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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  June 2, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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should news break out, we'll break in. breaking news changes everything on fox news channel. eight dow industrials are in all time record territory. neil cavuto is the best in business and he's now. >> what does the president actually believe? does he believe climate change is a hoax? >> why has the administration backed away from using the words "climate change?" >> does the president believe in the climate change? would you have that conversation with him and report back to it? >> i will. >> neil: is it over? are we safe? after the president dropped out of this global environmental accord, i have expected this morning to wake up and lunge for a gas mask to see if i was safe. i didn't need it. i have the latest besides
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new york, what's going on across the country. these are live events in new york, in los angeles, in dallas, chicago. none of them are under water just yet. none of them are on fire just yet. the reason why i mentioned that, i've seen a couple of headlines including this doozy. the new york daily news. trump to world, drop dead. we're all going to die. i'm thinking, i guess we're going to die. this is not a good day. i came close to that last year. all that for nothing. and i'm looking at the dow. i'm looking at all the markets. well, surely they would trade off if we're all going to die, right? absolutely. why invest if you're not going to have the money to spend? because like i said, we're all going to die. the environment is going to go crazy and we're all going to be over. so why celebrate like itself or invest in a stock when the planet you're on is going to --
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but look at this. look at this. the dow at a record. s&p at a record. nasdaq at a record. growing optimism at a record. americans with all the financial balance sheets the best they have been ever, ever. credit scores at the highest they've ever been, ever, ever. then i'm thinking of the accord. i'm thinking, wait a minute. in that accord, long before we signed that accord, weren't we already bringing our carbon emissions down by double digits? weren't we already leading the world prior to that accord in bringing down our emissions? didn't that have more to do with a country that was focused on fracking and finding cheaper, cleaner natural gas that had nothing to do with what the french are saying and the italians? and i love the italians. wonderful people. and i'm thinking, wait a minute! drop dead? it's a lie! i'm better now. but i want to put this in some
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perspective here and the type of questions that are coming to the administration, coming from other people. why we're signing an accord and assigning such importance to an accord in predating it. we're doing the things that are the goal of it. i'm not here to debate climate change is real. whatever your view is on the subject, but i am to say we have to step back and take a chill pill, which will come in handy now because the earth is on fire. bri, i don't mean to make light of this but i do. enough, enough. what do you think of this over-the-top reaction? >> i heard that antarctica called and they lost an ice cap due to the hot media takes. i'm kidding. but think of all the news we've heard. it's like the world is ending
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tomorrow. but legally in order to withdraw ourselves from this climate deal, it will take four years. so just a lot of the ov over-the-top headlines that the world is ending tomorrow is false. >> neil: we're losing sight of a couple things here. why we opted out to begin with. i'm old enough to remember when we had front page stories and time covers and business week covers taking about the global freeze because we had one blizzard after the other and people were assuming we're headed into nonstop arctic conditions. that was then. that was the consensus then. now it's changed. the big freeze to come, all that stuff. i just wonder how one compares with the other. having said that, i am curious about the cost issue the president raised and the fact
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that so much of the onus was placed on the united states. we're the biggest, richest country on earth. with that comes with the responsibility to do more when it comes to these issues. but china got a complete pass. they don't have to get serious about this until 2030 at a minute makeup. that seems weird. >> yes. you're completely right. the terms of this agreement don't make sense. china, which is one of the world's worst polluters wouldn't have to take any action or do anything about this as you mentioned until 2030. the united states would have to pay out something like $3 billion to third world dictators who are among some of the worst polluters on the planet. as we talked about, the issue of climate change and keeping the earth clean is a global issue. so in order to fix it, we have to talk about global solutions. it's clear this paris climate accord wasn't a global solution
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and wasn't bringing us together and making all the countries act more responsibility. it's basically flogging the united states in an effort to ge into this global climate fund, which we know that the money really wouldn't end up being spent on its intended purpose, right? that's the way that international coalitions work. the money gets wasted on dumb projects. so the treaty wasn't about fixing the environment or about tackling the issue of climate change. as you said, that's a different discussion for another way. it was about punishing the president. donald trump made that clear, that we're not going to stand for that anymore. >> trace gallagher right now. he's looked at the issue of crunching mission numbers. it's an acknowledgement on the
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trump administration. trace does have numbers that could surprise you. >> yeah, if you look about listen to the critics, the media says the sky is falling and co2 emissions are rising. it's the exact opposite. pulling out of the paris accord, the evidence suggested our carbon footprint in the united states will shrink. congress has given tax credits. wind and solar power can beat the price of natural gas and coal. so if somebody wants to pay more, experts believe the trend for newer fuels will continue. the states themselves. anybody that has followed the sanctuary city debate or the legalization of marijuana the states like to do their own thing. 29 states and d.c. have accounted for clean energy mandates. an additional eight states have clean energy mandates in the works and it's unlikely they
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will drop those mandates because of the paris agreement. as of 2014, the world's top co2 emitters were china and the united states. now check out this chart. see the line going up? that's china's carbon dioxide emissions rising. the green line going down, that's the united states emissions falling. finally, it appears or major corporations are learning that clean energy is critical to their bottom lines, which is why facebook data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy. google is the same. gener general electric and exxon. what appears is chicken little is slightly off the mark again. >> neil: thanks, trace. did you notice when that started, around 2005 that these numbers came down. long before the accord.
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there were market forces in play here, friends. market forces decide things. i know you're saying there goes cavuto, the greedy capitalist again. call street companies, environments are dependent on whether it is constructive, money making, appealing, logical to go a certain direction. it was a certain direction that we decided for business reasons and companies did for practical reasons to find alternatives. some were based on a world that was awash and oil. we found cheaper alternatives, fracking and other aspects that brought this down long before the accord came into place. this doesn't mean i'm dismissing the accord. it means the progress we've made on the environment in this country, the number 1 country when it comes to bringing down carbon emissions has to do with stuff that long predated that gathering. nevertheless, we have ceos, some prominent like elon musk who say they want out of the president's
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economic council working with some of the biggest names in the financial community because of the president's decision to do this. i don't know if i were bob eiger i'd worry more about obscene ticket prices than obscene carbon emissions. that's just me. i want to bring in herman cain into this. when people keep repeating lies, it does bug me because i'm not taking sides on this issue. we better get the numbers right on this issue. the progress made on this issue that has nothing to do with this accord. all the ceos say that's it, i can't help this president anymore on other issues because he abandoned the commitments of the environments. what do you think? >> i'm happy to see the greedy little capitalist has a comedic side. your opening had me in stitches.
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>> it's incredible. >> this is incredible. the numbers that trace shared in his segment and the real facts suggest this sky is not falling. secondly, i don't know whether musk and eiger are what you call true environmentalists, believe this is a crisis or not. i believe it's an issue, not a crisis. you have people hiding behind the lie that it's a crisis. all the numbers say it's not. $3 billion, $300 billion is not worth 0.2% celsius control of the climate. it makes no good business sense. >> neil: you're talking about the idea to brings things down to levels that the earth doesn't sort of boil over. all right. but we're paying through the nose to get that. where the ones paying it.
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so it's like the world was aghast at our opting out of this because we're picking up the tab. >> yes. that's why the rest of the world, some of them, their brains are exploding because uncle sucker isn't going to be the sucker now. >> who will be? right? who will pick that up? the french or the germans? are they willing to pony up the dough? >> no. they're going to continue to shame the united states in doing what they don't want to do. here's a fundamental difference here that donald trump demonstrated, which was a conservative move to withdraw. conservatives believe that you can inspire people to be self-motivated to do the right thing. just look at that chart that trace showed. liberals believe you have to use the heavy hand of government. that's what this paris climate accord was all about. the heavy hand of government. the good news is it wasn't nonbinding. so that's a big difference. remember lady bird johnson when
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he started to keep america beautiful campaign? they didn't pass any regulations. they raised the awareness with everybody. just like the businesses you talked about that have already started to do some things because there's economic reasons -- >> neil: quickly, what did you think when you had one ceo saying no, i'm going to stay on this council with the president because i think i can make more progress working with him than against him outside throwing stones. i'm paraphrasing here. isn't that the approach corporate america should be take something. >> that is exactly the totally bias. but the american people, america is not broken. they are not having a spasm over
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what the president did, which is the right thing to do for the united states of america. >> neil: herman cain, so good seeing you. the former presidential candidate, little caesars pizza ceo. he's on fire. i want to stress this again. this really gets me mad, folks. when you see this in the media and our kids will read it and the assumption is the president told the world to drop dead. i would say, get real. more after this. live monday. can we at least analyze customer traffic? can we push the offer online? brian, i just had a quick question. brian? brian... legacy technology can handcuff any company. but "yes" is here. you're saying the new app will go live monday?! yeah. with help from hpe, we can finally work the way we want to. with the right mix of hybrid it,
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>> i have reason to believe that a conversation that i had was picked up with some foreign leader or some foreign person, and somebody requested that my conversation be unmasked. i've been told that by people in the intelligence community. >> all right. if that's so, that is a big
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deal. that is a united states senator that might have been fingered be i the obama administration or parties at the time to target a u.s. senator as a suspect potentially in a crime and understanding the context of that is crucial here. former justice department official thomas dupree. thomas, good to have you here. first of all, what the senator was saying on "america's newsroom" that was from intelligence people that talk to him was very much the case, that he was unmasked. why is that a big deal? >> if true, the identities of people's whose conversations are inadvertently collected in the course of conversation need to be kept secret. there's exceptions that allow you to unmask the identity of that person. there can be legitimate reasons for doing so. when the person's identity is unmasked who is a political person, it raises red flags of
1:19 pm
the person that approved the unmasking about did they have a legitimate national security law enforcement need for that information or were they trying to do this for political purposes. >> neil: we don't know. we haven't seen this ascertained by anyone in the intelligence community that that happened. i want to get that out there it's a suspicion that the senator had. normally that person has to be a suspect in a crime or doing something shady, right? >> that is generally right. there's one additional scenario that you can unmask where the identity of the person is necessary to put the whole conversation in context. if you can't make head or tail of the information you picked up unless you know the identity of the person on the other end of the call. it's possible that is the reason why they unlimitedly unmasked senator graham. it raises real concerns now.
1:20 pm
>> the unmasking thing isn't getting as much coverage. i feel they warrant a good deal of attention. that's all right. this seems to be a widening of the unmasking we first thought. and it seems to be roping in other individuals beyond what we thought was first the case. what are you to make of that if true? >> if true, it's extremely concerning. the fact is, our intelligence agencies have wide tools at their disposal. we saw federal agencies under the prior administration that there was this politization singled out for certain things. you hope to god the same problem has not affected on a broad scale the intelligence agencies during the past administration. >> neil: thanks, thomas.
1:21 pm
former doj official. hate to do this to you. it's a friday. but you have a homework assignment. i'm sorry. i have to do this. this was a story today. i'll guarantee you there will be more of this tomorrow. if you get any coverage approaching any of that magnitude about a widening unmasking re-lation here as i just said with senator graham and how big a deal that is, when you unmask people because of the suspicious they're up to no good, they're worse, which is criminal, which would warrant coverage? who you think will get more coverage tomorrow? figure it out. i'll drop it. i won't throw it. for mom" per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer... ...than the leading ordinary brand.
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>> neil: all right. i've been on a war rant here
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about numbers and getting the numbers right. but i was counting the number of times this time and this week that hillary clinton, for example, was citing why she lost the election six, seven months ago. i came up with at least 22 different excuses. 22 different items. we hoped to go through those, but barring that, i want to get judy kirtz of the hill here. first, ask you, judy, why now? why is she doing this now? it's one thing to say, all right, well, i'm responsible for my own decisions, but they're not -- i lost. she saying these other factors were. what do you make of the drama as we go through some examples? >> you can sympathize with november 8 being the worst day of her life but she keeps reliving it over and over and over again like it ground hogs day, neil. it's this blame game that we're
1:26 pm
hearing. on one hand, you can understand where journalists are peppering her with questions about the same subject and she's getting slammed for being candidate. on the other happened, it's sounding like whining tour 2017. >> i'm beginning to wonder now when the person that lost the election is now questioning -- fairly questioning the -- i think the legitimacy of the guy that beat here. that is a dangerous line to cross there. not only are you leading the resistant movement as you put it, but you're costing serious doubt in the constitutional process that you yourself acknowledged at the time you conceded defeat. that's a dangerous slippery slope, isn't it? >> certainly. when al gore lost, he gave a graceful concession speech. he grew a beard. he went out and talked about how to save the world from climate change. that's not the case. that's not what we're seeing with hillary clinton. this is a subtle attempt by her
1:27 pm
to really dig at trump's achilles heel, which seems to be the notion that the russians handed him the election. she's going to keep picking that scab. >> neil: what she did seize on besides the average development that it was the misogyny and that the dnc was broke and there was a time when she was that dnc and she was that party and they were for her, paved the way for that. leading that aside, she talked about the fact that not only were the russians involved but nothing could have materialized unless they had help on the american side. all but fingering the trump information as orchestrating that. what did you think of that? >> that's been called a conspiracy theory. she's playing the blame game here. is it comey, is it the russians, wikileaks, misogyny, is it the press? she's pointing so many fingers at this point that she's going to run out of hands pretty soon.
1:28 pm
>> neil: what did you make of that attack on the dnc? you think about it, debby wasserman schultz was heading the committee. she went a long way to show preference to hillary clinton, to block a lot of these debates so that they were on is a saturday night when there were fewer people watching them. the sanders folks complained. there were other complaints that this was a stacked deck. that's hardly the dnc that is not doing your bidding. >> that's right. i think that's the reason why we're seeing some sympathy even from her supporters. a lot of democrats eroding. because she's just adding to this blame game, adding to the number of organizations people, situations that she blamed for this stunning election loss. i think people are getting sick of hearing the same line over and over. she does say she takes full responsibility. she gives the line over and over again and blames everybody else. >> neil: but she doesn't.
1:29 pm
she takes full responsibility for her actions but does not extend that to her defeat. maybe i'm being a stickler about something. judy, very good seeing you. thank you very much. >> great to see you. >> neil: homework number 2. you saw this front page, right? i want you to see if there's any coverage tomorrow about these 20 some odd reasons. i could only mention seven in the course of this interview, that it's too much. a little desperate, a little too blame anyone but me. this will be a big issue. i guarantee you. now celebrities are weighing in. any time i hear that leonardo dicaprio is upset, i'm already saying game over. and when arnold schwarzenegger is getting upset and cher is upset, game over. liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe.
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>> neil: all right. these the terminator saying the president is a murderer. arnold schwarzenegger and others saying the president opting out of that global climate accord is tantamount to harassy. mark stein completely agrees. what did you think? >> the great -- the one good thing about the collapse and death of the plan, it's the excuses. from arnold's point of view, polluted rivers are nothing to do with this paris accord. if you're in idaho and you have a dirty river, clean it up in idaho. if you're in new york city and you don't want super storm sandy sweeping in and filling up your subway system, put up a flood
1:35 pm
barrier like the dutch coast have. the idea that what arnold is complaining about can only be solved by 195 countries having some ridiculous agreement is completely preposterous. >> neil: this is going to be the sort of news the next couple days, weeks, that this will not stop. it's all because the president is an idiot, he's obstinate, not aware of climate change. the improvement we made limiting and drastically reducing our own carbon emissions in this country has nothing to do with this accord to do with the way we get our energy from fracking and cheaper natural gas and cleaner natural gas at that. but i tell you, i can talk on environmentalists until i'm blue in the face and it doesn't come up. >> no. it's wealthy societies that care
1:36 pm
about their environment. the wealthier a society grows, the less they want to live with filthy smoke stacks and polluted air. those are the societies that innovate and come up with the solutions. >> tell that, mark, to some of these celebrities and others that rifle through your tweets as you speak here. they seem to miss that point, the fact that we already have been paying the lion's share of getting the world cleaned up. go ahead. >> yeah, i think they're invested in their own virtue, which comes from saving the planet. in act you'll fact that we know, saying your local school district or saving your county is more difficult than oh, i'm busy saving the planet. but leonardo dicaprio knows there's no great environmental solutions that come out of yemen or somalia, that it's dynamic first world economies that solve this problem. and it's fantastic. i must say, i love what trump
1:37 pm
did yesterday. you have to bet if he would have known that destroying the planet would send the left crazy to this degree, he would have done it earlier. you've been holding up that da daily news headline. "trump to world, drop dead." the berlin courier use it with a different word. >> shepard: don't repeat it. >> and the kathy griffin thing had trump holding up the planet as a severed head. >> neil: where do people get off doing this? i understand going over board but the fact of the matter is,
1:38 pm
no pun intended with dicaprio. come on already. >> it's cartoon science. that's why they like it. it's simple and appeals to them. the complexity of the climate system -- even first world climates, if you look at the 20th century in north america versus the century in western europes that i have different climate patterns. the french scientists point to that. they understand the complexity of these things. but guys like leo, patricia arquette that wants all seven billion people to bring a class action against donald trump for planetary negligence, these people are invested in a cartoon idea of science that thinks that if you get all the clever people around a table, they can set the global thermostat for the year
1:39 pm
2100 and the planet will comply with that. it's a joke. this deal is irrelevant -- >> neil: what is freaking them out, people pick up the tabat tabatha -- tab have left the restaurant and now we have to do it. >> yeah. there's 194 countries now. it's down to 173 because the a handful have been washed away. but -- there's a couple of himalayan glaciers going past my window as i speak. they've gone. those countries, a lot of them, it's basically first world countries bribing third world dictators for their swiss bank accounts to pretend to do something about the planet. >> mark steyn, amazing chatting with you. listen to my next guest. this is part and parcel of a
1:40 pm
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and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. be the you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. >> neil: theresa may is in a world of hurt right now. the u.k. prime minister had called for this election, special election, a little over six weeks ago. at that time she wanted to consolidate conservatives power, give them a majority. now she's fighting for her political life. her lead is below single digits. here's the guy that said if you're not comfortable, you're going to be in a heap of trou e trouble. steve hilton, a former adviser to dave cameron. we know populism undid him. is it about in a reverse way to undo her? what do you think? >> neil, it's so interesting,
1:44 pm
isn't it? as you said, she thought she was set fair to get a big majority to implement the brexit of the people. a verdict that she opposed. she was on the other side of that. and now it seems as if that exactly as you say, that same sentiment is fuelling a really unexpected improvement in the political position of the labor party in the u.k. laid by jeremy corbyn, who had been written off as basically an extreme old lefty. basically bernie sanders without the charisma. completely dismissed. actually he haas been fighting this election campaign on a bit of a populous platform. it's not just donald trump. it's a movement that people saying we've had enough of the failures of the elite who have
1:45 pm
basically enriched themselves at everybody's else's expense. >> neil: that's one of the things that you cited about bernie sanders and donald trump, that they were joined at the same hip there hypothetical as it may be, do you think populism -- let's say she loses, that that is an indictment give the french victory of macron and that angela merkel is polling well in germany, that that period is coming on? >> no. i don't think so at all. if you look at the french result, what was striking about that election was that the establishment was completely defeated. macron himself as an individual is certainly someone you would describe as part of the elite. he created something brand new. the traditional parties were completely crushed and destroyed and humiliated. so both of the candidates in the
1:46 pm
final round were in a sense outsiders. i think the real point is that the underlying reasons for the rise of populism, particularly the collapse in economic security for people, the fact that the things they used to take for granted that you could get a job and more importantly, if you had a job, you can live on that. all of that security has gone away for people. it's not changing any time soon. so until the populists that are elected implement an agenda for really dealing with the economic anxiety that gave rise to populism, the same will flourish around the world. >> steve, thanks. you can see his sunday at 9:00 p.m. he's scary smart. i hear him say things that i take credit for them. he has no idea. good luck, steve. i appreciate it. >> thanks, neil. great to be with you.
1:47 pm
see you soon. >> neil: all right. meantime, we have newly released footage as if tiger woods needed this of this dui arrest. if this were you, would you want that splattered everywhere as we apparently splatter it everywhere? after this.
1:48 pm
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
>> neil: have you seen this latest video? how much video did they shoot with that guy? is this fair? is it invasion of privacy? goes too far? enough already. "your world"'s audio technician is here and mike gunzleman. chris, do you find it's
1:51 pm
overkill? >> yes, i do. especially for tiger woods. we've seen him get into these issues. obviously had a bad breakup and divorce. it's kind of like misery porn. people watching other people go through garbage. >> it's apparently perfectly legal. it's a celebrity that they -- >> yeah. and people love to put them up on pedestals and tear them down. it's sad frankly. >> that's -- in society, it's nothing new. we love having these celebrities that we idolize and then watching them collapse. >> a train wreck. like lindsey lohan. tiger woods, people getting joy out of this. >> michael jackson. >> neil: does it offend you? a certain people you say sorry or enough already. >> like body cameras on cops, that's important. like cctv is all over the place. this is a different -- this is
1:52 pm
tmz-type stuff. that goes too far. >> and the resharing and all of that is one thing. there's the expectation of privacy. when you're -- >> neil: apparently don't have it. when you call 911 or you're stopped by a cop, it's fair game. >> you know there's cameras. there's an expectation of privacy in certain places. certain places there's not. when you're in public, everybody has a phone with a camera on it. when it's a dash cam or police station, you know there's cameras. >> more see if your a celebrity. >> yeah, we feed on it more. it's like the 21st century -- >> it was -- is he loses the endorsements, the contracts? >> can there be a silver lining in this? he mentioned he's on a lot of prescription drugs, recovering from a back surgery. that's why people get addicted to opioids. >> he said he hadn't been drinking.
1:53 pm
he hadn't. >> and i've scene more reactions that hopefully he's okay. i don't know that he will lose -- >> there's no expectation of privacy anymore. i always assume. >> you're a time bomb. >> yeah. you look at society, make us look at ourselves. what are we -- like a car crash. you don't want to look but we look anyway. >> wonder woman is out in theaters right now. some are calling it less american because her outfit is not red, with it and blue. in order to appeal for foreign audiences, very little american at all. >> sadly money trumps patriotism. i personally feel like we're not very patriot tick in a certain sense. they want these movies to succeed internationally. so -- >> neil: 70% of the revenues come from abroad. >> there's a difference between the marketing and the movie.
1:54 pm
no, the custom is not red, white and blue. it's red, blue and gold. >> i didn't notice that. if not pointing that out -- i would have never known. >> in the trailer, they have this build-up moment and they cut to her in the costume. it's still this iconic moment. so you still have that. the director is american. i think the movie -- >> and it's about an american pilot. >> the global marketing aspect is certainly something to explore. >> the hollywood aspect that -- we see this time and time again. it's cool to hit america these days, especially with the celebrities. >> neil: even captain america is toned down. the director saying -- >> what is so interesting, the fact that they're changing that in order to make money. that's the celebration of free market economies. that's what america is about. so if it's not her wearing the flag -- >> but we're supporting that. they want to make the money overseas. they did it with g.i. go a couple years ago where they took
1:55 pm
out america -- >> and the chinese market is huge for international films. >> go see bay watch. >> you are pushing it. >> neil: a new study is showing that fewer americans are going to lunch and hurting the restaurant business. what did you think of that? >> yeah, i know this. this is -- >> neil: it's the sign of the times. >> either your too busy -- you don't expect to have a lunch. you stay there and get it done. perhaps maybe a restaurant can come up -- >> neil: delivery. >> no a lunch/work combo. come in and get free post-its. >> i would love to go to happy hour all the time. >> neil: you are. >> and i don't understand how can you go to lunch, have a three hour lunch and be boozesy and be productive? >> works for me every day. >> our segment last week where
1:56 pm
people are working on vacations. now it's an issue where people want to rush back to work or work during lunch because they don't want to get overwhelmed -- >> neil: guys, this cover irks me today. really? trump to world, drop dead? >> why so many references to death? like kathy griffin -- >> references all of that. >> neil: like people are going to die. >> the hysterics are unbelievable. the thing is like just because we're pulling out, like all right. but the whole thing was a sham to begin. the other countries weren't going to abide by that. >> neil: you think it goes far? >> yeah. >> if people care about the climate and improving the environment, this accord does nothing to fix that. >> neil: i'm going to have three martinis to get over there. more after this. ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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>> neil: you asked in we complied. tomorrow on the cost of freedom. 23 reasons why hillary clinton is not president. its on the network that matters, a cool planet earth. >> hello. we're the fox news specialists! >> if you're dare to listen to the left and the global elite, you'd think that today is doomsday because president trump pulled out of the paris climate agreement. listen. >> it's official. donald trump has pulled the united states out of the biggest climate agreement the world has seen. we joke about him destroying th this could be it. >> here not helping the forgotten american. he's hurting them. the kids will have worse


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