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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 12, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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it is god to be alive. beats the alternative. heather: that is true. rob: even though it is a monday, good morning to you, you're watching "fox & friends first", i'm rob schmit. heather: and i'm heather childers, one of top democrats whether loretta lynch covered for clinton campaign. rob: make new moves in russia related election probe. >> that's right, good morning, rob and heather. top democrat on the senate judiciary committee dianne feinstein is concerned that former attorney loretta inch. >> i can't answer that, i would
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have a queasy feeling too. i think we need to more know about that and that's the only way to know about it and have the judiciary committee look at that. >> this comes as jeff sessions is scheduled to appear before the senate intelligence committee tomorrow and it's unclear if he will testify in open or closed session. that's not the only target democrats are call to go testify. senate minority chuck schumer inviting president trump to address the cloud hanging over the presidency. >> i would like to invite the president to testify before the senate. i think we could work out a way that could be dignified with questions with leader mcconnell. >> republicans have become frustrated and fed up with the russia probe citing lack of evidence, rnc chairmanwoman says it's time to move on. >> i'm calling for an end to the investigations about the president trump's campaign colluding on with the russians.
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there's been no evidence of it. i don't think it should continue. of course, we have to figure out what russia has done with regard to the election. not yet do we have a single senator that there's definitive evidence that there's collusion between trump campaign and russians. that need to stop. >> rod rosenstein in capitol hill. a lot more hearings this week. it's going to be a busy week. rob: shocker. we say that every monday. heather: speaker of the house newt gringrich is putting an end to counsel into russia. >> comey said i deliberately leaked through internet mediary, look at who miller is starting
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to hire? people who frankly look to me that they are setting up to go after trump including people, by the way, who have been reprimanded from hiding from the service information in two major cases. i think this is going to be a witch hunt. i think that comey himself by his own testimony tainted this more process. you have an fbi tractor leaking in order to create a special counsel who we now believe is going to be a neutral figure, i think that's just nonsense. rob: trump administration vowing executive order and will allow time for the administration and government to come up with a tougher vetting process.
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opponent of the plan have until 3:00 afternoon to file a response. heather: plane packed with people forced to make an emergency landing after this massive hole ripped off in the engine. >> it felt like a drop or something. >> some of the friends that were with us smelled burning. it got really loud and started moving everyone from the left side of the plane over and shutting the windows. >> so blessed that it wasn't much worse than it looked. >> we really had no idea what happened. heather: china eastern flight forced to circle for an hour. the cause of the damage is under investigation. twenty-first arrest in the case this after we get a look at fake
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suicide vest warned by three terrorists. made from plastic water bottles were designed to create maximum fear. eight people were killed after attackers road into pedestrians before going into a stabbing spree. rob: check this out. oscar lopez rivera, cheered and also booed while standing on his float in new york city, rivera whose terror group back in the 70's and 80's claimed responsibility for more than 100 bombings across the u.s. and including one in lower manhattan that killed four people was supposed to receive national freedom award. he just got the out of prison. this on the same day that puerto ricans overwhelming voted to
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become a 51st congress has the final say on whether or not that happens. real-life after play portrayed president trump being assassinated. robert gray is live in los angeles with the very latest, robert. >> hey, rob, heather, this clearly creating controversy with responsors pulling support. delta airlines and bank of america ending sponsorship of julius césar. modern times sporting blond air and suit and has a slavic wife. ring a bell? the roman emperor is stabbed in the back and killed by friend and foes.
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bank of america said this was intend today provoke and offend adding if this intention had been known to the bank, it would not have sponsored. the graphic staging of julius césar does not reflect the company's values. the clay crossed the lines of good taste. the show has been mying for may 23rd and running for another week. there's been backlash on social media toward responsors, no ward from amex, but "the new york times" backs the theater, quote, write the stage of production as they choose. for its part of the play, director said in a statement people who see this production of julius césar will know that advocates violence to no one. heather: interest interesting
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it's been going on for so long. rob: interesting they didn't learn anything from kathy griffin. heather: stars taking aim at president trump at the tony awards. >> huge production values, a couple of problems, main character is totally unbelievable and the hair and make-up, a four-year run but reviews have not been kind. heather: well, as for the awards, yes, there were those, hanson was the big winner, struggling with social anxiety taking on six tony's. best musical actress or hello dolly. i would like to thank to the american theater to begin with. >> actor and tony winner hosted
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the ceremony in new york city. rob: we have a little bit of fun stuff to talk about. i thought you were already married, janice, janice dean decided to say i do twice. our own meteorologist renewing her vows to her husband sean celebrating ten-year anniversary. heather: the two retying the knot over the weekend. it was a holy trinity church in manhattan. i saw the picture from ten years ago and you look exactly the same. janice: oh, my gosh, i owe you breakfast. thank you, guys. rob: congratulations. janice: it was important to do, we did it at city hall and we wanted kids to take part friend. i'm so glad to share the pictures with you. welcome to my honeymoon. [laughter] janice: i've got good news if you like it hot, 95 in new york city. i don't know, if you like it too
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cool down, it's going to happen this week, we will get warm temperatures today, tomorrow and wednesday and things start to cool off with shower activity across the country. the hot temperatures and the wedding, i'm not sure if they correspond or that happened for a reason. 67 in minneapolis, 53 in seattle. there's the satellite imagery. the gulf across the gulf we are watching area of disturbance that could potential for showers and thunderstorms this week. we will watch the system cross over midwest and great lakes and that's what's going to bring the cooler temperatures in towards the northeast mid-week. thanks for sharing my special day rob and heather. rob: so you don't have two husbands? i don't know why you would want one. janice: he's a keeper. thank you so much, guys. heather: the firstham reunited, first lady melania trump and son
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baron officially moving to the white house. melania tweeting this photo from inside the white house with caption, looking forward to the memories we will make in our new home. >> don't miss another member of the first family, ivanka trump live this morning on "fox & friends" at 7:00 a.m. rob: all right, stanley cup staying in the steel city, pittsburgh penguins winning second championship. >> the stanley cup champions. rob: penguins defeating national predators 2-0 in game 6. playoff mvp for a second straight year. nashville couldn't pull out the win they needed at home despite super star faith hill pumping up the crowd before the game.
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♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] rob: her husband tim mcgraw giving her a big hug after the performance. that was a big performance. heather: i i i was going for nashville, i don't know why. oh, well. time now is 12 minutes after the top of the hour and president trump ready to keep winning per american workers. rob: mainstream media portraying this weekend's antisharia law protest as an antimuslim movement. >> the clash is erupting into brawls over here at home over islam. >> activists say antisharia activives promotes antiview of islam. rob: a difference of her religion of islam and sharia law, we are going to talk about this coming up.
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rob: a lot of the media portraying this weekend's nationwide protest against sharia law as protests against islam. >> the clash is erupting into brawls here at home over islam. >> protestors and counter protestors clashing. >> activists say activives with a distorted view of islam. rob: muslim scholar and author of the book of invisible woman dr. ahmed. >> good morning. rob: the difference between sharia and sharia law. >> sharia means the central past, all the values that keeps muslim in a god-senting and
2:17 am
today i'm fasting in ramadan. huge variety in terms of severity in term of benign aspects to them. it depends on who is interpreting them. rob: that's the next thing i want to get to. there are some examples of some of the much less popular and gruesome points of sharia law can be oppression of women, honor and killing of the wife if he strays, homophobic violence, female genital mutilations. these are perversions of sharia? >> profoundly unislamic and that's having listed under the harsh of sharia law in saudi arabia where i lived for two years. even they don't have laws for these things. but as some of the protestors do
2:18 am
not want sharia law in the united states. as i believing muslim i am in agreement, i think that's the correct thing to do. rob: it is interesting and i think that that got confused as a protest of islam and the protest of these laws which are human rights violations and everybody can agree with in nations like pakistan and saudi arabia? >> afghanistan and iran. grossed distortions which their own cities are campaigning against for instance prevent the persecution of christians, muslims are protesting in countries run by sharia. rob: when we saw the violence in this we saw counterprotestors coming out and trying to spin this into an antimuslim, antiislam kind of movement and counterprotesting these things that we are talking about, counterprotesting honor killings, counterprotesting violence against women and homosexuals. how do you counterprotest something like that?
2:19 am
>> claiming all discussions relating to islam are somehow islamophobic portraying anybody concern about human rights violations are homophobic. more productive ways to discuss this than violent protests, but many that are trying to portray muslims in america as victims and we are not victims, we are hugely socially progressive here and we make great deal of money, we have many opportunities, the united states constitution protects us. we cannot accept this in industry that's trying to portray muslims as victims and that's what they're doing. that's actually a movement that comes from the philosophy that support it is muslim brotherhood. muslims in the west must be portrayed as a victimized minority religion we are nothing of the sort. rob: thank you so much for coming on this morning. we appreciate it. heather, over to you. heather: thank you. time now is 20 minutes after the top of the hour and coming up,
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iran deal low, what the obama administration didn't want you to know about. they could have stopped the deal in its tracks. >> i said, i'm sorry i can't do that, that's defacing the uniform. heather: american pride denied outrage boiling over teen is blocked from walking at graduation in his military uniform. what the school is now saying about it. stay with us. ♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard.
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carrasco with on the workforce development program that's said to be unveiled. tracee. tracee: the administration plans to reorganize current reform al funding forr than make large program. administration will also announce steps to make it easier for businesses and trade groups to create new apprenticeship programs, ivanka trump will lead this week's initiative. heather: sounds good. rob: yeah, sure. heather: a recall to tell you about, not so good. tracee: maker of chef boyardi, recalling thousands of pounds of canned past as as a result of mislabeling. take a look at list of products, spaghetti and meatball product that was not in label. rob: be careful of that if you don't deal with lactose very
2:25 am
well like i do. tracee: that could be a problem. 4% more people traveling out, airlines to america, this comes as tsa is testing out new screening procedures. they are taking closer look at carry-on items, pager wills have to remove more items from jam-packed carry-ons which could lead to longer lines and other smaller items like books and even food will need to be taken out. yeah. heather: i flew out last weekend, for the first time ever, it was 7:00 a.m. not one person in line. i literally walked right through. it was weird. rob: tracee thank you so much. heather: high school student barred from walking at
2:26 am
graduation because of his service uniform. fletcher says that he was originally told that it was okay to wear his army blues but when he showed up to the ceremony, administrators turned him away. >> they said they had an extra cap and gown. i said, i'm sorry i can't do that, that's defacing the uniform. that's against the uniform policy. heather: school has apologized to fletcher thanking him for his service. rob: ticked a lot of people off myself including. food critique with online outrage. ryan sutton's article backfired because it's delicious and pay employees well, treat customers with respect, i will eat twice today. basically you hate chick-fil-a because of the founders' religious belief, that's actual bigotry.
2:27 am
heather: delicious sandwiches and waffle fries. 26 minutes after the top of the hour and lucky to be alive, how one neighborhood is coming together after a massive explosion leveled four homes. rob: not fit per print, the high school accused of photo shopping front logos and this happened more than once. heather: surprise of a lifetime for this plane full of passengers, the amazing gesture from former president jimmy carter that had the internet swooning "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours.
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♪ ♪ ♪ heather: gets you moving and happy. good morning, you're watching "fox & friends first". i'm heather childers. rob: i'm rob scmith, one of the nation's top democrats demanding an investigation as to whether loretta lynch covered for clinton. heather: give it up already, right, griff? >> that's right. calling for investigation after former attorney general loretta lynch asked comey to call the e-mail investigation a matter. >> i can't answer that. i would have a queasy feeling too, though, to be candid with you. i think we need to know more about that and that's to have
2:32 am
the judiciary committee take a look at that. >> this comes after attorney general scheduled to set before the intelligence committee tomorrow and senate minority chuck schumer to inviting president trump to testify under oath but acknowledging the new comey developments? >> i would like to invite the president to testify before the senate. i think we could work out a way that it could be dignified public with questions with leader mcconnell. >> but republicans, they're simply fed up with this russia probe. rnc chairwoman calling for an end to investigations. >> i'm calling for an end to the investigations about the president -- president's campaign colluding with the russians. there's been no evidence of it. i don't think that should continue. of course, we need to figure out what russia did with regards to the election, the president has said that, but not yet do you
2:33 am
have a single senator saying that there's definitive evidence that there's been any collusion between the trump campaign and the russians. that needs to stop. >> in addition to sessions', we will have lots of questions there and hear more about it. congressional testimony week, guys. rob: republicans should appreciate feinstein calling out lynch on that, loretta lynch on that because pelosi try today british it off as it was nothing. griff, thanks so much. heather: thanks, griff. rob: that brings us now at look who is calling and carl roe, former senior adviser, former chief of staff for george w. bush says there's absolutely no case to be made against the case for obstruction of justice. >> this is not obstruction of justice. this is not illegal. he is the head of -- >> i didn't say it was. i specifically said i don't know whether he is. >> he could have directed him to end the investigation. >> he could have pardoned mike
2:34 am
flynn and directed him to end the investigation and still would have been appropriate. he would have had a huge political price to pay, we once had an fbi director who thought he did not report, i don't see anything here that a reasonable person would say was in violation of law. the president did not obstruct justice and the president did something that was inappropriate and not illegal. in fact, it is legal. the president of the united states can end his investigation. i hope you find out with those satellites, manafort and others were doing. heather: part of the story james comey could be set for ten million dollar payday. publishers reportedly to sign a tell-all book deal with the fired fbi director hope to go get scoop on hillary clinton's e-mail and private conversations with president trump. hollywood also reportedly lining up as well.
2:35 am
rob: hours from now, 18 fraternity members at hazing death in penn state are due in court. back in february 19 timothy piazda died after falling a flight of stairs following a night of heavy drinking. nobody called 911 until the next morning. also in court today montana representative elect greg gianforte is expected to plea guilty for attacking reporter. >> the last time you did the same thing. get the hell out of here. rob: that's taking place last month, the day before the special election. gianforte still won. heather: we will see what happens there. meanwhile a semitruck in fire,
2:36 am
struck a barrier and burst into flames north of tampa, florida. was air-lifted with burns covering 40% of the body that. crash is still under investigation. it is a miracle that no one was killed, that what is an illinois unit in chicago is saying after the devastation explosion leveled two homes and damages more than 50 others. crews pulling more people from the wreckage of one of the nearby homes, that's taking two of them to the hospital. officials think that a gas leak caused the blast. rob: okay, we are going the talk some weather this morning. we had a great weekend on the east coast, 90-degrees. janice: we are going to break records today if we get to 95
2:37 am
here in new york city as well as dc across the great lakes and upper midwest. 150 million people are going to feel this heat wave this week but temperatures are going to break as we head to wednesday, thursday and friday with temperatures more seasonal. quick look at satellite radar. gulf coast still seeing unsettled weather across the great lakes as well, then across the central u.s., the great lakes that's what's going to bring us relief on wednesday. for now the heat is on for i mean, much of the country, -t 0-degree heat. we are looking to showers, 95 in new york city. cool enough for snow across the northern and central rockies, so that's the cool area but the rest of the country feeling that heat wave incident back to you. >> it's kind of crazy when you're talking about heat waves and snow at the same time. janice: it's true, it keeps me in business. heather: thank you. passengers on a delta flight
2:38 am
they got a surprise of a lifetime. the 39th president jimmy carter also on a plane from atlanta to dc. rob: on a commercial plane before taking off the 92-year-old slowly walked down the i'll making sure he shook every single passenger's hand. >> what a pleasure, thank you. heather: one passenger tweeting it was really nice to have that kind of moment where party or politics didn't matter. rob: isn't that the truth these days. heather: no fights in the plane. rob: happy birth to 41st president celebrating 93rd birthday today. heather: very nice, shared birth week with barbara bush who turned 92. the couple has been married for 72 years. longest wed first couple in u.s. history. congratulations. rob: once you get over the 70-year mark i heard it's all downhill. marriage gets a lot easier.
2:39 am
heather: i think they are definitely best friends. rob: for sure. heather: 20 minutes until the top of the hour and south-mouth democrats desperately trying to win back voters with profanity tirades. >> had he kept any of the promises, sorry. [applause] >> i understand there's a younger audience. it's okay. heather: so have they crossed a line of fair and balance debate up next. rob: fake photos, parents outraged after their kid's year pictures are photo shop today remove trump's name. looks like a golfer shirt there. stay tune.
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rob: well this morning a blow to the obama administration reportedly keeping a major iranian cyber-attack a secret. the washington free beacon revealing iran hacked the emails and social media accounts of
2:43 am
state department officials during a critical stage of the nuclear deal back in 2015 and critics say the administration hid this attack from the public because they feared it could harm support for that deal that they were so proud of. obamacare may give you health insurance but it doesn't mean it's good quality. more people prefer getting coverage somewhere else it turns out. a new gallup finds 80% of people who buy insurance outside of the exchange like the quality of their care but in comparison just 74% those who bought from the exchange are satisfied. heather, over to you. heather: thanks very much, rob. continuing the democrats trend of ripping president trump in speech filled with cursing. >> has he kept any of the promises, no. [laughter] >> instead -- [cheers and applause] >> sorry. i understand this is a younger
2:44 am
audience, it's okay. fundamentally if we are not helping people we should go -- heather: so is there a way of connecting for younger voters or have democrats crossed the line with the swearing. thank you for joining us bright and early this morning. i'm going to start with you, on the democratic side, what's going on here. is this a sign that you're more intelligent or less intelligent to use less words to get your words across? >> no, absolutely not. it's not the first time definitely she has sworn. she tends to have coastal language and other venues but i would say that this is sort of where the gop is going in attacking her, certainly distract from the fact, they have a majority in the house and
2:45 am
the senate and the white house and just haven't been able to get a lot of the legislative agenda passed, so i think this is an interesting way to sort of distract from that and focusing on language that she's used. heather: what do you think, patrick, isn't she using the words for the simple fact so we are talking about it like this morning? she's using it herself versus republicans using it as a distraction? >> well, heather, here is what happens when you no message or counter message. what you end up doing is leveling a discourse for a 13-year-old sleepover. seems to be the only way this lost party can get itself any attention whatsoever. look, these are the same democrats that gather at georgetown cocktail parties. he is lowering the political discourse. he's not sort of being, you
2:46 am
know, advanced enough in his policy ideas and tweets are outrageous but when they use this kind of language, it's fine, it's passionate. it's the way the senator walks. a bankrupt party with no idea is desperate for attention and that's when you start talking like this. heather: she's not the only one. look at what tom pérez had to say. >> when we have the skinny budget of this president, i call it something else that begins with s and my momma taught me you shouldn't do potty talk but i hope you don't mean because this is a -- budget. heather: atima, shortly after that which was in april democrats started selling t-shirts with the phrase, variation to try to make money off of it. >> two does not make the entire party and i find it really laughable that patrick would say
2:47 am
so. in her speech was talking about the fact that trump is not even living up to the values that he promised whether it was improving the cost of health care or ensuring jobs, tax breaks to make sure those jobs still stay there, they are still sending jobs overseas. i'm just saying, this is like focusing on the fact that the trump agenda is not getting through congress. heather: why not focus on that and the numbers that you just suggested versus throwing in, you know, a foul word here or there because it happened to be for reelection or maybe possibly running for president, patrick. >> well, again, this is absurd. do as i say and not as i do. what the democrats are trying to
2:48 am
do is figure out where they go from here,ia bankrupt party without ideas and without leaders. what you wind up with is christian and tom pérez going out and making this kind of noise because they can't get it any other way. what happened to the rhetoric of barack obama of hope and change, what happened to bill clinton's bridge to the 21st century? i will suggest that while democrats make fun of trump, they brought the level of discourse so low now that the american people are simply not going the pay attention to them unless they curse. >> thank you, heather. rob: let's go to steve doocy who is always dropping. f-bombs.
2:49 am
steve: we are in studio f. busy three hours kicks off exactly 11 minutes from now, "fox & friends first" continues live from new york city in two minutes.
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heather: welcome back, broadway best and brightest could not let the tony's go by without getting a few jabs at washington with stephen colbert leading the charge. rob: carley shimkus here with reaction. nobody is surprised. these award shows always do this. carley: there's a little bit of
2:53 am
surprise. broadways biggest celebrated tony awards last night. before the show started, a lot of people were wondering how much political discussion there was going to be. the surprise is a lot of people actually shied away from the subject but there were a few folks who use ud their time in the spotlight to bash the president. >> people who eat the earth and other people who stand around and watch them do it. >> i am your father. [laughter] >> and this is cnn, the most trusted name in fake news. >> it's been a great year for revivals in general specially the one they revived in washington, d.c. that's supposed to have a four-year run but reviews have not been kind o. could close early, we don't know. best to everyone involved. [cheers and applause] carley: some folks watching at
2:54 am
home were upset and twitter says bye, bye, it didn't take long. it took 45 minutes for the first political rant. i'm imguessed that it took so long. this person didn't like ben mettler's speech. no one cares about her politics. for the most part the show was celebration of performing arts as oppose to forum for political debates. heather: usually it takes a lot sooner so slogans done away with. carley: someone has a whole lot of explaining to do. a new jersey high school is under fire because they censored out slogans of president trump in the year book. take a look at this student. he wore a trump make america great t-shirt and so did this one and in the next picture, completely edited out so this story is going super viral online. one person says my son wore his
2:55 am
trump shirt regularly throughout the year and if they censored him in year book, i would sue the school. now the school superintendent said she had no idea this was happening and they are now investigating. heather: shouldn't have happened either way. carley: absolutely not. absolutely not. the president from commander in chief to wedding crasher. the president crashed a new jersey wedding. the couple was getting married at golf course in new jersey. great night, a lot of fun had by all and one person took to twitter, trump crashes random wedding and dances with bride. we certainly love him. he gave the couple a very good story to tell the kids. heather: great pictures. rob: we will be right back with the good, the bad and the ugly. thank you. heather: stay with i want someone that makes it easy to find what i want. gets it. they offer free cancellation if my plans change.
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find your exclusive retailr at 2 i think on the big picture he is right. if this investigation which began about russian collusion were russian interference is really about trump administration. trump campaign. if it's about did trump himself collude with the russians, this is sort of the question trump 2016. he was exonerated. there is not a shred of evidence it could be developed, it could be shown later. as of today, and as of months and months now, investigation begun in july
3:00 am
of last year, we see no evidence of that. clayton: all right. so there is so much to unpack here. on the one hand, yes, no evidence of


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