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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  May 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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tweet us at #thestory. we will see you back tomorrow night at 7:00. word in that kathy griffin has apologized. more coming up next. tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." as you may have heard, over the weekend, a deranged man in a state of oregon called jeremy christian began berating muslims on a train and when three men opposed to intervene, he stabbed two of them to death. it was an atrocity, only the first of many in the story. almost immediately after it happened, the press scrambled to define what exactly happened. right wing, white supremacist commits murder, provoked by trumps climate of hate, climate. civil rights group by the center for islamic, and the sovereign poverty law center jumped on board immediately, blaming
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president trump's rhetoric. >> he has been very silent. the silence has been deafening in terms of the amount of hate crimes and actual, what i say, white terrorist attacks that have taken place in the united states of america. >> mr. trumps xena phobic, vitriolic campaign coupled with his attacks on political correctness, have told many people that the gloves are off and that they are allowed, basically, to act on their worst instincts. >> tucker: many alleged journalists weren't any more restrained than that. the blog box called the crime the latest in a ream of recent attacks. "the associated press" chimed in with a piece entitled, "unease about white supremacy grows after portland staffing." president trump was shamed for taken too long to tweet about the attack. the message was clear. this is what terms america looks like. not one to let a crisis go to waste, the mayor of portland, ted wheeler, use the killings to ban free speech itself, calling for the cancellation of two upcoming political rallies.
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>> i'm appealing to the organizers of the alt-right offense to cancel the events thy have scheduled. my main concern is that they are coming to pedal a message. the lack of hatred and of bigotry. >> tucker: the very message that because the murders, except, none of this was actually true. the accused killer was not a trump of order. he backed jules stein and bernie sanders and the 2016 race and called for violent attacks on trump supporters during the election. a video from the day before the stabbing shows him denouncing not just muslims, but also, jewish people and christians. and if facebook posting from last june, he attacked hillary clinton for allegedly keeping honduran refugees out of this country, hardly behavior of a coherent way to premises. at the alt-right rally, supposedly attended in april, he was apparently there to pick fights with everyone, whether they loved trump or hated him. once you dig a little, you find this guy wasn't a right-winger, but an unstable maniac who hated almost everybody and maybe
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inevitably was going to lash out at some point, but don't collect the media, though. like progressives everywhere, they see racists under every bed. even, believe it or not, and evergreen college in the state of washington. evergreen is one of the most left-wing schools in the western hemisphere, but eight students have become convinced that placs been infiltrated by bigots preacher with a on, progressives have occupied her administration buildings, ordered white people off the campus of the threat of force. watch this. [chanting] >> why is this the most violent belief to ever brief? [chanting] >> all of our administration is white. [bleep]. >> i am tired of white people talking about what black and brown people need. you don't know! >> [bleep] you and [bleep] the police! [cheers and applause] >> tucker: while our leaders
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in washington fret about vladimir putin and its bloggers, this is what is going on with the rest of america. where are the people in charge exactly? they are basing themselves to the tormentors, of course. george bridges, the cringing president of evergreen, actually thinks the rioters as they screamed at him. he expressed his gratitude for th and courage in trampling the rights of everyone else. how did we get here, exactly? a lot of answers to that question but a main one is this, the left's concerns for equal rights for all has been replaced by a diversity agenda, which is a destructive obsession with race. the trumps free speech, which is routinely suppressed and its name, it obviates the rule of law, which agrees party can freely ignore, as you just saw. in the name of tolerance, demands conformity, skulls or dusters are often an excuse fors totalitarian and suddenly, it is everywhere. what does this mean for the rest of us? brit hume as fox's senior political analyst. he joins us, as he always does, for perspective. britt, it seems like this is accelerating. >> it does seem that way to
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meet, too, tucker. free speech is the old gray mare of campus life, now. it ain't what it used to be. in places such as the university of southern california, the university of california berkeley, the birthplace of that free speech movement in the '70s, we now have efforts to suppress speech, we have protesters who heckle either with the threat of heckling, or writing, leads to cancellations of scheduled speeches by the likes of ann coulter. you don't have to agree with ann coulter to believe in in this country, you she ought to be ao speak wherever she likes and she ought to be able to get her words out without being heckled into silence. this, and this day and age, is watch principally the left has come to you. it has triumphed in a number of areas, civil rights being an example, tucker. but now, that the great victories in these movements, civil rights, equal rights, have been basically won, they are looking for new fields to
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conquer, new grievances to work on. now, we have them wanting to suppress speech and the name of diversity, and the name of tolerance and so on. it is remarkable. >> tucker: the people in charge of the left, its institutions, have a lot to lose here. a society where people aren't allowed to say what they think, where people are punished unequally based on their skin color, where the mob gets to determine policy, that is a real threat to the people in charge. and they are not speaking up to defend themselves. speak of the administrators in this respect are among the worst offenders. they are confronted with a choice, on a controversial speaker is about to appear on campus, and there are threats of heckling, at the least, and perhaps rioting at the most. they have two choices. the thing they want to do is they want to avoid disturbing incidents. they don't -- they want to avoid a riot. they want to avoid an incident where someone is shouted down.
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>> tucker: right. >> the hard way to do that is to police the event sufficiently that you suppress that kind of behavior, the rioting, and heckling. the easy way to do it is to cancel the event. they are repeatedly now choosing the easy way. >> tucker: what is so striking is how little coverage any of this gets. you got to think that ten years or 20 years ago, for college campus, evergreen is a place that i have heard of, a real college apparently, demanded that people of a certain skin color leave and then threatened anyone who stayed and then occupied all of the buildings on campus, shut the place down, at least it would merit a note on the front page of "the new york times." it's not there. >> it's not. it's a story that the newspapers, with their leftist sympathies, don't find as interesting as stories about white supremacists killing two and hate crime on train or whatever. it is just the way it works. this is part of what we experienced daily in are biased media.
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>> tucker: i wonder if this, the consequence of this, it is radicalizing an entire generation of students, not just on the left, but also on the right. there are kids who are taking their cues from this and believing it all, internalizing it. there are those who say, i reject everything you say, it is making them radical, too. isn't that? >> yeah, i think it is particularly disturbing that this is so much as it is on campuses, which are supposed to be the very places where controversial speech, even hate speech, can be heard, and can be spoken, and that the idea has always been, the answer to speech you don't like a speech you do like, combat ideas with ideas, come back bad ideas with better ideas and so on. campuses are supposed to be the place that nourish that atmosphere and at the moment, too many places, that is not happening. >> tucker: let me just ask you, historical question. i'm not saying you were alive in the 'for 50s, but the 50s are presented historically as a period of total conformity in america might, where everyone
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had to act the same way under the threat of punishment. for it was a conformity then as trifling as it is now? >> i don't think so. i don't think so. the point about the conformity then was -- i remember it well, when i was coming through schoo school, but there were certain ways kids try to dress and try to act and the things they liked. i remember at that time, when bill haley and the comments came out with a song called "rock around the clock" in the '50s,t swept away with the music that it ushered in behind us, it swept away the big band sound, the crooning sound, and they were people who thought that rock 'n' roll and elvis presley were revolutionary and in violation of all kinds of morals and all of that. of course, things didn't turn out that way. but there was a cultural change and our people in those days, too. just, we look back onto it, and in and it seems rather tame. that is because the responses
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were largely civilized. what we are looking at now is cultural change and a lot of it is not civilized. >> tucker: i think that is exactly the distinction. brit hume, thank you. wings may be the craziest in the northwest part of the country but in washington, they are not much better. congressman maxine waters has moved on from predicting president trump impeachment to claiming that it is impolitic that it and impeachment hasn't occurred already. >> i believe that this president should be impeached. i don't care what others say about, it's too soon, we don't know, we think, i think that they are letting the american people down by not delving deeper into what is going on with jared kushner and this back channeling, about the lies, and his failure to disclose that he has had these meetings. the same thing with sessions, failure to disclose about the meetings. what more do we need? >> tucker: calloway is a democratic strategist and former state representative from missouri. and he joins us. things a lot for coming on. >> thanks for having me.
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>> what more do we need? fax? >> i think she is armed with plenty of facts, i think she is presenting plenty of facts, the house should begin a sincere, vigorous proceedings that could possibly lead to impeachment. i am certainly am not calling for the president's impeachment but i don't think she or congressperson al green from houston, texas, are completely out of line for suggesting that that is probably potentially in the universe of what could happen for you >> tucker: she is saying -- she's not just cal, she is demanding it. we already know what we know, and we don't know such thing. she is saying that the american people will be disappointed. i guess, why this jumped out at me, is because she has a documented history of applauding mob violence, raised violence, during the l.a. riots, 25 years ago. so, statements like that strike me as kind of scary when they come from someone who applauded the beating of reginald denny, she in fact, dead. >> i'm all aware of the danny thing, and we know that she visited with the young man who
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did what he did that led to reginald denny's death years later. we know that she did visit with his family. i'm not defending that action by congress on waters because it is indefensible. but for those who participate in the public sphere, like you and i do, over a substantial amount of time, we all have things that we probably wish we wouldn't have said, and i'm sure she would like to have a get back. but she does have it -- >> tucker: is there any evidence of that? >> she has a substantial record of public service, as a civil rights advocate, civil liberties advocate, and and a consumer protection advocate, that has pushed this country to a better place. >> tucker: i am not aware of any of that history at all. she came really close to an ethics charge because apparently her husband got rich based on government policy. >> she was investigated by the ethics committee. it is good that you bring that up because she was completely cleared of any wrongdoing. by her peers in congress. essentially, that is what she is asking him what i president trump submit to a proper inquiry, ethics inquiry, and have the opportunity to present had to be exonerated, just like she was.
5:13 pm
no wrongdoing. >> tucker: [laughs] trigger points. one, i'm worried that she has become a folk hero on the left, because she is so intemperate and unhinged and outraged. she's a hater. they are looking for hater to represent them. >> you know i'm not going to grant that, tucker. i think she has a lot of the appeal that president trump has to has base, which is that she is willing to say things objectively and in a very blunt way without a lot of the kind of circumspect politician speak. >> tucker: objectively? >> she is willing to be very blunt about her position, very much in a way that president trump appealed to his base. >> tucker: look, i believe in forgiveness, by the way. i am a flawed person, and some of my closest friend is a very flawed people. >> including me. >> tucker: looks, go and applaud what she applauded and when she -- when the other defendants were acquitted in the reading of reginald denny, delivering building materials, he was totally innocent, he was beaten almost to death, she didn't apologize for that.
5:14 pm
>> again, we are not defending -- >> tucker: should and she? he was a clan recruiter, he apologized. she never has apologized. >> i do know that we should extend to maxine waters the same grace that we have extended, that we have asked, to the attorney general, who was deemed too racist to be a federal judge in the 1980s. we should extend to her the same grace that we extend to the president, who has objectively advocated for sexual assault of women. participated in races activity, documented from the 1970s up until now when he led the birther movement. all of us -- >> tucker: look, we are talking about maxine waters here. and she is uncritically accepted by the left precisely because of her lunacy. i would challenge her assertion that she has got an impressive legislative record. i have been here almost the entire time she has been here, i don't know they're there are a lot of waters bills that are improving my life.
5:15 pm
>> my firm participates vigorously in the corporate finance space and she has absolutely been a leader, a bipartisan leader, on consumer protection, has put this country in a much better place, so corporations, banks, don't take advantage of you and i and the little guys. i think she is very proud. she should be very proud. >> tucker: i thought her husband was getting rich for my bank. >> again, they did not happen. >> tucker: he didn't get rich? >> one bank in los angeles, her husband was on the board of trustees. one united was on the dozens of thousands of banks throughout this country was participated in the temporary assets relief program. she was correct and cleared by any congressional ethics probe that she did no wrongdoing in that. he did not get rich. he is on the board of trustees for each are they not have participated in the same program of thousands of banks did? b1 if your family is profiting, you should recuse yourself. >> she was found not to have done any wrongdoing. >> tucker: final point. would you say that if she is coming out there and calling for the president of the
5:16 pm
united states impeachment in less than six months after his election, and a free and fair democratic election, that she should at least give a bullet point of the crimes that she alleges he has committed? she hasn't. >> i think that she has alleged the same things that parties on both -- people on both parties have said. we need to have a free and open and fair inquiry into a number of things that rise to the level of being objectively questionable. the back channels of pressure, the continued ongoing meetings with russia that were not on the record -- >> tucker: none of that is a crime. >> we need to talk about that and have a -- -- >> tucker: holy smokes, it's all we are talking about. >> we need to have an investigative process. >> tucker: i appreciate it. jared kushner's attempted back channel with russia sent the media into a frenzy. it was just noted that they may not like it, it does not appear to break a law and is not that unusual. the obama administration did it. not a defense but some perspective. up ahead, we'll talk to former diplomat who says the press is becoming consumed with paranoia.
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♪ >> tucker: almost every week, we highlight media hysteria over russia, almost every night, and every time, we apparently take it as a challenge to become more hysterical. this week, from, "is vladimir putin really owned donald trump? "is more likely than you think, from foreign policy commode used to be a real publication,
5:21 pm
jared kushner's growing stench of treason. punishable by death, by the way. from slate, the end is nigh. "the new york times," meanwhile, lengthy story about administration's effort to open a back channel with russia. doubtless you heard about it. the paper took 16 paragraph before munching a key fact, setting up a back channel is perfectly legal and by the way, has happened before. former new hampshire governor called out some of this for what it is. watch. >> the only discomfort i have is with folks in the media trying to create a venality without having the courage to specifically tell me what the venality that i should be concerned about is. >> you should be concerned if there was collusion. and that is what -- >> i don't see any evidence of collusion! do you? >> no. >> okay, so, that should end your reporting right there. you should put an exclamation point. >> understood. we are at the beginning of the
5:22 pm
investigation. >> you are seven months into the investigation. >> tucker: 1 acre saying, no, i don't see any evidence. wayne mary is a former american diplomat to russia and knows a lot about the country. he joins us tonight. this does seem like the governor's question, what is the crime being alleged here. do you see it? >> there are a lot of allegations and a lot of allegations based on lakes which have not bet yet been substant. some of the accusations are important if they prove to be true. but let us keep in mind that every new u.s. administration makes contact with foreign governments before it comes into office. every administration does that. that is part of the transition process. i might also note, as an american diplomat, we do the same thing with our embassies, with incoming governments and other countries. after elections in countries that i was posted to, we were very closely in touch with the politicians who were going to be
5:23 pm
coming into office. often before they actually were in office. >> tucker: what i find hilarious with the story is that jared kushner apparently suggested speaking in some other venue, perhaps, and a secure russian controlled venue because he feared, the trump people feared that they would be surveilled by u.s. intel agencies and that an information would be leaks, which of course it was. [laughs] they were being -- the conversation was being surveilled. indeed, it was leaked. it's the story. maybe it was a real concern for you >> i think that what mr. spaces kushner is alleged ne firmed up a good deal here. was he concerned about having the means of communication, or was he talking about actually making that communication part of a russian clandestine activity? that will be very different. at least, the leeks, the allegations that we have seen, that ambassador kiss the ark was very dangerous and
5:24 pm
unresponsive to what was being proposed. >> tucker: they are totally paranoid like a lot of the plants are. this is now an article of faith in washington that russia hacked our election, whatever that means, that the trump people are somehow in bed with the russians, puppets of putin. true or not, that has real-world consequences, does not, for our country and its relationship with russia? >> it certainly does. russians increasingly are using the word "schizophrenia" to describe official washington nowadays. partly, the distance between capitol hill and the white house on policy. some of the struggles going on within the administration. they are quite reluctant, i think, to commit themselves to almost any kind of a dialogue with the united states. even if we were prepared for one. but i think you have to keep in mind that we have not yet had the first meeting between the american president and the russian president. it is likely to happen in early july. on the margins of one of the big summit meetings.
5:25 pm
but so far, we have not yet even initiated the kind of dialogue with russia that any president since harry truman would have had by this point. >> tucker: may be that the point. russia experts i know in washington believe that part of the purpose of this was an effort to derail trump's planned detente with russia. their people in washington who are against that for a bunch of different reasons and so, they hamstrung him. is that plausible? >> russia phobia is one of the few things that is really a bipartisan in the united states today. you see it on capitol hill, and both houses, both parties. you also have to keep in mind that what i would call the policy elite in the united states, whether liberal or conservative, neoliberal or neoconservative, are really consumed with anger against russia, for reasons which to me strike me as really quite irrational. particularly, this demonization
5:26 pm
of vladimir putin. ronald reagan never did that kind of thing. ronald reagan never called for regime change in moscow. he was interested in regime behavior change and he knew that to change another regime's behavior, you have to have some kind of dialogue with them. >> tucker: probably a puppet of -- i would imagine. just kidding. thanks for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: i professor allegedly had a trump supporter in the head with a bike lock. now, he is being charged with felony. the professor's attorney will join us next to explain what exactly happened. ♪
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>> tucker: last month, berkeley, california, was a set of a free-speech rally that devolved very quickly into a violent clash between supporters of the president and their quote antifascist opponents. one of the most violent figures of the rally was a masked man who went around to smashing several trump supporters in the head with a metal bicycle lock. with some assistance from the amateur sleuth on the website for chan, police have identified former diablo valley college professor eric clinton as the attacker. he has been charge with multiple felonies. a longtime lawyer is representing him and he joins us. thanks a lot for coming on. >> happy to be here, tucker. >> tucker: in your statement for the judge, you said that in effect, there was a lot going on, a lot of shopping, a lot of racist, homophobic language in the air, suggesting i think that this guy was provoked. i want to put up for our viewers who have not seen this, video of
5:31 pm
one of the assaults that took place. you will notice, there he is right there. apparently, that is your client. he smashed a guy in the head -- there he is. he had his hands up and was not having anybody. so, when you said that there was a shoving, it did not apply to the guy you are apparently representing. why would he -- you try to excuse an assault like that? >> first of all, i'm not excusing anything. you are jumping to conclusions, tucker. we have a presumption of innocence in this country. and i assume that you as a patriotic american believe in it. there is an accusation that my client did certain things that are against the law. none of that has been proven. but he was present at that event, much less that he hit everyone, much that less that he did so without justification. so, the evidence will have to come --dash go >> tucker: you are kind of dodging the questio question. i don't think you are contesting
5:32 pm
the reality of that video or its veracity. you are saying the guy is not your client. when you spoke to a judge, you said, look, people were saying unpleasant things. what does that have to do with the assault that took place? why is that relevant to anythin anything? >> i think there was a lot of anger at the demonstration on april 15th. these ultra bright people, who were using nazi and kkk sleuth, waving a flag that has nazi and kkk things on it, what happened beyond that needs to be proven in court. i don't think there was proof that my client attacked anyone. >> tucker: okay, but you are totally missing my point, witches, your job as lawyer, presumably to argue that mike i wasn't even there. the he didn't do that. but somebody did do that. whether it was your client or not, why does it matter what people are saying? no slogan, no flag it as an
5:33 pm
excuse to hit someone with a bicycle lock. and you seem to be suggesting otherwise. >> you know what, i'm really not. i don't believe that it's appropriate to use force or deadly force against someone who is not themselves involved in some sort of wrongful activity. maybe it is not appropriate at all. but i think that you are, without really looking into it, are assuming that these people have produced some legitimate evidence of an assault. >> tucker: while there is, this video is evidence of results. whether are not as your client is the question. a much more interested in the growing tolerance on the left for political violence and the excuses that people seem to make, including the one my duties appear to make, for it, when they say they were waving nazi flags. who is not opposed to that? i'm totally opposed to that. that is a very different thing that is protected by the first amendment.
5:34 pm
hitting someone of the head and assaulting them is not. i don't know why you would even bring that up except to excuse it. >> i'm not bringing enough to excuse it. i am saying that i am not assuming that the snippet of video which you played demonstrates what occurred. i believe i have seen the same video a dozen times. and it lasts for all of about ten seconds. you don't know what occurred beforehand that led to whatever we saw on the video. so, yeah, i agree. there is no excuse for using deadly force against peaceful protesters, whether they are conservative, or right-wing or left-wing. >> tucker: i am totally missing -- what could possibly be on that video that we haven't seen edward excuse that behavio behavior? think of something. make something up that would explain that behavior. >> i don't have to make something up. there is a lot of self-defense in this country which allows you to use reasonable force to protect people or to protect
5:35 pm
yourself. now, we have been at these rallies where these ultra bright people have stamper people. we had the incident in portland, oregon, just the other day, so, for you to suggest --dash go >> tucker: hold on. >> it's ridiculous. >> tucker: that has totally been debunked. the guy who has been charged with the two martyrs in portland was not an alt-right guy coming out of trump supporter. he was a bernie sanders of porter at a jewel sign supporter. >> come on. a woman wearing a headscarf and then he gets up and --dash go >> tucker: it's on a facebook page. maybe you should do a little research. it is his statement, not mine. it is not a close call. he says, i did not vote for tom, i support bernie sanders and jill stein. the guy looks like a wacko to me but to lay it at the feet of trump supporters is just wrong, by his own description. >> i guess we should believe everything the guy says. i agree with you on one thing. he is clearly a wacko of sorts.
5:36 pm
there was a protest up in sacramento to go months ago, where nine people were stabbed y these right-wingers. so, i hope we are not pretending that this is a peaceful protest in support of the constitution. >> tucker: we are looking at a video -- i mean, that this is gore test. this is upside down world. we're looking at a video who a guy who -- representing against felony charges. who is a leftist, who is hitting a guy who is not doing anything in the video, and it's long enough to access that, and you are saying the real problem is something else that happened somewhere else? i mean, we are looking at a video of a leftist hitting a guy. >> you are looking at ten seconds of video. there is not proof that this was professor clanton in that video. and again, you are not looking at what happened before that assault or apparent assault. >> tucker: the guy who was standing with someone else in between him was somehow attacking the guy in the black mask with a bike lock in his
5:37 pm
hands. pardon me if i don't find that plausible. really quickly, as your client saying he wasn't there? is that his position? >> he is saying that he he is innocent of the charges. he is relying on the well-established principle of american law, that he is innocent until proven guilty. it is the responsibility of the prosecution to introduce -- >> tucker: was he there or not? was he at the rally? >> that will come out in court. >> tucker: okay. we'll be watching. dan, thanks. >> okay, thank you. >> tucker: as you know, voter fraud never happens, it has never happened in this country, not one time, that is with the press tells you to make sure we never pass any laws aimed at stopping it. fortunately, someone was actually investigating it, and in the report says thousands of people just in the commonwealth of virginia were able to vote even though they were not american citizens. we have that report and that's next. ♪
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>> tucker: time for tonight's reality check. with all of the media pandering about russian meddling in the american politics, you would
5:42 pm
think that the prospect of noncitizens literally voting in our elections would be a greater concern. that is foreign meddling if there ever was any. but as you know, it's not for the same perez claims that illegal voting never, ever happens and you're an idiot and a fat person to think otherwise. now, a new study shows that his ally like so many they taught. the public interest legal foundation says that more than 5,000 people in the state of virginia alone successfully registered to vote despite being foreign citizens. therefore, banned from voting. jay christian adams is president of the general counsel of the public entrance legal foundation for whom we are grateful and he joins us tonight. i know this isn't true because it is never happens in american history, right? voter fraud is a myth. this is the real foreign influence in american elections. foreigners are getting an american voter rolls, and as we document the common casting ballots by the thousands. remember, these 5,000 plus aliens that we found on the roles were only caught by accident. they were caught because they
5:43 pm
sort of self-reported themselves. that means there's a lot more out there. >> tucker: how do they self-report themselves >> we may register to vote they said they were a citizen. when they re-registered, they said -- they are staying on the voting rolls about being caught. >> tucker: the basic charge of any government is to preserve the sanctity of any election. i preserve that -- i assume the state of virginia wants to stop this immediately. >> we had three lawsuits to get the data. the governor, his election lackey, cortez, they did everything they could to stonewall us from getting the facts. we eventually got the facts and we found that people were actually marking "no, i'm not a citizen, and still getting registered to vote in virginia. >> tucker: walked with her motive before hiding the information from the public? >> it shows how bad the problem is in virginia, which of course is a swing state. when you have elections in virginia, some statewide elections being decided by a couple hundred votes, yet, you have tens of thousands aliens
5:44 pm
potentially on the roles, 7,000 votes were cast by just these 5,000 people we caught. that makes a difference when it comes to american elections. >> tucker: for sure. the assumption is these people are voting democrat, by and large. >> we don't know that. >> tucker: clearly, the governor would crack down on it. >> he vetoed several bills that would have fixed it. he doesn't even want election officials to have access by the people who get out of jury duty by saying they're not american citizens. he vetoed a bill that would have use that tool. >> tucker: they are actively trying to allow illegals to vote. >> they would have turned this information over to us without having to go to federal court three times. they would have given us this information to show us the sense of the problem but they are hiding the ball. >> tucker: last year, the majority of drivers licenses issued in a state of california went to illegal aliens because that is the law there. i mean, what is the potential for voter fraud in a state where people here illegally get driver license? >> california is an example where alien voting makes a huge difference. this system is so corrupt in california that i'm afraid it
5:45 pm
might be almost beyond hope. alien voting matters and lots of places, florida, pennsylvania, north carolina, texas. these are places where it makes a difference. you are not enforcing her voter rolls. >> tucker: i mean, can the justice department jump on this? why wouldn't they? >> the justice department of president obama has been on the other side. they have been opposing citizenship verification laws in kansas, georgia, and alabama. we had to take them to federal court right and is easy to get those state laws agreed to and allowed to take place. >> tucker: those laws were to suppress noncitizen voting? >> that's what they like to say. as a suppresses votes of illegal votes. >> tucker: [laughs] i don't know why i'm laughing. it's horrifying. elected officials would behave that way is actually kind of shocking. thank you for that. >> thanks, tucker. spoon actors community, comedian, and of course, cnn host -- she snapped a pretty boring photo to show her displeasure. it is weird, disgusting,
5:46 pm
actually. maybe the weirdest story of the day. i don't know. we'll find out in "top that." ♪ bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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♪ >> tucker: we save the weirdest for last. a lot of strange news out there. to determine what the stranger story of the day, our "top that" panel. catherine lines, managing editor, and lisa boothe, columnist for the "washington examiner." welcome to you both. catherine, you first. >> i know one thing, why does it take to order pizza these days without any problems? >> tucker: why? >> i do it every night. [laughter] >> $100 million lawsuit. that is what it takes. one guy in michigan, a muslim, was ordering a whole all pizza, absolutely no pork, and when he got back, a pork pepperoni pizza and he decided to give
5:51 pm
little caesars a big problem. >> tucker: $100 million? for bad pepperoni? >> that's a lot of money. >> tucker: is obviously a shakedown. we invited a lawyer but he initially agreed and said no. he's been involved in a couple different cases. it raises a question, how bad could it pizza be to deserve a hundred million dollar compensation? >> the real story is that the guy knew what pepperoni was made of. >> tucker: he ordered it knowing it was pepperoni? >> he ordered the halal pizza, they told him there was no pork in it. then, he got sick and that is how he knew there was something wrong with it. >> tucker: i am not associating it with religious beliefs, that is totally fine. i bet you anything he loved it. there has never been a person who didn't like pepperoni. >> or little caesars! >> tucker: it's just a fact. >> better than dominoes, that's just me. >> i think i can beat that. this is something that i am very outraged about, tucker. i am sure you heard about kathy
5:52 pm
griffin, photo services of her holding up a blood become a decapitated head of the president of united states, president trump, right there. this is in the same vein of what we have seen from isis with american journalist, killed, christians, as well. while this represents is that it is really a double standard, tucker. can you imagine if this was dennis miller? 130 something days into president obama's administration and you had a conservative comedian like dennis miller holding up a picture of president obama's head. he would never work a day in his life again. she has been under contract, i believe, with cnn. she has done the new year's eve special with them since 2007. to my understanding, they have about a statement out about this condemning the pictures that she took. i also looked at the twitter handle, a media critic for cnn, i'm not seeing anything from him. it is also hypocritical of kathy griffin and also what we have some maxine from seat stephen colbert because they want to condemn this president but then they do
5:53 pm
things like this or they make the comments that stephen colbert dead. i will note, too, tucker, that she did apologize. i think we got it for you. >> hey, everybody. it's me kathy griffin. i sincerely apologize. i am just now seeing the reaction of these images. i am a comic. i crossed the line. i moved the line and i crossed it. i went way too far. the images are too disturbing. i understand how it affects people. it wasn't funny. i get it. i have made a lot of mistakes in my career. i will continue. i ask your forgiveness. taking down the image. i will ask the photographer to take down the image and i beg for your forgiveness. i went too far. i made a mistake. and i was wrong. >> tucker: i find the apology a lot more upsetting than the original journal image. [laughs] >> i think the question is, will that be enough? >> you win. that is over-the-top. you come a very close second with a $100 million pepperoni. >> i will eat my sorrow and pizza. >> tucker: you get the runners up a trophy. thank you both, very much.
5:54 pm
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>> tucker: we have spoken a lot on the show about the sad state of venice winland, the largest oil reserves and some of the most horrific poverty. they pulled that off simultaneously, simple, social economics plus authority during the rule. venezuelan has both in abundance. once a clean first world city, now a dystopian slum with sporadic electricity, a starving population, and one of the highest crime rates for fueled in part by militias who murder the party's political opponents. it is awful. they routinely run out of toilet paper. until recently they were running out of hard currency, but not anymore because an ally bailed them out. who would do something like that? who would bail out venezuela? if you guess cuba, china, north korea, some other regime, that makes sense, would be wrong. in fact, it was none other than
5:59 pm
new york-based goldman sachs, but wait a second? why would goldman sachs, the loudest cheerleader for capitalism bankroll one of the world's last style social state states. according to "the wall street journal" this morning, goldman bought $3 billion in bonds issued by venezuela's central bank in propping up the hated and failed government there in the hope of making a 40% return, so much for principle to investigating. the venezuelan congress was so offended by the deal that he pledged that the socialist government ever falls, venezuela will intentionally default on the bonds, thereby teaching goldman sachs a very expensive lesson about the cost of backing dictators. now you have something to root for. that is as, for the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness, and grouping, ddr if you have not already. have a great night, our friends
6:00 pm
over at "the five" are next. good night, new york. see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> hello, i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly goi full, jesse watters, and she sleeps on a combo, dana perino, "the five "the five"! ♪ now we all know kathy griffin will do anything for attention, except apparently be funny. so she has to rely on shock value to get attention from those who still think that marilyn manson is edgy. she embarrassed herself each new year's eve on cnn, alongside a giggly anderson cooper who certainly knows his. >> i don't care what he says to the


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