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tv   Red Eye With Tom Shillue  FOX News  June 25, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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out a little bit. >> high energy. jesse: that's all for tonight. follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. remember i'm watters and this is my world. judge jeanine: right now on "justice." >> why should president trump come to your snow? >> i hope he doesn't. because i won't perform if he does. judge jeanine: the liberal hate parade is coming to town. republican congressman darrell issa on how washington can get things done despite the down right dangerous rage coming from the left. if north korea can snuff out a young american life over a propaganda sign, imagine what they will do to the rest of us if they get their hands on a
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nuke. >> i believe they will acquire such capability in the near future. judge jeanine: the threat is real and i'm talking about it with deputy assistant to the president, sebastian gorka. >> i love you, but you lost me. judge jeanine: justice starts now. judge jeanine: welcome to "justice," i'm judge jeanine pirro. democrats have so normalized hatred and violence against the president of the united states that i fear it will result in some crazy lefty trying to assassinate him. and it's not just the president against whom their rage is directed, it's all republicans and conservatives. they are no longer the
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opposition party. they are the reckless party, putting lives in danger. look, it's one thing to disagree, it's what america is all about. but we are now in a danger zone of complete hatred and chaos unlike anything we have witnessed in american history. the normalization of calling for the assassination, decapitation or the beating of any president is simply shocking. and it is the extension of this hatred that trickles down and motivates people like the shooter of congressman scalise. that shooter wasn't crazy. that's too easy. he hated republicans and thought they should die. he was focused on his targets. cognizant enough to inquiry about the specific party of the baseball players. his history was that of an individual who hated president
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trump and republicans. he was no doubt oriented at the person, place and time. the on message is a message of hate. the democratic party is a party of hate and destruction. i think it's anti-american. when you talk about killing the president and doing this stuff that they have been doing, it's it's -- it's disgusting. what am i talking about? shakespeare in the park where a donald trump look alike is beaten and stabbed to death in front of an audience that waits hours to get in. johnny depp talking about the assassination of president trump. >> when was the last time an actor assassinated a president? i have not an actor. i lie for a living. how, it's been a while.
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and maybe it's time. judge jeanine: maybe it's time. kathy griffin posing with a bloody likeness of the president's head after iing she would be happy to deliver a beatdown to 10-year-old barron trump. >> yes, i have thought an awful lot about blowing up the white house. ian * charlie sheen tweeting that he wishes god would take out donald trump next. and mickey o'rourke threatening to beat the president with a baseball bat. patty mccomb said she would refuse to perform should the president of the united states walk into that theater. why? >> because i hate the [bleep]. how is that?
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judge jeanine: not a theme here in they are all has-beens. of course they are going to stand in the way of progress. they forgot what it means to be a success. the attempted assassination of congressman today his, and make no mistake there is a cause and effect, a feeling that the actions are justified, the actions are an extension of the verbal hatred. in courts of -- courts have held verbal hate speech can be considered an incitement to violence or riot. this isn't about free speech. we respect that right. and no one says you cannot peak freely. but here is the kicker. there are consequences. i don't see republicans flipping their lids trying to burn down buildings in ninja outfits when a democrat pro progressive or
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socialist tries to speak. but when a conservative tries to speak at a university like berkeley. and when a police department says we can't protect a republican speaker. there is a reason the democrats are in a downward spiral and keep losing. they last the last four congressional races since the election of president trump. while the president is focused on jobs and the economy and our safety and security, the democrats keep fighting over bathrooms and russia collusion which seems more a problem to the obama administration who ignored it because they were connected to russia and they figured hillary was going to win anyway. while they continued to riot and spew their venom claiming it's their first amendment rights, americans see this party for
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what it is. a party that likes their last candidate for president has no message other than calling opponents names like home -- lie homophobic, racist or deplorable. it didn't work in 2016. it isn't working now. and it never will work. but i worry and you should worry for our president and all elected officials. in spite of the kumbaya after the congressman's shooting. one congressman was just caught on tape saying he's glad scalise got shot and he wishes he were dead. the trickling down of hate is a danger to us all. joining me now to talk about the liberal left's range and more
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republican congressman darrell is a, darrell -- darrell issa. how are you? >> your opening was right on. the interesting thing about free speech. free speech is there for a purpose. it's to give us an opportunity to have dialogue to change minds and get a better decision. as soon as free speech is about hate, killing and cutting off debate, you lose the whole purpose our first amendment exists for is to get alternate ideas into a common cauldron to be stirred around with a better decision coming from it. judge jeanine: when you talk about free speech, you obviously understand it. but the free speech is not just about locking down or preventing the other side from having ideas. this is a calling to an incitement to violence. the assassination of the
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president, it's time. kathy griffin. all of this hatred, i fear for the president. i really do do and elected officials. >> there is no question we are less safe because of this kind of incitement and there is no question we are less safe around the world because of similar villification of people. i grew up in a little town called cleveland. and we would have people come to the door trying to even courage us to change religion. you never get anyone to change religion by threatening to kill them. you get them to understand a religion and embrace it. there are good ideas on the left. but they are never going to succeed in selling them if they are too busy trying to vilify those on the right. judge jeanine: there are five senators who indicated they
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can't accept the bill in the form it's in. and they are right there up on the screen. now, to get a pass we are going to need to get some democrats if we can't turn them around. what do you think the chances are? >> some people like ron johnson want more, not less, while others want less. so i think you have to look and say, which way do you go to get to 50? i don't believe you will get a single democratic vote no matter what you are willing to do. ultimately the democrats have an opportunity to play, but they are not going to play here. they will play when we start looking at programs to further lower the cost of healthcare. and judge i think the important thing is some of those people are waiting to see the score. and i'm waiting to see the score. the most important part of the score is not how much it cost or how many people quote lose healthcare because they choose not or they are not required to
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take healthcare, it's how does cbo look at this lowering the cost of healthcare, and thus lowering the cost of healthcare insurance. that's the direction we have to go, and that's a big part of what some of those senators are waiting for. judge jeanine: it may be senator heller who was talking about the fact that this clearly -- there is going to be an increase in insurance rates. i may have that wrong. >> you are right. dean heller, i served with him in the house before he went to the senate. he's making a prediction. i think he's going to be wrong and that's when he will make an appropriate change to sign on to this. but even if there is a small increase or decrease, the reality is to dramatically lower healthcare costs we'll have to do tough things, tort reform, fda reform. hospitals have to be given an
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opportunity to innovate. so there are lots of ways to lower healthcare. we have countries all over the world that will have programs and policies that if copied would help lower healthcare. judge jeanine: i want to move to nancy pelosi. should she stay or should she go? >> she needs to stay. she contributed $2 million of the $4 million against me in my race. she is the poster child for what reagan used to say about liberals aren't side, they just know things that aren't so. and she really knows thing that aren't so, and she says them and it gives the republicans an opportunity to show the center right is far better for america and the far left. judge jeanine: you were the head of government oversight, you were the chair, now the senate
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is going to be look at loretta lynch. loretta lynch and her role in the hillary clinton email scandal, and it seems when james comey testified he indicated not only did she say an investigation was a matter and anyone in law enforcement knows what that means. but more importantly, the comey said he couldn't talk about all of it. is this under investigation? does it signal to you there is more going on with loretta lynch? >> it's very important we look at both previous attorneys general. people always look to the president. the president is not the head of justice. the attorney general is. when an attorney general wears two hats as eric holder probably said he did, one is the highest law enforcement officer, and the other as a political operative, i have to check and make sure they are doing their first job
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properly. loretta lynch is a good example where she wasn't. rep both of these people ordered u.s. attorneys not to execute on legal referrals that came before them. first eric holder in fast and furious, then loretta lynch on an ongoing basis, including lois learner. congressman darrell issa, thanks for being with us tonight. joining me live from our nation's capital. dr. sebastian gorka, deputy assistant to the president of the united states. before i get into north korea. we have this liberal rage everybody is focused on. while the president continues to pursue this own agenda it's like they are taking the eye off the real enemy, someone like north
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korea and focusing on ridiculous stuff. >> absolutely. the president inherited a world on fire, whether it was the situation in crimea or isis, or whether it was the lack of control across our borders. whether it was north korea. this president understands his primary responsibility is the safety of all americans. this is distracting and it could be dangerous, but we won't let it distract us. judge jeanine: what happened to otto warmbier, horrific, horrible, anyone who doesn't feel for him and that family doesn't have a heart. what are we going to do about that. how are we going to respond to it? what do you think? >> north korea is an utterly brutal stalinistic regime.
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it's not something we'll deal with by having nice conferences in geneva. look at what we have common in the last 22 weeks. the president has revitalized nato. thanks to secretary kelly's work we decreased migration against the southern border by 73%. thanks to secretary mattis we are taking the fight to isis. but we are not going to give our playbook away, i'm sorry. judge jeanine: that's great. but i think a lot of people want to know there will be consequences. there are three other americans in north korea is that correct? >> there are three individuals with korean-american heritage. judge jeanine: it seems north korea -- otto's father in
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response at the press conference said the obama administration did little to nothing in terms of getting otto back. >> that press statement is incredibly important. once ought tow was back, before he sadly passed away, his father made a statement, they went to the obama administration for help. the obama administration said lay low and don't make a fuss. after january 20 they said we are not going with strategic patience. they asked secretary tillerson for help and under the direction of the president we got otto warmbier back. that's american leadership. sadly he did not survive his incarceration. but that what's we did for the warmbier family. judge jeanine: china not doing enough or what we hoped. do we have leverage to get them to do what we need?
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>> china has leverage. 80% of the imports into north korea come from china. judge jeanine: do we have leverage to get china to do more? >> absoluteley. we are the most powerful nation the world has ever seen in economic and military terms. we have donald trump in the white house right now. judge jeanine: dr. sebastian gorka, it's so good to have you on. are we ignoring critical warning signs from europe when it comes to terrorism? you will meet the author of a fascinating book who says just that. and lieutenant colonel mitch otterback to tell us just that. i hit the pavement for "street justice."
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"justice" rolls on in a moment. have you heard republicans say anything like that to president obama? >> if we did anything like that we would be called racist. judge jeanine: what do we call her? >> i can't say it on camera. judge jeanine: because you have a clean
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judge jeanine: welcome back to justice. lieutenant colonel mitch utterback. you just heard sebastian gorka. i want to continue on the vein of north korea. you have said that the president gets into the head and the culture of other nations as he did when he was in the arab countries. what do you mean by that? >> you and i talked a couple weeks ago. he displayed deep understanding of tribal-based societies and arab cultures the way he honored his hosts and some of the things he said.
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he's right inside the confucian cycles. when he tweets north korea dishonored china. he's saving face to motor straight chain a to do more and put the hammer down culturally into north korea. you have to translate into korean disgrace the language they understand. he's really -- i don't know if it's his take or he's being well individuals. but he is inside their heads inflicting their own culture back on them for our purposes. judge jeanine: i never heard that before. but we saw tonight the arab -- save the in the arab world. when i spoke with general kelly several weeks back and asked him how long would it be before north korea has the ability to put a nuclear warhead on an
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intercontinental ballistic missile, he said in the president's first term. what do you think about that? >> they are testing engines soon. they have scud missiles that can go several hundred clom materials. they just need to get a run down ship close to hawaii and a rusty old trawler and still do damage to the united states. it could hurt the existence of the united states. judge jeanine: this is no secret secret. if he's going to have that ability before the end of four years, and as you say as soon as they can get something on a closer ship. isn't there an impetus on us to do something to prevent this from happening? and should we do something in response to what happened to otto warmbier?
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>> like dr. gorka just said. we are probably doing stuff but we are not going to talk about it. i'm grateful this administration doesn't announce exact troop numbers and dates of deployments and exact locations. we are doing everything within our diplomatic and economic ability. but there is probably more. i think the president will put more pressure on china to do more. we can put more pressure on china bihaving more military maneuvers in the south china sea. put a lot of military stuff near china's interests so we have stuff to take back so they don't lose face when they do something on our behalf. we do have the abuilt to get more from china. judge jeanine: i have always been into the issue of the electromagnetic pulse and putting a nuclear warhead into the atmosphere and cut tour
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power grids. >> imagine anybody who don't know what a dmt is. turn off everything that's electronic. you can't turn on your car baits has computer parts in it. you can't watch tv. you might be able to listen to the radio. it freeze and kills everything electronic. people are watching us on dell vision right now. and listening to xm radio and it's all dead. judge jeanine: lieutenant colonel mitch utterback, thanks for joining us tonight. "street justice" still on deck. we head to broadway to ask about a popular actress and her shocking words about president obama. the davids do battle as justice
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weeds. i'm patti ann browne. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." judge jeanine: it's time for the panel to weigh in on the latest headlines dominating the news. david avila, i have just been advised within the last 30 minute, according to the "l.a. times," there was a town hall meeting in california, i guess -- wherever maxine waters is, where she was leading a town hall meeting, and the whole gang joined in, "impeach 45." since when is it appropriate to call for impeachment of someone
12:34 am
when there hasn't been a showing of wrongdoing? >> it reminds me of "lock her up." what people would say about hillary clinton. judge jeanine: this woman is a congresswoman. >> i can remember seeing many elected officials chanting that. the question of whether calling for an impeachment is appropriate. there is a criminal investigation involving former f.b.i. director mueller going on. that is a former f.b.i. director with subpoena power who will get to the bottom of it and find out the facts. ian * i don't want to get into that because there is no evidence. just keep looking. maybe it will show up. >> when i was in the white house president clinton was facing impeachment charges as well, and that was stemming from something
12:35 am
there will be was a special prosecutor investigating something completely different and discovered facts about monica lewinsky, and that's kind of what could happen here. judge jeanine: i'm going to stop you right there. avella what do you have to say about that. >> progressives are only talking to one another and that's why they are 0-4 in special elections. the biggest impact the special elections will have are not on the u.s. house. it should be on the u.s. senate. if you are one of the democrats sitting in a state won by donald trump, you have to be looking at these election results and say progressives alone can't get me re-elected. and i better do something to show republicans and independent that i'm doing something to show i'm supportive of president trump's agenda. they need to be knocking down
12:36 am
his door saying what bill can i sponsor? >> if i may point out, you are right. in two states trump carried, wisconsin and ohio. two senators were up for reelection right now have asked, can we get involved in the infrastructure bill we keep being promised. we want to be part of it. crickets, nothing. but i think considering trump weren't from a 0-point lead to a republican leading by 4 point in georgia. the 23 republicans in the house whose districts went for hillary clinton are also asking the same question. that could flip their seats. judge jeanine: you are saying the win wasn't as big as trump's, but what do you say? >> losers don't legislation. jon ossoff is going to do
12:37 am
nothing in congress. karen handel will get things done. winning by more than 1 point is just running up the score. the democrats are 4-0. judge jeanine: i was furious with the republicans who were not supporting the president. now he's got five republicans, avella. and i'm pretty angry about that. i think it's time these republicans got in line and aloud this path to do something better than what we are doing now. quickly. >> republican and senators who say they need more type, they want to get there, is just code for, i want some attention and/or i have an idea i would like to be considered. let's wait until legislation has had a chance for the amendment process to occur. let's see what the vote is.
12:38 am
then we can decide whether we are angry at republicans. judge jeanine: go ahead, david. >> it's an interesting political problem. you have somebody like dean heller from nevada which is a purple state that just elected a democrat to the senate in the last cycle. then you have ted cruz. we haven't even talked about the senator from maine and the senator from alaska. there are republicans who have grave doubts about cutting medicaid when 2/3 of seniors in the united states rely on medicaid for nursing homes. judge jeanine: i'm concerned about a lot of thing. >> here is the point. republicans are doing this under budget reconciliation, simple majority. that's fair. but that means they can only afford to lose two senators. we are talking about four, five, maybe more. the policy changes are like
12:39 am
squeezing a balloon at one end, it will blow out at the other. judge jeanine: david arella, next time you get more time. david goodfriend thank you for being with us. street just its -- "street just" you won't see these folks at the post office. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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sorry about the holdup, folks.
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we have some congestion on the runway and i'm being told it'll be another 15, maybe 20 minutes, and we will have you on your way. ♪ runway models on the runway? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money evan saved by switching to geico. i would not wear that lace. hmm, i don't know? fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. judge jeanine: terrorists sweeping through europe with several attacks in the last few weeks. i spoke with douglas murray author of information identity islam and what needs to be done
12:44 am
to stop these attacks, and why the u.s. needs to pay attention. douglas murray, thanks for being with us today. you talk about europe being engaged in some kind of suicidal act where there is declining birth rates, there is self hatred, self guilt and multi-culturalism that's destroying europe. why is this relevant to americans? >> everything i describe in this book is the result of traveling pack europe and meeting the people that just arrived and meting the leaders of europe. all the things we have gone through are examples of things america is starting to go through as well. it's just that we in europe are further down the road. to my mind this is a warning siren of what not to do in america. judge jeanine: is it mass immigration? what should we not do? >> the first thing is the mass
12:45 am
immigration. europe has been taking people in far too fast, particularly to be able to integrate them into european society. we don't have a chance at this pace. also trying to integrate people who are here. >> the thing, it's the thing of not having the self distrust and self-hatred which is what we in europe have cultivated for more than a jean riggs which i see on american campuses and america as a whole. judge jeanine: angela merkel was engaged in conversations with zuckerberg on facebook trying to figure out how to curtail the free speech rights of individuals who criticize her. if you cut down the free speech of people who live in the country and open the borders to the world. >> it's extraordinary.
12:46 am
the people of europe are unhappy about this. the thought that you would stop them from expressing that unhappiness is crazy. but x need to be -- dew we need to be -- but we need to be able to criticized her. i don't want to have to claim political asylum much as i love your country. judge jeanine: when change comes as quickly as it's done in europe, it will change the character of europe. is that a bad thing? >> it doesn't have to be a bad thing. countries and cultures change slowly all the time. but when they change at this swiftness, there is a very, very significant problem coming. i traveled across the entire continent. there are places in europe that would be utterly unrecognizable. this is about ideas and the ideas people bring with them.
12:47 am
some of those idea as we have seen in the rise of things like sharia courts in the u.k., in the rise of extremism and intolerance courts women and ethnic and religious and sexual minorities is worrying. judge jeanine: how do you have sharia court in the u.k. there is a move to prevent the effort to have sharia courts. how did it happen so easily in the u.k.? >> it came in through the back door where you can volunteer for arbitration pretty inch any system you like. the sharia courts offered to do it that way. they are not meant to supersede british law. but i have spoken to people judged in sharia courts and it's clear they do supersede british law. judge jeanine: what are your hopes for the united states? >> my hope is you could do
12:48 am
rather better what we have done so badly. although you have got in america lots of the thought problems we have in europe, nevertheless you also have an identity thing in america that remains enormously powerful. too many people we read about spit on the freedoms you have. but the ideas and the ideal of mayor today is something which people can really integrate into, and in europe we are stuck in a thing of not just finding it hard to integrate, but people not want to go integrate anyway. you are starting off in a better place and we wouldn't be starting off from here. judge jeanine: thank you, and good luck with your book.
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judge jeanine: broadway actress patty le own said she won't perform if president trump came to the show. she says if president trump shows up she won't perform. when asked why, she said he's a
12:53 am
mother fer. what do you think? >> she needs to change her language. the left is out there. i never thought i would see the country in the state it's in. those of us who want change, it's not happening, and it's scary. >> everyone has a right to their own opinion. judge jeanine: if she won't perform, that's not fair to the other people in the theater. >> that's true. >> you need better public discourse. >> that's outrageous. absolutely outrageous. she is a performer. she is not there for her political views. >> she is a jerk plain and simple. >> you can't say that. jesus don't like that. >> we definitely need jesus. including trump. including her, too. >> i thinke is that.
12:54 am
i know him for 30-some years where he used to live and i know his true past. judge jeanine: what is his true past? he's a real dog. and he screwed everybody. that's why he's wealthy. judge jeanine: i know a lot of people who did business with him who are still friends with him. >> that's very unprofessional. there will always be people in the audience you don't like and the show needs to go on, and she should clean up her mouth. judge jeanine: have you heard republicans say anything like that to president obama what would happen? >> we would be called racist. judge jeanine: what do we call her? >> i can't say it on camera. judge jeanine: because you have a clean mouth. >> as a performer, to stoop that lowe is a disgrace. >> please leave trump alone, give him a little break right
12:55 am
now. they are throwing him under the bus, so stop. leave our president alone, please. judge jeanine: i like you, what's your name? >> i'm tina. >> i don't understand what's going on in this country. but we need to focus on america as a whole, and not just one party or the other party. we knead to unite. judge jeanine: patty le own is not. hing. >> into. that doesn't make sense to me. i don't understand a performer who would not want everybody's money. judge jeanine: what did your boy do? he goes into that theater and patty la own patty lepone says she won't
12:56 am
perform. >> she is going to throw her political views in the there, shame on her. i love you have, patty, but you lost a fan. maybe it's just him. but he's doing an awesome job. you keep it up, trump, you keep it
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judge jeanine: remember to follow me on twitter and on instagram at judge -underscore janine. thanks so much for watching. the greg got tell joe is next. plplplplplplplplplplplplplplplp. it'll be me sitting here however, it's been a while. >> maybe it's time. [inaudible] greg: kathy griffin has let herself go.


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