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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 21, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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♪ i am up all night ♪ heather: certainly looks like one. it is beautiful. rob: you are watching "fox and friends" first. heather: thank you for starting the day with us. congressional district race in georgia capturing the country's attention will remain red. >> donald trump congratulating karen handel for dealing a major blow to democrats. heather: the breaking details. >> democrats have lost all four special elections to republicans ahead of the 2018 midterms. this was the most expensive lost the democrats in history. more than $30 million. they went all in on this race
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turning into into a referendum on donald trump. with karen handel comfortably beating john ossoff, she thinks her supporters in her victory speech with one particular supporter in mind. >> special thanks to the president of the united states of america. thank you for believing in me. tonight's victory is for you and every single citizen in the district. it is for every single person with a dream. >> the president weing congratulations writing congratulations to karen handel in her big win, fantastic job, we are very proud of you. there was record turnout, 150,000 votes cast in early voting but despite the defeat
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political newcomer ossoff says this is just the beginning in moving the country forward. >> we can still build coalitions of people who may not see eye to eye on everything but rather than demonizing each other we find common ground to move forward. >> despite the optimism democrats will have to do some soul-searching after the defeat. in georgia and south carolina last night. >> reaction from fellow republicans pouring in online. >> mike pence tweeting congratulations to zbigniew brzezinski -- handel. donald trump at the white house, you and congress we will -- >> donald trump's on donald trump junior posting polls are wrong yet again. we delivered results, raising money from the coasts while not even living where they went to
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serve. heather: kellyanne conway says laughing my ossoff. >> nathan deal writing congratulations to my friend karen handel. a steadfast voice for georgia in dc. heather: earlier polls indicated the highly contested seat could have gone to the democrats. they were wrong. political editor explained those are not the numbers republicans were watching. >> we don't care about the top line numbers as much is the movement. the closing weeks karen handel was closing the gap and we focus on this race down to this being cast as make or break, do or die, if republicans lose the party exploded by nuclear bombs, cast into the abyss and it will all be over for them.
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isn't it funny that the race that got $50 million poured into it, celebrity endorsements, robot calls, full freak out, was a much wider margin than the one in south carolina that had half of the number of voters and significantly closer. rob: ralph norman will fill the south carolina congressional seat, mick mulvaney, office of management and budget. the president weighing in on that race, ralph norman ran a fantastic race to win in south carolina's fifth district, we are honored by your success tonight. special elections are over and those who want to make america great again are 5-0, all the big news, all the money spent. heather: another fox news alert, security beefed up in brussels after soldiers kicked out a suspected bomber. in the central train station,
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terrorist shouting allah u akbar setting off this explosion moments before being shot dead, people running for their lives. and and leaving 32 people dead. the third to strike since monday. the committee chair says the blame lies with europeans who need to step up. >> it is disappointing, these are problems, people have been predicting when happening. and on a regular basis for the foreseeable future but they are serious about how to deal with
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this. and the mass migration coming into their countries, you can work through nato with the safe havens in libya and the more complicated problem is how to deal with internal politics and internal threat that exists in their countries today. >> winning the war on terror under the trump administration, us airstrike taking out the top isis preacher, turkey -- killed in syria near the iraqi border. terrorist in chief clerk for isis described as recruiter of foreign fighters, the first call for muslims to pledge allegiance to isis. >> a peace deal between the israelis and palestinians, the senior white house advisor will meet with those israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu and
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mahmoud abbas. this is one trip before the inaugural visit to the middle east when they met with officials and bring the nation together. >> us and chinese officials, weighing options against north korea following the deaths of otto warmbier. heather: new pictures show the student's trip to the rogue nation before it took a tragic turn. >> the heartbreaking picture shows the final moments of otto warmbier's freedom having dinner with friends, even having a snowball fight. days later he was arrested in front of the entire world. jailed and worked to death over 17 months. they are preparing to bury their son 6 days after he came home.
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the request the coroner will not perform an autopsy, the cause of death a mystery for now. public funeral will be held tomorrow. donald trump putting the blame on the obama administration. >> it should never be allowed to happen and we were brought home sooner, the result would have been different. >> in the korean peninsula, the joint military probe of south korea. it has not come to fruition. the president saying i greatly appreciate the effort, in north korea, it has not worked out. rex tillerson is set to meet with chinese officials at the state department and north korea will be on the agenda.
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heather: thank you. let's take a look at some extreme weather in the southeastern united states bracing for flooding and a foot of rain as tropical storm cindy creeps toward the coast. rob: alabama under a state of emergency, dangerous rip tides, stay out of the water. janice dean is tracking the storm. >> we are seeing the wind at 60 miles an hour, is disorganized. the one big thing out of the system is going to be the rainfall, you mentioned a foot of rain, people are preparing for that. we have flash flood watches and warnings, severe weather as this is to make landfall overnight tonight towards thursday and then it will be a rain event across the mississippi river valley, ohio river valley, a lot of heavy rainfall over the next several days anywhere from 6 to
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12 inches of rainfall. heat advisories for the southwest, california towards arizona, new mexico, look at the temperatures, 108, 118 in phoenix. if i could do a shameless plug, "fox and friends," we are going to find out where i came from. we are meeting with my heritage, one of those dna samples that we will find out if i am really canadian. >> i know where you came from, the land of happy people. >> 10 people hurt after passengers get tossed around in severe turbulence. firefighters and paramedics rushing to meet the united flight when it touched down safely in houston. the plane from panama hit
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turbulence in tropical storm cindy which we just talked about in mexico. among those hurt 9 passengers and one crew member. >> the embattled ceo announcing his resignation. travis telling shareholders that he cofounded a company in 2009 after he announced an indefinite leave of absence, >> new information on the attempted assassination of republican congressman at baseball practice. the list of gop lawmakers, and recovered a cell phone and computer. >> house majority whip steve scalise remains in serious condition, the vice president and other lawmakers showing
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their support donating to the capitol hill blood bank. >> hollywood office getting involved, bonow getting a shout out outside dc. >> the shooting in alexandria, congressman scully's. heather: scalise thanking the band. rob: 12 minutes after -- heather: i think it is 12 minutes after the top of the hour too. despite getting beat up by hollywood feminists, karen handel pulling off a major win for the gop. the next guest is the victory is a sign voters have had enough with the hysterics in hollywood. >> trying to put the flag -- keeping the flag down. rob: a navy veteran and his wife were told to take down their
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>> in california sparking outrage, a quota system insuring it doesn't admit too many legal american citizens. the university of california, out-of-state student population at 18% but not kept are illegal immigrants. tucker carlson in a fiery debate with a former undocumented immigrant who thinks illegals should get preferential treatment whether they live in the state or not. >> i came on the show to talk
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about this. it doesn't discriminate. >> we are all winners. >> illegal immigrants have an easier time and entitled to in-state tuition rates at the university of california. >> immigrants will not be getting any financial help. the arizona court of appeals ruling dreamers are not entitled to in-state tuition, the court ruled the program only protects immigrants from being deported. returning a 2015 ruling saying dreamers qualify for state benefits. the community college, they are deciding if they would appeal. >> one of the big story today congressional district race in georgia to capture the country's attention will remain red. heather: karen handel winning the special election late last
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night beating democrat john ossoff. >> gop congressional candidate thank you for getting up early with us this morning. this is a victory for republicans but also a seat that has been read. >> a major loss for hollywood, the liberal elite. one of the things i noticed is democrats still don't get it. they ran a campaign on anti-trump. anti-trump anger was not big enough to capture their voting audience. what they don't get is it is about the working man. they were disgruntled, they were upset and still not appealing. >> they relied on heavy hitters from hollywood. that did not help this time either. look at that sweets sent prior
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to this election. georgia voters get out and vote ossoff, the future is now, make a change, you are our first step on the road to recovery. georgia, show handel where she can start her bigotry. debra messing, john r's of, please save. and important to note handel did not win by embracing trump. she distanced herself from him but this is not trump victory. do you agree with that? >> i don't. this is off base. the celebrity deal would have been fantastic in california. not in a southern state in georgia. the fact they were coming in
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from liberal elite groups is a huge turn off. once again they missed the boat. you are right on one thing. the message is they are off-base and handel ran a good campaign, stayed true to her base, thanks all the republicans, it was strong and trump -- >> she thanked trump. >> should this race have ever been this close. it squeaked out a victory for republicans, this should be a comfortable red district, should it not? >> this gave away a call to everybody involved but i will tell you it gave more a wake-up call to democrats because with the new party chairman perez and ellison, they thought they would bank on the rhetoric, to take over in the midterms in the special elections, not so. didn't work. rob: thank you so much.
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okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. >> welcome back to "fox and friends" first was one of hollywood's greatest actors calling it quits. >> i drink your milkshakes. i drink it up. >> daniel daily was stunning the world announcing he is retiring from acting. 's agent calling it a private decision. do you remember abraham lincoln?
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that was pretty good, the only present when the best actor oscar 3 times. >> one of the best out there. o.j. simpson, the juice could be one step closer to becoming a free man. a parole hearing for the former football star set for july 20th, for 9 years now, time for armed robbery, kidnapping and assault. and sports memorabilia at a las vegas hotel. he could be released as early as october. >> democrats running the state of illinois into the ground and not even the lottery. >> fox business here with a full-fledged financial crisis. >> illinois dealing with a full on financial crisis facing billions in unpaid bills and pension obligations and not even the lottery is safe, to stop powerball and megamillion sales
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because they can't pay the winners. and 100% of the monthly revenue has eaten up by payments. and to pass the first full budget package in almost 3 years. >> it is a mess over there. >> amazon prime, and the dressing room in your house, what does this have to do. >> is closed before buying them. it takes three more items and have a 7-day try. they sent back what they don't want to buy a prepaid box. there is no upward charge, more than 1 million people and accessories are eligible including brands like calvin klein and levi's. you never have to leave your home. >> brick and mortar retail
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what's your body of proof? >> ♪ >> good morning from new york city, live shot, you are watching "fox and friends" first. rob: good morning. georgia to the country's attention. the district will remain red. >> donald trump celebrating
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karen handel's win, to flip the gop stronghold. >> details on the most expensive house race we have ever seen. >> reporter: it was the most expensive race ever. the most expensive loss in history, democrats spending $30 million on this race, turning it into a referendum on donald trump is a nailbiter. but karen handel comfortably beating him, she thanked her supporters, saying anything is possible with hard work. >> special thanks to the president of the united states of america reminds us, it reminds me that anything is possible with hard work and
2:33 am
determination, great and ability to believe in you. >> the president watched this race reacting on twitter writing congratulations on her big win in georgia, fantastic job, we are very proud of you, a record turnout with 150,000 votes cast, most in early voting but despite the defeat, john ossoff said this is just the beginning of something bigger. >> this is not the outcome any of us were hoping for. but this is the beginning of something bigger than us. >> this with a massive blow to democrats who have lost all four of the special elections to republicans ahead of the 2018 midterms after defeating kansas and montana and now in georgia and south carolina where the republican candidate won last night. >> democrats have been banking
2:34 am
on a so-called resistance movement since election day. charles hurt said in the wake of this georgia health election it is clear they have become close to donald trump's momentum. >> the revolution we have seen in the last your so with donald trump and the republican party has been painful for republicans. what we are waiting to see is the same revolution among democrats and the cause, bernie sanders has endorsed every single one of these people and they are all losing general elections, something democrats have to -- it is a schism in the democratic party. and use the hashtag keep
2:35 am
talking. >> the president will head to the heartland to discuss technology in rural america. at an agriculture college in iowa, make america great again rally. he is expecting to speak about the importance of internet connectivity and reaffirm the commitment to agriculture. senate republicans will reveal their health care bill tomorrow. mitch mcconnell says it will be different from the house version but cannot elaborate. they are working behind closed doors on the legislation aimed at repealing and replacing obamacare. the hillary clinton email scandal the state department opening a formal inquiry into whether the secretary of state and her aides sent classified information committee seeks to determine if they violated government protocol by using a private server to receive, hold
2:36 am
and transmit top-secret documents, depending on the outcome clinton and her aides could have access to data terminated. >> top us and chinese officials meeting today to weigh options following otto warmbier's death. rob: the trip to the rogue nation before took a tragic turn. here are some photos you need to see. >> the heartbreaking pictures of the final days of his freedom, he can be seen having dinner with friends, on a snowy day, having a snowball fight but days later was arrested and paraded in front of the world, jailed and worked to death over 17 months. bread and cindy are preparing to bury their son six days after he came home. at their request the coroner will not perform an autopsy.
2:37 am
and in cincinnati, ohio. putting blame on the obama administration, >> it is a total disgrace should never be allowed to happen, should have been brought home center and the result would have been different. >> the us flying bombers over the korean peninsula with joint military drills in south korea. donald trump has worked with china to ease tensions but that is not come to fruition, the president weing we appreciate the effort to help with north korea but has not worked out. at least trump tried. rex tillerson meeting chinese officials at the state department and north korea will be on the agenda. >> the mother of the affluenza
2:38 am
teen who said the judge was too rich -- told the judge he was too rich to know right from wrong, her mom is joining him behind bars, accused of drinking alcohol and violating her parole. she is awaiting trial on charges that she helped her son ethan couch flee to mexico after he violated parole when he was caught drinking. after killing four people in a drunk driving crash and blaming it on his defense lawyer on his parents money. heather: 100 pounds of fentanyl, synthetic drug 50 times stronger than heroin, enough to go 14 people, on the west coast. in san diego, one of the largest busts ever. this photo showing what a lethal dose looks like, 10 years, the drug is used to strengthen heroin and make pain pills.
2:39 am
rob: you won't need to pick a gender, in oregon, will include an unspecified option. instead of m or f on a state issued id will not be in option for x as well. >> navy veteran and his wife outraged when forced to take down one of their two american flags on their property calling it the greatest insult. >> we lost so many marines trying to put the flag up and we are being canceled about taking the flag down. >> i'm furious. heather: the code only allows one to file a petition, and will cost a few thousand dollars to do that.
2:40 am
>> special surprise from former president george hw bush surprising the crowd at the end of the golf tournament held in his honor. >> the george hw classic given to kennebunkport maine, raises money and awareness to help families with 6 loved ones. the event is in its 15th year. >> that was george w. bush. they are both there. 5:40 on the east coast, a road rage incident leads to an attack with a bat and the brutal death of a teen but that is not the worst part of this horrific story, the driver an illegal immigrant. heather: chelsea clinton calling out steve bannon for fast shaming sean spicer. carly shimkus with that and more.
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>> and pointing to white privilege in this situation. >> carly shimkus, here with this story. >> disturbing headlines from when otto warmbier was captured going viral because headlines, jokes, comments are all blaming him for his capture. let's start things off of the clip. >> it is not out of pyongyang. >> the rise and fall.
2:45 am
north koreans. and the north korean government which recently captured one of the most annoying exports. >> one more show is canceled but look at this headline from the huffington post article, north korea proofs your white male privilege is not universal and this week after otto warmbier's death a magazine called affinity magazine said watch whiteness work. he wasn't a kid or innocence. you can't go to another country and try to steal from them. respect their laws. for the record this magazine is defending north korea. people are upset about this, taking to social media to defend otto warmbier. liberty said he did not deserve this, he was a victim of a murderous regime and harrison says otto warmbier died at the hands of a cruel communist regime and people are mocking him for being a frat boy.
2:46 am
please come back. can't believe we are having this conversation. >> they call themselves a teen magazine. they got a lot of grief from a lot of people. >> why they thought it was a good idea to begin with. chelsea clinton earlier this week, steve bannon said the reason sean spicer is not in front of the camera is because, quote, shone -- a clear joke, chelsea clinton is up laughing. she said the white house using fast shaming to justify increased opacity. 2017. this conservative journalist tried to keep her in, said it is a joke. and hansen chimed in saying pr managed response from humor impaired left. it was a joke.
2:47 am
chelsea clinton responded with this tweet saying hi, jim. just me as i was standing in line at starbucks earlier fat shaming isn't a joke i find funny, period, ever. she's not laughing, she doesn't get the joke but it is nice she was thinking of the silver lining. how about that. >> ivanka trump is a tall woman. >> from capitol hill, this would appear to be an awkward moment, went viral online. everybody was tweeting is this picture. looks like a hug failed. the funniest part of the story is marco rubio's response, he played into the hysteria, just left intel committee, informed meeting with ivanka trump, blowing up twitter over alleged fail investigating will respond soon. then he tweet toed this new picture, proving more insight, face is blurred for security
2:48 am
purposes. ivanka trump says fake news, marco is an excellent hugger. that should boost your confidence. anonymous sources say rubio -- no comments but i would have hugged him anyway. getting back at everybody for making this nonsense go viral. >> mattel came out with a new line of ken dolls. people on social media are going wild over this. emily also says -- this is my favorite tweet. man's bun can come up with a soul cycle membership. $50,000 student loan debt. very far away from g.i. joe.
2:49 am
just in time for christmas. thanks so much. let's check in with steve to see. are you checking for that bun back there? >> i don't think i would look good with one. thank you very much. good morning to both of you. coming up a big program on the heels of republican karen handel's big win. she beat john ossoff by 5 points. corey lewandowski ran the president's campaign for a while, alan dershowitz, mark stein talking about jobs and sarah huckabee sanders all life. the hug between marco rubio and ivanka trump, we get the inside story, we booked the hugger himself, marco rubio, a busy 3 hours kicks off ten minutes from
2:50 am
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[engine starts] [guitar continues]
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>> karen handel claiming victory in georgia. heather: from georgia, more on all that is happening. >> we are here at the karen handel campaign office. not a lot going on here. this particular race was expected to be extremely close but in the end karen handel won with a bigger margin than expected, 10,000 votes over democratic opponent john ossoff come a the first republican
2:54 am
woman in the state of georgia, that is a little bit of local history. but really fact the national implications of this race -- them $50 million spent by both sides, most of that money from outside. a lot of people viewed this as a referendum on the trump administration and last night karen handel thanked the trump camp, mike pence for all the support they gave. big win for republicans, specifically karen handel. >> thanks so much. yale university posting reviews calling people white trash, leaving her post. joan chu was placed on leave after these hosting services, one of them reading this was the perfect night out for you. it is unclear if she resigned or
2:55 am
was fired. she apologized to her students saying she made poor choices. 5:54 on the east coast, coming up, windshield wiper, might be known for its creative hood ornament. check that out. >> happy ending for a fat cat whose picture went viral. ♪ just like the marines did. at one point, i did change to a different company with car insurance, and i was not happy with the customer service. we have switched back over and we feel like we're back home now. the process through usaa is so effortless, that you feel like you're a part of the family. i love that i can pass the membership to my children, and that they can be protected. we're the williams family, and we're usaa members for life. call usaa today to talk about your insurance needs. i just want to find a used car without getting ripped off.
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♪' heather: time now for the good,ed bad, and the ugly. first the good. a 35-pound cat. yes. well, it is now adopted after going viral. simba went home with an engaged couple in maryland. the family says that the obese feline is a real sweet guy. the kitty is still getting used to its new home before the owners start him on diet and exercise program. rob: got to be the best cud ler in the world. one in four americans have no money saved up for rainy day. >> show me the money! show me the money! rob: that's nearly a quarter of adult americans have zero savings to pay for emergency situations including a lay off for major medical bills. that is not good. heather: finally the ugly, a surprise for one person in texas. truck driver, take a look. >> oh my gosh. what the hell?
3:00 am
>> get out of the truck. heather: that is a make calling out of the hood. slithering around. believed to be nonvenomous bull snake. rob: "fox & friends" starts right now. we will see you later. heather: bye. >> prepared to send the first republican woman to. >> democrats 0 for 5. >> democrats still literally have no idea why they keep losing elections. if they did, they would would have wo run a real candidate with a real job. >> this is a race where they had all the money in the world where they were not able to deliver. >> belgium police believe they foiled a


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