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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 23, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> we love hearing you. >> in and out of italian while the president landed in rome was impressive. >> great to have you as well, we will be back tomorrow at noon eastern, thank you for joining us, "happening now" starts now. >> leland: fox news alert as we are learning a lot more in just these hours about the deadliest terror attack to hit britain and more than a decade. and also more on the reaction from president trump in his administration, the president just touching down in rome, busy second hour of "happening now," busy first as well. i am we went with alert and for jon scott. >> julie: i'm julie banderas in for jenna scott this afternoon. president trump for the third leg of his overseas trip following saudi arabia and israel. ice is scamming responsibility for an attack that killed at least 22 killed at least 22 people and injured dozens more as the fans screamed out of an area out of areata grande concert and now tr
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the victims in manchester's albert square as british authorities identify the dead bomber as 22-year-old salman abedi. they have also arrested we are told another man and are searching for any more accomplices as they have been doing these raids in conducting raids throughout the day. the bombing occurred as president trump met with the palestinian leader just before leaving israel. >> horrific, horrific injury, terrible. dozens of innocent people, beautiful young children savagely murdered in this heinous attack upon humanity. i repeat again that we must drive out the terrorists and the extremists from our midst. obliterate this evil ideology and protect and defend our citizens and people of the worl
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world. >> leland: the attack coming the very same day the senate armed services committee held a hearing on worldwide threats with testimony from the director of national intelligence who just returned from meeting intelligence colleagues in london. >> it reminds us that this threat is real. it is not going away. it needs significant attention. >> julie: we have life fox teams coverage for you now, amy kellogg is following the president's movements in rome but we begin with rick leventhal who joins us now live from manchester, hello. >> as you mention, manchester police now confirming the identity of the bomber as a 22-year-old brit with libyan origins, salman abedi, reportedly known to british authorities before this attack and as you mention, they also arrested a 23-year-old in south manchester not far from the arena and adjoining train station where the attack took place. don't know much about him but police said they searched to
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other locations with warrants, one of them with a controlled explosion but the scene here last night described as sheer chaos by witnesses who are among the packed crowd of 21,000 gathered for a ariana grande concert. they were heading for the exit, that is when they say that a bomb was detonated packed with nuts and bolts and possibly nails, timed to maximize the carnage. positioning himself in a public area between the venue and victoria station, killing at least 22, wounding at least 59. the dead including an 18-year-old georgina bethany calendar and 8-year-old whose mother and sister were among the wounded taken to eight area hospitals, horrific attack on innocence that has shaken the nation and its prime minister. >> it is an absolutely barbaric attack that has taken place to cut off young lives in this way.
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it is absolutely devastating and our thoughts and prayers must be with their families and friends at this horrendous tragedy that has taken place. i am very clear, the police and security services have the resources they need to ensure that they continue their investigation. >> as you mentioned, a vigil getting underway this hour here in manchester at albert square, people expected to come and share their love and grief for those lost in this horrific attack. authorities here are asking for the patient's -- for patients in identifying the rest of the victims, saying that police and the coroner will release the names as they can. >> julie: rick leventhal in manchester, thank you. >> leland: before leaving israel, president trump condemned the bombing and offered condolences to the friends and families of the victims in manchester. he called the terrorist
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responsible "evil losers." mr. trump is now enrolled, you can see video they're coming off air force one, the third stop on his first overseas trip as president. air force one and the president arrived just about an hour ago from tel aviv. tomorrow, mr. trump has a meeting with the president of italy and an audience with pope francis. martin coverage now, amy kellogg live in rome, vatican behind he her. hi, amy. >> no doubt the attack in manchester will be one of the issues that the pope and president discuss tomorrow, but you know, there has been a lot of curiosity about how this meeting will ultimately go because the pope and president are at -- different on so many issues. they come from different perspectives. for example, recently when president trump was extolling the power in position of those u.s. air strikes in syria, the pope made his distressed distrn that this was called the mother of all bombs, actually that was afghanistan by basically saying
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that a mother brings life and bombs bring death. the pope is very much generally against weapon proliferation altogether, and the arms trade, and president trump is coming here after a major, major signing of a deal with the saudis for weapons. climate change, globalization, capitalism, they come at these topics from very different places. the pontiff has lashed out against those who build walls, not bridges, calling them unchristian. the pope has personally recognize 3 welcome refugees to italy, despite differences, there is plenty of space for common ground optimists say. francis says he will seek to be sincere with president trump and seek to wedge his way into what he sees as open doors for dialogue. >> i never make a judgment about a person without hearing them out. i don't think i should do that. during our talks, things will come out. i will say what i think, and he will say what he thinks, but i have never, never wanted to judge a person before hearing
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what they have to say. >> on top of the 2000 police officers who normally patrol rome, another 1,000 have been laid on to protect the presiden. there are four presidential routes that could possibly be used, but the one to be taken want to be chosen until the very last minute in order to provide maximum surprise and security. this meeting happens at 8:30 tomorrow morning, and some have suggested that is not really a prime time slot for president trump, but the fact of the matter is that pope francis has his general audience tomorrow morning, so plenty of people are saying actually, he is doing his utmost to accommodate the president because that audience is very exacting, takes a lot out of the pope, so he's meeting very early in the morning with the president and first lady and a small delegation of americans before then, having that audience and then, of course, president trump will go on to meet the president of italy and prime minister and then just
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lives off for the next legery id tour. >> leland: it has been quite the schedule. 8:30 there in rome, 2:30 a.m. eastern here in the united states for that meeting between the president and the pope, amy, live coverage on fox for it all. amy kellogg, thank you. >> julie: for more reaction to president trump's first overseas trip and the deadly massacre in manchester, england, i have executive washington editor for "the wall street journal" here, thank you so much for talking to us. it is important to know the timing and all of this, that the attack took place, about 30 hours after the president united against terrorism speech to muslim leaders. in that speech, president trump aggressive how arab and muslim leaders must deal with preventing terror attacks like this, by delving into the radical clerics and read the evil out of communities before they have a chance to carry out these types of attacks. let's talk about what he said in that speech that pretty much was looking into the foreseeable future, of course he had no idea
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this would be happening 30 hours later. >> this is a story that keeps repeating itself. i think there are so many routes to the terror threat that it is really hard to know which one, probably cannot focus on any one of them, that produces any given terrorist act, but in this case, it seems to have been a british-born 23-year-old, 22-year-old young man with perhaps some equally young accomplices. where does that come from, homegrown terrorism, imported from isis, inspired by isis, ordered by a sis? we are in this great area in this particular attack and aftermath where those are the questions, and it is important but really impossible to know the answer. isis claims credit for the attack, we are not sure what that means, but i do think there is a network and it involves both the islamic state forces on the ground in the middle east but also has to do with the social media, internet network they've developed around the world. >> julie: let's talk about the suspected bomber, you talked about it come he blew himself
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up, has been identified as a 22-year-old come his name is salman al betty, and this is what is so disturbing coming out today as we did not know this information yesterday, apparently known to british authorities prior to this attack. as you mention, isis has claimed responsibility though there has been no evidence supporting that claim. your thoughts on how all of this will impact the president's overseas trip? >> first of all, on it being known to authorities, this has also become a fairly common theme. the security forces throughout europe including in france and belgium where they have had similar incidents obviously are overwhelmed with people they ought to be keeping an eye on, they cannot really keep track of all those people. >> julie: i am sorry to cut you off, want to explain to our audience what they are watching. this is a live vigil taking place now and manchester where 22 people were killed including children. i also want to touch on the fact that this target by a coward was the softest of all soft targets. he targeted children, women,
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innocent people exiting a concert, not inside. in all honesty, security there was obviously tight enough to keep him out, they were taking backpacks and so forth. so he set up outside. it does raise a lot of questions as to how the perimeter was secured and if perhaps there were gaps in security. that is something i believe that will come out of this investigation as well. >> right, and i think the reality of the terror threat is that people keep finding ways around security measures, and that is probably hard to live with but also probably inevitable, and we see some of that here. i do think that the question of, particularly in europe, the domestic sources of inspiration for these kinds of attacks, and the young people who carry them out are very perplexing to security officials across europe, and i think that's one of the issues that is going to be addressed. you mention the president's trip, i am sure this will be
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topic a, conversation with the pub tomorrow. the real question is what can everybody collectively do about it? >> julie: i have not seen the president that adamant and sickened since the bashar al-assad regime went ahead and guess its own people, talking about beautiful children who were victimized, and again this is happening, looks at how he reacted to syria p.a. he rbc means business when it comes to terrorist attacks and innocent children, beautiful children as he puts it that become victims of this. we will have to wait to see what his next move will be. we appreciate you coming on, thank you very much. >> leland: "happening now"'s jenna lee is in our nation's capital today, julie sitting in, she is moderating a conference on terrorism hosted by the foundation for defense of democracy. appropriate right now, janet spoke with former defense secretary and cia director robert gates who weighed in on the attacks in manchester. >> just as we have seen al qaeda metastasize subsequent to the
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killing of usama bin laden back in 2011 to africa, north africa and elsewhere in the middle east, i think you will see isis become more active and more aggressive in a variety of places in the west, having lost the caliphate in these cities like raqqa. i think, sadly, manchester may be a harbinger of more such activities in the west as it basically -- as people leave, scurry away from those sites, and that doesn't mean they are defeated individually or that they have lost their commitment to attacking the crusaders or whatever they want to call them. it just means they will change their tactic. >> leland: jenna will be back
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tomorrow from d.c., of course hear a lot more about her discussion with general gates among others. julie? >> julie: targeting terror and yemen, brand-new details on a navy seal operation with airborne forces joining in. hitting al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, plus the tragedy in manchester raising security concerns about summer concerts and sporting events here at home. one guest on why he thinks the fans were targeted while exiting the venue as we bring you more fox news coverage of this horrific attack. >> breaks my heart to see young people killed for no reason trying to enjoy themselves. radical islam has two be confronted with a different model. i think what president trump did in saudi arabia is a great star start. hey, need fast heartburn relief?
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reaction coming in from saudi arabia where the president began his trip and it comes as u.s. forces carried out a raid across the border from the kingdom into yemen. bret baier, the anchor of "special report" is they are and has this special report. >> i'm standing along the border between saudi arabia and yemen. this place has seen a lot of action in recent days. the saudis are using artillery fire to repel the militias who are attacking watchtowers here along the border. this is a serious threat for the saudis, the militia is backed by iran, not only backed but funded by the iranians, and that is, of course, saudi arabia's biggest enemy, some experts in this region called as a proxy war between iran and saudi arabia. the saudis see it as an existential threat. >> absolutely, we cannot have iran involved in yemen. it is a strategically important country, 28 million people on our doorstep. sits at the entrance of one of the world's most critical
10:19 am
waterways, the gulf of aden, which also connects to another critical waterway which is the suez canal, a very large percentage of all trade flows through the black sea, and if that -- those waterways are controlled by hostile forces, it could present a tremendous danger to international trade. >> the obama admin initiation was has ended if not negative on your operations. has that changed significant with the trump administration? >> yes, and our operations and yemen, we try to do our best to focus on our targets, more than 33,000 targets on a list, and the list is continuously updated. we evaluate every flight that comes back. we go and look at lessons learned. we make sure that when there is a mistake, it is investigated and that we put in place mechanisms to ensure that it doesn't happen again. our aim is to operate our war in yemen at the level of nato
10:20 am
standards, that is what we are trying to do and ask the u.s. to provide us with support to achieve that objective and exceed it. unfortunately, over the last few months of 2016, that support was dwindling. we hope that now it can be restored so that we can be more effective at going after the people who stage the coup in yemen, trying to take over the country and handed to iran on a silver platter. >> u.s. policy has now changed. their relationship with the saudis has changed as well as evidenced by the summit this past weekend. some here believe that that support dwindled from the obama administration because it was time to do to the effort to protect the president's legacy iran nuclear deal, and that has affected a lot of decisions in the middle east. but the u.s. also has a big issue here, the threat from yemen is real. earlier today, a u.s. navy seal operation rated in al qaeda and arabian peninsula compound
10:21 am
backed by significant airpower not only navy airpower but also drones, seven al qaeda in the arabian peninsula terrorists were killed, remember it is one of the most serious terror threats to the u.s. homeland, they have tried the most, in fact, just to give you a point of reference, since present time has been in office, there have been 80 u.s. air strikes against aqap targets inside yemen. so as the saudis around the border are concerned about the houthi for less, iran, the u.s. is concerned about the terrorist threat, we will have a complete story, giving the back story on special report, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. >> julie: thank you so much for that report. >> leland: president trump went from saudi arabia to israel, now to rome after wrapping up his mideast visit. they are, he reaffirmed our commitment to protecting israel while also reaching out to the callused demand palestinians.
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>> hopeful future fruit children in the middle is requires them to recognize the viable of the state of israel. and on behalf of the united states, we pledge to stand by you. ♪
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>> hamas and hezbollah launch rockets into israeli communities where schoolchildren have to be trained to hear the sirens and determine to the bomb shelters with the fear with speed. isis targets jewish neighbors, synagogues, and iran's leaders routinely call for israel's destruction.
10:26 am
not with donald j trump. believe me. >> leland: that was a long standing ovation there in jerusalem, president trump blasting iran for its aggressive behavior. as he works to unite our allies on his first overseas trip as commander in chief. iranian president hassan rouhani has been firing back, warning that stability in the region cannot be achieved without what he calls the help of tehran. joining us now is rebecca, fell at the heisman institute, nice to see you, thank you. so, we have obviously the president of the united states and his position, the president of iran's position, newly reelected. as the president of iran right, you cannot do this without their help? >> they are the source of most of the problems in the middle east and across the region. he is known as a moderate,
10:27 am
reformer, but that isn't an accurate representation, inaccurate characterization of him. the guardian council and iran decides who gets to run in these financial elections, of course he just won the recent presidential election but it was not a fair and free election so if he wants to brag about the fact iran has free and open elections, he is just wrong. >> leland: i don't think anyone is under the delusion that iran is some kind of western liberal democracy simply because they say they are, but it brings up an important question here. you have the iranian president now, for lack of a better term, making some provocative statements. they do that a lot. in the past, especially under the obama administration, those provocative words were followed by provocative action. is that stopping at all under the trump administration, have they got the sense there is a new sheriff in town? >> i certainly think they take the threats more seriously but were member during the obama administration after the iran deal, it was supposed to
10:28 am
actually eventually the idea was that it would make iran more moderate, that it would bring them into the international community eventually. what we saw after the iran deal was finished blessed this crackdown on political dissidents once again, funding for terrorism continued, you talked about the houthi torah lesson iran, and then fira ballistic missiles and violation of u.n. security council, none of that slowed down under hassan rouhani, we don't expect it to slow down now except perhaps they might be a little bit more cautious with the missiles perhaps if they believe that the united states government simply will not tolerate it under president trump. >> leland: so what is the answer here for the american president? lots of tough talk from him, lots of tough talk from the saudis and the rest of the sunni and arab allies, huge part of this trip has been about confronting iran in rebuilding the american-israeli, sunni arab alliance. okay, by your side, ron is going to thumb their nose at that, so what is the answer then?
10:29 am
>> we have to get a handle on a couple different things, one, the ballistic missile program. iran's missile program -- >> leland: i understand the problem, i'm asking how to do it. >> once again coming after work with international partners to crank up sanctions again. the obama administration relaxed sanctions on iran and got to crank it back up, squeeze around to get them to the point they don't want to do that. also cannot take anything off the table, military options. if iran achieved a ballistic missile capability that can hit the united states, you better believe he's going to put a nuclear weapon on that. if he doesn't cheat on the deal, eventually once it expires, those things cannot happen. >> leland: you have to wonder whether or not the president is going to use military force against iran on their ballistic missile program, iranian nuclear deal not withstanding. rebecca, i appreciate your time, thank you so much. >> julie: president trump touching down a short time ago and italy. tomorrow, the president will be meeting with the italian president and he will have an audience with pope francis.
10:30 am
on the heels of his trip to the middle east, and wheeling meetings with israeli and posten leaders and white israel's former chief negotiation says there is an unprecedented opportunity for peace right now. she will join us now. >> let us pray for that piece and for a more hopeful future for us in the middle east. there are those who present a false choice. they say that we must choose between supporting israel and supporting arab and muslim nations in the region. that is completely wrong. i've tried enough laxatives to cover the eastern seaboard. i've climbed a mount everest of fiber. probiotics? enough! (avo) if you've had enough, tell your doctor what you've tried and how long you've been at it. linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation
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that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices for deep penetrating relief at the source. aleve direct therapy. >> julie: this is a fox news alert on the latest of veltman's from manchester, right now, thousands of people attending a vigil for the victims in manchester's albert square as we take a look fair. dish authorities me time investigating the deadly explosion at that packed concert last night that left 22 people dead and dozens more injured. armed police carrying out raids earlier as a part of their investigation. all of this as president trump arrives in italy on the third leg of his overseas trip. we have a new reaction to the president's visit to the middle east from a former israeli foreign minister. first, let's get to chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge in washington with more. >> thank you, the focus this hour for investigators is confirming whether the 22-year-old suspect salman abedi
10:35 am
acted alone or had help. the key issue based on the ice is claiming responsibility is whether they terror group developed and directed the pot or the claim is opportunistic with isis seeking to capitalize on the attack. the chairman of the homeland security committee is getting regular updates. >> is this a foreign fighter trained in the caliphate that has come back to europe to conduct terrorist attacks or is it the other individual who has been vacaville -- medicalized over the internet, told from raqqa, syria and the mothershipo conduct this attack, either way achieves the same result. >> police identified the suspect after two warrants were executed in manchester, one at the home where abedi was registered. a short time ago, reporters were told the authorities are waiting on the corner for final identification. british intelligence is in the lead and providing regular updates to the fbi and cia. a counterterrorism investigator
10:36 am
tells a fox news there does appear to be an inconsistency between the isis a statement of response but he and what happened in manchester. significantly, did not identify the bomber by name, and the english translation talks about multiple devices being placed at the concert hall. suggesting a suicide attack may not have been the intention. this morning on capitol hill, the nation's intelligence chief said analysts are working to verify the isis claim of responsibility, adding... >> this threat is real. it is not going away. it needs significant attention to do everything we can to protect our people from these kinds of attacks. >> a u.s. government official told fox news that in terms of the forensic evidence, the shrapnel, nuts, bolts, nails, these really are vital clues because they can be traced back to a manufacturer as well as a point of sale and sometimes even the individual who purchased them. >> julie: catherine herridge, thank you very much. >> leland: fox news alert with
10:37 am
a little bit more about what catherine was talking about, the house intelligence committee is now in closed session during today's hearing on russian meddling in the american election. earlier, during the open session, former cia director john brennan testified that he was worried about russia influencing the trump campaign and that he put in a call as early as august to russia's intelligence chief to warn them against interfering. >> i encountered and am aware of information and intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and u.s. persons involved in the trump campaign. that is -- i was concerned about because of known russian efforts to subordinate such individuals and raised questions in my mind once again whether or not the russians were able to gain the cooperation of those individuals.
10:38 am
i don't know whether or not such collusion, that is year term, such collision existed. >> leland: as we said right now, he is testifying behind closed doors on what could be classified information. we are on capitol hill watching for the latest development on the hearing at the house intelligence committee and we will bring them to you as they happen. >> julie: we are following breaking news out of manchester as british authorities search for accomplices in that concert bombing that left 22 innocent people dead including children. our next guest joining us on what needs to be done here at home to protect similar events like this this summer. >> like a flash, like an explosion flash, and then at that point, everyone was running back up the stairs again, panicking, screaming, shouting, crying. i never joined in.
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>> let us pray for that piece and for a more hopeful future across the middle east. there are those who present a false choice. they say that we must choose between supporting israel and supporting arab and muslim nations in the region. that is completely wrong. all decent people want to live in peace, and all humanity is threatened by the evils of terrorism. diverse nations can unite around the goal of protecting innocent life, upholding human dignity, and promoting peace and stability in their region. my administration is committed to pursuing such a coalition, and we have already made substantial progress during this trip. >> leland: president trump has called it the ultimate deal as he talked about jump-starting the middle east peace process and touting some progress as you just heard, he made on his first trip to the region there.
10:43 am
they are coming see the president leaving tel aviv where he met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu as well as the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas, joining us now is a former lead negotiator with the palestinians come thank you for being here, we appreciate i it. >> thank you. >> leland: as we look at the situation right now, the president is on his way to rome peered what has changed from the israeli perspective, what progress has been made? >> first, it was a very good visit. the president came just from visiting riyadh where he met arab leaders, saying that they are willing -- it will be part of the camp of moderate fighting against terror as long as we would move forward in peace talks with the palestinians, and therefore there are really new opportunities here. i believe that the role of
10:44 am
leaders now is to face and grab these opportunities. the president put everything now on the table, just as an idea. >> leland: it's been -- >> the talks -- >> leland: it has been well noted that the government is the most right wing that israel has ever had. there are many folks in the government right now in leadership to save effectively to the palestinians that they already have estate called jordan, they don't want to enter in negotiations. what leverage does prime minister benjamin netanyahu have to be able to enter into good faith negotiations? >> the majority of those believing that peace means embracing the idea of two states for two people, this is a majority in the israeli parliament, majority of the public opinion in israel especially after president trump emphasized that the u.s. would be with israel when it comes to
10:45 am
their security. it is true that there is a minority in the government that completely ignore or is not willing to move forward on the basis of two states, but as i say in israel, that is part of the opposition. if he is willing to make the steps that are needed, he will get the majority, it will not fall. his job as the prime minister -- >> leland: specifically, what steps does he need to make? i asked the palestinians, they didn't have a good answer. what are steps -- what steps does israel need to make, what steps can you make to actually fulfill president trump's goal, if you will? >> i think this depends on the president himself. what is the plan he will put on the table, with the regina and others in the region -- >> leland: is it up to the president of the united states or up to the prime minister of israel? >> it is up to the president of
10:46 am
the united states to put the plan on the table and this would force both of them, the israeli prime minister and president to make decisions that are needed, for now, the palestinians said they are willing to negotiate without circumvention which is good but the expectations relating to the core region of the conflict, but it is too early to know what are the steps that are needed to make the negotiations, not just negotiations for the sake of negotiation, but something with real substance so now we are all waiting for president trump's team to speak after absolving all of these ideas in that region and to put a plan on the table. >> leland: it brings up an important point. yesterday, we had on a palestinian leader, a doctor who refused to call the people who blow buses, who attacked children, launch rockets into israel terrorists come he said they are not terrorists.
10:47 am
i said, how can you be a partner in peace when you cannot call people who called you might do those acts terrorists come he did not have a good answer for that. so with that in mind, i ask this, is there a plan the president of america or anybody can put on the table that you a former negotiator with the at the end reasonably say both the israelis and palestinians would accept it, does that plan exist? >> one, there is no just cause for terrorism, and these terrorists are sitting in is really jail because they acted -- these terror attacks against israeli civilians, and this is something which is not accepted. this is something the president also said today. i negotiated -- >> leland: is there a plan? >> i'm giving you an answer. i believe that we narrow the gaps that we used to have in the pass between us and the palestinians, but we did not bridge all the gaps.
10:48 am
eventually, we did not achieve peace, but they gaps are narrow now. they exist, but they are narrow on the core issues and therefore, if we start not from zero, if we start by having something that relates to the core issue, not with all of the gaps, not from zero, this can be the basis for negotiation as long as the arab states would support saying to israelis that this with the palestinians is not just with the palestinians but the entire air world. this is very important for israelis and can also give the power and strength to the palestinian president to make the decisions that he needs to make and the compromises he needs to make in order to achieve peace. i did not say it would be easy, it is comp located but doable. >> leland: it is not easy, that is for sure. i have to tell you that i admire your optimism.
10:49 am
from tel aviv, thank you. >> julie: -- >> we need some help here. >> leland: that is true. it is lacking in the middle east. >> julie: the target in manchester was a symbol of youth, freedom and entertainment but also like any arena many of us have been to for events in our own country. so what security measures should be taken in light of this atrocity? we will discuss. at red lobster's seafood trios
10:50 am
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>> hello, everyone, i am sandra smith. another suicide bombing attack in europe. we are tracking the latest on the investigation and the information authorities can learn from the explosives that were used. plus, more testimony on capitol hill about whether or not russia meddled in the u.s. election and to what degree. ari fleischer joins me on that. and with the budget deficit
10:53 am
creeping toward $20 trillion, we are getting our first look at how president trump plans to deal with that. on "america's newsroom hq" ." >> julie: a fox news alert now on new developments from manchester after a homicide bombing claimed by isis killed 22 people at a packed concert venue for the youngest victim, an 8-year-old girl. this horrific event raising questions about how safe we really are here in the u.s. at soft targets like this, summer concerts, sporting events, , and what security measures should be in place? joining me now, jeff miller, senior vice president at a security company, thank you for talking to us. our stadiums, arenas and concert halls are soft targets, easy targets. security prevents people from going in, what you need to do his best to secure the perimeter in order to prevent this from happening. did you see a gap it's security at this particular terrorist attack? >> there is a lot we don't know but just looking at the events
10:54 am
as they unfolded last night, one of the things i think we can take away from this tragedy is that there are really three different events. there is the load in, the event, then there is the egress or the exit. i think a lot of times, security providers predominantly focused on the load in, so the front end of this where they will have stand off distances, appropriate parameters, screen vehicles, screen people, have explosive amtrak and canine dogs, things of that nature but after that sometimes there is not as great to focus on ensuring you have a safety zone to release people into. i remember when i was with the nfl, candlestick park was open, we had some issues in the parking area, and we made some changes with the police. what we did was swept the parking lot, so at kickoff, you had to have a ticket to go inside or you had to leave the area. at the end of the game, the fans were released into an area that was much safer. >> julie: should there have been a wider perimeter?
10:55 am
in other words, blocks without a ticket where you would not be able to gain access in this area? and then this person could have obtained a ticket, so then that is not even 100% a measure of keeping terrorists out. is there anything that could have been done to prevent this, you believe? >> you would like to think you can prevent everything that is going to maybe be planned or executed and in a free society, you cannot do that. however, that being said, we were actually fortunate in two ways. the cohort of mind in the u.k. contacted me this morning and it said one of the things that may have limited the casualty numbers was that they were in full egress mode, full exit mode so all of the glass doors were opened. so because they were open with the explosion occurred, the blast wave had a place to go and dissipate somewhat instead of hitting the glass and perhaps sending shards of glass through other patrons as they tried to exit, so that was number one. number two, it appears that the bombers dug in the act detonated the device from the first wave
10:56 am
of concertgoers were exiting son other words, he didn't wait fore to pass his position to have people on 360 degrees, so we would have more casualties, so that is appropriate. many talk about the outside of the venue, it's important, the learning point here is we have to do a better job on the exit. so before the exit occurs, having appropriate stand off distances, police, canines out there again to create a buffer zone, if you will, so that fans that are exiting the venue have the opportunity to safely disperse to get to a point where the numbers are less. >> julie: any time you go to a concert, they check your bag. they always check backpacks. you check them further away from the arena so you don't have a concentration of hundreds if not thousands of concertgoers. >> i would take it a step further, we don't want act packs anywhere. in the nfl, after the bombings in 2013, we changed the policy on what you can bring. it has to be clear, vinyl plastic or pvc and of a certain
10:57 am
size because we cannot allow someone with a pipe bomb. >> julie: jeff miller, great to see you, thank you for sitting down. we will be right back, stay there. 60% of women are wearing the wrong size pad and... ...experience leaks. introducing always my fit. find the number that's right for your flow and panty size on the top of any always pack. the better the fit, the better it protects. always.
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>> we're back at 1:00 a.m. for the president and pope. thanks. >> julie: thanks for watching. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. police searching for possible accomplices as the islamic state claims responsibility for the worst terror attack in great britain in more than a decade. i'm sandra smith. a suicide bomber striking one of the softest of soft targets, a concert packed with children and families. police say the ariana grande concert had just concluded when a suicide bomber set off an improvised explosive device packed with shrapnel. focusing their area just ou


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