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tv   The Fox News Specialists  FOX News  July 11, 2017 2:00pm-2:29pm PDT

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open to keeping tax hikes on the wealthy in the health care plan if it's a means of getting the tax cuts. that's a huge compromise. news broke right here. see you tomorrow. >> kat: hello, everyone. i am kat timpf with eboni k. williams and eric bolling. we are "the fox news specialists" ." major developments today over donald trump, jr. and questions of election meddling by russia. donald trump, jr. released the email chain with his plans for meeting with a russian lawyer last year. that lawyer allegedly had connections to the kremlin. emails between trump, jr. and rod goldstone shown in part gold stone appearing to offer incriminating information about hillary clinton as "part of russia and its government support for mr. trump."
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trump, jr. replying "seems we have some time and if it's what you say, i love it. especially later in the summer." white house responded today and with a written statement. >> i have a quick statement i will read from the president. "my son is a high-quality person and i applaud his transparency. beyond that, going to have to refer everything on this matter to counsel and outside counsel and won't have anything else to add." >> bret: earlier in an interview with nbc news, the russian lawyer at the center of it denied working with the russian government or having any links to it at all. >> they have the impression they were going to be told some information you had about the dnc. how did they get that impression? >> it's possible maybe they were looking for such information. they wanted so badly.
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>> have you ever worked for the russian government? do you have connections to the russian government? >> translator: no. >> kat: the email said she had connections. >> eric: scary email. >> kat: it is kind of a scary email. >> eric: it's an insult to nothing burgers and i double down on it. knowing what we know today, going even further, that we know so much more. trump derangement syndrome out in force all day long. donald trump, jr. broke no laws, likely broke no ethics rules. if you have a problem with her russia is doing with regards to our elections, then you have a problem with what barack obama did to stop them from doing it. he apparently never stopped any of this from happening. quickly, take a look at what i think is the epitome of trump derangement syndrome happening today. full screen at cnnmoney. trump, jr. emails trigger
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knee-jerk drop in stocks. if that isn't the dumbest headline, i don't know what is. max, you should have your journalism card hold. >> kat: maybe i am deranged. i think this is important. >> eric: why? other than the left going crazy trying to nail donald trump, i don't see anything. >> eboni: this is going to be a lot to unpack because i am coming from the legal lens. before we jump to conclusions, i want to make sure we are following the facts, that's important. we learned more today. later this evening, sean hannity is going to have an interview with donald trump, jr. where we will get more facts and i'm looking forward to giving a deep analysis after that. we will be live at 11:00 p.m. >> kat: time to meet today's specialists.
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he's a media reporter, columnist for "the hill" and specializes in collecting sports memorabilia of fictitious athletes. joe concha is here. he is the editorial cartoonist. he's a lightning strike survivor and his specialty is encouraging others to be creative by embracing their obstacles. jeff koterba is here. joe, i'm going to get you to weigh in. it's significant because you say no collusion, no collusion. this at least shows a potential attempt exclusion or failed collusion. what's your take? >> joe: what do you think the crime is? >> kat: did i say that? >> eric: there isn't any. you can't. this is a media hyped story on the left. i heard adam schiff call it, what did he say, he said unethical. >> kat: it absolutely is
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unethical. >> eric: donald trump, jr. is not nor was he ever in the government. >> kat: campaign officials and the investigation is about russian collusion with the campaign team. it was the campaign team. >> kat: this woman wasn't even part of the russian administration. her own words. >> kat: lets trust her. here's the point. he was told, donald trump, jr. was told that these are russian government officials. his first thought wasn't let me call the fbi. it was yay for my daddy. >> joe: i miss the days when the biggest controversy involving the trump kids when ivanka was sitting at the table at the g20. there has always been a perception problem with the trump white house. they don't do a very good job managing the perception that people have of them. i do have to say donald trump,
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jr. releasing these emails was a good show of transparency, something we haven't had -- we didn't have in the previous administration. >> eboni: i will say may be. some people were saying. i think it's good they got out. i don't necessarily know that we know the motivation for them is as pure as some people say. >> jeff: i would draw donald trump, jr. uttering those three words the democrats have been waiting for. "i love it." >> eric: you think meeting with a lawyer who wants to talk about some sort of human rights and abortion rights going on in russia. adoption, i'm sorry. if you think that would be collusion even though she says i have that information that might help your father win and election, you think that is collusion or unethical. can we talk about what hillary clinton did when she sold 20% of the uranium supplied
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to the united states to the russians rn john podesta had russian stocks when he was negotiating deals. or when bill clinton went to russia, spoke to them and all of a sudden, corporations and groups are throwing money at the clinton foundation. you want to talk collusion, there it is. >> kat: i believe the clinton family is at the center of a lot of corruption but that's not the news of today. >> eric: what is corrupt about what happened? what went down that's illegal? >> eboni: we don't know is the truest answer. maybe nothing. but i think it is fair to go through the analysis, to kat's point. let the facts fall. they're using this term collusion and they are not meeting the letter of the law. they mean something improper, secretive. i'm a little less interested in
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that, jeffrey. we can talk about that but i am focused on the legal ramifications, the legal essence of the collusion statute in dealing with that. >> joe: there's a big difference between clumsy inclusion. he shouldn't have taken this meeting. it was politically naive. donald trump, jr. is a businessman, not a competition. let's look at this from a macro level. june 9, 2016, donald trump meets with a russian lawyer who gives them no information on hillary clinton. bait and switch. the only other counts we have now is mike flynn meeting with kislyak, the russian ambassador, and jeff sessions meeting with kislyak. the problem with those meetings with those were after the election. for collusion to happen before an election, we would need proof or meetings before and the only thing we have is donald trump meaning with a russian lawyer who gave them nothing. >> eric: we know that the ukrainians met with the clinton campaign to dish dirt on the trump administration. is that collusion too? where is the mainstream media
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digging into that meeting? paul manafort resigned based on some of the accusations against him. >> kat: you said there was no evidence of any kind of collusion, part of the problem is everybody in the trump administration connected to the trump said there was no meetings with russia. then this email, hey, we are the russian government. we want to help your to. "i love it." makes it harder to trust. >> eric: natalia veselnitskaya ended up being not one iota according to the russian government. >> kat: according to what we know so far. >> eboni: that is if we take her word for it. and that's if we ignore the denials. a lot of people have an issue with is less about what we actually know or less of a smoking gun because i haven't seen one yet. we will see what donald trump, jr. says tonight. the denial, people have an issue, the perception problem. you say i never met with these people. i never had any conversations with the russians and we know that part at least is not true.
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>> eric: do you know how many government officials on an ongoing basis to meet with people who represent the russian government? almost every single u.s. senator does. >> eboni: absolutely. so they should say it. >> eric: meeting with someone associated with the russian government is not illegal, unethical, or collusion. >> eboni: so why deny yet? >> eric: i don't know. they have a lot of business in russia. >> kat: conflict of interest? come on. do you think this was a bad decision, eric? >> eric: donald trump didn't know about it until a couple days ago. >> eboni: do you think donald trump, jr. did something wrong? >> eric: no. >> kat: is this real life? how can you say he didn't do anything wrong? >> eric: if someone is offered opposition research against a candidate you are running against, you're going to take i it. >> joe: might have been sloppy but i don't see that he did
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anything wrong. >> eric: you paper opposition research. >> kat: the top level of our governments. >> eric: he would've said maybe later on we'll get together. >> kat: >> eboni: i'm not mad am for taking it. but when someone says did you have been meetings, interviews conversations with these russian officials, you say we took a meeting with them. this was the goal of the meeting. nothing came of it come undone. then it doesn't have the legs it has now. >> back to what eric said. the cnn graphic. the knee-jerk reaction leading to the dow going way, way down. anybody know how the dow finished? it ended up in the green. >> eric: can we think donald trump, jr. for making the down rally? >> classic example of the media over reacting to a story and connecting it to the stock market i'm not following through and at least waiting until 4:00.
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>> kat: i'm not saying -- >> eric: even if natalia veselnitskaya was connected to the russian government, it is still not illegal what he did. >> eboni: when we talk about illegal, that doesn't mean collusion. some collusion is illegal and that's a weird thing. every piece of collusion is not illegal according to the letter of the law. i think you want me to give a firm answer as to whether it's legal or illegal. >> eric: we are on our 12th accusation of collusion between the trump administration. we haven't found a shred of evidence. >> kat: so you think that the investigation should be dropped. you think there is nothing there. >> eric: it is a colossal waste of time and money of the american taxpayer. >> kat: would you feel that way on the other side if it was the other side? than the obama birth certificate was happening. you continue to question it. >> eric: kat, i gave you three
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examples of hillary clinton selling uranium to the russians. john podesta's family having russian stock, tied to russian stock companies. three examples of actual deals being done by clinton. where is the investigation? >> not just clinton. the dnc met with ukrainian officials for dirt on donald trump and there was no uproar over that. the american public is saying let's be consistent. >> kat: i think as a human i am allowed to be bothered. >> i am bothered by the selective outrage. >> eboni: let's not have such short memories. if we go back to before the election, i was one of the people advocating and i wasn't alone that said there should be an investigation into the clinton foundation, investigations into business dealings with the clintons. i don't buy there wasn't outrage about what both clinton's did.
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>> eric: you are both right. you said this should be. but you are in the minority of journalism. most people are like, i let that go. meeting between trump's son and a lawyer and this is the collusion you want to investigate? >> on two issues that matter to the american people. 353 minutes dedicated between may 17 and june 20 to rush on the major evening news networks. how much to tax reform, something everybody was voting on or is concerned about >> president trump: less than one minute combined. >> kat: we are not done yet. a lot more ahead. on my travels across the country i came across this house
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for a free quote today. you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. >> eboni: as eric alluded to in the last block, adam schiff, ranking member of the house intel committee, delivered a statement a short time ago. >> we want everyone connected to this meeting to come in. any documents they may have,
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plainly as we saw the constantly evolving stories from the president's son, we cannot rely on any public representations made by the family about their contacts with the russians. we have seen a demonstrable pattern of obstetrical obfuscation and assembling about these meetings. >> eboni: we see adam schiff. using $5 words on the term "pattern." this type of reaction from the democrats, you think this doesn't serve their purpose. why? >> eric: what is it exactly they are claiming? no claim of a legality on anything that happened. this sort of collusion they are snooping around the edges for is far less pungent that hillary clinton had with, as i mentione john podesta and bill clinton doing speeches.
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not even campaign coffers. clinton foundation. what about the russian dossier of the clinton foundation got their hands on. someone, i think john mccain had it. it ended up being all falls, all foreign put together. christopher steele was a british national with the information together. collusion was far more pungent on the left than anything to do with trump. >> eboni: jeff, let me ask you. we can have that conversation eric is talking about. at some point, that narrative also got stale. aren't we going to have to look at what the trump administration is doing? >> yes. we can go back and look at what the clintons did and on and on. i agree at some point we have to be in the present moment and move forward and focus on what's happening now.
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>> kat: i don't understand why we are talking about the clintons right now. yeah, they've gotten away with a lot. they are at the center of a lot of corruption but i don't understand how anybody can look at these emails cannot be at least bothered and not say he clearly made the wrong choice in this instance. >> i will go back to what eric was saying. i get your frustration because it does seem the media hasn't always played fair. there's been more focus on some of these small issues that have happened during the early months of the trump administration and all those years. >> kat: i think that's true but what i am trying to do is played fair now. >> eric: the russians can't go and send this lawyer and meet with trump, jr. and say here's a check for $5 million. stick it in the campaign coffers. they can't do that. >> eboni: that's a good point. some people are talking about the campaign. we were talking earlier before
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the show when i was saying what's the thing of value that we are talking about here and that's what we can't get clear on. joe, when we go deeper in the analysis, tell me where, if i'm wrong. we talk about, we hear adam schiff talking about a pattern. if you are the democratic party, you're still upset donald trump is the president. want to bring him down, resisted all costs. you are thirsty, if you will, for some smoking gun. but taking every opportunity to make it a smoking gun undermines the agenda and i think it does a disservice to an overarching goal of the takedown of the trump presidency. >> hyperbole is the only word that comes to mind when i think of democratic leaders. tim kaine called it treasonous today. as did other democratic lawmakers.
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when you overreact like this, you bring up impeachment, treason, i would ask any democrat to tell me three points of their platform for what will you do for the american people to make their lives better besides trump is a bad guy, russian was involved in the elections and what else do you have? what are you running on in 2018 and 2020 that people care about? >> eric: if money is the hook, the value, do you not think that hillary clinton is the secretary of state and the state department arranges the deal with uranium and bill clinton is given $500,000 to do a speech in russia. do not think it's far more likely a pollution accusation then meeting with the lawyer who ends up, by the way, at that meeting, all three. the guy who brokered it as well was there. there was nothing there. >> eboni: i think you are laying out a brilliant prosecution for the clintons,
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their variety of crimes and that's great but i don't think they are mutually exclusive. that's the point. >> let's say this is the end of the donald trump, jr. story. where does it go from here? what legs does this story have 24 or 48 hours from now? i've seen this movie before with the big bombshell. >> kat: i say that the media is overblown yes but it's over blowing it to get ahead of yourself and say you know there is nothing there. i don't know what's wrong. i don't see anybody on the news saying i don't know. how about that? >> eric: ten weeks on the show and we continue to talk about this alleging trump-russian collusion and we have yet to see one piece. >> kat: so you don't call this collusion? >> eric: of course not. every campaign in the world does it from presidential to state and local politics. >> kat: with foreign governments that have
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information? what's another example? >> eboni: the u.s. and iraq declaring victory against isis in mosul. stay with us.
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>> eric: and rock in the united states to clearing victory over isis in mosul. this is what's left. the scenes of a city in utter ruins after nine months of savage house to house fighting. the loss in mosul is a watershed moment in the battle against isis. how much sacrifice will truly be needed to defeat them


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