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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  June 27, 2017 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> thank you so much for being here today, best of luck with your book. but you don't need it. we are back on tv tomorrow at noon eastern, "happening now" starts right now. >> heather: a fox news alert for you, a widespread cyber attack impacting governments and companies all around the world. ukraine's prime minister called the attack on his country unprecedented. still in the department of homeland security says it is monitoring the situation and coordinating with domestic and international partners. we are covering all the news happening now. >> senator mcconnell has a stack of chips and front of him that he is going to be playing from each. >> you start taking some of the money and savings and buying off votes and that's exactly what got us obamacare. >> jon: more cracks in mitch mcconnell's effort to gather enough republican support to
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pass the health care bill. the big question looms, when will the vote come? plus, a hearing today on the legal foundation for the government's spying powers, which are set to expire if congress does not extend them. if you plan on booking a flight, we have some information on fares you don't want to miss. all happening now. we begin with this fox news alert, we are keeping an eye on to codeveloping stories today, one overseas in syria, and one here at home on capitol hill. welcome to the second hour of "happening now," i'm jon scott. >> heather: i'm heather childers. the white house running the assad regime not to launch another attack. gas attack out of that base killed thousands of civilians. >> jon: back on american soil,
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a battle brewing over the senate health care plan. mitch mcconnell scrambling to gather enough votes to pass the bill. lindsey graham warns him not to get that support with kickbacks. >> i worry about cornhusker kickbacks, if they start doing that they are going to lose me. >> jon: we have fox news coverage on all of this today. mike emanuel has the latest on the health care from capitol hill. we begin with kevin corke, he is at the white house where sean spicer is a set to hold an on camera briefing later this afternoon. kevin? >> you are right about that, that one coming up at about 2:00, give or take, usually they run about 15 minutes after the top of the hour. that is going to be on camera. the activity that you all mentioned over in syria actually took place at a base known as
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shayrat airbase. it was partially damaged by u.s. attack back in april. let me share a white house statement about new activity on that very same base. saying in the statement, the activities are similar to preparation that regime made before it's april 4th 2017 chemical attack. of the united states is in syria to eliminate the islamic state of iraq in syria. if mr. assad conducts another mass murder attack using a chemical weapon, he and his military will pay a heavy price. >> i believe the goal is at this point not just to send assad a message what to send russia and iran a message. if this happens again, we are putting you on notice. my hope is that the president warning will certainly get
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russia and iran to take a second look. >> a second look would seem to be wise given the fact that the white house did not bluff the first time they told the regime they would certainly act if this happened. i meet share with the iranian foreign minister has to say about this latest provocation. the pentagon sources that we have spoken with tell us that recent activity actually took place sometime over the past 24 hours and that led the white house to issue that statement. we expect to hear the white house talk about that in that on camera briefing coming up this afternoon at 2:00 as well as the ongoing fight for health care. the movement seems to be stalling out before our very eyes, as many as five senators now say they are having second thoughts about perhaps packing or maybe not all backing and the
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white house is concerned about it. so much so, they may have to send someone over to the hill to try to stir up some votes. a little whipping action from the white house, we'll see what they have to say about that during the briefing. back to you. >> heather: as we wait for that and the white house follows the latest health care development, a cbo analysis predicts that 22 million more americans will be uninsured over the next decade under the senate health care plan. during the first hour of "happening now," we spoke with the former cbo director. >> i think it's important to recognize that this is just do t just a health care vote. it's about better budget policy, it is about some health care policy, it is also about the capacity of republicans to govern and meet their political promises. if you start looking across all of those issues, i think there
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is enough room for them to find common ground, however hard that might be. >> heather: mike emanuel has the latest on this from capitol hill. >> member of the g.o.p. leadership team says most of his colleagues want to get the yes, they just have some concerns. he says he expects that senate to vote this week. >> obamacare is not going to get any better, it's just going to get worse. i think the measures it will have to undertake in order to protect the millions of people who get hurt by the meltdown of obamacare will be more serious. i think it's better for us to do it sooner rather than later. >> at least four g.o.p. senators have come out saying they would not support the first procedural vote to take up the bill, offer amendments and debated. one of them told fox earlier he wants more time. >> we need to fix these collapsing markets that are obamacare, we've got to drive
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premiums down. what i want first of all is the time to consider this, to allow my constituents a chance to review it, provide their valuable input and feedback. i'm not asking months, but let's take a couple of weeks. >> last night a handful of senate democrats gathered out on the capitol steps to criticize republican efforts to dismantle obamacare. one of them told us today, he expects the majority leader will start cutting deals to round up enough votes. >> senator mcconnell has a stack of chips in front of him that he is going to be playing for each of senate vote. whether it's going to be something special, something special for this estate or that state, doing his darndest to make sure he has enough votes to win. that's what a majority leader does. >> senate republicans are currently in their luncheon, you can expect health care reform to be the hot topic once again. >> heather: thank you, mike. >> jon: as we just mentioned,
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democrats are voicing their opposition to the republican health care plan. several democratic senators holding a sit in last night on the steps of capitol hill, hours after the cbo released its analysis. >> i don't know what pressure we can apply, the pressure is coming from this congressional budget office, the nonpartisan group. the facts are devastating, how can you go on with 15 millions s of americans losing their health care before the next election. >> jon: house speaker paul ryan is saying he is still expecting a vote in the senate. >> i would not bet against mitch mcconnell. he is very good at getting things done, even with this razor-thin majority. i have every expectation, i don't know what day but i have every expectation the senate will move this bill. >> jon: joining us now, a white house correspondent from the hill and white house
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correspondent for the "washington examiner." i want to take us back to capitol hill, chuck schumer and saw the democratic senators are speaking right now but all of this, we will listen in on their thoughts for just a moment. and of course as soon as i said that, chuck schumer stepped away from the microphone. we will monitor it from our control room and hear what they have to say and will get back to it in just a bit. kind of surprising, you don't hear a lot about dean heller, but all of a sudden he is front and center among republican senators on capitol hill. >> absolutely. this approach trump outside group today released an ad going after heller for holding out on this health care bill. it's an unusual move against a member of the presidents owner party. of course, senator heller is up for reelection in 2018 and he is
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facing one of the toughest reelection fights. he is dealing with problems on the left and now problems on the right. it will be interesting to see how the white house explains what they are doing with senator heller at the briefing today. >> jon: is the white house leaning on some of these wavering senators or promising to support them in some way? have you heard any of that? >> it seems to be mainly behind the scenes, the president is not using the bully pulpit. he has tweeted seven times this morning, he tweeted about russia, the media, loretta lynch, he did not tweet about health care, he doesn't seem to be going out and public in making the case. he met with the prime minister of india and did not take the opportunity to talk about health care, but behind the scenes we know he is calling these conservative republicans who have not said that they are supporting the bill. rand paul has been here at the white house today, the kentucky republican who said that he did not support the bill yet. as indicated, he is willing to be open to some sort of changes
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if they would make changes the way he would like for the bill. >> jon: the president confuse a lot of people when he got on board with the house passed version of health care reform through essentially big party in the rose garden when the house got this thing out of there and then turned around later and called it mean. where does the president stand? >> the president does want to see this bill become law. he doesn't have a major legislative accomplishment yet and it's already june, almost alive. he is hungry for a victory. he seems to be very open to changing the bill anyway possible to get enough votes. i think we are going to be hearing the president behind the scenes talking to the senators, reminding them about the promise that they made to voters and that he made to voters on the campaign trail. that they would repeal and replace obamacare if they were elected. it's less about what is in the bill and more about getting this win on the scoreboard.
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>> jon: is the fact that the bill was essentially put together in secret, is it the content of the bill that these six republican senators are an opposition to? >> there are lots of different reasons. you have conservatives like rand paul, ted cruz, ron johnson on one side who don't think the bill goes far enough. you've got senators who don't like the cbo projection. or the president himself has admitted that it's a tricky balance to try to appease one side because when you do that, it may upset the other side. it seems that the focus in the white house right now is on the conservatives. the ones that when they ran in 2010, 2012, during the tea party wave, they were running on this very issue. i think republicans are trying to get this bill passed are saying we really can push them on that because they don't want to be blamed back home for the reason why this legislation didn't go through.
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>> jon: it looks like you are there in the white house briefing room waiting for sean spicer's breathing. we are going to ask you this question, too, jordan. there's been a lot of controversy over whether or not those briefings should be televised and how often they should come. are you looking forward to the event? >> you bet. the briefing today will be televised, spicer has been taking a lot of these reporters, the decision to do these off-camera goggles. so we can report on what is said but we can't use the audio or video. today they are going to use cameras. >> jon: is that something that the press secretary should subject himself to in your view? doing your job, doesn't make a difference whether it is televised or not? >> it better serves the white house for them to put this on television. or they a bigger audience from television and radio audiences than keeping it off-camera. we heard from some trump
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supporters i have spoken to are frustrated that the press secretary and the press office aren't getting the message out. >> jon: he's been getting big ratings for those on camera briefings. we will have that briefing when it begins. >> heather: in the meantime, this fox news alerts. on a lockdown prompted by a possible active shooter at the redstone arsenal near huntsville, alabama. the army base warning on its twitter and facebook account to "run, hide, fight." fbi is on the scene, they cannot at this point confirmed there is an active shooter. we have no reports of any injuries but we are also hearing that terrorism is not suspected. the report of a possible shooter and one of the buildings is a real event, not part of a drill that was planned for tomorrow. more than 30,000 people work there, we are following the
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story and we will bring you any new information as it becomes available. >> jon: one of the most popular weed killers in the world might soon be adding a cancer warning to its label. fighting state law they claim could cost them millions. hi i'm joan lunden.
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>> jon: the state of california is placing the main ingredient of the popular weed killer roundup on the list of substances that may call causer cancer. the manufacturer is appealing the label requirement, arguing that it will cost them business. >> the law that forms the foundation of our governments spying towers could soon come to
10:19 am
an end. the act will sunset in september unless congress changes the law. a chief intelligence correspondent is live for us were in washington with more on this. >> there was bipartisan frustration throughout the hearing this morning about the failure of the intelligence committee to reveal the number of americans whose conversations have been captured during the surveillance of foreign targets. a senior republican suggesting his conversations with foreign leaders were monitored and his identity revealed for political purposes. >> do i have the legal right as a united states senator to find out if my government is monitoring conversations between me and a foreign leader? and if anybody had access to that conversation. >> did you hear the exchange with senator lindsey graham? did you know the emotion in his voice? as he thought about the possibility that his privacy was
10:20 am
being invaded by his government? >> the witnesses were also told that they will be expected to explain the chain of events that led to the identification or unmasking of a former national security advisor mike flynn. in a classified session, his name in conversations with the russian ambassador were leaked to the media this year. in a surprising exchange, the fbi witness confirmed that james comey confirmed with him the contents of his conversations with president trump that included allegations that mr. trump hoped comey could let go of the case. >> were you involved with any discussions about president trump's interactions with director comey? a "yes" or "no" will be sufficient. >> yes, senator . >> heather: these exchanges are important because the senate judiciary committee is running an investigation that
10:21 am
specifically looks at allegations of interference, not only within the trump administration but also during the obama administration during the height of the election last year. >> jon: democrats are doing some soul-searching now after losing all four special house elections during the trump era. on top of the presidential race. do they have a strategy to end this losing streak? we will discuss that i had. plus, the political unrest is going in venezuela, a recent rate of antigovernment street protests across the country. thousands taking to the streets of its national capital. what is behind the outcry, i ha had. i should take a closer look at geico...
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>> jon: a fox news alert, take a look at the capitol dome where a conference is underway for the senate g.o.p. members with the vice president in attendance. it could be a pivotal meeting as they decide whether or not to forge ahead on health care reform. we've told you, there are at least six republican senators who say they intend to vote against the legislation as it stands right now unless mitch mcconnell can pull off some changes, enough to bring four of them back on board. that legislation is doomed to defeat. a conference underway right now with the vice president in attendance. when we get more information about it, we will bring it to you. protests in venezuela turning violent in that nation's capita capital. those are antigovernment protesters blocking major roads
10:26 am
in caracas, calling on venezuelan president to resign. it's a daily scene since late march, growing turmoil over deteriorating economic conditions in that country. at least 75 people have been killed in 90 days of protests seeking nicolas maduro's removal. >> heather: democrats cannot win any of the four recent special elections for open house seats. then there is this, an article in "the wall street journal" that says this highlights a broader problem, that the democrats have lost their hold on the middle class. according to a new poll, asking americans which party would do a better job of looking out for the middle class, back in 1990 the democratic advantage was 29 points, 47%-18%.
10:27 am
in the latest survey, the democratic advantage, only 13 points. if that's the gap ever. how can democrats and the losing streak? your boss is busy today. let's start with the special election. g.o.p. coming off of four victories, an unprecedented amount of money was spent by the democratic party, they also lost in south carolina, kansas, and montana. what should they learn from that? >> they should learn they have a problem. it seems to me that the one thing they are not doing is actually studying why it is that they keep losing. after the election you would have thought that they would have done an autopsy as republicans did after they lost the last presidential election. democrats did not do that, they simply joined the cheering section for the resist movement
10:28 am
and i think that is not really getting them very far. >> heather: an autopsy, they need to do that. president trump we have heard him, many others say they are the party of resist and obstruct, will that alone help them gain back voters? >> democrats need more than resistance. we have two resist the bad policies of the trump agenda, but we need a lot more than resistance. we need restoration and that means democrats going back across the country, going into middle america, rural america and talking about what we stand for again, talking about our values. >> heather: a poll recently found that 50% of all likely voters and say that the party actually needs new blood. do you think they should begin there? should nancy pelosi step aside, what should happen? >> i think nancy pelosi has been very good to the republican party so i think she is perfectly good where she is. i think it is a statement of the obvious, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are not actually images of the heartland and the
10:29 am
voters, the democrats need to appeal to are not looking at chuck schumer and nancy pelosi is the kind of people that speak for their needs. >> heather: what do you think? >> i think it is an office application of the problem. i think it was einstein, a fellow a lot smarter than i am, who said the definition of insanity was trying the same thing over again and hoping for a different outcome. we need to focus on the plan, what are democrats going to do differently doing forward, their electoral strategy to get their message out, their values out, and that's what i think the greater concern for democrats ahead is. the issues are on our side. honestly, you look at it, democrats are right on the economy, right on the budget, right on the tax code, and we don't manage to get that message out because we talked about policy and set up agenda. we talk about the policy and set of why we believe what we believe and why we think the tax
10:30 am
code should be as fair to working americans as it is to rich americans. it should reward hard work as much as it award people who are wealthy. >> heather: hard work and middle another poll, only 33% in the midwest think the party they champion the middle class. among rural voters it is only 31% and among white men with less college education, 25%. that sounds an awful light lote the voters who turned out for president trump. >> if you look at the election result, about 650 counties that president obama won twice, donald trump won a turn of thif those counties. donald trump -- hillary clinton won six of those. there is zero crossover. what i think the movement has to face up to is the fact that donald trump has a lot more
10:31 am
crossover appeal than any of the democratic candidates that they support. >> heather: may be quit relying on the hollywood celebrities, too. thank you very much. >> jon: iraqi forces launch a new operation in western mosul after a surprise attack from isis. the latest on the push to fully liberate the city, we'll have a lab report. thus, we are awaiting the white house news briefing, expected to start any minute now. a new poll shows how some americans feel about president trump's efforts to drain the swamp. >> we are going to washington, d.c., and we are going to drain the swamp.
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9 grams of protein, and 26 vitamins and minerals. that was the best one ever! giving you the strength and energy, to get back to doing what you love. and finish! from the number one doctor recommended brand... ensure, always be you. ♪ >> jon: recent actions by the trump administration raising red flags across the political spectrum. our own juan williams writing a piece titled "trump refills the swamp." he writes... he joins us now, he is cohost of "the five" and a fox news political analyst.
10:36 am
you said that the bipartisan questions or concerns are being raised about what is going on inside the trump administration. >> what strikes me in washington is now you have republicans on capitol hill openly questioning whether or not the president is draining the swamp. the chairman of the senate judiciary committee recently sent a letter to the white house, saying this is nonsense that you are saying that members of congress can no longer make a request for questions and answers coming from the administration. similarly, jason jay fitz, head of the house oversight committee said there is no difference between how the obama white house and the trump white house are handling these ethics questions. as you know, there has been an increase in requests for waivers to get allowed lobbying requests coming from the trump white house.
10:37 am
>> jon: you also write about our fundraiser the president is having this week at the trump international hotel. he entered a good deal to lease that hotel from the federal government while before he was running for president. >> right, but he is now president. much like when you asked people if he should have released his tax forms or recused himself from some situations because of his business activity, the president has not done it and in the case of the hotel, he will hold the first fundraiser for his 2020 effort, i guess. he is still the owner of the hotel, he is leasing it from the general services administration. the boss of the gsa is the president of the united states. he is not only bringing in dollars that will eventually end up in his own pocket, this is all raising questions about ethics and whether or not he is really draining the swamp.
10:38 am
>> jon: divesting himself and participation of running his business is not enough for you? >> it's not about me or you, i think it is about how do the american people see it and what are the rules of law? if you ask the american people right now, you see it's about 35% or so say he is not draining the swamp, another 30% or so say there is no change. only about a quarter of american people say donald trump came to washington and is draining the swamp. with regard to the law, the law previously -- this is a big issue. the president cannot benefit from the presidency in this way in terms of his is this activity. >> jon: of course there is the michael flynn matter. >> i don't want it to sound too harsh, but obviously michael flynn did not disclose some of the income he had and ties to russia on some of his national security forms.
10:39 am
we had all these conflicts and questions about draining the swamp that continue to flow around the president at this moment. >> jon: juan williams, the author of that piece. >> heather: some new video showing a tough fight amid a final push to liberate mosul from isis. as a u.s. coalition troops were forced to divert from liberated areas of mosul after some surprised counterattacks by the islamic state. the terrorist expected to make their last stand in western mosul. >> hi, you are right. the battle is really reaching its conclusion. isis have only about 1% of that city left, but that 1% as the old city where the streets get a lot smaller and the fighting is
10:40 am
house to house and isis have covered it in and minds. they are believed to be the battle hardened foreign fighters and they are going to fight to the death and take as many people with them as possible. progress is now slow. there are people saying it could take only a few more days, but in the last couple of days alone, they have launched dozens of counterattacks around the city which have required troops to divert away from the main site, and it is a reminder that they are still strong and most worryingly, they have left behind at sleeper cells the u.s. believe that 150 civilians are being trapped there and they are being used as human shields. all of them are under nourished and many have lost everything. residents of liberated parts of mosul are now coming out of the
10:41 am
streets. isis will lose a mosul, that is a foregone conclusion. the next battle is raqqa. a longer problem with the ideology, how do you defeat that moving forward? problems are still ahead. >> heather: thank you. he >> jon: the president's son-in-law is a new focus of attention and washington. jared kushner facing scrutiny in the russia investigation. also, for a big loan he got right before the election. he is just added a high wattage attorney to his legal team, we will talk about it with our legal panel today. and if airline fares were not confusing enough already, new
10:42 am
proposed bill could let airlines hide their taxes and fees. details on that next. the pain can really be a distraction.
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>> heather: president trump's senior advisor and son-in-law hiring a prominent defense attorney to represent him in the ongoing russia investigation amid some new questions about it nearly $300 million loan he took out a month before the election. let's bring in our legal panel. thank you both for joining us. what do we know about this attorney he has hired? >> he was with another law firm,
10:46 am
mueller took three lawyers from that law firm. rightly so, that law firm said there should be conflict here, you should consult outside counsel to see if you want a lawyer from another law firm to ensure that there is no appearance of impropriety. he went and got another lawyer who is specializing not only in white-collar criminal defense but also dealing with the political ramifications of high-profile public figures that go through something like this. >> he is not the only one who has lawyered up. why is that important to do? >> we were just talking about this before we started. you want to go to the prosecutors and -- you don't want to just go in front of them and talk. it is not a casual conversation. if it is perceived that you are lying, you can have a separate charges just by the mere fact that you've made misrepresentations to the investigation. routinely, both defense
10:47 am
attorneys will come up they are in the crosshairs of an investigation. when there is a proffer, there is in agreement with the prosecution. under the investigation, we say that with a smile on our face. or they will not be criminally implicated for what they have shared. >> nothing they say can be used against them. >> heather: do they have access to all that information? there was one question people were talking about. comparing it to clinton, saying the reason they were hiring these outside lawyers, because there would be client and lawyer privilege information that they would not have access to. >> i analyze cases not on politics but on law. what happened in the clinton investigation is -- of the u.s. attorney's office gets all the data and information.
10:48 am
they have a lot more data then you have when you go in there. people are going to exercise the fifth amendment, they are going to get attorneys. this is just good lawyering, whether you are a democrat or republican. the fifth amendment is not only there to protect the guilty but the innocent as well. >> this is a new administration, different than anything we have seen before. obviously president trump, a huge businessman. jared kushner as well. what about this loan? it seems like it would've been something you would have normally done, but they are questioning the timing of it. >> there may have been a russian bank involved. so much of this is being locked up and delving into areas that may have any truthful -- it is not up personal exercise. these investigators that we know are so aggressive, they will
10:49 am
leave no stone unturned. they have to go down each avenue even if it ultimately becomes a red herring. >> this is an inquiry. it would be irresponsible not to look for any financial connections here. it jared kushner has made it very clear that he is willing to testify before the senate committee and go in and speak without immunity, without the fifth amendment protections, whatever. he's a huge business guy. he has relationships throughout the entire world and all these other places. do we now blame him because he had a business relationship? you can't make that connection at this point in time, just like you couldn't make this connection on the hillary clinton case. federal prosecutors wanted in a box with a bow. >> you know when this
10:50 am
investigation is done, everyone is going to be looking at it. >> heather: bob, mercedes, thank you very much. >> jon: some new information about a markup on an aviation bill that could affect how much you pay for your next flight. a law passed back in 2012 forces airlines to deploy total ticket prices and their advertising, including all government taxes and fees. today's markup on capitol hill could rollback that law, allowing airlines to list only the base price of a flight when the actual fair is much higher. some airline watchers call this proposal anticonsumer. of course, we don't know how all this will pan out at this point, we will keep an eye on the bill's progress. load up all the buses, we are getting worried that every republican senator is going to head to the white house at 4:00 p.m. eastern time, a little more than two hours from now to discuss progress of the health care bill. it comes just moments after a
10:51 am
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♪ >> jon: a fox news alert. all of the republican senators are headed to the white house this afternoon to meet with the president, and mike emanuel reports that the city health care reform boat probably getting pushed until after the fourth of july recess. peter doocy also reports from the staff source says there will not be about on health care this week. all of those republican senators have been called to the
10:55 am
white house for a 4:00 p.m. meeting. might be a trip to the woodshed, but we will have more information after the meeting. >> heather: activists from around the country is wrapping up, and more companies are offering social justice. for more details high claudia. >> hi. they're becoming popular with vacation and sick day. some employees now get protest pay. >> since the election, scores of activists have taken to the streets, town halls, and rallies to blast president trump with the blessing of their boss. >> civic engagement as a foundation of our democracy, incorporated companies should encourage that. >> marketing firm ceo gives his staff two days of action each year. >> they can participate in
10:56 am
protests. they can volunteer for cause. that is meaningful for them. >> he says while he is liberal, the policy is neutral. so long it is not a group that promotes violence, employees can support whatever political group or because they want. conservative activists don't buy it. >> they want basically harder left turn and we are seeing now. >> it is a risk. consumers opposed to an official endorsement might take their business elsewhere. companies like patagonia don't care. the apparel maker says they hire activists passionate about the environment, and at times, protesting is part of that passion. facebook recently let their employees go to pro-immigrant rallies. >> they are taking note that social change and positive action managers to make matters both in and out of the workplace. >> from glassdoor, they found half of employees say they should have time to advocate for
10:57 am
social change, regardless of the politics. >> thank you, claudia. we are awaiting the white house briefing after display. stay with us.
10:58 am
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with claim rateguard your rates won't go up just because of a claim. i totally could've - no! switching to allstate is worth it. >> thank you for joining us. "america's newsroom hq" starts. >> on fox news alert, we are moments away from today's white house press briefing, and we are learning republican senate leaders have delayed the health care vote until after the july for $0.03. there are not enough votes. a huge development in the debate over g.o.p. senate health care plan. hello everyone. good afternoon. i'm julie banderas. vice president pence capitol hill for a series of meetings with g.o.p. lawmakers. this is all the g.o.p. senators had to the white house to talk to president trump about health care less than two hours for now. we have coverage for you. kevin corke


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