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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  June 19, 2017 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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and you can download our podcasts. happy father's day, folks. back next sunday with the latest . >> [irens]. >> monday, june 19 a fox news alert london on edge, at least one person dead nearly a dozen injured after a van slaumdz into a crowd of people. in front of he mosque in london. >> a terrorist a terrorist. >> he was not ill. >> -- as in not ill -- he was on the floor -- >> people hurt him. >> we have just learned about man behind the wheel his possible motive we are live from london with the very latest.
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good morning to you you are watching early edition of "fox & friends" first i am rob. >> heather. >> london mayor condemning the terrorist attack. >> would wouldo man used that van o to mow down a crowd of worshippers leaving a ebb mosque killing one injuring 10 others 48-year-old suspect arrested being questioned right now. >> benjamin is on the scene for us, in london, with the hunt for possibly more joins us on the phone with more benjamin are you there? on the phone: this area reached that tensions incredibly high yet another attack, of course, we have been saying what -- it was carried out by a white man, unmuslim same message we have seen in previous attacks use of a truck to mow weem being
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investigated after midnight in north london multiethnic neighborhood crowded with muslims after ramadan prayers, the driver reved engine driving into crowd off the crowd on pavement media called it a hate crime urging public to stay calm, police arrested the driver 48-year-old man he was pined to ground by two bystanders the two men are being called heroes, eye witnesses reporting while held by public, the man said a number of times i have done my best and i want to kill muslims. >> the terrorist -- >> terrorist, it with a as terrorist. >> terrorist attack he wasn't ill. >> no, he wasn't ill on floor five minutes people holding him if somebody is drunk you cannot hold five minutes on floor. >> eye witnesses reporting two
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other men in the van ran away after attack search is on police closed the air continue to circle overhead a large cordon established to pedestrians away some say attack on muslims others say on shared values and community back to you. >> thank you so much, we appreciate you joining us, and here is a former u.s. navy commander -- he joins us now thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> good to be here. >> first want to ask you, what you know about this particular mosque can you give us about the background. >> well, this mosque in 2002 was home to hamza a number of radicals to shut down by the government then had a new leadership, and had a renewed,
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sense of being a part of british society. and had since while there are questions as to issues has no longer been that center of terrorism if you will, and at the end of the day, though, barely a few hours since the incident, the bottom line is there is no justification there is no sense -- this radical act if you will is trying to rip us apart, it is exactly what isis wants there are some mosques might have ideologic issues the way to treat that we need tough love from muslim community the head of the word to if you will against radicals religious freedom the way radicals of either side try to stop religious freedom this was a planned attack mosque during ramadan in the evening reading scripture koran closer to god the time of in which evening, prayers and varies from mosque
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to mosque, this man or radical that did this, this act of hate, if that is what it turns out to be, planned it knew time would come out of that particular mosque so this is an attack begins all the west and if we're going to join together as society to defeat global ideology of jihad our muslim community is going to be the head of trying to fix that problem. >> in any case something the president here in the united states talked about, that muslim need to be at for in front we see what appears to be a motive come together in a city that has seen so much violence and tragedy lat months what does this do to relationship somewhat strained between muslims in london and others. >> depends what we do with another act, how we respond to our muslim community does how leadership no london and in the west does, if we a lot of
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to hammurabi law eye for eye rip us apart use our rule of law it will be success for isis if we allow to it bring us together steel our revolve to come together religious freedom and liberty bring our communities, out of the separationism, and demand that they begin to assimilate fight theocratic ideas underbelly of radical islam we will learn i think today as loved ones are riling from this personal time of about spirituality we realize things happening in the west not just collateral damage if year going to win there are things we can do against ideologic that created rad kaltz we can't minimize the rule of muslims in britain and america to defeat.
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>> we know he is alive will be talking we will find out if there are other accomplices motives as you said earlier, this is something, that isis would want to happen, because it aides them in her cause. >> absolutely, as isis is seeing brunt of military attacks in syria and iraq, the reason they attack in nice london san bernardino is they want to break the revolve of america and the west to defeat them in the middle east but he also want to grow the jihadist recruitment if you will, the primary way to fuel geohad i have the recruitment is to further separate them even more than the imam's rather islamic in west they try to roil chaos in society what triple is by doing that create this vigilante response that can happen that feeds exactly
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into the playbook of isis and why they do these attacks to start with. >> as the president said, when he was in saudi arabia, muslims the at an the brunt of anger from isis they have had much more losses by isis more killings than any other group of people in the world talk about that for a second. >> they really have, and you know, is! is in that time in history right now, that many of the western religion went through the religion is going through a battle against theyocracy inside baghdad syria pakistan saudi arabia you see tweaks in baghdad last week, muslims at midnight eating ice cream were bombed in kabul afghanistan we saw bombs after bombs with hundreds being killed, they see are muslims that are trying to create democratic secular society islamists are
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trying to prevent that indonesia thought to be more moderate is almost a democracy seeing only christian governor in prison blasphemy laws, slides into theyocracy away from democracy so this is a global battle i hope as lobbeders wake up as we in the west trying to figure out what do we do next we realize we can do things to combat the underbelly of nonviolent ideology of political islam you can't do in baghdad and syria muslim majority unnecessary. >> other headlines -- describing her son's urgent efforts to safe comrades abureaued a doomed navy destroyer kept diving into the
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flooded compartments of the uss fitzgerald after colliding with cargo ship near japan kept going until areas ran out of air pockets all seven sailors killed in the collision have been identified most of the crew were sleeping, when the incident happened still no word on what caused that accident. >> u.s. fighter jet shooting down a syrian warplane u.s. military says action at an after pro-assad military jet dropped bombs on u.s.-backed fighters near raqqa the shootdown is the first of a syrian architeircraft by sunday military since 2014 could bring tension between u.s. and russia of course backs the syrian regime. >> firing a barrage of mils for revenge on isis. 5 . >> there you go iranian tv showing video of several medium range missiles law enforcemented into eastern
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syria from iran the revolutionary guard says large number of terrorists killed a number of weapons destroyed this was response o to the he terror group attacking iran's parliament shrine this month-killing a number of people. . >> stacking up his legal time, agencys frustrations with russian probe continues to heat up. >> that is right to address the nation this week as the president's lawyer denies that he is under investigation, made an interesting tweet. >> washington about the. >> good morning, everybody. president spent father's day at cavern david with wife and son this continued frustration the president calling it a witch hunt fourth time as many as the on twitter tweeting make america great again agenda doing very well can he expedite distraction of the
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witch hunt, and if you recall, on friday, the president also tweeting they was not that he was under investigation for firing fbi director jim comey but one of the president's lawyers took to sunday's shows aggressively pushing back saying president has not been notified that he is under investigation. >> the president has not been notified by anyone that he is under investigation that tweet, chris was in response to the "washington post" story, that alleged, that five unnamed sources anonymous sources "washington post", that the president was in fact under investigation, so that tweet was in response to that. >> the top democrat in the house intelligence committee is accusing the white house leading a scorched earth strategy to take down discredited special counsel bob mueller leading the russia investigation. >> i am not prepared to say there is proof you could take to a jury but i can say there is enough, that we ought to be
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investigating. >> let's not forget about tapes a claim president first made on twitter pb also confirming that the president of address whether taped conversations between the president and former -- exist and who knows maybe more clarity with the mixed message between white house attorney and president's official twitter. >> he will address that when? today whether tapes exist or not. >> well good question we don't actually know it has been very vague it will be sometime this week. >> hear if president at some point. >> waiting for it. >> thank you so much. >> congressman steve scalise' condition continuing to improve as conditions has now been upgraded from critical to serious. house majority whip shot at baseball practice in virginia last week he sent this father's day message on twitter urging people to quote take the time to be close to the one you love, republican
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congressman davis echoing that same message. >> i can tell you, this is the best father's day i have ever had, to be able to come back home, and see the outpouring of care and support from the people that know me best, including my family, just a really humbling event memorable to me and my family. >> davis also renewing the call for politicians to stop the political vitriol and come together, three other people were shot when james hodgkinson opened fire what appears a politically motivated attack. >> politicize now all eyes on georgia this week polls opening tomorrow, in a heated house race, that has now set a record for early voting, i believe a record for money spent as well, the story on this, hey. >> good morning early voting turnout unprecedented more than 140,000 people casting votes signaling intense interest in the state special
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election, karen handel democrat jon ossoff to fill the seat left vacant can i tom price nearly deadlocked as polls open tomorrow real clear points plfrmg showing 49% ossoff, handel 47% both making their last pitches to voters as they fit the stretch on campaign trail ossoff joined by congressman john lewis urging folks to make a change. >> important to make your voice heard whether or not you support me, you got to participate in the democratic process, an opportunity for georgia to athletic fre-- leadership. >> karen handel joined by man whose seat looking to fill tom price rallying supporters to make sure they turn out vote. >> this has been one kraifz race has it not? >> i am telling you the money, is crazy.
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which tells me we've got to have a crazy high for election for karen handel. >> a democrats raised 23 million dollars for the race calling it a referendum on president trump back to you. >> thank you jackie, some america's top -- the president trump's examine commander in chief inviting ceos apple time -- tim cook i should say amazon benefit bezos to the white house, to talk about modernizing government technology president trump slammed saying out dedicated saying nation easy target for cyberattacks. >> sports now brooks claims his first major title, for the victory at u.s. open. >> [cheers and applause] >> a major champion. >> steamrolled it 27-year-old winning u.s. open by 4 shots.
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-- 3 shot birdies mcelroy 16-under par, the seven straight first time major champion in golf a revolution in the game, pretty good. >> time is 17 minutes after top of the hour we continue to follow breaking news out of london a man driving a van into a crowd outside a he mosque now investigated as a terror attack national security analyst weighs in for us up next. >> crackdown state looking to ban he preteens from a cell phone, good idea? we report you decide.. ♪
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i need the phone that's where i happen to be... to be the one that rings.
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i need not to be missed phone calls... to not be missed. i need seamless handoff... canyon software. from reception, to landline, to mobile. i need one number... not two. i'm always moving forward... because i can't afford to get stuck in the past. comcast business. built for business. heather: welcome back one state gets its way cell phones would be illegal for teenagers, that is right a proposal in colorado would ban retailers from selling phones to kids under 13 years old. this they could be find 500 dollars if they break the law it was inspired by preteens overusing devices, campaign led by parents against underaged smartphones petition
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needs 300,000 signatures to get on the ballot next year. >> a hole in those signs, there is now a smartphone, app to stop the wall. a college professor in puerto rico making a game players do everything possible to stop construction of president trump's board wall taking shots including ending each round with score screen make america mexico again offered on apple and google plus. >>. heather: fox news alert a man driving into a group of worshippers at a mosque just hours ago, in london, police now treating the incident as a terrorist attack. >> weigh in on this national security analyst for the clarion project ryan morrow thanks for coming in bright and early today, and more sad news out of london after what has been a a rough couple months, what do we make of this so far? it almost seems like it could
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possibly be the motive of retaliation for attacks by -- others on people in london. >> there are two scenarios the first is that the to a attacker inspired by isis like-mindeded geohad i have the group they have a special hatred for london they consider apostate that they are worthy of death the second extremities the target apparently multiple worshippers coming out of a mosque basically confirmed now so two scenarios working with i am very concerned, especially if anti-muslim extremist how much that plays into isis he ideology recruiting. >> isis called for extinction of great done. >> plan outlined for 12 pages in a propaganda magazine that i am holding right here, and the extinction of gray zone
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this plan to say basically, there are several groups of slims in the west those that support us those that into are the infidel the ones deserve to be killed then gray zone in the middle people who are radical, like the west but not on the side of isis, in their minds, by carrying out vicious acts of terrorism can get antimuslim reprize alz to occur that forces solemnlies in gray zone to the side of isis so if anti-muslim extremist he is donateing to -- >> according to what we heard from witness there on the ground they say that this was a white man that he was saying stuff about want to go kill muslims, and the irony what his plan was is that it is probably going to do just the opposite what he hoped for right. >> exactly right i want to emphasize this point goes on 12 pages the public english language document that they
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put out so this isn't just one line they put out they are saying we hope yint muslims persecution retaliation forces muslims into our hands this is a details plan went on for 12 pages. >> -- london bridge attacks then that horrible fire that was just reported last week, with multiple people killed there several others still missing how should president respond to this latest attack in london. >> the same way he has to other extremists call them evil losers fundamentally dealing with moral did he paragraphity jihadistize whole as early americans europeans because you are jihadist or because you are anti-muslim extremist trump's response should be the same these are evil losers at life. >> should make it clear by doing this, that you are aiding abetting isis. >> yeah.
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>> obviously wrong be -- but that is a doubling effect how bad this is. >> thank you so much for coming on this morning, all right, 4:25 on the east coast, coming up, dozens hurt some critically after a second-story deck collapses during a funeral. the investigation into exactly what went wrong here. heather: republicans making significant headway to repeal and replace obamacare. but not if democrats have anything to say about it, brand-new plan to slow down the process. ♪
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. . heather: good morning, everyone. you are watching early edition of "fox & friends" first on monday morning i am heart of. >> i am rob, straight to fox news alert london mayor condemning a horrific terrorist attack. heather: police say man used van to mow down worshippers leaving a mosque killing one injuring 10 others 48-year-old suspect arrested interrogated right now. >> benjamin hall in london object phone with details on hunt for accomplices what can you tell us. reporter: good morning we have
1:31 am
been circle the city trying to get close the whole area is closed down -- people you urging -- tension very much high the fourth if four months, this is an attack carried out on muslims same message before truck to mow people down investigated pi it happened just after midnight here in inordinate london killing one man injuring 10 others this in this multiethnic neighborhood crowded with muslims last night leaving the local center after prayers driver revving engine driving into crowd leaders asking for public to stay calm proliferate arrested driver 48-year-old man pinned to ground, by two men called heroes while he was held the
1:32 am
public said a you in of times i have done my bit i want to kill muslims people urging caution. >> he did what he did -- to hit and kill as many muslims as possible a terrorist at this stage we are calling for calm. . on the phone: eye wins reported two other men in the village ran ahe away a have an munt -- london police taking chances closing the streets urging caution urging calm, already -- pointing out attack on muslims, in the community. >> with more reaction to this story coming out of london this morning former u.s. navy commander founder of american islamic forum for democracy. >> thank you so much for
1:33 am
coming on this morning, obviously, we've learned here that this mosque has previously had ties to terrorism you spoke about al masri earlier post 9/11. in a time in london where people are seeing death seeing cars running over people, there is a lot of anger building up people are you know, looking for a place to put it does it surprise you to see attack like this happen. >> yeah, i mean you know the only thing that keeps us who we are is our rule of law. so to see the nonislamists do acts what the radicals have been doing not only surprising it is -- part of part of the defeat a win for isis we can't let this rip us apart, we can't let our rule of law turn into sort of an eye for an eye, and really our main weapon against radicalism to
1:34 am
prevent the rad calization of muslims is open society, and isis wants mahoganothing more t muslims targeted to push into their rad calization. heather: agency we have seen they have called for attacks specifically like this, using vans, plowing into people this incident, hundreds of people just finished the day final prayers for the holy month ramadan witnesses say appeared definitely a planned attack. >> it had to be i will tell you why, because our evening prayers that we do in ramadan, there is evening prayer that is the same time that last evening then we do prayers that are a longer recitation of the enti. >> the time that mosque let out mint can vary with a moeveng down street can have a different time in which they let out so this was most likely, knowing, the way our muslim communities operate was
1:35 am
very planned and targeting that mosque i will tell you, the londoners know that a week ago in the fire muslim communities awake for morning breakfast for evening prayers, were the ones that called the i alarms called police many saying some heroes that prevented for lives being about lost in the fire i hope londoners realize that not only are muslims at the head of the spear in battle against radical islam but part of the fabric london society were reminded how diversity was one of the benefits for saving lives in that fire. >> i think you said earlier, makes a great point of the catch 22 that is this problem you say that the best way to combat this is to remain in open society, and to welcome people in, and to let them live their life they way they want at the same time, when that also opens our doors to extremism years path to
1:36 am
terrorists to do these types of things isn't that problem all trying to figure out how to stop this one side a that is idea the other side has the on t other. >> absolutely rein rad cams want to enrage quality between men and women the more we stamp out anti-semitism home fobbio underbelly of radical islam the left can spread their ideas of theyocracy, et cetera, they sow violence continue to try to rip us apart the main weapon begins this we have to get off the cycle saying we are looking for violent ones before a suicide belt the main weapon advancing into muslim communities ideas freedom liberty pro britain brexit was a great thing for fighting this ideology, hypernationalism militant type for nationalism is not i
1:37 am
reminded you muslims might be a target now someups groups but other minority groups will be europe has to start to look back at the howto assimilate ideologically not onliships but many minority. >> all the more reason for muslim groups to speak occupant let know what is lapping to them how we can come together to stop it doesn't take people crossing borders to recognize radicalized because of innocesocial media that. >> is doing it. >> thank you. all right, well, stories terror in maui western africa at least two people are dead after a holiday hot spot, is stormed by jihadists police say four month gwen shouting al akbar police shooting killing three attackers, the other did manage to escape all hostages
1:38 am
have been asked you no word if americans were injured. >> north korea at it gave in this time branding the u.s. as a lawless state dictator kim jong-un says diplomats were mugged by police at jfk airport the officials returning from u.n. conference a get gang of cops took a package from them, and is demanding u.s. apologize, or face grave consequences. >> injury toll in a collapse in christian camp, now rising to more than 50 people, two victims in critical condition, frightening dip happening during a memorial service at glacier camp over weekend in montana, most of the injured being taken away in ambulances, or helicopters, a witness saying the deck felt like quote a spongy i should say on one side, just before
1:39 am
the entire thing came down. police are gaikt exactly how it happened. >> protects lawmakers all costs one congressman is vowing to do being on baseball field the day that gunman opened fire on republican lawmakers, alabama representative mo brooks telling fox news that he will soon introduce a bill to allow members of congress to carry guns. >> right now we're in washington, d.c., once off capitol hill grounds complex still congressmen senators high profile targets we have absolutely no way to defend oirs, you've got a situation, where yes this one shooter, has been killed, but he is a member of on organization, that applauded what transpired on wednesday. heather: brooks size legislation would allow members of congress to be armed in places throughout d.c., where average citizens typically cannot car guns. >> 39 minutes after hour london on edge after a van slams through a group of people outside a object mosque
1:40 am
was it an attack? or retaliation on the muslim community. heather: next guest served on fbi national joint terrorism about task force steve rogers talks to us live up next. you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer.
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transform. rob: nearly a zoz injured a van slammed into pedestrians police investigating this as terrorism. heather: toaway in a former senior military intel officer on fbi joint terrorism task force thank you for joining us, we were discussing something unusual that you found immediately we were told that the suspect in this case 48-year-old white male was taken to mental evaluation. >> caught my attention this morning the question why would police send eliminate for mental health health
1:45 am
evaluation they are going to be determine whether crazed individual had it for muslims acted on own or if cleared if he seems to be competent of executing attack want to mother if connected to sell or some other organization that helped directed to him launch this attack. rob: we were talking about how to combat bigger problem which is you know, extremism leaked into these european cities united states as well i think you have a lot of people that are angry are scared of the situation in london a couple car attacks, our last guest said important thing is to remain you know, accepting people of other faiths and keep welcoming them in. what is your response to that? >> the fact is london is falling. and london is falling because they have allowed politically correct policies last self
1:46 am
years overwhelm this with all issues facing with regard to influx of these individuals coming into their country that simulation is very important education is very important. but assimilation education to respect culture of the country that you are living in respect their flag that you are traditional values, that means a lot in bringing people together. you can't have separate countries within a country, that doesn't mean there is a lack of respect for the religion oar culture when you move into a country when united states great britain in this case you have to assimilate obey laws respect them that is how you overcome problems london is in serious problem. heather: a lot appears to be retaliatory attack, hopefully a single individual involved you say very important right now at this stage to determine if in fact it was a cell. >> you know an attack on anyone no matter what religion or faith or background they have is dead wrong this is not the way to solve problems, and
1:47 am
express your opinions and use but assimilation is important, we have to allow the police to do their job, that means stepped up surveillance intelligence gathering information gathering beginning of solving a lot of problems. >> thanks for coming on. heather: 10 minutes to the top of the hour investigators looking at every animalel as well as accomplices we mentioned you are a next guest conducted counterterrorism praises in special forces jim hansen weighs in next. >> as republicans gear up to pass health care they hope democrats say they have a brand-new plan to stop it. ♪
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. rob: we may find out when supreme court will review the case against the president's travel order, the high court could decide to hear it by the end of the week, and are expected to be fully briefed before their term ends later this month, the justice department asking the bench to lift blockades by two lower courts, on the travel halt from six potentially is dr. middle east countries, in order to give time to put in strict vetting rules for people coming into country. >> democrats to slow gop
1:52 am
effort he to repeal obamacare before self impoverished july 4 deadline folks news confirming they intend to hold extended speeches on house floor in response to not loud to draft the bill democrats need 51 votes to put on president's desk to sign. >> -- >> this hour police say drove a van into worshippers outside a london moving, killing one person, injuring at least 10 more. >> conducted counterterrorism operations in u.s. army special forces joins us now to weigh in thank you for joining us, this morning, first of all. >> thank you. heather: in terms of justification, there is none. >> nonwhatsoever i mean if this is a guy angry about terrorist incidents he needs to join the british army they will send him to syria, and he can kill actual terrorists if that is what he needs to do but running a van through a
1:53 am
crowd of innocent civilians is absolutely grateful makes him no better than terrorists he is angry about. >> let's talk a little bit about you know, where this -- this anger came from obviously, in london disalu shunned seeing continuing attacks, the frustration, how do you fight that frustration among the people, and keep people from responding this way because people don't respond logically in situations like this sometimes? >> no, there is legitimate frustration among british people about lack of response over the years, from the british government and their security aggregatioencies not d what they need after last terrorist attack pro prime minister theresa may came out said we have been too tolerant of extremists in any debate horribly frustrating toll neem doesn't justify any attack on
1:54 am
it, but it does show why this might have been the target. heather: what do we know about security, the levels of skirt around mosques in london area around perhaps this particular neighborhood that you are just speaking of, have they been stepped up, prior to this attack? >> i think they do that regularly whenever there is an attack because they have feared for a long time, that there would be a counterattack now in this case it came true most other cases, there may have been harassment things but not an actual terrorist attack and that is what this was by someone in retaliation. rob: does this play into -- isis' plan further division in a city that is already feeling a lot of pain. >> no doubt i mean this is exactly what they are aiming for as ryan morrow said earlier on your show this is in their handbook, they hope that they can create the kind of anger, that causes a backlash and that causes attacks on the muslim
1:55 am
community to drive that community into their arms as their savior this guy no matter what he thought he was doing made things worse as to. heather: mow should president respond as americans hear about late evident attack what should president trump say? >> president trump should say exactly what he does in the course of any other terrorist attack. and that is attacking sivenz killing innocents is abhorrent subhuman we will not tolerate it if this is part of a larger conspiracy, it would need to be investigated, and needs to be punished, but regardless, this is something that all desent people must condemn. >> jim thank you so much for all that information this morning we do appreciate it good to be with you. >> 4:55 on the east coast, potential terrorist attack being investigated in london one person killed, 10 others injured after a van slammed
1:56 am
into a crowd leaving ab mosque. >> live continuing coverage complete analysis continues next. you are watching for, and friends
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. .
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[sirens] heather: it is monday, june 19th. this is a fox news alert. london on edge. at least one person dead. nearly a dozen others injured. after a van slams into a crowd
1:59 am
of people in front of a mosque in london. >> terrorists. >> it was a terrorist attack. >> he wasn't i will, no. >> no, he was not ill and he was not drunk. i was -- someone is drunk, you cannot hold them for five minutes on the floor. rob: what we have just learned about the man behind the wheel and the possible motive. we are live with the latest. you are watching "fox & friends" first on this monday morning i'm rob schmitt. heather: i'm heather childers. condemning et latest blood bath as a horrific terrorist attack. rob: white man used a van to mow down a crowd of worshipers leaving a mosque, killing one person and injurin and injuring. er. heather: live with details. >> good morning rob and heather.
2:00 am
we have seen these attacks all too often a vehicle being used to mow pooh people down indiscriminately. this was targeted at muslims. just finishing ramadan prayers. being called a terrorist attack and being investigated by the counter terrorism yiewcket here. happened just after midnight near a muslim center just behind me. one man is now dead. over 10 injured. and it happens at a time when many muslims are out on the streets trying to celebrate the end of ramadan and now community members here trying to avoid division. but the stories that we hear are bodies strewn across the road. desperate attempts to save one person and still anger here. police arrested the driver as you say 48-year-old white man. weighs grappled to the ground by two by standards until police arrived. two men are being called heroes. eyewitnesses have also reported he said a number of times i have done my bit and i want to kill muslims. >> wait outside the mosque targeted muslims


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