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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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society for pulling out of the parade. the truth is, this guy is no different from those who plotted manchester. no more difference in no more controversy. >> thank you. that is it for this week's show. thank you to my panel and for you for watching. i hope to see right here next week. >> hello, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> in news this hour, president trump back at the white house after he has completed his first trip abroad while in office. he is facing growing questions on the home front with much reports concerning the law and top advisor, jared kushner. >> and police in manchester, england with new raids as the city in the nation remember the victims loss in the horrific attack. a suspect is now in custody
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after the deadly shooting spree that left eight people dead including the sheriff -- america's news headquarters starts right now. >> we begin with president trump returning home to the white house wrapping up his nine-day trip to the middle east and europe. his first foreign tour as commander-in-chief. the president declaring it a home run. now, as he shifts gears to the nations capital researche trumps political and policy changes and challenges ranging from the selection of a new fbi director, to making a decision on the pair's climate agreement. kristin fisher is live on the north lawn. >> let's start with political challenges. right now this white house is wrapping up to defend itself against a barrage of leaks and ongoing russian in bashin
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investigation. to that end, about an hour ago president trumps private attorney for the russia probe and ivanka trump are spotted at the white house. caso it's is a high-powered new york attorney. he's known for being very aggressive. he has been hired by president trump to represent him in this investigation. behind the scenes there is building never white house war room led by steve bannon while playing out in full view is the presence ongoing attack against leakers. it is playing out against presidents twitter account. he has tweeted about it four times today. quote whenever you see the word sources say in the fake news media and they don't mention names, it's very possible the sources don't exist but are made up with fake news writers. fake news is the enemy. that sentiment was echoed across sunday shows. leakers could go to jail while john kelly called the intelligence leak in the
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manchester bombing, close to treason. >> it's outrageous. i don't why people do it. it jeopardizes not only investigations but puts people's lives in jeopardy. i don't why people do it. , but they do. that is the world we live in. >> it is not just republicans. today, some democrats spoke out as well. >> i think leaks are an issue. they are an issue for every administration and surly for this one. there have been a couple of categories of leaks, one that has potentially disclosed sources and methods. those of the most troubling because it could dry up important information for the u.s. government. >> to other things watch for this week. an announcement from president trump on whether or not he plans to pull out of the pair's climate accord. a possible announcement on president trumps pick to replace former fbi director, james
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comey. there are a lot of names in the mix. an announcement to come this week but could come later as well. have not heard anything definite. >> arhtell: another big week for president trump. thank you kristin. >> eric: now to the terrorist attack investigation. two people are now custody in connection with the manchester bombing. british authorities make an another arrest today. they try to track down the accomplices of the bomber and traces movements from libya, to turkey, to manchester in the days leading up to the deadly attack. rick is live in manchester. he has been covering the aftermath and has more. >> today, manchester police delivered a message of thanks to the community for what it called overwhelming support and kindness shown towards officers as they investigate this attack around the clock. they also want to reassure the public that manchester is open
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for business. that, while police are asking for assistance for the public in tracking the final movements of the bomber who was captured on cameras where the backpack filled with explosives that he detonated, killing 22 and wounding 116 others outside the manchester arena is a concert just ended. authorities have carried out close to 20 raids including this morning and this evening. they arrested another possible terror suspect. twelve people in custody. officers have been on patrol this week and focusing on 1300 different major events across the u.k. including sporting events, concerts and a 10k run that took place in manchester this morning. all of the immense opening with a moment of silence for the victims who are remembered during church services on the
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first sunday after the attack. >> we wanted to come and have the service together and show the emotion. >> i believe in god -- [inaudible] so asking for support and strength. >> so, the investigation continues. while the threat level has been reduced from critical to severe, they are still on alert for another possible attack. >> eric: the growing collection of balloons and flowers, notes and people behind you is overwhelming to see their tribute. >> it is compelling and truly remarkable a very emotional for the people who continue to pour into saint and square by the minute. they have been here a morning and afternoon. they're here throughout the night. this memorial has grown from a small pile of flowers and
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candles to a massive, roughly 10000 square feet covered with tributes to the phone. >> arhtell: people are still paying their respects. thank you. >> arhtell: this is a fox news alert. a people killed in a shooting spree in mississippi. a sheriff deputy among the victims. the suspect has been identified, areas, corey godbolt. he is in custody. in a video he said his goal was suicide by cop. but he ran out of bullets. here's more. >> a newspaper report from jackson got to the scene where he was being taken into custody and had a back-and-forth with a man who is now accused of killing eight people. he was incredibly open about the murders and what you plan to do next. a reporter with the clariion snap pictures of him sitting in handcuffs. he said it started over an
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argument over custody of his kids. he then went on to tell her that he wanted to die. >> what's next for you? >> jail.ons was to have -- kill me. i ran out of bullets. >> his intentions were to have the police officers killed him. he said that he killed eight people in three different locations. that includes 36-year-old deputy, a two year veteran of the lincoln county sheriff's department. the deputy was responded to a domestic call that godbolt was involved in when he was shot. >> i asked corey about that in the family that he had left fatherless. he basically apologized multiple times for having done that. like i said, he considered the deputy to be just the one that
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showed up. >> it is unclear what led up to the shooting or if it was premeditated or spontaneous. regardless, residents cannot remember massacre this bad anywhere in the area. >> i don't know how to put it into words. i am speechless. i never would dream that this would happen in our small community. >> authority say that for men and for women were killed. the deputy was the only want to be identified so far he served as a local youth minister and did puppet shows for kids in the area. >> arhtell: a crying shame. thank you. >> eric: a british airline is struggling to get back on track this afternoon after a massive it failure crippled its services. it left thousands of passengers stranded on the ground. it is raising questions whether or not it was a cyber attack. plus, president trump facing growing questions involving jared kushner.
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>> let's check with theheadlines dead and five wounded after an early morning shooting at a new jersey nightclub just north of newark. no word on that. authorities in georgia are searching for a man who shot two police officers responding to a domestic violence call. investigators say he's shot the officers when they traced him to the restaurant near atlanta. the british airlines now clear for takeoff after a global computer failure grounded hundreds of planes at the airports. the airline is running at near full operation of plans to run the majority of services from heathrow as well. the airlines is a power failure seems to have a created the delay. >> eric: a acquisitions of collusion with the russia, intelligence officials have
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maintained there is ne no evidee of that. replacing the president son-in-law, top advisor, tried to set up a secret back channel communication line with the kremlin while president obama was still in the white house. in the meantime i learned that the administration is reportedly putting together the so-called war room to ward off the scandal. that's putting the president's agenda in jeopardy and engulfing the administration. what do these new reports mean? and a giant professor and pulitzer prize-winning journalist is joining us. judy they are setting up a back channel with the russians, going over to the russian embassy so they can communicate, allegedly with the russian generals about syria. is this legitimate or wrong? >> first of all, we do not know
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whether or not this is actually true. even if it were true, i think it poses more of a political problem than a legal problem for the presidents. the law that would ban such contacts in such an effort has never really been invoked against anyone. but, there is no doubt to that the allegations about jared kushner are part of a general distraction from the presidents program. the fact of the matter is, the president received more support from the saudi's than he has gone from senate republicans on a lot of mr. trumps agenda. because of all of these allegations rolling around, because of the fact it is former national security advisor mike flynn is resisting to subpoenas from the congress, all of the allegations about what happened before mr. trump was sworn in it
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is hard to build any support in the senate and the house for this very controversial agenda that president trump promised the american people. >> eric: so much of the focus is on the investigation and allegations. according to the reports he met with sir gay, the russian ambassador that was brought in the back door of the trump tower during the transition period and also gore cough is a graduate of the sfb school, suppose it spy school. he has the bank which is sanctioned by the u.s. cousin of the intervention and crimea in ukraine. they said the meeting with him
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was 30 minutes or so and inconsequential. we don't know much more about it. that part of the investigation? >> it was in there was a slurry of meetings with russian officials which people like attorney general jeff sessions conveniently forgot. and he forgot to report, as to mr. flynn, instead apparently jared kushner, if these reports are true. even so, it would not come as a huge surprise to anyone given what donald trump was saying during the campaign. that he would want to set up a back channel or want to way of communicating with russians over the cooperation he was going to be seeking with them on issues like syria and how to and to the war that is ongoing there. i don't think this should be surprising to people. i'm not even certain given what we know now that it is illegal. what it is, is a huge political distraction from an agenda which is very ambitious. for example, the president wants
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to cut taxes and he has outlined a plan to do so. there is a whole problem about whether or not cutting taxes in the way he is proposing would actually increase the deficit so the deficit would soar. he said that we're going to grow our way out of it by having 3% growth, very few economists agree with that. that is making republicans whose support he desperately needs, externally support about supporting him. >> what should they do? >> well, if you couple those kinds of concerns with the ongoing concerns about investigations and a counterintelligence and now criminal investigation that is engulfed in both mr. trumps family and his political advisers, you have a mess on your hands. i think he knows that. what he is trying to do is change the subject which is what
1:20 pm
he always tries to do. that is why we are hearing now about the great white house shakeup coming either in the communication staffer beyond that. were hearing about fake news. mr. trump was barely off the plane when he began tweeting about what a great success the european trip was, which it was not, and tweeting about the fake news spreading lies about himself and his family and about leaks. he always tries to change the subject. i'm just not sure this is going to work, in fact, i doubt it will. >> eric: what you expect? they have the agenda, there's talk about a white house shakeup and a war room, his criminal defense attorney is on board. what you think we will see this week? >> i think we'll see more of the same. more tweets from president
1:21 pm
trump, more of an effort to change the political narrative. i just wonder how long this political reality show will be able to be sustained before people say, what is going on here? mr. trump bases reliable to him minutes help his bases shaken i think he will stick to the plan of always do something to change the political subject. eventually that will not work if some of the ale allegations beig made turn out to be true. we don't know that is the case yet. >> arhtell: all you have to do is look to the cia director and his testimony last week that said there's no evidence of collusion. contacts he said yes, but not of collusion. we will see. it is good to see you. thank you for joining us. >> eric: as we have been
1:22 pm
reporting, with the president reap returning from his first foreign trip the controversy still continues. but his son eric trump is criticizing the suspicions of possible russia collusion. eric told jesse watters that he says it is just a cover for disappointed democrats. >> the media keeps on harping russia, russia, russia, what is he going to do to root neutralize that? >> it's nonsense. it's a witch on. i think syria quite frankly demonstrated there is nothing with syria. but the party got beaten badly by a person who came out of nowhere. that everybody gave no chance to. they'll spent a 7 - 1 and he want. there's some disappointed people out there so they want to
1:23 pm
further the narrative for their own political agenda. i believe they would rather see this country failed and see him succeed. >> so that russia's thing is a hoax? >> totally. >> eric: remember the missile attack i would not be imprudence interest? a full interview with jesse tonight on "watters' world" at a p.m. eastern time. >> arhtel: senate republicans are charting a new way forward after the cbo released it scorecard to repeal and replace obama care. what is happening in next? we'll talk about that. >> plus major concerns in the wake of the manchester terror attack. how authorities see here at home are working to keep everyone safe. managing blood sugar is not a marathon.
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>> eric: there is a scene on this busy memorial day weekend. a suspicious package at newark liberty international airport in new jersey. that comes amid high and security across many major cities this weekend. were live in times square. >> and nerves are jittery after the horrific bombing in manchester. high security especially in
1:29 pm
places in new york city like time square. you can see their people here, the nypd is here with heavy guns. yesterday at newark airport authorities evacuated part of terminally because someone decided to leave and on attend a pressure cooker left in a brown bag it trashcan. it turned out not to be a device. but there are concerns this could've been a dry run maybe testing security according to a reported in new york post. speaking of airport security, the big concern are large electronic devices. the department of homeland security instituted a ban from ten specific airports in the middle east on flights coming to the united states. the department of homeland security secretary, john kelly told chris wallace that he believes they might expand that large electronic device. to include all international flights to and from the u.s. take a listen.
1:30 pm
>> there is a real threat, there are numerous threats against aviation, that is really the thing they are are obsessed with, the idea of knocking down an airplane in flight, particularly if it's a u.s. carrier full of mostly u.s. folks and people. it's real. >> kelly also said that dhs might and likely will adopt tougher screening practices nationwide. right now tsa is testing tougher security at ten airports requiring practice passengers te stuff they're saying they're cramming too much into their carry-on. we spoke to folks in time square who told us they are jittery but a little secure with the heightened security. >> a little bit nervous, but a little bit uneasy.
1:31 pm
>> in general you get a little more nervous when he go to the bigger places but then you see the presence of the police and everyone and that gives you a little bit of -- as well. >> there's no specific threat targeting this memorial day weekend. but be vigilant and stay safe. a lot of americans traveling this weekend. >> if you see something say something. it is up to us. >> the senate republicans planets returned from a weekend long holiday recess with a partial draft of repealing and replacing obama care. this, after the report that the congressional budget office on the house bill estimate it could eventually lead to 23 million americans uninsured. comes as a "fox news poll" shows 54% of americans oppose the
1:32 pm
house health care bill with 40% in favor. this pushback is opening the door for moderates to come up with their own plan. on fox news sunday, bill cassidy of louisiana defending a bill he code drafted saying conservatives would find a lot to like about it. listen. >> it is a conservative solution. they think the power should return to individuals in the state, we do that. the apartmen power obama care tm the states we get back. you can see your conservative and believe in states rights and mental states what they can't do. if a blue state wants to do blue thing, god bless them. >> let's talk about this with tom mcclintock of california. he sits on the budget committee. thank you for being here. >> it's a pleasure. thanks for having me. >> arhtel: do you think the power over healthcare belongs to the states? also the drafts of senators cassidy and collins would let states either keep obama care or
1:33 pm
opt into a concerned entrance conservative framework. are you and fellow house members willing to give impartial consideration to the senate bill once it makes it back to the house? >> if they're gonna take that approach it will be all the more important to restore to people the freedom to shop across state lines. someone stuck in a left-wing blue log like california will need to be able to access other markets to get better deals at lower prices. so if they want to leave people trapped in states with obama care, they have to give them a way out. obama care is feeling. we have seen a 25% increase in premiums. this year could be 40%. providers are leaving the market. a number of regions this year were people cannot get obama care policies at any price. it will be very important that people left to states like
1:34 pm
california can escape those states in the marketplace and find lower placed plans. >> they said that the draft is that they would be up to offer more conservative plants. as for the "fox news poll" of gauging the house healthcare bill. 40% saying that they are in favor of it with 54% say no thank you. in hindsight, if the house could have made alterations to the bill before sending it up, what would you have change? >> it did make alterations that it was relying on the senate to complete. that is freeing up about $90 billion to assured that older americans in the 55 - 64 age category will not have sticker shock and they will be able to afford the plans
1:35 pm
available to them in the private market. >> your plan said the elderly and poor would lose out. having to have higher premiums. i'm not sure what you just told me. >> that is one thing the congressional budget office ignored. when the bill was amended about $90 billion was free to by adjusting the deductibility threshold of about seven and a half percent. that set aside $90 billion. >> but it cut 900 million and medicaid funding. >> no. this amendment would actually assure third be ample subsidies for older americans so they would not see sticker shock that the congressional budget office forecast. >> many points being bantered about. what about just fixing up obama. is that an option? >> i don't think it can be
1:36 pm
fixed. if it was fixable it would of been fixed. this fundamentally unworkable and this is what we want when it was imposed and this is what is coming about. providers leaving the market and premium skyrocketing. no relief in sight unless we can replace it with a market-based system where people have a range of choices at the lewis prices and the support of taxes to ensure their within the reach of families. >> arhtel: do you worry that the options that you just pointed out that you might have some poor states with people not being able to afford healthcare? >> everyone will be able to afford it with the tax system was envisioned in the house bill. the congressional budget office chose to ignore that provision and making it estimates. that's one reason why the office has such a terrible track record in predicting the operation
1:37 pm
markets. they originally predicted 26 million americans would be in the obama care exchanges by now. the actual numbers 10 million. they predicted a rise in premiums and it is a hundred 5% increase. >> there good a crunching budget but they're poor at predicting markets. >> arhtel: not only was repealing and replacing obama care president trumps campaign promise, the gop is in control of both chambers of congress congress, how will the battle to do both affect the overall health of the parties ability to govern and make laws? >> our system was designed to disagree that's why you have two houses in congress. they bring a different perspective and they're going to disagree. the good news is once the house has rendered its best judgment
1:38 pm
then there is a conference process that has evolved over centuries and i can resolve the differences between the two houses. >> to believe all americans should have access to healthcare? >> i think our society has agreed to that. we have a plan that supports that notion. >> congressman, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. thank you for having me. >> meanwhile the future of the travel ban seems to be uncertain. is it heading for the supreme court? the legal panel joins us next - help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health.
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1:43 pm
from muslim countries had a setback last week. the poor circuit court of appeals upheld a block on that order. meaning the administration cannot enforce it. the white house is hoping for more favorable ruling from the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco. but that court is perhaps the most liberal one in the country. it's fate there remains more uncertain. all this with the department of homeland security secretary john kelly defended the president's order. he was on fox news sunday saying it's needed to keep the country safe like the fact is, in those countries we have very little ability to verify and that's the people coming out of those countries. what the president, and it's not a travel ban, travel pause he said for 90 days we are going to pause in terms of people coming in to the united states that would give me time to look at additional vetting. >> will it be upheld or overturned? let's bring in a defense attorney and chris, trial
1:44 pm
attorney both join us. let me start, do you think this eventually has to get to the supreme court? >> it would be helpful, because right now as it stands the decision of the fourth circuit court of appeals is not a good decision. >> eric: how come? because they relied on what candidate trump said and not the policy of the administration. the policy is that we need 90 days to come up with a system of extreme vetting in these countries which barely have governments in place. >> eric: how can they do that? chris, is not in the order andwn the campaign trail and all fair mindedness how could a judge say this is the really but this is what he said about it when he was running. >> that is what a lot of american citizens would view a shocking.
1:45 pm
the fact that what the ninth circuit have focused on before is not the actual text of the order but really looking back to the statements that candidate trump had made on the president and tried to describe some type of purpose as to why he is instituting the order he is. the way the plaintiffs are looking at it and others is that while president trump does have broad constitutional authority to restrict the borders, at the same time we do have an establishment clause. he cannot issue any executive order that violates that clause, but it begs the question of how far back to court looked to candidate statements made on a campaign and try to attribute that to an order that would be viewed as controversial? >> is that even fair?
1:46 pm
>> i think the bottom line is you have to draw a line somewhere. anything president trump now does that touches on immigration or has impact on the muslim community, set automatically going to be viewed as unconstitutional because what he said on campaign trail? the court has to draw line. >> the administration said it's not based on religion it's based on the fact they don't have governments or the police in place. does it say in it, muslim band? in that word? is it a religiously. >> absolutely not. there's no mention of religion. the establishment clause says the government cannot establish religion for the people. this executive order doesn't do that. if the decision stands in the fork circuit court of appeals
1:47 pm
basically says the president cannot come up with any executive order that could affect the majority religion anywhere in the world. that's how it would be interpreted in the future. that's not the intent. just because the country happen to be majority countries were to stop people the, to the country to cause damage. >> let me tell you what greg gentry said he he said that an executive order that speaks in techs with vague words but in context trip with -- congress granted the president broad power to deny entry to aliens but that power is not absolute. in all due respect, the fact
1:48 pm
that it drips with religious intolerance and discrimination. >> that's a good question. if you look back to 2011 when president obama issued a similar temporary travel ban on iraqis, the aclu and plaintiffs do not likblink an eye. if congress had independently passed legislation with the same text it goes to the question of how far can these courts go go back to see what the president made on the campaign trail and try to change what the executive order says. >> i think the supreme court needs to take up this fourth circuit appeal and needs to hear this because it does challenge the president's executive authority without basis. there is no basis in terms of the border itself that says it discriminates.
1:49 pm
nobody disagrees that the president does not have the power. in fact they know he has the power to do it but are preventing him from keeping this country safe. >> of all the places i've covered they bleak step outside of the jury room. we will see. >> judicial activism. >> eric: thank you so much. >> arhtel: i meant to say that the elderly and the poor would get the short end of the stick i wanted to correct that. meanwhile, thousands of bikers brower into the nation's capital upholding a yearly memorial day weekend tradition, honoring and raising awareness of the servicemen and women we were never able to bring back from theggf g battlefield. blood su. get into a daily groove. ♪ let's groove tonight.
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>> arhtel: it is an incrediblyil tribute. every memorial day weekend thousands of bikers the dissent on our nation's capital. >> eric: rolling thunder is a nonprofit. it held its 30th annual driver freedom today. honoring and raising awareness for pow mia servicemembers. we're live in washington with more. >> it is amazing. folks come from across the country, every state in the union for this today. every year. there is a sense of calm robbery at rolling thunder. you have veterans, goldstar families and friends who come together to honor those have
1:55 pm
given the ultimate sacrifice your country. a lot of folks have spent days on the road to get here. organizers say as many as 900,000 riders took part in the ride for freedom today. it started 30 years ago by a group of vietnam veterans who wanted to get the attention of lawmakers on capitol hill to push for better care for veterans. that goal is what keeps many of the first riders coming back today. >> we do not want the american public to other demonstrate against our troops again and treat them like they treated us. we are to demonstrate against a war but don't demonstrate against the troops. >> even with the rain, thousands of people lined the streets to cheer riders on as they move their way from the pentagon to the national mall. for many folks, this event is a way to honor and remember their loved ones who served and for veterans to remember the those by their side. >> we will be right back with a
1:56 pm
special memorial day tribute.
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2:00 pm
that is a good hint. i will certainly thank mr. kelly for his service. >> arhtel: and happy birthday. >> eric: one hundred years. wow. that doesn't for us. the fox has a special coming up next. >> see you in one hour. look at that grip. whoa. >> knocked him down with ease. throttled him and right into the power. >> it looks like -- ♪ ♪ [applause] >> greg: all right.


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