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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  May 26, 2017 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> tomorrow "fox & friends" memorial day weekend. a mud run with all the guys. don't want to miss it. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> bill: sounds like a big show. good morning, everybody on friday. a big day for american interests overseas, president donald trump kicks off the final leg of his first trip abroad at the g-7 summit in italy. what is his message today? how are tensions below the surface after calling out the allies and more raids overnight in great britain. split broadcast today. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city and shannon, good morning to you. >> shannon: shannon bream in washington one of the most challenging g-7 summits in years and the clash over climate change. president trump tweeted this.
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just arrived in italy for the g-7, trip has been very successful. we made and saved the usa many billions of dollars and millions of jobs. >> bill: team fox coverage. greg palkot in manchester. we begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts traveling with the president today in sicily. let's begin with the reaction of european leaders to president trump's first trip so far. hello. >> a lot of people are trying to figure out how to take the president because he has clearly shown he is not afraid to speak his mind with our allies and call them out when he thinks it's necessary. yesterday at the dedication of the article v memorial at nato saying 23 of the 28 nato member nations are not meeting their financial commitment to the organization. and the president clearly believes and is frustrated by the fact he thinks that u.s.
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taxpayers are bearing the lion's share of the burden. the g-7 the conferences are typically about the economy and trade but he wants to broaden it to include terrorism. he wants to see a greater commitment to fighting terror by g-7 nations as well as more movement on north korea and putting more pressure on pyongyang to give up its nuclear program. here is what he said with the japanese prime minister earlier today. >> we'll be discussing many things, including, of course, north korea, which is very much on our minds. we'll be discussing terrorism but i think we will really be in particular focused on the north korea problem. it's a big problem, it's a world problem. and it will be involved. at some point it will be solved. you can bet on that. i want to thank you very much. >> the president also talking
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frankly about the issue of trade with germany in a meeting of european leaders yesterday saying that germany is bad, very bad. his chief economic advisor giving perspective to that comment saying the president thinks germany is bad on trade. he doesn't have a problem with germany. after all, president trump's father was born in germany. i don't have a problem with germany, i have a problem with german trade. bill, i think a lot of leaders, particularly america's closest allies, are looking at this president for the first time in person in one of these large gatherings and believing that he is a guy who will stand up for his country and is not afraid to throw a couple of elbows here and there. >> point taken. climate change is expected to be a big issue for many of the leaders. how does it fit into today's agenda? >> it is. don't forget as this is all going on president trump is making a decision whether or not to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climate agreement. another quote from his chief
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economic advisor saying the president is thinking about the paris agreement and climate change in general and beginning to shift somewhat. saying i think he is leaning to understanding the european position and knows in the u.s. there is very strong opinions on both sides but knows paris has important meaning to many european leaders. he wants to clearly hear what the european leaders have to say. maybe an indication that the president may not be quite so harsh when it comes to paris. a lot of people he would pull out of that agreement. maybe there is wiggle room there in terms of potentially renegotiating or trying to reduce some of the terms of that agreement. that would be very difficult. one other thing we have to point out. this hour the president is meeting with the british prime minister theresa may. he met with her last night as well during the nato dinner at which theresa may talked to him about the idea of making sure the intelligence sharing between the u.k. and united states remains secure.
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u.k. police decided to share the information with the united states. we've gotten past the shake-up from yesterday. >> shannon: new details in the manchester terror attacks. police conducting more raids, making a new arrest as the u.k. resumes intelligence sharing with the us uls. senior foreign affairs correspondent greg palkot is live from manchester with more. >> we're here once again at the memorial to the victim of monday night's brutal attack. the flowers, messages and passions and memories continue to mount. this as police continue to pursue a very aggressive investigation into what exactly happened with this bombing, with this attack here. we've seen a raid today. we have seen an arrest overnight. all told according to police eight people remain in custody ages 18 to 38. all suspected of being some kind of support network for the
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suicide bomber salman abedi. as new images and new information emerge about abedi. according to various reports today he used his home just some three miles away from the targeted arena as a bomb factory. and then shifted over to a rented apartment nearby. he had to construct his backpack bomb filled with explosives and shrapnel to do the damage. police fear there could be at least one more bomb out there. that's why perhaps we're seeing the u.k. security being beefed up even more. we're seeing armed officers on trains. that's unusual here. as you've -- we got an earful yesterday from the mayor of manchester. they were mad. today with president trump
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offering assurances about the leaks it seems to have calmed down. 22 killed in this attack. let's not forget those. today for the first time all 22 have been publicly identified and what we feared is confirmed. the young took a real, real hit in this. of the 22, 10 were either children or teenagers. remember, there is something like 75 hospitalized across this area and 14 of them also are children. shannon, this coming weekend is also a long holiday weekend here in the u.k. just like the u.s. there were many cultural and sporting events planned for manchester. guess what? they're going on from what i've heard and what the locals have told us. participation in these are the best show of defiance against the brutal face of terrorism. back to you. >> shannon: thank you very much, greg. >> bill: so powerful to hear all of that. for more on all of this
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stirewalt is with us now, how are you doing, chris? another day to go overseas on this trip. do you see a takeaway and overall theme that's developed? >> it's been a long one, right? it seems like it was a long time ago the president arrived in riyadh and all of that. and we now come to sicily and we come to really what is in a lot of ways the hardest part of the trip. these are the most fraught relationships. these are the most difficult ones in a lot of ways. but the takeaway is basically this. donald trump, the president, was mostly disciplined. he was mostly on message. he had what is i would say to this point unassailably a successful outing for an administration that needed one right now. mark it down. >> bill: a lot of people talking about the challenge issued at the nato summit yesterday in brussels. this was said by bob gates under the obama administration
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in 2011. now we're going back six years ago as we listen to this. >> there is no substitute for nations providing the resources necessary to have the military capability the alliance needs when faced with a security challenge. ultimately nations must be responsible for their fair share of the common defense. >> bill: that was the challenge back then. nothing changed. or did it? >> well, we remember just as we set out on this that the thing good getting these countries to pay their fair share there is a silly billy in here. one of the top countries is greece, they ain't got no gdp. they're killing it on their percentage of contributions. the whole thing here is -- trump is shaming his allies. he is saying should be embarrassed for yourselves because you're not putting
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enough money in. i suspect they will find a way through this difficulty. they don't like trump. he doesn't like them. they went -- there was the shove in line and all of the stuff. this is a fraught space. trump pretty clearly wants them to know that he is displeased with them. now the question is, does it result in increased financial contributions by these countries? i bet it probably about. >> bill: back at home want to get your view on the montana election. the events of the past 24 hours, the republican has prevailed there. that special election won by the gop. kansas had a special election won by the gop. georgia will be determined in the month of june. are you seeing a theme develop from those elections, chris? >> well, democrats are performing better than in previous years but it hasn't been enough for them to get a win in these red districts so far. i would say greg gianforte, now
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congressman elect did the right thing. he apologized. he said the right words last night. that's the potential new beginning for him as he undertakes. the other thing i would say democrats keep pushing early voting, vote by mail, vote by carrier pigeon and whatever you got. they lost this election in part because of that. they ought to think that through that election day has merit. >> bill: the pigeon doesn't always work. lisa is coming up in montana in a few minutes. >> shannon: it happened yet again. christians mass massacreed. the latest atropical storm tease. >> bill: there will be no rest for the president when he comes back home. there is a full plate awaiting him on the hill. can he get his agenda moving in washington, d.c.? >> shannon: also this, president trump looking to smooth over ruffled feathers in the u.k. after leaks in the u.s. about the manchester
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terror investigation. what price should the leakers pay for releasing such sensitive information? we're going to ask former governor mike huckabee. here is newt gingrich. >> the people who leaked the british story were in the intelligence community and they ought to go to jail. ready or not, here i come.ek.) ♪
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g new cars. you're smart. you already knew that. but it's also great for finding the perfect used car. you'll see what a fair price is, and you can connect with a truecar certified dealer. now you're even smarter. this is truecar. >> shannon: another deadly attack against christians in
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egypt. state tv reporting 26 people killed, two dozen wounded after eight to 10 gunmen opened fire on a bus south of cairo as the christians were traveling to a monastery. the latest in a wave of assaults targeting coptic christians in that country. no group is claiming responsibility yet but we'll keep you updated as we get more information. >> unnamed sources this afternoon, having a drink with a "washington post" reporter, secretly leaked. how do you know any of it is true? if it's from mueller's investigation he should be enraged and he ought to lock somebody up. the people who leaked the british story were not in the white house. they were in the intelligence community and they ought to go to jail. >> bill: strong words about the leakers including those related to the manchester massacre. theresa may raising concerns about the leaks with president trump at the summit in nato. they talked about it.
6:17 am
the leaks don't stop there frankly. former arkansas governor mike huckabee with us. good morning to you. this makes us look bad overseas. it is not just a problem on this story. it has been something the administration has been dealing with for months now. how do you stop it? >> bill, this is not just a problem about the optics of it. not just a problem about the politics. when people inside the intelligence community start leaking and that gets to the press and the brits take the position they have. we won't share intelligence anymore. now we have a national security problem. now we have a safety issue for american citizens and citizens abroad. that's what these people who are leaking are doing. they are actually working against the safety and security of their own country and they should be locked up for treason. that's what they're guilty of.
6:18 am
>> bill: it comes back to why does it happen? i'm not saying this happened in this case but sometimes sources give reporters information because it's a quid pro quo. they get something down the line and sometimes reporters do something for sources in order to get more information down the road on another story or more information on the particular story. it comes back to why does it happen? how sinister do you label it when you are talking about national and international security? >> in this case, bill, it is sinister. these aren't people who are naive. they're sworn to secrecy, they sign an oath and they know the rules and the law and violated both in order to leak something to a reporter. we're not talking about leaking that somebody is going to get a job at the department of housing and urban development or a grant is given to the milwaukee zoo. we're talking about issues closely contained inside the intelligence community.
6:19 am
the people who leak this and have access to that knowledge know very well that what they're doing is illegal and immoral and they're doing it anyway because they hate this president. >> bill: does it stop or not? >> it better stop. i hope there is going to be a significant investigation, a vigorous prosecution to the full extent of the law. if there ever was a time the justice department needs to step up and go after something, everybody wants to go after russian hacking and yet there is no evidence that there was a hacking of the election that had any meaningful outcome. we now have an issue where somebody leaked -- and it has had a significant outcome. we aren't sharing information and the brits aren't sharing with us any more. that deserves to be prosecuted. >> bill: i want to get this story in here. you were four months from the previous administration and i don't know if we've seen a situation like this before. while the president is in
6:20 am
europe, the former president barack obama was in berlin on the same day talking about this. >> one way that we can do a better job, though, is to create more opportunities for people in their home countries. but also because if there are disruptions in these countries, if there is conflict and bad governance and war, if there is poverty, in this new world that we live in, we can't isolate ourselves or hide behind the wall >> bill: democrats might want to hear that. republicans would say he is trolling. it is unusual. what's your view of that? >> i think it's unusual and hypocritical. barack obama talking about we shouldn't hide behind a wall even though he is building a wall he is living in in washington, d.c. so he can help shadow this resistance movement. this is the ultimate form of hypocrisy. at that same forum one of the things he said was we didn't
6:21 am
get 100% of healthcare but we did a great job with healthcare. i'm proud of what we did with healthcare. healthcare is falling apart in america because of obamacare. it's like the captain of the titanic who said you know, we didn't save the ship. it still went down by our orchestra played the best arrangement of nearer my god that has ever been played. i can't believe he is patting himself on the bat he nearly breaks his arm on what a great job he did. >> bill: i expect we'll hear more from him soon. thank you for your time. mike huckabee, thank you, sir, have a great weekend. shannon coming up next. >> shannon: as the president is travel overseas, here at home there are several storms brewing waiting for him on capitol hill. republican lawmakers getting ready for battles on healthcare, tax reform and that's not all as the gop fights to get its legislative agenda through congress.
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>> bill: just a note here. awaiting the vice president. mike pence will deliver the address at annapolis, maryland. as they gather inside the stadium the vice president should be there in 30 minutes and you'll see that live coming up on "america's newsroom" today. >> shannon: president trump is heading back to the u.s. this weekend after his first international trip since taking office. he will come home to a lot of work on the table in washington as he tries to move a legislative agenda through congress to repeal and replace obamacare. that's just one thing. >> this law is in the middle of
6:26 am
a collapse. we need to bring down the cost of coverage and we need to revitalize the market so people have real choices and real access to affordable healthcare. that's what our plan will do. >> we're writing our own bill in the senate. everybody understands that. it is a heavy lift, a big responsibility but again, we're starting with a blank sheet of paper and that's not with any disrespect towards what's happened. it is the way the house and senate are supposed to work. >> i know some things i would like to have had in the bill to begin with that would be good to do and i thought that's what we were going to do with the president. but he was determined to have this repeal and replace with a bill that is again attack bill disguised as a healthcare bill. >> shannon: joining me now guy benson from town and
6:27 am
fox news contributor. happy friday. the president has had what even in your time was giving him credit for being diplomatic and disciplined trip. he comes home to a rat's nest of stuff to get done. healthcare reform, tax reform. travel ban is shut down again. appeal it to the supreme court. >> i think the white house might view the foreign trip as a reset button and he left amid controversy in this investigations ka lateing and he has had by many accounts a pretty solid overseas trip. the fact so many in the media seem to be focused on the body language of the president and those around him i think suggests maybe the substance is pretty good. especially considering the expectations for him. when he gets home, all of it is waiting. you get home from vacation and you've got work emails waiting for you. >> shannon: piles of them. laundry and cleaning the house all those kinds of things. >> flying home on air force one and there is healthcare, tax
6:28 am
reform. those are the two big ticket items legislatively. as we heard from senator corker, the senate is working their own process here. i think that it's clear we the report from hhs with premiums on the individual market in the federal exchanges more than doubling since 2013. the current law is failing but what comes next? republicans still trying to figure out what that looks like. the president showed some leadership there. if they want to pivot onto tax reform, big disagreements on the right about what to do about revenues. >> shannon: all kinds of things. they're still ironing that out. he has the leak issues. a lot of people are pointing to the fact there are obama loyalists who hold positions that this president hasn't nominated enough people. if he got those filled with his own people would move forward the agenda. >> it would calm down some of the leaks. some have come from the white
6:29 am
house. the brits allegedly stopped sharing intelligence with us after the manchester attack because so many leaks are coming out of our intelligence agencies as well. your point is well taken. if you want to run an administration and have people who believe in your agenda backing you up at the agency level. not the top but a few levels down, you have to populate those agencies and the white house is way behind on that process which is why there are so many holdovers. >> shannon: we get a new update on new nominations getting there. there was such a mountain to climb when you change administrations. we'll see. hopefully he has had a good time on the trip. >> he got a good judge through at the sixth circuit court of appeals that's good news for the trump administration. >> shannon: they make a big difference. guy benson, you make a big difference. thank you for visiting us on friday. >> bill: christians slaughtered in egypt again. new details on the massacre coming up in minutes. also this from this week. >> president trump: all people
6:30 am
who cherish life must unite in finding, exposing and removing these killers and extremists, and yes, losers. they are losers. >> bill: there is the challenge. how will the nato alliance and sunni leaders react to it. what about russia in all this? ambassador john bolton takes that on in a moment. first here is a word from dr. charles. >> the president refused to say the simple phrase, we will honor article v, which is if one of us is attacked, all of us is attacked. bp uses flir cameras - a new thermal imagining technology - to inspect difficult-to-reach pipelines,
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6:34 am
claiming responsibility yet after two suicide bombings on palm sunday in that country killing 46 inside christian churches in the northern part of egypt. more on a live report from the middle east coming up in the next hour here of "america's newsroom" on that. >> shannon: president trump is in the homestretch of his first overseas trip as commander-in-chief attending the g-7 summit in italy after delivering a tough message about defense spending to nato allies yesterday. north korea's nuclear -- >> president trump: i think we'll really be in particular focused on the north korea problem. it's a big problem, a world problem and it will be solved at some point it will be solved. you can bet on that. >> shannon: meanwhile charles krauthammer says one vital issue was neglected yesterday. he wanted to hear more about russia.
6:35 am
watch this. >> nato was not constructed to fight terrorism. >> that happens to be the where we live right now. that's the threat that faces them that is more immediate than any other. >> it's not the most immediate. it's russia that's on patrol, that's ol the prowl. that has invaded georgia and detached two provinces. invaded ukraine, detached the crimea. >> shannon: good to have you this morning, ambassador. you said really saved the worst and hardest for the last part of the president's trip this g-7. >> it's a very intensive day of three separate meetings with the leaders of the other countries and it's from my own experience at these meetings there is a lot of pretty direct discussion back and forth. i think that's a positive thing. i'm glad the president is there participating in it. make no mistake it's a lot
6:36 am
tougher for everybody than the trip to saudi arabia. i'm sure he'll be vigorous in stating his positions and good for the others to hear that. >> shannon: dr. krauthammer wanted to hear more from the president about russia. a real threat along with emphasis on terrorism. what do you think? >> on one of the rare occasions that i'll disagree with charles. this was a very brief speech to dedicate the memorial to 9/11 and the berlin wall and specifically the article v issue which the president also addressed. i think that you could have added a lot of other things, too. he could have talked about nato's decision making but it was a very positive address on what, after all, is the most successful alliance the united states has had and in human history. >> shannon: in 2014 russia was kicked out of this alliance. it is now down to a one-day meeting. russia is on the list, syria,
6:37 am
terror, isis, global economy. talk about whether the u.s. will leave the paris climate change agreement. it is a lot to get one day. is it worthwhile? >> there is some question whether after so many decades of being held the g-7 meetings are really accomplishing what they were intended to do. they started out basically as economic meetings but they have become much more focused on geopolitical issues. i know plenty of people who have been associated with them, including prior american presidents have asked when they ended why are we going to do this again next year? so i think it could stand with some updating and some more focus. the trouble is the agenda has gotten much too diffuse. a lot of other people show up for kind of side meetings and so on. so i think there is something that is not going to be discontinued. it is too good an opportunity for the leaders but i don't think they are as focused as they could be.
6:38 am
>> shannon: what would you say would count as a win for president trump coming out of this ending part, this g-7 part of the trip? >> he has an opportunity to make some pretty powerful comments. for example, this meeting is being held in sicily. the italians are the hosts this year. sicily is one of the places in southern europe where so many refugees from north africa come. we've just seen an attack in egypt this morning on a bus load of coptic christians by islamic terrorists. i think this issue of how to deal with terrorism, how to deal with the refugee so-called problem. how to work better together in light of the manchester attack, really, this is a time to be very realistic about the threats that everybody with the exception of japan around that table is facing. >> shannon: the fact is that the people who love president trump and supported him and voted for him and his base now they love because he is so plain spoken. doesn't always go over well with foreign leaders. >> he is direct.
6:39 am
there is something to it. one of the things that will live in history as seen from yesterday's speech at nato is when he talked about the european allies meeting the commitments they voluntarily made to spend 2% of their gdp on defense. the smirking prime minister luxembourg to the president of france. you can smirk all you want but if you want a strong working alliance, everybody should pitch in and do their share. not we're asking luxe um bourg to carry a lot of water for us. how about spending 2% of your gnp like you committed. is that so hard to ask? >> shannon: we'll see how it goes over going from here. ambassador, always good to see you. >> now the republicans winning the special election taking the state's only congressional seat. the win coming a day after being charged with assault for
6:40 am
allegedly grabbing and reporter and throwing him to the ground. he used the speech last night to apologize to that reporter. we're live the bozeman, montana. >> it was a nail biter as results came in. the republican greg gianforte pulled away and hold onto his party's seat in the u.s. house. a hard fought win and seemed suddenly out of reach after a confrontation between he and a reporter that sent the journalist to the hospital with minor injuries. >> when you make a mistake, you have to own up to it. that's the montana way. i'm not proud of what happened. i should not have responded in the way that i did. and for that i'm sorry. i should not have treated that reporter that way. and for that i am sorry, mr. ben jacobs.
6:41 am
>> we watched gianforte as he threw ben jacobs to the ground after jacobs asked him question about the gop healthcare plan. >> that altercation not keeping the republican from the win at some speculated. gianforte beating democrat robquist by six points. he drew big democratic money from out of state and had the support of senator bernie sanders galvanized his party base but not able to pull off an upset. today president trump said this from italy.
6:42 am
>> bill, the investigation into that misdemeanor assault charge is still open. >> bill: they're live in bozeman, montana. >> shannon: mike pence is about to speak to the u.s. naval academy in annapolis. we'll take you there live. jeff sessions says he is prepared to take the fight over the president's travel ban all the way to the supreme court. can the white house make a successful case? a fair and balanced debate coming up. ♪ it's not just a car, it's your daily treat. ♪
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6:46 am
democratic strategist julie roginsky and rachel campos duffy. it's an interesting case when it goes to the supreme court. gorsuch, three dissenters are republicans. we'll see how it goes. here is what they said on screen. the risk of these harms is particularly acute here where from the highest elected office of the nation has come an executive order steeped in e an religious group. can the white house win? >> legally i don't know if the white house can win. politically he wins. but at the end of the day the white house's argument they're discriminating against countries that are majority muslim but not just muslim residents. people who live there are not muslims who also would not be allowed to come here. the courts time after time have rejected that argument. remains to be seen whether the supreme court agrees or not. >> it's about a region.
6:47 am
many of these countries, there isn't even an american embassy there. they have weak ininstitutions. it's a pause. >> yemen, syria, libya. >> no question, many failed states around the world and they're not all majority muslim. it is interesting to me if you look at where the 9/11 bombers came from, they came from egypt and saudi arabia. none of those countries are part of this ban. >> we can work with those countries. to vet these people. we can trust some of their information for vetting people. this is so dishonest. i just think when it comes to national security the american people voted in november to get political correctness out of national security issues. look at what is happening in europe? >> bill: my feeling on a lot of
6:48 am
this we are lose sight that the suggestion is a temporary ban, not a permanent one. having said that this is what jeff sessions yesterday. the department of justice strongly disagrees with the division of the divided court which blocks the president's efforts to strengthen the country's national security. as the dissenting judges explain it's a constitutional exercise of a president's duty to protect our communities from terrorism. the constitution has given the commander-in-chief has given him wide berth. >> i'm not a lawyer but sally yates says there is a bigger protection in the constitution, the right to worship and not discriminated against because of religion. the court ruled this is a religious practice. the supreme court will make up its mind. if you're discriminating not from places like north korea. they aren't allowed to come here and leave their country. in other countries that wish us
6:49 am
harm we're discriminating against some muslim countries. you aren't discriminating against iraq, for example. that was part of the ban and no longer part of the ban. >> bill: there have been changes with children and that affect those with valid visas. >> the point about that is iraq is somewhat of a failed state. it doesn't ban iraq. it's a very arbitrary decision by the president as to whom to not allow. >> i was watching some of the other networks and their reaction to this decision on the ban and i think in the liberal media and frankly with these judges that made this decision they seem to think that donald trump is a bigger danger than what we're facing with terrorism. i have think it's sad and jeff sessions is right to take this to the supreme court. it falls under the purview of the president. >> bill: we may not get a decision for some time. this debate continues. back to shannon in washington >> shannon: dramatic video showing the moments when a city bus slams into a car in
6:50 am
michigan. what police say may have caused the wreck and we'll tell you how everyone is doing in the aftermath. plus new details about the 2015 san bernardino attack. what police are saying about the shoot-out that killed the suspects. be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come.
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6:53 am
>> bill: dash cam video capturing a dramatic scene involving a bus and a car. happened wednesday night in kalamazoo, michigan. you can see the metro transit bus slamming into a car that appeared to be making a left-hand turn. both drivers had to be freed from the vehicles after the wreck. there it is. passengers on the bus also injured, several of them. police say speed was certainly a factor in this. kalamazoo. >> shannon: investigators in
6:54 am
california releasing new details about the police shoot-out that killed the san bernardino attackers in 2015. police shot and killed farouk and his wife malik hours after the attack. the couple that killed 14 people and wounded 22 others who had gathered for workplace holiday party. we're live in los angeles with more details. hello, william. >> shannon, any time there is a police shooting there is a report to determine if that shooting is justified. so in that sense this report was routine but everything else that day wasn't. the report reads like a movie. it says what happened from the first call to the last round fired. here is what stood out. officers arrived at the scene in eight minutes. witness identified the shaoert as farouk. from that police learned he had rented a black s.u.v. and then they called the rental car company who gave them two cell phone numbers. verizon was able to ping the numbers to get their location, which is how police picked up the trail. now they followed the s.u.v. for a few miles when three
6:55 am
marked patrol cars lit them up. the s.u.v. stops, farouk wearing all black in body armor gets out. converted an assault rifle to full auto that didn't work but used a 9 millimeter. a sergeant used the red dot laser site on his ar-15 and nailed him with six rounds to the chest. the woman was still in the back seat of the s.u.v. firing bursts and she ducked down. a dozen cops fired on her with rifles, shotguns, handguns until she stopped. in all 20 officers fired their weapons 440 times. only one officer was wounded in the leg as he tried to save another guy who was pinned down in front of the s.u.v. farouk and his wife fired 80 rounds. said was hit 27 times.
6:56 am
the wife 15. they had in their car 1617 additional bullets in pre-loaded magazines. based on all the facts police concluded the use of deadly force was proper and legally justified. back to you. >> shannon: william with new details in that case. thank you so much. >> bill: we're watching two big events this hour. vice president pence is about to arrive in annapolis for the commencement address. president trump continues his trip overseas with g-7 leaders. what an important meeting it is. what he hopes to accomplish on terror and national security. back in a moment top of the hour right here. technologies out there and adapting them to work for you. the ultrasound that can see inside patients, can also detect early signs of corrosion at our refineries. high-tech military cameras that see through walls,
6:57 am
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>> shannon: annapolis, maryland is where we're awaiting vice president mike pence and navy
7:00 am
marine corps memorial stadium about to address the graduating class at the u.s. naval academy on a beautiful day. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." a lot on tap. i'm shannon bream in d.c. >> bill: vice president pence proud father, marine corps pilot. we'll hear from him in moments. president trump is in italy today for the g-7 summit meeting with leaders of the world's major economy, canada, u.k. germany, france. the white house predicting the talks will be robust and challenging. terrorism, trade, climate, syria, north korea, all on the agenda this afternoon. >> shannon: to discuss that and more chris wallace the anchor of fox news sunday. robust and challenging, the white house is talking about how this g-7 will go. it is tough. we're keeping an eye on the vice president speaking at the naval academy graduation as well as the president is wrapping up the g-7.
7:01 am
>> the most robust and challenging item during this final day and day and a half of the president's trip with the g-7 will be the paris climate accords and the president has expressed some reservations about whether or not the u.s. is going to stay in it. there is quite a split inside the administration. some advisors like steve bannon reportedly very much opposed. we know that jared kushner and ivanka trump are very much in favor of it. this is going to be a tough subject. there have been robust and challenging arguments inside the white house, the president says he will decide what the stance of the u.s. is going to be after he gets back. but you can be sure there will be a lot of lobbying of him as to why he should stay in the paris climate accords. >> shannon: maybe it was gary cohn who said he is here to listen. wants to hear from different folks and allies affected by this. hear what they have to say before he makes a decision. i want the play a little bit of
7:02 am
what former speaker gingrich has said. >> the president comes home and remains disciplined and willing to be the leader of a team rather than just somebody who goes off on his own whenever he feels like it, he could become very formidable. don't get off on other stuff, work with the team. >> shannon: is that his style, though? >> it's not his style. it's very interesting because yes, i think it has been a successful trip, no question about it. particularly the weekend. the meetings in saudi arabia with the 54 sunni leaders trying to reshape the u.s. foreign policy with regard to the middle east. obviously shifting away from a pro-iran or at least trying to -- a stance that you saw under barack obama to basically trying to rally the sunni
7:03 am
muslim world against isis, against radical islamic terrorism and against iran at least to isolate iran. that was very successful. i think generally speaking the trip has been successful. it has been very disciplined and has been one thing, if you think back on it, that has been remarkably missing. there hasn't been a single news conference. almost always at every stop the president as he is traveling either with foreign leaders or by himself meets with the press. a few photo ops where he has been asked a question but not a full news conference and i don't think there will be one. very unusual and very calculated on the part of the white house to keep the president on the story line concerns that he would strike from it and also that reporters would and would ask him about the story on the front page. "washington post" today, jared kushner is being investigated. interactions with the russians
7:04 am
are being investigated. >> shannon: they'll introduce the blue angels where the vice president is speaking at the naval academy graduation. an amazing group. i want to ask you, you have a special guest on fox news sunday as we may see the flyover here, an amazing thing whether on television or in person if you ever have a chance to see it these folks in action. >> here they come. that's called a delta formation. all six f-18 hornets and boy, if that doesn't get goosebumps. >> shannon: a push-up contest. that's how it makes you feel. >> quite extraowent up to annap tuesday and got inside the blue angels. talked with boss, the commanding officer and number one guy leading the triangle. it is fascinating to find out how they do what they do. they can being fly 500 miles per hour and the wing tip of
7:05 am
one plane is 18 inches from another. when you only have an 18-inch margin, two inches is a lot. >> shannon: based on the way i drive i don't think they'll let me fly one of those planes. we expect the vice president very shortly here to give remarks. again himself the parent of a service member and great significance for him doing the commencement circuit. this one most certainly seems like it will be a special one for him. chris, thank you very much. we know it isn't all you've got. thank you for your time. tune in to fox news sunday. he will talk about the fight against terrorism with homeland security secretary john kelly. that is thetopic. they'll also discuss the budget and healthcare. the action is in the senate at 2:00 and 10:00 eastern on fox news channel.
7:06 am
check your local listings for sunday more air times. you don't want to miss it. >> bill: that was a stunning move. the f.b.i. will not give congress access to former director comey's memos after the house oversight committee asked to see them earlier in the month. why is that? catherine herridge has an answer live in our bureau in d.c. what have you learned about this as it moves forward? >> good morning. the republican chairman of the house government oversight committee jason chaffetz is setting a new deadline of june 8th to provide the f.b.i. communications, they're focused on james comey and the white house and the president. congress and the american pub politic have a right and duty to examine this issue independently of the special counsel's investigation. to produce these documents to the committee immediately and on a voluntary basis. just last week as you recall,
7:07 am
bill, a senior senate republican after a briefing on the newly-appointed special counsel warned this appointment with likely frustrate the congressional russian probe. >> the shock to the body is now considered a criminal investigation and congress's ability to conduct investigations of all things russia has been severely limited. probably in an appropriate fashion. >> the f.b.i. said in its response it can't provide the records to congress right now because of the special counsel investigation. >> bill: they want the records to go back beyond the russia probe. >> the committee wants records between f.b.i. director comey and senior justice department officials right up to his boss, attorney general lynch, going back to 2013. that's important because the republicans sours on the committee told fox they want to explore whether the former f.b.i. director also documented his concerns about the arizona tarmac meeting last year
7:08 am
between attorney general lynch and bill clinton one week before hillary clinton's f.b.i. interview in the email probe. they also want to know if the former f.b.i. director documented his reasoning for publicly announcing last july he was recommending against criminal charges for clinton and her team for mishandling classified information. the bottom line. investigators want to see if comey was even handed and documented meetings with the trump and obama administration. >> bill: jarrod curb mer apparently the f.b.i. wants to speak to him. how much do you know about his contacts or what this could be about and how it may or may not be different from flynn at all? >> what i would say specifically about this case is the investigation with russia is extremely broad and it is important to understand whether this is part of what i would call a routine counter intelligence case where you are looking at contacts with the russians or whether jared kushner may be the target.
7:09 am
we haven't confirmed that's the case. the f.b.i. is casting a broad net in this particular case. >> bill: we await more on all that. thank you. >> shannon: vice president pence is about to speak at the naval academy for their graduation and commissioning ceremony that starts in a few minutes. once it does we'll take you there live. >> bill: a new report on the nsa and illegal spying on behalf of the obama administration. the report is out. will the mainstream media care about that? we'll look at that in a moment here. >> shannon: and dozens of christians are dead after gunmen go on a rampage in egypt. another attack targeting coptic christians. a live report straight ahead.
7:10 am
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>> bill: again to our viewers, minutes away vice president mike pence will speak at the u.s. naval academy in indianapolis, maryland. 1,000 midshipman. the vice president's son, michael, now serng in the u.s. marines. that speech is coming up in minutes. >> it's astounding there isn't out rage and that you have covered it more than the networks combined. nsa has been doing a lot of
7:14 am
spying, surveilling. capturing every key stroke on every iphone and desktop. >> shannon: just napolitano sounding off about the lack of coverage and outrage after a new report claims the nsa ramped up its surveillance of americas under the obama administration and ignored constitutional limits on its power. juan williams is a fox news political analyst, mercedes schlapp a former spokesperson for george w. bush. good to see you both in person. in a reading into this documents which were released by the director of national intelligence people can go online and wade through them there was a stinging rebuke about the obama administration the way they were doing searches and handling the information. i don't care what your party is. as an american you should be worried about that. i'm stunned not leading the networks, i can't find it anywhere. >> bill: there is a different reaction. part of this is republicans and democrats across party lines both think job number one is keeping us safe in the
7:15 am
aftermath of 9/11. there have been controversy's going back to the bush administration extending to the obama administration. there is unwitting collection later revealed by the edward snow den disclosures that it isn't true. there had been intentional disclosures. the upset right now and the reason we aren't seeing so much of it in the media is the concerns among libertarians like judge napolitano and rand paul who say there is a strict fourth amendment protection against illegal search and seizure and nsa, which self-discloses to the courts. >> shannon: after years of getting it wrong and saying we were supposed to correct it years ago and we didn't. the court said this is a serious fourth amendment problem. >> a case will go forward in the fourth circuit that says there is grounds for a suit against nsa to investigate this issue. >> shannon: i have seen democrats including senator wyden coming out and say this
7:16 am
is outrageous. >> it is. you have nancy pelosi who doesn't want to talk about the issue. she is not even aware what's going on. to your point you're saying the libertarian's concerned. the conservatives are concerned. other people are concerned. this is an american problem and the fact that you have the ability of the government being able to access your calls, access your information. and what we've seen an abuse of power under president obama. the reason we're not covering this it's the previous administration. president obama is not in power. >> shannon: had this been bush 43 during the beginning of the obama administration. had we heard the bush folks came forward days before the election of president obama we've been doing this wrong and mishandling the information, i think people would be covering it. >> wouldn't you think there
7:17 am
would be more -- they can't even focus in on the nsa report and that's why you aren't seeing the coverage. yes, if it would have been president bush let's remember. president obama spent his eight years blaming president bush. it could have been front and center and president bush began with the terrorist surveillance program. >> when you politicize it it's one of the reasons people are paying less attention. i think the idea is that you know what? the intelligence agencies have been trying to get more power because they want to be able to stop the next terror attack. >> they don't have the technology or infrastructure that could handle. that's why you've seen such an increase of them being able to -- it's very problematic. >> i think either administration would say we're trying to protect america. >> shannon: the fact is this did increase exponentially under the obama administration.
7:18 am
he loosened the rules. it was almost lost kind of under the radar. right before he left office he also did another step which loosened this information and how other agencies could access this raw data. that was done on his way out the door. >> it's low level employees who have access to this information that are able to pull this data. not even when you're talking about the high level classified officials that are handling this data. this creates the question about susan rice where it was about the unmasking of the trump campaign. >> this is where i think you go too far? >> they have not answered the questions, juan. >> we can discuss susan rice. i think by the way it's pretty ordinary you have the national security advisor, they want to connect the dots to protect us. >> shannon: a lot of it is completely legal. that's part of your job. if it becomes political in nature. that's what we don't know.
7:19 am
>> we don't know. >> the increase of data you're seeing. by three-fold. of the 20 searches they were accessing this type of data which they don't have necessarily the oversight structure in place which is problematic. >> shannon: these are public documents. >> they violated what the fisa court had told them not to do. >> is it political or not? >> shannon: you guys are warmed up for the weekend. always good to see you both. >> bill: have a good memorial day: there has been another massacre. more than two dozen christians killed in egypt. gunmen boarding a bus and opening fire. what we're learning about the attack there. the u.s. and u.k. presenting a united front. rex tillerson arriving in london. the latest on his message and the latest on the investigation as the families of the victims
7:20 am
struggle to understand why. >> i think it's very clear that this is a network that we are investigating.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
>> bill: mike pence about to give an address at annapolis. with me now is ben collins. good day to both of you. this is an interesting juxtaposition at the address of the academy while the president continues in a trip that is winding down from overseas. andrew, start. is there a theme or a takeaway from the president's trip so far? >> absolutely. you know, i think it's
7:24 am
areassertion of american powers after some of america's key alliances were allowed to wither. he stopped on all the major alliance hot spots except for japan. he stopped in saudi arabia, israel, nato and wrapping up at the g8 the most powerful liberal democracies in the world. when you combine that with mike pence at the naval academy speaking to the next generation of american military leaders it sends a very strong message about america's future and strength in the world. >> bill: i was thinking earlier today the isis killers calling them not killers but losers. the challenge to nato leaders and the challenge to sunni leaders prior to that in saudi arabia. let me squeeze ben in here quickly and i'll come back to you, andrew. ben, what is your takeaway from this trip so far? >> i think that the biggest takeaway is the fact that president trump did -- he was very clear that he believes that the nato countries
7:25 am
certainly should start carrying more of their financial burden. i know a lot of the european individuals are complaining that he didn't specifically mention article v but the very fact that he is over there and we're participating in the nato discussions say that we are still, of course, behind this concept of collective security. i think there is no better time right now with the way that putin has been acting so aggressively, the balkans are starting to look like they'll heat up again and the newest country montenegro will be key to that. now is the time they need to step up and carry more of that financial burden and i think the president was killed. >> bill: you mention montenegro. they have an army of 2,000. but it is on the adraoe atic, a deep water port and the european concerns about russia to the east this is the reason like countries like montenegro
7:26 am
join the nato alliance and what gives vladimir putin heartburn in return. >> absolutely. nothing makes putin more unhappy than seeing the nato alliance grow and seeing those countries that used to be soviet puppet states like serbia and montenegro start to lean west. it is a good sign for american strength and a good sign for the future of the nato alliance and it's ability to stand up to russia. >> bill: what does the vice president say today on the eve of memorial day weekend? >> i have think we have here it is 16 years after 9/11. you are looking at individuals who are graduating from university. they are 21, 22 years old. so they must have been 4 for 5 years old if they have a memory of 9/11, it's quite distant. but there is no mistaking that we are in a war footing. many of these individuals are
7:27 am
going to be serving overseas. so i think it speaks to the incredible ability of the next generation to step up. so i think that vice president pence is going to offer some heartwarming comments about this next generation and try to give them some confidence to go out there and, you know, something that we should all be proud of watching this generation graduate. >> bill: andrew, do you want to draft off that. >> i think he will thank them. at a time in their lives when most college graduates are thinking about where am i going to live? what do i want to do with my life? what kind of job do i want? what is foremost on these graduates mind is when do i go into combat? how will i realberta -- i think we owe them a tremendous debt on this memorial day weekend. >> bill: i find it remarkable how you find so many men and women who, they signed up because of 9/11, andrew. >> they did. i think that's a real
7:28 am
distinction between the last 15 years of young americans who go into the military and maybe most of the generations that came before up to world war ii. meaning these knew they would go into combat and they knew that some of them would probably lose their lives and they did it anyway. we really owe them a debt. >> bill: when you consider the vice president has a son who is serving in the marine corps, this is a man who understands the sacrifice. >> he certainly does. if you look across the administration, so many of them. we have a secretary that has lost a child in war. but from the secretary of defense to the national security advisor, everybody has, you know, has counted the cost and it is a personal one for us. these are individuals that, you know, look, i think about the friends that i've lost every single day. you can't help but not.
7:29 am
and so i think that a lot of us, too, have a hope that there has been -- let's be frank, there has been a lot of lack of direction and focus over the last 10 years, certainly with regards to places like afghanistan. so if we're going to have, you know, if we're going to honor those that we've lost on memorial day, people should, i think, also take some time and think about what do we have to do over the next three to four years? what can the trump administration do to put a point on some of that sacrifice and actually ensure that that sacrifice wasn't in vain? we lost so many gains during the obama years it was painful to watch and i would hate to see that happen again. >> bill: great words. you've been to indianapolis, shannon. a beautiful day today, too, by the way when you think about the setting and what it means to so many who are gathered there today. >> shannon: yeah, it's a beautiful place not far from washington here.
7:30 am
i think everybody is struck if you have a chance to attend one of these ceremonies as you've been saying these young people who have willingly sought out this commission for their lives who are there to celebrate moving on to the next chapter as you guys have talked about for many of them it goes right into active duty service. it is a sobering thing but really inspiring and encouraging to see them there being sent off with words of challenge and inspiration. and it gives you a sense that there is an entire generation of people who love this country and who are willing to sacrifice, put their own lives on the line essentially for this mission. it is a beautiful day, the hat toss is always something that you have your iphone ready for and snap the picture. this is of special importance to the vice president given his family is very well connected to service. a special day for the graduates and for him in his heart as he prepares to speak.
7:31 am
>> bill: we'll see if the vice president takes his turn now. we'll stick with it. otherwise we might try to squeeze in a quick commercial break. we don't want to miss the speech. let's hang for one moment. we'll learn together. >> the honorable mike pence, vice president of the united states. [applause] >> thank you.
7:32 am
vice admiral carter, acting secretary stackly, admiral richardson, general walsh, all the members of the faculty, the brigade of midshipmen, to all the family and friends who traveled near and far to join in this special moment, and congratulations to the newest officers in the united states states navy and marine corps, the naval academy class of 2017. it is an honor to be with you all. [applause] today it's my great privilege to bring you congratulations and also to offer you the congratulations of your commander-in-chief, the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause]
7:33 am
i must tell you, standing before all of you extraordinary young americans is deeply humbling for me. it's humbling for me to be here in the midst of fleet week at this storied military and academic institution with the extraordinary men and women of the class of 2017. yours is already a class of distinction. you already distinguished yourselves the day you made the decision to put on the uniform of the united states of america. and follow the path of service to this great country and we honor you for it. [applause] the 1053 men and women before me you are the very best. several of you will be commissioned as naval officers
7:34 am
in service warfare, seals, and the silent service beneath the waves. another 260 will leave this place to continue training as officers in the marine corps and i understand that two of you will leave here as officers in the air force. [applause] apparently well represented here. [laughter] no matter what path you take, know that your commander-in-chief is proud of you and so am i. and every american is grateful for you standing tall and stepping forward to serve our nation and protect our people. [applause] before i go, though, any further i would like to add my voice to those who have remembered three who also
7:35 am
stepped forward. they did not leave here into service, they left here into eternity but we remember them today as much -- and honor them as much as all of you for they stepped forward to serve this country. william mccanny, justin sensor, jason jab lon ski were men of honor who served forward to serve in the navy with distinction. i know the class of 2017 and america will never forget them and their families are on our hearts this day. [applause] so today is a day of pride and celebration. not only for all of you in uniform before me, but for those who saw you through. for your friends, your professors, your commanding officers, and especially your families.
7:36 am
and speaking of which, i am grateful to be joined today by my commanding officer. would you mind welcoming the second lady of the united states of america who is a marine corps mom, karen pence is with us today. [applause] you know, as the proud parents of a first lieutenant in the marine corps my wife and i know firsthand that the commissioning of an officer in the united states armed forces is a deeply moving moment for your loved ones. the people who believed in you, who believed long ago that you could make it here. who believed even on some days when you didn't, that you would make it to this day. they supported you. they encouraged you. they prayed you through. so before we go one step
7:37 am
further, class of 2017, why don't you break protocol a little bit and stand up, turn around, catch the eye of one of your loved ones in the stands and show them just how thankful you are for all the years of love and support that brought you to this day. [applause] before i forget all the midshipmen who are here today. the whole cell phone thing. your minor conduct offenses are completely forgiven. [applause] today marks the end of four years of training at the united states naval academy. and the commencement of a
7:38 am
voyage that will take you into uncharted waters. make no mistake and have no doubt, you are ready to lead. the training and education you received here has prepared you well to face the challenges that lie ahead. because today you graduate from an incomparable institution. it's remarkable to think that for more than 170 years children of liberty have come to the united states naval academy to pursue a life of service and sacrifice. in these halls on these fields and by this bay midshipmen have been molded morally, mentally and physically. and imbued with the highest ideals of duty, honor, and loyalty. they, like you, departed this place and distinguished themselves in every era as officers in the united states navy and in the united states
7:39 am
marine corps. today when the boards and bars are placed on your shoulders you'll become the next link in a chain that stretches back unbroken into the mists of american history. the links before you were forged by heroes from jean-paul jones to steven decater, bull halsey. tim stockdale and michael murphy. because of them and through the bravery of all who have called themselves marines and sailors in our nation's history, america's freedom endures to this very day. and we honor all who have gone before you. [applause] but now it's your turn to assume the watch. remember, it's not just america that your predecessors
7:40 am
protected. think today of what the world owes the united states navy and marine corps. here at the navy marine corps stadium these stands are from top to bottom list the lands and seas that were consecrated by the american sailors and marine. bello wood where marine charged the enemies to defend the freedom of western europe. i see the battle of the atlantic, the many battles of the pacific, the corral sea, and the navy rolled back the tide of tyranny that had engulfed so much of the asian pacific. in korea and in vietnam, i see iraq and afghanistan at this very day and this very hour your brothers and sisters in arms stand strong and courageous in defense of liberty in the global war on terror. and between the places engraved
7:41 am
on these stands i see all that the navy and marine corps have and day out to foster peace and prosperity on the seven seas. defend the defenseless in distant lands. the keep the shores of america safe from all who would dare threaten us. the truth is that today you will become leaders in the world's greatest force for good. the armed forces of the united states of america. [applause] all of you who do so are patriots. heroes all. you are the pride of your family and you are the pride of the american people. it's not an american across this country would wouldn't like to have the view that i
7:42 am
have today. it's very inspiring. you are from the rest of us but you are the best of us. and you will leave this place and enter a world in desperate need of the honor, courage and commitment that defines the leadership that you learned here. so a few words of admonition. trust your training and the principles you learned here. and you will have success in your career and for your country. remember that character is destiny. be men and women of integrity. people follow people they trust. i truly believe that among the most important qualities of leadership weather in the armed forces or any other endeavor,
7:43 am
are humility, orientation to authority and self-control. i encourage you to cultivate these qualities at leaders in increasing measure every day from this day forward. with humility consider others to be more important than yourselves. be servant leaders. approach every challenge as a learner and a listener first. in multiple counselors there is wisdom and the best decisions by the best leaders come from counsel and collaboration. next is orientation to authority. nothing i have to explain to those of you sitting before me today. follow the chain of command without exception. submit yourselves as the saying goes to the authorities that have been placed above you. trust your superiors. trust your orders. and you will serve and lead well.
7:44 am
and lastly, as arduous has this has been, the physical training in this place, i encourage you to continue to practice the discipline of self-control. there is an old proverb that says like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control. i truly believe that commanding others first begins with being able to command yourself. discipline is the foundation of leadership. integrity, humility, orientation to authority and self-control. that's my admonition to you today. i truly believe as you pursue these qualities of character you will lead with distinction and as you have done to this moment in your life you will prove yourselves worthy of the trust your commander-in-chief is placing in you today. to be faithful defenders of our nation and our way of life. as you prepare to assume your
7:45 am
duties i want to say to new officers and to your families, president donald trump is the best friend the armed forces of the united states will ever have. [cheering and applause] i'll make you a promise. no matter where you are called to serve, no matter what the mission, this commander-in-chief will always have your back. [applause] and to the families who are gathered here today and all these rising officers i say president donald trump and i will not rest, we will not relent, until we rebuild our military, restore the arsenal of democracy and ensure that our soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines and coast guard have
7:46 am
all the resources that you need to accomplish your mission and come home safe. that is our pledge to each of you. [applause] earlier this month, president trump signed a $21 billion increase in funding for our armed forces. the largest investment in military readiness in -- and an increase since the days of president ronald reagan. let me be clear, the era of budget cuts of the armed forces of the united states is over. [cheering and applause] the president's budget increases funding for our national defense by $54 billion begins to rebuild our navy with
7:47 am
eight new battle force ships headed for the sea. [applause] president trump is working with the congress to make the strongest fighting force in history stronger still. and with renewed american strength your commander-in-chief is once again reaffirming america's role as leader of the free world. while we must always work and hope and pray for peace, the best way to ensure peace is for our adversaries and our enemies to know that america is prepared to lead and fight and win any contest, any struggle, anywhere on behalf of freedom. [applause] now, you, the class of 2017, will be the instruments of american policy. today you leave the brigade of
7:48 am
midshipman to join the vanguard of freedom. your mission is more important now than ever. the mission of the united states navy is multi-faceted. you prevent the outbreak of major war and uphold peace and security around the globe. it's parts of what the navy does. you keep open pathways of prosperity to the south china sea where yesterday one of our mighty ships conducted freedom of navigation operations reminding the world what american leadership looks like. it's also what the navy does. you do what men and women of the navy have always done. bear the burdens of your duty with honor, courage and commitment as the unbreakable backbone of american freedom. that's what the navy does and now what all of you will do from this day forward. soon to be commissioned officers in the united states navy and marine corps, all of you from this day forward are called to be leaders. always remember that you follow
7:49 am
in the wake of heroes who have done just that. you can banish any doubt by thinking of those who have gone before and the great cloud of witnesses that surrounds us today. not just in the stands but beyond. when i think of those who have gone before i think of a half century ago a young man from alabama did just what you all did. he answered the call to put on the uniform and he was sitting right where you're sitting. graduated from the united states naval academy in 1967 not too long after that he sailed across the pacific to join the fight for freedom in the jungles of vietnam. one day assigned to a small boat unit he was working with his team to extract a group of navy seals from behind enemy lines when his boat was ambushed. he was thrown overboard, wounded by shrapnel but found within himself the strength and
7:50 am
courage to swim back to his boat and provide cover fire. despite his own injuries he attended to the wounded. refused medical assistance until all his brothers in arms were treated. awarded the silver star for his leadership under fire. 50 years he was sitting right where you are sitting today. he went on to serve with distinction seventh fleet commander when he retired in 2003 risen to the rank of a four-star admiral. that young man from that small town is with us today. will you join me in welcoming admiral robert nadr of the class of 1967 who joins us here today. [applause]
7:51 am
we salute you, sir, and all the members of the class of 1967 are here. but to the members of the naval academy class of 2017, i say to all of you, what do you want to be thinking when you are sitting here 50 years from now? because we'll tell you, it will come a lot quicker than you think. i know in my heart you want to be every bit as heroic and defined as leaders as those who have gone before. any one of the members of the class of 1967 who are here. so my challenge to all of you today is write your own story right now in your mind. see it and go live it.
7:52 am
write a historic and heroic story of service and selflessness and leadership and then make it happen. you know, many people wonder all their lives if they made a difference as the future leaders of the united states navy and marines you don't have to worry about that. so for the class of 2017, this is your day and as you prepared to leave this special place i hurj you to make the principles and present september you've learned here the anchor of your life. carry the example that you've seen here, be worthy, never settle. act every day not for self but for country. i challenge you to uphold the highest standards of honor and duty of officers of the united states navy and marine corps to be leaders in those who have gone before like those of
7:53 am
admiral nadr and others in whose wake you follow. above all else i say to you, have faith. leave here today with the confidence that the american people are behind you from your commander-in-chief on down they support you and are proud of you. and also if you're of a mind, have faith that he who planted this miracle of democracy on these wilderness shores and has seen her through every trial and has seen you through the challenges of the last four years, will never leave you, never forsake you, and that no matter where your path may lead he will always be there to calm the storm and guide you home. so thank you for the honor to be with you today. bravo zulu to the class of 2017.
7:54 am
god bless the navy, the marines and god bless the united states of america. [applause] >> bill: about 21 minutes on the clock and some great lines. you are the pride of your family. you are the pride of the united states of america. trust your training. character is destiny. write your own story, see it, go live it. also some news, too, from the vice president saying the era of budget cuts is over for the armed forces under in commander-in-chief. comment from ben. what do you remember from your day of graduation? >> so i remember how proud my parents were. i think it was probably a 50/50 chance whether or not i would end up in the state penitentiary or in the army. i made it through.
7:55 am
so my parents were very proud and actually the parents pin on your rank. i was a second lieutenant in the army and my mother and father came on both sides of me and pinned on that rank and then you have something the first salute where, you know, you pick an enlisted man who is probably one of your trainers through the years and he walks up to you and gives you a salute and then you give him a silver dollar in return. that's a tradition. and then you effectively just preen all day in your uniform. >> andrew, what do you remember? >> my parents were scared to death. i think i told them not to come to any pinning on because i thought it might make them unhappy. so it was -- i think i showed up at home in my uniform maybe after all day preening around and after a few beers.
7:56 am
>> bill: thank you, also on this memorial weekend as the vice president wraps up his speech we take a moment to remember all those who have served. we're back in a moment after this message a moments ago. >> to this very day at this very hour your brothers and sisters in arms stand strong and courageous in defense of liberty in the global war on terror. down to each piece of equipment, so they can protect their teammates and the surrounding wetlands, too. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
7:57 am
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>> shannon: words of wisdom there from the vice president speaking at the naval academy graduation moments ago. a lighthearted moment when he said my commander in chief is here and referred to his wife, karen. also, important words about integrity, honesty, and character and how the world is counting on them. >> bill: i think his wife would probably agree with that
8:00 am
assessment. shannon, have an awesome weekend. i'll see you next week. to all our viewers at home, enjoyed memorial day. we'll see you on tuesday, bye-bye. the >> president trump in the home stretch. right now, he's in sicily before his final stop heading home and meeting with leaders of the g-7 nations. good afternoon, i'm heather childress. >> leland: 11:00 a.m. on the east coast. i'm in for jon scott. there is some tension after president trump's blunt remarks are paying more. other g-7 leaders are expected to engage mr. trump on his trade policy in the paris climate agreement. the president outlining his focus on twitter. getting ready to engage g-7 leaders on many issues including economic growth, terrorism, inseri


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