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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 2, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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that is. looks like friday. look at south. you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: thanks for starting your day with us. the trump administration asking the supreme court to reinstate the revised executive order unrestricted travel. rob: in six muslim majority countries. it would freeze the lower court decision to block that order. >> they handle over social media
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information for the past five years, 15 years of phone numbers. rob: donald trump says he is putting america first by pulling out of the paris climate accord. >> democrats in full meltdown mode. >> reporter: the signature style from the rose garden yesterday. >> as of today the united states will cease all implementation of the nonbinding paris accord and the draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country. i was elected to represent the citizens of the pittsburgh, not
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paris. rob: the president cited the green climate fund as why this is costing the country, quote, a vast fortune but the move drew widespread backlash, international news calling it a setback for global efforts to combat climate change. hillary clinton tweeted the historic mistake, the world is moving forward together on climate change, paris withdrawal leaves american workers and families behind. former president obama who signed the pact in 2015 as an executive order sidestepping senate approval expressed regret in his statement saying, quote, the nations that remain in the paris agreement will be the nations that move to benefit in jobs and industries created. climate scientists decrying the decision warning of greater risk of increased greenhouse gas emissions. the administration was out in full force. mike pence declaring america is back. >> this is a president fighting for the american people, fighting for american jobs and i think the results whether it be
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in those jobs numbers, whether it be in the confidence you see in business hes and the stock market all speak for itself. america is back because they have a president who is fighting every day for them. rob: there was disagreement in the it ministration, the president's daughter ivanka was noticeably absent from the rose garden and elon musk, ceo of tesla and robert geiger, ceo of disney withdrew from the advisory council. >> they didn't believe this with acclimatization, more of an economic decision. heather: it only took a moment for the mainstream media to go into meltdown mode as well. >> rushing to push doomsday predictions from former president obama and former vice president al gore. >> on a sunny day in the rose
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garden what could be defined and construed as a dark speech. >> the day the united states resigned as the leader of the free world. >> we watched a dangerous little man give a scary speech. >> one of the most bleak depictions of america's role as an environmental partner. >> fool nationalist america first dam the rest of the world. >> almost mad libs for conservatives. >> as you pointed out he portrayed a very dark vision for the future of the country. >> this isn't the first time an american president has withdrawn from a global climate deal. the outrage over donald trump's climate deal decision is a groundhog day rerun. >> you know what happens when george bush pulled us out of the kyoto treaty? the next 14 years we reduced our
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emissions by 18%. we reduced our emissions faster than european countries that are criticizing donald trump. our emissions are at 1992 leveled and not because of a treaty or parchment signed in paris or kyoto but the free market economy, innovation and technology. hydraulic fracking, clean coal technologies that are reducing our emissions, that will continue regardless of the paris agreement. we did it while keeping our energy prices half of those in europe. we kept our energy prices half of the european average, one third of germany which is increasing its emissions, we are doing better than all these people criticizing donald trump to dance will continue regardless of this treaty. heather: donald trump signing a waiver keeping the us embassy open and tel aviv for now. this delay to jerusalem in hopes it could create peace talks
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between israel and palestine. the president promised to move during the campaign. israeli prime minister benjamin and yahoo says he is disappointed but appreciates the president's friendship. >> dozens dead after a gunman set a packed casino on fire, suspect storming the luxury resort in the philippines firing shots and lighting gaming tables on fire. [screaming] rob: the resorts world manila filled with thick smoke come many of the victims dying from suffocation. the english gunman running to another hotel setting himself on fire, killing himself. police say this does not appear to have been an act of
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terrorism. heather: a plane packed with passengers catching fire in midair. imagine seeing that, flames shooting out the engine, after the flight had a flock of birds. >> it sounded like a huge third and the engine was on fire and you could smell smoke in the cabin. >> the pilot forced to turn back to chicago o'hare airport moment after takeoff, passengers landing safely in miami on a new plane. >> all eyes on wall street this morning as markets get ready to open after another big milestone. >> in the report shows the us added 233,000 private sector jobs last month. >> cheryl casone he from foxbusiness here with details on that. >> the tao posted a late day rally is donald trump announced the us would exit the paris accord and the private sector
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added 253,000 jobs in may. a number much better than expected, a new all time high to end a day at 21,144. a jobs report of the expectation of 185,000 jobs were added. another recall to tell you about, toyota recalling to, for potential stalling risks, 32,000 trucks have been affected. too much coding in the engine can lead to a malfunction. there are no reports of injuries. finally, united airlines is set to launch an 18 hour flight between los angeles and singapore making it the longest route into or out of the united states. distance of 8700 miles, it leaves at 8:5:05 pm and arrives
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in singapore two days later. the flight starts october 27th pending government approval. bring it on for that flight. i will throw that out there. back to you. heather: but not if you are driving. rob: it is beautiful outside. >> it is concert day. the summer concert series. you know what is better? the weather is going to be spectacular. it is a little cool right now but we are not expecting rain in the forecast. it is going to be great, a great summer concert series, at 6:00 am that is when it starts, it will be a great summer concert series. the northeast looking good for now. this weekend spotty showers along the gulf coast, potential for heavy rain and the northern plains and upper midwest. i hope you will join me in a few
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minutes down there. rob: could it get better? thanks so much. heather: a sugary donut. 9 minutes after the top of the hour tiger woods like you have never seen him before, shocking video just released capturing the legendary golfer struggling to blow into a breathalyzer barefoot. rob: the media in meltdown mode after donald trump pulls out of the paris climate deal. is it that bad? what is a good deal to begin with? an interesting fair and balanced debate coming up. [customer] i can access the atm with just my phone?
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[team member] yep. now in the wells fargo mobile app you can request a one-time access code to use the atm. [customer] that's much better! you know, that would come in handy when i'm out for a run. [team member] or, a bike ride. [customer] or, when you left your card in your yesterday pants. [team member] or walking the dog. [customer] or walking your dog. i have a dog. [team member] that is exactly the situation this was invented for. i love walking my dog. [customer] we're dog people. [team member] everyone loves dogs. [customer] that's genius! have you ever just sat down and talked to a dog? rob: hillary clinton having a
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tough time letting go of the election, keeping the blame tour going, stay tuned, lashing out at donald trump saying he unleashed a level of hate that is incredibly dangerous. >> however angry you might be, get out and express it. it is okay to take it out on other people verbally or physically as we saw during the campaign. that is unleashing a level of vitriol and defensiveness, hatred that i don't think we should tolerate. >> he didn't mention the violent protests on the left. last night's appearance was at the same place she would have given her election night speech but she never showed up on the west side of manhattan. the newly released leader of a terror group responsible for 100 bombings across the united states is stepping aside from marching at the front of the
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puerto ricans day parade. oscar lopez rivera will still march but he is declining an honorary title after some corporate sponsors, law-enforcement and local leaders pulled their support of this parade. rivera spent 55 years behind bars for acts of terrorism before president obama commuted his sentence. heather: donald trump said he put america first by pulling out of the paris climate accord and mainstream media and others had a big meltdown. here with more on the media's reaction is radio talkshow host ethan berman at fox news contributor and radio shows to tammy bruce. let's start with you. your initial reaction to all of the media's reaction yesterday because it was swift and some was pretty brutal. >> it has been perpetual outrage since even before the results of november. we are used to it. the problem for liberals and people who really wants to make a good point about things of which they disagree with the
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president on is that now they sound like charlie brown's teacher, we don't hear anything. everything is the end of the world, everything is armageddon, everything is going to be the sky falling down but here is one of the problems, if you care about climate change and wants to have an impact, the paris climate accord was a false dynamic, it was an economic arrangement for the united states to become the atm for the world. it has passed so we are doing something about climate change, people generally walk away when in fact that is the problem. it would do nothing about the issue. it is like the obamacare for climate, it would make it actually worse. heather: some of the argument you heard donald trump make yesterday when he made his announcement. what did you think? >> what she said is factually untrue just like what the president did yesterday, factually untrue. the basis for those statements is a report with more holes in
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it than the climate models the republicans hate so much. china just canceled 103 coal power plants. what creates more pollution, real pollution than call, call is not coming back, donald trump's speech yesterday, the issue is we need to be at the table, reading, participating. >> withdrawing doesn't mean we are not part of things in the president said yesterday he wants to renegotiate so that people are held accountable, countries are held accountable because it is stands right now, they are not. >> when we are looking at actual climate reparations, a direction to where america would be paying $100 billion to other nations,
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and in 2015 our output declined by 3%, france went up by 0.5%, just the american free market, companies wanting to make a difference. we can have an impact on the issue of climate change without following the lead of the field european dynamic. >> factually untrue. why is it natural gas -- why is natural gas taking over and -- it has nothing to do with the free market. >> you are ignoring what tammy is saying, emissions have fallen. >> why did they fall? why did they fall? they fell because we put pressure on industry to stop polluting. >> american business, choice of american business. but again, this was a
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reinforcement of a global dynamic that had nothing to do with the issue. that is the problem so -- >> it is not $100 billion. it is factually untrue. heather: it is 5:18 in the morning on the east coast, thank you for joining us, the arguments and conversation will continue. rob: we could devote the whole show to this discussion. 19 minutes after the hour. imagine your kids said this, a gust of wind blows away the inflatable castle and the kids are inside. hollywood stars pushing their own agenda when it comes to climate responding to the president's decision to leave the paris accord. carly shimkus has that and more. ♪ dance dance dance ♪
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>> hollywood suffering a major meltdown over donald trump pulling out of the paris climate accord. >> carly shimkus here with reaction. >> a bunch of us about the decision to pull out of this deal, the president call that a bad deal that would affect jobs for middle and low income families but one group of people that is all fired up about this decision, you guessed it, hollywood. take a look at some of these tweets, leonardo dicaprio said today our planet severed. it is more important than ever to take action. michael moore chimed in saying on twitter trump committed a crime against humanity, this
2:24 am
admitted predator has expanded his predatory act to the entire planet. chelsea handler also weighed in. she said i'm guessing donald trump doesn't sees the irony of making his announcement to leave the paris agreement while standing in a garden. by pulling out, a bunch of jobs will be saved and the one quote from his speech yesterday that is going superviral when he said i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. expect to hear that soundbite over and over. the supreme court have taken their first -- it was picture day for the supreme court. take a look at this result five members nine members took their first official photo together, all smiles across the board, rocking a little bit of a serious expression and looking at different directions, 11
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photographers all at once, the highest court in the land. a rushed event. all looking in different directions. rob: covfefe. >> a popular mobile apps, like a scrabble game officially added covfefe to the official list of accepted words. how are they defining it? they say it is what autocorrect fails you at 3:00 in the morning. a lot of people are laughing about this online. this guy says laugh all you want, words with friends just added covfefe to their list of approved words, i'm confident i can win with this.
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people will get up. >> you have a lot of power when you can make a mistake and it becomes official. thanks a lot. rob: kathy griffin explaining herself today following the photo shoot depicting a beheaded donald trump. she now says she was bullied by the trump family. >> american summer concert series rolls on. scotty mccreary performance all morning long. ♪ ♪ i am feeling it ♪
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♪ sing along ♪ got them back enough
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heather: friday can't come fast enough. it is here and a beautiful shot of new york city as the sun comes up. you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: it is 30 minutes after the hour. donald trump keeping his word putting america first by withdrawing from the paris climate accord. heather: the democrats and others in full meltdown mode. >> reporter: true signature style donald trump delivered on that promise from the rose garden yesterday. >> as of today, the united states will cease all implementation of the nonbinding paris accord and the draconian, financial and economic burdens the agreement imposes on our country. i was elected to represent the
2:31 am
citizens of the pittsburgh, not paris. rob: he says the green climate fund is why inclusion is costing the country a vast fortune but widespread back lash, secretary hillary clinton calls it historical mistake and joe biden tweet toed this, we are feeling impact of climate change, exiting the paris agreement imperils us security and our ability to have a clean energy future. president obama who signed the pact in 2015 as an executive order sidestepping approval expressed regret saying, quote, even in the absence of american leadership i am confident our states, cities and businesses will step up and do even more to lead the way and protect for future generations the one planet that we have got. international leaders say the move is a step back from global efforts to combat climate change
2:32 am
and climate scientists decried it and issued dire warnings of greater risk of increased greenhouse gas emissions but the administration vigorously defended mike pence pointing to unfair burdens. >> this is an agreement that puts enormous burden on american consumers, the american economy while allowing countries like india and china to virtually get off scott free for a decade or more. >> there was disagreement in the administration and elon musk and disney ceo robert eiger have withdrawn from the advisory council. rob: thank you so much. heather: it didn't take long for the mainstream media to go into meltdown mode. rob: predictions from president obama and former vice president al gore. >> on a sunny day in the rose garden what could be defined and
2:33 am
construed as a dark speech. >> the day the united states resigned as the leader of the free world. >> we just watched a dangerous a man giving a very scary speech. >> one of the most bleak depictions of america after all in the world as an environmental partner. >> this was full nationalist america first, damn the rest of the world. >> almost like mad libs for conservatives. >> it was profoundly sad. he portrayed a very dark vision for the future of the country. heather: former coalminer who confronted hillary clinton on the campaign trail about her stance on clean energy says this proves donald trump is following through on his campaign promises. >> speaks volumes to the links he's willing to go to try to hold up to his promises on the campaign trail. for him to say we are going to
2:34 am
back out and renegotiate would benefit us better in the long run speaks volumes to the length he is willing to go to stand up for people like me. >> molly hemingway says that is exactly why he did it to get a better deal for the american people. >> it is very meaningful to donald trump's voters. they are people on the right, republicans and conservatives claiming they will get out of things like this, this is part of the republican platform to exit the paris accord. you had mitt romney, the previous presidential nominee begging trump to stay in. it was a refreshing thing for a lot of trump voters to see someone follow through on the campaign promise as trump did today. >> the supreme court to revise
2:35 am
executive order. this suspends new visas being issued to people in six muslim majority countries and approved by a freeze. the lower court decision to block that order. >> the video you are about to see may be disturbing to you, look at this freak wind gusts, sends bounce castles flying through the air. there are children inside of those lifting them right off the ground and parents run to help. look at that. you can see that on the ground at a birthday party and mexico. and four children injured. there were others critically injured. rob: that happens more often than you would. a 12-year-old coming in first place, the national spelling
2:36 am
bee. she knows what that means. >> mar oci and. >> congratulations. >> from california -- a french word for a ripped crate. $40,000 in cash and prizes. >> 36 minutes after the hour, tiger woods like you have never seen before, like you don't want to see. capturing the legendary golfer struggling to blow into a breathalyzer. heather: it gets worse, hillary clinton caught dissing the dnc. >> i inherit nothing from the democratic party. heather: is she plays the blame game joe biden may be jumping into the game.
2:37 am
can he pull it all together?
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heather: welcome back, shocking new video shows a barefoot and disoriented tiger woods struggling to take a breathalyzer test after being busted for dui. >> blown. blowout. blowout. suck it and blowout. blowout. blowout. heather: so sad to see. woods did not have any alcohol in his system but a police report revealing he was on four medications.
2:41 am
he was arrested after failing four sobriety tests. kathy griffin, a fake beheaded donald trump, will speak out today. she is holding a press conference about alleged bullying from the first family. she is also expected to explain why she took the photo, she is facing bipartisan back lash. the veterans of foreign wars the latest group saying her apology is not accepted. rob: hillary clinton caught dissing the dnc. >> i inherit nothing from the democratic party. it was bankrupt. it was on the verge of insolvency. its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong. rob: joe biden launching a new
2:42 am
pack, no real clear leader right now. does the dnc have some work to do? can they get it together? chief of communications for hillary clinton thanks for coming on. at this point, who is running the party? who is the figurehead? >> we are six month from the presidential election of 2016, a lot of folks looking forward to 2018-2020, we don't necessarily have one particular leader and that is okay. rob: is there a serious contender in 2020? he will be 77 years old or something. >> he could run in 2020 but we have other presidential candidates including cory booker, mark cuban, tim ryan, who knows? it is great that he is putting his donor network where the name
2:43 am
is. rob: mark cuban would be interesting if he wanted to swing to the middle. let's talk about hillary clinton and things she has blamed her loss on. if we could throw that down. these are just some of them. james comey, the russians, the last couple days, somewhat unbecoming for a powerful person to play this type of game. what did you make of this? to make these comments. >> the democratic party had, look, so many of us on the campaign, the russian influence the way the wikileaks scandal
2:44 am
and so many other factors contributed to the ultimate outcome. hillary clinton has been criticized for not being frank and speaking her mind, this is very important, >> >> given questions by cnn, didn't give credit to the fact that the mainstream media was pretty much on her bench. this was almost an unusable thing. at the end of the day she lost a lot of face. she didn't going to wisconsin, just assumed she was going to get that one to turn blue as democrats usually do. how does she not take any of the blame for herself? >> she made it clear she made a lot of mistakes that is owning
2:45 am
all those mistakes. the rejected premise of the mainstream media, by no means the case throughout most of the campaign but all of that was standing she is talking about the obstacles many of us have faced. and how to rebuild, >> interesting to see which way democrats go. the mark cuban type option. thank you so much. we appreciate it. heather: the amount of money she raised. rob: a lot of disadvantages. let's check in with pete, at the pleasure to see what is coming up. >> the lights are on, scotty mccreary, for the all american
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summer concert series, come out on the plans and join us, huge show, ainsley ehrhardt in washington dc 1-on-1 interview with vice president mike pence, live from the white house. and donald trump pulled out of us saying we are citizens of pittsburgh, not paris and kellyanne conway is on the couch. stay with us. ♪ i let go of all those feelings. because i am cured with harvoni. harvoni is a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. it's been prescribed to more than a quarter million people. and is proven to cure up to 99% of patients who have had no prior treatment with 12 weeks. certain patients can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. before starting harvoni,
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>> james comey will testify on capitol hill thursday, the senate intelligence committee investigating russia's alleged
2:50 am
election meddling, comey's first appearance since he was fired by donald trump last month. the uk independence party leader nigel farage calling a report saying he is a person of interest in the russia campaign investigation. >> if ever there was fake news this is it. i was involved with a trump campaign. i was involved with upsetting their little world in 2016 so i must somehow be associated with the russians. total utter hysterical nonsense. >> the story was mostly speculation. he said that took a long time to read the article because he was, quote, laughing so much. >> she is an iconic superhero created 75 years ago, the first
2:51 am
time wonder woman has had a big screen all her own. is wonder woman wears your box office bucks. one of our favorites kevin mccarthy is here. and it is finally coming out today. the film we have all been -- patty jenkins, patty jenkins hasn't made a feature film. and the first female director, to direct a massive superhero film, this should have happened a long time ago, she's bringing this film to the big screen. and more female action movies
2:52 am
and this will change things, and the woman who plays wonder woman, her character goes to the outside world with chris pine to stop world war i. is taking place down that time period, and the beginning of the wonder woman character, diana prince will blow your line, scenes on the beach, the no man's land will blow your mind as well, chris pine is fantastic and the movie has incredible emotional cord. while you are watching it, to each other about humanity and good and evil, it becomes an amazing somatic film. and drama at the same time. a couple of things to note there is not an extra scene at the end credits.
2:53 am
the film is my third, five out of five of 25 teams so far. get out with my first, logan was my second and now wonder woman. we were cheering in the theater. it was a fun and important film, >> i haven't heard you this adamant about a movie in a long time. you are able to sit down with her, right? >> exactly. it was an amazing movement. and and and she had to put a green element to reshoot these scenes was i wanted to know what it meant for her to have her child with her during the filming of these scenes.
2:54 am
>> you were 5 months pregnant which was amazing to me, and -- >> and and didn't care about me or the customer or anything, she cares about, and that was part of the movie for me. >> i want to see it again this weekend, one of the best films, patty jenkins made a phenomenal superhero film, also a great film overall. >> we will take your advice and see it this weekend. >> coming up we are submitting national done it day, live on "fox and friends" first. how do you become america's #1?
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that doesn't sound like jack. actually, jack would say, hey mate, just cool it to minus 160 and we're set. good on ya. oh yeah. that's jack. ♪ but this time ♪ i don't want to spend it alone ♪ so i'm coming over ♪ i hope it's all right ♪ listen for me ♪ pull into your drive ♪ look out your window ♪ and see my lights ♪ baby. >> doughnut, right? >> yes, it is.
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>> oh my gosh, where did you get these heather? heather: holy cream. >> point out the boxes. look how amazing these looks and look lactose intolerant. >> sorry, rob. >> special just for you. >> we got three boxes of donuts and listening to country music. scotty mccareery, donuts and country music. rob: i'm sure those are fantastic. this tastes like a piece of bread. heather: the first one you ate that was reissy's piecey's one. janice: heather, why aren't you eating one? come on a real bite. rob: every day is some kind of hollywood. thiholiday. this is national doughnut day.
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heather: "fox & friends" wraps up now. rob: scotty mcyeary coming up behind us. >> go eat donuts today. rob: see you guys later. janice: cheers. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris. >> president trump fulfills a major campaign promise, pulling the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. >> he is not helping the forgotten american. he is hurting them. their kids will have worse asthma in the summer. >> for me this is kind of like groundhog day. do you know what george bush pud out of the kato. we faster. >> while you were sleeping asking the supreme court to revise the executive order on restricted travel. >> excuse tour continues today. >> obviously, i'm particularly concerned about the role that russia played.


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