeal for so many parents and joining us now is crisis management expert. he is the chairman and ceo of the patriarch group. i want to read a tweet from ariana grande after this happened. she said "i am broken from the bottom of my heart, i am so-so sorry. i don't have words." from a crisis management standpoint, where do you start?
10:24 pm
>> i think truth and credibility and honesty, and i think she spoke from the heart. she i'm sure is very devastated. i know the family. this is something that rocked her to the core. given the fact that she canceled the tour, i think it speaks loudly. it's scary for any performer now, and certainly people that would go to the shows. i think that she handled at the right way. in these types of situations, what's important is to not make any further mistakes and to look at ways to continue to maintain your credibility and or build it. she did that very well. >> arthel: i want to go to parents, but you piqued my interest in terms of performers. i will talk about that and a second. let's talk about the parents. here you are taking mostly girls in the audience -- take your child to see their favorite artist and this happens.
10:25 pm
even those parents who are not the children were not harmed, how do the parents talk to them and an end then we will talk about the parents with children missing or injured? start with those who were inside the arena and not hurt. >> i think you have to certainly recognize the trauma and have them understand that what they are feeling is a very real and that is okay to go through that kind of stress of feelings. number one and number two, have them understand that there are bad people that certainly have different beliefs. if this is terror, than those in the united states and in the u.k., then you have to protect yourself. you have to be vigilant and you have to be careful and assertively today more than ever one they are hitting such soft targets like this. i think that begins with truth and allowing kids to really
10:26 pm
understand that it's okay to be scared, but that here's the reality in order to keep you safe, these are the things you want to do. >> arthel: let's talk about those parents who were still looking for the children. how do they cope with this? >> look, i think faith and just looking to a higher power, looking and keeping focus on the moment and really trying to keep the faith and the hope going because there's nothing more devastating to a parent than losing a child. it is the worst possible thing on earth. i think it's really trying to keep going and keep the faith. and working to a higher power. >> arthel: talk about the impact you would on the children outside. they think it harmed thankfully but they were there. they saw it happen. how do the parents help them
10:27 pm
recover from this? >> it really, having them understand that it's okay to go through the feelings and allow them to talk about it and get it out and share it and have them certainly describe whatever they were going through so that they feel heard and understood and listen to, then to have them also understand that they made it through it and it's going to be okay. this is a rare event statistically, it's a very unusual. they are safer in a car and safer in a bus and certainly on a plane. they are going to go on and they will be okay. have them feel a sense of strength. i think that's important for everyone that we not be intimidated, that we not let terrorist, if this is a terrorist event, to change our behavior, to stay strong whether
10:28 pm
it's in the u.k. or here in the united states because that's what they want to do, and they are doing it online, certainly with influence campaigns. certainly if this is a terrorist event, this is like the super bowl for terrorists. it allows them to be able to recruit the best players now and they joined the team and are excited. they see a victory and a big victory. >> arthel: you mentioned about ariana grande i and i started out with how she tweeted was how she was broken from this event. how does she move on? again, i am not trying to make a bigger deal because she is a celebrity at all, but you made me think about it because it was her concert. she has thus canceled the rest of her tour for the moment. how does she get back up on stage? and artist that performs at major arenas?
10:29 pm
sports and athletes who are working in stadiums. with the psyche they are? when they go to work, these other offices. >> i think for celebrities that are in the public eye like arianna and are playing on the field where they are vulnerable, they have to realize that they can get through this, that in most cases, such things will be safe. and to not be intimidated. to certainly double of security and i think most of these venues will have that. but to be able to move on and set an example, i think for her to step back and i continue to perform when she recovers psychologically and this may take a week, a month or so, but i think it says the right methods to all american and all those important and around the world that wants to win this. if you are not going to intimidate us.
10:30 pm
we will stand strong. >> arthel: thank you very much much. crisis manager and ceo of the group. >> kelly: appreciate the insight and coming up more of a deadly bombing in manchester and how the u.s. is responding. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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>> arthel: continuing coverage here on the fox news channel as we show you more tragic images from manchester, england, as they continue to circulate around the world, youthful cheers of excitement turned to screams of horror as a bomb explodes at the end of a concert featuring ariana grande. at this hour, the death toll stands at 19th and police say
10:35 pm
terrorists are to blame. kitty logan to understand from her bureau in the lender. the 6:30 in the morning, what are you hearing now? >> as you say, please do believe this is likely to be a terrorist attack. there'll be no arrest made so far and no claims of responsibility, but we do know from police it happened just after 10:30 p.m. local time late in manchester at a concert as you say by ariana grande. from witness accounts, it appears to be devised exposed outside the venue just after after the concert was over. it's a huge arena with about 20,000 people in their last night. understandably, there was a lot of panic as you could imagine in the immediate aftermath following that blast. many young fans, many young people at that concert, and we are seeing their heartbreaking reports from social media of parents searching for missing kids, families trying to reunite with loved ones. ariana grande the singer herself has tweeted "i am open from the
10:36 pm
bottom of my heart." it is interesting to note there are unconfirmed reports with official saying that they believe this was a suicide attack. british police are to get that. >> arthel: we are still trying to figure out, it's early in this investigation, any ideas over there in terms of having you been able to glean any information as who is behind this? >> that's right, it is very early stages and so far just hearing again unverified reports in a chapter on twitter from isis supporters that basically prays that this attack. there certainly no formal claim of responsibility so far. it's interesting that the government is not calling it an emergency meeting within the next few hours to discuss this explosion. there is now a national investigation underway involving intelligence agencies, as well as the local police obviously in manchester as well.
10:37 pm
it's good to note too that the u.k. is audit second-highest terror alert level at the severe level for some time. there has been a great deal of success so far with intelligent services disrupting terror plots. if this is confirmed of a terrorist attack, it would be one of the most serious in the last decades and also interesting is that we are in the middle of an election campaign in the u.k., that campaign has not been temporarily suspended. >> arthel: kitty, you live in london, how are londoners feeling? are they feeling anxious? how are they feeling? did you talk to your friends even? >> it's very early in the morning here but i think what you will see, arthel, or people getting up and going to work and going about their daily business. that's what he saw her recently if you remember that attack in westminster on the bridge when that vehicle drove through the
10:38 pm
crowd in the attack stabbed a policeman. was... it was near rush hour and people were going home, caring about their day. london is a busy city and there's a lot going on here. people are extremely tough, stoic, they all carry on with their daily business. is there a concern that i will see a lender that will carry on normal just much like in new york city. >> arthel: thank you, katie. we will talk to you later. >> kelly: reported earlier, dhs department says there is no credible threat to concert venues in the u.s., but concertgoers should expect or expect expert security at upcoming events. joining us now she's provided security for several high profiled celebrities and politicians. i want to ask you about the kinds of venues for their entertainment and people sometimes take security for granted when you go to this kind of venue.
10:39 pm
what do you do to safeguard venues you operate in like boxing matches of that nature were any kind of sorting event? >> first, let me say that since 9/11 everything has changed. it's almost like an earthquake happening. an earthquake happens and two days later, everybody forgets about in the go back into the same routine of life. we have to be more prepared, we have to start going to the grassroots of talking to teachers, practicing evacuation plans, teaching people what our broad flags, what to look for. the whole thing has changed since 9/11. but we can't go back to forgetting about it tomorrow. this isn't an england today, tomorrow it's in new york. it's going to continue. it's not going to end and go away anytime soon until we get
10:40 pm
rid of all the terrorists. we have to educate people by speaking to them and teaching everybody. everybody has to be on the same page. >> kelly: on that note, echo back to the core saying here in america, if you see something say something. don't take things for granted. if you see someone with a backpack at a sports stadium, they are not supposed to have backpacks there, what do you do? you call the police or go to someone and say this is something suspicious. >> observe and report. see something say something. everything is out of the ordinary. if it isn't out of the ordinary, look into it, check into it. don't assume it's okay. we cannot go through business as we usually have in the past. we really need to start looking at everything as if it's a serious occurrence until we determine that it's not a threa threat.
10:41 pm
a to >> kelly: everyone has a role to play at being vigilant and being proactive. thank you for sharing this important insights if you see something say something, observe and report. so important. perhaps that will help us to safeguard some labs. >> thank you. >> kelly: one of the big questions right now is who is behind the deadly bombing at the manchester arena. >> arthel: when we come back, we will be speaking with a former cia operative about the worldwide manhunt for radical extremism.
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>> arthel: continuing coverage not of chaos and carnage in northern england as a suicide bomber killing and injuring thousands of concertgoers, some parents are still searching for their missing children, making desperate pleas on social media and joining us now on the phone as an entertainment attorney richard busch. richard, would look at these horrible images and mostly the concertgoers there for the ariana grande concert at that arena there in manchester capacity 20,000. they are mostly young girls roughly for ages 6 to 18 years old and of course beyond. we see these images, i wanted to
10:46 pm
ask you is an entertainment attorney, are you concerned that this may impact or change the way we experience entertainment? >> it certainly should end it certainly does because parents are going to be much more reluctant to allow their children to go through these venues and concerts. i had to go small started to enjoy going to concerts and the question is whether a consumer more people going to concerts will still go, whether they would instead choose to watch things at home and change the way the entire industry works and it becomes something that occurs more. >> arthel: do you think there's any possibility that the entertainment community could work more closely with intelligence agencies? >> they will have to because it they are an invested interest live nation.
10:47 pm
at this point in the entertainment industry, especially in the music industry, but much of the money is made on tors. if this becomes a problem and people stopped going to tors, stopped going to concerts, it could wreck havoc on the entertainment industry on concerts and the way the money is made at this point in the cycle. they have a vested interest in working very closely with the intelligence community to make sure this does not happen because they could in fact damage dramatically the way money is made these days, especially when it comes to music. >> arthel: and want to point out that when you say that, you're talking about many, many, many families that depend on those tors. got talking with the stars on the stage with the people backstage and the roadies to set at the stadium so on. you make a good point that it may be time for the entertainment community to get together to work closely so it
10:48 pm
does not have that kind of economic impact on the web with it. richard busch, 32nd tier as a father, what are your thoughts now? >> my thoughts are whether you will allow your children to go to types of these offense and if that becomes a mindset throughout the household of the united states, as i said before, it used to be that money was made by selling records. this date it's made by going to concerts. that's how it's made. if it becomes a problem -- >> arthel: i want to jump in because i got that point and you made it very well earlier. i know you have two daughters, 17 and 13, i am not out of time. i do appreciate you staying up and talking as to here on fox news. coming up more on that deadly attack in manchester. >> kelly: dozens of victims of young concertgoers as we just discussed. we will see more of those types of attacks. will we see more of it in the
10:49 pm
future? >> we run down the stairs and they had to the door. before we got to the store there was panic. they thought we set a bomb off. then we were stopped at as we stopped we got told to leave. people were screaming and shouting and it was the worst experience ever. ♪
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>> kelly: tragedy in manchester after a deadly explosion at a ariana grande concert. at least 19 people are dead and dozens injured. joining us now is a judy miller, a former "new york times" reporter. dave rogers, a former member of the fbi joint terrorism task force. see, i want to get to something president trump talked about over the weekend. i he was sending a strong message to the muslim world that something has to be done about terrorism. this is what he advised them to do. let's listen. >> if a choice between two futures and it is a choice americat make for you. a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrace and try it out the
10:54 pm
extremists. drive them out. drive them out. have your places of worship, try them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy lands. and drive them out of this eart earth. >> kelly: judy, your reaction to that on the heels of what just took place. we don't know if it's been confirmed that it is an attack by any islamist group. >> we still don't know that. the assumption has to be that it may very well be and that it could be a response to president trump's call to drive them out. isis as we know has been under enormous pressure. they've lost one-third of the territory that they have captured in the very beginning when they were expanding through the middle east in syria, iraq. they are under pressure to show that they can still inflict damage. this may very well be the response, that is just one of
10:55 pm
the theories that law enforcement may be pursuing. we want steve, real quickly have to be mindful of the fact that there is a war on terror. >> you hit the nail on the head. we have to to drive him off the face of the earth ideological lines, military probably use and reinforcement users will be used. has to be a collaborative effort world right because this is truly a world war. >> kelly: it is indeed and we are following the developments of that. we are also following the developments of president trump was in israel. we'll be coming back to that. you can stay tuned. our coverage of a deadly terrorist attack at a concert hall in manchester and the president tour in israel. >> arthel: the search for those responsible is underway as a grieving parents searched for the missing children. using ♪
10:56 pm
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>> continuing coverage of the horrifying events at an arena in northern england. no one has claimed responsibility, it appears to have the hallmarks of terrorism and we have word of a press conference from local authorities in manchester, england, where it is currently 9:00 in the morning. welcome to fox news continued coverage of the horrific events in england. >> it has indeed been quite a morning, we will take you to that news conference as soon as it starts. meanwhile, here's what we know. an explosion, apparently