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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  June 23, 2017 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> sunshine is on the way. you are watching "fox and friends" first on friday morning. heather: thanks for starting your day, ending the week with us. change is coming, that is a promise from donald trump after declaring obamacare a disaster. >> republicans reveal their healthcare replacement plan as democrats pick it apart. >> reporter: happy friday. it is finally here, all 142 pages, repeal and replace obamacare but not everyone loves it. what is in it? take a look. tax credits based on age and income that prohibit insurers from increasing premiums on preexisting conditions, phases out medicaid expansion from the year 2020 to 2024 with deep cuts to medicaid starting in 2025. defund planned parenthood for
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one year and adds to billion dollars in fiscal 2018 to address the opioid crisis but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has a problem. republican senators are not on board. rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee and ron johnson, cruz says he wantss to get to yes. >> i want to get to yes and the way to get to yes is fix the underlying problems, lower premiums, and i will happily be part of it. >> in the exclusive interview that tears this morning donald trump says he thinks we will get there. >> i think we will have to see. healthcare is a difficult situation. the clintons tried to get it and after years, obamacare was murder for them to get. obamacare is a disaster.
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trying to do something. rob: democrats are opposing it. >> these cuts are blood money. people will die. let's be clear. senate republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with american lives. rob: the gop leadership want to vote by the fourth of july but getting hauled out to get to 51 may be a tall order. republicans can only afford two defections. >> will they state a lot of? rob: they hope they will. heather: calling out the left for it's hypocritical whining. >> first things first which i take issue with the democratic party calling this a secretive process when one of the leaders said you have to pass the bill to find out what is in it or one
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of the architects saying lack of transparency and american stupidity that allows the bill to pass but also in regard to president obama's statement obamacare is failing, and the premise that healthy individuals will be able to support the higher risk on healthy individuals hasn't happened, so trying to stabilize a marketplace that is not stabilized and help americans with premiums. rob: the new york times, the daily mailed, these pictures show former fbi director james comey stopping by the newspaper office in manhattan after he admitted to leaking private conversations with the president exclusively to the times, donald trump revealing he does not have any recorded tapes of those
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conversations. >> his story may have changed, you have to take a look at that. then he has to tell what took place and my story didn't change. it is always the same story. rob: james comey spent three times in the new york times office. deputy medications director of the trump campaign saying the idea that the president may have had tapes helped hold the former fbi director accountable. >> here is what we know, the potential tapes exist kept director comey on his testimony, was able to say -- the president says he was told three times he wasn't under investigation by the fact he said he had those tapes. it forced comey to correct the new york times story that there were direct ties between russia
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and the administration and threat -- that didn't exist. rob: don't miss ainsley ehrhardt's interview with donald trump and the first lady coming up on "fox and friends". heather: nancy pelosi on the details saying her leadership is needed to win elections but top democrats colleague planning a secret meeting to get her out. just the latest person from the left saying nancy pelosi has got to go. >> are you saying she should go? >> if we are going to regain the majority in 2018 we need new leadership. >> donald trump marking the division on twitter writing i hope the democrats do not force nancy pelosi out. that would be very bad for the republican party. please let crying chuck stay.
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fox news contributor saying nancy pelosi isn't the only democrat problem. >> treating cancer with a band-aid, a symptom of the problem but not the problem. the problem the democrats have is they are in worse shape. washington post, 28% of americans in the democratic party, ordinary americans 10 points below donald trump. the democratic party has a deep problem, they lost contact and connection with the center of the country. rob: campaign promise getting veterans the treatment they deserve. >> the trump plan will make the va great again. the executive, all of these executives let veterans down. you are fired.
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rob: donald trump will make a move toward that promise, details on the va accountability bill. heather: 20 veterans a day taking their lives, the white house calling the statistic unacceptable and working hard to put our heroes who fought for our freedom overseas first here at home. commander in chief at the va accountability office making it easier to fire corrupt employees who work for the payment of veterans affairs, rocking the agency in 2014, reportedly died waiting for appointments sparking nationwide outrage. the disciplinary process, the new law cut the 30 day advance notice to ten. the appeals process fired to pay back the relocation expenses. secretary of veterans affairs,
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huge steps in the right direction. >> allows us to make sure somebody is in the wrong place, i have the authority to remove them and that will make a big difference to the thousands of employees who come to work for the right reasons and worked very hard and demoralizing people working alongside you shouldn't be there. >> live with more on the new bill focusing on fixing the broken system. >> let's go to north korea, north korea denied they wrongly treated or tortured otto warmbier. he passed away at the hospital less then a week after being released by the rogue nation, he returned home in a vegetative state, unresponsive, hundreds showing up as he is laid to rest
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yesterday. rob: suspected isis terrorist busted before boarding a plane ready to kill people overseas. saddam mohammed resch on he arrested in new york city. he wanted to wage violent jihad in syria after helping another isis wannabe get to the middle east, holding a confidential source, didn't matter if he went to jail because, quote, allah will reward him for attempting jihad. he could face 20 years behind bars. the man accused of trying to blow up people in two states in the northeast could spend the rest of his life behind bars. a federal judge refusing a request for lawyers to reduce explosive charges that could carry a mandatory life sentence. last fall he set off bombs in new jersey and this one in new york city injuring dozens of people in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. us citizen has pleaded not
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guilty. heather: canadian sniper picking off and isis fighter from just over two miles away not only disrupting a potentially deadly operation by the terror group in iraq, setting a world record for the longest kill shot. this labor from canada's joint task force 2 using this, tax 50 sniper rifle to make the 11,316 foot shot, a good shot. the next state department special agent may face execution for selling top-secret documents to china. kevin mallory, cost line from shanghai to chicago, $16,000 in his carry-on luggage. the text message revealed his scheme which mallory is charged in the federal espionage act and could be put to death or spend life in prison. rob: a two miles labor shot.
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>> he was canadian. can't believe canada -- rob: how are we doing on the south side? >> reporter: we will talk about that but we have the summer concert series coming up at 6:00 am. gavin will be here sponsored by key rig. and later on in this program, see where it starts. stay with us, i will show you what we can expect in new york city, 78 right now, humid, 74, the rain should hold off but we are watching remnants of cindy. a lot of heavy rain across the mississippi, tennessee river valley, ohio river valley, the northeast will feel the remnants of this later today. it won't be a washout but flash flooding will be the main concern in areas across the
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south to the mid-atlantic. very hot in phoenix, 84 in new york city and later on in the show, hope you will join me. >> the time, 12 minutes after the top of the hour, first it was kathy griffin talking about assassinating donald trump. now johnny depp. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? heather: that is not funny. on social media, sounding off. rob: what happened to toning down the rhetoric? democrat launching some inflammatory attacks, scare tactics over the republican health care bill. next guest said he wouldn't last, our next guest coming up
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rob: senate republicans unveiled their plan to repeal and replace obamacare and democrat launching inflammatory rhetoric. >> these cuts are blood money. people will die. >> senate republican health care bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> so sad, mister president, heartless. >> in some ways it is more evil, in some ways it is even dumber. rob: wasn't there supposed to be a change in tone after last week's shooting in virginia, the baseball practice shooting, thanks for coming in this morning. you said it was not going to last long. are we surprised that here we are not even a week later?
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>> not surprised at all. this is only a photo op, political posturing. they have to show the public they are unified but in a week it is back to the same old nonsense. rob: elizabeth warren saying this is blood money, they will pay for this with people's lives. people feel like politicians and policy could kill them, they take violent actions and think it is necessary. >> different with -- that americans are going to die is insulting. this is the rhetoric why we got this shooting because they continue to ratchet up same people that will take that rhetoric and next thing you know they will target republicans trying to assassinate. rob: irresponsible to say things
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like this, just so you can win a political fight. the obsession the media has, more so politicians have with this being done privately. obamacare - nobody had any idea what was in obamacare. >> a lot of people suggest the president read the bill, the president never reads bills. they have a 3 the bill, the last days everything is -- quite frankly we don't know, we hear preliminary stuff but to go back to the house, it is complex. they have done the same thing. i don't see a lot of republicans calling for the death of democrats and right now ratcheting up the rhetoric. rob: nancy pelosi will never live down that famous soundbite
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saying we don't know what is in it, got to pass it to see what is in it. obamacare is failing. it is happening. why don't they address that? can they can mess with this thing so much and criticized so much. >> a lot of things in this bill, preexisting condition, going after republicans about kept it in the bill, the 26-year-old staying on their parents healthcare. the main thing is the individual mandate. with individual mandate being gone people don't have to buy health insurance. it prevents that 30 hour will. we americans lost a job, part-time, forced to make sure they had healthcare. rob: over to you. >> 19 minutes after the top of
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the hour. an apparent case of road rage triggering a massive chain reaction crash, the whole thing was caught on camera. censorship, one -- republicans like ronald reagan are too offensive for kids. ♪ [ noises inside can ]
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time for my secret weapon. sports, movies, tv, ah, show me music to distract a minion. [ voice remote click ] oh! [ pharrell starts to play ] [ minion so happy to see screen ] ahh! i'm pretty smart. ahhh! [ lots of minions ] [ mooing sound ] show me unicorns. [ click noise for tv ] ahhh! that works too. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. see despicable me 3. in theaters in june. heather: and alabama high school told the summer reading list after complaints from parents saying it was too conservative. the teacher who put together the list ran for lieutenant governor of the state in 2010 on the republican ticket. included on the list considered so offensive by some, authors like mark 11, and called her and
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even ronald reagan. >> new jersey could require schools how to respectively interact with police officers. the status simply passing a bill that would mandate goal districts to bar teaching kids kindergarten to high school, the role of a cop and a person's rights while interacting with police officers. this would take effect in the 2018-19 school year. heather: business owners in baltimore taking interaction after their stores were destroyed in riots in 2015. >> reporter: we remember seeing this, the destructive protests and riots in baltimore following the death of freddie gray who died in police custody. 16 business owners whose stores were damaged or destroyed, for not doing their jobs after the riots broke out, the lawsuit
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claims police officers told to stand down instead of stopping the riots. the former mayor of baltimore under fire, to destroy all that property. this caused $13 million of damages to 380 business hes. >> three brands are being recalled for potentially serious contamination. fresh fruits market, and market side coming in 10 ounce packages, they may have been contaminated with listeria bacteria which can cause headaches, muscle aches, confusion and loss of balance. they were distributed from april 18th to june 13th. the top five best and worst car brands. >> jd power put out their list of top five best and worst car brands, kia followed by porsche,
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ford, the worst new car brands, jaguar, volvo, mitsubishi and land rover, they came to their findings based on problems experienced by owners in the first 90 days of ownership. rob: worst maintenance, thanks so much. 26 minutes after the hour donald trump raising questions for special counsel robert mueller's russia probe. >> should he recuse himself? >> he is very good friends with comey. >> ainsley ehrhardt's exclusive interview. heather: don't miss gavin live all morning long for the summer concert series. ♪
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heather: get your shine on, summer skies across the country, time to wake up and we appreciate you waking up with "fox and friends" first. rob: it is 30 minutes after the hour on friday morning. donald trump for allowing change is coming after declaring obamacare is a disaster. heather: republicans unveiling their healthcare replacement plan, democrats working to take it apart. rob: reaction this morning. >> reporter: not everyone likes it but let's take a look at what
2:31 am
is in it. tax credits based on age and income, prohibiting insurers from increasing premiums on preexisting conditions my phases out medicaid expansion, 2020-2024, deep cuts to medicaid, mitch mcconnell has a problem. four gop senators are not anbar, rand paul, ted cruz, mike lee and ron johnson. paul says it sounds like obamacare to him. >> when i look at this i keep reading it, this sounds like obamacare, doesn't even sound like obamacare light, it is obamacare plus on the subsidy side. we can't call that a repeal bill. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with ainsley are hard later this morning donald trump says he thinks we will get there. >> i think we will have to see.
2:32 am
healthcare is a difficult situation. after years and years, obamacare was ready for them to get. obamacare is a disaster and we are trying to do something. >> reporter: democrats are uniformly opposing it. senate minority leader chuck schumer says it is a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> the president said the senate bill, the way it hurts -- cuts healthcare is heartless. president said the health bill is needed, the senate bill might be meaner. the senate republican health care bill is a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> they want to vote by the fourth of july, to afford
2:33 am
defections. rob: look who is talking could. tom price says the urgent need to repeal and replace obamacare has nothing to do with politics. >> to allow patients and families of doctors to make decisions, allow states the flexibility to set up the medicaid program to deem the most appropriate, in their states. they give greater choices, the coverage they want. every single american has the opportunity to provide a transition to the system, makes it so individuals are able to -- the american people are appreciative that they will be the ones in washington dc.
2:34 am
>> robert mueller's russia probe. the former fbi director's ties to james comey could flood his decision. >> comey, very promising. the people who have been hired are hillary clinton supporters. >> don't miss the exclusive interview with donald trump on "fox and friends". >> while chain reaction crash caused by road rage after a motorcyclist loses patience with the car, the biker kicking the side of the car on the freeway in california causing the driver to lose control and swerve into the median. the car hit into oncoming traffic slamming into a truck. the driver suffered multiple injuries, the other driver is okay, the biker has not been
2:35 am
caught as of yet. >> tasteless joke from johnny depp. >> joking about killing the president. rob: another one,\blooge >> we talked over the past few months, hollywood attacks on the president, there was madonna saying she wanted to blow up the white house, kathy griffin in the head photo thing. johnny depp the latest celebrity to jump on the bandwagon with this comment. take a listen. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? >> he made those comments across the pond in england but people in the us heard him loud and clear, getting criticized on social media. johnny depp, short for johnny deplorable. clever but i will say he is not
2:36 am
one of basket members and starting to feel irrelevant, johnny has to make stupid comments to be liked, i think you just lost half of your fans today. it does look like he was doing this for attention. heather: going to one of his islands. quite a lot of bills to pay. >> moving on, a texas man making a big statement to support the president and i mean big literally, check this out. kyle courtney of boerne, texas bought a billboard, the entire billboard slamming abc news over there russia coverage. i grew up with you. we are through. the russians didn't elect donald trump. i did. he is breaking it with abc news and he wants everybody to know. people talking about this online. how much is this billboard, we need more of these, she likes
2:37 am
it. now if only abc and the rest of the mainstream media would pay attention. that is one way to get your point across. >> talking about nancy pelosi. >> not having a good week, democrats calling for new party leadership and yesterday she was forced to defend herself. >> i feel confident in the support from my caucus. my timing is not about them. >> nancy pelosi and her team are fighting back on social media. a tweet from the new york times said nancy pelosi aides are sending allies to show their support. tweets like 23 million are about to lose their healthcare, they end with that hashtag stands with nancy. in this strange twist the president of the united states is sticking up for nancy pelosi
2:38 am
for his own political gain. check this out. i certainly hope the democrats do not force nancy pelosi out. that would be very bad for the republican party and please let crying chuck stay as well. nancy pelosi and crying chuck. sounds like a band. rob: coming up, california is banning some from taking trips to texas. heather: barack obama calling the senate health bill a massive transfer of wealth to the richest people in america. what happened to pass presidents staying out of paulison -- partisan politics? how do we say that this summer, if guests book direct at and stay twice they'll get a $50 gift card? summertime. badda book. badda boom. got you a shirt! ...i kept the receipt... book now at but when we brought our daughter home,
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rob: former president obama
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taking game at the obamaget replacement plan writing, quote, the senate bill unveiled today is not a health care bill. it is a massive transfer of wealth for families to the richest people in america. what happens to past presidents staying out of partisan politics? us diplomat morgan ortega, thank you for joining us. what do you think about this? you worked under two administrations. do you see the same thing happening between bush and obama. >> didn't happen. they decided they are going to give the men after them the space to govern and figure out their way as us president. there is no official policy in place the presidents should do this but i think it is the right thing. presidents that are in office have so much pressure from the other political party.
2:43 am
both president bushes understood the pressure of the office, the new president did not need pressure from them. >> the first time, something to say about the travel ban, the wall, it is not going to stop with them. >> not just presidents speaking out that facebook, social media, what i say about democrats, from a political strategy yesterday, they were on message. as i watched cable news and flipped through various channels but i only watch fox news, looking to see what was being said, this is a scare tactic, people are going to die, saying it is mean, this is very fresh coming from a group of people who were slaughtered in the 2010 midterms and the 2016 elections as a party because of obamacare
2:44 am
but they are on message, they are more unified than the republicans. >> a unified message ignoring some elements. one of those reasons obamacare, one reason is the premium increases. the average monthly premiums from 2013, 476, the monthly premium in 2017. the premium increase, 105 since 2013. >> rhetoric is over the top. one of your guests earlier, how the rhetoric needs to dial down in general. it is surprising that president obama -- make these statements because he indicated he is not going to be the quiet
2:45 am
ex-president. the end of the day the liberal philosophy is one that says i am not going to respect any tradition of ex-presidents because it is so important for me to speak out on this particular issue and they are a leaderless party. democrats probably -- speaking out on social media, four times in the first six months. >> down the street. these leaders, hillary clinton, joe biden, they got the democratic party to the point it is right now and they are in trouble. is this helping when we head toward the midterms? >> the title of an aarp convention. i read and listen to grumblings
2:46 am
from younger democratic lawmakers talking about how bold the party leadership is, and nothing new through the ranks. i chair a pack where we get young people, republicans under 40 to run for office, we have been around for 12 years, doing this for a long time. >> thank you so much, appreciate it. let's check in with steve do see in the plasma to see what is going on, music, barbecue friday. >> 48th and sixth avenue. all-american summer concert series right there in the 8:00 hour of "fox and friends". and feed your barbecue
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>> we are standing outside. protest of anti-lgbt law, california at attorney general banning travel to four new states. >> california no longer fund trips to texas, south dakota and
2:51 am
kentucky. >> restricting trips to north carolina, kansas, mississippi and tennessee. >> nonessential travel for things like out of date conferences and training. rob: more than 1 million illegals who pay taxes could be working under stolen identities. a brand-new irs report. heather: according to the general inspector the agency can only identify half of americans impacted by the fraud because the irs isn't allowed to work with the department of health insecurity to help ice and.who might have the stolen numbers. >> a favorite science-fiction thriller is back on the big screen. >> transformers the last night hit theaters today but is it worthy of your box office bucks?
2:52 am
what is destined to arrive? >> destroyed your home. >> here with his reviews fox news contributor kevin mccarthy. good morning. >> i'm a big transformers fan, i have been following this for a long time. michael bay is one of my favorite filmmakers, loved the first transformers, did not like two or four but michael bay has a great resume, bad boys one and 2, this film unfortunately is incoherently beautiful. i still don't know what the plot line of the film is and i have seen the movie twice. it makes absolutely no to a point it gives me a headache trying to figure out the plot line of what is going on.
2:53 am
i mention the word beautiful because the visuals are phenomenal. i love the action. one of those movies where can you separate the script and plot from the action? can in certain cases but overall you find yourself trying to figure out the plot line which becomes very annoying at times. the imax 3-d visuals are great, scenes where my jaw hit the floor, bumblebee transforming, really cool, anthony hopkins is fun in the movie as well but as i am sitting here i do not know the plot of this film. i give it 2.5 out of 5. i had a chance to sit down with mark wahlberg, one of the stars of the film, he is a gigantic business guy and he has a burger chain, he told me a funny story about trying to get product placement in the film. >> there wasn't today i didn't
2:54 am
try to put some sort of profession in there. i had the hat on one day. and you can't blame me for trying. >> he is giving it 2.5 out of 5 stars. not really going forward. the plot line might not have been good but michael bay makes a colorful beautiful film. >> i have seen every single one. have you? who doesn't like cars that come alive? >> having conquered the gridiron tom brady now pursuing a
2:55 am
challenge. >> the video you have to see this morning, stay with us. [vo] what made secretariat the greatest racehorse who ever lived? of course he was strong... ...intelligent. ...explosive. but the true secret to his perfection... was a heart, twice the size of an average horse.
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if you are looking at us right now, you might be wondering why we are drinking milk with jelly in it. >> you are not a very good spokesperson. >> these are starbucks new frappuccinos for the summer. >> very prickly pear and mango pineapple pell. rob: before did you go, we have got to do this real quick. tom brady taking up a new hobby. i don't know if he is going to be any good at it though. sumo wrestling. >> how's come he isn't wearing the outfit? janice: he is wearing pants. take the pants off tom brady. heather: he stepped into the ring. you can see this while making last stop on promotional tour in asia. may be a super bowl winner. no matter how hard he tried -- rob: ever run in to janice dean you better run the other
3:00 am
direction as fast as you can. janice: he better be careful. heather: tom brady's son, how about that? janice: my apologies to tom brady's son. heather: gavin mcgraw coming up on "fox & friends." >> i have done in five months what other people haven't done in years. >> we are getting our first look at the secret senate healthcare bill. >> the way this bill cuts healthcare is heartless. >> speech you just heard was about a bill that he hasn't seen. >> it's a very, very narrow path. but i think we are going to get there. >> we are getting word now that some democrats even want nancy pelosi to step down. >> if we're going to win, we have to have new leadership. >> you wants me to sing my praises. i'm a master legislator. i'm a strategic astute leader. >> i hope nancy stays at least a decade. i think she is so helpful to us. >> i would like to keep her right where she is. our record is extrao


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