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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  May 28, 2017 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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got to go. matt iceman, catherine, tyrus, our studio audience. i'm greg gutfeld. i love you, . love you, arthel: this is a fox news alert. south korea's news agency says north korea has fired an unidentified projectile off its east coast. this information just coming into the fox newsroom. there are no details yet what type of projectile or whether the launch was successful. of course, as we get more information, we will bring it to you. hello. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's news headquarters." eric: hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn. top of the news, the president's son-in-law and top
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adviser jared kushner has been the spotlight in a russian investigation this weekend. we will have the latest on the reports of a white house shake-up could be in the works. arthel: police in manchester launching new raids in connection with last week's deadly concert bombing, as they crack down on a terror network that could be at large. eric: authorities are on high alert memorial day weekend after a security scare at one of our nation's busiest airports. "america's news headquarters" starts right now. we begin tonight with president trump, who is back at the white house, after wrapping up his nine-day trip to the middle east and europe. you know that was his first foreign tour as commander in chief. the president declaring the trip a home run. he shifts gears to the nation's capitol, getting back to work and agenda here at home. it faces a long list of political and policy changes ranging from the selection of a new fbi director to making a final decision on the paris climate agreement, all as the
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russian investigations continue and grow in washington. kristin fisher is live in the north lawn with the very latest tonight. hi, kristin. >> reporter: hey, eric. president trump is returning from first foreign trip to the same problems plaguing him when he left here nine days ago, nonstop barrage about associates' alleged ties to russia and possible cover-up. so today, president trump is turning his attention to the source of those reports. the leakers. he's tweeted about them four times today. here's one of them. he said -- now, the administration's growing effort to contain these leaks were echoed across the sunday shows. here's homeland security secretary-general john kelly. >> it's outrageous, i don't know why people do it, it
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jeopardizes not only investigations but puts people's lives in jeopardy. i don't know why people do, it but they do. and that's the world we live in. >> reporter: now, these kinds of attacks from the administration against the media, against the leakers, expect them only to continue as this russia investigation heats up. now, two big things to watch next week on capitol hill. you've got senate republicans struggling to come up with their version of the health care bill, and the president's budget. both republicans and democrats have essentially already said that it's dead on arrival. >> typically, in fact always, the senate and the house write their own budget, it does reflect the president's goals. i actually agree with the goals but take a different approach. >> i do not believe you make america great again by cutting medical research to the lowest level in 12 years. i don't think you make america great again by saying to
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working families, it's more expensive for kids to borrow money for student loans. you don't make a great nation by cutting back infrastructure. all the three things are in the trump budget. >> reporter: also next week, expect a decision on the paris climate accord. on friday, the white house chief economic adviser gary gone said they're revolving and lindsey graham urged president trump to stay in, it we'll see what the president decides. he campaigned against it. that's for sure, eric. eric: yeah, back to work by monday morning. thank you, kristin. arthel: searching for law enforcement suspect in the manchester bombing with a 13th person taken into custody, happening a short while ago, as british authorities conducting more raids as they try to close in on the terror network suspected of helping salman abedi carry out his deadly plan. rick leventhal has more from
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manchester. >> reporter: british authorities are warning the public that more members of salman abedi's terror network could be on the loose despite all of the raids and arrests. manchester police releasing new photos of abedi captured on cctv cameras before he detonated the backpack bomb. blast killed him and 22 innocent people, injuring 116 others, and now authorities are asking the public for help in tracing abedi's final movements. a 12th possible accomplice was arrested and police serving close to 20 warrants recovered significant evidence thanks to round the clock efforts of thousands of investigators called in from across the uk. while the threat level has been downgraded from critical to severe, security is on high alert with 1300 events getting extra protection with the long bank holiday weekend. >> feel a bit anxious, to be
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honest, i'm not afraid. i'm -- my heart goes out to the families of the people, they've lost loved ones, and we've got to stand together, we've got to keep going. >> reporter: thousands took part in the manchester run today, an annual event that began with a moment of silence for the victims. in st. anne's square, the memorial grows to the lives lost. a city struggling to recover, and arthel, it is still on guard for more possible trouble. arthel: absolutely, rick leventhal, thank you for that report from manchester. eric? eric: back here at home, a big scare at one of our busiest airports. a suspicious package that turned out to be a pressure cooker. that forced the entire terminal at the newark international airport terminal a to evacuate. and it happened on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year with the heightened security presence around the
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country, what does that mean? bryan llenas is live from another site with heightened security for the weekend, times square, targeted by a jihadist who tried to set off a car bomb in his van in times square seven years ago. hi, bryan. >> reporter: hi, rick, you remember seven years ago in 2010 three blocks behind me, the terrorist tried to light the device. it did light but did not explode only because two street vendors alerted police they were able to stop the situation from potentially being catastrophic. that is what the phs and security forces and police officers are saying is stay vigilant this holiday weekend. at newark airport, terminal a, partially evacuated after a pressure cooker was found in a brown bag next to a trash can there. it was not an explosive device, but some sources telling the "new york post" they are worried that perhaps this was a so-called dry run, maybe testing security, but again, not an explosive device
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yesterday. meanwhile, airport security is a primary focus this entire weekend particularly because you remember the dhs set an electronic device ban, a large electronic device ban for ten airports out of the middle east. all devices larger than a cell phone had to be checked. the department of homeland security secretary john kelly told chris wallace today he is thinking about they might include that ban to include all international flights to and from the united states. >> we're going to raise the bar for generally speaking aviation security, much higher than it is now. it is a real sophisticated threat, and i'll reserve that decision until we see where it's going. >> reporter: kelly also said dhs might and likely will adopt tougher tsa screening practices nationwide, right now the tsa
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is testing tougher security procedures at 10 u.s. airports requiring passengers to remove stuff from luggages. dhs is concerned passengers are cramming too much into carry-ons, making it harder to spot explosives. now as for fears of terrorism given the recent headlines, obviously on people's minds, listen to what one person said visiting times square earlier today. >> i've been to new york several times, and i've always been impressed with the security here in new york city. i don't feel threatened by anything. i feel fine to walk amongst the crowds and crossing the streets, and there's always a visible sign of security. >> reporter: that same level of security can be seen throughout the entire country this holiday weekend. eric? eric: bryan, as they always tell us, if you see something, say something. that certainly happened in newark yesterday and good advice for all of us, arthel? arthel: a mississippi man
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arrested for killing eight people including a sheriffs deputy in a bloody rampage, and the suspect says he never intended to be taken alive. police arrested 35-year-old corey godbolt after a shooting spree. it started with a domestic disturbance call when a sheriffs deputy responded, godbolt started shooting, hoping to commit suicide by cop. >> what's next for you? . >> my intentions was to have god kill me. i ran out of bullets. arthel: investigators have identified the slain deputy as 36-year-old william durr. no immediate charges have been filed against godbolt. eric: the president said his trip abroad was great, but
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there is dissension from some world leaders like german chancellor angela merkel. did the president advance goals and our country's interests? we will break down the trip ahead. plus a horrifying crash on the indy 500. a car goes airborne and flips over before hitting a barrier. man, oh, man, how do you think anyone could survive that? usaa gives me the peace of mind
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. arthel: a fox news alert, south korea's news agency says north korea fired an unidentified projectile off its east coast.
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that may have landed in japanese waters. a statement from south korea's joint chief of staff said the launch came from around the eastern and north coastal town but it's not clear of what type of projectile it was or whether the launch was successful. this is what we have for now, and as we get more information, we'll bring it to you. >> back here at home, there was a terrifying crash at the indianapolis 500. a collision on lap 54 sent one race car flying, you can see it disintegrating along the retaining wall. you know the incredible safety technology used today, driver scott dixon only managed to walk away from the crash. he was an early favorite to win in the race. he's okay, a little beaten up, it was a wild ride. he did have a rough week. beside that, robbed at a taco
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bell, police say the teenaged suspects in that robbery have been arrested. >> we have been gone for close to nine days. this will be nine days, and i think we hit a home run no matter where we are. arthel: that was president trump on the final day of his grueling tour. first trip overseas as commander in chief. the president making five stops in nine days on his trip to europe and the middle east discussing everything from nato to radical islamic terrorism, as well as the search for peace between israel and the palestinians. the president calling his trip a success. joining me now is ambassador dennis ross, former special middle east coordinator fox news foreign affairs analyst and author of the book, doomed to success, the u.s./israel relationship from truman to obama. ambassador, good to have you. >> good to be with you. arthel: let's start here, what
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is your overall score of the president's trip and what are the hits and the missus? >> i think the trip was generally a success, you can divide the trip between the middle east and europe. reception in the middle east was bound to be good because he's not president obama. the israelis and the arabs both looked at president obama fairly or not, and were convinced -- they generally were convinced as he was withdrawing from the middle east, withdrawing from responsibilities and looked at iran as being, in their eyes, part of the problem in the area, not the solution in the area. president trump makes it clear, he sees iran as a major threat in the region. that was bound to be well received in the arabian peninsula with the saudis and the israelis as well. so from the standpoint of reestablishing relations, i think he did a good job, the essence of what he had to say was well received. the speech he made in riyadh
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mobilizing muslim leaders to fight and try to defeat extremist ideology was important. the one thing i would have liked to have seen additionally in that speech since peace for him is something that he refers to as a very important objective, the ultimate deal he talks about between israelis and palestinians, would have been good in the speech in riyadh if he said as we work on the issue, he hopes to see all of the leaders reaching out to the israelis. arthel: you mentioned the president's call for arab and muslim leaders to take on extremism. would you say that's one of the particulars that would need complete cooperation and follow through before they can be considered a success? >> yeah, look, by definition, no speech is going to solve the problem. the speech can set a tone, create a context and create standards by which the judge behaviors. and from that standpoint, the speech was a good speech, it
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touched the right notes. one thing that is important if you defeat this ideology, you have to be able to ensure that these governments respect prurlism and minority rights. this is a good way to create a context to ensure aside from taking on extremism and those responsible for it islamist terror and those responsible taking them on militarily, you have to discredit the ideology, and one way to discredit the ideology is having moderate imams, expressing points of view, having secular leaders being permitted to have a platform and address. that so these are the kinds of follow-on steps that i think can also be one way to judge has the trip produced a difference? no one trip is going to translate immediately, but does create standards by which to be judging how is the follow-up going and is the follow-up likely to succeed in terms of
3:21 pm
transferring the reality? arthel: i want to go to north korea just for a second, we started our newscast with the breaking news that north korea has launched some sort of projectile that most likely landed in japanese waters. what do you think is the way to handle north korea going forward? >> i do think the focus on china is important because china has leverage that no one else has, they provide the bulk of the food and fuel to north korea. they also, some of their banks allow them to remain connected with the international financial system. so they do have leverage. china has always been concerned about a collapse of north korea. so the key challenge here, i think, is to somehow make it clear that while we want diplomacy to be the way to resolve this and, in fact, see it as an imperative. by the same token we don't want
3:22 pm
to be left with an option only of using military force. the one thing we can't live with is a north korea that has a nuclear weapon that they can put on top of an icbm that can reach the united states. arthel: right. >> i think the administration's approach right now is the right approach. i do think being able to somehow say that we're not looking to change the regime in north korea, but we cannot live with a north korea that has the ability to send an icbm with a nuclear warhead to the united states. china has to understand ultimately we can't live with that. we can look for ways to reach understandings to address their concerns that north korea not be pressed so hard that it will collapse. the balance, the search for the deal is in there in terms of saying they need to understand what is essential to us, we will understand what's essential to them. arthel: the balance has been elusive because north korea is still at it, and apparently, china is not putting enough
3:23 pm
pressure on pyongyang. ambassador dennis roth, i have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. arthel: stark differences how foreign leaders receive president trump on his trip we were discussing versus his predecessor. mr. trump's son eric, he tells jesse waters, the difference is night and day. >> they didn't respect them, your father did, and they greeted him with open arms. >> they didn't bring a staircase to air force one, the greatest insult to america. what is more of a symbol to america than air force one, and you see the reception when he came to saudi arabia and they had a marching band and the military and the flyover of the jets and everything else. it was a beautiful image. what he did in israel was incredibly moving. >> he puts his hand on the western wall. touching moment. >> israel is one of our greatest allies in the world, they haven't been treated with the respect they should be,
3:24 pm
that's going to change under him. and met with the pope, the full trifecta. i thought it was a beautiful trip and i couldn't be more proud of him. arthel: you can see the full interview on "watters' world" tonight on the fox news channel, eric? eric: the president's son-in-law and trusted adviser jared kushner front and center in the ongoing development in the russia investigation. we'll have the response coming from across the aisle. plus, the time honored tradition that honors the service and sacrifice of our veterans. yet again making its way through our nation's capitol. the annual rolling thunder ride, incredible scene as always, coming up this sunday evening here on the fox news channel. my business was built with passion...
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. eric: there's new developments
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now about president trump's campaign and alleged ties to russia which the president strongly denied. intelligence officials said there is no evidence of collusion that surfaced yet. "washington post" reports jared kushner met with sergey kislyak to discuss a secret backchannel line of communication with the kremlin by supposedly using the russian embassy. the white house not commenting on this new development, but democrats have plenty to say about it. allison barber has the details from washington. >> reporter: the white house is staying very quiet when it comes to the most recent reports on jared kushner and contacts with the russian ambassador, but dhs secretary john kelly did talk about it today on "fox news sunday". he doesn't know if the alleges are true, but if they are, he's fine with it. >> multiple ways to communicate back and forth is a good thing with any country i think, and
3:31 pm
particularly a country like russia. so it doesn't bother me. >> reporter: before president trump took office, kushner allegedly made a proposal to russian ambassador sergey kislyak. the president's son-in-law and top adviser suggested setting up a secret communications channel between the transition team and moscow, and using russian diplomatic facilities to do it. there are other reports suggesting kushner failed to disclose at least two phone calls with ambassador kislyak that allegedly took place between april and november of last year. kushner's attorney told fox news he participated in thousands of phone calls and has, quote, no recollection of the calls as described. the dnc says kushner's security clearance needs to be suspended. the top democrat on the house intelligence committee says it needs to be reviewed. >> we need to get to the bottom of the allegations, but i do
3:32 pm
think there ought to be a review of his security clearance to find out whether he was truthful, whether he was candid. if not, there's no way he can maintain that kind of a clearance. >> reporter: it is worth noting, the russians are known to spread false information on channels they believe the u.s. is monitoring in an effort to confuse whoever might be listening. eric: thank you so much. arthel: for more on this now, we bring in jamie weinstein, the host of the jamie weinstein podcast and founding partner of jmw strategies. good to have you here. >> good to be here. arthel: talk about this, how serious is the president about a staff shake-up. who stays in his inner circle? who gets kicked out? anyone returning to the inner circle and any newcomers? >> right, we get reports every other week there's going to be a major shake-up in the white house. yet to materialize. there are reports president trump is meeting with some of his old gang that started the campaign with, like corey
3:33 pm
lewandowski or perhaps play an outside role trying to message for the president. but you see that the president seems to be taking this new russia investigation, special counsel, seriously, trying to lawyer up, maybe try to get better messaging. i don't think he feels like he's been well served by the communications team in the white house. if i were him and if it was possible, i would try to see if i can clone general mattis and put him in every position in the white house to get a competent staff like that. look, the president knows he has a serious problem with the russia investigation, there's going to be drip, drip, drip, whether anything comes out to find criminality or not, so he's going to realize he has to deal with that while trying to run the country. that's not an easy cast. arthel: and homeland security secretary john kelly saying on the sunday talk shows, the leaks, drip, drip, drip amount to treason. can president trump stop
3:34 pm
leaks and will the president himself be more selective with whom he shares u.s. intelligence? >> seems like the leaks especially the leak from the white house especially shake-ups are coming from everywhere in the white house. i don't know if he can stop the leaks. seems like many closest advisers are talking to him and talking to favorite reporters in the press. i don't know if he can stop these leaks. he certainly has not been able to stop them coming from the fbi and other places, you know, adding to this near daily event where there's a major news breaking story at 6:00 p.m. that takes over cable news. this is a new reality he has to live with. these stories coming out while trying to push forward agenda that includes obamacare repeal and tax reform. arthel: exactly. >> a difficult thing he's going to have to deal with. two separate issues. but if he wants agenda passed he's going to have to focus and come up with a way to deal with it. arthel: you know, bottom line, perhaps president trump has to
3:35 pm
be more like president harry truman, the buck stops here. >> at the end of the day, you can have all the staff shake-ups in the world. unless donald trump changes and is able to focus on agenda, tax reform and obamacare repeal, and not sidetracked through twitter rants at the press or what have you, it's going to be extra hard to get legislative agenda passed. if he doesn't get legislative agenda passed, his presidency is not going to be a successful one. arthel: from where you sit, how do you think this plays out? >> at 70 years old, it's hard to change. i don't see donald trump giving twitter up and changing tasks there. i think the legislative agenda is going to be tough to pull off. there are things he can do on foreign policy that he can do repealing regulation through the executive branch. maybe that will be his legacy with his base, but the legislative agenda right now is not looking so great. arthel: as you say, the president has to focus, not pay
3:36 pm
attention to what could be distractions, and to your point of the leaks that perhaps coming from inside the white house, it's been reported that that is how his people can get his attention through this medium right here. >> yep. he watches television, he watches cable news, he watches the fox news channel, in the morning, in the evening, he watches all day. people know if they come ostaffers or leak reports on this station, they can get his attention and shake him. that's not the best way for a presidency or white house to operate. that's how it operates right now so that's what we're seeing. arthel: jamie weinstein in hello mr. president. thank you very much. eric: a loud and proud show of support as always, incredibly impressive. meant to honor the members of the military, i'm talking about rolling thunder, the rally, 30 years in the making in our nation's capitol that makes a lot of noise for a very worthy cause.
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. arthel: a fox news alert, the japanese government now commenting on reports that north korea fired what appears to be a ballistic missile off its east coast. japan's chief cabinet secretary now saying the still unidentified projectile fell within japan's exclusive maritime economic zone. he says there are no immediate reports of damage to planes or vessels in the area. south korea's chairman of the joint chiefs says it appears the projectile was fired from the north korean town of wonsan. that is what we have now. when we get more information, we will bring it to you. eric: back here at home -- rolling thunder held its 30th annual ride for freedom in our nation's capitol today. hundreds of thousands of bikers from across the country gathered to honor and raise
3:42 pm
awareness of p.o.w. and m.i.a. service members. garrett tenney is live tonight. it's a powerful, impressive and really loud event, and meaningful every memorial day weekend. >> reporter: yeah, the name rolling thunder is self-explanatory. when you get that many motorbikes, you can hardly hear a thing. it's incredible to see what the event has become. when it started 30 years ago, 25 motorcycles. today you could have seen that many on any single block in the city. as many as 900,000 riders they expect took part in today's ride for freedom, and they're veterans, gold star families and friends who traveled from every state in the nation for this event. organizers say after 30 years, their mission is still the same. >> that's why we do this, because our government has not forgotten those that they left behind in all past wars, always accounted for money, always
3:43 pm
accounted for their equipment. and never accounted for those missing in action and prisoners of war. we want that to change. >> reporter: for a lot of folks today, rolling thunder is about raising awareness of veterans issues as a whole as well as honoring the many great men and women who served our nation in uniform. eric? eric: it is so important and so special. thank you, garrett. arthel: indeed it is. president trump strongly condemning the palestinians' practice of paying the families of convicted terrorists. something our next guest has tragically dealt with firsthand. we speak with the mother whose son was murdered by a palestinian terrorist. will the so-called terror payments stop? >> i was in the pentagon on 9/11. we lost 78 of teammates. we took more casualties in the pentagon than any wars of iraq and afghanistan. the next day, walked around the
3:44 pm
army work spaces, i knew i would find people hurting from the day before. on their faces was anxiety, sadness, fear, to be sure but overwhelming determination because they knew we were at war. when i saw that that workforce was present for duty in totem, it was overwhelming for me. i said to myself, they're all here. my god, they're all here. it's the phillips' lady! anyone ever have occasional constipation,diarrhea, gas or bloating? she does. she does. help defend against those digestive issues. take phillips' colon health probiotic caps daily with three types of good bacteria. 400 likes? wow! try phillips' colon health.
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how? because our phones have evolved. so isn't it time our networks did too? introducing america's largest, most reliable 4g lte combined with the most wifi hotspots. it's a new kind of network. xfinity mobile. . arthel: this is a fox news alert, we are getting more information, new updates on the missile launched by north korea. u.s. pacific command saying it flew for six minutes before splashing down in the sea of japan. six minutes, approximately 285 miles. the japanese government now commenting on reports that north korea fired what it appears to be at this point a ballistic missile off its east coast. looking at the map now. japan's chief cabinet secretary now saying the still unidentified projectile fell within japan's exclusive maritime economic zone. he says there are no immediate reports of damage to planes or
3:49 pm
vessels in the area. south korea's chairman of the joint chiefs saying it appears the projectile was fired from the north korean town of wonsan. you see it there, on the map northeast of pyongyang. we will continue to update this story as we get more information. >> peace can never take route in an environment where violence is tolerated. funded and even rewarded. we must be resolute and condemning such acts in a single unified voice. eric: that's president trump in the wake of the manchester bombing last week, standing with and directly challenging palestinian authority mahmoud abbas on the subject of the authority's so-called martyrs fund. fund pays $300 million a year, 8% of the authority's budget to convicted terrorists and families of other suspects
3:50 pm
killed by israeli police. authority says they are intended to provide for palestinian families and prisoners in the face of what they call israeli aggression. critics simply say it rewards terrorism. for instance, payments of the family of taylor forest, he walked with friends on the boardwalk in tel aviv. and officials say money is being paid to the convicted killer of this young man. massachusetts teenager ezra schwartz. only 18 years old, a rutgers university student and gunned down riding in a minivan two years ago. the israeli ambassador to the united nations called for the u.n. to take action. >> let's be very clear, killing innocent people and providing incentive for bloodshed are not resistance. they are plain and simple terrorism. i call on the international community to face the truth for what it is.
3:51 pm
demand that mahmoud abbas and these terror payments immediately. eric: ezra's mother ruth now joins us from boston. first of all, ms. schwartz thank you for coming in tonight and the condolences to the loss of your son. inconceivable, you have to deal with the death of your son and then you have the payments? what are you calling on and what do you think should happen? >> well, it's been very difficult to deal with ezra's murder in general continuing with life and figure out a way to help our children get through this, even 18 months later which feels like a short time and a long time all at the same time, it's very difficult, and hearing about this issue and payments to the terrorists and that the terrorists that killed ezra is receiving over $3,000 a month, it's just, it's
3:52 pm
just disgraceful and very upsetting, and i just felt like i needed to speak out and ask for this to be changed, to be stopped. eric: you have said payments in your view glorify and encourage terrorism. >> yes. eric: how so? >> well, i think that it's a well-known thing among the palestinians and it's encouraging their young people to act out and do these terror attacks, and i think it's well known that they're going to receive payment and their families will receive reward and payment, that it's encouraging them to be terrorists and to kill innocent people. eric: would you ever think that, you know, money from an organization, from basically kind of a governmental organization would go to this? there are critics of the united
3:53 pm
states who are siding u.s. payments to the authority. there's a bill in congress named after a young man like your son, taylor force, called the taylor force act that would cut off some of this money. there is taylor there. what do you think should happen? do you favor that? what would you say and how would you speak out in terms of potentially dealing with these payments to those who defend them? >> well, i think that if we are going to give foreign aid to the palestinian authority, it needs to be -- figure out exactly how much money they need to run their budget and make sure that the money is not given to them to pay terrorists. it just needs to stop. eric: here's danny dannon, the u.s. ambassador speaking about the payments to the killer of
3:54 pm
your son. >> ezra's killer has been sentenced to four life prison terms for the murder of three and attempt murder of dozens more, yet also as we speak, he receives thousands of dollars a month. this insanity must end. eric: thousands of dollars a month. so finally, what is your message to our viewers about that? >> my message is that i can't understand how our country can allow this to happen anywhere in this world; that terrorism should be encouraged and glorified and people that commit these horrendous acts are rewarded and treated like heroes and paid and their
3:55 pm
families are paid? it's just -- it's just so outrageous. so my message is we need to make this stop. we need to figure out a way to just stop this. eric: ruth schwartz, on the cost of terrorism. thank you. thank you for coming on tonight, and that act is called the taylor force act in congress right now. thank you and our condolences. >> thank you. eric: arthel? arthel: and they pay the ultimate price for our freedom, but final resting places do not recognize their service. up next, how one group is make up for that. one grave at a time. as america honors its fallen heroes this memorial day weekend.
3:56 pm
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a group called homes for heroes is helping us honor our fallen heroes. they are placing flowers on the graves at the cemetery in indiana. >> we should note they are not buried in the veteran section and therefore their service and sacrifice is not immediately clear. the non- profit group said it's a small token of appreciation to all those who wore the uniform
4:00 pm
and gave so much. we want to say to everyone to have a peaceful memorial day. >> don't forget those who have served. thank you. >> president trump is back on u.s. soil and going after the media already. this is the week he begins a new round of the white house chang changes. the president and first lady arrived after a world when nine days abroad last night. president trump sticking to his america first agenda, pressing for leaders on defense spending and trade. at home, a major staff overhaul is in the works. we have word of that comng


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