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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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in washington. he also issued an apology to the reporter from the guardian whom he enough to the ground on wednesday. that will do it from us. i am patti ann browne, "hannity" starts now. >> kimberly: this is a fox news alert, polls are now closed montana for its special election. lastly the g.o.p. candidate, greg gianforte reportedly slammed a reporter. >> we are waiting to make a decision about health care and he just came out.
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our variant alicia acuna and her witness that. she joins us now with a very latest. you really hurt in altercations and then he said the last guy came in here and did the same thing. what was he referring to? >> from what we understand, greg gianforte was referring to another reporter from the guardian. however, i don't have details on what he was referring to specifically if there were some other disagreement between mr. g and 14 and another reporter from the guardian. from listening to interviews that i heard ben jacobs gives from the guardian, that was the person you hurt there, who had his glasses broken and all of
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that, he said that he didn't feel that he had a personal issue with mr. g and forte that he uncovered. he had been to some of the campaign offense but really said he was just as surprised as we were. i was standing maybe two or 3 feet from the that just happened. he wanted anything happen after him or they try to talk to you to see what statement he would give or template? >> no one downplayed it. once ben jacobs left, mr. g salman gianforte looked it up in our field producer was there and apologize. he apologized multiple times. and then his press guy he left and then came back and told us that he didn't see the whole thing. he's came counted toward the end after everything had happened into heard the noise. he asked us what it was that we
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saw. they could be a genuine question, him just asking what did you see. it could have been what it was a could be reporting as well? i really can't say. i know that we did have that exchange and then we were told the sheriff's department had arrived and we would talk to the sergeant. >> kimberly: they also released a statement that really did not match up with your eyewitness in a statement and observations by yourself, and also the producer. >> it didn't match. we noticed that immediately. when that statement was release released, the photographer in the field producer and i were sitting in an witness interview room at the sheriff's department, the justice center, one that crossed. we discussed how different it was from what we had just seen because in that statement, and i don't have it in front of me at right this minute, essentially the gm forte campaign was saying
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that ben jacobs was much more aggressive in his approach when he was asking questions that he was waving his recorder and gm forte space and that he tried to grab the recorder and that's when ben jacobs said he tried to grab it and he was this exchange and it from there. i can tell you from standing right there that's not what i saw, that's what not the photographer, that is not what the field producer saw. these are people that work with the fox news channel for decade decades. none of us saw what was sent the media. we haven't heard from him since gm forte it was scheduled to do a live interview today on the fox news channel. he canceled that and put out a statement saying that they were canceling all national interviews and from what i understand, that's exactly what happened because there were other media outlets that were reporting that he also canceled. we are waiting to see if he is going to be here at the headquarters for tonight.
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this is the watch party. we haven't been able to confirm independently that he would be here. >> kimberly: at where we stand in terms of the election results coming in? there were as of early voting and those both stand with the result in returns are coming in now at this hour as well. >> we have the associated press up next to me and have 25% of the reporting that is 169 out o, they are within two points. right now greg gianforte is ahead 48% two democrat rob quist he was at 46%. however, right before i came on with you, i was talking to the director of elections for the secretary of state's montana and he explained to me that we are very, very early in the process here. we are hoping to have some sort of finality to this. if i minute not mountaintop
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tonight, we have a long way to go. i must tell you, going into the event that happened yesterday, the general consensus was that a lot of analysts were saying the expected gianforte to win. that he was going to hold onto that republican seat. it's interesting that it is so close, but again, it's early. >> kimberly: to remind our viewers, ryan zinke receive an appointment with the trump administration and obviously a key seat for the republicans. they were hoping to retake this. it's unclear at this hour, i'm about the tightness of the race whether or not those early voting returns are going to be enough to catapult gianforte into the seat, but nevertheless, he is still facing a criminal charge from the allegation that the salt to conduct that you personally witnessed that transpired last night. we will be checking back with you later in the hour. i want to thank you for your reporting today. joining a south reaction is
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former white house press secretary ari fleischer. developing these tonight's in terms of those returns. unfortunate situation when you see things like this. we spoke earlier in the previous hour where you would hope that people would have all of the facts, the information, but there is a late breaking things that could always happen in any election. we stop it as well and the presidential election in terms of the new cycle that could impact the voter's decision and how they may cast their votes. but with two-thirds having previously cast of us that they are not able to change at this point, what do you think in terms of the ramifications? >> i live in new york state where there is no early voting and i think that you are better off if there is no early voting. and of democrats enjoy it and like it and think it's an issue that you don't have are somehow discriminated. you are giving voters up a window and to make them empty mac measurements. i like the new york system. everyone has free to make its
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own rules. i have set the extraordinarily tense times of pressure filled time surrounded by the press corps. i don't care how much pressure or stress you are under, you don't do what greg gianforte di did. it's wrong and you cannot get physical with reporters. you cannot have the patience to put up with reporters and they are aggressive. that's their job. two in terms of will affect the election? i get a strong feeling this is a lot like when donald trump made those remarks about john mccain being a prisoner of war and he said he doesn't like his people being captured and you are not a hero, everybody blew their head up. how can you say this, his poll numbers will drop, he can't go anywhere. the public didn't see it that way. i just have a gut feeling that that's going to be the same thing here in montana, that journalists are reacting to this, as they should because they should defend their brethren, but i don't think the public is going to share that sentiment. >> kimberly: to think that's also due in part to the fact
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that there has been such a dissatisfaction with poll numbers in terms of people believe there's a serious liberal bias out there? there are problems with the mainstream media on a specific ideological narrative, very against the trump administration come up very against the g.o.p. and republicans. when you see this type of situation emerge where he is expressing his frustration at this reporter, this is what you guys always do, there isn't a video of it but there is that audio that maybe people are saying somebody stood up and enough is enough. not to condone this because it's out of line for it that can have that sort of impact where it doesn't penetrate in for someone to make a value change, choice to say we're not going to vote for somebody who did this. >> i think that's exactly right, and you cannot and should not ever do what greg gianforte did. it's wrong. does that disqualify you in the eyes of voters to hold a congressional seat? that's what we are going to find
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out here. this is also where i think the reality is, and this is the problem one reporters are not held in a high regard by the country. reporters have created a situation where so many people don't trust them, don't like them. when something like this happens, there can be a sense of well, it was just a reporter. i hate that, somebody who enjoys working with reporters. but if he wins tonight, and there is no change in voter behavior, i do think it's akin to what trump said about mccain and voters have the sense of, it was wrong. he shouldn't have done it but it's not disqualifying. >> kimberly: how should the republicans handle it? if he's able to overcome this and win the election, what kind of statements should the g.o.p. make? and also the president of the united states? what do you do? >> greg gianforte needs to handle this. the idea that he might not show up at his own headquarters to give a speech, it is ludicrous. he's the candidate. he has an obligation to show up.
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he needs to take it head-on, explained that it was a moment of high stress. he made a mistake, never should've done it. he should apologize personally to the reporter. he should apologize to the media outlet "the guardian" and his constituents if he selected. if he loses, apologize to the people of montana. republicans in washington should do something similar. condemn him. what you did was wrong. you should never do that. they have no right in washington to sit in superior judgment to the voters of montana. if the voters in montana decide to send him, he is sent. people in washington need to respect it. >> kimberly: you make point about getting in front of it and owning it and saying i made a horrible mistake, and i'm ashamed of my behavior. it was unacceptable. i let myself down, my family, the voters in montana that deserve so much better. i want to pledge to you that i'm going to do something about it and i'm deeply sorry. maybe anger management
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counseling. i don't know. he seems like he needs a crisis communication team stat. >> no, that's the last thing he needs. he needs to be himself and be sincere. >> kimberly: maybe somebody has to teach them. >> then it's not sincere, is it? the public can read you and see you and if they think it's a b.s. apology, they will never accept it. it's not credible. if he is genuinely remorseful, he doesn't need anybody to help him be remorseful. it should start with a phone call to the reporter before he even does anything publicly. >> kimberly: i don't know. really good, thoughtful, considerate, nonassaultive people would be sincere. they wouldn't engage in this to begin with. we're going to say after -- see what happens. ari fleischer, always a gentleman and a pleasure to have you here tonight. >> thank you. >> kimberly: early results show the montana special election is a tight race. we're going to have updates throughout the hour. anthony scaramucci joins us next with reaction.
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10:17 pm
we goals surrogate communications and private response teams as part of a new normal." said they are getting "street fighters" ready to go. joining us now, anthony scaramucci. thanks for being with us today. street fighters, sounds like a video game. >> but not montana congressmen that hit people. >> kimberly: what do you make of this report? they've been able to break a couple big news stories. there's been a lot of discussion after this point about the administration needing some people with excellent communications skills, crisis communication management. especially now, in light of these allegations in discussion about russia and leaks. >> i think it's the right thing to do. even go back 25 years ago, there was a 24-hour war room the clintons put together during the campaign. i think the president is trying
10:18 pm
to prosecute, execute his agenda. it's been overwhelming, the negativity for the media. saying 88% of the stories are negative. it's a high level of unfairness and subjectivity. the president is probably coming, and his team coming up with a different strategy. they need to have a counter narrative offensive coming out of the white house. the president is using twitter. some people think that's effective. some people may not. i thought it was effective during the campaign, still seems to be effective to me in terms of reaching the base but i think he has to counteract what's going on in the mainstream media narrative. this could be a good idea. it will be interesting to see who he put in those positions. >> kimberly: who would you suggest in terms of, you know, putting in people you trust, loyalty of the president and also understanding they've been successful in the past at working with the media
10:19 pm
counteract some of these stories. getting hit with a disproportionate number of negative stories and a tremendous amount of leaks, much more than we saw with the obama administration and the bush administration. >> he can go to anybody. cory lewandowski, brian lanza, jason miller, he may go to those guys, made go to a new group of people. if he calls, people are going to be responsive. he's the president. he has a whole team of people that helped bring him in the white house that he has an enormous amount of respect for any trust. i think some combination of those men and women are there and ready to serve him. i think the most unique thing about what's going on right now is that he's a disruptive change agent and that swamp has a very intense immunological system.
10:20 pm
they don't want him in there, they are trying to reject him in every way they can. it will be interesting to see what happens. >> kimberly: you think this is something he can turn around and relatively short order with the right people in place? >> last week we did the salt conference at skybridge. we did a survey. we had a collection of different people. universally, at the table, every person more or less said they thought the president could correct this. he's got a big opportunity to control the narrative, one great thing about the presidency, it sets the news cycle every day. he's a great communicator and people genuinely like the president. that's one short year ago i was in albuquerque, new mexico, with him. 8,000 people in the civic center, 9,000 people waiting outside. he is going to iowa in the next five or ten days.
10:21 pm
there will be thousands of people there to greet him. he's a liked guy and he needs to get a hold of what he wants to say on a daily basis, start pushing back aggressively. >> kimberly: coming back this weekend. on the heels of a very successful trip in terms of his meetings he's had with world leaders. he's talked about the presidents interpersonal skills. we've seen him, to great measure of success come in terms of sitting down with them one-on-one like we saw with the president of china, having the relationships and being able to make it work. >> i think he's a wonderful representative of the american people. think of what he did. he got to the middle east. he's letting people know the axis is going to shift back to the sunnis and israelis. powerful for us the terms of the balance of power. then he's in rome talking to a remarkably one of the most powerful people in the world who doesn't have an army. remember what john paul ii did with ronald reagan. hopefully the relationship can develop. then he is at nato and recognizes that while there are
10:22 pm
challenges to nato, there's a way to re-engineer nato and make it for the modern era, not dealing with the cold war situation that was its original premise but dealing with what we have to do now, counteract terrorism and evil. that was an effective situation for him. >> kimberly: what about the consistency of the message with the president telling people they have to pay their fair share to other member nations because they enjoy the benefit of the relationship with the united states and our help financially, militarily. some people thought this is a strong message he gave. what do you think? >> i think history will reflect very well on him for this. some presidents -- historians will say you had an american businessman in place. there was a deal at the table. some of the western european politicians walked away from the deal with the president of the united states brought them back to the table. my guess is you will see a rise in defense spending on the gdp side as a percentage. give him credit for that.
10:23 pm
>> kimberly: he was very well received. breaking news reports tonight about jared kushner, some allegations terms of the fbi looking at him with respect to the russia story. what do you make of it? >> i think it's a whole lot of nothing. i think jared has been willing to go before the congress and talk about it. there's different qualifications. people say you are a person of interest, it's very, very different from him being a potential suspect in the case. >> kimberly: or a target. >> the president trusts jared. i know them well. he's an extremely intelligent guy and a very ethical person may think my money is on jared that he handles this well. in the transition, what some of the things these guys need to do. outreach from around the world. i don't think he did anything wrong. i wasn't in those meetings, but
10:24 pm
my guess is he will come out of this just fine. he did express a willingness several months ago to go before the congress and testify. my money's on him. >> kimberly: he is cooperating. don't think he has anything >> i don't think he has anything to hide. what's happening in washington, it's disappointing because it's a constant investigation, conspiracy, industrial complex from going to run these investigations on the president for the next eight years and it's smart for him to put a crisis management team together. bring lawyers in that he trusts to help him, to rebut the arguments. i think things are going to get better. >> kimberly: sounds like some important and necessary changes are going to be made to the president can focus on his policies and his agenda and his platform. >> i think he enjoys being president. i think he enjoyed the fanfare of the trips, meeting those people. representing the american people who i know he loves. >> kimberly: fantastic. anthony scaramucci, thanks for being with us.
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>> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. it's a tight race in the montana special election. so far, according to the
10:29 pm
associated press, 35% of the precincts are reporting and in. here now, our fox news contributors charlie hurt and jessica tarlov. it's a tight race, jessica. we have 35% in so far. gianforte is ahead. >> he should be ahead based on the early vote percentages. as we talked about in the previous hour, 65% of early votes came in and favored him greatly. now they are predicting a single digit win for him as opposed to double digits. it would be a good night for democrats. it's something they would go out there and fund raise about. they talk about the resistance, how it's working and beating down republican strength. that would be the silver lining. >> kimberly: charlie, i wonder what that would be also tricky to do in terms of did people
10:30 pm
split? single digit win, did people flip and vote for the democrat? strong likely republican voters or was there attrition where people did not show up wet early voted? >> i'm not sure how democrats will be able to spin this as a positive thing if they lose because it's not even a midterm. it's the midterm of a midterm sort of election. and you have, the left is very vocal right now. they are very energized. they hate donald trump. the resistance movement is a very real. they are raising money. if they can't win. obviously montana is a pretty republican state but it's not totally hostile to democrats. democrats can win there, and if they can't win in this environment when there is so much vitriol towards donald trump and republicans right now, they are facing serious problems in these town hall meetings about the trumpcare, ryan care, whatever
10:31 pm
you want to call it. they can't make a mark, and electoral win in this environment, even in montana, i think that spell real trouble for this resistance movement translating into anything at the polls. >> what do you make that democrats picked up two seats in new hampshire and new york? we have the jon ossoff race coming up. $10 million pumped into that. i'm not sure what's going to happen but i think we need to focus that we are talking about montana. it's montana. >> and with jon ossoff, we are talking about georgia. those are the places where democrats are going to have to make inroads into red states in order to pick up victories.
10:32 pm
look at the press every day. the stories being reported. the hostility towards donald trump and republicans right now, i've never seen it in my lifetime of covering politics. it's insane. the fact that they can't -- democrats are going to have to translate this into victories in places like georgia and montana. with this much wind at their backs, if they can't, i think that spells a real problem. >> saying basically should be operating at an advantage, given the climate. >> the approval ratings. >> kimberly: mainstream media is operating like a super pac. you should be up all day and night in vegas winning. what's going on with your party? >> we have to go midnight to 1:00 a.m. if we go through that. there's a lot to cover. i think the wins from earlier this week are meaningful. we will see what happens. they are during the summer of resistance with the dnc and
10:33 pm
funding. if we can't translate it into wins. during the obama years, we lost seats under a tremendously popular president. but i believe that if republicans man up and women up and start having town halls and they get the blowback from trumpcare, the travel ban was struck down again. it's going to be a major point of contention. you have the budget. people saying why are you putting $1.6 billion towards the wall when you're cutting medicaid? it's going to be an issue for g.o.p. senators. i don't think all hope is lost. >> kimberly: tax reform, depending how that goes. what's the best strategy for the republicans? they can't take any of these races for granted.
10:34 pm
that democrats have been prolific in terms of fundraising and the get out the vote operations on the ground. >> absolutely. i realize i am a lone voice on this but i believe it. i think one of their best strategies is, they have to get tax reform. they have to have a victory, an electoral victory. if the republican plan to replace obamacare fails, i don't think that's all bad because next year, if we go into the elections with obamacare still in place collapsing and you have a very good messenger like donald trump, and if republicans follow suit and make the case that look, this is a plan that democrats gave you. it's a disaster. it failed, and when we try to fix it, and not a single one lifted a finger to help us. i think that gives republicans a tremendous advantage on an issue that is usually a winner for
10:35 pm
democrats. it's >> what about the popularity of obamacare climbing as this conversation intensifies? the more details americans get about what republicans are offering, the more they like obamacare. i agree democrats need to help out here. increased competition and drive down prices. >> kimberly: but obamacare is going to fail. >> donald trump better not let it happen because voters depend on it. >> jessica, you make a crucial point. the more people talk about the republican plan, the republican plan is terrible. it was half of obamacare. nobody in their right mind. of course when you start talking about that, yes, it does make obamacare look more popular. that's why if it fails, i think it's a tremendous plus for republicans.
10:36 pm
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>> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. welcome back to "hannity." i am kimberly guilfoyle filling in for sean. we are awaiting the results in the montana special election. early results show the race remains tight. alicia acuna joins us from bozeman, montana. >> now with 43% of the precincts reporting, it looks like republican greg gianforte is ahead by six points. however, i should note that in talking to the director of elections for the secretary of state's office for montana, he said it was still very early in the night. we have a number of counties that are still delivering the results and they divvied up different ways. some of the counties hand-deliver their results. some upload them into the electronic reporting system and then the website is updated every 5 minutes. you are seeing some results coming in in big chunks. then you get a little bit of a slow down as we have to wait for more. i did just hear, we all heard a cheer go up when it came out.
10:40 pm
6% is the farthest those two candidates have been this evening. of course, the gianforte campaign is hoping it continues on the trend, especially when you consider he is facing an assault charge with the incident yesterday. we still don't know, haven't been able to confirm whether or not gianforte is scheduled to appear tonight and he was originally on the press release that was sent to all of us, however we have not heard back from his press guy or the campaign any way whatsoever. a lot of folks here saying they are having a tough time as well. it's going to be a long night. secretary of state's office telling us midnight mountain time is when they hope to have final results. could be earlier. >> kimberly: we will get back to you when you have another update. 6%, that's the largest margin, gianforte and the lead over the
10:41 pm
challenger quest. today president trump was in brussels meeting with european leaders of the new nato headquarters where he called on our allies, the military alliance, to start paying their fair share. watch this. >> i have been very, very direct with the secretary and members of the alliance in saying that nato members must contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations. 23 of the 28 member nations are still not paying what they should be paying and what they are supposed to be paying for their defense. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states and many of these nations owe massive amounts of money from past years and not paying in those past years. >> kimberly: here with
10:42 pm
reaction is american conservative union chairman matt schlapp. thanks for staying up with me and staying up with america. i want to talk about the president's remarks at nato. important, calling them out to their face, being very transparent and saying listen, you want to enjoy the benefits of this organization and make it an alliance that matters, you've got to stand with the united states financially as well. >> obviously, as a patriotic american, of course i support everyone paying their fair share. kimberly, look. he did not reinforce article five which said an attack on one nation is an attack on all of us. nations in the baltics are worried about russia. doesn't send a good message to our allies around the world. i would have preferred the president to have been positive
10:43 pm
and assertive about the central alliance in american democratic life which is the nato alliance. while the president was right to ask for the money, he would've done better for the united states being more positive and asserted the role of article five. >> kimberly: the president, jerry maguire, show me the money. maybe he left out the important part of article five, the security to know that the united states isn't just going to take the money. they will stand with them. >> he didn't get into the legal-ese but that these are important relationships. important for him to not be two-faced about the issue of them paying their fair share. this is a big shift in how america engages its allies and the world. we are not going to be cavalier about the fact that the american taxpayer can always pick up the tab or the american economy can
10:44 pm
shed jobs because of strategic relationships around the globe. he is a champion for the american taxpayer and the american worker. i think it comes with some awkward moments. there was a lot of awkward moments it seemed like, at these events. i think the american people are okay with it. >> kimberly: i think they are going to have to be. so to speak. he was consistent, to me, at least in terms of the campaign as candidate trump to say they're going to have to pay their fair share. really questioning the benefit of nato. he did come out there and essentially supported and say if you want us to be all in, we need to know that you've got skin in the game too. >> i would have preferred a more positive, assertive speech about the role of nato, about article five, which with all due respect, matt, it's not legal-ese but it's the core of the relationship central to our democratic values. candidly, i think it left a lot
10:45 pm
to be desired. as a patriotic american, it's not that i'm angry, but i'm sad that we did not assert in a more positive and constructive role the 28 nations that i think are the core of our defense. >> kimberly: what about the messaging in terms of the rest of the president's trip? >> all great. i was proud of what he did in saudi arabia, proud of the speech. proud of how he got rid of much of the obama doctrine which i thought was harmful. i say this as a democrat who is nonpartisan. we have to be pro-nato, pro-american values. that's my part of what the president did was great, others disappointing. >> this has been a great trip, came at a great time for the president. i think he enjoyed playing this role of diplomat, representing our values overseas. he was true to his word about the type of leader he wants to be.
10:46 pm
i think there are images and messages coming out of the trip that are going to transform america's relationship with key regions and i'm pretty excited. >> kimberly: it was a compelling trip, well executed. seeing him in israel, saudi arabia, and then with the pontiff. very important. >> how about melania? melania did a great job. >> kimberly: she smashed it. great first lady. it's a close race in montana. we will have the latest. stay with us. radio: scorching heat today folks, stay cool out there!
10:47 pm
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>> kimberly: this is a fox news alert. it's a very close race in the montana special election. greg gianforte is leading with less than 50% of the vote in. joining us with reaction is former spokesman for the u.s., ambassador to the u.n. and fox news contributor mercedes
10:51 pm
schlapp. breaking news tonight. this race is very tight with late-breaking details. ric, as we've mentioned, two-thirds of the building had already occurred with early voting. controversy about whether or not there should be early voting. democrats are usually for that. i wonder how they feel tonight. >> yeah, this is one specific case where the democrats should have not pushed for early voting. they shouldn't have absentee voting campaigns and they might have benefited. i think in the end, gianforte is going to pull this out. i go back to the fact that we haven't heard from him. this is problematic when you have multiple witnesses talking about physical violence. i get that reporters are not very popular right now. aggressive reporters certainly, even more so. but for me this crosses the line into physical violence.
10:52 pm
when you have three witnesses, who all happen to be fox news reporters, i think it's a game-changer. this is a problem for the republicans and i think that when, if gianforte wins and goes to washington, i think it's going to be a problem for them and paul ryan. >> kimberly: what do they do? make a statement? it's a very touchy subject. >> they should say something. they should come out to beout vr acceptable. >> kimberly: mercedes. >> speaker paul ryan said that gianforte should apologize. i think what would be a good point for the candidate to make tonight if he were to win or not win. but i believe he will be victorious. come out and say look, i'm sorry.
10:53 pm
what i did was wrong to basically assault this reporter. if he could come out straightforward to the montana voters and the american people, i think that would really save face a lot for him. i think from what we are seeing right now, based on the numbers and the information, it looks like gianforte is -- should win. we looked at the yellowstone county. it is clear based on those margins alone and looks very favorable to him. i think the house members will, you know, make a statement. they have made a statement already. at this point, he doesn't need any more bad situations following him to washington. >> kimberly: most certainly pretty wonder, ric, he didn't get out in front of it and make an apology right away. sometimes, as my son says, sorry isn't good enough. a situation like this. >> let's be clear.
10:54 pm
he hasn't apologized at all. >> kimberly: right, that's the problem. is it too late? >> look, who knows what he's thinking right now but that's my whole point. the american public, we are all very forgiving for people who are human, who make mistakes. i certainly make mistakes on a daily basis but you have to have the humility to be able to say man, i just really messed up. we haven't heard that. no one is in the position of forgiving because he hasn't asked for any forgiveness yet. >> kimberly: mercedes, thinking about the president coming home from a very successful trip overseas and you have the taint of this association if gianforte is to prevail. >> for republicans, every small time there's a special election, there's this anticipation of what's going to happen? they're waiting to see what direction the elections are taking because they're wanting to see if the trump effect is
10:55 pm
impacting these local races. i think what you are finding is that the republicans are holding ground pretty well, and i think the democrats have failed to produce a effective message. they are running on resisting and not solving problems. i think americans want to see democrats working with president trump and the republicans to solve the nation's problems. their resistance messages limiting and it only plays to the liberal base. at the end, it hurts the democrats. i think the republicans have the task of governing. pushing the president's agenda. >> kimberly: ric, final thoughts. >> i think whatever happens here in this race, it's going to be a problem going forward. we are going to be watching what he does, what he apologizes for. he's certainly going to have to face the legal consequences. that's not over. >> kimberly: let's see if he pulls off a win tonight. he is six percentage points
10:56 pm
ahead right now in the polls and unfortunately that's all the time we have left. thank you, ric and mercedes. i will be filling in for sean tomorrow night. he will be back on tuesday. tune in to "the five" as well. from new york city, good night. ♪"all you need is love" plays my friends know me so well. they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. but what they didn't know was that i had dry, itchy eyes. i used artificial tears from the moment i woke up... the moment i went to bed. so i finally decided to show my eyes some love,... ...some eyelove. eyelove means having a chat with your eye doctor about your dry eyes because if you're using artificial tears often and still have symptoms, it could be chronic dry eye. it's all about eyelove, my friends.
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