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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 15, 2017 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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hodgekinson. looking into whether anybody else had any wild ideas like he had. we will see you later. ♪ steve: it is 6:00 in new york city. welcome to studio f. it's "fox & friends." and we start this program with a fox news alert. congressman steve scalise worsening to critical condition overnight after being shot in the hip just 23 hours ago. the dramatic moments caught on cell phone. [gunfire] ainsley: president trump visiting his bedside as he fights for his life. steve: leeland vitter is live from the white house.
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>> much a fight for the majority whip still in the hospital this morning in critical condition. overnight we learned that he had received multiple blood transfusions and will still need additional surgery to recover from that single gunshot wound that went into his hip and then through his pelvis. the president returned about 10:00 p.m. last night here to the white house from visiting scalise and his family at the hospital. there you can see the president walking out, shaking hands with doctors. the president tweeting just left hospital left steve scalise is in very tough shape but he is a real fighter. pray for steve. earlier the president said this. >> congressman scalise is a very good friend. sea patriot, and he is a fighter. he will recover from this assault. america is praying for you. and america is praying for all
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of the victims of this terrible shooting. >> and of the others injured, in addition to scalise, four others of the two capital police officers. one has been treated and released. the other special agent crystal griner also got a visit from the president last night. at least right now the president seems to be moving on for a typical thursday here and president wants trip down to florida tomorrow to talk about the roll back of some of the obama era cuba engagement programs is still on. back to you guys. steve: leeland vittert north lawn of the white house. thank you, leland. ainsley: so many red flags here. the guy left his house and his family in illinois, his wife and dogs and moved down to d.c. to live in his van for several months. was showering at the ymca. steve: i know. ainsley: some red flags here. i'm surprised somebody didn't say anything. he has a history of domestic
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violence. he was never -- he was never convicted. he was arrested several times but never convicted. brian: now you know i feel bad too for bernie sanders. this guy is sitting there saying i fight for bernie sanders and this is the guy i want elected? is not my guy. i don't preach hatred. that's not what i'm about. which is 100 percent true. people have to figure if it's bernie sanders today. use somebody else's name tomorrow. they realize we should keep politics out of it this guy is a whack job. you cannot control who follows you. you cannot control who shoots people in your name. i think people should just make sure that they don't vilify sanders because this clown happens to be this -- this murderer. what do you want? what's going on on that side? i think that's a problem. steve: police have not disclosed a motive yet, obviously. because they have said it's so early in the investigation.
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but the evidence does suggest that it was political violence. there is this stage when hate and we see a lot of hate in this country these days turns violent. congressman rodney davis says the political rhetoric terrorism has got to stop. >> this political rhetoric and political discourse that has led to hate has led to gunfire. never thought i would go to baseball practice for charity and have to dodge bullets. this has got to stop and got to stop today. we have the right to be free in this country. we have a right to vote against them if we disagree with their policies. we have got to ratchet down the rhetoric we have seen not only in social media but in the media, the 24-hour news cycle. this has to stop. this is the result i believe of political rhetorical terrorism. that has to stop. brian: if you see the town halls, you see the anger. you see these constituents getting into lawmakers' face. you see what's happening with many of the high profile people in this country calling for crazy things.
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you see other leaders who can't stop cursing. all of a sudden they can't control themselves. they are so angry. and a lot of this directed as who has been elected on capitol hill. ainsley: some are saying it's the elements of the left. kathy griffin holding up the fake beheaded. look at the headline on the post it says he was hunting us, target g.o.p. this one says daily news hunting republicans. steve: the daily news using this too on op-ed pages to talk about the need for more gun control. to brian's point the guy was crazy, essentially. the neighbors describe him as obnoxious about politics. he has been a radical nut. one neighbor said. he was barred from all county board meetings because he has caused trouble in various places. keep in mind, a lot of the rancor that we hear in politics these days goes back to the election of donald trump. there are certain elements of media and society that have
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what we have referred to on this program as trump derangement syndrome. ainsley you are right. whether it's those depictions of the severed head or madonna blowing up the white house or stuff like that, too many substantial people have been quiet about it. it doesn't just extend to donald trump. it extends to his supporters. ainsley: but the media, many in the media are being quiet about it. these celebrities doing things like this. like somebody needs to stand up on the left side and say too much. brian: i used to do sports all the time. people get so angry and always end with hey, it's just a game. when it comes to politics. people go in and argue an issue and at the end of the day, did you go after a drink with them and go out to lunch with him or her. and it's issues. we have an election. and then when the election is over, you turn the page. we have stopped turning the page. you can go back to bill clinton and people thought -- republicans went over the top with the impeachment. okay. fine. then with george bush he didn't really win his brother was governor of 234r0er8d. that's the only reason why he
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won. okay. then president obama wins. i want to transform american society. that gets me angry or gets that x person angry or y person angry. donald trump didn't win the popular vote or the russians were responsible. gets people additionally angry. not about tax cuts or tax reform or immigration or building the wall. it's about that i hate that person, i hate those people. steve: it's been so evisceral though. ron desantos got a call from somebody yesterday said i'm glad it happened. trump ought to be next. claudia tenney a republican from new york said she got an email yesterday one down, 216 to go. mark steyn weighed in on all of this last night. >> the left wants to denormalize and dehumanize, to use your words, it's political opposition. and they do that in a variety of ways. so, for example, when charles
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murray wants to give a speech at middle bury college, they have to have a riot. they don't have a debate in which they demolish his argument. they don't want to win the debate. they want to prevent the debate taking place. they want to label somebody as hater. once do you that you are saying there is no form will civilized political discourse possible with your opponent and the logic of that is that instead you riot and beat them up as they do at biddl middle by and you open fire on them. and you make politics impossible if do you that. steve: the first shots have been fired. let's pray it's the last in america comes to its senses before it's too late. those are the words of michael good win who has written op-ed today. ainsley: a democrat. brian: meanwhile governor terry mcauliff by the way is making it clear he wants to run for president. as governor of virginia you do want to hear from him. i was shocked to hear this.
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>> i have long advocated this is not what today is about, but there are too many guns on the street. we lose 93 million americans a day to gun violence. i mean, i have long talked about this. background checks, shutting down gun show loopholes. that's not for today's. it's not just for politicians we worry about this every day for all citizens. we lose 93 million americans a day to gun violence. >> -- 93 individuals a day. ainsley: how would this change the situation. this guy was never convicted of a crime. >> brian: he had a gun i have license in chicago. ainsley: goes in to buy a gun. this guy no red flags. nothing in his history. steve: terry mcauliff goes i'm not going to talk about this today but then he talks about gun control. congressman roger williams says he has heartened by the
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fact that when he heard the shooting coming from over there, a short time later he heard shooting coming from behind him. those were the cops who would ultimately save many of their lives. listen to this. >> there could have easily been 25 deaths or more today. but officer griner and bailey prevented that and my family and will be forever grateful. the thin blue line held today. law enforcement officers everywhere should be proud. and americans everywhere should be thankful that this is still the kind of country that still produces these kind of heroes. so i ask everybody to join me in praying for the victims and for their full recoveries and to remember two things. first of all, i'm for the second amendment. being a second amendment guy and i'm from texas. so, yes, i would have felt a lot more comfortable if we were able to do that. ainsley: you have to remember that steve scalise is the
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third most important republican so he had security there. if h they hadn't been there they would have had gloves and baseball bats. steve: special agent griner is at the med star hospital center with an injury, a gunshot wound to her ankle. brian: those that knew her in college and watched her play she was a leader and fearless and fab lus personality and looked at in highest esteem on capitol hill. when it comes to steve scalise from the time we were on the couch until now, things have gotten much more challenging as it seems that bullet ripped through his pelvis and he will have to have additional surgeries. even though the president got into his room last night he was not conscious. steve: other surgeries to stop the bleeding. the jury to the bone will come later. ainsley: he will be feeling the effects for the rest of his life. not easy to recover from. he was on the baseball field and lost blood for 9 minutes
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before anyone could get to him. steve: breaking news out of south korea. jillian joins us now. what's happening? jillian: let's begin with a fox news alert right now. the fbi is interrogating a man who claimed there was a dirty bomb on a container ship in south korea. a youtube conspiracy theorist saying it was placed on board during a recent trip to the middle east. authorities clearing the port of charleston overnight after finding no credible threats. also this developing overnight. north korea says they released american student otto warmbier on humanitarian grounds. the 22-year-old in a hospital in cincinnati after spending 17 months as a prisoner of the rogue nation. now, take a look at your screen right now. there is a brand new picture showing him moments after touching down in the u.s. you can see two men. they are holding him up, carrying him to an ambulance. is he semiconscious. he was brult brutalized by captors and slipped into a coma for a year.
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we are expected to learn more at press conference at 10:00 a.m. death toll in that london apartment inferno climbing to 17. expected to get higher. several people are missing more than 24 hours after the high rise burst into flames. leaving many people trapped inside. one woman desperate to save her baby, dropping her child out a tenth floor window into the arms of people below. that baby did survive. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. some are blaming a faulty refrigerator. that's a look at your headlines this morning. keep you updated. ainsley: living in new york we have all been talking about it. jillian: you see those flames engulf that building. ainsley: hundreds of people live in these buildings. one person makes a mistake and everybody's lives. steve: redid the building and didn't put in sprinklers. capitol police. >> it was tremendous joy to
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see a good guy shooting back. if they had not been there, could have been a massacre. >> alabama congressman gary palmer was there he is going to tell us about the incredible heroism he saw. brian: fourth of july cancelled because one person doesn't like president trump. really? i'm not kidding. (work sfx) it's not just a car, it's your daily retreat. the es and es hybrid. lease the 2017 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. experience amazing at your lexus dealer. it's ok that everybody ignoit's fine.n i drive. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone.
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>> to see a good guy shooting back. and if they had not been there, it could have been a massacre. brian: wow. we did see some of that cell phone video and you saw the horror. capital police hailed a horror for ending the outrage that could have been worse. playing north stop next to steve scalise yards from the gunman when the shooting began. he joins us now. congressman, first off on the condition of the majority whip, we find out that he has been downgraded now and it looks like that bullet did more damage than originally thought. what do you know? >> i don't know any more than you do brian. we keep praying for steve. he is a great guy. we need him back. brian: absolutely. when you talk about where you were in retrospect, now that it's been almost 24 hours, what are your thoughts about what took place yesterday? >> well, it's obviously a little surreal. i was about 20 yards from the gunman trent kelly from
3:19 am
mississippi was at third base. when i heard the gunshot, i immediately knew what it was. i yelled at trent it was a gunshot. he turned and said he has a gun. we headed toward cover. i heard at least two more shots. and i saw steve go down. i knew he was hit low. i didn't know where. i thought maybe in the leg. and then steve dragged himself from the infield dirt into the outfield grass. when we got to cover we were yelling at steve to stay down and to stay still. brian: i understand he was able to crawl out there and after 9 to 10 minutes you were able to get to him and get him some liquids. i know you are going to play the game tomorrow -- tonight, rather. and if people want to donate go to congressional you have also added a charity for fallen police officers, which i think is important. congressman, a lot of people are saying this is a turning point there is going to be more democrat and republicans getting along and setting the tone from washington. do you have a reason to feel
3:20 am
optimistic today? >> >> i hope we do. i think we saw son-in-law of that yesterday when we all came together. i have got a number of democrat friends who came over to see me. i was very encouraged by that steve, the country is fraying at the edges. we have got to pull the country back together. we have got to be able to reestablish a civil discourse. otherwise, the future of the nation, i think, is in grave danger. brian: true, the game i guess will be bringing together. we sought comments from nancy pelosi and paul ryan on capitol hill. we will see if you look for leadership to lead the way. >> i think you'll see it from leadership on both sides of the aisle. but we have got to see it in, i think, in the entire community of america. it's got to come from the media. it's got to come from the pundits who work social media. brian: gotcha. >> not just the rhetoric from the politicians.
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it's across the board. brian: congressman palmer, i'm glad you are okay and we are all pulling for steve scalise, thank you. meanwhile, coming up straight ahead we change gears. when will the left stop the rhetoric? will the right join in as well? ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,... isn't it time to let the real you shine through? maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin
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♪ ♪ ainsley: we have some quick headlines for you. it's hard to forget this video a dodge tore dragged offer a united airlines plane as terrified passengers look on. the dot says they received nearly 2,000 complaints just in the month of april. that is a 70% increase since last year. and a flight packed with people stopped mommy's before took off fuel starts gushing out of the wing and onto the tarmac. it happened in jersey.
3:25 am
the flight was cancelled and taken out of service. it is unclear what caused that leak. >> to join me to resolve to come together to lift each other up and to show the country, to show the world, that we are one house. >> we will use this occasion as one that brings us together and not separates us further. >> we are strongest when we are unified and when we work together for the common good. steve: words we needed to hear yesterday. calls for unity from both sides of the aisle after the baseball game shooting yesterday, about 24 hours ago. but will the left answer those calls? and will the right? with everything we have seen from riots on college campuses to so-called art depicting the assassination of our president, many are asking where is the civility? let's talk about it with republican strategist and fox news contributor lisa booth.
3:26 am
>> thank you. steve: former bernie sanders advisor chuck rokca. chuck is the guy in the hat. >> in case anyone was wondering. steve: that's right. what happened yesterday, you both would agree. i already read your preinterviews you both agree it is terrible. it has got to stop. we don't know the motive, lisa, but the evidence would suggest that it's political. i mean, this guy had all sorts of stuff on his facebook page. trump is a traitor. trump has destroyed our democracy. time to destroy trump and company. >> clearly this guy had something bigger going on than just politics. but i really do think it underscores some serious things that are happening in this country. sort of this societal break down and breakdown over politics. there is just a lack of respectful discourse. i can attest to the fact that you can get along with someone that you disagree with chuck and i have had lunch before. i consider him a friend. i respect him even though i respectfully disagree with
3:27 am
some of the things that he says. but, look, i think there is this dehumanization and also demonization of others that people disagree with politically. and i have a broader concern that there is this normalization of violence happening in the country. we have seen everything from cars lit on fire on inauguration day. businesses broken into. as you mentioned this violence on college campuses. secretary of education betsy devos not allowed into a government building to do her government duty. we had a congressman almost run off the road because of healthcare it's just getting out of control. steve: chuck, there were elements of this when barack obama was president of the united states. it seems like trump derangement syndrome has just kicked into high gear. whether it's kathy griffin or shakespeare in the park or madonna wanting to blow up the white house. it's gotten to the place where we just haven't heard a lot of voices from mainstream democrats saying hey, this is
3:28 am
not the road we should be going down. >> look, i disagree with donald trump on all of his policies or most of his policies like i do with lots of republicans. like i do with lisa booth, but you know what? i respect lisa and we can have a conversation without throwing firsts at each other because i knew i would lose. you can have these discourses and figure out how to have this conversation. i work in the belly of the beast. i work political campaigns for a living. not as much with the candidates but there is so much on the far right and far left on the internet 24 hour news cycle keeps people beginned up all the time. steve: explain how you feel redistricts has actually contributed to this? >> because all of the congressional districts are either safe republican or safe democratic except for a little bitty bit. those congressman feel like they have to feed the far right of their party or far left of their party or they will get a primary opposition from their own party and that helps stoke the fire of throwing red meat to the base all the time which keeps them
3:29 am
riled up and you end up with consequences like we saw yesterday that are totally unacceptable. steve: totally unacceptable. lisa, final word? >> no. i agree with chuck. i think that seems into statewide elections as well. we are still having to worry about their primary. look, i think it comes down to personal responsibility. if we call on members of congress to act more civil and respectful to each other. then we ourselves have to be willing to do that as well. stop with. so hateful rhetoric. having discourse. and there is never going to be unity over ideas. that's the whole point of congress. that's the whole point of having your political beliefs. buff we have to be able to have discussions. obviously without it turning to violence lisa one final point. there should be unity in this country. chuck is not a big fan of donald trump. donald trump is the president. people need to get used to the idea he is the president. let's move on from there. >> absolutely. i also think the media is
3:30 am
culpable in sort of this delegitimizing of the president. spiking of him in terms that allow for people to feel comfortable with degragd degradm and using rhetoric that is unacceptable. steve: chuck and lisa thank you very much. civil debate. what do you think about that? emails us at, facebook us or tweet us as well. meanwhile the left already calling for gun control within hours after the shooting. is that really the answer? dana loesch, a proud member of the nra is coming up next from st. louis. new york city is trying to protect the police department to force the police department to reveal its anti-terror playbook to the public. why the city's finest are calling the proposal crazy. i joined the army in july of '98. our 18 year old was in an accident. when i call usaa it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family, and we will be with usaa for life.
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brian: dana loesch is with us now. nra spokesperson and has insight in times like this. dana, welcome back. >> so good to see you guys. good morning to you. ainsley: good to see you, too. talking about the shooter, will this be a wake-up call for the left or the right or everyone involved in politics? >> i sure hope so. i think there is one thing that we all have to recognize here. and do something about. and that's looking at some of the language of the left. you can't have people who are holding up beheaded prop of the president and saying f the republicans from the stage of the california democrat convention and having the dnc chair do the same thing. having that presidential assassination shakespeare play in the park and have this sort of environment and not expect that that is going to affect people in a negative way. maybe even inspire these people who are feeding off
3:35 am
this poison to, perhaps, do something. now, i don't want the government at all to police speech. i would hope that people have enough respect for the process in this country, enough respect for the election and the voters' will that they made quite clear in november that they respect this process and that they, perhaps, use language more reflective of that. i know you guys saw the "new york times" piece that is still trying to blame sarah palin for what happened to gabriel giffords. they ran this article just yesterday. the left is still trying to place this on people like sarah palin and tea party organizers. yet, let's look at some of the left's rhetoric. if you can not dissent civilly, then perhaps someone should take a second look at their opinion and see whether or not it's worth hearing. steve: regarding jared laughner who shot gabriel giffords. he was clearly unstable. we know that now. you look at this guy j.t. southern illinois he was
3:36 am
clearly politically active. but we don't know whether or not the motive was politics. brian: is he unstable, too. living in his van. creeping out everybody he is with. hanging out in a sports bar all day. showering at the ymca. >> exactly. and he had scoped out that baseball field for a couple of weeks before he had acted according to numerous reports. anybody who is going to sit there and unload on congressional members that way yeah, they are crazy. a combination of crazy and combination of a lot of democrat leaders that are trying to mainstream this language and this rhetoric and aesthetic for the lack of a better way to put it as if that's just okay to react and have a public tantrum like this because you lost in november. look, we don't always get what we want. people made their decision in november. i feel like we are still relit relitigating the election. do you feel like that? steve: absolutely. >> this a symptom of it. some people need to get a grip and have a reality check. this is part and parcel of being in america. brian: nothing you said is inaccurate. i think democrats would say
3:37 am
most of them aren't accepting it behind closed doors. i'm sure chuck schumer is talking to nancy pelosi destabilize this and make sure that the republicans pay the price. i get that but then other people listening and saying wait a second, the president became president because he was the anti-mitt romney. he felt mitt romney was too meek. he went out there and got aggressive. he said what republicans should do. he eviscerated 16 other fine candidates and gets the nomination and confrontational style they say has spurred other confrontational styles. do you think the president bears any responsibility for the rhetoric today? >> i think that's weak the democrapresident is not going ot there and saying f the democrats. i think the president toned his rhetoric back since he took the white house which is a good thing. he has pivoted to becoming a little bit more pfl in his demeanor and delivery. i thought his statement after this tragedy yesterday was pitch perfect. unfortunately we are not seeing that from a lot of the left. i know we saw virginia
3:38 am
governor terry mcauliff who immediately went out there before we even knew the name of this guy or motive or anything about hodgkinson and he was immediately trying to politicize it and make it all about gun control, which was absolutely beyond the pail and used insane numbers to do so because he like so many other people out there have more zeal than knowledge. ainsley: he said 93 million people are killed every day. one of the reporters said that's a high number. brian: nobody left. >> america would be gone in a few days. exactly. it was crazy. steve: surely. so the shooting at simpson field happened about 24 hours ago. tonight they are going to have the big game. tomorrow, what do we do as americans? >> i would love to see -- i know representative lawyered milk brought this up. he said we need to see some reciprocity for lawmakers. i think they should. i hope that one of the things that lawmakers take up in washington, d.c. the bigger picture here is
3:39 am
that i hope people realize that you can still disagree civilly in the united states. just because somebody thinks differently than you do. they have a different political opinion. they have a different political candidate, it doesn't mean that they are your enemy. it means they have a different means to go about maybe perhaps a similar end. and you have to persuade hearts and minds. you are not going to persuade through fear. you have to persuade through actually talking to people, getting to know them. making friends with them. not stock stalking a bunch of remembers you couldn't take on facebook. brian: the "new york times" actually praised president trump's tone yesterday and nancy pelosi had some great things to say from the floor. ainsley: so did bernie sanders. brian: and so did paul ryan. maybe things will be different. steve: let's hope. >> i hope they are. we need to turn a new page. ainsley: thank you. we will hand it over to jillian who is upstairs and has headlines for us.
3:40 am
oh, you are down here. jillian: i am down here. hello. we person shot three people at u.p.s. facility before turning the gun on himself. 238 jimmy lamb opened fire. sending hundreds running for their lives. right now his motive is not known. he reportedly filed a complaint about working overtime back in march. the biggest city in the nation could soon be forced to reveal anti-terror tactics. new york city council introducing a bill that would require the nypd to issue reports on what kind of surveillance equipment they use and how they store and protect private information. the nypd calls the bill, quote: insane. saying it gives attackers a road map of intelligence operations. helping them evade cops. how about this one? a 40 fourth of july celebration, a tradition, it's cancelled because the founder doesn't like the president. katrina started the new orleans flotilla parade in 2012. you see the pictures here. after president trump took
3:41 am
office, she says she is not feeling patriotic anymore. during an interview when i think wearing my flag dress and waving flags, i don't know what it means this year. obviously topic that's getting a lot of conversation. a lot of buzz around town, guys, i'm surety hour. steve: that's exactly what we are talking about. she doesn't like the president so i'm going to cancel it. it's like how many people have unfriended you on facebook because they don't like your opinion? how many arguments around the kitchen table when relatives come in and how many people actually have broken up over politics? i think we have gone too far. ainsley: i agree with you, steve. steve: oh, man. brian: coming up straight ahead, believe it or not, president trump vowed to wipe out the gang ms-13, so is he getting the job done? we'll have a report next. ainsley: and as we learn more about the shooter's criminal past, we want to know could this have been prevented? judge andrew napolitano says no doubt.
3:42 am
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a clear, taste-free, 100% natural daily fiber... that's clinically proven to help me feel fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this i can do! steve: a vicious attack on republican members of congress during a charity for a baseball game. and it was practice time. [gunfire] ainsley: the shooter had a criminal history including assault charges. he also posted anti-trump messages on social media and even a member of a facebook group called terminate the republican party. brian: so could this attack have been prevented? some type of moderator on social media been able to stop this and alert authorities? senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano.
3:46 am
judge, in retrospect, is there something there that should have been a red flag for law enforcement? >> there is a lot there hindsight is always 20/20. the manifestation of a willness to use violence against the government, particularly against the republicans in the government was so obvious no search warrant was needed. steve: for his social media. >> anybody monitoring facebook would have known it the fact that he traveled from his home state illinois where an ar-156789 the type of weapon he used and i will tell you about the type of weapon in a minute is illegal to buy it in another state where it is legal is another tipoff. we have a nonresident, a person who doesn't live here buying this very heavy duty weapon. what is he going to do with it? he is going to bring it back to his home state where it's illegal? then we find out the guy doesn't even have a home, is he actually cradling the gun when he sleeps in his truck. all these things are tell tell signs that something was wrong we have such surveillance in
3:47 am
this country, it's really unbelievable, impossible to go anywhere outside this building without being caught on surveillance. if people don't monitor and use it the purpose of it is not to prosecute a crime after it happens. but to prevent crime before it happens. regarding hi things he posted. trump has destroyed our democracy. time to destroy trump. that is so telling the secret service should have been all over it. steve: judge, there are a lot of people who post stuff like that all day long. >> because you have this wonderful segment with dana a few minutes ago. the rhetoric now is so incendiary but the professionals in law enforcement need to isolate just incendiary rhetoric from rhetoric that is truly indicative of a plan to commit violence. a lot of those members of congress you are not going to carry a gun when you are playing a baseball game. a lot of those members of congress can carry in their home states. they can't carry in d.c. ainsley: you can't get a
3:48 am
license to carry? >> no member of congress can get a license to carry. they can change that by changing the law tomorrow and they probably will. ainsley: this is such a wake-up call because brian made the point in the last block that we can all disagree and it's politics. but this is such a wake-up call because it makes me realize yeah, kathy griffin yeah that was really bad. the shakespeare in the park is really bad. this is life-changing. this is awful. >> i'm glad you used the phrase that the fbi did not want to use. this was an attempted political assassination. this was an effort to change the policy of the government by killing the people that are in the government. brian: we have another huge topic yesterday "the washington post looked like mueller's group the special counsel is doing investigation now on donald trump. they cited five people briefed on interview requests for the national intelligence director for the former deputy and the nsa ed rogers. they are being talked to about possible obstruction of justice from the president. what does this mean?
3:49 am
>> this means that the special prosecutor, bob mueller and his team are taking seriously the allegations leveled by former director comey last week. brian: his good friend? >> yes. they have already debriefed director comey. they are now debriefing other people who may have knowledge of it. so they're going to say admiral rogers, you run the nsa. we need to know about all your communications with president trump concerning the russian investigation. brian: executive privilege? >> there is no executive privilege in this context. executive privilege is an ability to stop the public recitation of conversations. but if they bring admiral rogers before a grand jury, he has no privilege. he has to answer as to what he knows. steve: judge it, looks like it's moving fast that they are talking to everybody. could we have an answer soon. >> i don't want you to get upset. iran contra took seven years. we don't know how long it's going to take. steve: seven years. >> every time we turn around mueller has another issue on
3:50 am
his plate. ainsley: do you trust bob mueller to do a good job. >> i don't know what you mean by soon but not in the next five or six months. steve: a lot of the us would like it over. just to know. we would like to know. ainsley: thank you, judge. have you a job until next christmas. >> thank you lady in green. brian: thank you your thank you was in the prompter for the first time ever. ainsley: some in media are blaming conservative rhetoric for the ambush on lawmakers. >> saw that during the campaign, which people talk about things like lock her up and we saw some of the most crude political language. ainsley: next guest says the media is part of the problem. lawrence jones is here next. steve: tim allen's hit sitcom got dumped by abc because of its political tone. this morning last man standing may have a new tv home.
3:51 am
it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow...'s how well you mow fast! they're not just words to mow by, they're words to live by. the john deere ztrak z345r.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> this is what happens when you have an overproliferationof. and it's to be expected to a certain extent. >> is there a sinister intent behind the anger that they are showing. >> clearly we saw that during the campaign, which people talk about things like lock her up and we saw. so most crude political language. ainsley: in the wake of the horrific ambush media wasted no spartan giving their political spin. here to discuss that is lawrence jones. >> hey, ainsley. ainsley: what was your reaction to that when you look at the headlines in the paper this morning or you hear the mainstream media and their thoughts last night, making this political already? >> it saddens me. because you would think we could get a cease-fire. last night we saw, had a sitting congressman in critical condition and the
3:55 am
media was already talking about the leaks from the fbi about donald trump. can we have a cease-fire for one day and mourn what's happening in our country right now. no, we can't, i guess. ainsley: i was at the white house yesterday. i was expecting to get an interview with ivanka but she had to cancel for obvious reasons and didn't think it was appropriate. getting their ducks in a row at the white house. i watched nancy pelosi get up on capitol hill and talk to her friends on both sides of the aisle and bernie sanders do the same thing. our whole staff said it's great to see that within 24 hours of this happening, can we put politics aside? clearly many of them couldn't. you had terry mcauliff the governor of virginia standing up and saying this is about gun control now? what are your thoughts on that? >> first of all, when nancy pelosi and the democrats in the house, i appreciate what they did, but will it last or something for photo ops and a temporary thing? ainsley: what do you think? will it last? >> no, i don't think it will last.
3:56 am
i think this is just another photo op. we are used to being called hateful names. conservative speech being silenced every single day. used to conservative in media being silenced every day. it's a major problem. and i don't think this incident is going to change that. honestly. ainsley: we need to come together as a country and figure out what's causing these crazy people do these kinds of things. i real liz there i realize thern both sides. it's not just a bernie sanders thing. we can stop and talk about politics and all disagree. there are some people that are going to go to the extreme, right? >> right. and like you said, it's going to be on both sides. i will push back on some people in the media who say let's stop making this about politics. well, you know what? when a guy comes and asks a congressman are they democrats or if they are republicans and then goes in there and targets the republicans it, became about politics then. ainsley: he made it that point. >> it's a valid point to bring it up. yes, ma'am. ainsley: thanks for being with
3:57 am
us. >> thank you. ainsley: did you hear congressman davis say this? >> this is a result, i believe, of political, rhetorical terrorism. that has to stop. ainsley: political terrorism. is i righ he right? that congressman is here to defend his comments. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. for all kinds of things... like walking.ewarded hey, honey. dad, where's the car? thought we'd walk. he's counting steps. walk, move and earn money... goal! dad... hey, we wanna welcome everyone to the father daughter dance. look at this dad, he's got some moves!
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4:01 am
ainsley: leland vittert is live with more. >> we are learning more about the majority whip's condition and what happened yesterday. that bullet went through his hip and then through his pelvis. so he is going to need multiple, additional surgeries before he recovers. currently now in critical condition. had to have a number of blood transfusions yesterday. the president was at the hospital last night, checking on representative scalise and talking to a number of the doctors there. left about 9:30 in the evening, and then he tweeted out just left hospital, rep steve scalise one of the truly great people is in very tough shape but he is real fighter praying for steve: congressman scalise is a friend and a very good. very good friend. he will recover he will recover from this assault. america is praying for you and
4:02 am
america is praying. praying for all the victims of this terrible shooting. >> in addition to scalise, four others visited in the attack. visited crystal griner yesterday in her hospital room. special agent david bailey was treated and released from the hospital yesterday. thursday morning now, 7:00 here at the white house. and the president is getting back to politics of sorts. tweeting out they made up a phony collusion with the russia story, found zero proof. so now they go for obstruction of justice on phone i don't story. nice. that came about six minutes ago. the president continuing his trip to miami tomorrow. there was some talk about whether that would be rescheduled. but we are told the president will head to miami, guys, to talk about a change in the policy against cuba, essentially rolling back some of the obama era changes. back to you guys. brian: great job, leland out
4:03 am
in the field yesterday getting some of the most insightful interviews in the field. thanks. steve: "the washington post" drops that story about obstruction of justice on the president's birthday. let's bring in michelle malkin. she is the host of michelle malkin investigates the cover of the daily news today "hunting republicans." and he was hunting us. target g.o.p. it looks like it was a political assassination to some. >> yeah. and i'm not going to putty footogoing to going toputty foo. political violence against the right and conservatives. and so many of the apologists on the extreme left who are trying to part of a pattern that i have followed for almost 20 years now. any time there has been acts
4:04 am
of political violence against conservatives on the right and fomenting and festering of hate. climate of hate as i have called it for many years on my blog and my website. what is the pattern? what is the reaction of some of these apologists? they will either ignore this violence? they will excuse it, or they will blame the victim. ainsley: ains what would you like to see different? >> i would like to see acknowledgment. dehumanize people in the public square, yes, every day i get up and do rhetorical battle with people i disagree with. this dehumanization over the years particularly among liberal elites in hollywood, in the media, in power centers, on the coastal bubbles. i mean that's how we got -- we
4:05 am
have all these people who talk about root causes, right? a lot of it stems from dehumanizing and demonizing people that you disagree with i want to say something on a personal level here, guys. i moved away from d.c. almost a decade ago because i found it to be such a toxic environment. there are good people there. but when you become so absorbed and consumed only by politics, this is what -- this is what results. have you got people on the internet who are so obsessed with hating donald trump that they are making awful, vile comments about his wife, about his 11-year-old child. get a life. breathe. brian: absolutely. and you know, too, that there are people on the right that are unhinged and misinterpret a lot of whoever the leader is at the time, whether it's president bush our president
4:06 am
trump and say i'm going to go fight for him. i am foolishly enough optimistic that things are going to change. one of the reasons is i read in the "new york times" of all places today these words. president trump said just the right thing of a the attack and they quote donald trump. we may have our differences, but we do well in times like these to remember that everyone who serves in our nation's capital is there above all because they love our country. i think if people realize man, if i had anything to do with launching this lunatic, i don't want that blood on my hands. maybe things will change. >> maybe they will. unfortunately if you look at the rest of that editorial it's quite vile. it talks about toxic politics in america. but they can't refrain themselves at the "new york times" editorial board the vile fish wrap of record. they can't refrain themselves and playing -- and blaming the sarah palin for the gabriel
4:07 am
giffords shooting. they actually did that. it's a lie. their own paper had reported that jared laughner the shootner that case had been fixated on gabriel giffords since 2007. yet they blame sarah palin's 2010 map on that? now, those people have learned nothing. those are not people of good faith. and i know there are people of good faith out there and they need to speak up about this climate of hate. yes there are extremists on both sides. the problem is whether we are talking about political involvement campus, beheading rhetoric and imagery from hollywood liberals that hate conservatives and donald trump. to just a couple of days ago when you had one of these protesters stabbing a police horse in the neck at
4:08 am
anti-sharia protest. ainsley: should all congressman have security detail? rank and file saying they are getting up to four security threats each year. nancy pelosi gets way more than that representative claudia tiny said yesterday after all this happened. she got a threat one down, 216 to go. we assume that number is republicans who voted for obamacare repeal. should more -- should all these congressman get security detail and unless you are a top ranking member you don't get that all the time. >> serious discussion we need to have. it's very scary. i remember when claudia tiny was just a candidate in new york in is a mom of a military family that was compelled to run. how is it that she is a target now simply for espousing political values that some nut ball out there can't stand or tolerate? what it does, of course,
4:09 am
underscore is how important that security detail and all of the law enforcement officials were in preventing a massacre. and that cannot be repeated enough because, again, there has been a war a rhetorical war and literal war on police and law enforcement officers in this country. words matter. words have consequences. steve: some are online and twitter and facebook and the temperature has gone up so high. you are talking about claudia tiny. so she got an email that said one down, 216 to go. after steve scalise was shot. and then have you got ron desantis, apparently somebody called him yesterday and said glad it happened. trump ought to be next. how much of the rhetoric, which is so over the top now. and we have been -- it's over the top in many cases during the obama administration. and in the 43 bush administration as well. how much do you blame on
4:10 am
social media and the various platforms where people can be anonymous and so hateful at the same time. [i wrote a book in 2011 called unhinged filled 300 pages almost with vile rhetoric against women. i talked about my a subject any thamimi sagemisogyny.aassasn against george bush. this was not new. there were off broadway plays where they were invegassing people to stand up and say i'm going to kill the president. social media certainly exacerbates the problem. this has been preexisting. again, there needs to be explicit acknowledgment. where are the democrat leaders. instead of this half hearted editorial from the "new york
4:11 am
times" go and blame the victims. by blaming quote unquote right wing rhetoric. why don't they stand up and say you know what? we have got a problem in our movement and we're going to do something about it we're going to do more than just pay lip service to peace and tolerance and civility. steve: there you go. all right, michelle malkin out in colorado somewhere where she lives now. we thank you very much for joining us live. ainsley: thank you, michelle. let's hand it over to jillian with breaking news. jillian: good morning to you and to you at home as well. we want to get you caught up on a fox news alert. an explosion at the entrance of a kindergarten in china north the shanghai. it happened as classes were wrapping up. there are reports several people are dead. we will report you on the story as more information becomes available. also breaking right now. the fbi is interrogating a man who claimed there was a dirty bomb on a container ship in south korea. a youtube conspiracy theorist saying it was placed on board
4:12 am
during a recent trip to the middle east. authorities clearing the port of charleston overnight after finding no credible threats. developing overnight. north korea says they released american student otto warmbier on humanitarian grounds. the 22-year-old in a hospital in cincinnati after spending 17 months as a prisoner of the rogue nation. brand new picture showing himmen the u.s. you see it right there. as you can see, two men are holding him up, carrying him to an ambulance. is he semiconscious. he was brutalized by his captors and slipped into a coma for a year. >> last night, being able to see otto for the first time in gosh, i bet it's 18 months. it was fantastic. you know, i wa, otto is not in t shape right now. he has been through a real tough time. it's great to have him with us.
4:13 am
jillian: tucker carlson spoke exclusively to his parents. the full interview airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we saw firsthand how officers wound up ms 13 gang members when brian went for a ride along in suffolk county, new york. officers are at it again. we learned ice arrested 40 suspected gang members in the new york city area in just 30 days. the trump administration has promised to dismantle the deadly gang, largely made up of immigrants from south america. brian, i know you are probably closely watching that story. brian: 2 omiles from my house. steve: thank you, jillian. did you hear congressman davis say this? this is a result i believe of rhetorical political terrorism. that has to stop. steve: here live with more on those comments. brian: nobody would have survived yesterday wants shooting if it wasn't for capitol police. dan bongino is a former secret
4:14 am
service agent. he says it's time to reevaluate how we protect our elected leaders. we will talk to him. americans - 83% try to eat healthy.
4:15 am
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what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
4:18 am
brian: special counsel robert mueller is now reporting, accord ing to "the washington post that there is an investigation on president trump for obstruction of justice. now, nobody else has this story, but they say they have talked to five people who are briefed on interview requests to talk to them about their interactions with the president. former deputy. nsa director. dan coyotes the new national intelligence director as well as admiral rogers who runs the nsa right now. they want to talk robert mueller at the end this week today or tomorrow, end of next week about their interactions with the president and what he may or may not have said about moving forward with an investigation on michael flynn and russia. ainsley: whether or not he asked any of those leaders to end the investigation into general flynn. the white house is saying that did not happen. in fact, the president tweeted about it. steve: he did just been within the last half hour the president tweeted they made up a phony collusion with the russia story found zero proof. so now they go for obstruction
4:19 am
of justice on the phony story. nice. keep in mind. please keep the comments coming. clearly after mr. comey's testimony where he said the president said i hope can you do this for me and then you had the intel community leaders under cross-examination by members of congress last week. they were reluctant to talk about what the president had or had not told them because they said it's long standing precedent. but, none the less, all of them said they were not pressured by the president to change -- to go ahead and drop the investigation. ainsley: right. so we will have to see. brian: this is unbelievable that they have this special investigation to avoid all the leaks an the innuendo and pull it basically away from congress where they are gossipping like school girls and now we find out that there is leaks coming, perhaps, if the "the washington post" is correct, and nobody else has, this that actually coming from robert mueller who many people are wondering why robert
4:20 am
mueller picked a bunch of democratic donors with these great judicial records and why people should feel good about it knowing how close he is with james comey. could this be somewhat of james comey's revenge? ainsley: mueller hired attorneys gone up against the supreme court more than 100 times. steve: white house suggested that the leaks came from the fbi. if it came from either one of them, that's just not good. brian: right. if you are robert mueller, have you got to put the fear of god in them, you better not leak this out. because i will prosecute you, too. and even though robert mueller did interview for the fbi job. again, mysteriously he might want it again after comey got fired on may 9th. i'm wondering where this comes from and also in the big picture if everyone is okay with mueller's fill-in position. ainsley: good friends with comey. steve: after comey's testimony i think it was a layup that they were going to have to look into the obstruction of justice thing. now we know for sure apparently he is. meanwhile, our other top story is the shooting of the
4:21 am
congressional baseball practice a whole new type of terrorism? our next guest rodney davis says enough is enough. >> this is a result, i believe, of political, rhetorical terrorism. that has to stop. own fighting robots. destroy. but when it comes to mortgages, she's less confident. fortunately for sarah, there's rocket mortgage by quicken loans. it's simple, so she can understand the details and be sure she's getting the right mortgage. apply simply. understand fully. mortgage confidently.
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4:24 am
♪ ♪ brian: some stories breaking overseas i would like to share with you now. isis moving into obama administration's old stomping ground in afghanistan. old fortress in torah bora falling to the terror group taliban fighters who previously controlled the complex and they fled overnight after a week long assault by isis. the taliban and isis are fighting each other. qatar sealing a deal buying f-15 jets from the united states.
4:25 am
qatar and a number of gulf neighbors. turkish security agents facing charges on attack by american protesters which got remarkably undercovered. this happened outside of tuckery's embassy last month. 12 bed guards including two turkish. they blame the violence on the protesters. guys? steve: thanks, brian, disturbing rise in vicious left wing hate targeting the president being spewed by liberals across the country. >> i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> we are here to be nasty. [gunfire] >> well, our next guest calls that political rhetoric terrorism. rhetorical terrorism and demanding it stop now. congressman rodney davis was at bat when that shooting started and he joins us now. good morning, rodney.
4:26 am
seeing those images, now knowing what happened to you and some others that are leaders in our country yesterday on the baseball field it really hits home. i'm sure it does for you. what are your thoughts when you see those images now? >> well it, makes me resolved to do what i cannot only as a member of congress but as an american first to ratchet down this hateful rhetoric that we have seen on all sides and ensure that we take this lesson, this lesson that i saw yesterday of an attack on innocent people and innocent civilians in a park and turn it into something good. let's take this day and make yesterday the path, new beginning so that we can all work together, which is what we do a majority of the time out here. many people would be surprised, ainsley, that republicans and democrats that serve in congress actually get along. and we're going to show that tonight in our game, too. steve: absolutely. and yesterday, both parties united. there are some, congressman, who hope that just like after
4:27 am
9/11 there's a season of unity in washington, d.c. that lasts for a while. but, you know, it happened just 24 hours ago. it's 7:26 here in the east right now. it happened in the 7:00 hour. you know, how does it feel as a republican to know that in this particular case, you were targeted because you're a member of that political party? >> steve, it's still kind of surreal to me. i see the video. that's been replayed over and over. and i heard it on the last interview that i did. it really sets the stage for what actually happened. and then you see some of the evidence about the shooter coming out. his politics, his politics were his religion. that's what we have to make sure that we as americans say enough is enough. if politics and policy differences are what guid divide those. there a way to solve those. that's at election time. do it at the ballot box. we solve our policy
4:28 am
differences on the house floor. ainsley: what was going through your mind when you heard those bullets ring out. i know you were at home plate. you were at bat. did you call your family? what were your thoughts? >> when i was at bat i heard a very large noise i thought it was construction site dropping pieces of melts. then the next words i heard was run he has a gun. i did that. good samaritan and i saw in the story last night his name is ben childers. ben and your wife thank you for letting us. in we were able to call 911 and we weren't the first 911 call. but i got a chance to talk to my wife and kids. ben, i can't thank you enough for allowing me that opportunity to do that. ainsley: what did you say to your wife and your kids? >> i said there has been a shooting. dad's okay. i will call you back when i can. steve: absolutely. congressman, i heard when the manager, the republican and the democrat for the baseball
4:29 am
game tonight, had a press conference yesterday. the democrats invited all the republicans to have dinner with them last night. i haven't heard yet how many republicans took them up on that offer. >> you know, i wasn't able to go. so i don't have a count either. but just the shear fact that mike doyle the manager of the democrats made such a great gesture. it should show the american people that this game that we play for charity and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for d.c. charities, this isn't just about grown men like me and others playing a baseball game at nat stadium. this is showing the american people we can come together for causes and also have our policy differences but not take them personally. ainsley: it was great to hear nancy pelosi speak out and condemn -- bernie sanders. the pictures of the democratic team practicing and praying for all of you guys. congressman scalise is from louisiana. i understand you are all going to wear lsu gear tonight. >> we are are going to wear
4:30 am
lsu gear. i have my purple tie on in honor of my good buddy steve scalise. that's a that jesus christ scene i will never forget of my friend laying on that field motionless. this has got to stop. steve: it a fundraiser tonight. if people would like to help out it's where does that money go? steve: there is a number of charities, five i think now. ainsley: okay, great. steve: congressman rodney davis from the great state will illinois. thank you very much. ainsley: thank you and congressman scalise is in our prayers this morning.ou steve ad ainsley. ainsley: thank you. steve: united airlines facing another lawsuit. the reason you are looking at it so does the passenger have a case for what happened right there? ainsley: dan bongino is a former secret service agent. he says it's time to reevaluate how we protect our elected leader. he is going to join us live next.
4:31 am
4:32 am
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safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. steve: all right. it was just 24 hours ago right now where out at simpson field in alexandria, virginia, that gunman started shooting at members of congress. dan bongino is a former secret service agent, former new york city police department officer and joins us live from palm beach, gardens. leadership there, steve scalise who had a unit with him of two special agents, nobody would have survived because, essentially, it would have been a massacre. >> yeah. steve, this would have been the worst political assassination, political blood bath in american history. i don't use those terms lightly. think about it. this was not new york city where the fox studio is where
4:35 am
there is nypd police officer, you know, 30 seconds away at any given moment. i was a new york city cop. this was a relatively suburban area where the cops were probably 3 to 5 minutes away. do you know the kind of damage you can do in 3 to 5 minutes when you are firing at unarmed people who don't have a firearm to protect themselves? thank god and by not using the lord's name in vain i literally mean thank god that those brave united states capitol police officers god bless their soles. one of them was there one of them was hit and still reengaged. no doubt in my mind they saved the lives of inunusual members of congress there it would have been a really, really tragically more horrific situation. ainsley: not allowed to carry in d.c. security detail unless you are a top ranking official. most of them don't have security and they are not allowed to carry. if they want to protect themselves, what are they supposed to do. >> you know, ainsley, i ran for congress. i lost by one point. and when it's interesting
4:36 am
because it was this period where there was a recount where we thought we had won the race. one of the first things that jumped into my head thank god i have a carry permit from being a former secret service agent under this law. because that's the first thing that jumped in my head. how do these guys go to d.c. with no security detail in this hot political climate where they are essentially sitting ducks. that's the first thing me and my wife discussed. insanity. it didn't effect me because i have a carry permit. brian: key an ant ayou would think to members of congress leadership. what do you do right now? one thing, a lot of people would say is town halls not doing them. going outside in the public? no, not doing them. too much of a risk. >> you know, i think that may be a bridge too far. they have to get out there.
4:37 am
a lot of them want to get reelected. a lot of them are just brave enough to say i don't care. i want to accept the risk. here is the solution. i don't want to complain about it without giving the viewers a way to fix it unlike the presidency when i was in the secret service, where we know the president is he is in d.c. and in the white house the overwhelming majority of time. that's not the case with congressional members. they split their time 50/50 from home districts in d.c. we can get better collaboration with new york police and metro in d.c. in home districts get better collaboration with local sheriffs and ph.d. to pick these guys up on a door-to-door security detail. they don't have to sit there 24 hours. there is a better way to do this and there are solutions out there. steve: dan, let's talk a little bit about while the police are reluctant to talk about a motive if they figured it out yet. it looks like it was politically motivated. the guy was a bernie sanders supporter. he hated trump. his facebook made it very clear. brian: he also hated hillary. steve: you know, politics motivated him.
4:38 am
we just had congressman davis on who said to some of these people this kind of thing is their religion, where they feel so strongly about it. how did we get to this stage? i know there was a lot of rancor during the obama years and during the clinton years and bush 43 years. now it is so, the temperature is so hot. >> yeah. you know, steve, you will never understand any of this if you don't understand critical theory. this sick political theory that has enviewed our academics, our hollywood elitists, limousine liberals. it's important. we as conservatives and libertarians are fighting for ideas, lower taxes, patient controlled healthcare. that's not what the other side is fighting. make no mistake. the other side is fighting bad people. they don't care about your ideas. they don't want you to speak. they don't want you to open your mouth. they think you are a bad person. i don't think liberals are bad people. i think you have a set of really crappy ideas. but i don't think you are a bad person. the other side is not saying
4:39 am
that i'm not talking about all democrats. i'm talking about the far left. they legitimately believe you are evil. you want to kill grandma. you want to steal their money. you want to put minority kids in poor schools. they absolutely believe this. and then we wonder why an entire generation of kids shows up at a trump rally and some of them just want to beat up the other side? >> this is insane political temperatures are off the charts. melting down. brian: democrats will tell you they are worried about their far left. can you see that hillary clinton could not figure out what happened to her party. whatever you think of her as a candidate. she was not far left. and now there was even et story in the "new york times" last week is that people are afraid of rank ling the far left because they're the ones who speak the loudest and seem to have the most momentum. >> brian, that's crap. the democrat, this was an easy decision to go out yesterday and condemn an attempted
4:40 am
murderer, political assassin. the guy who shot him. i'm glad they did it thank you, nancy pelosi for saying that where the hell were you when black lives matter say pigs like blankets fry them like bacon we want dead cops now. where were you hate groups didn't want men in women's room. you just showed up yesterday for attempted murder? thankfully you spoke out, but now they are worried about their far left? you know what? give mia break. they had an opportunity years ago to correct this. ainsley: do you think if she had done that or other leaders on the left, if they had spoken out and condemned some of those other things that this kind of thing like the shooting yesterday would not have happened? >> ainsley, you are darn right. look at conservatives, we police ourselves. had you talk show host use middle name. it was conspiracy take down barack obama. the press went nut. john mccain called the guy out
4:41 am
at his own rally for using his middle name. we have a group calling for dead cops now and they are allowed to visit the white house? and nobody sees a problem with this? folks, this is literally the definition of clinical insanity. brian: so should those on the right take down alex jones and mike savage? >> we have already done it. there are people -- i don't even appear on one of those guys' shows. he asked me to come on a long time ago because i don't agree what they do. we already have doing this. we have a sensible movement of conservatives that understand we can't provide ideological refuge for that the left hasn't gotten that point yet. they have given these guys ideological home to set up their base and now they are afraid of them? you know what? you reap what you sow. i believe at love this could have been stopped if they shut this hateful rhetoric down a long time ago. steve: ultimately what it comes down to members of congress are lucky capital police were there.
4:42 am
they saved their lives. we thank you for joining us from palm beach gardens in florida. ainsley: jillian has headlines. jillian: let's start with this. in just a few hours, the supreme court will formally welcome newest member justice neil gorsuch. president trump expected to attend the ceremony which comes more than two months after gulch's swearing. in he is the president's pick to replace the late justice antonin scalia. nine seat court conservative majority. prime minister of australia poking funnel of president trump. fake polls and having a russian guy as his helper. take ache a lot. [laughter] >> not the fake polls. not the fake polls. we are, we are. we're win not guilty real polls.
4:43 am
jillian: the so-called jokes made australian parliament mid winter ball. new lawsuit for united airlines employee caught on camera appearing to knock out passenger at houston's new york airport. tigner suing for a million dollars claiming employees read to help him with his boarding pass. made fun of him and pushed him over. the impact knocking him out. employees seen standing over his unconscious body. another traveler stopping to help. the worker who pushed him now fired and charged. united settled another lawsuit in april. after dragging a passenger off a flight. the comedy with a conservative slant that got canned by liberal hollywood may get a new shot. >> i know what microaggressions are attack over free speech. jillian: cmt considering taking up.
4:44 am
company claims it's all about business not not politics. steve: last man standing still standing. steve: yesterday, about ran for their lives. but alabama representative mow brooks used his belt as a tourniquet on steve scalise. is he going to join us to talk about that about a half an hour from right now. ainsley: americans don't scare easily. the baseball game is still going to go on. are it's like nothing you've seen. the power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently.
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4:47 am
brian: 13 minutes before the top of the hour. republicans and democrats showing solidarity standing ovation vowing to play the congressional baseball game as scheduled which took place
4:48 am
every year since 1907. ainsley: take a look at that beautiful scene right there. both parties refusing to let the shooting violence stop the century old tradition. steve: game kicks off at 7:05 nationals park where the washington nationals play. that's where our doug luzader is on this thursday morning. >> good morning. thankfully they have a lot of seats in this venue. this may be a very well-attended game tonight. republicans and democrats alike felt it was important that this game move forward. and just to put this in to context, they have been doing this since 1909. they have cancelled this game once in a while because of the impression, because of world war ii. they certainly could have made a valid argu tonight given everything that happened yesterday. there was a commitment really at the highest levels of congressional leadership to play ball. >> knowing steve scalise as we all do he is likely really frustrated that he is not going to be able to play in the baseball game. [laughter]
4:49 am
>> we cannot let that be a victory for the assailant or anyone who would think that way. so tomorrow we will go out on the field. we will root for our team. >> they will root for their team. now, steve scalise, you heard paul ryan just mention him was supposed to play second base tonight. is he a baseball fanatic. and he spoke last week about the importance of this game. >> we're competitive people by nature. when you get to go out in a major league ball park and play a kids' game there is nothing like it. a lot of fun camaraderie around here, too. >> a lot of camaraderie more so this year than past years, obviously, because of this, you know, increased commitment that we're going to see towards bipartisanshipship or elevating the kind of debates we have in washington. thank you, steve and ainsley back to you.
4:50 am
ainsley: i'm sure security is going to be tight. women will have to go online and see the rules. giants stadium changed the rules. you can't take big pocketbooks. can't take umbrellas, you have to take like a little makeup bag. steve: the president won't be in presents because of security. ainsley: tickets are cheap. 10 to $15 depending where your seat is no stranger to our next guest. illinois representative mike -- nearly a dozen angry messages over the next year. is he going to tell us about it. , full of hope. and we don't want something like meningitis b getting in their way. meningococcal group b disease, or meningitis b, is real. bexsero is a vaccine to help prevent meningitis b in 10 to 25 year olds. even if meningitis b is uncommon, that's not a chance we're willing to take. meningitis b is different from the meningitis most teens were probably vaccinated against when younger. we're getting the word out against meningitis b.
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4:54 am
than a year the gunman contacted his office 10 times, so could anything have been done to prevent these attacks? joining us now is that republican congressman mike bost. congressman of illinois. of course. congressman, what do you know about this guy. >> let me tell you over the last actually 11 months he has actually contacted our office 10 times. nine of those times were through emails. one was through a telephone call. but when we looked it over, you know, we got the call frat capital police yesterday morning, gave us the name. and we said well, is he a person of interest? what's going on? they said he is actually the shooter. and at which time our staff got to working. we keep very good records. so we go back and understand there is hundreds of thousands of communications we get. he actually had called us those -- emailed us those nine times and called us one time. we looked through each one of those. i thought was there some kind of sign? was there anything? he didn't agree with us. he didn't agree with me and by positions. nowhere was it one of those
4:55 am
that oh my gosh, there's a problem here. and we have had those over the years and we contact capital police. brian: never thought he was insane. >> no. brian: living out of his van, showering at the ymca. trump is a traitor, destroyed our democracy. time to destroyed trump and company is that enough in your view and your staff's view to make you think there might be a danger here? >> here's the problem. in today's world and i wish it wasn't the case, you can see those on social media all the time. you can get those communications to your office. but, there is a level that you go okay, if they say hey, we're coming to your home. brian: yeah. >> there is those things that you identify with. there was none of that. it was a case with where i disagree and i'm as loud as everybody else out there protesting. and if that's the case -- brian: i don't mean to cut you off. >> that's fine.
4:56 am
brian: when you talked to him, did he fly to debate you or yell at you? >> no. >> if he did, and you remember why have protesters. that's what's going on right now. i wish it would stop it does take those on the edge and maybe push them over but as far as i know, no. never. there was never any conflict or never anything like that and when you talk to the locals, whether democrat or republican, he never showed these signs. brian: unfortunately you guys are sharing stories about threat on each other. and hopefully this is a turning point and a wake-up call and steve scalise ends up being okay. >> brian, this has to stop, it really does. most of us know where that line is we understand that conflict -- you know, that conflict is inevitable. combat is optional. others don't. thank you. brian: congressman, thank you for sharing your story, congressman bost. thank you. coming up straight ahead. during the brutal attack
4:57 am
representative moe brooks used his belt on the congressman the hill whip steve scalise. william mccraven we are privileged to have him andhe congressman mark walker. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom? i have a brand new putter you don't even know about! it's awesome. safe driving bonus checks, only from allstate. sometimes i leave the seat up on purpose. switching to allstate is worth it. mmmm. mmmm. mmmm... ugh. nothing spoils a moment like heartburn. try new alka-seltzer ultra strength heartburn relief chews. it's fast, powerful relief with no chalky taste. [ sings high note ] ultra strength, new from alka-seltzer. enjoy the relief. . . . .
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5:00 am
or an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis. [gunfire] [shouting]. jo hard to hear, isn't it. this is a fox news alert. horrifying moments that those gunshots were ringing out targeting republican lawmakers and it cast caught own camera. brian: congressman steve scalise worsening to critical condition overnight, wish we didn't have to tell you that. after being shot in the hip. doctors say he will need more surgeries. steve: donald trump and first lady melania donald trump
5:01 am
visited him at his bedside as steve scalise continues to fight for his life. ainsley: in icu. leland vittert live from the white house. good morning. reporter: good morning. learning a lot more how this injury to steve scalise took place the way the bullet traveled. it went through his hip into his pelvis. it hit a number of organs. doctors said he was in critical condition, having lost a substantial amount of blood. more surgeries to come on the congressman's road to recovery. that is what the president was there to check on. president trump and his wife met not only with doctors but also with steve scalise's family at his bedside. when the president left he tweeted out, just left hospital. rep steve scalise, one of the truly great people is in very tough shape. but he is a real fighter. pray for steve. earlier the president had said this. >> congressman scalise is a
5:02 am
friend and a very good friend. he is patriot and he is a fighter. he will recover from this assault. america is praying for you and america is praying for all of the victims of this terrible shooting. reporter: in addition to scalise fourth others were injured in the attack. the president also visited crystal griner of the capitol police yesterday in her hospital room. she is one of the ones hailed a hero for taking the gun man down. special agent david bailey was treated and released from the hospital. at least right now, the white house seems to be getting back to normal for this thursday, ahead of the president's trip to miami tomorrow, guys. where he will deliver a major policy speech about cuba, rolling back some of those obama era moves towards normalized relations with cuba. back to you guys. steve: leland, thank you very much. coming up in 20 minutes on this program we'll have with us zach
5:03 am
barth, he was the congressional aide who was injured. he will appear with congressman roger williams. i was talking to some members of congress and some of the staff members yesterday, you know what? a lot of people on capitol hill are freaked out how easily this guy was able to inflict so much injury upon those folks. when you look at while the motive is unclear at this point, although it looks like it was politically motivated, it is scary for people involved in the business of politics. ainsley: it absolutely is. this guy was such a nutjob. moved to d.c. for two months, lived out of his van, white van, curtains on the side. he had, saw pictures of investigators pulling things out of his car. he had a sign of chicken in chief, a picture after chicken with president trump's hair. he told his wife was going home, side to go out to the baseball field, asked congressman in the parking lot, are those congressman out there, and he
5:04 am
decided to shoot 100 rounds. brian: he was frequent guest at a sports bar who creeped out female bar staff. he would have two beers and sit there and watch golf. if you look at his background, he has a criminal record. yet this, an arrest for punching a female neighbor in the face as she tried to shield his underage daughter from him. he evidently was attacking her. he evidently attacked his wife but she dropped charges. this guy was unhinged since donald trump won the election. steve: as many people have been. we talked about trump derangement syndrome. he was very vocal online. look at his facebook. a big bernie sanders supporter. member of occupy wall street. he was a support of that as well. one thing he said about steve scalise, how, he posted on his facebook page a cartoon steve
5:05 am
scalise talking about here is a guy who should lose his job. congressman rodney davis was there yesterday. he was on the republican team. he said for a lot of people out there, this kind of stuff is very, very personal. listen to this. >> you see some of the evidence about the shooter coming out. his politics, his politics were his religion, and that's what we have to make sure that we as americans say, enough is enough. if politics and policy differences are what divide us, there are ways to solve those. that is called election time. do it at the ballot box. we solve our policy differences when we vote on the house floor. ainsley: good that these leaders are speaking out. what we noticed, we've been covering politics, i've been on the cure very couch for year-and-a-half, we cover this continuously, i was talking to the producers. we saw what madonna did, what kathy griffin did, shakespeare
5:06 am
in the park, we talk about the birth pains and saw the delivery yesterday. if leaders on the left say this is wrong, you can't do this kathy griffin, shakespeare people, this is bad for country affecting lives. that congressman davis had to call his wife and say i love you. didn't know whether a bullet would enter his body next. brian: think about this though. bernie sanders is lot of things, he disahe grows with most of people. he it not telling his people to shoot people. when people shoot people in the name of politician, all of sudden that politician gets vilified. bernie sanders says if you're following me i'm not advocating violence. i disagree with the president, i'm passionate about it, don't do it. if you shoot somebody, my favorite talk show host is fill in the blank, tomorrow it might be somebody saying doing this in the name of fox news. you're not doing this for us.ald
5:07 am
you on the left driving everyone crazy, you on the right are driving everyone crazy, people calm down and focus on issues, make sure the best you can, people don't misinterpret. when someone shoots somebody in the name of an anchor or a politician, they should say wait a second, i don't agree with that anchor or politician perhaps but never take up violence. we're passionate about what we do, but somebody unhinged might misinterpreting what we're saying to take action. steve: the key there is unhinged. for instance, with jared loughner, came to gabby giffords that guy was mentally unbalanced. we don't know enough about this guy. looks like he was politically motivated. brian: do you know normal person open up on fireplacing baseball? >> nothing i know about the guy is normal. ainsley: good point. >> steve: seems so early right now. i do know, is it political assassination attempt? it looks likes it. you look at the cover of the
5:08 am
"new york post" today, targeting republicans. ainsley: he asked the congressman in the parking lot are those republicans out there? brian: don't need anymore evidence. he is nuts. ainsley: he is crazy. brian: i don't need for the forensics to come in. he is sirhan sirhan. he is, just as bad as jared loughner. this guy is crazy. that is the end of it. we should be cognizant of crazy people watching any of us misinterpret our passion for a go sign. steve: that is exactly right. there is a big difference between hate speech and turning it, and i'm not talking about, i'm talking about online you see a lot of hate speech where people, ainsley's point where there are different things against this president or the last president, big difference between that, going out and doing something violent which is what that guy did yesterday. terry mcauliffe, governor of the common wealth of virginia, went to the crime scene yesterday and while he was talking about the situation
5:09 am
there brought up gun control. watch. >> as i have long advocated, this is not what today is about but there are too many guns on the street. we lose 93 million americans a day to gun violence. i've long talked about this. background checks, shutting down gun show loopholes. that is not for today's discussion but not just about politicians. we worry about this every day for all of our citizens. i talk about this every single day. this is a very serious issue. i just came with colonel flaherty recently, we just buried one much our great state troopers a special agent with a wife and three young children, needless, senseless. we have to look at this. with 93 million people a day there is something? >> 93 million is a big number. did you mean to say 93 million, that is a big number? >> 93 million, 93 individuals a today. brian: that guy crying for a teleprompter. get it for him. we'll not talk about gun control
5:10 am
today but i will talk about gun control today. steve: there are questions. investigators don't know enough about origin where he got the gun. dan bongino, used to be a police officer and member of the president's protective secret service detail talked a little bit how he ran for congress, he was happy as a former member of the police department, he had a concealed-carry permit. most members of congress do not. he said this. >> i ran for congress. i lost by one point. when, it is interesting, it was this period where there was recount where we thought we won the race. you know one of the first things that jumped into my head, thank god i have a carry permit from being a former secret service agent under this law, that is first thing jumped to my head, how do these guys go to d.c. with no security detail in the hot political climate where they're essentially sitting ducks.
5:11 am
the first thing my wife and i discussed that is insanity. it didn't affect me because i have a carry permit. this is different situation. ainsley: the judge says if you're a congressman, if you weren't in the cia you can't go get a concealed carry permit in washington, d.c. they don't have a way to carry guns to protect themselves. most of them don't have security detail. i wonder if that would change. that would be expensive, outrage justly expensive. brian: 535 people. steve: thing about members of confess you should be able to approach them out on the street, if you're surrounded by security detail. brian: during the civil war used to knock on the white house door to ask for lincoln. steve: things have changed. it is kind of a uncivil war. that is what we're talking about. 11 minutes from the top of the hour, jillian joins us with the news. >> let's get you caught up what you need to know before you leave the house. fox news alert. explosion at the entrance of a kindergarten in shanghai.
5:12 am
it happened when classes were wrapping up. several people are believed to be dead. it is not clear whether the blast was an accident or intentional. a witness tells a local newspaper that the explosive appeared to be a bottle of cooking goose. we'll update you as more information becomes available. developing overnight, north korea says, they released american student otto warmbier on humanitarian grounds. the 22-year-old is in a hospital in cincinnati after spending 17 months as a prisoner of the rogue nation. we have a brand new picture, showing him moments after touching down in the u.s. you can see two men holding him up carrying to an ambulance. he is semiconscious. his parents say he was brutalized by his captors. he was in a coma for a year. >> last night being able to see otto for the first time, gosh, 18 months, it was fantastic. no, i was not in great shape right now and he has been through a real tough time and
5:13 am
it's great to have him with us. >> tucker carlson spoke exclusively to his parents. that full interview airs tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. that is a look at your headlines this morning. that is definitely something everyone wants to be watching. brian: still in a coma. ainsley: so glad he is home though. we interviewed them. they were so sweet. brian: 13 minutes after the hour of the thanks, jillian. meanwhile i got a first-hand look at ms-13 gang when i had a privilege of ride along with the gang unit in suffolk county. it is 20 minutes from my house. are officers getting upper hand on them finally or falling behind? a closer look straight ahead. ainsley: a congressman used his belt to stop the bleeding on the hip of congressman steve scalise. he will be here to tell us all about that. representative mo brooks will join us live. that is coming up. ♪ is that good? yeah it's perfect. bees! bees!
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5:17 am
steve: fox news alert. republicans and democrats will have honor their wounded colleague steve scalise who remains in critical condition this morning. our next guest was there when the shooting happened, ran to take cover in a batting gauge. congressman mo brooks used his belt as tourniquet until ambulances arrived.
5:18 am
he joins us from statuary hall. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: it happened a little more than 24 hours ago and hard to get your head around. when the gunman started shooting, you were the second closest guy to him, there is real good chance you would be hit. >> i perceived if he stopped shooting towards second base, aiming at shortstop area, second base area, where he hit steve scalise and if he turns his view 30 feet to the right that is where i was standing. i was ready to take an at-bat. i had a clear sight to him. decided it was time to move and move quick. i dashed around the batting cage. hit the deck. it has a plastic barrier you can't see through. it gave me visibility cover. if he decided to shoot in that direction, the plastic would have done absolutely nothing to impede the fire. at some point there were three or four of us face down eating
5:19 am
grass, well, dirt and a decision was made if he comes around that third base dugout, we'll be lying down on the ground prone near home plate. we'll have no defense whatsoever. he will be 10 or 15 feet away. i don't know if it was individual decision or collective decision we needed to i can it the chance, expose ourselves to his fire, running from home plate to the first base dugout. that is what we all did. dove head first into the dugout. we're very fortunate he was not shooting as or if he was his aim was not very good. steve: essentially confined by the chain-link finance you were all essentially sitting ducks. 24 hours into it, congressman, though, how does it impact the way you thought about you and your position in life knowing that this guy looks like was out there to kill you because you're a republican? >> well, we're briefed on the risks being united states congress. as i commented to my wife when i
5:20 am
first was going through the process by which they explain the ropes to you. >> yeah. >> and we're in the house floor and they pull out the gas mask. they show us how to use it. steve: sure. >> i go to my wife, martha, i'm not on the county commission anymore. we had a number of threats that very same month. gabby giffords was shot in arizona. so we're well-versed on the risks out there and what we need to do to minimize the opportunity for bad guys, whether be lone wolves or terrorist attacks to minimize the loss of life. we recognize we're going to be the first target, we as congressman. the key to make sure there is security there who can perhaps stop the second, third or fourth shot before innocent bystanders get killed as was the case with gabby giffords. steve: thank you very much for joining us, telling your story. we'll be watching tonight when you take the field. >> prayers for steve scalise, matt mika.
5:21 am
kudos to the two officers who risked their lives, crystal griner and david bailey. they're the heroes. steve: indeed they are. thank you very much for joining us. and we will be right back. ♪ i noticed it as soon as we moved into the new house. ♪ a lot of people have vertical blinds. well, if a lot of people jumped off a bridge, would you? you hungry? i'm okay right -- i'm... i'm becoming my, uh, mother. it's been hard, but some of the stuff he says is actually pretty helpful. pumpkin, bundling our home and auto insurance is a good deal! like buying in bulk! that's fun, right? progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents, but we can protect your home and auto.
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♪ ainsley: we have quick headlines for you, "black lives matter" winning a lawsuit against the city of chicago. the group wants to stop chicago's police force demanding federal court oversight. attorney general jeff sessions says that it undermines respect for police officers. nypd could be forced to reveal the anti-terror tactics. city council would you introduce a bill that police department issue reports on what kind of surveillance equipment they're using. nypd says the bill is insane,
5:25 am
saying it helps attackers evade the cops. tactical gear designed to protect the cops, now in the hands of criminals. the crooks are buying supplier on. bay, after arresting suspects wearing their protective vests. brian. brian. brian: congressman steve scalise remains in critical condition, actuallydown graded, americans are trying to make sense after political attack on republican congressman preparing for a baseball game. [gunfire] brian: where do we as a country go from here? joining us retired admiral, former u.s. special operations commander, william mccraven, author of book, make your own bed, little things that can change your life and maybe the world.
5:26 am
let's go back to your old world, one of few people may not cringe because it remindsminds you about our old job, is this about political rhetoric getting out of hand. >> first let me extend my prayers to those wounded. it is difficult time for them. difficult time for their family. congressman scalise obviously in critical condition. all of the folks in texas send outprayers to zach barth. it is a tough time for him. in terms of political rhetoric, you have to take a look what was the mental stability of the shooter? what we find in a lot of these cases people will have mental health issues. so what we've got to determine i think, was this really politically motivated? we understand from his accounts, facebook accounts but i'm not necessarily sure that means this is a rational man, in rational thought as he went out to carry out the shooting. i think that will be determined in time. brian: now that you're in university life, having a chance
5:27 am
to watch television, do you think that the rhetoric is out of control? >> i think you know, there is some healthy dialogue. i think we have to have healthy dialogue about political discourse in this country. one of the things we encourage the student to do, come to school. discover new things. be prepared to debate. when you can't find a logical argument, be prepared to dissent but do so in a civil, lawful manner. brian: right. >> those are important skills to have. you don't want to have to turn to a gun every time you have a problem. brian: absolutely. let's talk about something else you're expert at, fighting isis and terror. isis, we understand, as we move closer and closer making progress, going into racca, capital of islamic state so to speak, turns out they're using drone technology against us and dropping what seemed to be hand grenades on us and slowings down. are drones technology used against us maybe for first time? what is your reaction? >> i think this is a little bit overstated. to run a sophisticated drone
5:28 am
operation or unmanned aerial vehicle operation really take as a large infrastructure. predators and reap percent we are very large aircraft. these small personalized drones may be able to drop a hand grenade. that will not stop our advance with the syrian defense force into raqqa. brian: do you think we should, this should be a wake-up call in case we don't have it yet, we need a sophisticated drone defense as well as offense? >> i think we do have it. we have radar systems. we have systems that can detect small drones coming in. having said that, the answer is yes, you need to be prepared for what the enemy can throw at you next. brian: smother thissed in yesterday's news and all this stuff about collusion the president giving go sign to secretary mattis to get to troop levels you need to be successful in iraq. here is the exchange that stood out, two days ago when secretary mattis took this question from john mccain. >> do you agree we're not winning in afghanistan? >> sir i understand the urgency.
5:29 am
i understand it is my responsibility. we're not winning in afghanistan right now and we will correct this as soon as possible. brian: now he will get the troop level and support he needs to do it. your reaction? >> well i think this is a good move. we have long, we in the military have long requested from the white house additional troops in afghanistan as we began kind of a drawdown. we recognize you can't keep 100,000 troops in afghanistan. nobody knows better than jim mattis or john nicholson the commander of isaf of troops in afghanistan. he understands what is needed. joe nicholson has done multiple tours in afghanistan. if he goes to secretary of defense i need another 3 to 5,000 troops, you can bet we need another 3 to 5,000 troops. brian: it is safe to say he will not be micromanaged, he will be allowed to win. if it is possible i think our guys can do it and our women that fight these worse. >> absolutely. brian: admiral, thank you very
5:30 am
much. if you're looking for a beach read, "make your bed." a great graduation gift. i want my 22-year-old to have this as they launch into the real world. thanks a lot, admiral. thanks so much for your service. >> my pleasure. brian: coming up straight ahead, zach barth, who you just spoke about, the gop aide to congressman roger williams speaking out for the first time since yesterday's attack. he is live next on "fox & friends". fourth of july celebration canceled because one person doesn't like president trump. is it up to one person when to decide to celebrate america's birthday? ♪
5:31 am
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5:34 am
steve: this is a fox news alert. in just a moment we'll have congressman roger williams from texas and zach barth, the congressional aide who was shot in yesterday's attack. they will be with us in two minutes. but in the meantime we've got some news. brian: they're both hurt. one ankle. one shot. >> that's right. we'll head to jillian with more headlines. >> sounds good, guys. i will get you caught up what you need to know before you leave the house. we saw first-hand how officers round up ms-13 gang members when brian went for a ride along in suffolk county, new york. officers are at it again. we learned i.c.e. arrested 40 suspected gang members in the new york city area in just 30 days. the trump administration promised to dismantle the deadly gang, largely made up of immigrants from south america. 4th of july tradition all because the founder doesn't like the president. katrina. >> bri: started new orleans flotilla boat parade in 2012. you see photos.
5:35 am
after president trump took office, she says she isn't feeling patriotic anymore. during an interview with the "times-picayune," she said i think about wearing my flag dress and waving flags, i don't know what it means this year. outrage after icy flag hanging over a dam in new hampshire. police removing the home-made banner from state property. authorities questioning a possible suspect and are now working with the fbi to determine if a crime was committed. a flag could be protected under freedom of speech but the proud american neighborhood is rally against the isis symbol, flying american flags outside their homes instead but guys, you have to imagine how frightening it is to see something like that in your neighborhood. steve: a little crazy. wonder where you're living. jillian, thank you. >> janice dean has some weather for us. hey, janice. >> good morning a beautiful day here in new york city. we're getting set up here for our summer concert series. tomorrow we have charlie daniels.
5:36 am
if you're in new york city, i want you to come on down, 6:00 a.m., when the festivities start. look at the map. it is cooler than last couple days here in the northeast. look at those temperatures. we love it. temperatures in the 70s today. we have the backdoor cold front moving on through. showers and thunderstorms in your forecast across the midwest. the tennessee river valley as well where large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes, those are areas at risk. parts of oklahoma and kansas you want to be particularly cautious for tornadic activity. make a mention very hot across the southwest and california this weekend. back inside. it's a beautiful day in new york city. i hope you join us for our summer concert series tomorrow, friday. ainsley: we will. steve: charlie daniels in the house. thank you, ma'am. ainsley: the capitol police being hailed heroes for -- that could have been a lot worse. steve: as some democrats have mentioned gun control in the, first 24 hours our next guest
5:37 am
says they were sitting ducks as shot hit his aide and would have felt a lot safer if he were armed. congressman roger williams coaches the republican baseball team. he joins us along with that staff member, zach barth, who was shot in the leg yesterday. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. steve: congressman, if i may, let me start with zach since he was shot. what happened, zach? >> i was out in the outfield shagging fly balls. i hear a loud pop. everything stops. time slows down, i'm wondering what is going on. then i hear somebody, they scream out, "he's got a gun, run." i see the shooter. he has a long gun at the third base dugout. taking deliberate aim at me, at members of congress and i hightail it to right field. there is nowhere for me to go. there is no gate or anything. i do the best thing i can. i get on the ground, make myself as small a target as possible. then i see him turn his gun
5:38 am
towards me. ainsley: my gosh. >> it starts popping all around me. he hits me in my leg. at that point, my adrenaline is pumping. my fight or flight reflexes take control. i decide if i want to live, i need to get to better cover. i sprint down, running for my life. sprint down the first baseline into the dugout. i just jumped in. i jump into the arms of the congressman. we stay there. and i was bleeding a little bit. and, i wasn't really concerned about that i was just concerned about staying alive. i was keeping my head down, keeping the congressman's head down. we were trying to make it through. we didn't know what was going on. it was chaos. thank the lord for officers bailey and griner. without them, i might not be talking to y'all. brian: congressman, one of the most amazing thing you described in the story yesterday, talking about zach, saying he is bleeding and also texting at the same time.
5:39 am
>> you know how this younger generation is. they can do different things at different times i guess. zach is a hero. our capitol police are the heroes. if they had not responded as they did, i don't think anybody would have made it through. we, all we had was balls and bats to fight this guy. so it was not a good situation. i was hitting, i was hitting ground balls over on the third base side, did not know he was behind me. we were 20 feet away or 20 yards. i went around to hit ground balls to steve scalise. when i hit the ground ball, we heard the pop as zach talked about. i turned, only place i could think of was the first base dugout. the dugout is six feet in the ground. it is a real dugout. i dove head first into the dugout. all of sudden there i was with jeff flake and mo brooks. then out of nowhere comes zach, running. he had been hit. as he said, jumped into my arms and we held each other. mo brooks took his belt off to
5:40 am
gave it to flake to create a tourniquet to slow blood down. we're so thankful once we saw capitol police return their fire and eventually stop, it was an unbelievable moment. steve: congressman, 24 hours ago, there were reports that you had been injured. you were jumping in, right? >> yeah, i jumped into dugout. like jumping in a swimming pool with no water. i went in, didn't realize i hurt my ankle and my leg, so forth. but i did have an injury. and going to fly back to texas tonight after the game and get it fixed up. ready to go again. ainsley: zach, what was going through your mind, when you saw the shooter turn his gun at you, my word, what is going through your mind? were you praying? how excruciating was the pain? how were you able to run to the dugout? >> i was absolutely praying. i'm a man of faint. that is really central part of my life.
5:41 am
i was just praying for safety, just praying. what was going through my mind, just to try to get out of that situation. i was a sitting duck out there. i mean we're on a flat baseball field, no cover. there is a 20-foot gate. i didn't know that i could scale that with my leg. but i didn't really feel much. my adrenaline was pumping. at that point, instincts take over. brian: where were you hit? >> i was hit in the left calf. brian: did you feel it? >> yeah, you know, it was a burning sensation. i looked down, i saw blood flowing out of there. but thankfully it just torn through the meaty part of my calf. it was in and out. i was able to run on it, thank goodness. ainsley: did you call your family, say, mom, dad, brother, sister, whoever, i've been shot? >> yeah. ainsley: what was their reaction? >> you know. they're shocked but they were grad to hear, i told them i'm okay. the police are here. i'm safe. i'm going to be okay. an you know, they love me and my
5:42 am
dad flew out as soon as he heard the news. so it is great to have that community around me. i had so many people praying for me. in my community up here on capitol hill, in my community at houston, just to have everybody supporting me and lifts me up that is exactly what i needed. it is, in trying times like that you know people really show their you true colors. steve: you were treated and released. today you're back at work. we're glad you're better. congressman, thank you very much. >> we have a game to play tonight. i hope everybody watches or comes to it. brian: or donate. steve: everybody will be watching. >> hope they donate. that we do better than million dollars. steve: congressman, and zach, thanks for he willing us your story. >> thank you. steve: apparently he just wanted to kill republican what is he said and wrote online. more shocking details behind yesterday's shocking attack at the baseball practice.
5:43 am
congressman mark walker was there. joins ainsley next. liberty mutual stood with us when a fire destroyed the living room. we were able to replace everything in it. liberty did what? liberty mutual paid to replace all of our property that was damaged.
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>> social media posts of the gunman who shot congressman steve scalise and fourth others, social media revealing blatant anti-trump bytes like this one on facebook. trump is a traitor. trump has destroyed our democracy. it's time to destroy trump and company. our next guest, congressman mark walker, republican congressman from north carolina joins us right now. >> thanks, ainsley. good to be with you. ainsley: from what i understand you were there at the practice. you had just left, is that right? >> yeah. but in reflecting we didn't realize in this guy at the van at ymca had been casing us out since april. very unnerving, the pitching cages are right next to the ymca. and as the pictured this evening
5:47 am
it is unnerving and reflecting back. i do want to make sure as you guys are celebrating the true heroes yesterday. ainsley: absolutely. what went through your mind you hear about the shooting, you were like, my word, i was just there? >> it's a little unsettling. as a pastor for nearly two decades before coming to congress, you counsel people, work with people, but you never think this is something literally seeing play out. very proud of my colleagues. a couple, one arm surgeon who really helped steve with the tourniquet and stopped the bleeding. unnerving that the rhetoric driven to this place and very sad in some ways. ainsley: do you think it will change congress the way you guys are voting, men and women of congress vote for gun control and other issues? does it change your perspective now? >> it doesn't change my perspective. it he reminds me as leaders we have to be disciplined. speaker ryan asked me to lead the entire congress in prayer. i talked about our speech seasoned with salt an grace.
5:48 am
we can do that, make sure we're standing for our values, whether life issues or fiscal responsibility. those are important things. we can not surrender those but how we conduct our service specifically, people i know you have faith and others that is what we're called to do but doesn't mean we refrain from speak the truth. ainsley: so refreshing when i saw picture of democrats praying. reminds me we all need to come together to love one another? >> i believe tonight will be a time of healing and making sure ultimately we're driven by that. personally i appreciated many hugs from my colleagues across the aisle. there is a way to do both. there is a way to talk about our differences. to stand for our values but way to honor faith. ainsley: we interviewed someone earlier they were talking about the dehewnization of our country right now. we need to realize we're all individuals and people. i walk through life, i say that is god's child. you can disagree, but this is the extreme. we've got to stop. >> it is extreme.
5:49 am
we have to push back. even people, whether they're right or left, we have to make sure the language that we're using, even some. things yesterday, i caught a little heat yesterday i called this about 7:30, i called it an at okay on republican congressman. that evidence shows that it is correct. you can call what it is and a heart to be bipartisan as we move forward in our relationships. ainsley: thank you so much for your service. god bless you congressman. >> thank thank you, ainsley. a privilege to be with you. ainsley: he saved 10 of husband brothers in arms despite being wounded himself during a bloody battle in vietnam. and now jim will be the very first veteran to receive the medal of honor from president trump. he will join us next. first we'll check in with bill hemmer. what is at the top. hour? hey, bill. >> good morning to you. tender times at the hospital. latest on congressman scalise this morning. how washington and how america is reacting the day after. how the media is looking at the story. we'll have all that for you.
5:50 am
what we're learning from the shooter from people who thought they knew him. is bob you mueller making a move? parents of jailed american in north korea set to hold a news conference. we'll have that live. what will we learn about what they did and did not know, for more than a year about their son in north korea. we'll have it all for you ten minutes away, top of the hour.
5:51 am
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5:53 am
[gunfire] [shouting] [gunfire] ainsley: this is a fox news alert. the horrifying moments that those gunshots rang out targeting republican lawmakers and it was caught on camera. brian: yep.
5:54 am
congressman steve scalise's condition sadly, got worse overnight, as of late last night we find out he was in critical condition after being shot in the hip. doctors say he will need more surgeries. when the president came to see him, originally the report he couldn't get into the room. but he could get into the room. didn't seem like the majority whip was conscious to speak to him. because of what he has been through during the day. steve: it does appear the president was at his bedside and spoke to his wife. president also took the white house physician with him. he was in attendance. you can see and melania leaving the medstar hospital center in northern washington, d.c. it was unannounced that he was going to head out there. and, what's interesting about his condition is, it has been downgraded to critical. apparently the surgeries they did, and the procedures yesterday were because when he was examined yesterday, we all knew that he had been hit in the hip but apa apparently one of the, and i believe it was one of the doctor congressman who
5:55 am
inspected him yesterday in the morning, couldn't find an exit wound. where it went in, couldn't find where it went out according to a report. it did a lot of damage in there. so the procedures yesterday were simply to stop the bleeding because it was damaging a lot of organs. ainsley: i thought okay, shot in the hip. not in the head, not in the heart. we were all praying for him. as bad as it is, my gosh, he can live with this but then he went into surgery, apparently was losing a lot of blood, some. senators, senator flake found him and got to him, senator scalise hands him his phone and says, call my wife. i'm thinking he is conscious. brian: told the congressman he was thirsty. evidently the bullet went through his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, causing severe bleeding. they mentioned to stop the bleeding get him transfusions. he had multiple units ever blood transfusions. we original thought, he was conscious when he left all true but a lot more complicated.
5:56 am
>> prayers for him today see steve that is what the president said. the president tweeted out this of the just left hospital. one of the truly great people. real fighter, pray for steve. had this to say about the, so anyway. pray for steve, he is a real fighter. brian: and he is. that is why he had the job he had. he will be on everybody's mind today. as you mention, ainsley, everybody will be wearing something lsu-like in the game today or tonight. ainsley: he is from lsu. if you want to give money, go to congressional go to the game, 10 to $15. if you live in the area. steve: we'll have live coverage during prime time. we'll step aside. more in two minutes. ♪
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> charlie daniels tomorrow on the all american summer concert series. >> run to the radio. our first guest lindsey graham. >> bill: we're waiting more information on the condition of steve scalise at this hour still in critical condition. it was 25 hours ago when a gunman opened fired on the political leaders of our democracy. a tender scene at the hospital last night as president trump and first lady saw the house majority whip at his bedside. good morning. welcome to another day. i'm bill hemmer live in america's newsroom. >> shannon: good morning. long recovery ahead for the congressman. they also visited one of the injured capitol police officers being hailed as heroes for helping there not to be a ma


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