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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 18, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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mustard. i never have nor have i. fair, balanced and unafraid. "the story" hosted by my friend martha starts right now. . >> martha: breaking tonight now the president wants all 52 gop senators at the white house tomorrow for a little bit of lunch with him. the republican battle to end obamacare crushed under the weight of defections from their own team. but it may not be over quite yet. i'm martha maccallum live in washington tonight. this is "the story." the gp forced to change course after the repeal and replace effort fell short after seven years of gop promises. congress still has not sent a healthcare bill to the oval office and the president is not happy. . >> president trump: for seven years i've been hearing repeal and replace from congress. i've been hearing it loud and strong. then when we finally get a chance to repeal and replace,
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they don't take advantage of it. so that's disappointing. let obamacare fail. it will be a lot easier. i think we're probably in that position where we'll just let obamacare fail. we're not going to own it. i'm not gonna own it. i can tell you the republicans are not gonna own it. we'll let obamacare fail and then the democrats will come to us and say how do we fix it? i'm sitting in the oval office right next door, pen in hand waiting to sign something and i'll be waiting and eventually we're going to get something done and it's going to be very good. >> martha: oh to be a fly on the wall at lunch tomorrow. that was frustration that you heard from the outsider president who came to this town to shake things up. president trump stuck in the mud of inaction. >> congress needs to do their job. congress needs to do their job now. >> there's no pride here. we want to do what's best for the american people. this is not a game. >> republicans by themselves are not prepared at this particular
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point to do a replacement. >> they want to repair it and like you said fix it. absolutely. i can get democrats to sit down. >> we should repeal what we can and then the democrats are welcome to join us. >> we just can't repeal it and not replace it because that just won't work. >> martha: what do you think? mitch mcconnell has one more trick perhaps up his sleeve. announcing moments ago on the senate floor that the senate will move forward with a repeal vote, forcing everybody to put their money where their mouths is early next week. >> at the request of the president and the vice-president and after consulting with our members, we'll have the vote on the motion to proceed to the obamacare repeal bill early next week. >> martha: senator rand paul refused to vote for the latest overhaul and he is here to tell us why. karl rove just ahead on why he thinks this was a major missed opportunity. we begin tonight with chief national corals respondent ed
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henry. the inside story of how this thing fell apart. >> great to see you martha t president trump did not see it coming. at this hour last night when i was reporting from you at the white house the president was having dinner with several republican senate ors. he believed they were close to a healthcare deal. they're not denying that the president equipped the republicans would look like, quote, dopes, if they did nothing after seven years of promises. all that means now a lot more pressure on republican leaders like mitch mcconnell and paul ryan especially after the president made that comment that he doesn't own this. what a difference five years can make. as a private citizen donald trump tweeted on december 26th, 2012: since republicans now run both chambers, former speak
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early newt gingrich says the strategy is clear. get something small done on healthcare and quickly move to taxes. >> i personally believe they ought to do as much as they can on healthcare right now. they shouldn't spend the rest of this year on one issue. they've got to pass i think by thanksgiving and get signed into law by thanksgiving a very large tax cut retroactively designed back to january 1st because if we don't have economic growth next year we're in danger of speaker nancy pelosi in 2019. >> the possibility of speaker nancy pelosi could scare republicans. but there's no evidence to suggest that tax reform is going to be easier. white house statements previously said they want a tax plan done by the end of the year. pressed today on whether that will happen sayre i hubbing ka buy sanders indicated they want the biggest tax cut possible but she hedged on the timetable. >> martha: they said we're going to have this done by the august recess, now the new buzz word
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appears to be thanksgiving. pushing later and later. the two new things on this essentially are this lunch that the president is going to have tomorrow and mitch mcconnell saying we're going to force a vote. >> i was picking up intel before this healthcare defeat about chuck schumer. schumer has been telling his friends that he will deal with the president but not in the short term on healthcare and taxes. he's waiting until october, november, why? he thinks and i could be wrong but he thinks chuck schumer in private that paul ryan and mitch mcconnell would reach a point in the fall where they break away from the president and say he's not helping us getting anything done, russia, let's go our own way and cut a deal and schumer will have the republicans getting $0.50 on the dollar with taxes and healthcare. nling is saying maybe the president will break away from ryan and mcconnell and say look
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these guys promised it before i was in office. point is, isn't there a civil fight here brewing among republicans about who is to blame? >> martha: there certainly seems to be. ed henry, thank you very much. my next guest is under fire. he's one of just four republicans who refused to vote for the senate repeal and replace bill. moments aggie spoke with rand paul. thanks for being here. you heard those words from newt gingrich who is basically saying you know if you can't get this through, move on. get tax reform done or else say welcome back to nancy pelosi in 2019. >> well who knew healthcare could be so compli clatd! i can we all knew all along it was a complicated subject. the one thing we promised and the one thing that unified us is that we were for repealing obamacare. that really brought us together. we won elections because of that. so it disappoints me that when
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we get to lee peeling obamacare it turned into an insurance bail out super fund. $180 billion to insurance companies that make $15 billion a year in profit. that's not repeal. that's a big government boone doi doing. >> martha: if you don't have people that will go along. >> people ought to keep their promise. today the senate leadership announced we are going to have a vote and the vote would be on repealing it, the 2015 bill. 51 out of 52 of us republican senators voted for it in 2015. there are two senators saying they are against who were actually for. the thing is that overwhelmingly republicans voted for the 2015 bill. if people are no longer for repeal they're going to need to go home and explain to their voters why they said they were for repeal and they're no longer for republican. >> martha: they've got to explain why they have the house
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and senate and couldn't come to an agreement. a lot of people listen to the arguments that you make, and they understand what you're saying about that. many think it's a very good point. but now it looks like you're going to have to deal with democrats on something that is going to probably leave you in the dust on this issue. >> it is imploding. insurance premiums are through the roof. there is machine no polos. it is a disaster as we speak. do we want to the take it over and continue that disaster? the fundamental flaw of obamacare is we added all these regulations that added cost to insurance. young healthy people said it costs too much we're not buying it because we can buy it after we get sick. that all remains. the flaw of obamacare remains. so the whole death spiral continues. >> martha: if you can't get that then you have obamacare and republicans own it because they had an opportunity to fix it and
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they didn't do it. >> if you vote for a republican bill that keeps the death spiral you say we're going to subsidize it with taxpayer money. that's not conservative, not republican, not the free market. that's not what we promised. i promised to vote for repeal and i will keep my promise. if they bring the bill up i will voting to to the bill if we're talking about a clean repeal. i won't go to vote for a bill that's a bunch of pork and entitlement programs. >> martha: i get where you're coming from. what about senator mcconnell is not the person to unite your party? should it be someone else? >> i don't think the fault lies with leadership. i think the fault lies with people who promised to repeal and voent the won't vote to do it. senator mcconnell voted to repeal and i think he will vote to repeal. people who previously voted for it and now say they're not going
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to vote for an eye the dent cal bill they have serious explaining to do when they go home. >> martha: what about when you go home and people say look you started to trim the growth of medicare and that's as much as we're going to get in this ground? >> i think it would have been worse than the existing obamacare. the republican plan kept the death spiral and fundamental premise of obamacare and then added huge bail outs to insurance companies. i am fundamentally absolutely opposed to giving insurance companies one penny of taxpayer dollars. they make $15 billion of profit. they don't deserve any of our tax money. >> martha: good to see you as always. thanks for coming in. the white house announcing the president will convene a lunch tomorrow to discuss healthcare at the white house. karl rove fox news contributor. carl, good to see you tonight want you were listening to
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senator rand paul p you saw what happened on the hill today. what do you make of all this? >> well this is one of either two things, this is either a car crash being played out in slow motion in front of us with a lot of victims or this is one of those moments in a mini drama where you have the cliff hanger and then in the next episode things turn around. we don't know which. but i will say this, if the mindset of the group of people who opposed bringing up the repeal and replace legislation remains that of senator paul then this is gonna be the car crash. think about what he just said. he said i don't care whether this gets rid of the employer mandate and the individual mandate. i don't care if it kills all of the taxes under the affordable care act. i don't care if it phases out the expansion of medicaid and gives us the first significant entitlement reform in some 30 some odd years.
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i don't care. it has to either be perfect or i'm not voting for it. >> martha: he doesn't want to bail out the insurance companies. he says we're going from baling out the hospitals to the insurance company. you're never going to undo that. i understand what you're saying. >> well, look. and he seized on a talking point that is not accurate. this thing does stabilize the premiums for the next couple of years. the only way you can do that is to pay the insurance companies to cover up for the deficiencies, the defects inherently built into the affordable care act. either pay the insurance companies for the next couple years in order to cover up the problems in the affordable care act or let those problems result in huge premiums for everybody who is in those exchangeses. that's your choice. the republicans said rather than make the people on the exchanges pay for the mistakes of the people who passed the bill in the first place, president obama and the democrats, we will in
4:13 pm
essence pay the sures companies for the faults, that dr. paul senator paul identified in the legislation that it tells younger people to pay into the insurance pool because they have to sub said size older, wealthier beneficiaries. >>. >> martha: here is a voice from the past. listen to this. >> in the 25 years that i served in the united states congress, republicans never ever one time agreed on what a healthcare proposal should look like. not once. >> martha: sounds like he may be right. >> well they broad outlines. healthcare is a big complex issue. the question is whether you're going to insist it be 100% perfect oral incremental progress. it had incremental progress in undoing obamacare, killing the taxes, killing the mandates. and it was forward progress. and the republicans need forward
4:14 pm
progress. >> martha: maybe over lunch at the white house there will be consensus. you never know how "the story" turns out. carl thank you very much. good to see you. >> thanks martha. >> martha: the white house the nominating john hunts man as the next u.s. ambassador to russia. >> huntsman's nomination has been long rumored and now it's official. he previously served as ambassador to china. more on that story as we get it. also just in moments ago the white house confirming that president trump had a second and previously undisclosed face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin at the g20. another developing story and we'll tell you what's there straight ahead. also new developments in the unmasking probe. another obama official has agreed to testify. jonathan turley will tell us why
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. >> martha: russia stepping up its rhetoric against the u.s. sanctions imposed by president
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obama in december when two compounds were seized and dozens of diplomats expelled. now quote, we have warned americans that we need an unconditional return of the property otherwise retaliation measures will follow. that coming from the russians. this as we learned last night that more obama officials are expected to testify about the allegations of unmasking by the obama administration against the trump administration. samantha power is the latest to agree to testify before the house intel committee. earlier i spoke with congress man eric a member of that committee. watch. >> martha: congress manuel come. good to have you here tonight. >> thank you for having me back. >> martha: what is your reaction to the news that we got first here last night and more detail on it today that in fact there's an expansion of those that the committee wants to speak to who
4:20 pm
may have been involved in the unmasking of trump officials from the obama administration side? we know of susan rice, samantha power and john writtbrennan. cia, nsa and now we learn there's at least six more people on that list. >> i think it's a false alarm. where i came from we send the fire department where the fires are. russia attacked us. we should be focussing on making sure that never happens again. there's been no evidence put forward that anybody wrongdoing was done by any obama administration official. until that is shown the trump administration can show the world if there was wrongdoing. they haven't done that t i think it's just a distraction. >> martha: as far as we know going through this whole process and as you very well know there are a number of investigations on the hill into the russia meddlingly suspicions and that is very thorough and goes on. we also know that general flynn,
4:21 pm
michael flynn was unmasked, his name was unmasked and it was revealed to newspapers. if that was done for political reasons or if it was leaked to the media all of that falls into the illegality venue including a possibility felony. obviously on your committee you would want to know the answer to that question, right? >> martha what's interesting is our committee doesn't have access to those materials they're actually held by the white house. why doesn't the white house show any evidence it has of wrongdoing? >> martha: hold on now. catherine i herridge reported last night that all everything that was subpoenaed, they've been fully complied with, they've all been turned over to the committees and that you do have the information that you need to dig into the question of unmasking. >> yeah what i'm saying martha just to be clear the white house has the power of declassification. if there's a piece of evidence that they have that somebody did
4:22 pm
something wrong, they don't need congress to tell the world that happened. they can tell the world that happened. they haven't done that. i think we can conclude there is no wrongdoing. >> martha: see, we had this conversation before congress man. i don't understand your lack of curiosity on this. i the completely understand your interest in other parts of this investigation which we cover here on a nightly basis in terms of whether or not the russians med would in the election. that is a story that we continue to tell every night. until terms of the other side of this, that the obama administration wanted to unmask the names of trump administration officials. what questions will you have for them? >> martha my question is, what has changed since you and i last talked about this? there's been no evidence of wrongdoing. intelligence officials in their job, if it's relevant to understanding risk to the national security of our country will have to look at who a u.s.
4:23 pm
person is. there is no evidence anyone did anything wrong. we can tell the american people at as republicans and democrats how we're going to secure the ballot box the next election. >> martha: you're not going to ask them any questions when they sit before you in your committee? >> of course i want to understand what the administration's response was. until i see evidence that somebody did something wrong. >> martha: that's what you're supposed to be doing, asking questions to find out if there's any evidence. to find out what you've got in those documents and to be probing and ask the questions that need to be asked on all sides of this question. >> again martha investigations are launched when there is some degree of evidence of wrongdoing. otherwise that is going on a wild goose chase. that's what they're trying to do because the evidence about u.s. persons working with russia has become so overwhelming. >> martha: so far the only potential felony is if the
4:24 pm
unmasking of individuals has happened. that is the only felony that anyone is discussing in this case on either side. >> it's a felony to either hack data of u.s. persons, to work with people who hacked data of u.s. persons, to conspire to hack data of u.s. persons or to not comply with the federal election laws. there's a number of crimes that have to be looked at. >> martha: that's what is under way. >> yeah, our committee, i really believe like the september 11th commission they saw there was a vulnerability that was expose ed. we're the safer today. if we want to go into the next election we should come together around securing the ballot box. >> martha: i completely agree with you. but the nine seven commission did not negate one area of the investigation in order to do that work and i think most people expect you will do the same on both sides of the aisle sgll we must. if there's evidence of
4:25 pm
wrongdoing i'm not so closed minded i wouldn't look at it. >> martha: thank you very much congress man. good to see you tonight. >> the next guest believes with respect to the russia probe there have been some issues with respect to the criminal code regarding tree son arguments which he has called bizarre and dangerous. here now constitutional law attorney jonathan turley. good to see you here tonight sir. >> thank you. >> martha: i want to start with the developing story that we are following that has changed in the last five minutes. because a few moments ago a story was crossing that said there was a second undisclosed meeting that president trump had during the g20 summit in germany with vladimir putin. the original story that it was behind closed doors and only had one translator, now the white house just moments ago is saying that is incorrect, and that the second previously undisclosed meeting was at the dinner where melania was seated next to
4:26 pm
president putin and the president trump went over to where they were standing and spoke with them for some period of time. j i don't know the length of that time as of yet. is there any issue with that legally? politically it's another story. >> no i think it's reflecting the hyper the ventilation we have. this story broke and now there's more undisclosed meetings. these were two world leaders at the g20 meeting. the fact that they had these types of meetings whether they were public or not is not surprising and not evidence of any crime. i think the problem is now people are looking through this glass darkly. whenever they see any type of new meeting they see evidence of collusion or they see what they want to see. prosecution's require something more. you need to first of all define a crime. conclusions not a crime under the code p when you talk about things like donald trump jr., people are so eager to say, well
4:27 pm
now we have a crime here, that they fail to actually define it. people, i don't think want to be in a world where a meeting like that could be industry son. people have said this is prima facie evidence of tree son. would you want to be in a country that was broadly defined that way? the framers dee did find it narrowly because they lived in a country where there were political opponents, there were serious things to investigate here. you don't help that by concluding that there's a strong evidence of a crime without a defined crime. >> martha: so in terms of the investigation, we know that robert mueller now wants to speak to all the people that were in the room with donald trump jr., his investigation is proceeding and when you boil it will down to the three potential crimes you have obstruction of justice in the comey meeting, collusion potentially in this donald trump jr. meeting. they've been looking for it in a number of places but this is where length they may have found
4:28 pm
it and you have tree son which you just mentioned, which was brought up by tim caine senator from virginia. can this process proceed in a legal way and find a true answer that you think will be satisfying in this environment? >> i think it can. but people need to be a little more responsible. first of all they can look for collusion and they'll probably find it. by saying i love it when people say, a bunch of russian governors want to give you information that sounds like a willingness to collude but that doesn't happen to be a crime under the criminal code. people refer to collusion as conspiracy, but conspiracy to do what? they were trying to conspire to defraud the government? we've never seen cases where it was extended that broadly. i have an article out in the hill today where i say look each of these claims that the people are making on the evidence as it exists now would grotesquely extend the criminal code.
4:29 pm
that's a dangerous thing. people pr so eager to bag a trump that they're willing to take these crimes well beyond their legal moorings. >> martha: fascinating. glad to have your sobering and realistic view as we prod through this story. thank you. >> thank you. >> martha: president trump slaps the regime with some new sanctions. why did his administration also recertify the nuclear deal at the same time with the same regime? congress man pete keen joins me tonight. the nra going to battle with the washington post and it is getting ugly. who said what? that debate right after this. i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way" with anoro. ♪go your own way
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it's time to unleash your secret weapon. it's there, right under your nose. get to your best smile up to 50% faster. visit to get started today. . >> martha: then candidate trump made a habit of slamming hillary clinton for her lack of transparency. but a new piece released by the washington sdwrourn until that says president trump is in her footsteps. on "the story" of russia's meddlingly mr. trump and his family are repeating the mistakes that doomed mrs. clinton. but brand new polls that hillary clinton is still more unpopular than president trump. those are the numbers. joining me now is former
4:34 pm
communications director for the hillary clinton campaign. adrian. apt comparison? >> look first of all i disagree with what the wall street journal, the premise of the editorial. i agree with the fact that donald trump need to be more transparent. we just learned there was an 8th person in the meeting that done trump had with the russians last year. why not make it clear on the front end? you're seeing a drip drip drip. we're condition rantly learning now information. it adds to the premise that there was potential collusion with the russians. if. >> martha: when you look at what hillary clinton went through, withholding the emails, making it difficult to come forward with what was going on, some of those mistakes appear to be surfacing in all this. >> i'm going to disagree.
4:35 pm
we know about the latest email because they did disclose it. they found something in their database and they're disclosing it go. >> martha: it was about to be filled by several newspapers. >> because jared had updated his form. they saw they missed a couple things as they filled out the forms and that's how the process came about. it's not a lack of transparency. there's an issue of are we releasing all the information publicly? we're cooperating with the investigators. the investigators asking for information we're sharing that. going through all the old emails and sharing it with the committee and investigators. a little different than what the clintons did where they shut down, filed lawsuits and ignored things. we're sharing it. it's being leaked in a damaging way. >> martha: it could have all come out a long time ago. think about how different this whole story would be if you had heard about this months ago. you know what? just so you know i want to the put this out there, i forgot to mention it.
4:36 pm
not there were two people in the room, there were eight people in the room. these are the eight people in the room. i mean as ale communications director. >> it just adds more oxygen to this. >> martha: why did that happen? >> you would have to ask the administration why it happened. if you asked done jr. he said he would do it different. but it's hurting the administration. they're seeing that now, they released the emails. the only reason they're there is because we went through the databases and shared it with investigate force. it's not like somebody released it to the press. this is our process. >> martha: on the democrat side jonathan turley was just here. he said they're looking to bag a trump that was the way he put it, no matter what. they will keep hammering this story even if there appears to be no obstruction, no tree son. if they can't find evidence of collusion, is it for the good of the american people to have that
4:37 pm
kind of approach to this whole thing? >> it's not just decembers it's the fact that we have a special counsel looking into that, congress until that committees looking into this. this is not just a democratic issue. >> martha: democrats make a choice on whether or not to continue to hammer it or to say there's a special counsel on it. >> i think we want to get to the bottom of the facts here. as a concerned american, i want to know if donald trump, if his campaign colluded with the russians. of i would want to know the same thing if a democrat was press. >> martha: you were hammering hillary clinton to release the emails then? >> no, i'm simply saying that regardless of party affiliation every single american should be concerned. >> martha: thank you very much. good to see you will both. the nra is setting its sites on the washington post. >> you people do more to damage our country with a key board
4:38 pm
than every nra member has ever done with a firearm. >> dana loesch debates that next. plus the white house says eye ran may have broken the eye rainian deal. congress man peter caine joins me next. whoooo. i enjoy the fresher things in life. fresh towels. fresh soaps. and of course, tripadvisor's freshest, lowest prices. so if you're anything like me...'ll want to check tripadvisor.
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the. >> president trump: my number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with iran. i know deal making. let me tell you, this deal is catastrophic. >> martha: that was then candidate trump vowing to tear up the iran nuclear deal. yesterday president trump agreed to recertify the deal complying with the one that was brokered under president obama. bloomberg reporting that the president almost ripped up the deal at the last second. today the white house the confirms they believe iran has already broken the agreement. here now peter king, congressman
4:43 pm
always good to see you. welcome tonight. the president appears to be very torn on this issue of whether or not to continue or recertify this eye ran deal. >> there's enough grounds if he wanted to break it right now, that's where his heart is. i think his advisors are telling him without laying more groundwork and may condition to go thighsing other allies. but iran is getting away with murder and it was a terrible deal to begin with. it is tough to deal with. they have gotten the money up the front but they are, i mean violating un resolutions on the icbm's, it appears they're going over the limit on uranium. trying to get more blue tone yum. so this is -- but again i understand the predicament that the president is in. but i think you shea see him
4:44 pm
taking us out of this. >> martha: the money was up the front and there was no demand for behavior change before the money was delivered. so it's pretty tough to imagine why iran would think they need to change really any of their behavior at all. these sanctions are going to go against 189 entities and restrict them in what way? >> basically these are entities, some are chinese and others doing business for instance with different entities in iran. those who are really engaged in ter wrist activities. right now there's thousands ever missiles that his bow la has gotten from iran. there's dealings with iran, it's having with chinese entities for instance. we're going after them. i think there's 16 of them we're going after. but it's a signal. we can increase this, especially countries like chien that. i think american companies bike bowing that are doing business with iran. >> martha: rex tillerson is basically arguing that they need
4:45 pm
to recertify this deal. it's a very interesting story by lake in bloomberg today saying the president wants to make good on this promise. is there any way that you think he can do that? >> i think he can. but it's going to be -- he's going to have to lay the groundwork. again it's complicated. we're dealing with other countries, with allies. >> martha: you have to make the case to them. >> make the case, at least give them enough time so it's not done like the paris accord. i agreed with him pulling out of the paris accord but to do that with iran would be a double shot. i think it's something we're going to have to do ultimately. i don't know for certain but i believe that's what the president wants to do, he has to find a way to get it done. >> thank you. always good to speak with you. nice to see you in washington. the nra takes on a powerful newspaper in an epic new video. we'll tell you what the gun rights group is charging against the washington post tonight when
4:46 pm
dana loesch and matt bennett argue it out right after this.
4:47 pm
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>> martha: the national rival association lashing out at the washington post about what it views as unfair coverage. controversy stems in part from an article that came out earlier this month that questioned by the nra is talking politics instead of sticking to the second amendment. to that the nra said this. >> for years the washington post has tarnished begun owners in an effort to take away our second amendment freed comes. you people do more damage with a key board than any gun owner hassle done with a firearm. >> martha: welcome to both of you. dana let me start with you. what both heard it the nra about this article that was written in the washington post? >> well martha thank you for having me. it seems as though the washington post is upset when the nra talks about guns and then the washington post gets upset when the nra doesn't talk
4:51 pm
about guns. so it looks like the washington post just gets mad when the nra talks about anything because the nra and its millions of members carry a lot of influence. that makes them mad. this member driven organization, they have unreliable sources, unbalanced reporting. i've always been highly critical of the entities like the washington post with the exception of a few good people there. on occasion they try to get other sides on board. but i can't say that about the majority of their content. when the nra calls that out the washington post decides to get mad. getting off of what its assignment is supposed to be. the second amendment protects all the other rights. >> martha: let's put put up the original video that the article was written about. the article was critical of the fact that this nra video doesn't show a gun until the very end. it talks about public safety and
4:52 pm
american values. so what's wrong with that, matt? >> well, it didn't just talk about public safety and american values, it says the clenched fist of freedom will be the response to what they're claiming to be anarchy in the streets that the left is bringing about. this is not about the washington post. the post can write whatever it wants. the article that dana is talking about was totally balanced. it says at the very end they tried to reach the nra for a comment and the nra declined. what this really is about is these two videos, the first one and the follow-up, both of them really calling for violence against the left, and that is -- >> that is absolutely ridiculous. >> martha: in what way were they falling l calling for violence. >> it was clenched fist of truth. if you're going to quote me, quote me accurately. >> i said that. >> you said freedom. >> point taken.
4:53 pm
>> how were they inciting violence. >> if you watched the videos fairly they're arguing that everyone on the left is an an arc kift who is throwing trash cans through windows. >> no. >> conflating the left with those who should be in jail. those people are terrible. >> i'm glad you said that. >> calling the people on the right. >> martha: i have to jump in here. >> just hold for just a second. >> i have to jump in. matt you're conflating peaceful fro test and vile pleasant riots. i show in the video violent riots on the screen behind me. two different things. >> your video does precisely what you accused me of doing. >> i show violence on the camera, do you dispute that? i showed actual violent rye otsz, yell or no. >> of course you did. >> that's all i showed. how are you suggesting in some way i was condemning peaceful protests. that's your projection, correct. >> if you watch the entirety of
4:54 pm
the two minutes. >> i know i created and wrote the ad so i know exactly what it is. >> martha: matt, go ahead. >> if you watch the full two minutes of your video and the subsequent video there is no escaping the conclusion that everyone on the left is a vile the lent an arc kift. >> only the people burning buildings are. >> the people of the resist spans. >> are the people burning build sglgz against trump care and a bunch of other things. >> you conflate people protesting violent riots. >> martha: i have to leave it there. thank you matt ben and he dana loesch. good to see you tonight. >> coming up next details of a big exclusive that we will have here tomorrow night when we come back. ♪ 's fine. [woman 2] yeah, totally. it's fine. but it fine though? because, i would maybe be worried...really, really, really worried. you want me to go back and look for it? i will. i mean a lot of bad things could happen.
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♪ more kinds of crab than ever, new dishes, and all your favorites. only while crabfest lasts. red lobster. now this is seafood. >> martha: tomorrow night we have an exclusive on the story. rod rosenstein sat down to talk among other things the newly announced department of justice policy on forfeiture.
4:59 pm
the firing of u.s. attorneys. in his confidence on the molar investigation. watch. >> to make the special counsel investigation which you are overseeing, this is a relationship of call me give you any pause in terms of the appointment -- that decision to appoint him for that post? >> have explained that i made the decision to appoint him based on his reputation. he had an excellent reputation. bipartisan support for his integrity. >> martha: it is come out and some of the attorneys that he has hired that several of them have made donations to hillary clinton, to the clinton campaign. does that bother you? we leave you hanging. his answers tomorrow night on "the story," rod rosenstein's first national tv interview since being confirmed with us tomorrow evening, right here. today i went to the american history museum here in d.c. in such a great place to visit when you're here. we saw thomas jefferson's writing desk where he penned the
5:00 pm
declaration of independence, abraham lincoln's top hat from his fatal night at ford's theater, and jaclyn kenny with her new born son taken in 1960. tucker is up next. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for months you've watched politicians and journalists assert with confidence that last november's election was in fact a sham. he was not a wake-up call to the political people, it was not a cry for help from the crumbling barn harlan, it wasn't a sign that the ruling class is corrupt or the government was need of reform. it was none of that. it was a fluke engineered by the russian government because they are evil and they hate our values. so far there is not been much proof that any of this actually happened or any proof at all, but we did loon tunick learned tonight that the president trump


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