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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 23, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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people dead in manchester, many of them, 60 others injured, much more to say about that. rob: "fox and friends" will start right now. >> straight to a fox news alert, 22 people including children are dead after a terrorist targets a packed ariana grande concert. >> horrifying screams filling the arena as 21,000 terrified fans leap over chairs and barriers trying to get out of it. >> what is going on?
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oh my god! >> police calling a terror attack. a male bomb near the exit, that was part of the detonation, nuts and bolts flying everywhere striking teenagers and their parents, leaving the concert. >> they are investigating if this was a lone wolf massacre or if he was part of a bigger network in the manchester area. >> a lone wolf is a possibility but you need help. >>, located bomb to make according to experts. >> the level of sophistication is more than a knife or gun, this is someone with a backpack filled with nails, nuts and bolts, and at 10:33 as you heard by now after ariana grande took the curtain and left and people were heading out, this guy, a
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suicide bomber, improvised explosive device in the foyer, a big colosseum filled with 20,000 people. across the street, victoria station, between the two, they leave the arena to go to the train. >> there is not parking, usually take public transportation. if you live in the atlanta area, with the railroad system or the subway underneath the arena. >> he is 23 years old, most fans are very young, most concertgoers if they were with parents were lightly supervised, between 8, and 16 years old.
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it seems as though they -- the general area, a hockey game or baseball game, you can get in these general areas to meet people, mill around at an event and knowing this is a city and a lot of people use mass transportation, to look at this video. >> let's show you that, listen to this. we thought this might have happened in this concert, it all happened outside where the bomb traffic might be but listen to the explosion. >> what is going on?
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oh my god! >> smart might be a mother taking her young girl to a concert. this will change the landscape. >> the explosion, children are part of the fatality list, the stampede afterwards where people don't know where to go, they are thinking of themselves, their safety and running over other people. >> one dad saying we were trying to leave the arena and realized if you are a bomber you will wait till everyone leaves and set off another bomb so they were scared to walk out the door. one ladies saw cell phones on the floor, sweaters, t-shirts on the floor. running for cover. >> this was the worst terror attack in great britain since july. it was four years to the day
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after leaving the was murdered by islamic extremists. in great britain, the general election campaign, we are awaiting some word from theresa may, prime minister of great britain at 10 downing street. they are having a terrorism meeting figuring out where they go from here and the announcement she will be making shortly. >> the anniversary of that officer, in london. the president speaking this morning at 4:00 in the morning, in bethlehem, speaking about eradicating this wicked ideology calling them losers. these terrorists are evil losers and from now on that is what he is going to call them.
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>> so many young beautiful missing people, living and enjoying their lives murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think that is a great name. >> isis supporters, supportive things like that, job well done. >> the president and saudi's, and the palestinian authority, people know the controlling authority, our hamas. people think the hamas group or people that pay off the
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terrorists the suicide bombers. and taking care of, that is a different mindset, and the muslim extremists seem to be responsible. >> on the left-hand side of the screen, waiting for theresa may, she is the prime minister there, and terror meeting with officials to gather more information. >> keep in mind ariana grande appeal to teenagers, preteens as well. it was a very young crowd. the malay after the explosion, so many kids ran out. people open their homes, spent the night overnight in manchester in total strangers
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homes. also, so many parents looking for their children and keep in mind 22 people are dead and 60 are injured. parents don't know where they are. a holiday in across the street took in 60 kids overnight. walid phares talked about why terrorists would target of all people children. >> killing children. this tells me that the ideology behind this, this is not just an individual. this has been organized and inspired by others, is an ideology and movement, after riyadh, a rise in worldwide coalition trying to intimidate and tell us they will struggle not just in the middle east but in europe and even in the united
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states. >> they say there are 3500 suspects in england they are tracking through homeland security but less arrests since 2015 and this is the second terror attack in the last two months. >> few resources to track those terrorists. >> we don't know that whoever pulled this off was on that list but i could imagine we will find out more shortly. >> it goes back to how 60 sarah side to target children. so many of my friends go with their little girls to the concerts and this will change the landscape and change decisions for parents all over the world who are terrified something like this could happen. >> catherine herridge in touch with the department of homeland security, they have no direct attacks and begin to bulk up security at all of our major even to the best way they can.
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the reports of shrapnel are concerning and premeditation and the plot may have been directed by a foreign terrorist organization. we are seeing low-tech but terrifying situations where people randomly stab. obviously low-tech. this seemed to be a much higher level and maybe this is premeditation, he is going to go to israel, the vatican and meet with where i am sure this will be front and center. >> i heard from witnesses who said they don't have tight security at this time. when you have something like an airport in florida where this happens at the baggage area or your ticket to the box office where you don't need it to get into the arena it is hard to
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protect individuals going to these concerts and sporting events when you don't have to have a ticket, these people who are responsible don't have a ticket to get in. >> the terrorists are looking to kill as many people as they can and because there is good counterintelligence it is hard for them to pull things off. what do they do? go for the easy target, the big arena filled with people on monday night, 10:30 in the evening where you could access that foyer area and get off the stone way -- subway and be in the midst of thousands of people. that is how it started last night. >> they move the security line backwards and parents meeting of their kids on the perimeter. sadly, rarely are we ahead of the game, rarely do we get announcements if you're leaving from europe don't bring a laptop. that is what we heard together.
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>> the president saying prayers are extended, deepest condolences. i was glad to hear we are calling them losers, over and over, you're going to get tired of winning, we are going to be a nation of winners and he is saying the opposite of that is a loser, someone who would do this to families. >> the president is getting a lot of attention on his overseas trip not only by what he says but how he is being received. >> donald trump met with palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. he called on muslim leaders to purge their countries of the wicked ideology of terror. >> donnelly live in jerusalem lives in that area, knows it well and has the latest for you and your family. >> donald trump met with
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palestinian authority president mahmoud abbas in bethlehem in the west bank at the palestinian authority's presidential palace. both leaders condemning the attack in manchester expressing support and condolences to those, families of those who were killed and injured and saying they are willing to work together in fighting terrorism regionally and throughout the middle east. donald trump called those -- the people that carried this out or person who carried it out, evil losers, not only in this attack but in the middle east and all terrorism. he went on to say society can have no tolerance for this bloodshed and slaughter of innocent people including children. both leaders after expressing support and solidarity into their discussions and we heard this yesterday and hearing it again today, both sides of the
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israelis and palestinians back to the table to restart peace talks. today donald trump set it up by saying israelis and palestinians can make peace, that will begin the process of peace throughout the middle east, something he said to muslim leaders. with benjamin and yahoo and israeli president, mark bus -- mahmoud abbas is willing to work with the trump administration on a peace process reasserting a two state solution going back to the borders of 1967 in jerusalem with east jerusalem as the capital of the state of palestine. that is something the president didn't mention specifically in his remarks, talk about a two state solution as a palestinian capital, perhaps that will be mentioned or talked about when
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the president gives a speech at the israeli museum. to give you an idea, he is at the king david hotel having down time, free time. he will go to the holocaust memorial and be at the israel museum over my shoulder to give those comments and wrap up his trip here and the meeting he has on this historic visit. >> to give an idea how the president is being received overseas, benjamin and yahoo says i would want to tell you how much we really appreciate the reassertion of american leadership in the middle east. he went on to say for the first time in many years i see real hope for change. mahmoud abbas said brilliant things about the president in washington, negotiating skills can bring peace to the region. they have different demands but they start from a place of mutual respect and king solomon
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-- king salman said donald trump's to the muslim kingdom was a turning point for relations between the two countries. >> to use the word reassertion, barack obama did not do much of anything. it will be interesting to see what happens at the conclusion of the activities today whether they have some sort of announcement because we don't expect a great big deal but everybody thinks there will be an incremental change towards something where they can get together, israelis and palestinians on some little things, put them in the right direction. >> i was watching earlier, a picture of donald trump touching the western wall, the headlines said it is a tough deal but we
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will get there. they greeted benjamin netanyahu when they got off the airplane and said we love you and support you and banners up when he was going to meet with the palestinian leader and banners were reading the city of peace welcomes the man of peace on the west bank and israel, support of our president. >> the president of the palestinian economy is going through a tough time. maybe we can help. we need some roads and the future. let's bring in jim hansen. anytime there are tough situations like this, he is a counterterrorism operations expert and officer in the special forces. so far when you hear about what looks to be a suicide bomber because of what is left of his body and the fact that nails and shrapnel, what are you thinking?
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>> donald trump called them out in riyadh and again this morning from israel. what we need to do is look for action from states that were causing a lot of problems. he was standing next mahmoud abbas and brian mentioned the palestinians pay the families of suicide bombers for the rest of their lives for the damage, the terrorism they have done against israelis. the palestinians want peace they need to stop that immediately. there were calls to the palestinians and other muslim leaders to join us in driving extremism out. that starts at home and those leaders need to stop their support for terror. >> they haven't released the individuals names, looking at more than one person involved. we don't have many more details about the identity who this person is. >> i hope so.
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that would be fantastic. i believe they know who it is, the fact they haven't released it, the british are slow about that just to be deliberate. what i would like to hear is for prime minister may to say authorization to round up 1000 top people on their watchlist. they have people they have identified as extremists, they should grab every one of them, bring them in for questioning and see if they are connected to this or if they can find out they might be connected to someone coming down the pike. >> it can't be tough to be -- figure out who is the bomb maker but the eu with the travel throughout the country because the level of sophistication of this kind of bomb is a different thing, just some guy with a nut. >> reporter: it takes ability to build an improvised device or smuggle one in. smuggling routes in and out of your by syria so they could have
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brought it in that way and been made locally but the bottom line is somebody did it. that somebody is connected to other somebodys. terrorism expert patrick poole said's lone wolves, they are known to law enforcement and all too often left to their own devices and we try to pick up the pieces. they need to get proactive, shake them down and try to stop the next attack. >> thank you for joining us. >> coming up, the manchester explosion so powerful it even shook the walls sparking panic throughout the building. >> the explosive and the aftermath telling us about potential terror attacks. we have a forensic expert with the clues and more. the president as he traveled overseas in just a moment.
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>> oh my god! >> 22 people are dead including children. dozens were injured in that ariana grande concert in manchester. >> the suicide bomber detonated a device. >> if you were there, what would
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be the first thing you do, the most important thing is find out who this bomber is. is he the bomb maker? they are going to be looking for pieces of his body along with -- they might have a wallet with id in it. if they can't find something like that they will do dna testing and they will go to his home. >> maybe match some of the video. and this guy is where in the backpacker this guy is wearing a vest. >> exactly. they have an idea, likely they have a tape of him, and need to find out where he lived because it is important they go to his home and find out if there are bombmaking part and if not, automatically there is more than
2:26 am
one person involved. >> this is the worst terror attack since 2005 where they attacked the bus in england but those bombs had a petroleum smell to them. these bombs they perfected it where you can't tell what is in the backpack. >> this is likely a tnt he bomb. the bottom line is we can't detect it yet, we haven't figured out a way to detect it and it is very unstable, unless you are a suicide bomber it is unlikely he will carry that around. >> explain why they would use a nail bomb, cheaper to make? easier to make? >> it wouldn't be easier but would create more damage and kill a lot more people. >> do you think one person could do something like that? >> the question is whether he is
2:27 am
involved with the terrorist group. >> you can learn it on youto. >> when you hear the mom screaming in the background, one guest was saying in a preinterview that this, we think of this as a -- now they are targeting children, this has been going on. the little girls in africa. this hits home because it is ariana grande. we can imagine taking our girls to a concert like that. >> 22 years old. when you see something like this, 10:30 monday night, a happy party with ariana grande, going to the subway, what does it say? >> he cruelly waited until the show was over. either he didn't have a ticket or just wanted to get as many
2:28 am
people as possible and was able to do it outside. if he had gone earlier he would have affected less people. >> i would hope as is the case in the united states at a venue like that if he had a ticket there would be someone stopping him saying let me look in your backpack. >> they had a lot of security but you don't need much. very little would do it. a hard slap could explode it. >> the metal in it -- >> there were a lot of nuts and bolts in it. if he plans to go in he would leave that out. >> do they pick up the nuts and bolts and figure out what hardware store? >> they usually would do that. >> is there a signature? >> not that i know of. thank you. >> the second bomb which was not
2:29 am
a bomb, just abandoned clothing. >> better safe than sorry. coming up more on the terror attack in manchester, england. our next guest saw the attack coming and said it is designed to send a message to america. handling the unexpected ... ...doesn't happen by accident.
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>> breaking details. >> reporter: we are in a city that is in lockdown. the central part of it anyway. i will let my camera man show you police presence behind him. this canopy building, the victoria train station and connected to the victoria train station is manchester arena and the person who seems to be the suicide bomber did his bad work in the foyer area, near the box office area setting off a bomb perhaps with screws and nuts and bolts attached, the ugliest kind of suicide bomb. that left 22 people killed, 59 injured and a lot of young people attending this ariana grande concert, 25,000 seats,
2:34 am
sold-out performance, just finished. all of this was well-timed as a lot of young people with their parents to some extent filing out when the blast happened. we have one identification, first identification of one of the fatalities, a young woman and we will hear more and more about these casualties. a couple blocks from where we are we past the hotel where it is believed dozens of families are waiting to hear of their loved ones. there are missing individuals from this concert last night as the police do serious forensic work. the theory is this person acted alone but what the police are looking at aside from combing the arena for any other clues as to where he came from and what he was all about is they are
2:35 am
looking for any support network who was working with him to make this a well calibrated attack happened. isis has claimed responsibility or at least praised the incident online but no direct connections have been found. group called the cobra group, the high-level anti-terror group headed by prime minister may, now meeting, looking to see what they can do about the worst terror incident to hit the uk in 12 years and a similar kind of incident we have been watching all across europe for the past couple years. >> france too. 400 isis trained fighters going back to england because they are being blown out of the middle east has got to concerned security people. >> reporter: absolutely, big concern, the homegrown terrorist concern, terrorists trained on the battlefield and it is a
2:36 am
battlefield in syria and iraq and as that fight dies down to some extent, a journey to the uk and other countries and the skills have acquired they could be applying here. the suicide attack, we have seen it and witnessed the aftermath personally in places like paris, another concert venue was attacked to worse results. manchester police looking hard at the aftermath of what is happening as we look at the police trying to understand this horror in their neighborhood. brian: we understand the prime minister of the united kingdom, theresa may is currently conducting a counterterrorism meeting at 10 downing street and she is expected to go to manchester herself. we expect her to tell us what
2:37 am
she knows very shortly. >> the campaign, the election was supposed to be june 8th and they are suspending that. greg did mention the first person has been identified. we have a picture of a young 18-year-old lady, georgina calendar was only 18 years old, the first teenage victim to be identified. >> a very big ariana grande fan. he or she is two years earlier with ariana grande, the first victim identified in what looks like a terrorist strike. >> when we are given the names, the family has already been told. >> reporter: that is what the victims look like and isis is
2:38 am
cheering. that brings us to a former member of the israeli defense forces special operations counterterror unit and leading manufacturer of law-enforcement products for terrorism readiness. are you ever ready for something like this? are you one of the few people who is not surprised when horror hits a major city like this? >> i don't think anyone is surprised anymore. we are at a time where 15 years after 9/11 we still have terrorism, a battlefield is unfolding in europe and the questions we need to be asking are, are we doing everything we can to prevent these attacks from happening and if i could correlate that to the last person you were speaking with this was a planned attack. it is irrelevant whether this person had the connection with a larger terror network because
2:39 am
the bomb can be made on youto and with some common sense this guy was able to put together the best time to carry out this attack and this was at the end of the concert. regardless of security we have all seen concerts, it tends to soften when you are leaving. it is lying where everyone was exiting and that was the perfect target of opportunity. how we deal with that in his real is the same, trying to figure out the best way to do it, using an intuitive common sense approach which donald trump is learning firsthand, how we deal with that is we apply a multilayer approach which means it will take a multicellular event for a terrorist to reach a target like a major concert venue and that means every layer
2:40 am
would have to fill. how do we apply that? it means we have to push crowds out, wherever crowds of people congregate we need to keep them moving, we don't let the crowds form, make sure we have plenty of armed uniform presence and twice as many undercover presence and those of the real guys doing the security and make sure no one can get with the nose crowd and that was the failure, everyone is jumping on the investigation. why not figure this out? >> there are concerts in america and throughout europe and the world tour was suspended temporarily. how do you react in your business today? >> we get the experts in israel who protected all flights, get the behavioral-based programs in
2:41 am
place, beef up private security and here is the most important thing, you got to -- the difference between the way we do business, we spend money on the training, the brain is the most important security tool. the camera can't react, the metal detector may or may not react, can't fire back, the brain is the only mechanism that can look at something and get an intuitive reaction. we want to look for islamists with a certain middle eastern profile. we have to protect our people, the money we spend is in training, whether it is a security guard going through 40 hours of training to learn to spot those indicators and question people blues that has
2:42 am
got to happen. >> the level of sophistication of the manchester police is not at the same level as the london police and ariana grande, performing before 20,000 screaming kids in a country of our allies. >> ariana grande, american artist performing in a country with one of our number one allies who has been with us since day one after 9/11, iraq and afghanistan, this is a double target of opportunity. the fact that it was in manchester i wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't as beefed-up as london, london is seeing a lot more terror than other parts of england. part - target of opportunity. with terrorism the same way terrorists went i'm going to get to the crowd at the end of the
2:43 am
event security officials around the world needs to sit down and go we need to do the same thing backwards, where are they going to strike, when will we stop reacting to this, we have to start free acting, not a real word, i just made it up and layers for crowded events and crowded situations. >> that will be in webster's dictionary by the end of the year. >> is about cutting isis's head off and four days and get to the concert. >> they have got to go somewhere. donald trump already talking tough against the terrorists behind the manchester attack. lieutenant colonel tony shafer here with why he is saying what he is saying.
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>> so many young beautiful innocent people, living and enjoying their lives, murdered by evil losers in life. i won't call them monsters because they would like that term, they would think that is a great name. >> donald trump talking tough about the terror in manchester, england don't our next guest is this attack has all the hallmarks of isis. >> army veteran tony shafer, thanks for being with us. what was your reaction to the president's speech and the images of what happened at this
2:48 am
concert? >> this was symbolic against a target against americans because this was in england and because the president's trip wanted to make a statement and smuggled in from europe, there was a network, these are things of concern. donald trump's comments, half measures have gotten us here. either we accept there was a war going on and we will do everything we can to go at it as rapidly as we can or just give up and go home, on your own network, talking about isis, it is time to get past the soft narrative of the idea we can somehow just be a little nicer and these people will listen to us, not going to happen. this is an example of what it gets you. we have to look at what happened
2:49 am
here, how to go about as your last guest said getting ahead of them, figuring out where they are going because isis is being defeated in the middle east. they will go to other places in the president's comments were designed to say these people need to be dealt with severely. >> you mentioned the possibility that this particular strike was timed to the president's trip in the middle east. >> the president is out trying to create conditions for a larger alliance in the middle east. finding a way to bring the arab nations, sunni nations together to focus on this common thread. the common issue is isis and al qaeda, those two terror groups. what we are seeing here is isis pushing back trying to say we don't care. if they don't care that is fine but we have to understand we must then do those hard things we have not done over the past
2:50 am
16 years, against radical islam, 16 years, i think the president was badly served by staff who have not permitted him to say radical islam and hr mcmaster and all those folks giving the president options that are half measures. brian: interesting, thanks so much. >> targeting innocent children now way tax strategy to strike fear around the world, james mitchell waterboarding the worst jihadi's gets us inside the minds of terrorists next. "let life in with new herbal essences bursting with argan oil of morocco and notes of jasmine to put more life in your head.
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>> a suicide bomber kills 22 people including children and heard dozens more. they were targeted at the ariana grande concert in the united kingdom in manchester. next guest explains firsthand why killing kids is part of the jihadi cause. doctor james mitchell joins us, he developed the enhanced interrogation program and author of enhanced interrogation. always great to see you. when people say they are targeting kids, how horrific, how do they justify killing children? >> the masterminds behind 9/11 and other senior terrorists, there are no innocent bystanders it is perfectly permissible from
2:55 am
what they received to target children. one reason is parents pay taxes that support the resistance to the spread of islamic domination around the world. if you leave the children of the infidels alive, all that does is restock the ranks of your enemies and finally, if you can kill enough children it will frighten the parents who are likely to resist enough that they will withdraw and simply not want to get involved. >> i was listening to one terror expert on another channel say this is so horrific, potential terrorists might even be repelled by this, do you agree with that mindset? >> they are looking at it with westernized. we see young people celebrating life and enjoying everything together. what an islamist sees is a
2:56 am
provocative young woman scantily clad are provocatively clad, girls and boys, should not even be together, they see that as an obscenity where we see it is a celebration of life so it is a perfectly reasonable target particularly if it has the side effect of horrifying the parents of each kid that are killed. brian: too common in major cities, the fifth major attack this year alone. thanks for trying to make sense of this, appreciate it. the concert in manchester and donald trump in jerusalem. the holocaust memorial, that is live. just got rescheduled - for today. amanda needs right at home. our customized care plans provide as much
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♪ >> this is a fox news alert. at least 22 people, including a number of children dead after a terrorist targets a packed arianna grande concert. ainsley: horrifying screams filling the air in manchester in that arena as 21,000 terrified fans are trying to get out of their alive. they are leaping over chairs and barriers just trying to escape. [screams]


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