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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 16, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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you as we look at new york city in manhattan, a rainy friday. it is friday. "fox and friends" first on friday morning. heather: thank you for starting your day with us. steve scalise remains in critical condition in the hospital but doctors say he is improving after being shot in the hip and the hopeful update as lawmakers come together in unity at the congressional baseball game. rob: what we are now learning about the shooter. >> reporter: we are told that steve scalise is recovering from another surgery for his internal injuries and the broken bone in his leg and he will need several more operations.
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the congressman from louisiana was on the forefront of everybody's mind at the annual congressional baseball game for charity. players on both teams war lsu gear in his honor and did a touching moment ahead of the game democrats and republicans met around second base where scalise was shot where he was playing, donald trump was not at the game, praising lawmakers and fans and sending a message to the world. >> by playing tonight you are showing the world we will not be intimidated by threats or assaults on democracy. another special night, i leave you with three great american words that for generations have torn down barriers, build bridges of unity and defied those who sought to pull us apart. ladies and gentlemen, let's play
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ball. rob: one of the highlights was the opening pitch, david bailey who was injured in wednesday's shooting surprised the crowd and took the field in crutches to throw out the opening pitch. first daughter, ivanka, were part of a record-breaking crowd, 25,000 people came to the charity event which is more than the average crowd size that immediately game. and an end the democrats won 11-numtwo. it really was a win for everyone. the two sides raised $1 million for charity which is more than double the amount they raised last year alone. the fbi investigation into james hodgkinson, the man behind wednesday's shooting is progressing. the fbi learned the 66-year-old legally owned the pistol and rifle used in the attack and the man's wife told reporters he had told her he was going to dc to lobby to change the tax laws.
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heather: nancy pelosi going off on republicans in the wake of the baseball shooting, california democrat responding to the possibility that the gop could blame the attack on hateful rhetoric from the left. >> how dare they say such a thing? how there is a? this sick individual does something despicable and it was horrible what he did, hateful but for them to all of a sudden be sanctimonious, that they have never seen such a thing before, i don't even want to go into the president of the united states but in terms of some of the language he has used. heather: the gunman made several anti-donald trump post on social media and was a staunch bernie sanders supported. charles krauthammer sounding off saying what we need to know is not more finger pointing but a de-escalation of political
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hostility. >> this is a reflex i have seen among democrats. it is true to some extent among republicans. the vitriol in our politics is not unilateral. if you are a democrat you are to have at least the decency to wait a while before leveling accusations. if that language were so extreme we would have the beginning of a de-escalation. rob: donald trump slamming the russia investigation taking to twitter to wonder why he is being pro while hillary clinton is not. one of the tweets red crooked h destroyed phones with hammer, bleached emails it had husband meet with attorney general days before she was cleared and they talk about obstruction, this comes a day after a washington post report claiming robert mueller is investigating the president for obstruction of justice for firing james comey. as we wait for confirmation on
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that investigation the senate judiciary committee opening their own probe into comey after termination, if the administration had improper interference with the fbi and obama's attorney general loretta lynch and whether she influenced the clinton email investigation. if comey faces trouble from the trump administration he has some options. russian president vladimir putin is now offering comey asylum. heather: russia taking credit for killing the leader of isis. the defense ministry claims baghdady died in the a strike in the syrian city of rocca late last month. according to russia they killed 30 isis commanders and 30 fighters who were gathered for a meeting. rob: father an american students freed by north korea slamming
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the obama administration holding them partly responsible for his son's condition. heather: otto warmbier is suffering extensive brain tissue loss. this is really heartbreaking. >> reporter: it has been three days since american college student otto warmbier arrived home after being released by north korea, the rogue nation claims he contracted botulism more than a year ago but doctors caring for him say there is no evidence to back that up. his neurological condition described as, quote, a state of unresponsive wakefulness. >> he shows no signs of understanding language, he has not engaged in any purposeful movement or behaviors, extensive loss of brain tissue in all regions of the brain. >> reporter: his father wearing the same jacket his son wore to north korea last year. he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor for stealing a propaganda poster, otto warmbier
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condemning the rogue nation for returning his son in this state. >> i would like to highlight the bittersweet feeling my family has, relief that auto is home in the arms of those who love him and anger that he was so brutally treated for so long. >> reporter: his father calling out former president obama for not doing enough to secure his release. >> so i think the past administration could have done more? i think the results speak for themselves. we are also thankful to rex tillerson and donald trump, they wanted him home and i believe they made this happen so we are thankful for that. >> reporter: doctors don't know the cause or circumstances of his condition or if he will recover. such a sad story. you could see he was already having trouble way back 17 months ago when he was forced to
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make that admission. rob: in a few hours the president will unveil a new policy rolling back obama era policies with cuba. commercial flight and cruises to the island will still be allowed the travel restrictions could be tightened. a senior administration official says the president is trying to block business deals with havana's military in hopes of cutting off money to the oppressive cuban regime and spending that money to the people. >> the death toll rising after we get our first look inside the london tower gutted by an inferno, shocking photos show windows blown out and rubble scattered where 17 people were killed. these harrowing images highlighting the challenges firefighters face trying to save those trapped inside and we are learning one hero mom took action herself letting her 11th floor apartment by overflowing
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the bathtub keeping the room damp until help arrived. the death toll could rise above 100 and dozens of people remain unaccounted for. >> the tsa testing a 3-d scanner to inspect carry-on bags, a move they hope will improve their ability to detect bombs and even shorten security lines which would be nice. the new machine give security screeners a 3-d view of bags to ensure there are no threats inside, could potentially eliminate the need to remove liquids or keep them at three or four ounces and laptops from carry-on bags, the scanners only being tested in phoenix. foxbusiness alert, wells fargo under fire, accusations of making unauthorized charges to customers mortgages according to lawsuits. the bank reduced customer's monthly mortgage payments without their consent forcing
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their borrowers into bankruptcy. the bank denied these allegations saying the modifications were clearly stated in letters they sent to mortgage holders. heather: thousands of vehicles being pulled off the streets because the airbags could unexpectedly go off in your face. rob: what you need to know before you jump in the car. >> reporter: fiat chrysler recalling 300,000 dodge grand caravan minivans model years 2011-12 because of a potential wiring short-circuit leaving the driver side airbags to inadvertently deploy, the issue calling eight people to get hurt. more trouble on the roads and in the skies, the worst airline spirit, passengers complaining most about legroom or lack of it followed by fees, the next worst airline is united. the top of the list southwest
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and jetblue. netflix now has 2 million more subscribers than cable tv providers do. in the first week a month of the year netflix boasting 51 million customers, cable companies had 49 million marking the first time netflix or fast -- surpassed cable, twitter will look a little different when you log on today. there are changes to the settings, the shape of the icons and the layout, navigation and there will be four main tabs. twitter becomes faster, easier to use with a more uniform experience on different platforms. ♪ >> look who is standing outside, time for the friday concert series. >> reporter: we have charlie
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daniels here. starting at 6:00 am, we have famous dates here, look at the forecast, if you are coming down here there is a chance later on this morning for a chance of rain. let's look at your forecast. your summer concert series right now clear skies, we could see a few showers and it is going to be cool so keep an eye on that because we have the potential of rain not only today but in the northeast back to the mid-atlantic and the midwest, not a total washout but we are expecting more rain showers in the forecast this weekend, a full update on your 5 day forecast coming up at the bottom of the hour. charlotte daniels warming up here. >> it is 12 minutes after the top of the hour and donald from following through on another campaign promise, the obama era program that the administration just scrap to better secure our
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borders. rob: no gender no problem, the state offering a non-gender option for your drivers license. heather: giving away our tactics to terrorists. the nypd will review its anti-terror claim book to the public, why the city is finest are calling that move insane. ♪ new york state of mind ♪ during your period? it looks great with tampax pearl. you get ultimate protection on your heaviest days and smooth removal for your lightest. tampax pearl and pocket pearl for on the go. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it.
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nausea; and joint pain. bexsero may not protect all individuals. tell your healthcare professional if you're pregnant or if you have received any other meningitis b vaccines. ask your healthcare professional about the risks and benefits of bexsero and if vaccination with bexsero is right for your teen. moms, we can't wait. heather: trump administration following through on another campaign promise cracking down on illegal immigrants, the promise of homeland security ending the deferred action for parents of americans program introduced during the obama era but it stalled due to a series of legal battles before it could be an accident would have offered deportation protection to millions of illegal parents of us citizens. 100 volunteers in denver looking out for illegal immigrants by giving them a heads up on ice
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raids. the rapid response network allows illegals to talk to people who will confirm if there is an ice raid happening in the area. a trained observer is sent to their location to document the interaction along with the team of lawyers to assist possible detainees. the network is privately funded through several state organizations. rob: the nypd could be forced to reveal its anti-terror tactics, introducing a bill that would require the police department to issue reports on what kind of surveillance could be seen by the public. the nypd calls this idea insane. saying it helps terrorists evade police. should the department open its anti-terror playbook to the public and let everybody see how they keep us safe. here to weigh in on this, the tendons and army veteran, good to see you again. we have had a nice run in new
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york city, it has been 16 years since 9/11. do you feel we are too complacent, this idea could even gain any traction at all, to open us up and show everybody we are keeping them safe and an advantage a lot of officers say to people trying to hurt us. >> city council had a relationship with the nypd and this is something being going on for years. we have to take into consideration two types of threats, the general threat, officers with heavy weapons in places like times square and that -- when we have specific threats we don't want to tip our hand as law enforcement to the public such as the propensity for dirty bomb or something being ignited. let the public know that the location, the key is to catch that person. when you go back to policing, 9/11, we have thwarted numerous
2:19 am
terrorist attacks in new york city and we have to give credit absolute members of the nypd and law enforcement on a national level. rob: john kelly, very good man, said if he knew the kind of threats we face in this country and the chatter he hears you would be afraid to leave your house. >> you wouldn't sleep at night. as an army that i'm a strong proponent in securing a republic and we have to go back to the social contract. we as citizens afford government the ability to take care of us. in return we submit some levels of rights. we allow the government to provide this blanket of security and that is what the nypd is providing, secretary kelly for providing security for us as a nation. rob: bill diblasio appears to be not for this plan, doesn't think it is a good idea, two councilmembers are both democrats and that have prior history in law enforcement,
2:20 am
don't understand, officers would argue, threats we face. >> we refer to the city councilman, vanessa gibson, a background in law enforcement or policing, very difficult for these individuals to introduce a pattern. >> walk the streets and read the subway and i think it is safe, thanks for coming in this morning. heather: the time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour, the new york times to find political business following the alexandria shooting even if it meant reviving an old lie and laying the blame on sarah palin but she just fired back. carly shimkus as that up next. ♪ ♪ on american --
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where you do business. ♪ ♪ >> liberal balance following the alexandria shooting, reviving an old lie and laying blame on sarah palin. heather: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 with how she has just fired back. >> reporter: congress is experiencing bipartisanship after wednesday's shooting, not so much at the new york times, the new york times printed an editorial baselessly blaming sarah palin for the 2011 shooting of gabby giffords. in this opinion piece they talk about the debunked theory that a list of obamacare support as put forth by palin's packings by the shooter which sarah palin slammed the times in a facebook
2:25 am
post, she said i hope the media has collectively matured since the last attack on a representative when media coverage fed blatant lies about who was to blame. there has been no improvement, the new york times is gotten worse. the times now says yes, they screwed up, they issued a correction, and editorial thursday about the shooting of representative steve scalise incorrectly stated a link exist between political rhetoric and the 2011 shooting of representative gabby giffords. in fact no such link was established. can sarah palin sue for libel? in a twitter post she said she is talking to lawyers. don't mess with sarah palin. rob: something we would like to see in the wake of what happened this week the congressional shooting, less political rhetoric. someone known for that is ted nugent, the rocker best known for sometimes violent verbal
2:26 am
attacks on democrats, he says he is done with all of that. take a listen. >> my wife has convinced me that i just can't use those harsh terms. even my friends/enemy on the left in the democrat and liberal world, we have got to be civil to each other. >> a huge change for ted nugent and people on social media happy about it, proud. richards is good on you, people can disagree politically without being hateful to each other. more people on both sides need to do the same. this week, i like it, let's disagree without over-the-top violent anger. we can do that and another twitter post is never thought i would enter these words but way to go, ted nugent. i like the fact that his wife talked some sense into him. isn't that always the case? go listen to your wife.
2:27 am
the ceo of time warner saying they are not backing out, not drop their support of new york's public theater, new york public theater is the theater group putting on this play of julius caesar where they have a trump like character they killed on stage. the president of time warner cable says the killing of julius caesar raises important points about how that did not work, nor did it accomplish the end of those senators who did kill caesar. a lot of people are really really angry with time warner cable. one tweet says time warner cable dropped the play inciting violence is not a, quote, value of the company, butchering shakespeare for political means is not art. a lot of companies said they are done with this theater group, they are sticking to it. heather: in central park it was
2:28 am
packed. rob: if you don't like time warner, i have verizon fires. heather: a pair of escaped inmates who murder their prison guards just caught. meet the man who held the mat gunpoint. >> the summer concert series, charlie daniels in the plasma all morning long. ♪ never going to happen again ♪ what's the story behind green mountain coffee and fair trade? let's take a flight to colombia. this is boris calvo. boris grows mind-blowing coffee. and because we pay him a fair price, he improves his farm and invest in his community to make even better coffee. all for a smoother tasting cup. green mountain coffee.
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heather: love it. christina aguilera and pitbull. you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: happy friday, it is 5:31 on the east coast, congressman steve scalise in critical condition but doctors say he is improving after being shot in the hip. a local update as lawmakers come together in unity of the congressional baseball game. the 20 garrett tenney is in washington dc with more on that and what we are learning about the shooter. >> reporter: a law enforcement official says investigators believe the gunman did act alone without outside help with this shooting. the fbi learned the pistol and rifle used in the attack was legally owned by the shooter and he told reporters earlier this year he had told her he was going to dc to lobby to change the tax laws. several of the victims had a message of their own last night, attended the annual
2:33 am
congressional baseball game to show that they would not be intimidated. >> time stood still after the first crack of the rifle. someone said run and i ran a far away from the shooter as i could, ran into right field, got on the ground, nowhere for me to go, then he turned to me and started shooting at me. everything started popping around me. i got struck in the leg and at that point i decided i wasn't going to be a sitting duck for this guy. >> reporter: a touching moment when both teams, democrat and republican, came together for a prayer. the president was not at the game but he did send this message. >> on this special night i leave you with three great american words that for generations have torn down barriers, built bridges of unity and defied those who have sought to pull us apart. ladies and gentlemen, let's play
2:34 am
ball. >> reporter: first daughter ivanka trump attended the game. david bailey who was injured in wednesday's shooting surprised the crowd and took the fielding crutches to throw out the opening pitch. in the end the democrats won 11-numtwo but this was a win for everyone, 25,000 people attended, more than $1 million was raised for charity. steve scalise was on everyone's mind, now recovering from a surgery he underwent yesterday for his internal injuries and broken bone and he will need several more operations. heather: the president and first lady on a ceremonial visit to with a supreme court justice r gorsuch , the oath after being
2:35 am
sworn in, he filled the vacancy left by antonin scalia, reestablishing a conservative majority on the supreme court. rob: the best story of the morning, these two picked the wrong guy to mess with, a homeowner catches a pair of dangerous escaped prisoners and holds the mat gunpoint until police arrived. donnie rowe and ricky dubose busted trying to steal a car near nashville, tennessee, they are accused of escaping the prison bust in georgia and killing two corrections officers with their own guns. they had been serving time for armed robbery but looks like they will now face murder charges. >> starting next month you don't need agenda to apply for an oregon driver's license, the state the first to not specify
2:36 am
option, instead of m or f, those people will have a x. rob: los angeles becomes gotham city in honor of a fallen superhero, hundreds of people watching as the official switched on the bat signal. >> the yellow oval glowing at city hall in honor of the late batman actor adam west, his wife and children were in attendance. heather: west known for the batman tv series died last week, he was 88 years old. he certainly lived his life. heather: 7 heather: janice dean. rob: only if she keeps the driver two more hours. >> i knew there was a catch. current temperatures cooler than
2:37 am
average across the northeast and we deal with and settled whether, not only today but through the weekend, father's day weekend. we hope these showers and thunderstorms stay away from our summer concert series. we have the potential for stronger stores including severe weather across the midwest, the plains states with large hail, damaging wind and even tornadoes so that will be a concern for this evening, quick forecast across the southwest, very hot temperatures, dealing with extreme heat, high heat warnings and on the east coast and settled whether, showers, thunderstorms hit or miss for much of the weekend, keep that in mind. real quick i want to point out june, hurricane season underway and we are watching this area of disturbed weather in the gulf of mexico, potentially developing in the next five days, busy in the extreme weather center. rob: early for this kind of
2:38 am
talk. heather: the father of the american student freed from north korea now slamming the obama administration for not doing enough to free his son. >> to the past administration could have done more? i think the results because themselves. heather: what does this mean for relations with a rogue nation going forward? rob: a fourth of july celebration canceled in a major city because one person doesn't like the president. we are serious. ♪ point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours. step two: choose la quinta. the only hotel where you can redeem loyalty points for a free night-instantly and win at business. ♪ to err is human. to anticipate is lexus. experience the lexus rx with advanced safety standard.
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2:42 am
enough. >> we received a nice phone call from donald trump who told us secretary of state to listen worked hard to bring him home. we are extremely grateful for their efforts and concern. do i think the past administration could have done more? i think the results speak for themselves. rob: what does this mean for a relation with north korea going forward? national security fellow in foreign policy advisor, thanks for coming in. they sent this poor kid back from a coma did hard delisted god knows what to whom, highly a gesture of good faith. >> the north koreans want to establish communications with the united states but in the past when there have been us hostages they have come back alive. the north koreans typically do not physically harm them in this way, they do indoor psychological torture, that sort of thing. the fact that he came back in a,
2:43 am
does not bode well for the north koreans, we have to figure out at this point how he got in this state. it is a shame and won't do any favors for the north korean regime. heather: you were referencing in 2009 with former president clinton, bill clinton. >> reporter: former clinton at the time, president obama was in the white house and president clinton was able to secure the release of two american prisoners and another american prisoner released in 2014 and we have had some success in the past but the fact that he came back in such bad shape, a lot of questions what the north korean regime is doing, why didn't they release him? why did they keep him for so long? >> he was having problems in the beginning when he was forced to make that confession. >> reporter: the north korean regime does not like human rights abuses exposed so what
2:44 am
the trump administration will do is make sure, this is not a humanitarian gesture, the north korean regime is probably the most repressive regime in the world and has a terrible record on this. the big problem with north korea, human rights problems, the nuclear missile program and this is not going to help us move in the direction of securing diplomatic channels. >> we dealt with this nation and this dictator as if they are rational people. kim jung un is a psychopath. why do we bargain with them and do you think the new administration will deal with them the way a lot of americans think they should? >> reporter: interesting the trump administration secured his
2:45 am
release. what that tells us is the north koreans don't do anything out of the kindness of their hearts, they do it because it is in their own interests so i think the north koreans are taking the trump administration more seriously, negotiations, diplomacy has not worked with the regime, they will not get rid of their nuclear program so we are left with coercion and force as options if we cannot get the chinese to really turn the screws on the north koreans. without china's trade north korea has nothing. heather: the problem is their nuclear capabilities. you have to consider that before you do anything. >> exactly right. no american tourists should be going to north korea and your heart goes out to the family that he was lured by the chinese company, no american should go there because what the trump administration needs to do is ensure that the north koreans do not get the capability to target americans with nuclear
2:46 am
capability, that has got to be the first and foremost priority. >> also threatening to nuke new york city and south korea. what a joke. thank you for joining us. time to check in with our friends at "fox and friends". heather: you are in a cozy corner and having some breakfast. >> we are having breakfast with friends here in miami springs, florida, the president about to speak later today about changes to the cuban policy, we want you to come down here, have some of this cuban toaster. "fox and friends" at the top of the hour.
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>> defense secretary mantises we need work in afghanistan so thousands of american troops will head that way. deployment would be the largest under donald trump to date, 10,000 and country training and advising afghan forces fighting terror. the decision by jim matus could come as soon as next week. in a few days donald trump is expected to sign a reform bill to make it easier to fire corrupt employees. telling martha mcallen this is a major step forward for our veterans. >> when it comes to our veterans there are not democrats and republicans, this is a bipartisan issue so we saw both the senate and house work hard to pass the accountability bill.
2:51 am
rob: this will boost protections for whistleblowers. rob: a fourth of july celebration canceled in new orleans because one person doesn't like donald trump. saying in an interview when i think about wearing my flag dress and waving flags i don't know what it means this year. i like that dress but here to weigh in is lawrence jones. this is ridiculous. >> this is childish. the suggestion that america is about a one man is insulting to many americans. this is a country of ideas and the president is the most proactive president i have seen in a while that is so proud to be american and having policy that goes with america first. >> america is an idea, collection of all different
2:52 am
kinds of people. >> exactly. america is about ideas, freedom, justice, liberty and to take this route about making get about donald trump is the wrong route to go. this is exactly what americans are sick of, to be able to have fun and talk about ideas of america but now we have people making even the idea about america a partisan. >> i was reading more about it and she said she that didn't like the idea of lampooning the president, she had seen that in mardi gras parade and didn't want that to happen as well but overall because her heart wasn't in it. you think it will change after what happened at the congressional baseball practice? >> i don't think so and i said this yesterday. this whole message of unity after this tragedy is about photo ops. i don't think it is genuine.
2:53 am
i think we will see the partisan divide even get stronger after this incident blows over. i can predict leading into this weekend, starting early monday we will see politicians going back and forth over petty things and not putting america first. this is a celebration and this highlights the divide in america when it comes to the outsiders and not the american people. i think the american people want to put america first, they want to celebrate america but you always have actors and people in hollywood and parade organizers making politics before america. maria: heather: we have not heard from a lot of those people who were so willing to give their opinions and do those type of things before this happened. >> exactly, you didn't. it is childish as i said. a lot of people are sick of this back and forth rhetoric. we should all be able to unify behind america. if you want to talk about donald
2:54 am
trump. if anybody loves america it is donald trump. this is not just about america but america's entrepreneurship, businesses, creativity. all of that which our president demonstrates. it shows you. it shows you how these people, the people donald trump got the vote, they want america first, they want america is great so i think it shows how tone deaf they are. >> i hope the bipartisanship last a little longer than monday but we have the healthcare issue coming up. >> i pray that i am wrong about this but i -- how they work. >> appreciate having you here all the time. the time is 6 minutes until the top of the hour and chalk it off
2:55 am
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champions; rain, at least for the time being, the it is good for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. iraq war vet reunites with war time dog after months apart.
2:59 am
check it out. >> hi. >> come here. >> come here. hi. heather: the two became best friends in the farrell dog ran up to the guardman who was in the desert in iraq. they will now live together in tampa. rob: do love that. heather: now bad. 7% of adults think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows? rob: it doesn't? head let more than 16 million misinformed milk drinkers that's more than the entire population of pennsylvania. >> half american high schools doing away with class rankings and valedictorians. creates unhealthy competition between kid. instead honoring students who score within a certain range. one kid had 48 valedictorians. everybody is a winner out there. we are winners right here.
3:00 am
summesummertime is here. rob: that will do it for us. get ready for "fox & friends" coming up and some music. we will see you later. heather: happy friday. thanks for joining us. >> steve in his own way, may have brought some unity to our long divided country. >> everyone watched as the democratic team and the republican team all headed out to second base to take a knee and pray on the spot where congressman steve scalise would have been standing tonight. one of the men who helped stopped the gunman david bailey. >> i think everybody, republican or democratic can appreciate those moments that bind us together as americans. >> congressman steve scalise remains in critical condition in the hospital. doctors say he is improving. >> he is a great fighter, he is going to be okay, i hope. >> otto has been terrorized and brutalized for 18 months


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